PGA Tour-Spieler reagieren auf LIV Golf-Spieler, die eine Kartellklage einreichen | Golf heute | Golfkanal

PGA Tour Spieler reagieren auf LIV Golf Spieler die eine Kartellklage einreichen Golf heute Golfkanal billy horschel

Kira K. Dixon spricht mit JT Pos­ton, Will Zala­to­ris, Kevin Kis­ner und Bil­ly Hor­schel, um ihre Mei­nung zu der Kar­tell­kla­ge zu erfah­ren, die Spie­ler von LIV Golf gegen die PGA Tour ein­rei­chen. #Golf­Chan­nel #Golf­Today #PGA­Tour #LIV­Golf » Golf Chan­nel abon­nie­ren: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 » Für die neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten rund um Golf: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Mit­be­grün­der von Arnold Pal­mer und Joe Gibbs am 17. Janu­ar 1995, wur­de Golf Chan­nel 2011 Teil der NBC Sports Group und – mit dem wohl­ha­bends­ten Publi­kum im gesam­ten Fern­se­hen – steht es nun fast 500 Mil­lio­nen Zuschau­ern in fast 80 Län­dern und neun Spra­chen zur Ver­fü­gung auf der gan­zen Welt. Golf Chan­nel ver­bin­det die Welt mit Golf durch eine brei­te Palet­te von digi­ta­len und Life­style-Ange­bo­ten, dar­un­ter Golf Chan­nel Mobi­le, eine umfas­sen­de App mit den neu­es­ten Schlag­zei­len, Ergeb­nis­sen und Ana­ly­sen des Golf­sports; Golf­Now, die welt­weit größ­te Online-Start­zeit-Buchungs­platt­form und Golf­platz-Tech­no­lo­gie­part­ner, die die Golf­Now Mobi­le App mit GPS-Tracking auf dem Platz, In-Round-Sco­ring und Spiel-Tracking umfasst; Revo­lu­ti­on Golf, die größ­te digi­ta­le Direkt­ver­triebs­platt­form im Golf­sport; Golf​Ad​vi​sor​.com, die welt­weit größ­te Res­sour­ce für Golf­platz­be­wer­tun­gen und Rezen­sio­nen von Gol­fern; ein nord­ame­ri­ka­ni­sches Netz­werk von Lehr­ein­rich­tun­gen der Golf Chan­nel Aca­de­my; Golf Chan­nel Am Tour, die welt­weit größ­te Ama­teur-Golf­tour; und als offi­zi­el­ler Medi­en­part­ner von St. Andrews Links, dem Home of Golf. Besu­chen Sie Golf Chan­nel: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Fin­den Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​C​h​a​n​n​el/ Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​nel Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​el/ PGA Tour-Spie­ler reagie­ren auf LIV Golf-Spie­ler, die Kar­tell­kla­ge ein­rei­chen | Golf heu­te | Golf­ka­nal https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1

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361 thought on “PGA Tour-Spieler reagieren auf LIV Golf-Spieler, die eine Kartellklage einreichen | Golf heute | Golfkanal”

  1. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusam­men die Num­mern 10 und 1. Eine empru​.ONLINE Brü­net­te und eine andereu Blon­di­ne. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wäh­len würde

  2. Why are pga tour play­ers allo­wed to play the Euro­pean tour, “dou­ble dipping” pga tour and Euro­pean tour, and that’s not pos­si­ble with LIV, that’s clear­ly anti­trust conduct…

    1. If the­re is ano­t­her tour­na­ment that is direct­ly oppo­si­te a PGA Tour event, a play­er must ASK FOR AND RECEIVE a clearan­ce by the PGA Tour to play in that tour­na­ment. Play­ers are allo­wed to do that for up to three events and they must play a mini­mum of 15 events to main­tain their PGA Tour card. DP world tour mem­bers rules are different

    2. Becau­se you have to be invi­ted to LIV. It’s not a real tour, and you know this. If LIV wants to pay FIn­au $10k as a signing bonus and pay Rory $200M, they can, and Fin­au can be the bet­ter play­er. That’s not com­pe­ti­ti­on. But that’s LIV.

  3. Spea­king of Dou­ble-dipping, com­pe­ti­ti­on, and Sau­di Ara­bia… did­n’t our boy Colin Mori­ka­wa win the race to DUBAI last year par­ti­ci­pa­ting on ano­t­her tour?? hmm.

    1. @Yami and you don’t need to read them. I worked in Sau­di and was appal­led at the hor­ri­fic way they tre­at peop­le. Kas­hog­gi inci­dent was a small part of the hor­rors that régime is respon­si­ble for. They now want to buy their way to respec­ta­bi­li­ty, so yes I will speak against them and no, you don’t have to read them. Go away litt­le boy.

  4. Will Z said it best.
    Love what K Kis­ner said: They did like some­thing about the PGA tour and join LIV, now they’­re figh­tin to get back in. They wan­na play less and now figh­t­ing to play more.

  5. We knew that Phil and a few of the sus­pen­ded play­ers would sue. Always part of Greg’s mas­ter plan. Phil had pre­vious­ly sta­ted that he was inten­ding to use the Saudi’s and LIV for leverage against the PGA. Pres­um­a­b­ly the PGA Tour has their ship in order and have anti­ci­pa­ted this. One thing for sure, assuming Phil won the right to play on the PGA Tour some how, he will be rip­ped mer­ci­less­ly. Greg paid Phil in lar­ge part becau­se he thought Phil would recruit lots of other play­ers. But how long was Phil taking money to recruit and pro­mo­te for LIV befo­re it was reve­a­led he was under con­tract? Was he doing that recrui­t­ing on the sly while alrea­dy under con­tract? If he was that was pret­ty devious. It would come as no sur­pri­se con­si­de­ring who his boss is.

    1. @DanielSong39 Of cour­se we have heard Nor­man threa­tening to sue the PGA repeated­ly for mon­ths. And nume­rous LIVers have said that LIV intends to crush the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour is a ful­ly audi­ted non-pro­fit cor­po­ra­ti­on. It could never com­pe­te finan­cial­ly with the natio­nal tre­a­su­ry of a rich coun­try. Is that what you call fair competition?

  6. Bed­mins­ter was not­hing but a sad dis­play of right wing poli­tics and anti ame­ri­can sen­ti­ment. Not to men­ti­on the scat­te­ring of fans, all Trumpers. They should­n’t be allo­wed to play on Ame­ri­can soil. Sor­ry, that’s just my opi­ni­on. The­re are so many peop­le in this coun­try who are living the dream and it’s just not frea­king good enough for them. Hope they get a life­time ban from the imper­fect PGA.

  7. One argu­ment I would make is that, then, LIV has to pay ANY PGA TOUR PLAYER that goes over the­re the average of their ran­king in the world. So if C.Smith goes over to LIV, he gets $200M, and Rory too, and Fin­au $100M…all of them can go, Every sin­gle PGA TOUR PLAYER signs with LIV, and they ALL GET TO PLAY IN THE PLAYOFFS WITH THE PGA, and ever­ything goes back to nor­mal next year. But LIV must give a con­tract to every sin­gle PGA and DP TOUR mem­ber. Does LIV have 20–40 Bil­li­on to spread around every year? Play 7–8 LIV tour events, shoot 78 like Phil. Move on to next year, and ever­y­bo­dy wins. I real­ly think PGA Tour play­ers need to fight fire with fire.

  8. There’s an old say­ing that some peop­le are born on third base and think they hit a trip­le. That’s who Greg Nor­man and the bone­saw tour are.

    1. @Michael Myers you are cor­rect that he play­ed the­re and pro­bab­ly got appearan­ce money, but it was an Asi­an tour event, not a Bone­saw exhibition.

    2. @Buddy Max­well The Euro women just had a tour­na­ment in Sau­di Ara­bia 3 mon­ths ago. Spon­so­red by.….Saudi Aram­co (owned by the Sau­di Roy­al Fami­ly). Same source of LIV. Whe­re was the “bone saw” chat­ter then????

  9. Pga is a ter­ro­rist organisation.

    They need to embrace free markets.

    Fun­ny how Pga incre­a­sed pur­ses liter­al­ly after liv was intro­du­ced. What does that tell you about the pga.

    Surely the pga and R&A will look at this sensibly.

    If the pga aren’t care­ful they could end up being owned by liv.

    1. @Safetyman99 I have not pro­ved anything you are say­ing, I’ve pro­ved you had a non­sen­se argument.
      And so what if they go back on what they said about wan­ting more time with their fami­lies? Real­ly, so what? They said some­thing they did­n’t qui­te think through, you’­ve done that ump­teen times on this sub­ject. That in no way means the PGAT can ban play­ers who ear­ned their card or life­time card like Phil.
      And 29 events, which will inclu­de the majors as they count on the PGAT means the play­ers play once every two weeks. For most play­ers this is still less than what they were.

    2. @Minesh Jogia No mat­ter how you try to spin it, the LIV play­ers were disin­ge­nuous in their rea­sons for lea­ving. If the LIV tour is soooo gre­at, why do they now want to come back? They made a choice, and now they don’t want to admit they made a mistake.

    3. @Safetyman99 Again, peop­le can have any rea­son they want to, and that rea­son can chan­ge over time. Eit­her way, your ori­gi­nal bs, was bs. So now all you’­ve got is, wah wah wah, the play­ers said they wan­ted more time, now they want to play more golf. So god damn what. One thing they got wrong or were hypo­cri­ti­cal on. How many god damn things have the PGAT and yourself been wrong on or hypo­co­ris­ti­cal about the­se last few mon­ths?. And huge hypo­cri­tes at that. Does­n’t chan­ge they are IC’s and can work for anyo­ne and mul­ti­ple tours as long as they meet requi­re­ments. And it does­n’t chan­ge the fact the PGAT did this to other tours and now that it is hap­pe­ning to them, they want to chan­ge defi­ni­ti­ons and add rules and ban play­ers and be all pro­tec­tio­n­ist. While they left other tours pret­ty much empty husks.

    4. @Safetyman99 I think there’s a con­tra­dic­tion in your argu­ment. Let’s lea­ve asi­de the Majors. Seems to me, pure­ly as a golf mat­ter, some LIV play­ers are aging and past their peak and some are still very com­pe­ti­ti­ve. Some among the best in the game. Sup­po­sed­ly LIV is also inte­res­ted in allowing youn­ger play­ers to qua­li­fy from around the world. Who knows how good they’ll be. If the play­ers still in their prime are ban­ned from the PGA Tour, all that stuff about the stron­gest field is non­sen­se. That’s lea­ving asi­de the mar­quee value of some of the play­ers. Sup­po­sed­ly, choice rules in our socie­ty. If the play­ers want choice and oppor­tu­ni­ty, and Major win­ners have defi­ni­te­ly ear­ned it, then the hypo­cri­sy is at least on both sides. And if the PGA Tour vio­la­ted the law, they can obey it or move to some other coun­try. To me, the PGA Tour sounds like a bunch of pri­vi­le­ged babies. It’s worth remem­be­ring that Tiger was­n’t trea­ted equal­ly. They chan­ged the rules when tho­se guy in Ari­zo­na moved a bol­der for him, and he should have been DQed at the Mas­ters when he repla­ced the ball in the wrong spot. The essence of golf is two­fold. It’s the people’s game. No one owns it. And it’s fair, even when it isn’t. We play it as it lies and some­ti­mes get the wrong side of the rub of the green. And two of the Majors are Open Championships.

    5. @Safetyman99 I’m a litt­le bit con­fu­sed. It says 11 LIV play­ers have filed suits. Not sure who the 11 play­ers are but you keep say­ing LIV play­ers wan­ted to play less events like it was all of them. 11 out of 48 isn’t that many in my opi­ni­on. I’d wager that the 11 play­ers are the ones who did­n’t want to play less but want to play whe­re they want. Like Phil who has a life­time mem­bers­hip with the PGA.

  10. The­se LIV play­ers are an abso­lu­te dis­grace. By all means try and earn more money, not­hing wrong with that, but you have to abi­de by the rules of a tour if you want to play on that tour, just as you do in any sport. You can’t lea­ve the PGA for LIV, and then just expect to cher­ry­pick a few tour­na­ments you like on the PGA tour without fol­lowing the rules. You are not abo­ve the rules just becau­se you don’t agree with them. Who do the­se nut­job play­ers think they are ??.…They made their beds, they can lay in them. If i was the PGA com­mis­sio­ner, they would NEVER play on the PGA tour again. They are total­ly try­ing to under­mi­ne, and dis­re­spect, the play­ers com­mit­ted to the PGA tour. I find them disgusting.

  11. Dude, the­re is no dou­ble dip. Tell joke here, get paid. Tell joke the­re, get paid. Play golf here, get paid. Play golf the­re, get paid. End of convo!

    1. @Robert Zieg­ler Not hea­ted at all. Just tired of the­se clowns not say­ing that they sold out and got rich from being a pro gol­fer. Why is that so hard to admit?

    2. @Robert Zieg­ler Its not tru­ly com­pe­ti­ti­on if I make 100’s of mil­li­ons of dol­lars befo­re i ever tee it up and if I shoot 87, 85, 83 i still pocket a hund­red thousand plus.

    3. @greg riz­zo that we can agree on. I hope the draw of tra­di­ti­on plays into it and the two pro­mo­ti­ons find a ways to co-exist.

    4. I’m not 100% sure but did­n’t Colin Mori­ka­wa win the DP World Tour fina­le a year or two ago. I belie­ve he qua­li­fied by only play­ing in like a cou­p­le of their events and ear­ned points from his finis­hes in majors to qua­li­fy. Kind of makes the dou­ble dipping point moot.

  12. Guys it’s about free­dom, not about dou­ble dipping. PGA if it goes to tri­al is going to lose. You can’t chan­ge the rules when you don’t like what your sup­po­sed­ly pri­va­te con­trac­tors do. 

    LIV is going to Win, Pro Golf is going to win out when it’s all said and done.

    1. Is the PGA tour legal­ly bound to allow peop­le play in events? Aren’t they a pri­va­te enti­ty who can choo­se who they allow to play in which events? If I’m wrong, let me know, but that was my under­stan­ding… I play on an ama­teur tour, and I belie­ve anyo­ne can be remo­ved from the tour at any time at the tour’s dis­cre­ti­on, but not sure this works the same way

    2. Sure do hear “independent/private con­trac­tors “ term get thrown around a lot. Bran­don Mat­thews is also a inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor. Should he sue to play on the PGA? Oh wait he’s on the Korn Fer­ry Tour. Just like Dill Pick­le­son is on the LIV tour now.

  13. I think it shows LIV’s clown car approach to golf does­n’t feel satisfy­ing to top play­ers. They may pre­tend that they like the bla­ring music (which dro­nes on even while they’­re play­ing shots), the jugg­lers, and boun­cy houses but I think play­ers like DeCh­am­beau, DJ, Koep­ka and Gooch pro­bab­ly miss not being taken serious­ly as ath­le­tes any­mo­re. That car­ni­val atmo­s­phe­re has to gra­te on their ner­ves, espe­cial­ly play­ers like Koep­ka and John­son who never real­ly lik­ed inter­ac­ting with fans in the first place.

    1. That’s a gre­at sum­ma­ry of how they feel. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly we all sacri­fice in our lives when someo­ne throws mas­si­ve money at us, and this is a clas­sic example.

    1. There’s a part of me that feels the same way, but I think I’d rather see an over­haul to the PGA Tour ins­tead. I think if both tours coexist, they would be pushing each other to make a bet­ter pro­duct for the fans. The PGA tour has had amp­le oppor­tu­ni­ty to inno­va­te in the last several years but they did­n’t. They would­n’t even take a mee­ting with the PGL back in the day. Now their hand is being forced.

  14. Bil­ly Hors­e­face is just upset he was­n’t offe­red any money to play LIV. Why would the rest of the poor pga play­ers be upset. Most of them could have made the jump. They cho­se not to go. 

    They’­re figh­t­ing for their live­li­hood. Becau­se of the pga, They are struggling for their livelihood. 

    LIV golf gives them the free­dom to be just what the pga says they are. Inde­pen­dent contractors. 

    Grow a set boys and see the PGA and jay m for what they are. 

    A road block for your suc­cess and your career.

    1. must be fun play­ing in front of a 1,000 peop­le. The­se guys are not qui­te the draw they think they were. By the way Hor­schel is pret­ty good loo­king. i would like to see your face.

    2. @Michael Fong Um there’s a rea­son for that and it’s also descri­bed in the lawsuit
      LIV could not secu­re sup­plies and equip­ment from 3rd par­ty ven­dors due to PGA Tour interference

  15. The PGA guys r dumb af, it’s almost laug­ha­ble. The LIV guys filed an Anti­trust lawsu­it on good grounds and they have a very winn­ab­le case. Idk what it has to do with “loyal­ty”… more so wrong­ful ter­mi­na­ti­on. Idk how being loy­al to ur new job means u can­not sue ur old one for shady shit.

    1. I think some peop­le that are upset don’t think of it like jobs. As for an a ana­lo­gy, if one of your parent rai­sed you for over a deca­de and made you who you are and you deci­de to sud­den­ly aban­don them and go with your other parent (who you don’t know anything about) except they can offer you riches. Which is your decisi­on but then you deci­de to sue the parent that rai­sed you becau­se they got mad and deci­de to cut ties with you. Would you still feel the way you do?

    2. @Luan Ly ins­tead of an ana­lo­gy look at rea­li­ty: they are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors who essen­ti­al­ly are get­ting a lump sum appearan­ce fee to play on tour­na­ments not on the pga or DP world tour? What is the issue with that?

    3. @Big Boy Pants Golf From a busi­ness point of view, there’s not­hing wrong with that. But from a moral point of view for some peop­le, greed is bad and loyal­ty mat­ter for some peop­le abo­ve all else. It’s not like the­se guys don’t make enough money already.

    4. @Luan Ly That’s a mis­con­cep­ti­on: go watch the Rich Eisen video hyp­ing up a Brooks Koepka’s repla­ce­ment for the Tra­vel­lers (“Homeless Hubbs”). PGA tre­ats this guy like lef­tover tuna. Also: do you con­si­der anyo­ne who chan­ges jobs to be betray­ing their for­mer company?

  16. lol man, The­se guys need someo­ne to help them deve­lop some per­so­na­li­ty, lol I fell asleep twice try­ing to get past JT talking 😂😂

  17. Dou­ble Dip? what’s it cal­led when Rory McIl­roy plays in a PGA Tour one week and then goes and plays in a Euro­pean Tour Event? i belie­ve he was gran­ted the right to play, yet play­ers weren’t given the same right to play in a LIV Event…sounds like the PGA Tour is not being con­sis­tent and discri­mi­na­ting as well.

    1. @Steve Win­ter tell me, how did they bring down buil­ding 7? It was 740 ft steel rein­for­ced con­cre­te buil­ding that col­lap­sed in its own foot­print in less than 8 seconds. Did the Sau­di ver­si­on of Won­der Woman fly her invi­si­ble pla­ne into it? Your under­stan­ding of the events is juve­ni­le and simplistic.

    2. @Just won­de­ring now buil­ding 7 was interesting..I always thought that was fishy. I agree with your the­re. Some­thing never sat right with me on that one.

    3. That long stan­ding agree­ment was basi­cal­ly to let PGA tour play­ers com­pe­te in events on the Euro­pean (now DP World Tour) at the expen­se of regu­lar DP World tour play­ers. As a bonus the PGA Tour was very hap­py to have the best of Euro­pe beco­me mem­bers of the PGA tour and then limit their relea­ses to play in Euro­pe to 3 per year.The co-sanc­tio­n­ing of events com­men­ced this year. No long, rich histo­ry of part­ners­hip or col­la­bo­ra­ti­on as you suggest.

  18. will zala­to­ris said it the best imo. yes they are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors, but if they joi­ned LIV des­troy­ing every aspect of PGA tour knowing the con­se­quen­ces of joi­ning the rival tour should not be let to play in PGA tour

    1. DP is a tour­na­ment under the PGA Euro­pean Tour. Asia Tour is part of the Japan tour, which is reco­gni­zed under the Inter­na­tio­nal Fede­ra­ti­on of PGA Tours, which the PGA Tour and PGA Euro­pean Tour are all part off. As you can see, they are all one big fami­ly. LIV is not part of the Inter­na­tio­nal Fede­ra­ti­on of PGA Tours and is a direct com­pe­ti­tor of the PGA Tour. Plus, neit­her of tho­se Tours are paying the­se gol­fers mil­li­ons upfront to golf for them.

    2. @Mugshot Mar­ley well put! That’s what A LOT of the LIV sup­por­ters do not get. You can’t work at one place and have the same exact job at a rival com­pa­ny. It’s cal­led a con­flict of interest.

  19. Hey Phil and the rest of you fel­low blood bro­thers. How is it play­ing in front of 1,000 peop­le? Kin­da sucks. We don’t miss you .

    1. @Michael Myers How many atten­ded Bed­misns­ter and how many wat­ched on you­tube?. The same 60,000 has been at every Liv event. It has not grown a bit. Do you think it was good to have a poli­ti­cal ral­ly ate Bed­mins­ter?? was it okay to say FU to Biden at the event? This is far from being some­thing many peop­le will want to watch.

    2. @Michael Myers How come the LIV tour has not grown at all sin­ce its incep­ti­on. How come only ‘1,000 peop­le atten­ded even though it sold tickets for a $1.00. Ans­wer me tho­se questions?

    3. @Michael Fong You’­re try­ing to com­pa­re a tour thats been around 100 years to one that has been around 3 weeks. Sit down clown.

  20. I have wat­ched the PGA my who­le life, I wat­ched LIV last wee­kend and I lik­ed it. I enjoy­ed the team aspect and the shot­gun start. The guys see­med rela­xed and hap­py. The PGA is a mono­po­ly and I lik­ed having a choice. Go LIV golf.

    1. Most peop­le watch sports for the com­pe­ti­ti­on. Who are the most respec­ted athlete’s of the last 30 years. Tiger, MJ and Bra­dy. In any game were the “play­ers” just having fun or was it almost hand to hand com­bat. Peop­le watch sports to see the play­er tes­ted to his core. That is why we love MJ, Tiger and Bra­dy.. They exce­led when the sta­kes were the hig­hest. Honest­ly, did you ever play sports?

    2. I enjoy choice and chan­ge and pushing the enve­lo­pe and I have play­ed sports all my life and I am pro­bab­ly sure I have par­ti­ci­pa­ted in many many more “shot­gun” starts than years you have been on the pla­net. I’m 63 yrs old.

    3. @Skitzrv So I’m 70 and play­ed bas­ket­ball into my for­ties as well as all the other sports. Would you chan­ge base­ball to 7 innings or foot­ball to 40 minu­tes and the NBA to 32 minutes. 

      The for­mat of win­ning a com­pe­ti­ti­on was estab­lis­hed many years ago. 9 innings was estab­lis­hed in 1857. The NBA and foot­ball set 48 minu­tes and 60 minu­tes at it incep­ti­on and 72 holes was set over a 100 years ago. Think about the Met’s in ’86 and they were down to their final out and final strike 27 times in that inning and yet they won. Nor­man shank­ed his iron in ’86 against Jack and com­ple­te­ly fold­ed against Fal­do.. That is why it is 72 holes. How many foot­ball games come down to the last seconds and the same can be said about Bball.
      For some odd rea­son 72 holes taxes the player. 

      If you real­ly wan­ted to com­p­lain about a mono­po­ly then you would sin­gle out the NFL. Who bene­fits from a sala­ry cap, fran­chise tag and a “roo­kie salary”. 

      Did you com­p­lain when the Cubs sent Kris Bryant down for a mon­th to hold his sala­ry down?

      I bet you never com­p­lain about the sala­ry cap.

    4. @Michael Fong You make almost zero sen­se with your com­ment. All of tho­se sports have chan­ged drasti­cal­ly over the years. Agreed that some things have remai­ned but all of tho­se sports have chan­ged a lot. Thing is that chan­ge is ine­vi­ta­ble. The only thing that remains is the core of the sport. For golf it has always been the per­son that wins is the one that has the fewest strokes or most holes won in match play.

  21. This says a lot about the­se PGA tour play­ers. First of all ple­nty of guys play mul­ti­ple tours the Euro­pean tour and the PGA tour, in Cana­da, Aus­tra­lia, Asia guys play all over the place. This is just ano­t­her tour. But it’s inte­res­ting and very tel­ling how all the­se guys befo­re this hap­pen­ed we’re ena­mo­red by all the­se play­ers and now they’re thro­wing them under the bus. Tells you the real cha­rac­ter of the­se guys, no loyal­ty whatsoever no friendship no cama­ra­de­rie not­hing and just becau­se a guy got an offer to make more money on ano­t­her tour; des­pi­ca­ble how the­se PGA tours are tal­king real­ly speaks to their character

  22. This says a lot about the­se PGA tour play­ers. First of all ple­nty of guys play mul­ti­ple tours the Euro­pean tour and the PGA tour, in Cana­da, Aus­tra­lia, Asia, guys play all over the place. This is just ano­t­her tour. But it’s inte­res­ting and very tel­ling how all the­se guys befo­re this hap­pen­ed we’re ena­mo­red by all the­se play­ers and now they’re thro­wing them under the bus. Shows you the real cha­rac­ter of the­se guys; no loyal­ty whatsoever, no friendship, no cama­ra­de­rie, not­hing and just becau­se a guy got an offer to make more money on ano­t­her tour, des­pi­ca­ble how the­se PGA tour play­ers are tal­king, it real­ly speaks to their character.

  23. It shouldn’t be frus­tra­ting to anyo­ne, just allow the anti­trust suit to work through the sys­tem and see what comes out the other side. I think Bil­ly has some solid points, but as a play­er you aren’t requi­red to have a visi­on for the PGA tour or any tour for that mat­ter, you have to meet the sti­pu­la­ti­ons of the con­tract you signs, if the play­ers are taking advan­ta­ge of a per­cei­ved loo­p­ho­le in tho­se con­tracts, then so be it.

  24. If they win I would dis­sol­ve the tour and reform it under new rules. I would never let them play on tour again. Burn it to the ground and start over befo­re I let them win

  25. LIV is smo­king the PGA Tour on every front and this is just pri­celess. The­re are dozens of tours and play­ers move bet­ween them at will. LIV was desi­gned to coexist with all the tours but Jay M., the most incom­pe­tent mana­ger in human histo­ry could not see that. Soon the LIV play­ers will be com­pe­ting against Rahm and Tiger except the LIV play­ers will have an extra $50M in their pocket. THAT will be the only dif­fe­rence. Fun to watch true com­pe­ti­ti­ve cham­pions like Phil and Greg vs. Dumb Bureau­crats like Jay M.

    1. Smo­king the tour? What are you smo­king? Phil and Greg are 2 of the gree­diest indi­vi­du­als to ever walk the pla­net. Its a cash grab for them and has very litt­le to do with com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf. All the best gol­fers in the world play on the PGA tour and will con­ti­nue to do so. Go ahead and watch the LIV exi­bi­ti­ons, but the­re is no chan­ce any of the tru­ly gre­at talents in the game sell out and join this farce.

  26. PGA tour mem­bers have it wrong. They went to LIV wan­ting to still play on PGA Tour.…the PGA Tour ins­tead sus­pen­ded and fined them. Get the facts cor­rect. The cur­rent LIV play­ers wan­ted to play both tours from the beginning.

    1. Most of them said they wan­ted to play less and earn more. Spend more time with the fami­ly, yada yada. In order to keep your mas­si­ve LIV up front bri­be you WILL be play­ing all 14 events next sea­son. If you want to keep your tour card every year you HAVE to play 15 events annu­al­ly. Thats 29 events you are now requi­red to play. How is that play­ing less golf for most of the­se top play­ers that rare­ly play 20 events?

    2. Then way are the LIV Play­ers lis­ting less tour­na­ments and more free time to be with their fami­lies. That was BS!! It was all about the $$$! So the­se LIV play­ers want to back stab the very tour that put them in posi­ti­on to get the gua­ran­te­ed LIV $$ in the first place!! If you want to go play the LIV Tour then, go do it! I just will not be sup­por­ting that tour!!

  27. I belie­ve only the older play­ers like Phil said they want to play less and after 30 some years and EARNING your exemp­ti­ons he should be enti­t­led to that. Like he said, his HOF sta­tus allow for him to play 1 event a year if he wan­ted. Also, Tiger has cher­ry picked the events he play­ed every year only picking the hig­hest paying ones. This hypo­cri­sy is what is kil­ling golf, not the 2 leagues. Let’s be real, if its not a major or a big tour­ney, you’­re not watching.

    1. You belie­ve wrong. Many other play­ers have publicly expres­sed play­ing less golf and ear­ning more. They got what they wan­ted, so play LIV, be hap­py and go away.

  28. All the PGAT play­ers can do is whi­ne! lol. “why.…why…why do they want to play our tour.…..”? Becau­se they feel like it dude. They don’t need to give you rea­sons. It’s cal­led com­pe­ti­ti­on. “but but but some guys aren’t very hap­py.…”. Too bad. LIV is not try­ing to make you hap­py. LIV is doing what WINNERS DO. They got huge signing bonu­ses, the got huge pri­ze money, less working hours and more fun.…then.…THEN, they said hey let’s play on the PGA Tour as well if we feel like it. This is just super enter­tai­ning. LIV play­ers are in a win/win situation.

  29. Inte­res­ting how Greg sta­ted Tiger’s offer was made befo­re Greg was in charge„Tiger should have taken LIV’S money almost doub­ling his net worth,dump that hag call Pai­ge c’mon man.

    1. The guy is red hot. You could put him against anyo­ne right now. Win­ning back to back and con­vin­cin­gly too…there’s no shame in that.

  30. No one can defend the PGA tour but…it is a non­pro­fit orga­niz­a­ti­on and it’s true they have to dip from their fini­te resour­ces (vs. Sau­di money which is unli­mi­ted) to defend them­sel­ves in court. But I do belie­ve it will be up to the indi­vi­du­al spon­sors in each PGA tour event to deci­de whe­ther LIV play­ers are eligible.

  31. LIV is invi­ta­ti­on only with the big­gest con­tracts golf has ever seen, which is real­ly set­ting off some serious pri­ma don­na fomo and get­ting into some deep pockets. 

    It’s hil­arious the­se play­ers acting like “they are sti­cking it out” are full of crap and well repre­sent the PGA. Watching this anti­qua­ted sport chan­ge is long overdue.

  32. They took the money mom­ma… and now they wan­na play wil­ly nil­ly whe­re­ver they wan­na… after they sold out to thum­pers and his sau­di pals. no crowds will show to watch the mil­lion­aires play for not­hing but preor­dai­ned cash.

  33. I have never heard of J.T. Pos­ton and I’m sure if they offe­red him $50,000,000 to join LIV he would! Being that I haven’t heard of him and I’m sure many other peop­le haven’t heard of him LIV wouldn’t offer him anything. Also the LIV guys want is to be reco­gni­zed for world stan­dings for ran­king and if they are given points towards ran­king they won’t worry about play­ing in the PGA Tour

    1. @Ed Walt well I am a for­mer divi­si­on I gol­fer for a top 10 uni­ver­si­ty. Though I have only qua­li­fied for ( at the time Nike then Nati­on­wi­de) events three times and have a dozen friends who are on tour or have play­ed on tour I keep up occa­sio­nal­ly with the Tour. The idea is again LIV wants to exist with the PGA tour and if not earn world ran­king points. Any lower ran­ked play­ers would stron­gly con­si­der LIV if they were offe­red mil­li­ons. Guys on tour are very awa­re of their ear­nings and their future after the Tour.

    2. @Toney O Even if they are gran­ted world ran­king points, the points are based on strength of field. The field of play­ers on all LIV events will not gar­ner many points.

    3. @Toney O It will incre­a­se. IF the OWGR board even grants the cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on. Based on who is on the board, i’m not real­ly sure it will happen.

    4. @Toney O first of all jt isn’t in the bot­tom third. Second many peop­le have their favo­ri­te play­ers. Peop­le could buy a ticket to see anyo­ne you don’t need to be a geni­us with pho­to­gra­phic memo­ry to know dif­fe­rent PGA play­ers. By your logic I shouldn’t buy a ticket if I want to see tiger play cau­se you know he’s pret­ty low in the ran­kings sooo. And I would argue that majo­ri­ty of the pga play­ers would decli­ne some requests to join liv golf cau­se recent­ly the PGA tour play­ers joint­ly agreed to decli­ne the request to play in the liv golf tour­na­ment that could’ve got­ten them payed in the mil­li­ons. And if liv golf tru­ly wants to work with the pga to bene­fit off each other they would’ve tried to come to a busi­ness con­sen­sus like DP. It’s cal­led agglomeration

  34. LIV is all about money.….PGA play­ers have a pro­blem with that. And yet one of tho­se same PGA play­ers is going to win this weeks event and win OVER A MILLION DOLLARS, play­ing 4 rounds of golf. But they think that is jus­ti­fied and per­fect­ly nor­mal. How many peop­le do you know that make a mil­li­on dol­lars at their job in 4 days? The­se gree­dy peop­le are mad becau­se some of them deci­ded to be more greedier?

  35. “Ever­y­bo­dy knew the con­se­quen­ces befo­re then went” does­n’t mean a fuck­ing thing when the con­se­quen­ces vio­la­te anti-trust laws. You wan­na talk about gol­fer just regur­gi­ta­ting the com­pa­ny nar­ra­ti­ve? Whe­re do you think the LIV play­ers lear­ned it from.

    1. Yeah. Ima­gi­ne it was like: if you play on LIV Tour then Jay Mona­han gets to spank you. JT Pos­ton: well, he knew he was going to get spanked….

  36. Golf Chan­nel pro­pa­gan­da machi­ne is run­ning full blast today. LOL. No golf on today. Just angry play­er inter­views, lawy­ers and other pro­pa­gan­da try­ing to con­vin­ce os that LIV is bad. Hahahaha!

  37. If the LIV tour is so gre­at, why do the­se guys want to play on the PGA tour? Becau­se the PGA is real com­pe­ti­ti­on and LIV golf is not. Real golf fans know the dif­fe­rence. Most of the com­menters here must work for LIV golf.

    1. @Corky Van­der­Ha­ven Do you have the spe­ci­fic by law? Is this law/rule anti-com­pe­ti­ti­ve? Going to be very inte­res­ting this in court, can’t wait to see how the PGAT is going to exp­lain how they’­ve tur­ned every other tour into a fee­der tour and still think they are not a monopoly?

    2. @Ed Walt I need help?, says the guy making an argu­ment he did­n’t even take two seconds to look up on Goog­le so see it was­n’t some­thing he pul­led out of his ass. P.S not one LIV play­er has sta­ted they won’t play the min 15 events the tour requi­res. Most have done this for deca­des play­ing both the PGAT and Euro­pean tour.
      I need help, lmao, yeah ok buddy.

  38. Hmmm, unhap­py rich guys take asto­nis­hing amounts of money to go play golf whe­re they are hap­py. Then deci­de they want all the moneys and stomp and scream and liti­ga­te 😤in a petu­lant fren­zy “becau­se I’m pret­ty and I deser­ve it all!”…. (Guess their enti­t­le­ments have no OB.) 🤑

  39. This is not the NFL. The­se are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. The Golf chan­nel should chan­ge their name to the PGA Net­work and I think that would make things a lot more clear. They are not impar­ti­al. Sour gra­pes from average players.

    1. @greg riz­zo Pro golf is merely get­ting paid to play. The PGA tour has had a mono­po­ly for deca­des on that and now is thro­wing a fit to hold onto that mono­po­ly with dir­ty tricks. Also where’s all the­se same play­ers cry­ing about the money as the PGA/LPGA tour do bil­li­ons of busi­ness with Chi­na and Sau­di Ara­bia. The LPGA tour is tit­led spon­so­red by Aram­co for cry­ing out loud. Play­ers can play in as many events as they want to, the­re are no rules that say they have to play x amount of events, just tho­se that say how many they need to remain cur­rent. Euro­pean Tour play­ers go back and forth for all the time. But why is that okay? Becau­se it’s tour sanc­tion­ed? It’s mono­po­listic and anti-com­pe­ti­ti­ve. This reeks of a stuck up was­py coun­try club cul­tu­re but at the cor­po­ra­te level.

    1. @jack rubin and the­se peop­le are try­ing to con­vin­ce you they know golf. The­re should be a qua­li­fy­ing test in order to post.

    2. @jack rubin Oh yeah, i for­got, i did­n’t watch that boring ass event, lmao he won a weak field event like Tony. Well done Poston.

  40. Des­pi­te the eco­no­mic mar­ket crash,I’m so hap­py. I have been ear­ning $45,850 returns from my $8,000 invest­ment every 14 days.

    1. I’m from the Uk 🇬🇧 I and my col­leagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our invest­ment, Thanks Mr Bil­li­ot Cormier

    2. @Justice Col­lins Thanks for his con­ta­ct. This is the kind of infor­ma­ti­on we don’t get from You­Tubers I’ll get in touch with him right now.

  41. I find mys­elf asking, how many PGA Tour play­ers have accep­ted appearan­ce fees (not on the PGA Tour) over the cour­se of their care­ers? I mean I am a huge Tiger sup­por­ter but he’s recei­ved many appearan­ce fees throughout his care­er. Didn’t stop him from put­ting his best foot for­ward. I mean $4mil in 2005 Shang­hai event ain’t not­hing to snee­ze at and here’s the kick at the time China’s human right record was being cal­led out. Appearan­ce fees for Dubai just to tee it up.

    1. Lots, the who­le money leads to less com­pe­ti­ti­on is bs, just ano­t­her weak, not well thought out argu­ment from the PGAT propagandists.

    2. That’s real­ly not a fair com­pa­ri­son. Tiger (and to a les­ser extent other stars) nego­tia­te appearan­ce fees for play­ing off-tour events becau­se their pre­sence dri­ves much hig­her traf­fic and atten­ti­on. It’s a busi­ness nego­tia­ti­on, not loss-lea­ding asset-hoar­ding like LIV is try­ing to do.

    3. @-chaqueta ama­ril­la- it is the best com­pa­ri­son we have. My point here is this don’t make it seem (not Tiger spe­ci­fi­cal­ly but all of the­se guys) like it isn’t about money in all regards. It’s hypo­cri­ti­cal to say oh they took the money but the­se same guys get big con­tracts from club makers which only incre­a­ses the cost of clubs to the con­su­mer (not sure how that grows the game). My main thing is why the hate, when gas hit $5-$7 the Pre­si­dent went to an inte­gral part­ner the Sau­dis to incre­a­se out­put to help sof­ten oil prices.

  42. My per­spec­ti­ve is that LIV is gre­at for brea­king up the mono­po­ly on golf. I don’t think most peop­le would have been mad if what they did was NOT suc­cess­ful. The issue that I along with many other peop­le and the PGA tour have is that how easy it was for LIV to “attain” the talents they’­ve accrued. I guess loyal­ty can easi­ly be bought was as long as the pri­ce is right. You can dis­agree with me if you want but there’s no way you can con­vin­ce me that if tho­se con­tracts are not lucra­ti­ve, LIV would be able to gain the play­ers that they did.

    1. @John Erich­sen You have no under­stan­ding of what con­sti­tu­tes an anti-trust vio­la­ti­on. The LIV play­ers would have a cogent argu­ment if they did not have an alter­na­ti­ve tour to the PGA Tour to play. The very fact of the LIV Tour exis­tence under­cuts that argu­ment. The fact tho­se play­ers do not get world ran­king points from LIV Tour events and can­not par­ti­ci­pa­te in the Fedex Cup is hard­ly evi­dence of anti-trust beha­vi­or. They made a choice and choices have con­se­quen­ces. Good try though

    2. @Anthony Bai­ley your com­ment just reve­als you are no expert. In 1994, FTC lawy­ers found that the PGA Tour’s rule that play­ers need a release to play else­whe­re breached Anti-Trust Laws. The Dept of Jus­ti­ce will pro­bab­ly deter­mi­ne the same thing. The DoJ will also be loo­king at the “agree­ment” bet­ween the PGA and DP World Tours as pos­si­b­ly working tog­e­ther to harm a com­pe­ti­tor in the mar­ket. Very inte­res­ting indeed.

    3. No one’s deny­ing that the con­tracts were lucra­ti­ve. But if you have end­less petro-dol­lars and are not even attemp­t­ing to crea­te a sus­tainab­le busi­ness plan, becau­se you don’t *need* to, then it’s hard­ly a level play­ing field. The PGA have to ope­ra­te in the *real* world.
      It’s the same with the Euro­pean Super League in soc­cer. Had that not been ruled out by the fans, it would have des­troy­ed the grass roots of the game. LIV is doing the same to golf. I wish the Sau­dis had cho­sen a dif­fe­rent sport to use for their image-clea­ning pur­po­ses. Golf can only lose.

  43. Im on the fence and can see both sides. Gol­fers signing to the LIV Tour to get what they are worth and PGA Tour basi­cal­ly say­ing if it was­n’t for them, tho­se gol­fers would be what they are today. If not for the PGA Tour, tho­se guys would­n’t be as popu­lar as they are.
    Wri­ting this gets me thin­king now. Which Sau­di Ara­bi­an son/daughter was­n’t good enough to join the PGA Tour so their fami­ly, friends, inves­tors crea­ted a new Tour for them to play in. Or worse, to reta­lia­te against the PGA Tour for not let­ting their kid join lol. I would­n’t put it past it being ori­gi­na­ted from some­thing so pet­ty lol

  44. The optics are awful for the­se LIV play­ers who “claim” less events are bet­ter so they can be with their kids I know this com­ment sec­tion is split down the midd­le when it comes to LIV but the­se play­ers made a choice, had their “rea­sons” and got paid. Just lea­ve the PGA alo­ne and move on.

  45. If you are LIV golf, this is abso­lute­ly the right move. If they win on the merits, then this would pave the way for even more play­ers to lea­ve the PGA for LIV. Not sure why Bil­ly does­n’t get it.

  46. I love how all the play­ers who switched..were war­ned they would be kicked out…took huge sums of money and now want to play in like he can’t dou­ble dip ..pick one or the loo­ks like they went for the shiny new object..problem’s a big unknown..

  47. PGA used the­se guys for years to make mil­li­ons. Now thro­wing them under the bus sin­ce they cant squee­ze money from them. Tells you all you need to know about the PGA Tour. Its been expo­sed. GO LIV!

    1. Becau­se the PGA Tour just struck a new TV deal brin­ging in more than $300 mil­li­on a year ear­lier this. So they’­re boos­ting pri­ze money and bonu­ses. Who woul­d’­ve thought there’s a per­fect­ly valid rea­son groun­ded in reality?

    2. *$300 mil­li­on a year more than the pre­vious con­tract. The added pri­ze money and bonu­ses are near­ly the addi­tio­nal amount from this deal

  48. Has anyo­ne noti­ced the­se guys say not­hing about the fans and what the fans want ? I guess that doesn’t fit their nar­ra­ti­ve. They are enter­tai­ners. I enjoy watching golf. The­se dumb u know what ought to be con­cer­ned with who real­ly turns the big wheel and work some­thing out for us

  49. If Ame­ri­ca goes down ( Depression )
    May­be then the PGA will recon­si­der when they lack the $$$$$ and Liv is still going Strong

  50. I don’t under­stand that anti-trust aspect. They are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors but it’s not like they’­re plum­bers or car­pen­ters. It would be like Micha­el Jor­dan or Tiger Woods deci­ding to make extra money by ALSO signing an endor­se­ment deal with Ree­bok and wear tho­se shoes half the time and half the time Nikes.
    I don’t think Nike is out of line put­ting in their con­tracts with the­se guys that they only wear their shoes, if they want the endor­se­ment deal.

    1. so, should one of the employees be fired from Nike becau­se they are wea­ring Ree­bok snea­kers? Tiger Woods is tech­ni­cal­ly an employee of Nike. Do tho­se rules only app­ly to him? Is it only him? Or is it ever­yo­ne? anti-trust laws are put in place to pro­mo­te healt­hy com­pe­ti­ti­on wit­hin an indus­try. the PGA clear­ly does­n’t want any more com­pe­ti­ti­on than they alrea­dy have, and that’s tel­ling to me. they’­re scared.

    2. @Phil Kwon
      Obvious­ly the con­tract Nike has with peop­le isn’t going to for­bid him from wea­ring other snea­kers around the house, but if he’s going to be some­place “pro­fes­sio­nal­ly”, I’m sure it’s in his con­tract that he only wears Nikes. I see not­hing wrong with that arran­ge­ment. If he does­n’t like it, he does­n’t have to take the $50M a year to wear them. lol

      But let’s say that IS their con­tract. Would you be on Tiger’s side if he went to a golf event wea­ring someo­ne else’s shoes, and get­ting money from THEM as well?

    3. @Paul of cour­se I would be okay with that. I’m not paying him to not wear someo­ne else’s shoes. I’m paying him to wear mine. If we had a cli­nic spon­so­red by my com­pa­ny, then I’d put it in his con­tract to wear my gear. But if he goes and runs a cli­nic for my com­pe­ti­tor, and wears their gear, I have no legal ground to stand on. The only thing I can do is let him go. But you would pro­bab­ly call me cra­zy if I said no, tiger, we don’t want you back. You’d say, well, that’s dumb. Becau­se it is. Fee­lings don’t incre­a­se pro­fit mar­gins. Smart busi­ness decisi­ons do. And it’s my opi­ni­on that the PGA has made very few smart busi­ness decisi­ons in the last 5 years.

    4. @Phil Kwon
      But the PGA is clai­ming it’s in their con­tract with play­ers that they only play for the PGA full-time and not for a com­pe­ting tour. I don’t like mono­po­lies eit­her, but if a play­er has signed that con­tract, IMO he has to honor it. It would be like Tiger wea­ring someo­ne else’s shoes to an event.

  51. And who says they’ll have to play 15 events? Nay­say­ers spit out anything. The court will deci­de. That’s the crap Beaman did to Seve years ago. They don’t care about their play­ers. ( Ken Green ) They will attempt to cru­ci­fy a hall of fame play­er for a dif­fe­rence of opinion

    1. Agreed. The 15 event mini­mum is part of the issue when there’s no gua­ran­te­ed money. Bil­ly is right on one thing, the­se guys only want to play the big events to get the OWGR points. That’s smart in my opinion.

  52. PGA Tour was hap­py ste­aling play­ers from the DP, Asi­an and others and never ban­ned anyo­ne as they knew the other tours could not com­pe­te. Now the­re is one that can, and the PGAT are thro­wing out their toys. GC only showing the gol­fers who are basi­cal­ly paid pup­pets. You can tell right away as they are liter­al­ly repea­ting the same PGAT pro­pa­gan­da, and can’t have wat­ched the many vide­os out the­re that debunk ever­yo­ne of their tal­king points.

  53. The play­ers inter­view­ed are strong play­ers, espe­cial­ly Zala­to­ris. Kis is the man as well. With that said, guys like Hor­schel who have been midd­le of the pack Tour play­ers for the last 5–7 years don’t want tho­se guys com­ing back to inter­fe­re with their abi­li­ty to move up and win $$. DJ smas­hes Hor­schel 9 out of 10 times. Fin­au never won until com­pe­ti­ti­on left for LIV. Guys should be able to play wha­te­ver tours they want and let the results speak for themselves.

    1. I’m not a Bil­ly fan but to inclu­de Bil­ly Ho in the mix of guys that are “midd­le of the pack”, is abso­lute­ly outrageous.

  54. Even so-cal­led Inde­pen­dent Con­trac­tors have Exclu­si­vi­ty Non-com­pe­te Con­flict of Inte­rest clauses
    eg Plain­tiff & Defen­dant can­not hire Lawy­ers from same Law Firm 

    Batt­le Lines are now drawn bet­ween tho­se who Choo­se Inte­gri­ty Honor & tho­se who Choo­se Money
    After all is said & done, Honor always Wins

  55. Loo­ks like the­se play­ers and this net­work got their mes­sa­ge to put out to the media. Let’s see how much con­tro­ver­sy and in-figh­t­ing we can pro­mo­te for the mul­ti bil­li­on dol­lar corporations

    1. Nobo­dy asks whe­re that money has to come from. What parts of the golf indus­try that the PGA pro­mo­tes and sup­ports, is going to have to lose out? Just like LIV fans don’t care about who is sup­ply­ing the end­less cash for their mea­ningless, glo­ri­fied cor­po­ra­te events.

  56. Most of the­se comments are bia­sed for Liv, Sau­di back­ers and they are part of an over­all cam­pai­gn to bring dow the PGA – Nor­man, Trump and the Saudi’s are not loo­king to get along with the PGA they want to rule golf — This i Trump’s wet dream, it’s payback time and like his USFL against NFL lawsu­it he wants to crush and win bigly. PGA play­ers like Mori­ka­wa bla­me the media somehow – Cir­cle the wagons PGA play­ers, unite, and get rea­dy for a war.

  57. sor­ry, JT (the other one), there’s no such thing as dou­ble-dipping when you’­re an inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor. it’s cal­led expan­ding your busi­ness. oh. and it’s per­fect­ly legal. there’s not­hing ethi­cal to argue here as well. the PGA is spon­so­red by a dozen Sau­di com­pa­nies, and the LPGA’s big­gest spon­sor is Sau­di as well. fun­ny how the human rights vio­la­ti­ons don’t seem to mat­ter in tho­se cases, though. honest­ly, i would rather watch Good Good, Rich Shiels, or Peter Finch over eit­her tour.

  58. Inte­res­ting that none of the PGA play­ers have issu­es with PGA Tour rules being in bre­ach of Anti-trust laws. That speaks very loud­ly to anyo­ne who has ears to hear. If the play­er sus­pen­si­ons aren’t legal, LIV gol­fers have every right to play whe­re they choose.

    1. @Jimboit2 LIV play­ers for the 2023 full sea­son are requi­red to play all 14 LIV events. They can play any­whe­re else, if they so choo­se, any other week.

    2. @Jimboit2 the organisation’s rules need to be wit­hin legal frame­works, or like the­se sus­pen­si­ons, they will be chal­len­ged in court.

    3. @Cody C the PGA tour rule requi­ring play­ers to get relea­ses to play else­whe­re was deemed in bre­ach of Anti-trust laws in 1994, when the Free Tra­de Com­mis­si­on loo­ked into the PGA. I expect that will be the case now. I also belie­ve the unusu­al and very coin­ci­den­tal timing of the new PGA & DP World Tours agree­ment is under scrutiny.

    4. @Doug Sea­son the main dif­fe­rence is tour play­ers are not employees of the tour. A dif­fe­rence that chan­ges ever­ything in a legal sense.

  59. Tiger and Earl Woods have set the Stan­dard!!!! Earn what you get!!! Dig it out of the dirt and post a score and see if you can hand­le it under pres­su­re on the back 9

  60. Correction…the PGA has done not­hing for you. If you don’t play good golf you don’t play on the tour. So ever­ything is on you.….the PGA is just a sta­ge, that’s it. They don’t do anything for you.

  61. By the way the­se no name play­ers are just pis­sed that no one gave them an offer. Sour gra­pes, that’s all it is! I have a ques­ti­on for them.…3 years down the road when the best play­ers are play­ing on the LIV Tour.……what are you guys going to do?

  62. It is not a ques­ti­on of fee­lings of play­ers it is howe­ver a ques­ti­on of the law what the PGA tour can and can’t do. Ever­y­bo­dy should be appre­cia­ti­ve that this mat­ter will be clea­red up in court.

  63. Just think of it like this: two com­pe­ting leagues with dif­fe­rent play­ers crea­te more viewing plea­su­re for the fans. When you’­re strea­ming shows, you don’t just have Net­flix any­mo­re, you have Ama­zon, Cra­ve, App­leTV, etc… It does­n’t make it worse for the per­son at home watching, just makes it bet­ter. It’s the same with golf, if you have two leagues com­pe­ting against one ano­t­her, they are both com­pe­ting for your view­ers­hip, and they will have to com­pe­te against one ano­t­her to crea­te the best golf tour­na­ments and TV broad­cas­ting to suc­ceed. When you only have one head hon­cho, they can do or not do wha­te­ver they want and the qua­li­ty will suf­fer. But when you have more than one, they will do their best to ensu­re qua­li­ty. The­re­fo­re, the fans win at the end of the day.

    1. @Lebski Serious­ly for­get a Ryder cup, I feel like a PGA vs. LIV cup would be even bet­ter with more hat­red and emo­ti­on. Would be exci­ting to watch

    1. How did it go from Rory say­ing ple­nty to guys like Pos­ton and Kis­ner being the voice of the tour? Oh thats right. None of the big names are play­ing this week…again.

  64. May­be the shill for the pga Golf Chan­nel should ask them, if this is the Golf Chan­nel, why don’t they cover the LIV tour or at least show results and high­lights, becau­se the pga has for­bid them to and in my opi­ni­on pro­bable threa­tened any chan­nel from covering any thing posi­ti­ve about the LIV tour.

  65. At first, I felt that the PGA play­ers and admin. were been a litt­le chil­dest, but now I’m lea­ning toward the LIV guys just wan­ting TO MUCH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$????????? The LIV orga­niz­a­ti­on can fight this thing until the cows come home, howe­ver the PGA tour will have to use the play­er reti­re­ment fund in order to fight this case? Remem­ber, when the tour had to use mil­li­ons of dol­lars from the fund to batt­le Mr. Deep Pockets PING over the squa­re groo­ve mat­ter way back when?

  66. Bunch of cry babies on the PGA! Let play­ers play whe­re and when they want! Open the mar­ket! This isn’t Chi­na, Rus­sia or Irag!

  67. The play­ers who signed with Sau­di backed LIV are being paid to play against the PGA. This is repug­nant of them to file suit against the PGA becau­se they signed with com­pe­ti­ti­on. The PGA has the right to refu­se play­ers. Phil and the other LIV play­ers are making mil­li­ons without swin­ging a club. In the PGA, you have to earn the money by play­ing. They took the easy money and still think they can do wha­te­ver they want. Thats some enti­t­le­ment if I ever seen it.
    Tiger was offe­red 800 mil­li­on to play for LIV, he tur­ned it down becau­se he knew what was going to hap­pen. Last wee­kend pro­ved it when peop­le are on the cri­mi­nals golf cour­se and 9/11 victim’s fami­ly pro­tes­ted and Bun­ker Don­nie was say­ing nobo­dy loo­ked into 9/11? Anyo­ne remem­ber that ass­ho­le say­ing that he now has the tal­lest buil­ding in NYC right after?
    Screw all the LIV play­ers and what enti­t­le­ment they think they deserve.

  68. It’s busi­ness. They are so behind the cur­ve & it’s tru­ly sad to see them whi­ne. Jea­l­ou­sy is an ama­zing emo­ti­on. Sim­ply, am I going to watch hor­schel, or 20 other gol­fers who can whoop him any day. 🤔

  69. The­se sal­ty play­ers lol – LiV­golF wan­ted the best 45 play­ers in the world – all would of been given a LiV­golF con­tract $$youcan­turn­down .. all the us pga tour had to do is have an agree­ment with pga tour and etc etc .. bil­ly hor­schel is the worst … sal­ty girl 👧… Inde­pen­dent contractors ..!!!!!

  70. “Do you want to play for money? Or do you want to play for history?”
    Well said Davis Love III.
    Shame on the defec­tors for taking 9/11 blood money. Keep them out!

  71. I real­ly don’t under­stand why tho­se on the head chop­pers tour now want to play MORE golf when they left the PGA to play less. They also moved for ‘busi­ness model’ rea­sons and now that busi­ness model inclu­des the PGA tour? The­se money grab­bing scum­bag hypo­cri­tes need to move on and be hap­py play­ing in front of trump and a few thousand peop­le. Tay­lor Gooch is suing his manage­ment becau­se they never told him he couldn’t play PGA. The­se gol­fers are ass­ho­les, cut them adrift and the histo­ry and secu­ri­ty of a gre­at sport will thrive.

  72. The­se play­ers are clu­eless. This is about the PGA enga­ging in ille­gal anti­trust acti­vi­ties. There’s a rea­son the Depart­ment of Jus­ti­ce alrea­dy laun­ched an inves­ti­ga­ti­on into the PGA weeks ago.

  73. Lots of cry baby respon­se pga tour didn’t give a shit about the Aus­sie tour,remember the­re white only poli­cy then kicked out Bob­by Locke of the tour becau­se he was win­ning ever­ything and a lot pga tour play­ers got the shits when play­ers from over­seas star­ted arriving,Raymond Floyd I must say was in favour of over­seas play­ers say­ing to his fel­low pga play­ers if you can’t com­pe­te against over­seas play­ers you should not be on tour ‚remem­ber when the whi­ning Pga tour wouldn’t let Lee Tre­vi­no join the tour ear­lier in his career

  74. If any LIV play­ers who have ear­ned enough points this year to qua­li­fy for the Fedex cup, then they should be allo­wed to play. Next year, sin­ce they would be ban­ned from all PGA events from the very begin­ning, they would­n’t be able to qua­li­fy for the Fedex cup so they can’t com­pe­te. Is that real­ly hard to understand?

  75. So if a sales guy chan­ges com­pa­nies for more money but wants to keep the top four accounts from his pre­vious employ­er, they should be able to? And if they quit befo­re recei­ving their bonus, they should still recei­ve it? The LIV guys are all pro­ven liars, one is a pro­ven cheat, one is a gamb­ling dege­ne­ra­te, one likes blowing coke and other play­ers wives, hope­ful­ly the court rules cor­rect­ly and the­se DBags can con­ti­nue to play golf but louder.

  76. I under­stand the point of view of the pga with regards to being a “mem­ber” of the tour. But golf is a play to get pay money game. Unli­ke other pro­fes­sio­nal sports whe­re they have leagues and the play­ers get paid to play on teams and the owners have rights to tho­se play­er-via paid con­tracts. The PGA does NOT direct­ly pay the play­ers any of their sala­ries. The play­ers secu­re their own spon­sors and make their own earnings.
    The PGA is for the first time sca­red and you can see and feel it. They work in har­mo­ny with other tours they should do the same in some fashion with LIV.
    This sanc­ti­mo­ny of Sau­di Ara­bia is bad and we are good just doesn’t wash when many of their spon­sors have bus­si­ness ties with Sau­di Ara­bia and for that mat­ter Chi­na and their human rights issu­es. How much appa­rel etc etc does the pga purcha­se from Chi­na, do any exe­cu­ti­ves of the PGA have ties or bus­si­ness dealings with the­se countries?
    At this point the PGA should play nice befo­re like every other gre­at fran­chise that doesn’t evol­ve they will go by the way side becau­se of their stubborn­ness to play nice and evol­ve and be more inclusive.

  77. Who the heck is Pos­ton? And who cares what he thinks? Pret­ty sure the PGA Tour isn’t gon­na sur­vi­ve mar­ke­ting guys like Pos­ton. If the PGA Tour vio­la­ted anti­trust law, then what Pos­ton or any play­er thinks is irrelevant.

  78. I was not awa­re the LIV play­ers want to play at all PGA events. I thought they were deman­ding that as inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors, they want to be able to play if and when and pro­bab­ly most import­ant­ly whe­re they wan­ted. The play­ers being inter­view­ed most all seem to say or insi­nua­te the LIV play­ers want to play ever week. Not true.

  79. Their “fee­lings” don’t mat­ter! If the PGA Tour bro­ke anti-trust laws, then the LIV play­ers have a right to con­ti­nue to play on the PGA Tour. Fee­lings don’t matter.

  80. If you’­re a PGA tour play­er, you still just have to win, and no mat­ter from which tour the­se play­ers come, you’­ve got no issue. That’s your part of the agree­ment you’­ve made. The LIV tour play­ers may chan­ge their minds, deci­ding at times to play lar­ger purse/prestige events, but still, if you play your game, and it’s good enough, you don’t care who’s in your rear­view. Bes­i­des envy, what is pro­pel­ling this “you can’t have it both ways” men­ta­li­ty. What they’­re actual­ly say­ing is “I too would like it both ways”. May­be this is the inter­sec­tion sol­ved by anti­trust vic­to­ry in anti­trust suit; all the PGA tour play­ers, for whom LIV has an inte­rest, will be able to “dou­ble dip”, as they’­re paid to play-peri­od, and, they can play in PGA events as they choo­se and are eligible/invited. Win-win. The only loser here is the PGA, which would then need to con­si­der a simi­lar arran­ge­ment with play­ers. Who knows?

  81. Is this the golf chan­nel or the PGA TOUR MONOPOLY CHANNEL??? Without PGA TOUR, golf chan­nel is toast. So they have to push the PGA tour nar­ra­ti­ve, very weak. What about all the Sau­di 50 bil­li­on $$$$ that 24 major PGA spon­sors are tied to. What about Aram­co the major LPGA spon­sor is Sau­di money. You are all hypo­cri­tes and tyrants. Jay M is toast and a cor­rupt lea­der that did bil­li­ons in busi­ness in Sau­di and star­ted invest­ments with Sau­di in his last posi­ti­on befo­re being #1 Tyrant of PGA TOUR

  82. They are not asking to come back to the PGA tour .It’s about play­ing the FedEx finals, some­thing they have qua­li­fied for. Cant wait for Cam Smith to win FedEx finals then jump ship. The­re ans­wers are dumb.

  83. The top PGA TOUR pro­fes­sio­nals that don’t want them to come back are just gree­dy becau­se they want less com­pe­ti­ti­on on PGA TOUR so they can have easy pickings with wea­ker fiel­ds. Average PGA TOUR field is wea­ker than the average LIV GOLF field accord­ing to OWGR points. 15 PGA TOUR events are a joke with no top 30 players

  84. PGA is an eli­tist orga­niz­a­ti­on. It’s a ruled orga­niz­a­ti­on that eli­mi­na­tes par­ti­ci­pants. Why not com­pro­mi­se and enab­le far more par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on. True com­pe­ti­ti­on isn’t about limi­ta­ti­on of par­ti­ci­pants. Tra­di­ti­on is tra­di­ti­on and the­re is only a few cer­tain­ties in the future, chan­ge is one. The­se LIV golf play­ers are fron­tier ven­tu­rers, inno­va­ti­ve and rebels. Whe­re would the USA be if we did­n’t have non­con­for­mist patrio­tic rebels?

  85. It’s all pret­ty easy…choose the PGA TOUR or not.…. Only in today’s day and age are twats allo­wed to vio­la­te rules and com­p­lain they are victims.

  86. One thing is for sure, if I was a play­er on the PGA tour, I would be sick and tired of ans­we­ring ques­ti­ons about ano­t­her tour that they have not­hing to do with LOL.

  87. Ever­yo­ne one of the PGA tour will soon want to join LIV once they see the bene­fits of LIV. Not going to watch any PGA or DP tour events at all. Last­ly, all this talk about cash grab is a joke. Have a look at any pro­fes­sio­nal sport and you will see how stu­pid some of the­se play­ers are acting and say­ing. Moreo­ver, the LIV golf is a NEW golf tournament.…like much of the other golf tour­na­ment around the world!

  88. Com­pe­ti­ti­on is good. I’m a lifel­ong PGA sup­por­ter, howe­ver, I have zero tole­ran­ce for hypo­cri­sy. and woke poli­tics in golf.

  89. Kira should’ve coun­te­red Will – how’s play­ers play­ing for Liv detri­men­tal to the PGA tour. You can’t pro­ve that.

    1. Play­ers moving to LIV has led to incre­a­sed funds on the PGA Tour, a new play­er sti­pend pay­ment and the PIP bonus. May­be Will finds all that extra money ‘detri­men­tal’?

    2. @Doug while some big name play­ers have moved to LIV, none of them are amongst the bet­ter PGA Tour over the past 18 mon­ths. The ‘detri­men­tal’ tag is very sub­jec­ti­ve and hard to mea­su­re which works well for the pro-PGA outra­ge narrative.

  90. You know it’s kind of shame­ful I don’t know ever­ything about it so I so I know my pen­ny may­be cross. From what I’ve heard from other peop­le than whe­re they’­re tal­king about the only thing I can see is this guy is so arro­gant and it’s always had money and it’s like well you know use your inte­gri­ty to get money . But he is com­ple­te­ly get­ting rid of his inte­gri­ty tal­king about he has been get­ting rid of it and also some­ti­mes I was tal­king about and try­ing to be a litt­le the fact of like well they weren’t real­ly paying you shit you weren’t real­ly get­ting it I mean it’s kind of upset­ting that it’s like how you gon­na be litt­le somebody

  91. Who Cares?? From any gol­fers per­spec­ti­ve your only goal is to win. Why give 2 shits about whom your play­ing against. Play­ers on the PGA seem to be more whi­ning about retur­nees com­ing back and perhaps taking a spot from them. Truth is you still have to play good enough to earn the spot. Wish play­ers would just shut up about it and focus on their own care­ers. Play well and the rest takes care of itself.

  92. Peop­le seem to for­get that Jay Mona­han pul­led the ‘ban’ out of his *ss, to pro­tect his monopoly.
    The ques­ti­on if is the ban is legal or not, not what the play­ers deci­ded to do based on this poten­ti­al­ly ille­gal and clear­ly abu­si­ve mecha­nism to pro­tect a mono­po­ly. Jay Mona­han hand­led this so poor­ly that is qui­te enjoya­ble to see how he dig­ged his own grave.

    1. Do you think Steph Cur­ry should be ban­ned from play­ing for the Shang­hai Sharks in the Chi­ne­se League when he is con­trac­ted to the Warriors?

  93. if the­se gol­fers are tru­ly inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors i dont see any pro­blems with wan­ting to play in both tours. its like working for uber and lyft.

  94. The PGA could turn this into new exci­te­ment and pro­fit but they’­re too old fashio­ned to think that way which is one of the bad things about golf in gene­ral; it’s run by hopeless tra­di­tio­na­lists that etern­al­ly resist evo­lu­ti­on. They should co-pro­mo­te cer­tain events. Make the rival­ry fun. May­be even have a LIV vs PGA Ryder cup style tour­na­ment. You’­ve seen it to gre­at suc­cess in mar­ti­al arts, boxing. Shit even the NFL who took it a step fur­ther and inte­gra­ted leagues into inner orga­niz­a­tio­nal con­fe­ren­ces. This just comes off as sour gra­pes espe­cial­ly when they play the Sau­di blood money card. They have ple­nty of ties with Sau­di that pro­ve they’­re not the­se vir­tuous idea­lists, fue­led on princip­le over pro­fit. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s pro­ven LIV has direct ties to 911/terrorism fine (vs sim­ply being from a coun­try whe­re anti Ame­ri­can ter­ro­rism is) I get that. Other­wi­se you don’t own the game, you just have a busi­ness. And sin­ce it’s a busi­ness… learn to use things to your advan­ta­ge (pro­fit). _“They’re taking our shit!“_ lmao. It’s cal­led free mar­ket capitalism.

  95. The shameless bloo­dy assas­si­na­ti­on of Jamal Khash­og­gi and many other human rights abu­se is enough rea­son for the PGA to ban LIV.

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    1. I just with­drew my pro­fits a week ago, it was so sho­cking when I with­drew $32,450 knowing I inves­ted $3,000. I wish I could reinvest but, too much bills 😩

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  97. every gol­fer play­er wants to play on the PGA TOUR why becau­se it is the best tour, up until the LIV tour, it was the only tour.….yes you had smal­ler tours becau­se tho­se play­ers did not qua­li­fiy for the big PGA TOUR. the PGA was and is the only tour ‚the top tour.…. if that was not so why dont the EUROPEAN TOUR play­ers stay on that tour.. some do becau­se they know they would not make enough money on the PGA TOUR so they stay on the euro tour.. some of the euro tour play­ers have come over to play on the PGA tour to make more money.…not many ‚but a few, that is why they stay over the­re it is easier…a PGA play­er is an inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor so he should be able to play any­whe­re he wants. the PGA play­er is not like a uni­on worker whe­re the uni­on worker is told what job he is going to work on and that he pays dues to.….say you are an electri­ci­an.. you go to the uni­on hall and they send you to a job usual­ly stay the­re until you job is finis­hed… and inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor loo­ks for a job on his own and makes his own deal.….same with say a plumber.…every play­er is an inde­pen­dent play­er on his own.…he should be able to come and go as he pleases.…i would bet that if the LIV golf told tho­se play­ers who signed up with them that they could not play on the PGA tour they very well might not of signed up on the LIV tour.…

  98. The pga is going to lose. Pga tour gol­fers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors who get paid only if they make the cut. Lots of guys on the pga tour lose money some weeks paying cad­dies and tra­vel etc No cut No pay. At the lowest levels some of them sleep un their car. No joke but the pga tour is.

  99. Take the money out of this situa­ti­on and you don’t have a situa­ti­on. Its all about the money bet­ween PGA and LIV. It should be about the golf. Sad­ly, we live in a very ruth­less, mar­ke­ting dri­ven time in golf. The PGA and LIV need to get out of the sand­box and star­ting working together.

  100. Well what about the guys who work so hard to get n keep their cards n make very litt­le money. You on the PGA tour are so delu­sio­nal. Most gol­fers make very litt­le money.

  101. The PGA is a CHARITY? WHAT A JOKE. How much does the PGA give to cha­ri­ty? 10%? How much does Jay M. make annu­al­ly? Is the PGA a mono­po­ly? Let the court cases begin. Let’s rumble.…

  102. The LIV play­ers are rea­li­zing that they’­re deny­ing them­sel­ves the oppor­tu­ni­ty to play pro­per, com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf. They have opted out. Then they miss the pres­su­re of com­pe­ting in mea­ning­ful tour­na­ments and want the best of both worlds. But they have their money now, so let them stick to play­ing in glo­ri­fied cor­po­ra­te, exhi­bi­ti­on events.

  103. This sounds like the­re is a few of the big name play­ers that joi­ned LIV are alrea­dy star­ting to reg­ret their decisi­on. Hmm­m­mm. No world ran­king points means fal­ling out of the top 50, means exemp­ti­ons to the majors won’t hap­pen. Mr Rid­ley is the man hol­ding the key right now. I hope he bans all LIV play­ers regard­less of the world ran­kings and pre­vious vic­to­ries at the Mas­ters. I have no respect for tho­se that have no honour or inte­gri­ty and that would be most of tho­se play­ers in LIV. I hope all their per­so­nal spon­sors walk away too.

  104. I’m such a fan of Will Zala­to­ris. So well spo­ken. As a Euro­pean I would love to see him in the next Ryder Cup as he is a class act – win, lose or draw it will be play­ed in the right spirit.

  105. Liv play­ers are inti­t­led to play whe­re they like ‚the pga dose not employ the gol­fers ‚may­be the­se gol­fers on the pga that have not been invi­ted to liv will now know what is like to not be invi­ted to the mas­ters or the other invi­ta­tio­nal events on the pga tour and I am sure some reg­ret not taking the liv offer when they had the chan­ce .You can kiss the Ryder cup good by and I am sure Sten­son is over the moon with his $4.3 mil­li­on payday .

  106. Any good parent tea­ches their child­ren they can­not have it both ways life sim­ply doesnt work like that, so the­se bre­aka­way gol­fers want ever­ything and they want it now all the­ve done is show how litt­le morals they have and how gree­dy they are that they would very quick­ly bite the hand that has been fee­ding them and their fami­lies for so long its sad­ly just ano­t­her examp­le of the sort of peop­le the world could may­be do without they are try­ing to des­troy some­thing beau­ti­ful that belongs to so many just for their own sell­fi­sh gains isnt the­re ano­t­her word for that action ? It just wont come to me

  107. PGA tour play­ers act like they play for the love of the game. Spa­re me. They all play for money, why can’t they play whe­re they want? Why can’t the best play­ers “cher­ry pick” events. I thought meri­to­cra­cy affor­ded the best play­ers the free­dom to pick and choose.

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Ich habe an meinem ersten Qualifikationsturnier für die PGA Tour am Montag teilgenommenIch habe an meinem ersten Qualifikationsturnier für die PGA Tour am Montag teilgenommen

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Rory McIlroy Interview am Samstag 2022 Wells Fargo Championship PGA TourRory McIlroy Interview am Samstag 2022 Wells Fargo Championship PGA Tour

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