Perfect Pitch : Distance Control – Golf With Michele Low

Perfect Pitch Distance Control Golf With Michele Low beginner golf

Miche­le Low is a Golf Coach and Golf Pro­fes­sio­nal. She aims to crea­te simp­le and easy-to-fol­low You­Tube vide­os to help you with your golf game. This chan­nel, Golf With Miche­le Low is home of Golf Coa­ching, Golf Tips, Golf Cour­se Vlogs and every other thing about golf. 

Mich­eIe Low是一名高尔夫教练。她的目标是为您提供有关高尔夫的技巧和理念。

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223 thought on “Perfect Pitch : Distance Control – Golf With Michele Low”

  1. Ano­t­her gre­at video from you. I like the way you high­light the steps on your video and it real­ly give us good under­stan­ding on every step. Can’t wait for your next video. Keep it up.

  2. You are my family’s all-time favo­ri­te You­Tube inst­ruc­tor now. We love your explana­ti­ons, walk-throughs, and pati­ence. My wife, 10- and 11-year-olds have wat­ched all your vide­os. And we’d never have lear­ned about you if you had­n’t been on Golf Side­kick! You are ama­zing. Hap­py New Year from Chicago!

  3. Ano­t­her gre­at tuto­ri­al. I love your on-cour­se tuto­ri­als the best. Lear­ning a lot about how the ball reacts from dif­fe­rent lies etc. And your mind­set chats are always inte­res­ting. Thx for your work so far.◉‿◉

  4. Gre­at video Miche­le. I’ve been thin­king about how to exp­lain to begin­ners why chan­ging the back swing length chan­ges distance and the con­clu­si­on I came to just last week is it’s all about tem­po. If you have to tra­vel a grea­ter distance in the same time the speed incre­a­ses, and that’s how back swing length trans­la­tes to distance but only if you main­tain tempo!

    Still wai­t­ing on that put­ting distance con­trol video 😉

  5. Good and easy to under­stand inst­ruc­tion. I would love a set of PXG clubs so… if you ever chan­ge them.….. can you send the old ones to me please? 🙏🙏

  6. Love the inst­ruc­tion, but update the intro to some­thing more modern and simp­le; silence. The­re are two dif­fe­rent audio riffs that are not con­nec­ted. Just get right to it, Michel­le. :48 is just fine.

    1. @Michele Low Golf my wife n i both gol­fers. U just the right tea­cher for both of us. I only dis­co­ver u from that South Afri­can guy video. Pls do keep up the good work!

  7. Miche­le. Thanks. Gre­at inst­ruc­tions. Do you use the pit­ching swing for your pw, 9 i, and 8i? And if you do what distance do you get with each.

    1. Some­ti­mes depends on the shot I want to hit. I would say if I use the pit­ching swing with my lon­ger clubs, I will get about 80 per­cent of my nor­mal distance 🙂

  8. So glad i found your vlogs .tho­se drop­down lists are super easy to exp­lain all things nice­ly too regards from york­shire UK.

  9. Hi Miche­le, big thanks again for your excel­lent tuto­ri­als. They are genui­nely making a posi­ti­ve dif­fe­rence to my game. I rea­li­se golf is your pro­fes­si­on, so thanks so much for sharing your expe­ri­ence and know­ledge so free­ly with the grea­ter com­mu­ni­ty. I live in New Zea­land so can­not per­so­nal­ly uti­li­se your ser­vices as a golf coach , but once the tra­vel restric­tions are lis­ted, it could be a plan to make my next trip to KL for some coa­ching. All the very best to you and your loved ones for the new year and hope­ful­ly you will be able to con­ti­nue deli­vering your excel­lent tutorials.

  10. Thank you very much for the gre­at explana­ti­on Miche­le. Is the swing pla­ne the same on the up and down swing, or do I have to shal­low the club a bit on the downswing?

  11. If you set the club on the sole, the grip/handle will be in front of the ball, not even with it. Even with this short of a swing, unless you MAKE your hands and arms stay in the same posi­ti­on as they were at address, your left arm will hang natu­ral­ly from your shoul­der and the club­face will be open.

  12. love your put­ting tips, use it last week and I hit 80, best ever score! Keep up the good work and hope to see you in per­son one day, cheers

  13. Gre­at Inst­ruc­tion Michel­le!! New to your chan­nel 🙂 defi­ni­te­ly will watch some of your vide­os ! Maha­los & keep up the gre­at work! , perhaps some­day i will meet you and give me a gre­at cli­nic!:) ‑Bub­ba!

    1. @Michele Low Golf ‑Alo­ha Michel­le, Thank you for your reply, defi­ni­te­ly let you know this wee­kend if we play 🙂 are you in Malay­sia ? – look for­ward to mee­ting you – once tra­vel is open . Maha­los- Bub­ba ! stay safe as well.

  14. Do you pros get some spe­cial tools which tell you pre­cise­ly (pro­bab­ly to 2 deci­mal points) the per­cen­ta­ge of weight on each foot at address, that’s not avail­ab­le to us les­ser mor­tal amateurs? 😂😂
    Do you rea­li­se how con­fu­sing it can be to say that for chip­ping it’s 70%, for pit­ching it’s 60%, for full shot it’s 55% etc.?

    1. I know it could be. Is just an esti­ma­te. Try to start with equal weight and then slow­ly move. You do what works best for you 🙂

  15. Ama­zing results, after mon­ths of the chip­ping yips and try­ing qui­te a few pro tips on yt, Michele’s easy to fol­low tips have paid off with excel­lent put­ting hints too; from high 90s to 83 after 3 viewings, prac­ti­ces and rounds, the latest inclu­ding 4 up and downs (pre­vious­ly around 4–5 three putts per round). Han­di­cap alrea­dy drop­ped from 21 to 18, con­fi­dent can get back to 15 soon befo­re the yips set in, thank you Miche­le for the KISS – keep it simp­le, stupid!

  16. Thank you Miche­le for all you do! Teri­ma kadih . I prac­ti­ced pit­ching for a few hours today and your advice was perfect 👌

  17. Thanks Miche­le 😊
    You ans­we­red the ques­ti­on, that I nee­ded to find on You­Tube. 1 wedge, for the 20–70 m distance. Have a gre­at day 👍🏻😎

  18. You tru­ly are the best in showing how to golf.. thank you I keep get­ting bet­ter with ever­yo­ne of your vide­os plea­se keep them coming

  19. Michel­le I enjoy watching your vide­os on short game. Can you plea­se give a few tips on pit­ching and chip­ping in a upward and down­ward lie. Most of the vide­os are on flat lie which is not always the game. Thanks so much

  20. Dece­le­ra­ting kills for sure, acce­le­ra­ting is no good eit­her, right? It can take lots of prac­ti­ce and mus­cle memo­ry to keep the rhythm, peop­le tend to acce­le­ra­te or dece­le­ra­te for dif­fe­rent rea­sons. You have offe­red excel­lent prac­ti­ce drills here. Thank you Michele!

  21. From Indo­ne­sia : Thank You Coach Mechel­le for your Tuto­ri­al, I have ques­ti­ons, may a Begin­ner to use bla­de clubs, thank you

  22. Hi Miche­le, you are such a bril­li­ant tea­cher! Very pre­cise in your inst­ruc­tions and clear repeat­a­ble steps 👍.

  23. Gre­at video Michel­le, I find mys­elf com­ing back to rewatch once in a while to get a refres­her cour­se. Not just this video but other vide­os as well. Very hel­pful becau­se I work all the time so I don’t get to go out to prac­ti­ce that often or hard­ly at all.

  24. Defi­ni­te­ly one of your best vide­os. This one, along with “60 minu­tes short game” (and tons of prac­ti­ce), made me get bet­ter from a 26.5 han­di­cap to my actu­al 17.5. When some­thing in my short game gets wrong, I usual­ly watch again this video and my pitch shots instant­ly improve.

  25. Hi Michel­le, my golf swing has impro­ved sin­ce I fol­lo­wed your inst­ruc­tions. I almost gave up on the game. Thanks so much.

  26. Hi Miche­le, it was gre­at to see this method, it was hard to see the swing pla­ne, video was fast. Does the swing just fol­low the pla­ne estab­lis­hed by the club at set up?

  27. a gre­at video inde­ed, the tech­ni­que part for a pitch shot so lucid­ly exp­lai­ned ; kee­ping arms par­al­lel to the ground is a vital tip, I take her les­son to be a Swing Buil­der, whe­re litt­le weight or con­scious stan­ding with the left foot, keeps the ball fly­ing and tra­jec­to­ry under control , 

    Kudos to Miche­le Low !!

  28. Hi Miche­le, I re-wat­ched this at least 4 times, a gre­at amount of infor­ma­ti­on. My PGA pro also hel­ped and your descrip­ti­on was excel­lent. Thanks

  29. Hi Miche­le,

    You shared with us that for pit­ching can­not use wrists, but as you take back more for sligh­ly lon­ger pit­ches like 50m, 60m, you do have to cock the wrists abit cor­rect? ( As we take back fur­ther, the wrists have no choice but to auto­ma­ti­cal­ly slight­ly cock).

    Plea­se enligh­ten me. Thank you.

  30. Watching your vide­os has real­ly hel­ped a begin­ner like me! Thank you for giving free “pro tips” and les­sons, appre­cia­te it!

  31. I am glad you addres­sed the hands so clear­ly. That is a big rea­son club gol­fers have trou­ble sco­ring. I have done much bet­ter by using very litt­le wrist move­ment insi­de 80 yards.

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