PGA suspendiert alle Spieler, die an der LIV Golf-Serie beteiligt sind

PGA suspendiert alle Spieler die an der LIV Golf Serie beteiligt sind breaking news

► Sky Sports News abon­nie­ren: http://​bit​.ly/​S​k​y​S​p​o​r​t​s​N​e​w​s​Sub Die PGA hat bekannt gege­ben, dass alle an der LIV Golf Invi­ta­tio­nal Seri­es betei­lig­ten Spie­ler sus­pen­diert wer­den. Ins­ge­samt wur­den 17 Spie­ler gesperrt, dar­un­ter gro­ße Namen wie Dus­tin John­son und Phil Mickel­son. #Sky­Sports­News #Sky­Sports #PGA ► Für die neu­es­ten Ent­wick­lun­gen zu die­ser Geschich­te: https://​qrcode​.sky​sports​.com/​s​k​y​s​p​o​r​t​s​/​t​o​p​s​t​o​r​ies Mehr von Sky Sports auf You­Tube: ► Sky Sports Retro: http://​bit​.ly/​S​k​y​S​p​o​r​t​s​R​e​t​r​o​Sub ► Sky Sports: http://​bit​.ly/​S​k​y​S​p​o​r​t​s​Sub ► Sky Sports Fuß­ball: http://​bit​.ly/​S​S​F​o​o​t​b​a​l​l​Sub ► Sky Sports Boxen: http://​bit​.ly/​S​S​B​o​x​i​n​g​Sub ► Sky Sports F1: http://bit .ly/SubscribeSkyF1 ► Sky Sports Cri­cket: http://​bit​.ly/​S​u​b​s​c​r​i​b​e​S​k​y​C​r​i​c​ket ► Sky Sports Golf: https://​bit​.ly/​S​u​b​s​c​r​i​b​e​S​k​y​S​p​o​r​t​s​G​olf ► Wenn Sie sich über die Lizen­zie­rung von Sky Sports News-Inhal­ten erkun­di­gen möch­ten, erfah­ren Sie hier mehr: htt­ps https://​www​.sky​sports​.com/​m​o​r​e​-​s​p​o​r​t​s​/​n​e​w​s​/​3​1​7​5​4​/​1​1​4​3​4​2​7​0​/​l​i​c​e​n​s​e​-​s​k​y​-​s​p​o​r​t​s​-​f​o​o​t​age

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206 thought on “PGA suspendiert alle Spieler, die an der LIV Golf-Serie beteiligt sind”

    1. Num­ber 1 issue in busi­ness is to not sup­port or assist the com­pe­ti­ti­on. Pick your Tour and good luck with your choice.

  1. God help us all if the Sau­dis get invol­ved in buil­ding that foot­ball éli­te league again. It would be chee­rio to Bar­ca, Real, Liver­pool and co.

    1. @Ashton Almond abso­lute­ly. That’s why I don’t bother with for­mu­la 1 etc. It’s just all money money money. No thought for fans, no real pas­si­on, just a fat cats playground.

  2. Golf was never bro­ken and it is in good hands. Greed has taken over some play­ers and actions have con­se­quen­ces. They deser­ve ever­ything they get. It won’t be good

    1. So what your say­ing is all sports pro­fes­sio­nals should not have free­dom of move­ment but should be tied to one organisation.

    1. @PlanetEarth That’s an igno­rant com­ment. Do you know the PGA Tour has dona­ted $3B to cha­ri­ty sin­ce they were founded.

    2. @bill rector…I know but let’s also give LIV a chance..we must embrace chan­ce. I don’t hate PGA but the world is ever chan­ging and I think you still live in the past

    3. @PlanetEarth No, I live in the rea­li­ty of the pre­sent. The­se guys obvious­ly have a choice and took it. Now deal with the not so sur­pri­sing consequences.

    1. @Ted She­pard as if peop­le who’ve risen to the apex of an ins­a­nely com­pe­ti­ti­ve sport are only moti­va­ted by money? The money is free­dom, all of the­se guys want to des­troy their com­pe­ti­ti­on by default. Bad analogy.

    2. @Brent be like : ever­yo­ne knows this . The play­ers have been coa­ched on lying about it . They don’t even belie­ve what they’re saying.

    3. They don’t have a mono­po­ly. What we should all be con­cer­ned about is tur­ning golf from a com­pe­ti­ti­ve sport into a seri­es of exhi­bi­ti­ons with no con­se­quen­ces for poor play. You could shoot 103 every day and still collect $120,000 for three days work.

  3. Stop with the sanc­ti­mo­nious BS. Mul­ti­ple PGA tour spon­sors are owned by the Sau­dis. It’s about money to the PGA tour. They don’t want competition

    1. BOOM !!! Why does­n’t the PGA just do the right thing and sub­stan­ti­al­ly incre­a­se the pur­ses to the play­ers ? It’s kind of obvious they are rip­ping them off.

  4. Why does­n’t the PGA just do the right thing and sub­stan­ti­al­ly incre­a­se the pur­ses to the play­ers ? It’s kind of obvious they are rip­ping them off.

    1. Becau­se they don’t have unli­mi­ted funds from a nati­on state’s pur­se, they actual­ly have ope­ra­ting expen­ses to con­si­der whilst LIV can pay the Gol­fers sub­stan­ti­al­ly more with no reve­nue. You’­re asking a nor­mal busi­ness to com­pe­te with a sta­te that siphons all of it’s wealth from it’s citizens.

  5. I get both sides though. It’s a new oppor­tu­ni­ty for peop­le to earn loads of money and the PGA tour HAVE held tour­na­ments in Sau­di Ara­bia befo­re. I wat­ched some of the press con­fe­rence yes­ter­day whe­re you had jour­na­lists sta­ting their name and who they work for…

    - Mar­tin Lip­ton works for The Sun. They’re not exact­ly whiter-than-white are they? Yet he moved from The Mir­ror to work for them.

    I ima­gi­ne someo­ne from the BBC was the­re, this the same BBC that did next to not­hing about Jim­my Savil­le back in the day? 

    The stuff with Sau­di isn’t good at all, but then may­be *ever­y­bo­dy* should look at who they do busi­ness with whe­ther it’s being paid by a com­pa­ny or paying money for their services.

    1. @John D Gowrie it’s a game not a sport, sport means an acti­ve oppo­si­te defen­si­ve oppo­nent not the ele­ments like the grass or wind.

    2. @James Came­ron Golf, alt­hough not requi­ring bru­tal strength, is a sport. Golf is a legi­ti­ma­te sport becau­se it is high­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve, requi­res men­tal capa­ci­ty, and deman­ds phy­si­cal extor­ti­on and mus­cle use. A big part of any sport, espe­cial­ly golf, is being competitive.

    3. It was never sole­ly about the love of the game. If it was, they would sim­ply pay to play like the rest of us. It was always about money to some extent.

    4. @James Came­ron not a sport? So like weight­lif­ting, jave­lin, high jump, gym­nastics, bobs­leigh, sla­lom, down­hill ski­ing, cross coun­try ski­ing, time tri­als, ski jump, …

  6. Once Scot­tie Schef­ler joins then it’s all over for the PGA. Scheff­ler is the most important play­er sin­ce Gary Play­er. PGA should do ever­ything to keep this gre­at man inclu­ding signing on bonu­ses in the regi­on of $500 million

    1. Who…. ? Bal­lo­ney, a cer­tain TW is the main man for tv con­tent, once he suc­cumbs and the­re are talks the pga will collapse

    2. @Phil Royles As oppo­sed to Phil he won’t sign. Tiger is very loy­al, He knows what the PGA has done for him. The PGA is a plat­form that rewards the best play­ers. It is more than just the win­nings. It pro­vi­des them an intro­duc­tion to making money off of the tour. Tiger beca­me a bil­lion­aire from the tour. That expo­sure and his domi­nan­ce made him all that money. Remem­ber CEO’s and cor­po­ra­ti­ons pay more atten­ti­on to golf than any other sports. Gol­fers have the per­fect image for cor­po­ra­te Ame­ri­ca. Typi­cal­ly well spo­ken and white. Phil is num­ber 11 of most money made by ath­le­tes. The top 4 are Arnie, Jack Tiger and MJ. That is 4 of the top 11 ath­le­tes. When you com­pa­re the size of the audi­ence com­pa­red to or other sports it is pret­ty asto­nis­hing how much gol­fers make.. 

      The beau­ty of golf is as oppo­sed to other sports it is all based on meri­to­cra­cy. I would think all the “con­ser­va­ti­ves” on the­se comments would applaud a sys­tem that rewards meritocracy.

      Think how the PGA feels about this. Phil beca­me very wealt­hy from the plat­form. They never chan­ged on how he was going to be paid. He ear­ned his wins but they pro­vi­ded the plat­form. They get the venues, spon­sors and the TV con­tracts. They also gave him $8,000,000 this year for doing not­hing. Phil turns around and threa­tens the PGA. He asks for the video rights. No ath­le­te has the video rights of their per­for­man­ces. Not LeBron, Bra­dy or MJ. He says the PGA is “outra­ge­ous­ly” gree­dy. Then he signs a $200,00,00 con­tract and some think he might be being gree­dy. He is try­ing to des­troy the PGA and you won­der why they are sus­pen­ding him.

    3. @Michael Fong I am not buy­ing that.. I am awa­re Tiger is mul­ling an enor­mous offer from liv . No coin­ci­dence his body will not allow to play in the us open, I think his mind is also in a dif­fe­rent space cur­r­ent­ly. The liv sche­du­le may suit his dama­ged body of his and he is pure box office for tv con­tent, he still has as the abi­li­ty to com­pe­te but perhaps it is time for the pga to accept this new start­up without dama­ging the game fore­ver . For me the pros are self employ­ed and have no obli­ga­ti­on to the pga or any tour for that mat­ter, fans will fol­low them whe­re­ver the con­tent is deli­ve­r­ed. For me the pga have to innovate.

    1. No one ever did, it’s never been one of the fea­ture big events of the year. Just isn’t. But many PGA events are still a gre­at watch!

    1. @MUNDUS of cour­se i would, becau­se as a truck dri­ver i live paycheck to paycheck. Howe­ver if i was worth what Phil Michel­son is worth i could afford to be loy­al. Its that simple.

    2. @Malt licky mal­i­tia Phil Mickel­son isnt even loy­al to the sta­te that gave him the oppor­tu­ni­ty to beco­me a gre­at gol­fer. He tur­ned tail and left Cali­for­nia becau­se he did­n’t want to pay hig­her taxes. A sta­te with no water that pro­du­ces golf cour­ses has infra­st­ruc­tu­re cos­ts to pay ami­go. I used to be a big fan of his, but his greed has sou­red my opi­ni­on of him.

    3. @Peter Mar­ti­nai­tis i never said loyal­ty was based on how much you earn, im sug­ges­ting Phil has ear­ned enough from the pga that he could show his loyal­ty. But i guess a few hund­red mil­li­on is not enough for some .

    4. If your finan­ces are from a fami­ly owned busi­ness but you find a bet­ter finan­cial oppor­tu­ni­ty else­whe­re, I would make the sacri­fice and stick with the fami­ly busi­ness. Anything else is fair game becau­se if you don’t own it; busi­ness is business.

  7. Play­er worked hard to qua­li­fy for the PGA Tour.… for more money than ano­t­her tour. What do the­se play­ers play for?

  8. Dis­grace­ful from the PGA that.
    The­se guys are self employ­ed and should be able to do what they want .
    Sho­cking hypo­cri­sy here by a lot of people

    1. You can’t throw around the term ’self employ­ed’ like it actual­ly app­lies, ath­le­tes don’t just com­pe­te in a sport they’­re representatives/ambassadors of them and the leagues or teams they play in. Ima­gi­ne someo­ne being an exe­cu­ti­ve for 2 com­pe­ting com­pa­nies, it can’t be allo­wed, you make a choice which one you want to work for, not both.


  9. Love it. I have no idea why so many peop­le are defen­ding the gro­tes­que greed and immo­ra­li­ty of thos hor­ri­ble LIV series.

    1. becau­se its a free mar­ket? it has not­hing to do with ethics or morals, the PGA would wel­co­me Sau­di spon­sors with open arms. The idea of ano­t­her com­pe­ti­ti­on bey­ond them is what irks them.

  10. Thats the reac­tion from a com­pa­ny that just lost its mono­po­ly on the game. The PGA tour needs new lea­ders­hip. Some­thing can be worked out with the­se players.

  11. PGA – “Why can’t we be a mono­po­ly? Why can’t we have all the power, glo­ry and money? Why can’t we for­ce play­ers to play for less money and have zero choice? Why don’t peop­le love us unconditionally?”

    1. The fact that the­re is a Euro­pean tour and now this LIV tour pro­ves that PGA Tour isn’t a mono­po­ly. The play­ers made a choice and that’s fine.

    2. @Average Joe It is fine but do you not think if ano­t­her tour enters the mar­ket after LIV and play­ers end up spread across many dif­fe­rent tours and dif­fe­rent tour­na­ments then it will be pret­ty dif­fi­cult to do world ran­kings and deci­de who is the top ran­ked golfer?
      I pre­dict wit­hin 5 years this new tour will be the go to tour any­way, McIll­roy will crum­ble as well ha

    3. It’s not a mono­po­ly. Nobo­dy is stop­ping anyo­ne from play­ing on the LIV tour. The PGA has no means to stop it, the­re­fo­re it’s not a mono­po­ly. The PGA tour has every right to do what it is doing, whe­ther peop­le like it or not.

    4. What are you tal­king about? You act like the PGA is slavery! The­se play­ers are free to play whe­re they want. They can play the PGA tour or LIV. I call that a choice.

  12. The PGA is just as gree­dy as the play­ers that went to LIV. Don’t get it twis­ted that’s the who­le rea­son why the play­ers are leaving

  13. this makes me ner­vous for foot­ball. what if the sau­dis get invol­ved in rebuil­ding the super league. will euro­pe be able to stop them?

    1. I hope not, becau­se Euro­pean foot­ball is a joke. “Cham­pions League” whe­re most of the teams that par­ti­ci­pa­te are not champions.
      I hope the super League gets revived.

  14. Not a legal expert, but can’t the PGA Tour be sued over this based on anti-trust legal issu­es ? Seems like the sus­pen­ded play­ers have a case as the PGA Tour is essen­ti­al­ly a mono­po­ly that is ROBBING the play­ers blind.

    1. No. If a com­pa­ny does­n’t want you to work for them, you are not enti­t­led to. Many com­pa­nies actual­ly have no com­pe­te clau­ses. Indi­vi­du­al play­ers are free to have spon­sor­s­hips and endor­se­ment deals that make them mil­li­ons on top of their win­nings. The incen­ti­ve to win to get paid in sports like golf are some­thing worth pro­tec­ting. Play­ers should­n’t get sala­ries based on what theyve done in the past. Thats crazy.

  15. If the gol­fers caved to Sau­di dough , Ima­gi­ne how many others like poli­ti­ci­ans have done the same behind clo­sed doors … tip of the ice berg people .

    1. @Steven Gal­lag­her Yep, when money is invol­ved it’s easy to think many will jump at the chan­ce, it has hap­pen­ed befo­re in other sports, they all fai­led after launch or before. 

      Eg: Indian Cri­cket League in Cri­cket, Super League in Football.

  16. Reminds me of the days when the WHA (World Hockey Asso­cia­ti­on) tried to rival the NHL (Natio­nal Hockey League) – PGA vs. LIV – just ano­t­her power strugg­le foun­ded on the almigh­ty dol­lar. Greed from all sides domi­na­tes what we are seeing.

    1. @Live Life Yes its cal­led sports washing. But that has not­hing to do with greed. They’­re liter­al­ly thro­wing money away and making not­hing in return.

  17. Its qui­te simp­le. The PGA and Nor­man have been at odds for 20 plus years. Nor­man is com­ing after them with Sau­di Money. and they are figh­t­ing back. PGA play­ers signed agree­ment rules when they joi­ned the tour. They are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. They can sim­ply play some­whe­re else bes­i­des the pga tour if they want to play for LIV. The tour has a right to set their own rules for their tour. Plain and simple.

    1. I can’t help but feel the PGA is making a huge mista­ke here. Nobo­dy loves the PGA or the tour. Peop­le watch golf and ten­nis to see the best, or most famous, play­ers play. It’s not like other pro­fes­sio­nal sports whe­re the­re is an alle­gi­an­ce to laund­ry. The PGA should be ent­i­cing the­se play­ers to play in as many events as they pos­si­b­ly can. They’­ve done the oppo­si­te and I’m not sure it’s going to play out the way they intend.

    2. Nope. this is about the de fac­to mono­po­lies that sports leagues have in the US that prevents…no mandates…no com­pe­ti­ti­on. Nor­man has not­hing to do with that and the fact that several big stars jum­ped ship tells you what you need to know. the PGA is making BIL­LI­ONs but the play­ers are get­ting paid 10% or less of that. The PGA should have part­ne­red with this mini tour, but the pay being given to the gol­fers goes against their pro­fits, so no way. If you think this is about Nor­man you are not paying attention.

  18. Unless they are mur­de­ring inno­cent civi­li­ans with golf balls i sug­gest Sky’s repor­ting starts focu­sing of big­ger fish!! Start with the US and UK governments

  19. I think John Daly should start a league for play­ers who hate the PGA and like having a beer and dri­ving a cart while they play. Shorts.. Cigars.. Side bets.. PGA is too stuffy, boring, and pompous.

  20. The­se play­ers are rea­dy for any com­pe­ti­ti­ons that will hap­pen. They took chan­ces and rea­dy to face the outcome.

    “The PGA”, on the other hand, look like they are not rea­dy to com­pe­te and keep avoiding their contender.

    that’s fun­ny

  21. Without a major TV deal they are going to strugg­le to get out to the real mas­ses – Their You­Tube Cha­nel has around 90,000 free wat­chers right now ~ is that good or bad? Not sure..

  22. The PGA is the big bul­ly in the cor­ner not get­ting their way!! The­se guys should be able to play WHEREVER and WHENEVER they want!!

  23. It’s fun­ny to me that some peop­le think the owners of LIV are in it for money. The­re isn’t a spon­sor in sight. They care as much about making pro­fit as the owners of New­cast­le United .

  24. If PGA play­ers are tru­ly inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors without a collec­ti­ve bar­gai­ning agree­ment or con­tract, then how the PGA tour belie­ves they have a legal to stop play­ers from play­ing in other events is bey­ond me. It will be inte­res­ting to to how this all plays out in the legal sys­tem becau­se as I see it that is whe­re this is hea­ding. Eit­her anti-trust or anti-com­pe­ti­ti­on. Com­pa­nies get slam­med for that in both Euro­pe and the US all of the time.

    1. Many spon­sor­s­hip deals which top gol­fers have are depen­dent on their mem­bers­hip of the PGA tour. Alt­hough the rebel gol­fers are recei­ving one off pay­ments to join LIV golf their spon­sors could and most likely will can­cel the deals of the rebels.

    2. They CAN’T stop play­ers from play­ing in LIV! Isn’t that obvious? They can stop them from play­ing on the PGA Tour though.

  25. They are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors, the play­ers should be able to play any­whe­re they want, the­re should be no mono­po­ly by the pga tour which is what they want. The beau­ty part is you will see all the ban­ned play­ers at the majors if they qualify.

    1. The ones who are exempt will still play the ‚majors. The ones whoa are not exempt will not. No 3 round tour­na­ments will get OWGR points

  26. I don’t get it what’s wrong with Sau­di money? At least it’s not based on inte­rest ear­ned through rob­bing the poor like it is in most Wes­tern countries.

  27. So the PGA is mad someo­ne else has a tour­na­ment and making money 🤡🤣🤣the PGA needs the play­ers not the other way around. Same goes for fifa when they blo­cked the super league 🤡it’s a joke

    1. Sau­di Ara­bia is a dic­ta­tor­s­hip. It’s not just a tour­na­ment. Super League would have rui­ned the com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness of football.

    1. Becau­se this is PGA cry­ing like a kid that’s can’t gets it owns way and this is dif­fe­rent to the foot­ball thing this is about PGA having all the cake for years

    1. Me too. It’s exhi­bi­ti­on golf. Gua­ran­te­ed money and no cut means no pres­su­re to win, except greed and most of them have been paid a ton just to be invol­ved. Mickel­son got $200 mil­li­on just to sign on. Tell me he has any moti­va­ti­on to play well.

  28. Typi­cal Yanks, they don’t like someo­ne step­ping on their toe’s. The world don’t revol­ve around the US. The media call out Sau­di human rights, qui­te right­ly but com­ple­te­ly igno­re the American’s who are about to take away women’s right to choo­se what they do with their bodies, they’re ok with mass shoo­tings say­ing “we have to live with this too keep our free­dom” & also don’t want to teach the histo­ry they don’t like. Total hypocrites.

  29. This is what the natio­nal FA and EUFA should have done with teams invol­ved in the Super League. That inclu­des my own team.

    1. That’s what they war­ned they would do but foot­ball isn’t the same as golf. golf has more indi­vi­du­als, as they are essen­ti­al­ly self employ­ed, they pay for their own equip­ment, fund their own flights and hotels.
      Ten­nis would be a bet­ter examp­le, if sau­dis payed for a com­pe­ti­ti­on, ima­gi­ne the back­lash if the ten­nis asso­cia­ti­on threa­ten big play­ers they would­n’t be able com­pe­te in grand slam com­pe­ti­ti­ons if they went there.

  30. Talk about cal­ling the kett­le black PGA, when you shout greed, not­hing gree­dier than the PGA Tour Leadership
    They are a bunch of White Racist Coun­try Club Chris­ti­an boys, look online at their lea­ders­hip demo­gra­phics, Tiger needs to join LIV to call out the racist boys club, sexist too, a win­ner of men’s PGA event recei­ves more than the ent­i­re pur­se of an LPGA event and the lat­ter is more enter­tai­ning becau­se the lea­der­boards are so tight and the women are on average far more attrac­ti­ve the best loo­king men

    How about adding his/her LIV events

    Don’t speak for fans PGA, fans would love for com­pe­ti­ti­on, espe­cial­ly in this strea­ming world

    Fur­ther­mo­re Con­gress needs to desi­gna­te the PGA a cor­rupt monopoly

  31. I know it’s on a much smal­ler sca­le but who remem­bers when the PDC came in and dis­rup­ted the BDO in darts?

    The BDO was the gold stan­dard at the time, do they still exist now?

  32. This isn’t a tour, it’s a seri­es of exhi­bi­ti­ons. The­re is no cut, and the last place finis­her will collect $120,000. You could shoot over 100 all three days and still make $120K. How is that a com­pe­ti­ti­on? Dus­tin John­son could walk the cour­se with a 5 iron and a put­ter and make more money this wee­kend than I make in a year. Exp­lain to me how that is making the world of golf better.

  33. They have no shame just dir­ty gree­dy hands grab­bing dir­ty money. I’m sure they don’t care, they obvious­ly have no morals.

  34. ‘cant be bought or sold’ .…what show are they watching? arnies lega­cy isnt crea­ting genera­tio­nal wealth for the individuals

  35. I’m loving the first cour­se on the LIV; it’s Open qua­li­ty cra­zy, nar­row fair­ways, steep embank­ments, very tall grass in rough, deep bun­kers and severely undu­la­ting greens. It’s total­ly ter­ri­fy­ing, which is true old golf design; gol­fers wage war against the cour­se not each other.

  36. Arab Gulf sports-washing at its finest. When we (USA) fund and back sau­dii ara­biaa (mis­s­pel­led and lower­ca­se inten­tio­nal­ly) to bomb Yemen, beco­me biddies with Isra­el while they occu­py Pales­ti­ni­an land we don’t hear a peep. Now it’s gol­fers lea­ving some dino­saur mono­po­ly orga­niz­a­ti­on to make more money, NOW omg the Sau­di government/royal 💩 👞 are hor­ri­ble peop­le after all.

  37. I see the BBC are not showing the scores or lea­der­board for this.…I guess they think they are the estab­lish­ment like the PGA. Why do the press ask sports peop­le about the injus­ti­ce in the world? when they vote for the poli­ti­ci­ans who are hap­py to sell bil­li­ons of pounds worth of wea­pons to SA? This world is full of hypo­cri­sy. We live in very sad times when you cant just be a sports person.

  38. You lea­ve the tour that brought you the fame that mean LIV want you on their tour, smacks of dis­re­spect, oh, and greed, yep, defi­ni­te­ly greed. Poul­ter I get, he’s a foot­no­te, but DJ and Phil? Why?

    1. Greed? how? Becau­se they got a bet­ter deal? That’s not greed. That’s good busi­ness prac­ti­ce. Also, LIV got some of the best ama­teurs. PGA won’t get any good talent com­ing up. This is why PGA is in full panic mode.

  39. Sure the PGA may pre­fer to be the only game in town but, given that won’t be the case, I don’t see why LIV should get to siphon off of the PGA’s popu­la­ri­ty. I belie­ve the­re should be a com­pe­ting league and part of that means that the com­pe­ting leagues should have play­ers uni­que to them. Other­wi­se, play­ers would play most­ly PGA events and that’s whe­re they would gene­ra­te their buzz and then LIV would just get to cash in by sni­ping a few choice wee­kends. Any­way, LIV has the resour­ces to crea­te a pro­duct as com­pel­ling as the PGA and I do look for­ward to see­ing that.

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