Operation Get Sexy: Woche 3 GRINDING und GOLF

Operation Get Sexy Woche 3 GRINDING und GOLF cardio

Wir schlei­fen das Trai­nings­pro­gramm und wir haben die­se Woche ein paar Run­den Golf gespielt, plus eine gro­ße Ankün­di­gung! Sehen Sie sich mei­ne Mas­ter­Class an: http://​www​.mas​ter​class​.com/​d​a​n​i​e​l​n​e​g​r​e​anu VERWENDEN SIE DEN PROMO-CODE DANIEL FÜR POKERGO-MITGLIEDSCHAFTEN: https://​www​.poker​go​.com/​r​e​f​e​r​/​d​a​n​iel Sehen Sie sich mei­nen Full Con­ta­ct Poker Pod­cast an unter http://www .full​con​ta​ct​po​ker​.com oder abon­nie­ren Sie iTu­nes. Fol­gen Sie mir hier online: https://​twit​ter​.com/​R​e​a​l​K​i​d​P​o​ker https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​d​n​e​g​s​p​o​k​er/ https://​www​.face​book​.com/​O​f​f​i​c​i​a​l​K​idP…

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162 thought on “Operation Get Sexy: Woche 3 GRINDING und GOLF”

  1. I hope you plan on cut­ting down your sum­mer WSOP sche­du­le when you have the child. They requi­re max efforts and you even say you don’t have the time for the dogs­girl­friend even. Of cour­se you can hire a nan­ny like other rich peop­le but child­ren need their par­ents during tho­se fra­gi­le years. I have always been a sup­por­ter of yours Dani­el, but the­re is no balan­ce with child­ren and pret­ty much anything else that requi­res your undi­vi­ded atten­ti­on. Be well partner.….

    1. Ple­nty of Poker play­ers have kids, and play full sche­du­les, Shaun Dee­bs or even Phil Hell­muth, a mar­ria­ge and paren­ting is a part­ners­hip for a rea­son. Most par­ents are gone from 9–5 dai­ly. Ins­tead Dani­el will just have about 70 days a year he’s busy full time. The rest? He can spend it with his kids. My friends who are pros spend more time with their kids than most par­ents do tbh AND they’ve got­ten to travel

    1. I don’t think you under­stand what he’s insi­nua­ting but sure, may­be have the plan estab­lis­hed befo­re announ­cing it. It’s likely he alrea­dy has the broad strokes of that plan though.

    2. He’s announ­cing his inten­ti­on to enter into a long-term rela­ti­ons­hip and start a fami­ly. “I’m having kids” is just how he cho­se to express it.

    3. @James Fond­ren Sure you do, if you have resol­ved your ent­i­re adult life not to. You have to make the decisi­on to sett­le down at SOME point.

      That does­n’t mean you can make it hap­pen right away, of cour­se, but it _does_ mean you’­re embar­king on a dif­fe­rent way of viewing your relationships.

  2. I hate to say it, but I don’t think a kid is the right choice for you. Expe­cial­ly as a single.
    To rai­se a kid needs a lot of time. So you can’t grind that hard and you can only play online (whe­re you have to go, when the baby cries). Unless you want to rai­se the kid with someo­ne else, that could be more your thing.

    Hope you have a clear plan what the cos­ts for a baby are (bes­i­des money).

    1. Dani­el Negreanu
      Becau­se I don’t plan things I do with a part­ner if I don’t have one. I thought the most peop­le would wait with that plan to plan it with the future part­ner. Loo­ks like I was wrong, my bad.

      Or do you alrea­dy have a new girl­friend I don’t know about?^^

  3. I lear­ned 3 things from this vid. Dnegs is having a kid . If you want the best loo­king kid ever call Maria. 2nd I found out who the best put­ter in the world is. And 3rd is Chris­ti­an has the best job in the world.

  4. Wait what? So you announ­ce you’re having a kid…you don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or girl, and you don’t know who the mother is yet…but you keep say­ing “we”.…is it “we” or is it “I”?…and also, I assu­me you’re adop­ting right?…anyway congrats!

  5. My favo­ri­te soy­peaboy I mis­sed u loo­king good bud­dy ok I know I joke around but let’s get serious we are around the same age and have the same life­style most men who don’t have kids have a fee­ling of wan­ting them I did it’s natu­ral it will pass and you will be much hap­pier I’ve seen men like us liter­al­ly get the life sucked out of them from kids and as u know u have to be with them all the time not con­du­ci­ve to our life­style u should real­ly think hard about this one it is the most important decisi­on of your life my advice stick with your Beau­ti­ful dogs and live life eit­her way good luck. #Nokids

  6. From my expe­ri­ence the best way to impro­ve in chess is to learn ope­ning lines and to prac­ti­ce real­ly hard your end games but ope­ning lines is much more important

  7. Noooo don’t have kids talk to honest peop­le they will tell you they love their kids more than anything BUT if they had to do it all over… it’s hard enough for two par­ents I thought you were sin­gle for­get kids find yourself a nice woman and grow old with her

  8. Dani­el I’ve been fol­lowing you for a long time , I’m 60 years old and I high­ly recom­mend child­ren. they make your heart grow big­ger they bring you such joy and yes hearta­che, like when they feel sick you’­re going to feel for them deeply. You have a gre­at head on your shoul­ders I wish you all the luck in the world young man

  9. Congrats Dani­el! That’s awe­so­me I think you’ll be an abso­lute­ly ama­zing father. Gre­at pro­gress in your work­outs too! You’re doing a heck of a job! Exci­ted for you man! 🙌❤️

  10. David Bena­tar argues that having child­ren is the most moral­ly repre­hen­si­ble act a human can aim to do. you should edu­ca­te yourself Daniel.

  11. Go for it not­hing more satisfy­ing than watching your kids grow and how that guy shoot a 69 when you shot 100 that is ins­a­nely good to shoot 69 when a guy shoot 100 in your group

  12. kids= no tra­ve­ling, less gym time, less WSOP time, less golf time, less social time to find a women. more time given to the atten­ti­on of your child than you can ima­gi­ne and at the end of the day, never a thank you.…. until may­be they are adults them­sel­ves. Good luck D. you have the capi­tol, but are you wil­ling to give the rest?

    1. side note, on your tri­cep rope curls dont let your arm all the way up. only go up till your wrist is even to your elbows. try not to jerk it down. go slow and feel the burn

    2. HAHAHAHAHA have you seen the size of my trai­ners arms? They are likely big­ger than your head! He knows what he is doing. But thanks any­way bud.

  13. For the chess chal­len­ge, I high­ly recom­mend the tactics(puzzles) that the web­site you are using offers. Their les­sons also pro­vi­de very good step by step explana­ti­ons. Using only the web­sites tools, I got to a rating of 1550 wit­hin about 6 mon­ths in the ‘dai­ly games’ and about 1400 in blitz. Good luck!

  14. Let me cla­ri­fy for you peop­le Dani­el means that he has the desi­re to have child­ren and is just say­ing he’s going to wri­te down what kind of women he wants and may­be what his child­ren will be like. This is one of tho­se com­mon excer­ci­ses peop­le do. The belief is that it will set him in the right mind­set or some­thing like that. He’s pro­bab­ly being very enthu­si­astic. I don’t think he’s just going to pick some­bo­dy to impregnate.…but what so I know

  15. Having a child is a gre­at idea though you may not hear this much. More then half mar­ria­ges end in sepa­ra­ti­on and whe­re­ver else white male pri­vi­le­ge exists it does not do so in fami­ly court. Very bra­ve, open and smart of you to rea­li­ze that we never have as much time as we think. And you’ll want to be around and in good health for as much of your children’s lives as pos­si­ble. The child will almost assu­red­ly want to know their “mother” and if you choo­se wise­ly even for a sur­ro­ga­te then you will want this also. When you do find your soul part­ner it will be ent­i­re­ly dif­fe­rent and even bet­ter than you thought pos­si­ble and part of this will inclu­de how easi­ly and deeply she and your child or child­ren will con­nect. As much as you loved your par­ents and this is clear from your blogs, the­re is not­hing like the love you will have for your child. Except of cour­se, being below 12% body fat.

  16. Good job Dani­el. The best advice is to lead by examp­le. Words are cheap, but actions speak for them­sel­ves. BTW, I enjoy the golf clips more than the gym stuff.

  17. 12–15% body fat, with a kid and a wife. You belie­ve you would have time to train like this and golf after, with a kid… you should enjoy your free­dom now 🙂

  18. I can tell even your golf instructor/assistant/bitch can’t stand you. And if you can’t break fuck­ing 90 I would­n’t talk shit. Also, any ath­le­te can tell you don’t have an ath­le­tic bone in your body so stop trying..

  19. The hair’s thin­ning out? I guess the hair trans­plant beha­ves like nor­mal hair and will even­tual­ly dissipate?
    Can you get hair trans­plan­ted from other peop­le somehow?

  20. 5:00 more need­les at Maris­sa, you don’t even say rela­ti­ons­hipS but a sin­gu­lar rela­ti­ons­hip made you not want to have kids… That com­bi­ned with loo­king for a “baby mama” ins­tead of the right per­son on her own merit, and then going for kids would real­ly turn me off if I was a qua­li­ty high value woman. I think you need coa­ching in that area of your life more than anything Dani­el and it’d chan­ge your life.

    1. It was just one rela­ti­ons­hip that had me not see­ing kids as an opti­on. I also said I am NOT loo­king for a “baby mama.” Rewatch the video, you have this wrong. I was sim­ply sta­ting my future inten­ti­ons to have a fami­ly. You are rea­ding into things that sim­ply aren’t there.

    2. Yeah that’s fair I guess I misun­ders­tood about the baby mama.
      But real­ly be care­ful, set­ting your intent on kids spe­ci­fi­cal­ly will ine­vi­ta­b­ly detract from what your intent real­ly should be – to meet a genui­ne per­son with as high mutu­al attrac­tion as pos­si­ble. Kids etc. will come natu­ral­ly. And it’s just respect­ful to you and the women also and allows you to be in the pre­sent moment ins­tead of pro­jec­ting into the future. 

      I think the only dif­fe­rence when fami­ly real­ly is the goal is to
      1) Be just ruth­less in cut­ting ties when the natu­ral attrac­tion and inter­ac­ting traits aren’t com­pa­ti­ble enough. Like you shoul­d’­ve done with Maris­sa (and why I think the­se need­less mon­ths after set YOU back a lot)
      2) Get through the tri­cky situa­ti­on of being a cele­bri­ty, and get­ting genui­ne responses
      – no clue here, pret­ty sure Dating+relationship coa­ches or coun­sellors etc. would help you save a ton of time there 

      Peop­le just unde­re­sti­ma­te this area of their life so much, that’s why the divor­ce rates and unhap­py rela­ti­ons­hips are so damn high the­se days

  21. Yo Dani­el,

    I nor­mal­ly agree with you on alot of stuff but you are tal­king about having a kid. You just got out of a rela­ti­ons­hip of a few yrs.. How can you respon­si­b­ly talk about having a kiid after you get fit? Dont you think you should know the woman you are gon­na have a child with at least a year? You cant just rush into this, you are gona enter a rela­ti­ons­hip with the sole pur­po­se of having a child with them, eek.

    How n the world is that dis­cus­sion gon­na take place? with your woman?

    1. You make a ton of incor­rect assump­ti­ons in this com­ment. I deci­ded that having a fami­ly is some­thing I want to have. I did­n’t put a time­li­ne on it. I am in no “rush” to imp­reg­na­te a woman. I’m just put­ting it out to the uni­ver­se that I’m ready.

  22. U need to get some width in your golf swing. U break­down at the top with bent arms u shd push your hand as far from yer head as pos­si­ble at the top of the swing. U will crea­te more power and distance. Think about taking a slap shot in hockey. At the top of the wind up the arms dont col­lap­se or you wld lose power same as base­ball the arms are always exten­ded. Just a tot im a 3 han­di­cap so may­be u can trust it

    1. You know the guy in the vide­os is my golf coach right? You also know he is bet­ter than you right? LOL. He knows what he is doing, I just star­ted play­ing again so obvious­ly the swing isn’t what it will be after a few weeks prac­ti­ce. Just try to keep it in play for now haha

  23. Dani­el three things. 1st Eit­her Shan­non the mas­seu­se or Maria Ho would be gre­at Moms yeah buddy.
    2nd for $1 I chal­len­ge you to a put­ting con­test. 10 putts from 10 dif­fe­rent distan­ces Becau­se I think I am a gre­at put­ter as well.
    3rd I chal­len­ge you to a chess match. I am still lear­ning but a best 2 out of 3 for $1. The
    Next time I am in Vegas will be March 2019. Let’s do this.
    A bonus 4th I give you super props for get­ting to the gym, not an easy thing at our ages.

  24. Dani­el, you are inspi­ra­tio­nal to me! Except for the Vegan part…I love KFC spi­cy chi­cken wings! I love your Vlogs, kee­on doing them buddy!

  25. Loo­king good, D, keep it up. I saw Huck Seed at LVAC the other day; loo­ked a litt­le rough. Does­n’t look like he’s living the aff­lu­ent life.

  26. i don’t know…guys that name their video’s ‘get sexy’…ya know?… @10:39 – has defi­ni­te­ly buried small ani­mals under his porch and is cur­r­ent­ly rea­ding the bio­gra­phy of ed gein.

  27. I am a fan of yours in the Philippine,and fol­lowing your vloggs may­be watching you with a fili­pi­na wife and kids its cool alot of beau­ti­ful woman here 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. Hel­lo, dani from Bra­zil is very much your fam, I want to fol­low your pass, my dream is not going ahead becau­se our money is weak. So I thought I asked for your help from the heart. Thank you .. log­in Vailasabido22

  29. Unless you are gay or giving birth to a bow­ling ball size vegan bur­ger out your ass; you have pro­ven that working out too much makes you think sil­ly. If you aren’t gay, usual­ly you make a birth announ­ce­ment after you know who the woman is, call me cra­zy. The­se shock work­outs never work, being fit is about doing a litt­le each day over a long time, not a lot each day over a short time.

  30. Dear Dani­el, I am a big fan and I admi­re a lot of what you do, if I could, I want to give you my 2 cents on your baby announ­ce­ment. Nobo­dy can dis­pu­te that you work hard, live well and that you will be a gre­at Father. I ima­gi­ne that your kids will be very hap­py kids and that they will be very well taken care of. What I want to point out to you is that the most important thing about kids is not if you deser­ve them or not, or if you alo­ne can pro­vi­de and give them a good life. The per­spec­ti­ve should be from what’s in the best inte­rest of the kids. The ideal/optimal envi­ron­ment for a child is in a strong loving fami­ly and having a Father and a Mother that care and love them deeply. I am not say­ing that a sin­gle parent is not good for the child, or that you or anyo­ne wanting/needing to have child­ren can’t give them a very hap­py life, abso­lute­ly they can. I just know that you’re a per­fec­tio­n­ist and you would love your child­ren immen­se­ly, so if you’re loo­king for per­fec­tion for a child, look back at your fami­ly, your mom and dad, your bro­ther. That’s the ide­al and per­fect fami­ly your kids and any kids should have. Ide­al and per­fect are very tough to have, but for what I know about you, I think that’s what you’re loo­king for. With the utmost respect and admi­ra­ti­on, Luis.

    1. What are you tal­king about? Did you not hear in the video whe­re I said “I’m NOT loo­king for a baby mama?” I have zero plans to be a sin­gle father.

    2. Dani­el Negrea­nu yes, thanks for taking the time to point that out, I misun­ders­tood what you said, but I think the cen­tral point of my com­ment is still some­thing you can con­si­der for your jour­ney (Look for the per­fect fami­ly. I know nobody’s per­fect, but by try­ing you will have the best one for you and them). I wish that you are bles­sed with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to be a Father and that your kids enjoy the pri­vi­le­ge of having a loving Dad and Mom, just as you did (I am lucky in that area as well), I hope that you find the per­fect jour­ney, find true love, mar­ry her, keep her hap­py and let her make you hap­py, and then as a result make lots of babies, love them a lot, help them grow, and let them fly. Best of luck in the journey!

  31. I would love to see what the haters out the­re do in the gym. When THEY put them­sel­ves out the­re, and docu­ment their fit­ness rou­ti­ne, THEN, and only then, will their opi­ni­on will mat­ter. You do you Daniel.

  32. best decisi­on of your life so far: to have a kid (or kids)! 😉 I have a son of 1,5 years old and I’m 40, I’m so hap­py about him!! would be even grea­ter if you found the wife for it, but that’s not going to stop you.. best wishes!

  33. Hey Dani­el, not sure how good you are in chess, but I would like to play you, and if you’­re around 1000 and have a genui­ne inte­rest in lear­ning, I can give you a few poin­ters. I’m rated about 1850–1900, not a grand­mas­ter, but I still know enough. I never con­si­de­red chess to be some­thing to pay for, the game is beau­ti­ful and the depth of it should be shared. As a poker play­er, I would like to see how you would add the ele­ment of bluffing into the game. Let me know if we can play. My user­na­me is MannyT8.

  34. ma bucur ca esti roman esti ca simo­na halep pen­tru roma­nia in poker mas dorii sa pot juca oda­ta cu tine, dupa ce team vazut mam apu­cat de poker.bravo dani­el esti the best poker pro!

  35. Just came here to tell you, we know what a rot­ten per­son you are Dani­el Negrea­nu. You can’t fool us. And no, id give a shit about your bro­ther lol.

  36. Ivo Plsek Daniel,
    I respect you as a play­er and a fun per­so­na­li­ty. But I real­ly would
    want you to own up to the fact that you’­re the pri­ze prince of
    Pokerstars…a site which is, at least on the cent and dol­lar level, is a
    true scam! If you don’t belie­ve me, plea­se do have a look here…https://​legi​tors​cam​.org/​p​o​k​e​r​s​t​a​r​s​-​i​s​-​a​-​s​c​am/
    The­re are not just rants of sore losers, but the­re are also peop­le who
    know poker. And the stuff they descri­be, and which is tru­ly hap­pe­ning on
    PS as I can atest, is more than fishy. Your asso­cia­ti­on with this
    busi­ness is kil­ling your OWN REPUTATION, and many peop­le call you a
    sc…bag becau­se of that. I think it’d be real­ly nice if you could
    address this. If you don’t, I’d be incli­ned to think that tho­se accusing
    you of being a FRAUD and a Hypo­cri­te might have a point

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