PGA-Tour-Legende Andy Bean über LIV Golf

PGA Tour Legende Andy Bean ueber LIV Golf andy bean

Der 11-mali­ge PGA-Tour-Sie­ger und 2‑maliges US-Ryder-Cup-Team­mit­glied Andy Bean nahm an der Fair­ways of Life-Show teil, und hier sind sei­ne Kom­men­ta­re, als er nach der Zukunft des Golf­sports gefragt wur­de, wobei die LIV-Serie Wel­len schlägt.

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33 thought on “PGA-Tour-Legende Andy Bean über LIV Golf”

    1. Well let’s think about this, with all the­se tours that he’s men­tio­ned, if they go under becau­se play­ers moved over. Do you real­ly think this LIV golf can have an unli­mi­ted ros­ter with gua­ran­te­ed payouts.

  1. Sure I like watching the PGA, but the PGA needs to grow up and act like a grownup. The­se play­ers who go to the Liv golf league gre­at for them and if they can more money good on them. The­se PGA whi­ners need to grow up too.

  2. The Sau­dis mur­de­red a jour­na­list? Mexi­co is rou­ti­nely named the most dan­ge­rous coun­try in the world for jour­na­lists, whe­re the government hires car­tel to kill jour­na­lists who defy the government. The PGA Tour alrea­dy had two tour­na­ments in Mexi­co this sea­son. Shall we do Chi­na next?

  3. All be it whe­ther you like it or not we are and are beco­m­ing a glo­bal com­mu­ni­ty eco­no­mi­c­al­ly, social and sports… take your pick

    1. the young have not had the time and expe­ri­ence to under­stand histo­ry and will the­re­fo­re applaud the cash… cash they them­sel­ves will never see. Social media is crea­ting short-cuts to thin­king and respect for the past… well, they just haven’t been taught that!

  4. Andy men­ti­ons the cha­ri­ties. My rule of thumb is that any time a lar­ge cor­po­ra­ti­on or orga­niz­a­ti­on gets invol­ved in a cha­ri­ty or some type of foun­da­ti­on it is for the pur­po­se of hiding and shif­ting money around for crea­ti­ve accoun­ting prac­ti­ces. The PGA is no excep­ti­on. It also shiel­ds the PGA from scru­ti­ny becau­se, after all, how dare you cri­ti­ci­ze a cha­ri­ty. Andy also men­ti­ons the vol­un­te­ers. This is just ano­t­her way for the PGA to not pay for labor in order to accu­mu­la­te even money at the top. From what I under­stand, the vol­un­te­ers even have to buy their uni­forms from the PGA. If that is true, it is tru­ly asto­un­ding and reve­aling about the shen­anigans that the PGA likes to pull out behind clo­sed doors. I real­ly would like to see the PGA open up the books so they can be secu­ri­ti­zed in detail.

    1. So cor­po­ra­tes are just play­ing finan­cial games and the­re is no genui­ne desi­re to make a dif­fe­rence in the world?

  5. All the­se “ legends “, play­ers and com­men­ta­tors have spent weeks com­p­lai­ning and cry­ing and whi­ning about the LIV Tour, why? It gives the appearan­ce that they’re sca­red and are try­ing ever­ything to keep play­ers from play­ing the­re, why?

    1. @TheBrindleBoxer your com­ment is full of hypo­cri­sy. It’s that men­ta­li­ty that’s causing this divi­si­on. I didn’t hear any com­p­laints when the Asi­an tour or the South Ame­ri­can tours star­ted. And don’t even men­ti­on cri­mes against huma­ni­ty becau­se every coun­try is guilty

  6. In my opi­ni­on the­se are sports­men and its no big deal whe­re they play,in the end it’s bet­ter for golf,no rea­son to bring poli­tics into this or whe­re the money is com­ing from,pga is acting like a litt­le spoi­led brat but they will come to terms with liv golf as more play­ers will switchover.

  7. Golf tours should be left to the play­ers and spon­sors, team golf eve­ta are good as long as they are sup­por­ted by gol­fers and their spon­sors, no one will ever have a mono­po­ly on human beha­vi­or, play­ers should go whe­re they choo­se and let the chips fall whe­re they fall. No bicke­ring, back­bi­t­ing crap.

  8. most peop­le on the pga are being paid to talk bad about LIV.….…everyone play­ing under LIV is being play­ed to play GOLF

  9. The Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal is a golf tour­na­ment held at Roy­al Greens Golf & Coun­try Club in King Abdul­lah Eco­no­mic City, Sau­di Ara­bia. The tit­le spon­sor of the tour­na­ment is PUBLIC INVESTMENT FUND, a Sau­di government sov­er­eign wealth fund.

    The spon­sor of the Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal tour­na­ment is the exact same one who spon­sors LIV Golf. I won­der if Jay’s bank account got a litt­le big­ger back around Febru­a­ry when he gran­ted PGA play­ers per­mis­si­on to play in the Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal tournament…hmmm.

    1. In the 1970’s and 1980’s Andy Bean was a very good PGA Tour play­er. He won mul­ti­ple times and was on the lea­der­boards regu­lar­ly. He was a very good player

  10. What is some­thing inte­res­ting. Why don’t you get an old guy on here that actual­ly agrees with the LIV to her. Becau­se all you’re doing here is showing old dogs are hard to teach new tricks to

  11. Easy for Andy to say now that he’s shoo­ting his tem­pe­ra­tu­re. If that foul mouth ass hat would have been offe­red one of tho­se 150 mil­li­on dol­lar deals back in the 80’s, he would have done it too. FAB and FMA and FTPGA

  12. Old whites gon­na old white. The­se are the gree­diest men in all of sports. Gol­fers play for the money. Always have and always will.

  13. Pro Golf is evolving…
    The PGA is a dino­saur league.
    They bet­ter adapt with more money for play­ers or it’s over for them.

  14. Why may they not grow their tour, Andy Bean? You are a hip­po­cra­te! The­re are not enough tour­na­ments to feed the mouths of all the pro gol­fers! Get a grip, man!

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