NEUER GOLFCLUB-EXPERTE erklärt, welche Eisen SIE verwenden sollten!

NEUER GOLFCLUB EXPERTE erklaert welche Eisen SIE verwenden sollten best budget golf clubs

NEUER GOLFCLUB-EXPERTE erklärt, wel­che Eisen SIE ver­wen­den soll­ten! Beim Kauf neu­er Golf­schlä­ger gibt es so vie­le Berei­che auf dem Markt, die ein Minen­feld sind … soll­ten Sie die feh­ler­ver­zei­hends­ten Golf­schlä­ger kau­fen? Die feh­ler­ver­zei­hends­ten Eisen sind im All­ge­mei­nen nicht für alle gleich… Genau­so wie die bes­ten Golf­schlä­ger nicht für alle gleich sind, sind die bes­ten Eisen für einen Gol­fer sicher­lich nicht die glei­chen für einen ande­ren Gol­fer, viel­leicht brau­chen Sie dafür leis­tungs­star­ke Golf­schlä­ger Um einen lan­gen Weg zu gehen, brau­chen ande­re Gol­fer viel­leicht Bla­de-Golf­schlä­ger, um den Ball zu bear­bei­ten und Schlä­ge zu for­men … ande­re brau­chen viel­leicht preis­güns­ti­ge Golf­schlä­ger, um das zu errei­chen, was sie aus­ge­ben möch­ten … in die­sem Video schaue ich mich in der Tako­mo-Zen­tra­le in Finn­land um um mit den Jungs zu spre­chen und zu sehen, wel­cher ihrer Golf­schlä­ger mög­li­cher­wei­se am bes­ten für Sie geeig­net wäre … lass es uns tun … und lass es uns jetzt tun!


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91 thought on “NEUER GOLFCLUB-EXPERTE erklärt, welche Eisen SIE verwenden sollten!”

  1. que Vir​gi​nee​.Uno encan­tan tus vide­os. Ben­di­cio­nes her­mo­sa Celi­na que Dios te cui­de don­de quie­ra los mor­ta­le­so abi­an apre­cia­do tan her­mo­sa mujer

  2. Ben­di­cio­nes her­mo­sa Celi­na que Dios te cui­dey don­de quie­ra que gisel​lee​.mons​ter encan­tan tus videos.

  3. que Pamel​a​ri​oss​.Uno encan­tan tus vide­os. Ben­di­cio­nes her­mo­sa Celi­na que Dios te cui­de don­de quie­ra los mor­ta­le­so abi­an apre­cia­do tan her­mo­sa mujer

    1. David – i saw the 201’s on your chan­nel and ended up buy­ing the 101’s and i would say – no – i rather buy my mizuno’s. The feel is sorely lacking on these.

  4. Loved this video! Thank you! I loved the 201s after see­ing you hit them. Gre­at irons! I have to say that the 101T loo­ks real­ly awe­so­me though and from the info that Tako­mo show­ed on their new video, its going to be a hit I think as it ticks like every box: player’s size head, gre­at lines, nor­mal lofts, redu­ced off­set and still with the hol­low body for some for­gi­ve­ness. Loo­ks like a win­ner! The 301s look gre­at, but I have a fee­ling that 101T is going be a true hit with a lot of gol­fers. Cheers!

  5. Yes, 201 hasnt got a sto­ry ir a brand itself…it should be more than “its a cavi­ty back iron and very nice one”…i mean i feel they miss some­thing. Is the­re enough tech­ni­que in them? . I bet, but i feel may­de not.! You should brand them more..and bet­ter.! But just​.my thoughts! And they are very g.looking

    1. @WilsonfromCanada You can order the Tako­mo irons from their site online from Cana­da, eit­her with their fits or if you know your fit­ted specs you can order from their cus­tom page and choo­se lofts and lies. For PXG, from Sas­kat­che­wan, it might be easiest to actual­ly go to PXGs head­quar­ters in Scotts­da­le, Ari­zo­na and buy them the­re. And they can fit you for what works. Cheers!

    1. You can order them online from direct from any­whe­re in the World – Tako­mo is a direct to con­su­mer brand. And if you know your specs, they have a cus­tom order page.

  6. Love my 101’s. The new heads look gre­at, but I need the distance that my clubs give me. Plus, I kind of like the look of the old school 101s. Thanks, James and thanks Takomo!

    1. Don’t – pls test the irons you want to buy with the right shafts in them. See me – stuck with 101’s that i bought sight unse­en and I don’t like the way they play for me.

    1. See if anyo­ne in your local mar­ket has a set and have a hit at the ran­ge with them. I always ask to hit peo­p­les clubs at the ran­ge if I see some­thing new. I have the 201s and let peop­le hit them.

  7. James I live 20 miles from Pinehurst and you would think that I could find a place to demo tho­se awe­so­me loo­king clubs. I haven’t seen any yet on the prac­ti­ce ran­ges but if I do I’m going to be asking a lot of ques­ti­ons. I need to bag a com­bo of cb/mb just becau­se I want the expe­ri­ence. Important ques­ti­on here, can I use the Ping fit­ting chart and be accu­ra­te with my specs? I’m 3 degree upright with +1/2” to the shaft?

  8. Such a shame I can’t try the­se like we can with say sub70 or PXG. Real­ly like the look of the clubs but no idea which would be best for me. Do they exp­lain any­whe­re who each style of club is for. 

    James bring them over to the UK? 

    Other­wi­se how much is a flight? They are such good value, could pro­bab­ly fly over and try them che­a­per than what some big­ger brands charge.

  9. I love the style of the irons and I’d love to see the irons smo­ked out so not black but a dark grey colour. I’m also loo­king for­ward to see­ing hybrids or uti­li­ty irons. Are they also going to do woods and drivers?

  10. I’m defi­ni­te­ly that gol­fer, I play for plea­su­re (knowing when I stri­pe it) not for score . Can wait for the 301 mb/cb com­bo come out

  11. I was real­ly clo­se to buy­ing the­se, but then found out cal­la­way sold new last gen irons at dis­coun­ted pri­ces. Picked the Apex 19 at $600 over the tako­mo 201. I had tried apex befo­re and that was a deci­ding fac­tor. Not being able to test tako­mo in stores is a bummer.

    Tako­mo irons all look gre­at though, they’­re doing a fan­tastic job

    1. You may have made a good choice. I bought the 101’s sight unse­en based on this chan­nel recom­men­da­ti­on and assu­med the fit­ting would work. Wrong. I think the value of get­ting fit for irons car­ri­es more pre­mi­um than you think. Ano­t­her thing is feel – you bet­ter test out the feel of the clubs you are going to buy with the right shaft in them – other­wi­se you are screwed. The con­fi­dence you have from knowing you can rely on your iron shot in a clut­ch situa­ti­on can make the dif­fe­rence bet­ween going for the long iron in your bag on a bad lie ver­sus taking the layup route.

  12. 101T – I’m exci­ted to see all the chan­ges that are com­ing to the game of golf and the­se guys are about to be at the fore­front of that.

  13. I’m 64 years old and a 20 plus han­di­cap­per loo­king for a club that impro­ve my game and lower my han­di­cap. Which Tako­mo clubs should I be loo­king at? Can I get the­se clubs in Australia 🇦🇺?

  14. Tako­mo suc­cess story…
    Sin­ce repla­cing my Tay­lorMa­de Speed­bla­de irons for the Tako­mo 101 irons I have drop­ped my han­di­cap by 5 strokes.

    I love them!

  15. Ever­yo­ne on here.. ohhh I want to try, and save money too.. the pri­ce point is whe­re it’s at bc of the direct to the buy­er option.
    All I have to say is look at the club. They’­ve put time and money into an awe­so­me loo­king club, they look very pre­mi­um! I would say you get more than what you pay for. They had no issue being sold out of the OG 101s for almost a year..

  16. Would love it if they would R&D and deve­lop a sin­gle length set from 4 to lob wedge tra­di­tio­nallof­ted and with lie and off­set the same throughall the irons. More boun­ce with the wed­ges and the most with the sand wedge. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

  17. For UK and North Ame­ri­can gol­fers Hay­wood Golf offer very simi­lar irons! 

    TBH I think a lot of the­se DTC brand get the same mold for the hol­low body irons and slap their logo on them.
    Hay­wood, Caley, Sub 70, and the Toko­mo 101’s all have iden­ti­cal hol­low body irons. 

    But luck­i­ly the more mid-han­di­cap and player’s irons have more varie­ty and uni­que designs.
    Gre­at qua­li­ty brands and glad to see them star­ting to get more atten­ti­on, thou­rough­ly deserved.

  18. Hea­ring more and more about Tako­mo irons. So far all good. My game is chan­ging and I may have grown out of my clubs so it could be time for a chan­ge….. Thanks guys.

  19. just think Tako­mo is the coo­lest com­pa­ny. Wish i had time to visit when during July 7 and 12 sto­po­vers in Hel­sin­ki on way to Tam­pe­re. Own the 101 irons. Best i’ve ever used in 65 years of golf

  20. Hi James, I’ve recei­ved a mes­sa­ge from you say­ing I’ve won a pri­ze (I did enter for the 101T) but as I’ve never won anything like this befo­re I’m thin­king it may be a scam mes­sa­ge? Could you con­firm plea­se 🙏 ⛳️. Chew mate keep up the gre­at work.

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