PGA Tour suspendiert Golfer auf unbestimmte Zeit, die an LIV Golf-Events teilnehmen | Golf-Zentrale | Golfkanal

PGA Tour suspendiert Golfer auf unbestimmte Zeit die an LIV Golf Events teilnehmen Golf Zentrale Golfkanal DJ golf

Die PGA Tour gab bekannt, dass jeder Gol­fer, der an LIV Golf-Events teil­nimmt, auf unbe­stimm­te Zeit gesperrt wird, dar­un­ter 17, die am Eröff­nungs­wett­be­werb der Serie in Eng­land teil­neh­men. #Golf­Chan­nel #LIV­Golf #PGA­Tour » Abon­nie­ren Sie den Golf Chan­nel: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 » Für die neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten rund um Golf: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Mit­be­grün­der von Arnold Pal­mer und Joe Gibbs am 17. Janu­ar 1995, wur­de Golf Chan­nel 2011 Teil der NBC Sports Group und – mit dem wohl­ha­bends­ten Publi­kum im gesam­ten Fern­se­hen – steht nun fast 500 Mil­lio­nen Zuschau­ern in fast 80 Län­dern und neun Spra­chen auf der gan­zen Welt zur Ver­fü­gung . Golf Chan­nel ver­bin­det die Welt mit Golf durch eine brei­te Palet­te von digi­ta­len und Life­style-Ange­bo­ten, dar­un­ter Golf Chan­nel Mobi­le, eine umfas­sen­de App mit den neu­es­ten Schlag­zei­len, Ergeb­nis­sen und Ana­ly­sen des Golf­sports; Golf­Now, die welt­weit größ­te Online-Start­zeit-Buchungs­platt­form und Golf­platz-Tech­no­lo­gie­part­ner, die die Golf­Now Mobi­le App mit GPS-Tracking auf dem Platz, In-Round-Sco­ring und Spiel-Tracking umfasst; Revo­lu­ti­on Golf, die größ­te digi­ta­le Direkt­ver­triebs­platt­form im Golf­sport; Golf​Ad​vi​sor​.com, die welt­weit größ­te Res­sour­ce für Golf­platz­be­wer­tun­gen und Rezen­sio­nen von Gol­fern; ein nord­ame­ri­ka­ni­sches Netz­werk von Lehr­ein­rich­tun­gen der Golf Chan­nel Aca­de­my; Golf Chan­nel Am Tour, die welt­weit größ­te Ama­teur-Golf­tour; und als offi­zi­el­ler Medi­en­part­ner von St. Andrews Links, dem Home of Golf. Besu­chen Sie Golf Chan­nel: https://​www​.golf​chan​nel​.com Fin­den Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​G​o​l​f​C​h​a​n​n​el/ Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​nel Fol­gen Sie Golf Chan­nel auf Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​el/ PGA Tour setzt Gol­fer auf unbe­stimm­te Zeit aus, die an LIV Golf-Events teil­neh­men | Golf-Zen­tra­le | Golf­ka­nal https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​g​o​l​f​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1

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556 thought on “PGA Tour suspendiert Golfer auf unbestimmte Zeit, die an LIV Golf-Events teilnehmen | Golf-Zentrale | Golfkanal”

  1. Good for the PGA. Decent peop­le ever­y­whe­re sup­port you. Only tho­se who think money is all that is important espe­cial­ly blood money sup­port LIV.

    1. It’s ama­zing to me that the PGA tour would stand by the­re pre­cious Fed Ex cup and the big payout at the end when Fed Ex has a majo­ri­ty owners­hip of Sau­di money

    1. They are not inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. Stop that ridi­cu­lous claim. Many of them have Tour cards. Mem­bers­hip to the PGA Tour. They have to file for exemp­ti­on to play in the LIV Tour event. If not given exemp­ti­on, they are sub­ject to sus­pen­si­on and or expul­si­on from the Tour. LEAVE THE PGA TOUR, OR FOLLOW THEIR RULES.

    2. @PaulsGospel Gaming Well, they are. PGA Tour does­n’t pay their sala­ries and they did­n’t sign any con­tract with PGA Tour. This will end up in court and PGA Tour will took them back again.

    3. @HiiDE What sala­ries? You earn your money play­ing Golf, unless you are tal­king about the LIV Tour. Go do that. They want a crut­ch, and a handout. Let them go do that. I want to see gre­at play­ers EARN what they make.


  3. The PGA couldn’t screw this up any worse. You don’t own play­ers and you cer­tain­ly don’t own golf itself.
    Ivory tower dra­ma queens.

    1. They don’t want to own anyo­ne. Play­ers are free to lea­ve the Tour and play else­whe­re. The tour has a right to deci­de the rules for their own Tour.

    2. @Earn With Hearn Cut­ting off your nose too spi­te your face has never been a good tactic.
      We all have the right to do things… we shouldn’t.

  4. Lmfao. They sus­pen­ded DJ. How can you sus­pend someo­ne who resi­gned. The “grea­test” tour in the world cant even pay its play­ers who miss the cut. They show up for work, pay the­re own expen­ses and lea­ve with less.

    1. @teeduck does that also app­ly to WGC events or the play­ers? I dont even know what the pga actual­ly owns to have all this leverage

    2. @Sony Sand Access to the Ryder Cup seems to be gone. The­re are only two WGC events left and are based on ran­kings. Access to that seems to be gone for LIV play­ers. Play­ing pro Golf is about play­ing for Money and Majors. The new LIV play­ers can still play other tour­na­ments in Euro­pe, Cana­da, Asia. But they real­ly don’t need to. The­re is so much money in the LIV tour­na­ments. $25 mil­li­on each tour­na­ment. And look at the signing bonu­ses. More play­ers will deflect. Ricky Flower is next. The LIV will just get stron­ger. And is backed by the Sau­di Government. Thro­wing bil­li­ons at it. Sau­di is worth tril­li­ons, Bil­li­ons are meaningless.

    3. @Rain Fal­len On My Shoes LIV is only giving bonu­ses and mem­bers­hip to pro­ven gol­fers. But it’s no dif­fe­rent than the NFL and NBA play­ers who get mil­li­ons upon get­ting draf­ted without pro­ving anything. And bench play­ers who never play still get paid big money.

    4. @teeduck LOL you’­re kid­ding.. i thought the equi­va­lent was qua­li­fy­ing for the PGA through qua­li­fy­ing school..

  5. Not a legal expert, but can’t the PGA Tour be sued over this based on anti-trust legal issu­es ? See­ems like the sus­pen­ded play­ers have a case as the PGA Tour is essen­ti­al­ly a mono­po­ly that is ROBBING the play­ers blind.

  6. Love all the sal­ty peop­le in here it’s blood money tiger tur­ned down big figu­res and a bunch of peop­le did 🤣 Greg nor­man cho­kes a lot I bet he cho­kes this one away too

  7. I don’t per­so­nal­ly agree with play­ers joi­ning a league backed by Sau­di money, but they have a right to make the choice they think is right for them. At the same time the PGA Tour has the same right to hand­le it how they want to. We’ll see whe­re the chips fall.

    1. The Sau­di money is defi­ni­te­ly an issue. I don’t have a pro­blem with a new league but the money ori­gi­na­ti­on is.

  8. A sus­pen­si­on is not a ban. I bet if the Liv Tour folds or if the­se play­ers deci­de not to play the Liv Tour the PGA Tour will let them all come back. The sus­pen­si­on does­n’t app­ly to a sin­gle major. Jay Mona­han is an abso­lu­te joke. Of cour­se that coward Mona­han would never say anything about the fact Jack Nick­laus is buil­ding a golf cour­se for the same group of Sau­dis that star­ted the Liv Tour. Thats why they came to him befo­re Nor­man. Hey Mona­han. What about the PGA Tours deal with Chi­na? Chi­na vio­la­tes someo­nes human rights every minute.

  9. By the loo­ks of the LIV play it don’t look pro­mi­sing. I couldn’t watch ten minu­tes of the non­sen­se for­mat. Pure­ly a money grab becau­se NO Way DJ and Michel­son cali­ber play­ers could think that cir­cus show is worthy. It will fold.

  10. I’m glad we live in a world whe­re we are free too choo­se what we want to do and not have others tel­ling us what we can do.
    # Wait? What ?

    1. @Thomas Tovey Hire ? PGA Tour does­n’t hire any gol­fers. They don’t have sala­ry and every money they got were ear­ned by themselves.

    2. @Thomas Tovey actual­ly the PGA doesn’t “ hire” anyo­ne. No one is under con­tract. They sim­ply offer mem­bers­hip to par­ti­ci­pa­te in their tournaments.

    3. @teeduck apo­lo­gies for the word hire…but they still have the right to deter­mi­ne who plays in their league…and they did sign that contract ..

    4. @Thomas Tovey actual­ly the­re is no con­tract they sign. They sign an adhe­aran­ce poli­cy say­ing they will abi­de by all the rules and regu­la­ti­ons and bylaws of the PGA tour . That’s why most new LIV mem­bers resi­gned from the PGA tour. Phil didn’t hoping to play in both. The PGA said No. so be it. Phil still gets to play in 3 of the 4 majors and pockets $150 mil­li­on and only has to play 8 tour­na­ments a year in the LIV. The guy is 51 years old.

  11. Play­ers resi­gned so a sus­pen­si­on means not­hing but star­ting a tit for tat game. Typi­cal mono­po­ly men­ta­li­ty. But in the end if the judge cau­se this will go to court. If the judge side with the Inde­pen­dent play­ers look out. I think PGA Tour needs some com­pe­ti­ti­on to bet­ter it. Not keep it in the 1900s.

  12. high han­ded and des­pi­ca­ble pga. hope you fade into obli­vi­on star­ting with mono­g­han. i’m paying extra for golf chan­nel and if they are not car­ry­ing liv i will be hap­py to can­cel. tho­se play­ers stay­ing behind are not inte­res­ting anyway–like watching robots.

  13. Screw the PGA! Abso­lu­te bunch of thugs. If you know the strug­gles and finan­cial hardships ama­teur gol­fers around the world try­ing to make it into pro­fes­sio­nal level, LIVGOLF has done the right thing to bet­ter the game of pro­fes­sio­nal golf globally.

  14. Bad decisi­on by the Tour to sus­pend play­ers over LIV invol­ve­ment. It will defi­ni­te­ly bring anti­trust lawsuits and tho­se who do will more than likely win, anti­trust laws exist for this very situa­ti­on. Arguing his “money, money, money” ang­le Mona­han does­n’t seem to have much self-awa­reness that The Tour crea­ted a cul­tu­re of greed and on an almost minu­te to minu­te fre­quen­cy bangs on about the Fed_Ex Cup. Of cour­se Golf Chan­nel will be a good tour mini­on and back it’s Slave Master. 

    Appar­ent­ly Mona­han can’t hand­le the pres­su­re and this move is alrea­dy backfiring.

    What NoLay­in­gUP said was very relevant: 

    “There’s been a lot to make fun of. And the­re will be more.
    But the fact that the­se guys rol­led out of bed and put tog­e­ther a more action packed and cohe­si­ve tele­cast on their first effort is an enor­mous indict­ment of the PGA Tour golf and their broadcasters.”

  15. 18 dol­lars for a beer is pret­ty much doing this…. Pray­tell, what hap­pens behind clo­sed doors bet­ween you and the play­ers? Eh?

  16. and the Mono­po­ly style greed con­ti­nues. Who care if they play a cou­p­le of events on a dif­fe­rent tour? You would­n’t ban someo­ne from being a mem­ber of your cour­se just becau­se he got a second one else whe­re. It’s all about the almigh­ty greed, ratings, and spon­sor dol­lars for the PGA Tour. I hope more big name play­ers leave

    1. It’s greed on both sides. I’m so tired of their always being the need for good guys and bad guys in the­se sto­ries. I’m tired of mil­lion­aire ath­le­tes com­p­lai­ning how they always have it so damn bad. I’m tired of bil­lion­aires and cor­po­ra­ti­ons never having enough. I just makes me want to watch golf less.

  17. What about the Chi­ne­se they kill Mil­li­ons of folks all the time,look at hong cong .the Saudi’s are saints com­pa­red to China,But your like the nba ‚may­be the Chi­ne­se own you too,makes no sen­se and you will lose ‚ya got 5 hr. Nap guys play­ing put­ting ever­yo­ne to sleep,Rory,Justin,and Jor­dan are mappers.

  18. Alt­hough it would have been nice if they play­ed on the PGA tour still, it was the­re decisi­on to make. To ‘punish’ them for doing so vs. allowing them to play in both is just ridi­cu­lous, its just the tour say­ing we are losing money so we are going to make a scene…well guess what, I did­n’t rea­li­ze the tour wal­ked on water…guess I will watch LIV going forward.

    1. I com­pa­re it to the TOUR being an only child but now they have a new sib­ling that they have to share their toys with so they’­re kicking and screa­ming and thro­wing a fit. Secret­ly, the Euro­pean Tour must be thin­king “Wel­co­me to the club” haha

  19. I love the ABSOLUTE HYPOCRISY of the PGA tour. So the­re are sanc­tion­ed events in Sau­di Ara­bia that the PGA tour allows its mem­bers to play in but now they are sus­pen­ding play­ers for play­ing in a league finan­ced by the Sau­dis. Are we Allie’s or are we not? Sounds like the PGA is a mono­po­ly try­ing to con­trol the ent­i­re Pro­fes­sio­nal Gol­fing World. GTFOH

    1. @Max Smart even the stench isn’t enough to keep the U.S. govt and many pri­va­te com­pa­nies from doing busi­ness with the Sau­dis. Money makes morals go away.

    2. @Max Smart Jack Nick­laus is buil­ding a golf cour­se for the Sau­dis that star­ted LIV golf right now.
      Nick­laus, the most deco­ra­ted play­er in the game’s histo­ry, com­men­ted: “I am exci­ted by this pro­ject and my first golf cour­se design in the Midd­le East. To be selec­ted as one of the first inter­na­tio­nal desi­gners to work in the King­dom is a gre­at honor.”

  20. a lots of play­ers plays in mul­ti­ple tour for a long time. Most of Euro­pean play­ers plays both PGA and Euro­pean Tour and PGA tour never seems to have a pro­blem with that. How come if the new tour come around and then they have an issu­es all of sudden ?

    1. @David Yeah I noti­ced that a bunch of good DP World Tour play­ers play­ed in the Inter­na­tio­nal Seri­es as well

      Many of them play in a hand­ful of PGA Tour events a year. I guess that ave­nue is clo­se though

  21. They said “regu­la­ti­ons” about 10 times. Sound­ed like they think the fans are on their side? As a fan, I just want com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf, beau­ti­ful cour­ses and a nice pro­duc­tion. Idgaf who’s doing it. PGA has met it’s match, they need to adapt or they’ll lose ever­yo­ne to the new tour, pri­ma­ri­ly becau­se of the­se gree­dy old men thin­king they own the golfers.

    1. The LIV tour isn’t pro­per, com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf though. It’s mea­ningless golf play­ed by a few has-beens and a bunch of never-made-its. Tedious to watch.

    2. @Rene Jean Did I say it was com­pe­ti­ti­ve? I said that’s what I want as a fan. Are you arguing with yourself? You act like there’s only 1 wave and more won’t join.

  22. Ever­yo­ne is for­get­ting that just like the play­ers have a right to play else­whe­re the PGA tour has a right to sus­pend them. They have a brand to pro­tect and they are pro­tec­ting it. More power to them

    1. @Zack Attack More power to anyo­ne that wants to peel away and sup­port a league that caters to only 40 play­ers and lets them play 8 to 10 times per year. But I’m equal­ly sup­por­ti­ve of the PGA that wants to pre­ser­ve a sys­tem that puts on far more events and is open to far more play­ers. Its a free coun­try and the PGA is a not a government-run socia­list enti­ty so they can do wha­te­ver they want as far as I’m concerned.

    2. @D M the PGA tour should focus on making their pro­duct bet­ter for play­ers and fans, peri­od. The PGA should be adding value, not gate­kee­ping what play­ers do out­side of their events. Play­ers know their value and so does the PGA, that’s why they’re using wea­sel logic to jus­ti­fy their decisions.

    3. @C D G Ling I don’t mind that in sports. Let all the play­ers (who want to) com­pe­te in a ton of events with very lar­ge fiel­ds. But some (or all) want to break away to have less com­pe­ti­ti­on becau­se the fiel­ds are limi­ted to 40 players…and then only play in 8 to 10 events, good for them. But the PGA isn’t a government-run, socia­list enti­ty. Inde­ed, it can set and chan­ge its rules any­ti­me it wants. Now let’s talk about the real mono­po­ly that hurts our coun­try and busi­nes­ses — OPEC, which inclu­des the Sau­di family/government. So they’re get­ting rich off our backs (in part becau­se our own government is inept) and using our money to enrich 40 gol­fers that want to play­er fewer events w/ less com­pe­ti­ti­on. It’s a gre­at deal if ya can get it!

    4. @Zack Attack And how is having a league with less com­pe­ti­ti­on and few events bet­ter for anyo­ne except the few that bene­fit? The PGA under­stands that its pro­duct is dimi­nis­hed when the­re is ano­t­her tour divi­ding top play­ers’ time. The PGA is play­ing cut­throat as they should as a com­pe­ti­ti­ve enter­pri­se. Tho­se play­ers that have cho­sen to play for the Sau­dis are, too. May the stron­gest survive.

  23. The optics here for me are this…Golf is a humb­ling sport. No mat­ter what skill level you are at, com­pe­ti­ti­on and win­ning is never gua­ran­te­ed. This is true in any sport but more so in golf, that is why it is such a reve­r­ed sport. This equa­ti­on has been omit­ted from the LIV. What LIV has done is made a cir­cus show for enter­tain­ment by luring in tho­se who can­not accept the fact that they are no lon­ger win­ning and have taking the easy way out. Does Greg Nor­man have an oun­ce of humi­li­ty in him? Does Mickel­son or Gar­cia. A league com­po­sed of vaing­lo­rious mega­lo­ma­niacs. I can see the logic in the older guys bol­ting to LIV becau­se they are on their last legs and are com­pel­led to get as much cash befo­re reti­re­ment, but for the rest of them, I think they have done more dama­ge to them­sel­ves then anything else.

  24. Hey folks ‚remem­ber when D J took con­trol of the play­offs and wiped the field to estab­lish such awe­so­me domi­nan­ce over anyo­ne and ever­yo­ne ‚that was the grea­test dis­play on man­ly domi­nan­ce of all who wat­ched and his com­pe­ti­tors ‚Ever­yo­ne could feel that dominance,it was just a short time ago ‚when he was happy,well he is hap­py again and his fami­ly is happy,I just like watching DJ play just like all his fans worldwide.

  25. I like LIV Golf Con­cepts eg. play 54 holes in 3 days … save ener­gy & time … Play less but BIG events !!! The world of golf was changing..

  26. Sor­ry. But the pGA tour sounds like a bunch of whiney litt­le spoi­led brats right now.… Play­ers play in other tours all the time… never an issue… And sen­ding out this pathe­tic let­ter is showing the true colors of the PGA tour… Fans are going to start see­ing this beha­vi­or and stop watching…

  27. Relea­ses? I won­der if the PGA Tour sees them­sel­ves as we all see them. Poor sports that hate com­pe­ti­ti­on and are not up for the challenge.

    1. @Camaro ZL1 Guy “we” doesn’t inclu­de limp wrist’d nerds who think being loy­al to the PGA gets you a pat on the head.

    1. Just ima­gi­ne if the first com­pa­ny you worked for told you could not work at any other com­pa­ny bes­i­des them for the rest of you life. Ima­gi­ne if they deman­ded that you work for free for two days each week. Ima­gi­ne if they refu­sed to reim­bur­se you for all the cos­ts you incur­red to work for them. Ima­gi­ne if you had to pay them to use the par­king lot, the bathroom, the drin­king foun­tain, the prin­ter, etc. That is the PGA.

  28. Many of the “defec­tors” have some of the hig­hest “dou­che­bag” fac­tors on tour. I can honest­ly say that I will not miss even one of them. I hope the PGA tour sticks to their guns on this. This new tour is doo­med, it’s going to go down in fla­mes like the Hindenburg.

  29. It’s plain for ever­yo­ne to see that you are cowards afraid of allowing your play­ers free­dom of choice to go to gree­ner pas­tu­res. Here’s a thought…why do you think they are lea­ving in dro­ves like they are? Are the­re com­pen­sa­ti­on dif­fe­ren­ces or fes­te­ring issu­es with manage­ment on the PGA? They are allowing foo­ta­ge of prac­ti­ce rounds, behind the sce­nes con­tent and more inter­ac­ti­ve expe­ri­ence. Get with the times old man 👴

    1. @Car Ramrod82 Im not say­ing I would or I would­n’t .. Im say­ing that is why they left. So they can play in that league. I dont real­ly care. The­re are only a few that are a con­cern the rest are hoping they can may­be final­ly win an event cau­se they cant on the PGA

    2. @Zack Attack If you make the cut in a PGA event you will get money. If you cant make the cut too bad so sad ! The PGA has rules for their play­ers which they sign and that is why they are say­ing they cant come back.

    3. @vroomgc the liti­ga­ti­on will be wild and it’s not obvious who will win. It will be a feast for lawy­ers and con­gress will likely inter­vene to avoid doing their actu­al jobs.

  30. I wasn’t at all inte­res­ted in LIV until the PGA tour star­ted tel­ling the play­ers whe­re they can play or cant like slave owners, if the new tour suc­ceed if will be con­tri­bu­t­ed by the PGAs shady hand­ling of this who­le thing.

    1. All tho­se who have joi­ned the LIV tour are on the down side of their careers…even DJ…none Relevant
      Look at the list bro­ken bones bro­ken care­ers bro­ken dreams so they’re just going out for the money what are they just cal­led ano­t­her tour not the PGA not the seni­or tour but the loser tour

    2. @H1delta “bit­ing the hand that feeds/fed you” I think you have it ass back­wards mate. It’s the PGA tour that’s bit­ing the hand that fed them. Without the star play­ers the tour is not­hing. So why not pay your play­ers more and offer some gua­ran­te­ed money too

    1. @Jaz B. Not is this one. Both will have top notch attor­neys. I work in the legal world and all the attorney’s working on this case will be top notch legal talent. As a mat­ter of fact I think the PGA might have the bet­ter legal talent as big time attor­neys love golf.

  31. Can’t wait until the “Shell Hous­ton Open” comes around again and the PGA tri­es to tell Shell Oil who and who they can & can­not invi­te to their tour­na­ment. Talk about a com­pa­ny that has nepo­tism with the Saudis.….that’s a sto­ry I can’t wait to see play out!

    1. Me too.. espe­cial­ly sin­ce the­se woke demo­crats don’t want to deal with Sau­di Ara­bia and the way they tre­at women but it’s ok for Joe to get us oil from the­re now..

  32. Inte­res­tin­g­ly enough, the only rea­son I am inte­res­ted in the LIV Tour now is becau­se the PGA Tour is acting like this.

    1. @PB it’s not a team sport, they are not under con­tract, they earn money by play­ing in tour­na­ments, they can play once a year or 40 times a year, the PGA has no right to tell a gol­fer they can’t play some­whe­re else, espe­cial­ly if it’s poli­ti­cal­ly motivated.

    2. Accord­ing to the rules the­se guys agreed to they should­n’t be sur­pri­sed they have been ban­ned. This is the tour that made them mil­lion­aires to see them aban­don it so easi­ly was so sad. Well now they can make their blood money in rela­ti­ve obscu­ri­ty hope it was worth it.

    3. @Alex Shadow­fax The PGA doesn’t need the right to tell gol­fers they can’t play else­whe­re all they need is the right to tell them they can’t play on the PGA. When you accept mem­bers­hip to the PGA you accept the rules that go along with that.

  33. F the PGA. Do they think they are God. The­se are indi­vi­du­al con­trac­tors. I’m sure they’­re thank­ful for the PGA tour but the PGA tour owns nobo­dy. I hope more jump ship.. then the PGA will chan­ge their tune…

  34. I’ll never watch ano­t­her pga dic­ta­tor­s­hip event again did the pga go back to wea­ring white cloaks and hoods also?

  35. I hate it for the play­ers I’m a fan of like Spieth, Tho­mas etc, but ever­yo­ne needs to band tog­e­ther and not watch the PGA and let the ratings plummet.….…they’ll chan­ge their tune when it starts get­ting into their pockets!!!

  36. $18 a beer and a small $7.5mil pur­se for play­ers, when the pga brings in hund­reds of mil­li­ons in a wee­kend alo­ne. Not that it’s not a lot of money but it’s hard to ques­ti­on gol­fers who want to play for twice to three times the pri­ze money with an easier field of players.

  37. LIV Golf is more of a high paying exhi­bi­ti­on league. The PGA should­n’t see it as com­pe­ti­ti­on, but a way to put more eye­balls on golf and it’s play­ers. Very bad look for the PGA.

    1. @Jo Po That’s the thing, I’ve seen exhi­bi­ti­ons and usual­ly they’­re rela­xed and they’­re making bir­dies every other hole

      Today the play­ers were ten­se as heck and they were having trou­ble with the golf cour­se, it was defi­ni­te­ly tougher than the average PGA Tour course

    2. @DanielSong39 Fair points. It’s defi­ni­te­ly a tour­na­ment, but with a dif­fe­rent for­mat. Any­ti­me the­se play­ers can show­ca­se their talents it’s good.

    3. Its a league any­way you want to say it. If you worked for a hard­ware com­pa­ny, I’m sure they wouldnt want you also working for a com­pe­ting hard­ware com­pa­ny at the same time.

    4. @vroomgc ima­gi­ne the NFL let­ting their play­ers join ano­t­her foot­ball league…during the sea­son no less… peop­le are hilarious.

  38. I am inte­res­ted to see if/when one of the play­ers legal­ly chal­len­ges their sus­pen­si­on. The ans­wer to all the issu­es sur­roun­ding the law and the PGA rules/control etc. will be put to bed. Good stuff. BTW…I don’t bla­me the play­ers who “jum­ped ship”. Fol­low the $. It isn’t complicated…they were lured by the pro­spects of huge $ and made their choice. Their inter­views are fil­led with “its good for the game of golf etc”.…whether true or not, I would respect them more if they would be more open that it is about the $. This is no dif­fe­rent than busi­nes­ses poa­ching talen­ted exe­cu­ti­ves. The­se play­ers all got a “rai­se” and argu­ab­ly bet­ter working con­di­ti­ons to “play”. The dif­fe­rence is the­re are rules that all play­ers on the PGA agreed to when the enrol­led; again simi­lar to non com­pe­ti­ti­on clau­ses busi­ness exe­cu­ti­ves sign. Often tho­se com­pe­ti­ti­on clau­ses if they go too far are struck by courts. Let’s see what the courts have to say about the con­trac­tu­al terms of gol­fers and their PGA asso­cia­ti­on. All good.

  39. LIV is fun­ded by the Sau­di régime. Assas­sins peop­le! And don’t get me star­ted on Greg Nor­man. Do some rese­arch. I’m not say­ing this for the PGA’s bene­fit. I could care less.

  40. The ine­vi­ta­ble avalan­che of trolls and bots cour­te­sy of Riyadh. Free­dom for gol­fers! Down with the PGA! It’s as hil­arious as it is predictable.

  41. I don’t watch PGA events. Unless tiger is playing.
    I’ll watch LIV. I like that it’s live strea­med and easy to watch. I can watch it any­whe­re on any device.
    No com­mer­cials right now.
    The­se are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors to me. Not employees.

    1. @James Came­ron for 125 mil­li­on to play 8 weeks why not the pga is 15 weeks mini­mum and may­be 10 mil­li­on if you play well for the year good busi­ness choice I would think

    2. @Hockeyboy39 if all you care about is money. Noti­ce how tiger tur­ned down a Bill. Not about more money to him. About stay­ing with the place that he won and cap­tu­ring more records. All of them were alrea­dy mil­lion­aires so if it was about more money then it’s just greed at this point

    3. @Jackie Jay I mean you can look at it like that for sure but unless you are tiger, Arnie jack in 10,20 30 years the records won’t mat­ter any­mo­re out­side of tiger and jack I don’t even know who is num­ber 3 in majors and I play golf ever­y­day so I would call mys­elf an avid gol­fer. I would luv to make more and work less so I can do more things I enjoy but I feel like like it’s the other way around I work more and make less. Yes they are mil­lion­aires but they ear­ned all that through their work they should have the choice on whe­re to play. I mean if I quit my job and went some­whe­re else to make more money would that make me gree­dy. I’m not a mil­lion­aire 🙂 just a regu­lar guy may­be find me a suga mama on the golf cour­se jk but yeah may­be one day a mil­lion­aire just not yet.

    4. @Jackie Jay yeah that app­lies to about 5% of the gol­fers. The rest are out the­re making a living with a high­light in their care­er every now and then.

  42. The PGA Tour is acting in accordance with making more money just like the tour play­ers are.…they are try­ing to hold onto a per­cei­ved mono­po­ly – they likely will win but hey.….they are obvious­ly not the only show in town anymore.

    1. @TheRookiefilm that’s why I say the PGA bans are free adver­ti­sing for LIV golf, becau­se how much the media is repor­ting it.

  43. What’s all the issu­es with “Sau­di backed” and “Sau­di money”? If you’­re going to say “Human Rights issu­es”, don’t bother. The US is the lar­gest “Human Rights” vio­la­tor in the world with over 600,000 abor­ti­ons a year… that’s over 600,000 pre­me­di­ta­ted MURDERS a year, folks. Now, tell me, who is REALLY the Human Rights vio­la­tor? Just saying…

  44. I’m watching the Live­stream and it’s a fun for­mat. The team addi­ti­on and the incredi­ble life chan­ging money at sta­ke makes it more dra­ma­tic. When Bry­son, Ricky and Patrick Reed add their faces to this tour it’s going to start to take off. Espe­cial­ly if you see some schmo from Thai­land win $4,000,000. for 1st place. Yikes!

    1. They in Thai­land but broad­cast rights, play­ers they choo­se to high­light on TV and in press are always the few usu­al cha­rac­ters here in the sta­tes. This is by design.

    1. Could­n’t agree more, it’s got no soul and only greed of money which will tar­nish the­se play­ers, tra­di­ti­ons are what keep things alive.

    1. Tho­se play­ers now are employees of the Sau­dis, tho­se play­ers will have to play every event and do a dog and pony show not just play golf, makes them employees 100% now.

  45. The­se words came out of a com­mis­sio­ner that leads a sport he calls pro­fes­sio­nal, and yet sounds like a sales­man under the pres­su­re of his bos­ses. Golf in its purest form is regu­la­ted and scored by the per­son who plays it, not by a sales­man who wri­tes thre­ats on the indi­vi­du­als who hel­ped con­tri­bu­te to the game way more than he has ever done.

    1. Golf is a busi­ness. Peri­od. They get paid. Its a pro­fes­si­on. Might just be a sport pure­ly play­ed by you. For the­se guys, this is their job.

    2. @D D abso­lute­ly a busi­ness. But as in any pro­fes­sio­nal busi­ness, espe­cial­ly at the hig­hest level, you don’t bash your com­pe­ti­tors and you wish well the employee on their cho­sen direc­tion. It’s a gentleman’s game worldwide.

  46. Money can buy ever­ything but love. The PGA is going to have to pony up more cash to stay in the game. If you were working for mini­mum wage and someo­ne offe­red you 28 dol­lars an hour you would take it. They know the future of oil and gas is bleak and the dino­saur age is com­ing to an end.

  47. Jay Mona­hans boos­ted ego is laug­ha­ble. LIV play­ers no lon­ger have to play under Mona­han and get boat loads of cash. Talk about a win win!

  48. This stuff is bound to chan­ge if many more big names jump ship and go to LIV. It is no more than anyo­ne else moving on to new oppor­tu­nities in the work­for­ce in any job. You natu­ral­ly go to whe­re the money is. It’s a busi­ness decisi­on. Time will tell if it was a good ven­ture or not but I can’t real­ly bla­me the­se guys who want more money and more free time to spend with their families.

    1. @Jackie Jay If ano­t­her job that does the same thing you do offers you dou­ble what you’­re cur­r­ent­ly making.… you’ll pro­bab­ly rethink about it.

    2. The best gol­fers in the world don’t do it for the money, they do it for their love of golf. That’s what got them the­re and that’s what will keep them on the pga tour. Let’s not act like the pga doesn’t pay out serious money. They make it com­pe­ti­ti­ve and that’s what pro sports are. The LIV league is roo­kie golf and their only play is to throw money out. Let’s see how long that last.

    3. @Michael Bar­nes Not what Phil and Dus­tin say. They plain­ly sta­te that it’s much more money which gives them the oppor­tu­ni­ty to have more time away from the game they love. Yep, it’s a job to them still. No mat­ter how much they love the game itself.

    4. @GENO Phil is a seni­or and Dus­tin doesnt want to play much. He likes to par­ty. Most of the guys going the­re from the PGA are old. So sure tho­se kind of guys can go play.

  49. PGA just blew it! Even bored now I will never turn on ano­t­her golf game! PGA does not like com­pe­ti­ti­on peri­od! Boy­cott PGA!!!

    1. The only hype the­se days is the pre-tour­na­ment nar­ra­ti­ve. After that can’t watch more than five minutes.
      This might dri­ve the equi­ty mem­bers­hip up even more 🤷

  50. This let­ter just sounds like a spoilt brat upset he wasn’t picked for the team and now doesn’t like all tho­se play­ers. PGA Spoilt Brats. This let­ter also is to sca­re any other play­er that was con­si­de­ring play­ing the LIV events. How pro­fes­sio­nal is the Pro­fes­sio­nal Golf Asso­cia­ti­on🤦‍♂️

  51. “F” The pga tour management.…..those guys F’d up the pga a long time ago and they have beco­me ent­i­re­ly too woke.….LIV is the future of golf and free agen­cy for play­ers is the future.….If you want to be a cowor­ker for the pga belie­ving your an inde­pen­dent per­son player.……Go back to your serf farm and watch the free­dom play­ers excell.…The world of golf is now trul­ly arrived

  52. Golf won’t grow the game with Sau­di money it stops being Ame­ri­can and Tradition…just let­ting oil run ano­t­her part of our lives. Won’t watch it even if Tiger went, just ano­t­her attempt to des­troy the coun­try and it’s tra­di­ti­ons, but becau­se it’s gree­dy gol­fers it’s ok.

  53. if tiger goes to Liv next Year it is gg for PGA. tiger is smart he will wait to see what will hap­pen­ed for a yr and for sure he will con­si­der to go if offer still abo­ve 500M

  54. I’m out LPGA oops I mean PGA , now that you have disci­pli­ned your runa­way slaves you can reward the slaves who stay­ed. This is ridi­cu­lous!! The PGA has put a black eye on golf in my opinion.

    1. Would you rather gam­ble and only get paid when you play bet­ter than ever­yo­ne, or would you take a gua­ran­te­ed 20–50 mil­li­on$ per year? The PGA tour, is get­ting a tas­te of their finan­cial medicine.

  55. So how can the PGA Tour sus­pend Lou­is Oost­hui­zen from par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the Pre­si­dents Cup for the Inter­na­tio­nal Team

  56. So would they do the same thing if a US play­er went to Euro­pe for a few mon­ths and play­ed in a Euro­pean Tour event?

  57. Igno­ring the who­le LIV/Saudi Ara­bia issue, which is very troub­ling inde­ed, for a minu­te, the PGA seems to be shoo­ting its­elf in the foot with this action.

  58. The PGA tour is done with this Mona­han plan­ta­ti­on owner at the helm. They bet­ter chan­ge their tune soon or the PGA is done.

  59. The big­gest eye ope­ner for me has been the hate and vitri­ol spewing out of the hosts and guests on the Golf Chan­nel. It my favo­ri­te chan­nel, it’s basi­cal­ly all I watch and I usual­ly love it, but I was sho­cked how nas­ty they’­ve been to this new tour and its play­ers. Golf is golf, but I guess this is their com­pe­ti­ti­on so they have to try to des­troy it.

    1. Bran­don Cham­blee just said Phil­an­thro­py about six times while bera­ting LIV……
      Cau­se, you know the PGA is just a phil­an­thro­pic venture😂😂😂
      And Blood Money, …… love that one too…. NBA??????


  61. No, PGA Tour, we are NOT with you. You are in the wrong, and seem wil­ling to die upon the hill of “inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor” and want your cake and eat it too. Your days, as you knew them, are over. This petu­lant atti­tu­de of an announ­ce­ment just shows, even more, how wrong you are.

  62. I will stop watching the PGA star­ting now, I will watch the liv guys,they have a right to cha­se money and go whe­re­ver they want to play the­re game, each indi­vi­du­al golf play­ers game does not belong to the PGA.

  63. Pga tour is going down­hill. The utube audi­ence was huge and at the cour­se too.
    The LIV 54 1st round was gre­at to watch.

    1. I don’t think so, money too deep, com­mon busi­ness stra­te­gy, simi­lar to Uber, cut the cab pri­cing, for­ce them out and then rai­se pri­ces, I think it’s fair to let play­ers play whe­re they choo­se but I cer­tain­ly get the PGA’s point of view

  64. LIV Golf was awe­so­me today, the only way the PGA Tour can stop them is if they can get the Mas­ter, and the PGA to ban players.

  65. PGA tour loo­ks like even more of a clown here! Lmao 

    All about the money? Lol same rea­son you are ban­ning the­se play­ers? To pro­tect your bot­tom line? What a bunch of hypo­cri­tes 😂 I wat­ched the I thee LIV event. It was so much fas­ter and exci­ting and not boring at all. I don’t plan on watching a sin­gle bit of the RBC… I’ll wait for high­lights or Sunday when it’s not as slow paced.

  66. Just wat­ched LIV golf a much bet­ter show ‚com­men­ta­tors ‚came­ra angles bet­ter run,loved it .just a bet­ter watch !

  67. At the rate things are going the Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal will beco­me the first major of the season

    May­be 5 years from now they ret­con golf histo­ry and Harold Var­ner III will be a major champion

  68. well Ill just watch the Mas­ters, Bri­tish and US Open when ever­yo­ne can com­pe­te tog­e­ther. PGA was just stu­pid if they gran­ted the relea­ses every play­er pro­bab­ly would just play a cou­p­le events a year and the LIV tour would just eit­her go away or be frin­ge but now they are actual­ly giving LIV free publicity.

  69. It would have been fun to watch the­se LIV play­ers back on a PGA event. I surely would have tun­ed in but now I’m not going to able to.

  70. Gre­at day in golf as the PGA Tour loses its MONOPOLY on pro golf. Golf Chan­nel, plea­se stop being the public rela­ti­ons firm for the PGA Tour. Your bias is obvious.

  71. Pre­pa­ra­ti­on, prac­ti­ce round, tra­vel, pro am, then a 4 day tour­na­ment. It’s too much to do week in, week out.

  72. PGA is showing the­re true colors. How do you ban someo­ne with a life­time exemp­ti­on? Play­ers are allo­wed to play in other tour­neys all the time.

  73. The Golf Chan­nel bet­ter get on board and start showing LIV golf. Record crowds are a thing of the past except for the majors

  74. PGA making them­sel­ves look stu­pid. Brat­ty kids. The­se guys are play­ing as ath­le­tes and should be able to play anywhere

  75. so as long as monies are invol­ved kil­ling is ok?! Ame­ri­ca lost hund­reds of thousands from 911 attacks lost lives con­ti­nue in the after­math. Plus, our SA-Ame­ri­can diplo­ma­te was mur­de­red during a diplo­ma­tic ven­ture of sanc­tion­ed movement.…

    1. @DanielSong39 A pri­va­te orga­niz­a­ti­on that reli­es on spon­sors and broad­cas­ting deals. I think the olym­pics or world cup might be the most ana­lo­gous bc host coun­tries pay to host but idk.

    2. @Douglas Simon That pri­va­te orga­niz­a­ti­on is fun­ded by bil­li­ons and bil­li­ons of tax­payer money from local all the way to the natio­nal level

      Most of their money comes from broad­cas­ting rights which is in effect a tax on peop­le who watch TV

    3. @DanielSong39 Tax breaks to build sta­di­ums is not the same as if the US govt crea­ted a sepa­ra­te fund to build a league fron scratch. Broad­cas­ting rights are not a tax on view­ers, they’­re used to attract adver­ti­sers. My cable bill does­n’t chan­ge based on whe­ther cbs fox or nbc or abc/espn (or even ama­zon this year) bids the most for the right to exclu­si­ve­ly broad­cast the nfl.

  76. “Acting in best inte­rest for the PGA Tour” will end up bit­ing them. They will chan­ge their poli­cy “In the best inte­rest of the Tour” if they strugg­le to keep the best. Cowards.

  77. Wat­ched the first round today. I lik­ed the for­mat. Jay Mono­ham should spend more time working on impro­ving the PGA and less time threa­tening and smea­ring player’s repu­ta­ti­on. Grow up Monahan.

  78. Sounds like the PGA TOUR does­n’t want any com­pe­ti­ti­on from a Tour they can’t pro­fit from!
    We all work for $$ so why not try and get as much as you can while you can?

  79. PGA tour talks about money money money lmao 🤣 the hypo­cri­sy from them is breath taking gree­dy fat cats mono­po­li­zing play­ers rights

  80. Good for the pga. Tho­se play­ers had not­hing when they star­ted play­ing golf and when they beco­me pros and get their card they sign and abi­de by the pga rules. You can’t let inde­pen­dent enti­ties to ste­al your assets that have been groo­med from an ear­ly age. And yes, I under­stand the play­ers that want to make $ but did and as a con­se­quence they have to fol­low the bos­ses rules. The pga pays them and they flight on pri­va­te pla­nes etc, they have to be loy­al. I think.

  81. Mono­po­lies hate com­pe­ti­ti­on. So many examp­les. Bell Tele­pho­ne, Music Strea­ming, NASA had a lock on space explo­ra­ti­on for how long? Com­pe­ti­ti­on is good for ever­yo­ne. The revo­lu­ti­on will be tele­vi­sed. Evol­ve or Vanish…….

  82. PGA and it’s com­mis­sio­ner can­not tre­at their play­ers like inden­tu­red slaves. They are using an under­cur­rent of poli­ti­cal (if not racist) ideo­lo­gy to try and shame the gol­fers that joi­ned or are thin­king about joi­ning the LIV golf tour. Don’t play that game, it’s gross.

  83. Real­ly lik­ed the FREE Live coverage today! Most of my favo­ri­te gol­fers are LIV now. More Golf can­not be a bad thing.

    1. It can be when the best play­ers aren’t all tog­e­ther play­ing each other. Liv will die out without spon­sors. No coverage no spon­sors. No cbs nbc ESPN no big name spon­sors. Just pri­va­te inves­tors so they will even­tual­ly quit funding

  84. Enti­t­led turds ear­ning sacks of cash, having their ego’s mas­sa­ged and jus­ti­fy­ing their par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on with hol­low words !!

  85. Greed and con­trol is obvious now. LIV Golf has the right. Play­ers have the right. PGA has no rights to impo­se unfair sanctions.

  86. PGA has gone full blown WOKE. Sounds just like the US Govt it is per­fect­ly fine if we kill peop­le but Katy bar the door if some other coun­try does it. Screw the PGA.

  87. Basi­cal­ly, the PGA wants to keep their mono­po­ly & con­trol on pro men golf & sound­ing like a ‘jea­l­ous lover’. More choices are always good.

  88. The­se play­ers have hurt the Tour and their fel­low play­ers on the Tour by cha­sing more $$$ some­whe­re else. They have a right to cha­se that money and the Tour, IMO, has every right to pro­tect its brand and the “loy­al” players.

  89. Pga thro­wing tem­per tan­trum worse than trump. Needs its 🍼🍼🍼🍼. Its doent have mind control.of adults. Waaaa!!!! 👶👶

  90. it was a plea­su­re watching this – it moved along just fine – no slow play – it moved – good came­ra work too – the announ­cers to me were unknown & did fine – they did­n’t dwell on one per­son or team – they moved like a wee­kend golf outing – the PGA is put­ting their money on Woods – i hope they make it – just one thing – Phil GET RID OF THE BEARD!!!!

  91. When you look at the sus­pen­ded players,they know they are had beens and can no lon­ger be com­pe­ti­ti­ve with the new crop of players

  92. Bad move Jay. Would you like some PR trai­ning? $2,000 USD per hour. That’s cheap com­pa­red to what you just did to yourself.

  93. Can’t belie­ve the PGA tour is get­ting so butt hurt over this, what’s the dif­fe­rence when play­ers play the Euro­pean tour and the likes!
    Got to move with the times PGA
    Wat­ched the first event and the coverage alo­ne has made me not want to watch the PGA tour ever again…..

  94. PGA Tour sounds like that kid at the play ground who gets mad and takes his ball away so no one else can play. Wat­ched the first round of LIV and enjoy­ed the for­mat and the coverage. The plus is that I wat­ched it on LIV’s You­Tube chan­nel for free.

  95. This is a busi­ness move, strai­ght up. The play­ers are what draws crowds and brings in adver­ti­sing money. Tired of tal­king about ‘money’?? Its abso­lute­ly about the money, and you know it. Your respon­se is based on money not some idea­li­zed con­cept of lega­cy. You’­re sca­red more play­ers will jump ship, plain and simp­le. You need to cough up more money to the play­ers, plain and simple.

  96. I am with the PGA on this topic. I won’t miss anyo­ne on that list. DJ, I’ve alrea­dy for­got­ten you. Lef­ty you still won’t ever win. Thank God that I won’t have to see you bring 0 points in for us in The Pre­si­dents Cup. Or hold a press con­fe­rence to com­p­lain and dis­re­spect your coach and team mem­bers like a spoi­led brat. Now all we need to do is get rid of tiger.

  97. LIV play­ers are tired of the PGA sel­ling 700k tickets for an event and the pri­ze pool still is smal­ler than LIV’s first event lmao.

  98. PGA Legal fee bud­get for the next 5 years will be wiped out in Federal District Court Anti­trust Liti­ha­ti­on with Sau­di Bil­lion­aires in the first mon­th of Moti­ons and Dis­co­very. 😅😅What are the PGA Attor­neys going to do when they don’t get paid? A quick Sett­le­ment Con­fe­rence and a Compromise. 😊😊

  99. I say as a viewer.…I’m offi­cial­ly boy­cot­ting the PGA tour. No more watching the PGA tour for me. The­se play­ers have a right to play any whe­re they want. #boy­cott the PGA tour!

  100. Wat­ched it today. What a breath of fresh air. Total­ly focu­sed on the golfers.…..not get­ting Sky etc chan­nels with 2hrs bull­shit tal­king about them­sel­ves. Young peop­le are going to love this.…big time!!

  101. So play­ers that have made the PGA bil­li­ons of dol­lars over the years will con­si­der the­se same play­ers as out­cast now. What’s wrong with litt­le com­pe­ti­ti­on PGA? What’s wrong with having the abi­li­ty to try other ave­nues in your care­er? And the com­mis­sio­ner sounds like a spi­te­ful litt­le girl in this letter.

  102. It is a shame it has to come to this, but the play­ers have a right to make a living. May­be the PGA
    can build some new hot dog stands, beer huts with their money. I do not feel sor­ry for the PGA but
    I do feel bad for the game of golf, this is gon­na make it hard to see the best of the best. Oh well, I
    will have to burn up some air miles, look out Euro­pe, I’m on my way.

  103. NO ONE CARES ! Unless your a TV sta­ti­on with a PGA Con­tract to broad­cast the ShitShow Clas­sics that No one will watch if the Top Play­ers are only going to play in Majors! Over­all golf is golf in USA alrea­dy and without Tiger no one cares, so now they will make sure to go get that Inter­na­tio­nal Money espe­cial­ly with golf in the Olym­pics now.…

  104. PGA is a pri­va­te non pro­fit corp. They make up their own rules. Don’t like it don’t watch it. Don’t like the rules go play for ano­t­her company.

  105. If the PGA is Non Profit.…how could they ever pay players(To par­ti­ci­pa­te isn’t it against their bylaws) and how could they be gree­dy? Does­n’t the money go to charity?

  106. I enjoy­ed the coverage of the LIV today. To all invol­ved, gre­at job for your first tele­cast, (You­Tube). And……. Every sport that I watch play­ers lea­ve for bet­ter con­tracts and don’t get sus­pen­ded, just saying👍

  107. Bull­shit! Play­ers that resi­gned should be able to play any­whe­re they want!

    They are NOT employees or on PGA payroll! 

    PGA wants to con­ti­nue mono­po­ly over men’s pro­fes­sio­nal golf!

  108. Around fif­ty years ago the USGA were trea­ting the play­ers as chat­tel. The play­ers with Arnold Pal­mer lea­ding ( if my mind ser­ves me) deci­ded to lea­ve the USGA and crea­te their own asso­cia­ti­on as inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. Thus, the PGA came to be. Today the PGA is acting very much as the USGA was then. By ( publicly) con­dem­ning and vili­fy­ing the play­ers for their desi­red to play in the new LIV tour, the PGA is not gai­ning its­elf much glo­ry. Let’s face it Pro­fes­sio­nal Golf, as all other pro sports is a busi­ness. The Play­ers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. The only dif­fe­rence being that the PGA play­ers are not under con­tract and the­re­fo­re play as or whe­re they choo­se. By their actions the PGA is acting as a spoi­led brat and hur­ting their own repu­ta­ti­on. In turn they will hurt not only the play­ers, but also the cha­ri­ties that bene­fit from the money the tour­na­ments gene­ra­te and, the venues that host tour­na­ments. Fif­ty years ago the USGA cau­sed the play­ers to revolt. The same could very well hap­pen again.
    The PGA, as an orga­niz­a­ti­on, needs to wake up, stop vili­fy­ing the play­ers, and get rea­dy to com­pe­te with the new LIV or fall by the wayside.

    1. Skip, the Arnold and Jack bro­ke the PGA tour away from the PGA. The PGA of Ame­ri­ca foun­ded the PGA tour, the Ryder Cup and the PGA Cham­pions­hip, which is the 3rd oldest Men’s Golf Major Cham­pions­hip. So the issue was simi­lar, Money, but a for­eign Government of cour­se was not invol­ved in that case.

  109. I’m done with the PGA. Also why list the play­ers that have resi­gned. That’s like brea­king up with someo­ne that’s rea­dy dum­ped you 😂🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  110. The PGA shot them­sel­ves in the foot when they threa­tened sanc­tions to play­ers that would join LIV tour­na­ments . Then shot the other foot by ban­ning then inde­fi­ni­te­ly. The­se play­ers are not the PGA’s pro­per­ty, they are free to work whe­re­ver they choo­se. They are the first to self eman­ci­pa­te from the PGA plantation.

  111. Well….bye, man the­re are a bunch of PGA Tour hater’s on here, the tour made golf popu­lar, it’s not the tour’s fault that Greg Norman’s care­er didn’t pan out

  112. You all sup­port the play­ers that want to do anything they want. Why is it dif­fe­rent when the Tour enfor­ces its own regu­la­ti­ons (that are appro­ved by the play­ers). The­re are hund­reds of rea­sons why Liv golf is bad for golf, only one rea­son it is good.

  113. I guess the wis­dom of this approach. Sin­ce they are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors, I real­ly don’t under­stand this approach.

  114. With the excep­ti­on of Bry­son, tho­se are play­ers on the tail end of their care­er with not­hing else left to grab other than money

    1. Some of the play­ers are popu­lar or will be, and have a fol­lowing of fans. This, even if past their peak.
      The FANS are loy­al to play­ers (not the tour).

  115. Con­si­de­ring golf was a rich man’s white sport befo­re Tiger Woods joi­ned, I should­n’t be sho­cked here. Con­gra­du­la­ti­ons PGA Tour, you just fue­led my want to watch ONLY Tiger on Tour and see­ing the PGA Tour in games even more.

  116. The rea­son I watch golf is becau­se of the play­ers I could care less about about the pga or the liv I want to watch golf

  117. The PGA have a right to pro­tect them­sel­ves and their brand! Play­ers should also have the right to play in other com­pe­ti­ti­ons but the key word here is Competition.…is it real­ly a com­pe­ti­ti­on if the­re are no con­se­quen­ces for poor play? It reminds me of the who­le Super League fias­co in foot­ball, a group of teams gua­ran­te­ed a lar­ge sum of money no mat­ter how well they did or did not play. Its fair to say play­ers like DJ have only joi­ned for the money invol­ved and other mar­quee play­ers are only the­re becau­se they are not capa­ble of com­pe­ting at the top of the PGA. The PGA is the pin­na­cle of the sport.…the level ever­y­bo­dy wants to get to in order to be cal­led one of the best play­ers in the world. Apart from the main 14, I wat­ched the LIV event and won­de­red how many of the other 30+ play­ers would make the cut in any PGA event and how the would stack up against a JT or Mori­ka­wa for examp­le. I want to watch com­pe­ti­ti­on in a sport other­wi­se whats the point? Without that you are basi­cal­ly watching a May­wea­ther exhi­bi­ti­on match on repeat.

    1. @scrout The PGA is a brand, not a per­son or people.…an orga­ni­sa­tio­nal collec­ti­ve of com­pe­ti­tors like the NFL or Pre­mier League. The state­ment is pret­ty clear!

  118. I think the PGA is over reac­ting to the challenge
    The PGA should be loo­king at this as their com­pe­ti­tors do
    LIV Tour is put­ting up the chal­len­ge to the play­ers not the tour
    PGA eit­her steps up to the tee and start chal­len­ging the players
    Or stay back and except your place in the realms of Tours
    Per­so­nal­ly if LIV has built their cour­ses to match the skill level of play­ers that the money brings in. Then I look for­ward to all the matches
    But if the cour­ses are built as the same distance as the PGA
    Then LIV is just thro­wing their money away incre­a­se the cour­ses to match the skill level of the players
    And if the play­ers cry about it then you know your on the right cart path

  119. The PGA Tour, its media part­ners, and spon­sors are con­spi­ring and col­lu­ding tog­e­ther to try and stop the LIV Tour from suc­cee­ding. If this goes to court, we will be see­ing the end of the PGA Tour as well as the Golf Chan­nel. Many cha­rac­ter assas­si­na­ti­on and slan­der suits will be forth­co­m­ing from the­se play­ers that have joi­ned the LIV Tour.

  120. The repor­ters are being idi­ots. A con­su­mer or a fac­tor of pro­duc­tion is only sup­po­sed to do busi­ness with righ­te­ous enti­ties? If that were the case, I would­n’t be able to buy anything any­whe­re or work for a busi­ness. We tra­de with coun­tries that don’t align with on values. We always have, becau­se it’s the smart thing to do. Guess what – the­re are a lot of scum­bag share­hol­ders of the cor­po­ra­ti­on that you work for. Why are the­se gol­fers sup­po­sed to cham­pion the­se cau­ses that nobo­dy else does?

  121. The PGA is an aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an régime . Just like all pro­gres­si­ves . I hope more gol­fers lea­ve the PGA for dead . F.-U PGA .

  122. It won’t be long and the­re won’t be any more play­ers left to sus­pend. They will all be play­ing in LIV Golf events. Arro­gan­ce will only car­ry you so far. Can’t wait too see the well paid lawy­er repre­sen­ting the PGA lose this case big time when it final­ly makes it’s way through the court system.

  123. Loo­ks like I will never watch nor fol­low ano­t­her pga tour event until they lift the restric­tions, and chan­ge their tra­di­ti­ons. I’ll not have that kind of dic­ta­tor­s­hip in my life. And I love golf. Bye bye

  124. Gregg Nor­man has been for years try­ing to des­troy the PGA Tour. Remem­ber the World Golf with Rupert Mur­dock fun­ding it. If I was not for the tour he would be a club pro in Australia.

  125. The begin­ning of the end of the PGA as a cor­rupt mono­po­ly, cal­ling the gol­fers gree­dy is like cal­ling the kett­le black, heck a win­ner on a men’s tour event recei­ves more than the ent­i­re pur­se of an LPGA event, the PGA lea­ders­hip is an All-White Coun­try Club Chris­ti­an Racist Sexist orga­niz­a­ti­on and Tiger needs to join the LIV too along with Kor­da, yes you read right, LIV should have his/her events

  126. So basi­cal­ly the PGA does­n’t want it’s play­ers com­pe­ting in other tour­na­ments and if they do so they are ban­ned? That’s like tel­ling your friend you want to hang out with them tonight and when they say their busy how about tomor­row, you say, no, you can never hang out with me again lol it’s so childish.


  128. A very weak look for the PGA. You can’t quit, I’m firing you. Char­min soft, tell me you’re sca­red without tel­ling me you’re scared 😂

  129. The bot­tom line is that the play­ers who have jum­ped ship have done so becau­se Ves­ted Inte­rests have been whis­pe­ring in their ears that they deser­ve more money, rather than the PGA Tour giving money to cha­ri­ty, week after week.

    This new tour can be descri­bed the ‘Greed Tour’ 

    The gam­bit of this new tour seems to be pre­di­ca­ted upon mar­ke­ting the play­ers as cele­bri­ties. They have been caught up in the ongo­ing cele­bri­ty cul­tu­re and have lost per­spec­ti­ve of how they are per­cei­ved. Gol­fers fore­mo­st dis­play­ing skill and cele­bri­ty a distant second.

    Some of the par­ti­ci­pants do not even like the per­so­na­li­ty-fame thing so it is ama­zing to see them jump in with both feet. They look like a fish out of water.

    On first showing, the live coverage was rub­bish, the stan­dard poor and the crowds pathe­tic, not to men­ti­on the tech­ni­cal issu­es from a pro­duc­tion qua­li­ty perspective.

    The nail in this tour’s cof­fin though will ulti­mate­ly be the ethos. They are not play­ing for tro­phies and este­em. They have appar­ent­ly sold their souls for money and fame, which is hol­low and unful­fil­ling. The play­ers are giving less for more money. How does this enga­ge the genui­ne fans.

    What use is money when even their fami­lies no lon­ger respect them for thro­wing away the intrinsic value in com­pe­ting for tro­phies in a field whe­re their peers have an equal oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­pe­te, showing sports­manship and respect.

    The lega­cy may yet have the effect of a radi­cal chan­ge to the game for the bet­ter, taking it back to the ori­gins and authen­ti­ci­ty of the game and the histo­ry and tradition.

    This tour may have had a chan­ce if it had moved the game of golf posi­tively for­ward, with a pure for­mat, play­ed on out­stan­ding golf cour­ses with real jeo­par­dy and emo­ti­on that comes with a struc­tu­red hier­ar­chy of excel­lence and with an enga­ge­ment with the fans. e.g if they had built pur­po­se desi­gned golf cour­ses that took the sport onto a hig­her level, with more risk and reward holes and with an bet­ter under­stan­ding of what aspects of golf hole design chal­len­ges the play­ers, exci­tes the fans and pro­du­ces win­ners who have the grea­test over­all golf skills. Golf cour­ses should chal­len­ge every part of a pro­fes­sio­nals game and reward tho­se who demons­tra­te they have the skill and forti­tu­de to com­pe­te with oppon­ents that they respect.

    Who cares about pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers play­ing for money any­way, on average golf cour­ses to easy pin positions.

    I do not think that the US PGA nee­ded to ban the play­ers sin-die. Ins­tead, I would have said that sin­ce they have cho­sen to for­goe their pri­vi­led­ges, if they want to play in the majors in future they have to take part in pre-qualifying.

  130. The PGA Tour needs to live with their com­pe­ti­ti­on like ever­yo­ne else.It’s a free market,so get used to it.Don’t take it out on the game or the players.

  131. The PGA is doing all it can to put an end to any com­pa­ti­ti­on and is in vio­la­ti­on of mono­po­ly laws. The LIV will take them to court and win.

  132. Cry­ba­bies. The future is here and the fans are with the play­ers. Workers in the gig eco­no­my have more rights than tour play­ers evi­dent­ly. Shameful.

  133. As a for­mer club/teaching pro and mem­ber of the PGA, I can say this: F#?k them. I don’t care how much they give to cha­ri­ty, or look on the sur­face, their greed and sel­fi­sh­ness knows no bounds. If you think the few going to the LIV are gree­dy, they’­ve got not­hing on the detesta­ble folks behind the sce­nes of the Pro­fes­sio­nal Gol­fers Asso­cia­ti­on . I’m not tal­king about a sin­gle tou­ring pro, I’m tal­king about the ones you’­ve never heard of that would tell you to shi­ne their shoes like you’­re some slave if you (an ordi­na­ry man who does­n’t want to play gra­bass with them) cros­sed their path.

  134. how much money does the PGA take and how much do they pay out? I watch the play­ers not the PGA, I watch the Dal­las cow­boys not the nfl. I belie­ve it is about the money. Yes the PGA is ban­king more than the play­ers but it is the play­ers that make the PGA. The PGA just brings the peop­le to the table to make it go and what makes it go? That’s right MONEY. Flip side the Sau­dis could have made ano­t­her league with the PGA the main spon­sor and CONTROLLER and they said no, we will start our own league. For all you out the­re with a tra­de what are you worth yes the­re is more than money but money is what dic­ta­tes when you reti­re and how com­for­ta­ble you reti­re. I will watch them cau­se it is the play­ers that i watch not the PGA.

  135. The cor­po­ra­te spon­so­red PGA is too mono­po­listic in its approach to con­trol­ling pro­fes­sio­nal golf (simi­lar to as the woke FIFA and IOC). This is why the PGA has set its cor­po­ra­te MSM attack dogs onto the play­ers about human rights hypo­cri­sy. Well news flash, as sad as it is, even the worlds poli­ti­cal lea­ders and Queen Eliza­beth II shows same hypo­cri­sy to Midd­le Eas­tern cul­tu­re when the money’s right.

    LIV Golf is sim­ply a push back to the woke wes­tern cor­po­ra­tised mono­po­ly on glo­bal sport to con­trol the money.…..and that can only be a good thing espe­cial­ly for golf, befo­re the PGA allow the LPGA com­pe­ti­ti­on to be rui­ned by a domi­nant trans­gen­der competitor.

  136. only watch the Mas­ters any­ways with real pas­si­on last bunch of years. Phil’s a mess, rich mess, but a mess none­theless. who cares

  137. The PGA TOUR for years deci­ma­ted the Euro­pean tour sole­ly on the back of more lucra­ti­ve pri­ze funds. LIV is dis­hing out some­thing the TOUR has prac­ti­ced on other tours. Love to see it.

  138. Ima­gi­ne aban­do­ning the PGA Tour… working your who­le life to be able to make a damn good living and beco­me his­to­ric type peop­le… and doing it for buckets of cash while brea­king your bond with the tour that gave us Pal­mer, Play­er, and Nicklaus.

  139. Ame­ri­ca has shown it’s true colors over the last cen­tu­ry when it comes to money. Fuck ever­yo­ne, I’m gon­na get rich. Citi­zens United is not­hing more than a rich man’s across the poli­ti­cal table BRIBE. Read Gene­ral Smed­ley Butler’s 1933 book “War is a Racket” for a peak at how our mili­ta­ry sword has been used to fea­ther the nests of our giant cor­po­ra­ti­ons. Mom and Pop gro­ce­ry stores wiped out by com­mer­cial con­glo­me­ra­tes while the Sher­man Anti­trust Act was igno­red for a cen­tu­ry. Well, the chi­ckens have come home to roost. It’s ALL about the money, end of sto­ry, and I can’t bla­me the­se gol­fers for taking the plun­ge. Besides.….what “majors” do they have? The PGA. As far as I’m concerned.…we get more golf on TV.

  140. Peop­le are not loy­al to the pga tour, fans are loy­al to play­ers, and now I’m curious what rule did the play­ers break?

  141. Ano­t­her back­fired can­cel pro­gram com­ing. When it sinks in all the top play­ers should bail. THIS IS ABOUT FREEDOM! FREE AND FAIR COMPETITION!

  142. PGA tour with a PR night­ma­re on their hands now. Loo­king like bul­lies and sore losers. Take care of your peop­le and you won’t loo­se them 👍

  143. If they want free agen­cy then yeah, they have to deci­de which tour to com­mit to. I don’t bla­me the PGA for doing this. And to play for a league backed by coun­tries that com­mit offen­ses to Human Rights, that’s on their con­sci­ence. That’s like Biden Admi­nis­tra­ti­on asking Sau­di Ara­bia to sell us more oil, when ever­yo­ne knows we get have more oil that can be dril­led here and we can get the oil out a lot clea­ner for the envi­ron­ment than they do.