PDGA Champions Cup 2022 | R2F9 | Conrad, Orum, Ellis, Weiß | Jomez Discgolf

PDGA Champions Cup 2022 R2F9 Conrad Orum Ellis Weiss Jomez Discgolf 2022 disc golf

Kau­fen Sie unse­ren Site­wi­de Spring Sale unter: https://​www​.jomez​pro​.com/​s​i​t​e​w​i​d​e​-​s​p​r​i​n​g​-​s​a​le/ Vie­len Dank, dass Sie sich die Bericht­erstat­tung des Jomez­Pro Disc Golf-Tur­niers über die zwei­te Run­de der MPO-Lead­card beim PDGA Cham­pions Cup 2022 ange­se­hen haben. Kar­te: Matt Orum, Casey White, Corey Ellis, James Con­rad Kurs: WR Jack­son Memo­ri­al DGC | App­ling, Geor­gia Big­Bar­ri-Kom­men­tar: Jere­my „Big Jerm“ Koling, Paul „Uli“ Uli­bar­ri 📆 Zeit­plan für die Tur­nier­be­richt­erstat­tung 2022 unter https://​jomez​pro​.com/​s​c​h​e​d​ule patre­on ⛓️ KAUFE offi­zi­el­le Jomez­Pro-Discs und Merch unter https://​www​.jomez​pro​.com/ 📱 Schau dir mehr Jomez­Pro an: https://​jomez​pro​.com/ https://​insta​gram​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro https://www.tiktok. com/@jomezpro https://​twit​ter​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro https://​face​book​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro 🎵 Star Frame pro­du­ziert seit 2016 unse­re The­men­mu­sik https://​star​f​rame​.band​camp​.com Erfah­ren Sie mehr über die PDGA: https:/ /www.pdga.com Front 9 Kapi­tel 00:00 Start 00:58 SPIELERPROFILE 01:59 LOCH 1 09:05 LOCH 2 12:20 LOCH 3 17:14 LOCH 4 20:01 LOCH 5 23:47 LOCH 6 27: 13 LOCH 7 32:47 LOCH 8 33:49 LOCH 9 42:04 UDISC LEADERBOARD CHECK-IN 42:28 GRÜNDERCLUBLISTE Copy­right ©2012–2021. Alle Rech­te vor­be­hal­ten. Jomez­Pro™, Fol­low­F­light™, Slo­Mez™, NoMez™, BigSexy Com­men­ta­ry™, Big­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™, BigSexy­Bar­ri Com­men­ta­ry™ sind alle geschütz­te Mar­ken von Jomez Pro­duc­tions, LLC. #jomez­pro #disc­golf War­um liest du das immer noch? Gehen Sie raus und spie­len Sie etwas Discgolf!

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200 thought on “PDGA Champions Cup 2022 | R2F9 | Conrad, Orum, Ellis, Weiß | Jomez Discgolf”

  1. I have been che­cking for Round 2 coverage every few minu­tes sin­ce 6:30 am Cen­tral time. Now my morning is com­ple­te at 8:02

  2. Jomez­Pro pos­ted 4 minu­tes ago, on my second cup of cof­fee, dogs fed and play­ing in the backy­ard. Per­fect Satur­day morning. 

    Thank you Jomez­Pro for all your hard work!

  3. Guys this saves my day i’m in qua­ran­ti­ne right now and the jomez Vide­os are the only thing i look for­ward to right now, this takes away the boring life for 90 minutes

  4. last Novem­ber me and the homies made the dri­ve from Michi­gan to App­ling to check out the cour­ses on the lovely pro­per­ty that is the IDGC. We saw Sarah Hokom and Bri­an Ear­hart shoo­ting tho­se rules and tuto­ri­als vide­os. Got pas­sed on a hole but Nate Hein­hold, it was magi­cal and I recom­mend it to ever­yo­ne. This coverage is making me want to head back real bad… thanks a lot Jomez!

  5. Jomez x cup of joe x sun on the rise and disc golf on the hori­zon = bliss.

    Ty for com­ple­ting my wee­kend Jomez fam.

    Edit: Mat­ty O 100% from c1 AND c2 in round 1? FILTHY

  6. Can’t belie­ve Mat­ty O is cru­sin around in a Tau­rus Swag­gon! I had one of tho­se as well. He is such an awe­so­me and friend­ly dude. Had the plea­su­re of chat­ting with him after Win­throp last year. Roo­ting for ya dude!

  7. If the­re were 500 Jerms and 500 Ulis play­ing this tour­na­ment some of them would get the hot rounds as well. Give your­sel­ves some credit guys!

  8. “I don’t know almost none of the­se peop­le. But, I love ‘em all.” ‑Matt Orum

    I her­eby nomi­na­te Mat­thew Orum for Pre­si­dent of Disc Golf

  9. Matt orum is some­bo­dy who actual­ly had to worry about money. The­se rich kids don’t have to worry and it makes it so much easier. God bless the play­ers who don’t have shit han­ded to them

  10. Jere­my talks too much. that Mat­ty O intro was the best ever, he’s such a cool/interesting dude; a real one as they say. Jere­my sucks. I wish jomez com­men­ta­ry was more laid back like gate­way, disc golf guy, and cen­tral coast disc golf; they dont strain to fill every moment with tal­king. Jere­my cant seem to stfu.

  11. Fun­ny how it cras­hed when I was try­ing to get a hoo­die and when I final­ly came back up the one I wan­ted was gone. ☹️

  12. Awe­so­me pie­ce on Mat­ty O. He is one of the most fun to watch and lis­ten to on any coverage. Real­ly glad to hear he going to be able to make some upgrades in his life. He is well deser­ving of it! Thanks Jomez for doing what you guys do, so greatly!

  13. I saw and inter­ac­ted with a bunch of MPO and FPO play­ers at Map­le Hill last year and the­re were so many awe­so­me peop­le it’s hard to descri­be, but Mat­ty O is tru­ly a man of the peop­le and the­re should be legi­ons fol­lowing this man around at every disc golf tour­ney he plays. Roll Tide!

  14. What a genui­ne and lika­ble guy Mat­ty O is, that seg­ment with him was gre­at. Wis­hing all the com­pe­ti­tors a gre­at tour­na­ment! Thanks Jomez, you never cea­se to impress.

  15. Let’s show some love… 24K views with ONLY 1K likes. We all can do bet­ter. Let’s take 5 seconds and SMASH that LIKE but­ton for the JOMEZ FAMILY

  16. All who­le­so­me, like­ab­le chaps but Corey Ellis is the only play­er that doesn’t freak me out watching him, and even his action is a bit fast.

  17. Yes­ter­day I com­men­ted on the R1F9 video how that I’m new to the awa­reness of disc golf with a fol­lowing ques­ti­on. It was par­ti­al­ly ans­we­red by Nae­da Thoms. The ques­ti­on con­cer­ned the four figu­res shown below the disc make and model and what they repre­sen­ted. Thoms’ respon­se was that they repre­sent the flight cha­rac­te­ris­tics of the disc. What are the four flight cha­rac­te­ris­tics which the­se num­bers represent?
    —Vir­gi­nia Beach, Virginia

    1. One of the worst I’ve ever seen on coverage. In gene­ral most peop­le let faults go in the midd­le of the fair­way but he was 2 feet right of his disc to impro­ve his ang­le. I don’t think pros call foot faults anymore.

  18. I want to see Jerm ran­dom­ly show up to a tour­na­ment in full Viking rega­lia. I’m tal­kin’ ‘bout a huge fake beard, fur/leather/steel armor, with a mas­si­ve 2‑handed axe slung over his back, and having not bathed in a mon­th. And then I want him to play in said tour­na­ment. Yeah. F’in awesome. 😀

    Tell me that shit would­n’t make Sports Center.

    For that mat­ter, we need a Disc Golf Hap­py Gilmo­re. I nomi­na­te James “Anar­chy Baby” Conrad.

  19. I love how Uli and Jerm always talk crap about them­sel­ves acting like they are just so bad com­pa­red to ever­yo­ne else that plays disc lol. Like they are always so sur­pri­sed on how far some of the young bucks can throw. Did anyo­ne watch Uli rip a few 500 plus foot dri­ves through tight gap­ped fair­ways yes­ter­day??? I’m not buy­ing it Uli and Jerm. Lol

  20. Man I love Mat­ty O. What an incredi­ble repre­sen­ta­ti­ve for both West­side and Disc Golf. If you see this Mat­ty, you’­ve got a life long fan from me.

  21. This Jomez­Pro thing is just ridi­cu­lous. Ima­gi­ne being a foot­ball fan, or a UFC fan, and being wai­t­ing for a huge event, then you can’t watch it until the next day becau­se some lame ass com­pa­ny bought the rights. This does not hap­pen in any other decent sport, it’s just insa­ne to say it out loud.
    If you real­ly want Disc Golf to be more rele­vant, you need to get rid of shit like this. If pos­ting the vide­os with 18 hour delay is the best Jomez­Pro can do, it is a pie­ce of shit com­pa­ny, and it shows how bad is Disc Golf doing. A com­pa­ny like that in a decent mar­ket would not last a week.

    1. You know, you could pay for a Disc Golf Net­work sub­scrip­ti­on and watch this live like UFC. You’ll have a bunch of lame coun­ter argu­ments to that com­ment, becau­se you won’t ack­now­ledge how ridi­cu­lous your state­ments were, but it’s true.

  22. Help keep our cour­ses beau­ti­ful, put your trash in your bag, don’t lea­ve beer cans or ciga­ret­te butts lying around, pick up your dog’s turds. I never unders­tood why peop­le go pla­ces BECAUSE THEY ARE NICE, then pro­ceed to trash them.

  23. If you see Mat­ty O, get to know his per­so­na­li­ty on came­ra, or get the chan­ce to meet him, I don’t think it’s pos­si­ble to not be a fan. He’s just a fan­tastic per­son and fun­nier than cat farts.

  24. Jim orum deser­ves more credit in the histo­ry of the game of fris­bee! Mee­ting and spea­king with him cer­tain­ly chan­ged my life… rest in para­di­se OG 🙏🏾

  25. Guys.…Easter Sunday morning with a hot coffee!…the 1st pdga major of the year.…and Jomez content…what bet­ter start of the day the­re is…! Gree­tings from the UK

  26. Jomez, love the coverage and what you’re doing for the sport! Would love to see some more merch with just the jomez logo🔥 and may­be some more whalesacs!!

  27. Uli: “If the­re were 100 me’s…”

    Jerm: “It would be the most sar­castic field of com­pe­ti­tors of all time” 🤣🤣🤣

  28. I’ve Been pati­ent­ly wai­t­ing for the, Jomez­Pro COVERAGE .….. like 4 Days to Watch this Event!! I Pur­po­se­ful­ly igno­re the other vids, so I can get more of Big Uli, and His Side­kick, “the Jerm”.… lol! Love it, and Live It!! I’m wil­ling to Re-Loca­te to a Disc Golf Factory.

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