Paige Spiranac VS Anmut Charis | Wer ist der heißeste Golfer?

Paige Spiranac VS Anmut Charis Wer ist der heisseste Golfer grace charis

⛳ Will­kom­men zu mei­nen Golf Chan­nel Shorts. Die­ser You­Tube-Kanal soll Ihnen dabei hel­fen, bes­ser Golf zu spie­len und Ihr Golf mehr zu genie­ßen! Ich möch­te Sie auch dazu brin­gen, bes­ser Golf zu spie­len, indem ich Coa­ching-Vide­os zu allen The­men rund um Golf bereit­stel­le, wie Sie Ihren Sli­ce repa­rie­ren, Ihren Haken repa­rie­ren, Ihnen hel­fen, den Golf­ball län­ger zu schla­gen, Ihre Eisen rei­ner zu schla­gen, Ihre Eisen näher am Loch zu schla­gen und hel­fen Ihnen, Ihre Golf­schlä­ge zu zeich­nen und zu ver­blas­sen. Auf die­sem Kanal mache ich auch lus­ti­ge und unter­halt­sa­me Golf­in­hal­te, die auf ver­rück­ten und manch­mal „effekt­ha­sche­ri­schen“ Golf­schlä­gern basie­ren. Ich mag es, den Mar­ke­ting-Hype um Pro­duk­te zu durch­bre­chen, und ich gebe Ihnen ger­ne die ehr­li­che Wahr­heit über Golf­aus­rüs­tung. Wenn dir der Kanal gefällt, kli­cke auf „Abon­nie­ren“ und tip­pe auch auf die Benach­rich­ti­gungs­glo­cke, damit du immer benach­rich­tigt wirst, wenn ich ein neu­es Video ver­öf­fent­li­che. 00:00 Golf Chan­nel 00:34 Pai­ge Spira­nac 08:30 Grace Cha­ris #golf​#golfswing #golf­girls

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187 thought on “Paige Spiranac VS Anmut Charis | Wer ist der heißeste Golfer?”

  1. Grace Cha­ris bet­ween her and Paige
    In my opinion
    #1 Bri Teresi
    # 2 Blair O’neil
    #3 Kat­ie Kearney
    Are way hot­ter than both Grace And Paige

  2. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  3. What? The­se 2 again in head to head com­pe­ti­ti­on? Ama­zing Grace, how sweet the sound. But Pai­ge is still the rage of the age and is still on the cen­ter sta­ge. For Pai­ge is the toast of the coast, the sen­sa­ti­on of the nati­on, the Queen of the golf green. Pai­ge is not whe­re it’s been, but Pai­ge is whe­re it’s at!! Pai­ge is still, whe­re it’s at!!

  4. Pai­ge all the way, beaut­ful, talen­ted, pas­sio­na­te and extre­me­ly smart. No-one even comes clo­se and never will…simply gorgeous 🥰

    1. I had a girl­friend that loo­ked like Pai­ge & a wife loo­ks like Grace. I’m very hap­py with the lat­ter, not to take anything away from the former.

  5. Had a job as a cad­die gro­wing up never saw ladies like this on the golf cour­se. Wouldn’t be able to focus on my job if I was the­re cad­die. Beautiful!

  6. Pai­ge has the more ath­le­tic swing IMHO and is stun­ning to look at. This is the first I have seen of Grace and she is also a beauty.

  7. Pai­ge all day long. Bet­ter gol­fer, stron­ger, bet­ter loo­king and hum­ble to boot. The­re seems to be an air of despe­ra­ti­on about Grace, unne­cessa­ri­ly jiggling about so view­ers pay more atten­ti­on to her upper body as oppo­sed to her swing and abi­li­ty to play.

  8. สวัสดีครับคนสวยน่ารักจริงๆๆนะครับเก่งสุดยอดมากๆๆนะจ๊ะเยี่ยมสุดๆๆนะครับคนสวย สวยงามนะครับที่รัก คิดถึงคุณมากๆๆนะจ๊ะ รักคุณนะครับ

  9. Pai­ge is defi­ni­te­ly the Queen of Queens, she has an unpar­al­leled beau­ty and sen­sua­li­ty. Addi­tio­nal­ly her Golf vide­os and les­sons are gre­at. Love her. 💘💘❤️‍🔥🔥💋😘😍🥰❣️💗💕💞💓❤️💖

  10. Pai­ge Spira­nac Is 20-times bet­ter gol­fer, and more of a clas­sy lady then the other… wha­te­ver you want to call her Grace Cha­ris! You go Pai­ge Spiranic!!!

  11. Why should u choose ?
    Two incredi­b­ly beau­ti­ful sexy women who play golf like I could only dream of doing and have bodies to die for.
    Love Graces ‘jiggling’ but both are 🤩 🤩 🤩

  12. The ans­wer to which gol­fer is hot­ter, Pai­ge or Grace?, is YES!!!!
    Bes­i­des, does it real­ly mat­ter?? At day’s end my tongue would fall off satisfy­ing eit­her one of the­se hea­ven­ly angels.
    And, let’s not for­get other hot­ties such as Pau­li­na Gretz­ky, Hol­ly Son­ders, and Blair O’Neal.

  13. let’s have this dis­cus­sion in 30 yrs, its always how the wine ages, both just gra­pes on a vine, sweet. examp­le dai­sy duke did­n’t far to well

  14. Ive known grace sin­ce when she first uploa­ded her first you­tube video. At the time she went from less than 800. all the way to way more than 100.000 I haven’t dou­ble check in a long time.. sin­ce then she beca­me even more popu­lar for so many simps and other kinds of peop­le around. to me she is best tom boy not­hing else. and I can’t com­pa­re her to Pai­ge. becau­se she’s been around the You­Tube com­mu­ni­ty for a long time. I bet ever­yo­ne remem­bers the Aru­ba video from like like a few years ago remem­ber for tho­se of you who don’t remem­ber that video
    You are defi­ni­te­ly not a simp. but for tho­se that do. It does­n’t mat­ter we’­re all simps🤣. I can just watch the Aru­ba video over and over if I want to and i still am a simp. be proud that you are a simp don’t let anyo­ne tell you that you cant. as long as you con­trol your­sel­ves and try not to make it obvious.

  15. To be honest…sex sells!! Both of them are beau­ti­ful and aren’t afraid to show what they are endo­wed with! They both play golf very well, but honestly..who cares!!

  16. I don’t try to fall in love with fema­les, the fema­les who are not try­ing to make me fall in love.
    I will wri­te my name all over Paige

  17. Pai­ge is beau­ti­ful but strikes as someo­ne who knows she’s beau­ti­ful and would come across as a snob. Grace is beau­ti­ful but does­n’t cross across other than fun and play­ful. Grace any day…

  18. Lol. Cha­ris is the lite­ral defi­ni­ti­on of “but her face” sells nudes on only­fans and does­n’t play golf. Pai­ge is the lite­ral sexist woman on earth (Maxim 2022), play­ed D1, and does legi­ti­ma­te work like com­mer­cials. Can’t com­pa­re a pre­ten­der to the queen.

  19. depends on what you mean by WINS.… we all know who for sure who left their sports bra at home and who is defi­ni­te­ly spor­ting some rock hard nipps. if that’s what you mean by hot­test gol­fer then okay. Pai­ge out­clas­ses her for sure tho

  20. Well, given that I’ve rejec­ted BOTH of their requests to beco­me ‘my woman’, I can honest­ly say that both of them are not up to my high standard.

    Serious­ly – wake up. We don’t have to ‘rate which is hot­ter’. Can’t we just say ‘they are very attrac­ti­ve women’ and lea­ve it at that? Would you knock back the gift of a Fer­ra­ri becau­se you’­re hol­ding out for a Lam­bor­ghi­ni? Of cour­se not. Just accept that the­se are some fine loo­king women.

  21. Pai­ge has a beau­ti­ful golf swing. Its real­ly dif­fi­cult to pay atten­ti­on to her swing becau­se her boobs keep sta­ring at my eyes.

  22. To real­ly eva­lua­te who is hot­ter, in the name of sci­ence, i’m gon­na need a three­so­me with the­se two then I can make an infor­med and honest decision.

  23. Showing boobs for likes and money . Gre­at job for both ladies neit­her would plY on a real golf and make a living let’s be honest their just for looks

  24. I’ll never dis­tract the­se two ladies from focu­sing on a per­fect shots
    but they’­re sure dis­tract my focus on a shot they are try­ing to make

  25. Serious­ly? I find Grace inte­res­ting and humo­rous. And pret­ty hot. But in a pure hot­ness com­pe­ti­ti­on? They are not even in the same league. And honest­ly Pai­ge seems pret­ty down to earth, and is a serious­ly good gol­fer. Real­ly no contest.

  26. Pai­ge all day. For star­ters, she can actual­ly play and play well. Grace is more my type if I had to choo­se one based pure­ly on loo­ks ‚but I’m going Pai­ge as the packa­ge deal.

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