Minigolf … aber es bringt mich dazu, mein Leben zu hassen … (Golf It Funny Rage and Fails)

Minigolf ... aber es bringt mich dazu mein Leben zu hassen ... Golf It Funny Rage and Fails Funny Mini Golf

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3.297 thought on “Minigolf … aber es bringt mich dazu, mein Leben zu hassen … (Golf It Funny Rage and Fails)”

    1. Jil­ly­B­ob­Joe Gaming he wont cau­se if he plays with you than ever­yo­ne wants to play with HIM and they are all gon­na be pis­send if he wont play with them

    1. I know per­so­nal­ly I enjoy the out­door vide­os but fort­ni­te is the only thing that stays on You­Tube I mean what hap­pen to real world stuck insi­de play­ing video games

    1. All of Wild­cats fort­ni­te fans see­ing this video:
      “It’s tre­a­son then…”
      **exc­laims while sma­shing the unsub buttin**

  1. Omg Bri­an is last once again .. cool vid Tyler btw can someo­ne count how many times wild­cat raged in this golf it video ?

  2. The first video that isnt fort­ni­te in the spand of a few mon­ths man they bri­bed wild­cat with some v bucks to play this game

    1. Cop­Cat that he was paid to play that game tho. He did not wake up in the morning and thought “hey let me play this game that is not fortnite”

  3. Hi wild­cat I love your vide­os plea­se do more You­Tube and I want to meet you one day and you are awe­so­me one day and what is not fortnite

    1. Celesti­al Starwing but then again you cant assu­me that someo­ne in the inter­net in this S P E C I F I C video is living in their mom’s basement
      may­be they actual­ly have a room and they’­re in the­re bin­ge watching youtube
      so dont assu­me he is living in his moms basement
      cau­se some people
      arent living
      in a basement
      but rather
      their own houses
      or their room
      so its a start! what about you? prol­ly living in a room too right?
      or do you spend your nights on your base­ment with all the cree­py craw­lies craw­ling on your legs and on your body