PGA Tour sperrt 17 Spieler wegen Teilnahme an von Saudi-Arabien unterstütztem LIV-Golf-Event

PGA Tour sperrt 17 Spieler wegen Teilnahme an von Saudi Arabien unterstuetztem LIV Golf Event liv golf

Die PGA Tour gab bekannt, dass sie min­des­tens 17 Spie­ler für die Teil­nah­me am von Sau­di-Ara­bi­en unter­stütz­ten LIV-Golf­tur­nier sus­pen­diert hat. Die Lis­te umfasst bemer­kens­wer­te Gol­fer wie Phil Mickel­son, Dus­tin John­son, Ser­gio Gar­cía und mehr. » NBC News abon­nie­ren: http://​nbc​news​.to/​S​u​b​s​c​r​i​b​e​T​o​NBC » Wei­te­re NBC-Vide­os anse­hen: http://​bit​.ly/​M​o​r​e​N​B​C​N​ews NBC News Digi­tal ist eine Samm­lung inno­va­ti­ver und leis­tungs­star­ker Nach­rich­ten­mar­ken, die über­zeu­gen­de, viel­fäl­ti­ge und anspre­chen­de Nach­rich­ten lie­fern Geschich­ten. NBC News Digi­tal bie­tet NBC​News​.com, MSNBC​.com, TODAY​.com, Night­ly News, Meet the Press, Dateli­ne und die bestehen­den Apps und digi­ta­len Erwei­te­run­gen die­ser jewei­li­gen Objek­te. Wir lie­fern das Bes­te an Eil­mel­dun­gen, Live-Videobe­richt­erstat­tung, Ori­gi­nal­jour­na­lis­mus und Aus­schnit­ten aus Ihren Lieb­lings-NBC-Nach­rich­ten­sen­dun­gen. Ver­bin­den Sie sich mit NBC News Online! NBC News App: https://​smart​.link/​5​d​0​c​d​9​d​f​6​1​b80 Brea­king News Alerts: https://​link​.nbc​news​.com/​j​o​i​n​/​5​c​j​/​b​r​e​a​k​i​n​g​-​n​e​w​s​-​s​i​g​n​u​p​?​c​i​d​=​s​m​_​n​p​d​_​n​n​_​y​t​_​b​n​-​c​l​i​p​_​1​9​0​621 Besu­chen Sie NBC​News​.Com: http:/ / Fin­den Sie NBC-Nach­rich­ten auf Face­book: http://​nbc​news​.to/​L​i​k​e​NBC Fol­gen Sie NBC-Nach­rich­ten auf Twit­ter: http://​nbc​news​.to/​F​o​l​l​o​w​NBC #NBC­News #PGA #Golf

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100 thought on “PGA Tour sperrt 17 Spieler wegen Teilnahme an von Saudi-Arabien unterstütztem LIV-Golf-Event”

  1. Ben­di­cio­nes her­mo­sa Celi­na que Dios te cui­der don­de quie­ra que vom​.mons​ter encan­tan tus videos.

    1. Remin­ded me. How many slaves died buil­ding Ame­ri­ca? How many Nati­ve Ame­ri­cans were kil­led making room for Ame­ri­ca? Talk about blood money!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. WTH?? Talk about trai­tors to their own coun­try!! An Ame­ri­can jour­na­list was DISMEMBERED by Sau­di!! I can­not belie­ve what peop­le do to line their own pockets! Won­der if they’ll take their fami­lies the­re too? Dis­mem­ber­ment must not bother them whatsoever! Black­list Them!!

    1. @Gale Mar­tin As I said. They are who they are. I never said they would­n’t get paid. I actual­ly could care less if they do or don’t. I said exact­ly what I meant. Thanks tho!

  3. Phil Mick­le­son Dus­tin John­son TRAITORS!! That’s just sick!! OMGawd! Anything for $$$. No Morals! Hope dis­mem­ber­ment isn’t in your future when you don’t do some­thing Sau­di prince wants!! F U Peop­le! You laugh at Putin! TRAITORS!!!

  4. Oppor­tu­ni­ty that gives him the most balan­ce? Why not tell the truth, Phil, and say it give you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to win the most money to pay off your gamb­ling debts. Sca­ry MFers + gree­dy MFers = LIV. Way to sell your souls.

    1. @G III Who said anything about human rights? My pro­blem is with Phil try­ing to jus­ti­fy his actions by say­ing it’s for this rea­son or that rea­son when the ONLY rea­son he, or any of them, is doing it is becau­se they’­re get­ting rich.

    2. @patron40silver So tell my why the PGA Tour play­ers play? They all play for as much money as they can make. So what about Phils gamb­ling debts. Woods did far worse per­so­nal­ly and that was­n’t any of the public’s or media’s pro­blem. Gamb­ling is a per­so­nal pro­blem. Phil does­n’t have to jus­ti­fy to you or the media what he does with his money. The PGA Tour play­ers sold their soul to Chi­na the minu­te the tur­ned pro and tee’d it up.

    3. @G III How much money do you need? What’s next? If the KKK starts a league and pays cra­zy amounts of money, you’­re ok with play­ers going to play for that? Tigers pro­blems weren’t a pro­blem? I think a lot of stuff should have hap­pen­ed to him legal­ly. He should have been drug tes­ted after all of his “acci­dents”. Phil, and all the­se other guys, are making up rea­sons to play in that other league. You’­re right. He does­n’t have to jus­ti­fy it to me, or anyo­ne else, but why not just be truth­ful and say they offe­red me more money? Is that too much to ask? Sounds like it is, to you.

    1. @Maxx
      The­re are 32 golf cour­ses in Russia.
      The­re are 9473 golf cour­ses in the U.S.
      Ques­ti­on is, does the average Rus­si­an pro­le­ta­ri­at have any chan­ce of play­ing golf much less afford a set of clubs?

    2. @joan marie chris­ten­sen lis­ten I’m done all I’m try­ing to express is vio­lence is vio­lence and we have no right to be jud­ging any­bo­dy they’­re adults they can do what they want golf is not­hing but a pri­vi­le­ged sport anyways

  5. Well … The US of A did attack Iraq, Viet­nam and a long list of inno­cent coun­tries around the world. spa­re us the ethics & values HOT BS.

  6. So ‚.is this thee big Jared kush kush Sau­di deal? I mean I hear his father in lard has an itch for play with balls and he likes golf

  7. Balan­cing one’s honor bet­ween sel­ling one’s soul to reha­bi­li­ta­te a human rights mur­de­rer and pre­ten­ding not to be a mons­ter also.

  8. They play for money.. PGA is woke and weak vir­tue signal­ling now. PGA makes money from Chi­na. Chi­na has as bad a human rights record as any country.🤔

  9. Ange­la Mar­kel has been accu­sed of lea­ving Ger­ma­ny vul­nerable by pur­suing bus­si­ness-led rela­ti­ons with Russia!

  10. Germany’s histo­ry of friend­ly rela­ti­ons with Putin and the track record of eco­no­mic ties bet­ween Rus­sia and Germany!

  11. Spec­ta­tor Aus­tra­lia said:
    It May Seem Sur­pri­sing That Modern Ger­ma­ny Has Not Been More Astu­te In Its Respon­se To Putin’s Bru­tal Inva­si­on Of Ukraine!

  12. Ever­yo­ne was behind Eile­en Gu when she com­pe­ted for the won­der­ful human rights coun­try of Chi­na, for a but­t­load of $$.. 🤷‍♂️

  13. The PGA is going to get sued by the play­ers and agents for restric­ting tra­de. Pro play­ers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors, not employees. If the PGA per­sists, the play­ers will also sue for back pay, sin­ce the PGA is trea­ting them like employees. They’­re owned pay sin­ce they joi­ned the league. Appar­ent­ly, no one was com­p­lai­ning about human rights vio­la­ti­ons while Biden is buy­ing oil from Sau­di Ara­bia ins­tead of dril­ling in the US. Selec­ti­ve moral outra­ge is the pin­na­cle of self righ­te­ous hypocrisy.

  14. Friends! On May 7, 2022 at 15.00 GMT, an inter­na­tio­nal forum was held on the plat­form of the Inter­na­tio­nal Social Pro­ject Crea­ti­ve Socie­ty. Glo­bal cri­sis We are PEOPLE WE WANT TO LIVE. Vol­un­te­ers and sci­en­tists from 180 coun­tries par­ti­ci­pa­ted in it, it was trans­la­ted into 100 lan­guages, this is a very important forum for all peop­le on the pla­net and ever­yo­ne should watch it!!! Tog­e­ther we are a huge for­ce!❗️

  15. The­se adults can do wha­te­ver they want in life! 

    Just don’t call us from jail and ask Ame­ri­can tax­payers to bail you out of a for­eign country…

  16. You peop­le sound cra­zy having loyal­ty to a league for no rea­son. Morals? You do rea­li­ze that the PGA is based in the United Sta­tes, right? The coun­try that admits to civi­li­an dro­ne strikes on a year­ly basis. The kings of the sanc­tions that leads to the suf­fe­ring of mil­li­ons who can’t get access to life saving meds.

  17. Com­mu­nist only go whe­re the money is at.boycott the­se com­mu­nist gol­fers! All white men? Huh inte­res­ting! Why do I think trump had some­thing to do with it? He does love golf, that’s his only love.

  18. Not­hing wrong with going after the most money. Why not get a $100 mil­li­on for being medi­o­c­re? With working peop­le now struggling to pay a mor­tga­ge, buy food and gas, the rea­liz­a­ti­on will come that it’s a was­te of time to spend hours watching most­ly infe­ri­or, unmo­ti­va­ted, uncom­mit­ted, mani­pu­la­ted pro sports efforts. You just can’t rela­te to the­se “ath­le­tes” anymore.

  19. Who are we to be jud­ging any­bo­dy right now Ame­ri­ca has­n’t been the best examp­le, he who thinks they’­re so per­fect can cast the first stone

  20. I see both sides. PGA is a mono­po­ly and LIV is backed by sket­chy peop­le. They’re both wrong and the gol­fers have to choose.

  21. I’m sur­pri­sed the player’s wives are not spea­king out. The Saudi’s tre­at women like trash. You’­re dou­ble screwed if you’­re a fema­le journalist.

  22. How do you sus­pend play­ers that have alrea­dy RESIGNED?!? It would be like try­ing to remo­ve a Pre­si­dent that is no lon­ger in office! Lib­tar­dia is crumb­ling and the PEOPLE see right thru it!

  23. Wow. That’s cra­zy. It’s big busi­ness. The­re are tens of thousands of Tit­leist golf balls in the air right now.

  24. The­se are Sup­po­sed to be Ame­ri­cans, yet they Take Money from Mur­de­rers! That so cal­led Prince refu­ses to help the US with cru­de but pro­ves to Ame­ri­ca that WE CAN BE BOUGHT for the right Pri­ce!!! Kick them ALL off the Tour, N!!!O!!!!W!!!!

  25. here is my take on this (in parts) if the PGA was just brea­king even I would say yes the pur­se they offer is in line with what they can afford. But that is not the case, the fat cats at the PGA gau­ges ever­yo­ne for every dime, sel­ling you a wate­red down beer for 20$Tryinh to own the gol­fers like if they were pup­pets at their commands.
    The PGA also allows other tour­na­ments to be play­ed by the gol­fers without pen­al­ties becau­se the pur­ses are lower and not threatening.
    Tell me that the USA is not a major human rights vio­la­tors over the world and we can talk about KSA record. Also brin­ging inter­na­tio­nal values to KSA can only help put pres­su­re on them to learn a dif­fe­rent way then human rights abuse.
    The PGA is wrong and gree­dy and hope­ful­ly LIV will bring them back to earth or the PGA will fail.

  26. Dear White Chris­ti­an con­ser­va­ti­ve Boo­mers. Gen X and Mill­en­ni­als just told you to kiss their boo­ty!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥴🥴 I’m going to get PAID!!!#😂😂😂

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