PGA Tour suspendiert 17 Golfer, die am LIV-Golfturnier teilnehmen werden

PGA Tour suspendiert 17 Golfer die am LIV Golfturnier teilnehmen werden breaking news

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82 thought on “PGA Tour suspendiert 17 Golfer, die am LIV-Golfturnier teilnehmen werden”

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  4. How gree­dy is the PGA Tour? Let the­se play­ers deci­de whe­re and when they can play golf. Haven’t the­se guys made enough money for the top exe­cu­ti­ves of the PGA Tour?

    1. How gree­dy of the­se play­ers. Guess being a mul­ti mil­lion­aire is not enough for them. The mem­bers who joi­ned LIV golf care about one thing and one thing only $$$$$$$. They are like every pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­te can care less for the game but it’s the wal­let that counts.

    2. Real­ly? So you say­ing if ano­t­her com­pa­ny offers you today more oppor­tu­nities, more free­dom and more money you would turn it down? Let’s not lie to our­sel­ves here hahaha

    3. @Jak Baya­no more free­dom? More oppor­tu­nities? No, they offer less of both, they offer more money in the short term, howe­ver, when play­ing in the PGA you’re still more than well paid & you have the added bonus of play­ing with the best golfers

    4. @Jak Baya­no That’s the pro­blem with socie­ty today. Wealt­hy peop­le want more and more. How much is enough? The­se play­ers are alrea­dy mil­lion­aires. I’m hap­pi­ly self employ­ed and don’t need mil­li­ons to live a lavish lifestyle.

  5. UFC does the same thing with their figh­ters. They aren’t allo­wed to fight for any other com­pa­ny until they com­ple­te their contract.

    1. @S if that’s true then the PGA doesn’t need an excu­se to sus­pend the­se play­ers. It’s just a move to try and dis­cou­ra­ge more tour play­ers to join their com­pe­ti­tor. It’s a smart move wether it’s right or wrong

  6. This is only the begin­ning of the exo­dus of play­ers from the PGA Tour. When the Mas­ters and all USGA Tour­na­ments invi­te the LIV play­ers to play it will put the final nail in the cof­fin of the PGA.

    1. You’re sim­ply mis­gui­ded bozo, PGA is the lega­cy and Stone­henge of golf and will not be disap­pearing any­ti­me soon. LIV golf shows that the only thing they care about is mone­ta­ry gain and not golf, and guess what average gol­fers rea­li­ze that and will choo­se the PGA in the end

    2. @Ian Rife Indus­tries PGA has the pedigree which, agree­ab­ly, con­tri­bu­tes to it’s pres­ti­ge but peop­le are loo­king at this situa­ti­on as “this or that” ins­tead of “this AND that.” LIV Golf is more than just over­paid play­ers play­ing golf. It ani­ma to tap into mar­kets that weren’t even on the PGA’s radar and bring the estee­med sport to Eas­tern parts of the world. The world isn’t going to wait for the PGA to get around to them so LIV Golf is under­ta­king that initia­ti­ve. And unli­ke the PGA, they’­re not going about it with ulti­ma­tums. They want to be a part of the sport at the hig­hest levels not take it over. But the PGA is beha­ving as if golf is their paten­ted Trademark.

  7. The who­le thing is sil­ly. Even if all 140ish play­ers from last week wan­ted to jump over.…..with LIV’s for­mat, it would be impos­si­ble. The­re will be good com­pe­ti­ti­on on both and play­ers should be able to deci­de which fits them best.… Well, at least we do not have to hear about John­ny and Amber anymore.…..not sure which is worse though.…..

  8. on the tour play­ers have to score well and make the cut to win money not just show up at a dog-and-pony show and be given mil­li­ons by a bunch of mur­de­rous thugs.

  9. PGA tour is fkn stu­pid, peri­od ! u don’t ban play­ers like this – unless u want to lose your audi­ence ! cant we all just get along ?

  10. How can PHIL be sus­pen­ded when he has EARNED LIFETIME MEMEBER SHIP i feel like LAW SUITS IS ABOUT TO DESTROY PGA non pro­fit to keep all the money an start paying the­re fair share of 40% tax

  11. PGA tour needs to recon­si­der their decisi­on, They appe­ar to be nas­ty and hos­ti­le and mean-spi­ri­ted. Gol­fers are not employees; they are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors and as such they deci­de when and whe­re to play. The PGA tour should con­si­der their repu­ta­ti­on and their public image befo­re they attack indi­vi­du­al gol­fers. After all, not every play­er can beco­me a bil­lion­aire like Tiger.

  12. Hypo­cri­sy by the PGA the USA human rights record ain‘t real crash hot .Just a smo­ke screen by the PGA becau­se it knows it a bus­ted relic of a tour.

  13. why is PGA tur­ning this into a war? they are all free agents and can do wha­te­ver they want. you don’t see the EU tour ban­ning play­ers play­ing in PGA tour­na­ments. this just shows how vin­dic­ti­ve and hypo­cri­ti­cal the PGA is. i hope more gol­fers lea­ve the PGA.

  14. Golf is going to end up like boxing- many cham­pions from many leagues but they wont be able to com­pe­te head to head becau­se each league will want to con­trol the pri­ze money and the PGA will refu­se to reco­gni­ze any other com­pe­ting leagues.

  15. They don’t care. Many of them resi­gned befo­re the sus­pen­si­on. They pre­fer the LIV Tour and made their decisi­on. PGA Tour loo­ks spi­te­ful doing this and should focus on making their tour bet­ter so more play­ers don’t leave.

  16. I read about a man in his 50s that star­ted inves­ting in stocks and real esta­te, then reti­red in 2years with over $6million, that right the­re is my utmost goal and I’d real­ly appre­cia­te clues and tips on how to reach this goal wit­hin 5years

    1. @Dr Ben­ny 1. Limit your spending/cut off retail therapy
      2.Put the extra cash towards inves­ting in high yiel­ding or steady investment.
      3. Get a finan­cial coach/mentor to gui­de through your inves­ting goal. The­se might look simp­le but they requi­re good amount of will­power, but through men­tor­s­hip, I’ve been able to con­sist­ent­ly grow my port­fo­lio to $800K and I’m loo­king for­ward to reti­ring at 50 as well and I only wish I star­ted up ear­ly. Goodluck

    2. @Melanie Welch The con­sul­tant that gui­des and assist me is *Julia Renee Lind­berg* you can check her out online and reach out to her through her web­site to book an appointment.

    3. @Idella Mey­er Thanks for sharing, just loo­ked up the bro­ker you men­tio­ned on goog­le and I’m super impres­sed with her creden­ti­als. I will be wri­ting her an email shortly

  17. Phil is no Tiger Woods, let him go like the rest of them…history is alrea­dy made and histo­ry and pro­spe­ri­ty is ear­ned thru indi­vi­du­al accom­plish­ments and not being bought.

  18. The top 4 PGA play­ers make around 30 mil­li­on a year with endor­se­ments making up 60% or so from their total winnings
    After you deduct all the staff’s pay­roll (,i.e phy­sio the­ra­pist, Per­so­nal Chef, Trai­ners, Cad­die, Tra­vel and accom­mo­da­ti­ons, equipment)
    They can easi­ly spend 4 to 5 mil­li­on a year out of that. Not even men­tio­ning paying taxes over that amount.
    They could be spen­ding 8 to 10 mil­li­on dol­lars each year.
    Who could bla­me them for taking 120-mil­li­on-dol­lar deal?

  19. Sin­ce we’re on the topic of greed and “blood money”, this is the same PGA Tour which char­ges $70 for a T‑Shirt at the mer­chan­di­se tent, $20 for a miche­lob ultra, and sold out all the 2020 Ryder Cup tickets to the hig­hest bidding ticket bro­kers and then lied to fans about it?

  20. “We can’t pay our gol­fers becau­se we’re a non pro­fit becau­se we don’t wan­na pay taxes. And the­se gol­fers have the auda­ci­ty to go some­whe­re they’re going to be paid gua­ran­te­ed money”

  21. The mur­de­rous Sau­di Crown Prince knew that he could buy PGA gol­fers to try to help him wash the blood of Jamal Khash­og­gi off his hands. Money trumps morals, blood, and decen­cy and he knows that.

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