PGA Tour suspendiert LIV-Teilnehmer ūüö® | Jamie Weir-Berichte

PGA Tour suspendiert LIV Teilnehmer Jamie Weir Berichte Breaking News Golf

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206 thought on “PGA Tour suspendiert LIV-Teilnehmer ūüö® | Jamie Weir-Berichte”

  1. Long Liv the new King ūüĎĎ time for a chan¬≠ge least it will be on you tube and ever¬≠y¬≠bo¬≠dy can watch it

  2. I real¬≠ly don‚Äôt under¬≠stand why the PGA are taking this stance. At the end of the day, the¬≠se guys are pro¬≠fes¬≠sio¬≠nal gol¬≠fers, they make their living from play¬≠ing golf. Yes, the PGA tour¬≠na¬≠ments offer good pri¬≠ze money, howe¬≠ver, the LIV golf ‚Äútour‚ÄĚ are offe¬≠ring the play¬≠ers a lot of money. To the play¬≠ers, this is their live¬≠li¬≠hood. Has any¬≠bo¬≠dy ques¬≠tio¬≠ned or ban¬≠ned the con¬≠struc¬≠tion workers that went to Sau¬≠di or the Oil & Gas workers or the Nur¬≠ses etc etc all for a bet¬≠ter sala¬≠ry and stan¬≠dard of living, I didn‚Äôt think so, so why make a big deal out of the gol¬≠fers. Inci¬≠dent¬≠al¬≠ly, the ‚Äúbig‚ÄĚ names with the excep¬≠ti¬≠on of DJ & I belie¬≠ve Bry¬≠son and Ricky, that have deci¬≠ded to play on the LIV ‚Äútour‚ÄĚ are get¬≠ting towards the end of their PGA care¬≠ers, ie, Phil, Poults, Wes¬≠ty, Ser¬≠gio, so if they have the chan¬≠ce to get a big payout then good luck to them.

    1. When you are the only Big Guy in the room, you don‚Äôt have a pro¬≠blem. but when ano¬≠t¬≠her Big Guy show up (and have a deeper pocket than you) that‚Äôs when you start to have a problem.

    2. Becau­se 6/8 LIV tour­na­ments are at PGA­Tour home ground in Ame­ri­ca. PGA Tour has no issu­es with play­ers play­ing in Asi­an or Euro­pean tour tour­na­ments. Plus, LIV expo­ses PGATour’s lack of visi­on and effort to mar­ket glo­bal­ly. Pro Golf is one of the most glo­bal­ly mar­ket­a­ble sports and yet, rela­ti­ve to the best ath­le­tes in other sports, pro gol­fers are the least paid and take the grea­test risks. The are free­lan­cers, have to pay all their expen­ses, get paid only when the win and have to make the cut every tournament.

    3. The pro¬≠blem i see is the com¬≠pe¬≠ti¬≠ti¬≠on. The¬≠re is no incen¬≠ti¬≠ve when they‚Äô¬≠re giving out par¬≠ti¬≠ci¬≠pa¬≠ti¬≠on tro¬≠phies, excu¬≠se me, par¬≠ti¬≠ci¬≠pa¬≠ti¬≠on money.

    1. Is that not world¬≠wi¬≠de tho the 100k or is that just in uk as its on you¬≠tube all around the world. Iv wat¬≠ched it bit of it just seems to me an exhi¬≠bi¬≠ti¬≠on game of golf.

    2. @ūüáģūüá™shane only way peop¬≠le will keep tuning in is if it stops com¬≠eing across as exhi¬≠bi¬≠ti¬≠on golf but with the for¬≠mat they have for the next while I can‚Äôt see why the exhi¬≠bi¬≠ti¬≠on feel to it will change

  3. They are pro¬≠fes¬≠sio¬≠nal play¬≠ers they can choo¬≠se whe¬≠re to play. Stop trea¬≠ting them as slaves they must obey us or get fired!!

    1. @michael baker We are tal¬≠king about ‚ÄúPGA TOUR,‚ÄĚ a so cal¬≠led, non-pro¬≠fit orga¬≠niz¬≠a¬≠ti¬≠on among many others such as PGA Ame¬≠ri¬≠ca, Euro¬≠pean and Asi¬≠an Tours. The¬≠re is no PGA.

    2. @michael baker the rules we have is about the natu¬≠re of the work and insi¬≠de my working envi¬≠ron¬≠ment, not about what I can or can‚Äôt do out¬≠side my work!

    3. @Ali they have rules they have to fol¬≠low. It‚Äôs apart of the con¬≠tract they sign when they get their PGA card to play in PGA sanc¬≠tion¬≠ed events. It‚Äôs like a non com¬≠pe¬≠te clau¬≠se a lot of com¬≠pa¬≠nies make peop¬≠le sign.

  4. Golf has long nee¬≠ded a world tour. The PGA tour as per are showing their clo¬≠sed shop men¬≠ta¬≠li¬≠ty. This should come as no sur¬≠pri¬≠se to anyo¬≠ne who can remem¬≠ber their thug¬≠gish beha¬≠viour towards the gre¬≠at Seve Bal¬≠les¬≠te¬≠ros. How can you sus¬≠pend ppl with life¬≠time exemptions?

    1. They are showing their greed. Ama¬≠zing how the¬≠se broad¬≠cas¬≠ters are cal¬≠ling it a money grab yet the tour is doing the same by cut¬≠ting off play¬≠ers who go the¬≠re try¬≠ing to pro¬≠tect their dol¬≠lars. Hypocrisy!!!

    2. @T Beck the PGA tour don‚Äôt seem to under¬≠stand a good rela¬≠ti¬≠ons¬≠hip with Liv might actual¬≠ly help them rather than hin¬≠der them

  5. This is going to be a WIN ‚Äď WIN for the PGA Tour.
    WIN‚ÄĎ1. PGA gets to explo¬≠re NEW Mar¬≠ke¬≠ting Ide¬≠as ‚Äď which ones suc¬≠ceed & which fail ‚Äď FOR FREE
    WIN‚ÄĎ2. The Big Name Pros will even¬≠tual¬≠ly be BEGGING to Re-Join the PGA Tour.

  6. HOW TO GUARANTEE LIV SUCCESS ‚Äď Let Pro¬≠fes¬≠sio¬≠nal-Women play along¬≠side Men from the SAME TEES ‚Äď and women must wear mini-skirts.
    Kind of a Golf Car¬≠ni¬≠val ‚ÄúDog & Pony‚ÄĚ Show Effect ‚Äď but that‚Äôs whe¬≠re LIV seems to be going.
    C‚Äômon Now‚Ķtell me THAT would¬≠n‚Äôt be inte¬≠res¬≠ting to watch. ūüôā

  7. ‚ÄúMaw¬≠kish cash grab‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúcowards‚ÄĚ etc. Nice unbia¬≠sed repor¬≠ting from Sky the¬≠re. Embarr¬≠as¬≠sing. You can tell that they broad¬≠cast the PGA Tour and are sca¬≠red of peop¬≠le watching LIV for free on YT ūüėā

  8. LIV seems like a hos¬≠ti¬≠le tour to the PGA. First tour¬≠na¬≠ment going head to head vs. the Cana¬≠di¬≠an Open isn‚Äôt a good thing.

    1. More peop¬≠le strea¬≠ming Liv than the¬≠re are the Cana¬≠di¬≠an open on you tube last time I loo¬≠ked at the num¬≠bers. Says it all really. ūüĎć

    2. So‚Ķ when‚Äôs the next wee¬≠kend the¬≠re isn‚Äôt a PGA Tour event? Do you want them to play Mon¬≠day-Wed¬≠nes¬≠day so they don‚Äôt inter¬≠fe¬≠re with the PGA?

  9. What Good is Having a Golf Lega¬≠cy if you only have $500 mil¬≠li¬≠on when you Retire?
    You can real¬≠ly only enjoy life with at least a Billion.

  10. Most of tho¬≠se guys took the right decisi¬≠on, sin¬≠ce they do have any chan¬≠ce to win again / ever win in the PGA tour. The cur¬≠rent PGA tour has way too many good gol¬≠fers right now.

    1. Michel¬≠son john¬≠son reed dech¬≠am¬≠bleu have all won in the last year ‚Ķ phcuk dah pga¬≠tour and let them know to lawy¬≠er up

  11. No busi¬≠ness let‚Äôs employees work for rival com¬≠pa¬≠nies also becau¬≠se it hurts the com¬≠pa¬≠ny. The pga tour is no dif¬≠fe¬≠rent. If the inde¬≠pen¬≠dent con¬≠trac¬≠tor gol¬≠fers want to play else¬≠whe¬≠re they are free to do so, but don‚Äôt bla¬≠me the pga tour for having their own rules which is also their right to do so.

    1. @T Beck time will tell but I think LIV loo¬≠ks like a joke so far. It‚Äôs a cir¬≠cus side¬≠show. I couldn‚Äôt watch 10 min.

    2. @Earn With Hearn Nor could I. The TV visi¬≠bi¬≠li¬≠ty going for¬≠ward will help deter¬≠mi¬≠ne the future of LIV. The for¬≠mat is not view¬≠er friend¬≠ly. It‚Äôs like watching a bunch of wee¬≠kend war¬≠ri¬≠ors play¬≠ing for money per hole. Team golf does not sus¬≠tain viewership.

  12. The¬≠se play¬≠ers knew the¬≠re will be con¬≠se¬≠quen¬≠ces. The PGA tour have spo¬≠ken. Inde¬≠fi¬≠ni¬≠te sus¬≠pen¬≠si¬≠on. I guess the phra¬≠se ‚Äúfor the love of the game‚ÄĚ should be chan¬≠ged for tho¬≠se who cho¬≠se money over ever¬≠ything. It‚Äôs for the love of money and to hell with the game. I just wish one will stand out and truth¬≠ful¬≠ly say I did it for the money full stop. Not¬≠hing wrong with admit¬≠ting it guys. In fact, you will be prai¬≠sed as honest and not hiding from the tal¬≠king point of advan¬≠cing the game of golf as Phil and Greg would like you to believe.

    1. It is also advan¬≠cing golf. Cur¬≠rent for¬≠mat doesn‚Äôt work for young peop¬≠le with busy sche¬≠du¬≠les and no lar¬≠ge tro¬≠phy room with gigan¬≠tic TVs. The for¬≠mat is both team and indi¬≠vi¬≠du¬≠al, 3 days only and 8 tour¬≠na¬≠ments. Com¬≠pact and inten¬≠se. PGA TOUR events like Bay¬≠hill and Byron Nelson‚Ķwho wat¬≠ches? Not the young people.

    2. Sin¬≠ce most of them are over the hill, it is not sur¬≠pri¬≠sing they have opted for LIV. They are get¬≠ting a huge payday, which would not be avail¬≠ab¬≠le to them in PGA becau¬≠se they are get¬≠ting old and their play is usual¬≠ly medi¬≠o¬≠c¬≠re. Why finish tied for 42d on a PGA lea¬≠der¬≠board and get $25,000 when you can get mil¬≠li¬≠ons play¬≠ing in this start¬≠up? All they need to do is man up and say why they are doing it: for money that likely would not come their way otherwise.

  13. Oops the PGA tour is bit­ing the hand that feeds them! They just lost all tho­se super­stars and pro­bab­ly fore­ver. Huge mista­ke, as they are inde­pen­dent contractors.

  14. Thank you for sti¬≠cking to your guns. Dont ever let tho¬≠se ungreat¬≠full BASTARDS play PGA events ever again.Hope they ride their camels strai¬≠ght to hell with all their blood money drag¬≠ging behind them. Never cared for DJ any¬≠way. He acts like he is a total jerk and could care less for the golf fans.Without the PGA he would pro¬≠bab¬≠ly be living in a run down trai¬≠ler park with his litt¬≠le skank that likes to run around the golf cour¬≠se showing her rear end to half of America.

    1. Agree with you. Very stran¬≠ge. The¬≠re is the PGA Tour, PGA Ame¬≠ri¬≠ca, USGA, not to men¬≠ti¬≠on all the golf bodies in Euro¬≠pe and Asia. LIV GOLF is just ano¬≠t¬≠her tour being added becau¬≠se golf is more of a glo¬≠bal sport out¬≠side of soc¬≠cer. It has a lot of poten¬≠ti¬≠al for growth which old PGA TOUR has not pro¬≠mo¬≠ted. LIV is a thre¬≠at to PGA TOUR, not becau¬≠se it is Sau¬≠di money, but becau¬≠se 6/8 of the the golf tour¬≠na¬≠ments are in the US.

  15. Makes me laugh how Jamie Weir starts cal¬≠ling the new LIV tour a money grab. Will he still be say¬≠ing that when Sly Sports get the rights to show it??? They‚Äôre the big¬≠gest spi¬≠n¬≠eless money grab¬≠bers that have ever exis¬≠ted in Sports broad¬≠cas¬≠ting histo¬≠ry and now they‚Äôre try¬≠ing to hold the moral high found ūüėāūüėāūüėā

  16. Like abso¬≠lute¬≠ly ‚Äėever¬≠ything‚Äô else on this pla¬≠net the USA (and its 350 mil¬≠li¬≠on inha¬≠bi¬≠tants) seem to ima¬≠gi¬≠ne that it is their god given right to impo¬≠se their will upon the other 8 bil¬≠li¬≠on of us. 
    I for one sin¬≠ce¬≠rely hope that this com¬≠ple¬≠te¬≠ly ends the PGA and PGA Tour‚Äôs influ¬≠ence on world golf.

  17. What is the PGA going to do if alot more play¬≠ers lea¬≠ve and go to LIV, espe¬≠cial¬≠ly the play¬≠ers that don‚Äôt win alot.
    I think I would lea¬≠ve my job if I knew I was get¬≠ting alot more money from ano¬≠t¬≠her employ¬≠er, would¬≠n‚Äôt you.

    1. @Paul Scheu¬≠er wtf does that even mean ūüôą
      The Euro¬≠pean tour has the race to Dubai & plays many tour¬≠na¬≠ments in UAE why isn‚Äôt any¬≠bo¬≠dy com¬≠p¬≠lai¬≠ning about that!!??

      The PGA are just the typi¬≠cal school yard bul¬≠ly , but the Liv tour is strong enough & rich enough to beat them in a fight

      How can the anyo¬≠ne accu¬≠se tho¬≠se play¬≠ers of greed when the PGA tour has made bil¬≠li¬≠ons off the back of Phil & DJ etc
      Total hypocrisy

  18. PGA Tour are going to lose this batt­le bad­ly if they keep going down this track. LIV golf is here and loo­ks like they are stay­ing. The money and for­mat is just so much bet­ter then what the PGA offers.

    1. The for¬≠mat is not friend¬≠ly to the average fan. I don‚Äôt want to keep track of 12 teams of 4 guys when I am watching a tour¬≠ney. Perhaps that will chan¬≠ge but the¬≠re are no gua¬≠ran¬≠tees. Fans fol¬≠low one-to-one competition.

    2. @Martin Bra¬≠dy pga makes it impos¬≠si¬≠ble to fol¬≠low anyo¬≠ne unless you‚Äôre a tiger fan and he‚Äôs play¬≠ing. May¬≠be the last hour on Sunday if you who like is play¬≠ing well‚Ķ

  19. Every Sport is Chan¬≠ging ‚Ķmoney talks and NOBODY should be held chai¬≠ned to one par¬≠ti¬≠cu¬≠lar SLAVE ‚Ķno mat¬≠ter which walk of life it is .‚Ķ

    1. No one is ‚Äúchai¬≠ned‚ÄĚ to the PGA Tour. They made a choice, and now they must live with the con¬≠se¬≠quen¬≠ces of that choice.

    1. @Centretard Tardcent¬≠re You might be right but Mickel¬≠son smea¬≠ring over the Augus¬≠ta logo on his vest was sym¬≠bo¬≠lic. Lets wait to hear from Fred Rid¬≠ley, the chair¬≠man of Augus¬≠ta Natio¬≠nal. He has repeated¬≠ly said he will always ‚Äėdo what is best for the game.‚Äô 3 mon¬≠ths ago he rei¬≠tera¬≠ted that he was hap¬≠py with the cur¬≠rent ‚Äėeco¬≠sys¬≠tem‚Äô of golf. Today, I doubt he would say the same.

  20. Sky Sports, who know how to char¬≠ge the public, have the ner¬≠ve to call the LIV Golf tour¬≠na¬≠ment as a ‚Äúmaw¬≠kish money grab‚ÄĚ. Well, I sup¬≠po¬≠se they would know, would¬≠n‚Äôt they? Hypocrites.

  21. Sky sports should choo¬≠se their words care¬≠ful¬≠ly , ‚Äúmoney grab‚ÄĚ .‚Ķ.I take it Sky won‚Äôt be going to the Sau¬≠di F1 Grand Prix this year .‚Ķ‚Ķhypo¬≠cri¬≠tes ūüĎéūüŹĽūüí©

    1. @Tyson Bow¬≠man so it‚Äôs ok for Sky to pro¬≠fit on covering Sau¬≠di events (gol,F1,football), but pro¬≠fes¬≠sio¬≠nal gol¬≠fers can‚Äôt take Sau¬≠di money ? Your qui¬≠te right I don‚Äôt under¬≠stand , still loo¬≠ks v hypo¬≠cri¬≠ti¬≠cal to me ūüôĄ

  22. I think many will reg¬≠ret their decisi¬≠on to lea¬≠ve pga¬≠tour. But, I also think that the pga¬≠tour will revi¬≠se their poli¬≠cy at some point.

    1. With the com¬≠ing eco¬≠no¬≠mic crash, I‚Äôll bet the LIV Tour will have more money and pri¬≠ze money than the PGA Tour very soon.

  23. Ever¬≠yo¬≠ne cri¬≠ti¬≠cis¬≠ing the¬≠se play¬≠ers on joi¬≠ning liv.
    But if any of the­se jour­na­lists or anyo­ne were in the­se play­ers posi­ti­on they would accept.
    The money is so big you just can‚Äôt turn it down.
    It is the¬≠re job at the end of the day, if someo¬≠ne offers you a pay rise you would obvious¬≠ly Accept.

    1. Ple¬≠nty of play¬≠ers tur¬≠ned down the money. Hell, they offe¬≠red Tiger clo¬≠se to a bil¬≠li¬≠on and he said no thanks.

  24. I am watching LIV Golf Live right now on my You¬≠Tube without any TV and any time. I am only going to watch LIV GOLF and the Majors. Bay¬≠hill Invi¬≠ta¬≠tio¬≠nal and Wells Far¬≠go, least evil corp tour¬≠na¬≠ment, are not high prio¬≠ri¬≠ty pro¬≠grams to watch.

  25. Don‚Äôt worry PGA tour wat¬≠ched 5min Liv tour it‚Äôs abso¬≠lute¬≠ly rub¬≠bish feels like wee¬≠kend golf play¬≠ing with me mates no vibe about it not¬≠hing at all

  26. Be hil¬≠arious if the Midd¬≠le East refu¬≠se Ent¬≠ry to the PGA and Euro¬≠pean tours for sel¬≠ling out , Dubai isn‚Äôt Euro¬≠pe but you go to make money , the ori¬≠gi¬≠nal money grab

  27. jamie weir should be fired immedia¬≠te¬≠ly for this bia¬≠sed ‚Äúrepor¬≠ting ‚ÄĚ he needs to rea¬≠li¬≠se his place he‚Äôs just a repor¬≠ter his job is to take the news and bring it to the view¬≠ers his opi¬≠ni¬≠ons are irrelevant

  28. If your defen¬≠ding the play¬≠ers lea¬≠ving the pga tour, have a word with yourself and stop com¬≠ing up with excu¬≠ses. Ever¬≠yo¬≠ne knows and the play¬≠ers are admit¬≠ting it‚Äôs ONLY about money and its a dis¬≠grace¬≠ful examp¬≠le to set to the young who ido¬≠li¬≠se the¬≠se people.

    1. They will never have a bud¬≠get to keep pace with a government with tril¬≠li¬≠ons of dol¬≠lars of oil to spend. This is not Exxon vs Che¬≠vron. It‚Äôs Exxon vs Sau¬≠di Aram¬≠co. Game over very quick in favor of the Sau¬≠di government.

  29. Why doesn‚Äôt ever¬≠yo¬≠ne just join I mean why play for 8.9 like in Cana¬≠da play¬≠ed 140 ish other peop¬≠le rather than play for 25 mil work less ..I don‚Äôt get it is liter¬≠al¬≠ly all about money so why not and if you say it isn‚Äôt I guess you are homeless

  30. I belie¬≠ve I recall watching spe¬≠cial matches. Years ago it may have been Tiger vs David Duvall or Ser¬≠gio. Tiger vs Mickel¬≠son. Bry¬≠son vs what‚Äôs his face. The Skins Game. I even think the¬≠re were Euro¬≠pean tour play¬≠ers com¬≠ing to play occa¬≠sio¬≠nal¬≠ly on the PGA. I guess they (PGA)make the rules up when they don‚Äôt like some¬≠thing they can‚Äôt pro¬≠fit from.

    1. Had the Sau¬≠dis merely arran¬≠ged as part¬≠ners with the PGA group to spon¬≠sor two high pro¬≠fi¬≠le big money events (at least one in Ara¬≠bia), like RBC, they would be in gre¬≠at shape right now and nobo¬≠dy would com¬≠p¬≠lain, but ins¬≠tead, pro¬≠bab¬≠ly becau¬≠se they lost Jack and ended up with Greg, they fol¬≠lo¬≠wed some bad advice to try to crea¬≠te a com¬≠pe¬≠ting league by cyni¬≠cal¬≠ly thro¬≠wing 5 times the nor¬≠mal money at play¬≠ers. Its like a dag¬≠ger into the heart of folks who love PGA golf. Not good PR for Sau¬≠di Ara¬≠bia, the oppo¬≠si¬≠te of that.

    2. @Preston Bac¬≠chus pga is just one long ad for cor¬≠po¬≠ra¬≠te Ame¬≠ri¬≠ca. Couldn‚Äôt love some¬≠thing without a soul.

  31. I won a total of ¬£83 this week as an ama¬≠teur gol¬≠fer at my local club and I‚Äôve been told I must decla¬≠re this, I don‚Äôt know how the¬≠se pro gol¬≠fers with all this money sur¬≠vi¬≠ve, it must be terrible!

  32. Yah the¬≠se guys are doing it for their fami¬≠lies and Amber Heard was doing it for abu¬≠sed women. ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£ūüėāūüíĮ

    1. yeah but the peop¬≠le brea¬≠king away to this super league are just that. Peop¬≠le, peop¬≠le with free will. they arnt com¬≠mu¬≠nities and clubs.

  33. Sky are upset as there‚Äôs a new Golf game we can all watch without adverts ever 5/10 minu¬≠tes and doesn‚Äôt cost an arm and a leg in the first place. Not wat¬≠ched Sky Golf for don¬≠keys years, but did today, wat¬≠ched Liv Golf, enjoy¬≠ed the new for¬≠mat and got to watch golfūüėäūüĎć

    1. Yes the tele¬≠cast today was awe¬≠so¬≠me. They could run some ads at the bot¬≠tom of screen and it would be Ok. Rory is the one they makes me puke as he sits on his $200 mil¬≠li¬≠on from Nike.

  34. No one is buy¬≠ing this dri¬≠vel the PGA is spou¬≠ting, time to reform and co√∂¬≠pe¬≠ra¬≠te with LIV or be left to rust.

  35. Why can‚Äôt one of the¬≠se guys step up to the micro¬≠pho¬≠ne and say, I‚Äôm doing it for the money I‚Äôm not good enough or I‚Äôm too old to make it on the PGA TOUR so here I am.ūü§ĎūüíĮ

    1. @J Luther So basi¬≠cal¬≠ly we‚Äô¬≠re watching a tour with a bunch of used cars, with DJ on the front row to look good from the street. Well I think you‚Äô¬≠re going to need more than one shiny one to gene¬≠ra¬≠te and keep the inte¬≠rest up. Only time will tell. And yes I tried watching this morning, I know we are spoi¬≠led but it was still boring ūüėī why would I care, I‚Äôll just go play ūüíĮ

  36. How bout repor¬≠ting how much PGA makes off play¬≠ers in their tour¬≠neys? Pret¬≠ty sure I can‚Äôt tell a plum¬≠ber whe¬≠re they can work‚Ķ

    1. But that does¬≠n‚Äôt fit in with the sky sports ,
      They‚Äô¬≠re not actual¬≠ly going to tell you the true facts of why the play¬≠ers are unhap¬≠py with the PGA

  37. Agree with below. repor­ters act like the­se gol­fers have taken $$ from them. Its as if Ama­zon told their mem­bers they’d be cut loo­se if they bought from Ali baba or Ryu­ken. tour is like Block­bus­ter- cant see the future.

  38. Ano¬≠t¬≠her examp¬≠le of lega¬≠cy media sprea¬≠ding mis¬≠in¬≠for¬≠ma¬≠ti¬≠on. He doesn‚Äôt accu¬≠se PGA of money grab¬≠bing. The pat¬≠tern I obser¬≠ve with the lega¬≠cy lying media is that whenever they try to sme¬≠ar someo¬≠ne for doing some¬≠thing, they them¬≠sel¬≠ves are more guil¬≠ty of it than anyo¬≠ne else.

  39. The PGA has all of the cards. They have a struc¬≠tu¬≠re in place with all of the tours they spon¬≠sor. All LIV can do is try to ent¬≠i¬≠ce big name PGA play¬≠ers to their events. Right now watching this first LIV event is rather boring without having many top tier play¬≠ers. With only 48 slots per tour¬≠na¬≠ment the¬≠re will be no loyal¬≠ty from the Sau¬≠dis to any mid level gol¬≠fer once they can replace them with a bet¬≠ter known play¬≠er. We‚Äô¬≠ve come a long way sin¬≠ce Bob¬≠by Jones and his desi¬≠re to main¬≠tain an ama¬≠teur sta¬≠tus to the ‚Äúit‚Äôs the money only‚ÄĚ gol¬≠fers of today.

    1. A lot of the top 100 play¬≠ers are going to jump! Fow¬≠ler, Bub¬≠ba, Koep¬≠ka, to name a few! Well, Fow¬≠ler in top 100 in fan support.

  40. moral high grounds chan­ge like the wind.…..Rory and TW and others can afford to have them. the more inte­res­ting argue­ment was Pat Perez’s take on the top gol­fers are way under­paid in rela­ti­ons­hip to many major sports.

    1. Rich gol¬≠fers try¬≠ing to get richer. Poul¬≠ter and West¬≠wood just tras¬≠hed their repu¬≠ta¬≠ti¬≠on. Would under¬≠stand if the money was going back into golf or cha¬≠ri¬≠ty vs a new ferrari

    2. Gre¬≠at point. Yet in 2005 it was all the hub¬≠bub how tiger had incre¬≠a¬≠sed all the pur¬≠ses and put th e PGA on the map money wise. Fun¬≠ny how times change


  42. Wow! This guys a bia¬≠sed tool. Pro¬≠of again that we never real¬≠ly grow up & that we just get older. Let‚Äôs call him bug¬≠ar. May¬≠be we should ask Lebron? Curious his take? He‚Äôs appar¬≠ent¬≠ly a tool of the CCP making bank. Let‚Äôs ask Kaeper¬≠nick! He makes bank too suing ever¬≠y¬≠bo¬≠dy. Won¬≠der what this dude would spout out? Let‚Äôs ask Gabri¬≠el Igle¬≠si¬≠as? He‚Äôs done shows all over inclu¬≠ding in Sau¬≠di. Let‚Äôs ask the clan of NBA play¬≠ers loo¬≠king to go over¬≠seas to play bas¬≠ket¬≠ball. List goes on & on. Mariah Carey. Jus¬≠tin Bie¬≠ber. 50 cent. Jen¬≠ni¬≠fer Lopez. Black Eyed Peas. PGA is showing it‚Äôs true arro¬≠gant fra¬≠ter¬≠ni¬≠ty colors. Ya‚Äôll have lost me.

  43. 100k live peop¬≠le watching this on you¬≠tube for a first round is pret¬≠ty good. The field is pret¬≠ty good but not per¬≠fect yet. The broad¬≠cast was good. More play¬≠ers will want to join. The let¬≠ter & sus¬≠pen¬≠si¬≠on they just put out the¬≠re will also push some more play¬≠ers towards LIV. Still men¬≠tio¬≠ning 3 names as the lega¬≠cy of golf, they have lost the plot. Peop¬≠le care about money, not a hand¬≠shake from Jack Nick¬≠laus or some moral high ground from Rory. Legal¬≠ly who knows what is pos¬≠si¬≠ble but the pga tour will be insi¬≠gni¬≠fi¬≠cant in 5 years if they keep this up.

    1. I thought the coverage was garish.
      I was kee¬≠ping an eye on my pho¬≠ne while swit¬≠ching bet¬≠ween The RBC and The Scan¬≠di¬≠na¬≠vi¬≠an on TV‚Ķ
      I honest¬≠ly thought the coverage was poor but my main issue was the gra¬≠phics all the way down the left side. I Found them to be real¬≠ly dis¬≠trac¬≠ting‚Ķ I could only watch the first 15 minu¬≠tes or so‚Ķ

    2. Yeah, this was a bit too much for my tas¬≠te as well. I think this is very depen¬≠dent on what you are used to, in Asia they may like it (in general)

    3. I thought the coverage was fine. I‚Äôm in my mid 30s. Only down¬≠si¬≠de is whe¬≠re is their web¬≠site lea¬≠der¬≠board. The cad¬≠dies mic‚Äôs up was fun.

  44. Con¬≠si¬≠de¬≠ring homo¬≠se¬≠xua¬≠li¬≠ty is a crime in Sau¬≠di Ara¬≠bia and could get you exe¬≠cu¬≠t¬≠ed, whe¬≠re are all the LGBTQ+XYZ pro¬≠tes¬≠ters against this new league?

  45. The PGA tour have bad¬≠ly mis¬≠jud¬≠ged this..they do not have the moral high ground..going to court to restrict play¬≠ers choice is a very poor place to be.
    Money will win and the tour is com­ing second

    1. Pga is not restric¬≠ted choice they are wel¬≠co¬≠me to go play liv which they did, if they want to play in pga tour then there‚Äôs rules and regu¬≠la¬≠ti¬≠ons which were the¬≠re well b4 liv tur¬≠ned up and pga does¬≠n‚Äôt need to take them to court it will be the play¬≠ers try¬≠ing to threa¬≠ten court

  46. So, the¬≠se ‚Äėrebels‚Äô have shown that it‚Äôs just about the gilt, no mat¬≠ter whe¬≠re it comes from. On the other hand, what set of rules will the Sau¬≠di league (and, it is the Sau¬≠di league no mat¬≠ter how it‚Äôs white was¬≠hed!), play to, the PGA‚Äôs, the USGA‚Äôs?

  47. Go LIV! I haven‚Äôt heard any human rights in Sau¬≠di Ara¬≠bia com¬≠p¬≠laints when repor¬≠ters and PGA offi¬≠cials fill up their cars with their fuel. All such bullshit.

  48. Arro¬≠gan¬≠ce from the PGA. The sport needs to evol¬≠ve. My values don‚Äôt align with LIV, but it‚Äôs what the sport needs right now.

  49. Ter¬≠ri¬≠ble repor¬≠ting from Jamie Weir. Far too opi¬≠nio¬≠na¬≠ted to be in this position.‚Ķ..starts off cal¬≠ling the LIV golf par¬≠ti¬≠ci¬≠pants money grabbing.‚Ķwhat a dis¬≠gus¬≠tin¬≠g¬≠ly bia¬≠sed pie¬≠ce of journalism.

  50. Maw¬≠kish money grab‚Ķ what a pom¬≠pous doof. Golf is a busi¬≠ness. PGA repres¬≠ents 1.5 B US dol¬≠lars reve¬≠nue. Clai¬≠ming the Sau¬≠dis should not give it a try is disin¬≠ge¬≠nuous. PGA can co exist or fade becau¬≠se their famous stars of yes¬≠te¬≠rye¬≠ar that they con¬≠ti¬≠nue to bet the brand on are in fact reti¬≠red or dead.

    1. PGA was once respec¬≠ted , but then they went woke! When Jus¬≠tin Tho¬≠mas had to pro¬≠fu¬≠se¬≠ly apo¬≠lo¬≠gi¬≠ze for cal¬≠ling hims¬≠elf a F*6, I lost respect for the organization‚Ķhe belitt¬≠led no one! May¬≠be he is and rea¬≠li¬≠zed it at that moment!

  51. Hmm¬≠mm, not¬≠hing to do with the abi¬≠li¬≠ty to broad¬≠cast the event. Fun¬≠ny how Sky cover the F1 racing in Sau¬≠di Arabia? ūü§Ē

  52. Having wat¬≠ched golf for the last 35 years, my first real memo¬≠ry being of the Mas¬≠ter with San¬≠dy Lyle win¬≠ning in 1988, the PGA Tour has always pro¬≠mo¬≠ted its¬≠elf as the pre¬≠mier tour, with more money and oppor¬≠tu¬≠ni¬≠ty than the Euro¬≠pean tour. It was a rival¬≠ry for some¬≠time, until they rea¬≠li¬≠sed that they would be stron¬≠ger try¬≠ing to work tog¬≠e¬≠ther. Then came the FedEx cup with what would be con¬≠si¬≠de¬≠red obs¬≠ce¬≠ne amounts of money up for grabs for the win¬≠ner. All of a sud¬≠den the tables have tur¬≠ned, and finan¬≠cial¬≠ly the PGA isn‚Äôt the top of the pile any¬≠mo¬≠re. Liv Golf is here. Play¬≠ers appar¬≠ent¬≠ly being paid more to turn up than they have ear¬≠ned in their who¬≠le care¬≠er! The quicker they work out that they will be stron¬≠ger tog¬≠e¬≠ther the bet¬≠ter. It took the PGA and the now DP World Tour (ex Euro¬≠pean Tour) years to work this out. The¬≠re is space for ever¬≠yo¬≠ne, learn how to work tog¬≠e¬≠ther, other¬≠wi¬≠se play¬≠ers may just rea¬≠li¬≠se the grass is gree¬≠ner on the other side and the PGA could be a long distant memory.

  53. The irony‚ĶSky Sports tal¬≠king of a new money orga¬≠ni¬≠sa¬≠ti¬≠on dama¬≠ging the exis¬≠ting cur¬≠rent old order.‚ĶhummmmūüėĄ

  54. Am I to belie¬≠ve that the jour¬≠na¬≠lists and the media com¬≠pa¬≠nies who are sla¬≠ting the play¬≠ers for whe¬≠re the money is com¬≠ing from are not going to be covering the FIFA World Cup in the win¬≠ter becau¬≠se they have such high morals.
    No I don‚Äôt think so, they will be kicking down doors to be out the¬≠re for it with no ques¬≠ti¬≠ons to Foot¬≠bal¬≠ling bodies about the rights of cer¬≠tain groups.

  55. Never having to see Bry¬≠son DeCh¬≠am¬≠beau, Patrick Reed, Lee West¬≠wood and Graeme McDo¬≠well ever again might turn this into a result.

  56. You got to ask yourself if the money was right, is the¬≠re any¬≠whe¬≠re you would¬≠n‚Äôt play? Would you have play¬≠ed in apart¬≠heid South Afri¬≠ca spon¬≠so¬≠red by the government for examp¬≠le? What if Vla¬≠di¬≠mir Putin had a tour¬≠na¬≠ment, would you legi¬≠ti¬≠mi¬≠ze his r√©gime by play¬≠ing the¬≠re and cashing in mil¬≠li¬≠ons of dol¬≠lars? The real ques¬≠ti¬≠on is about decen¬≠cy ‚Äď are you a moral per¬≠son or not? Should gol¬≠fers be held to hig¬≠her ethi¬≠cal stan¬≠dards than foot¬≠bal¬≠lers or F1 dri¬≠vers? My ans¬≠wer is a resound¬≠ing YES!!! The foun¬≠ding fathers of golf were all gen¬≠tle¬≠men who play¬≠ed with gre¬≠at honour and a sen¬≠se of respon¬≠si¬≠bi¬≠li¬≠ty becau¬≠se they were role models for socie¬≠ty. Think of Jack and Arnold who estab¬≠lis¬≠hed the PGA. It‚Äôs not all about money you know it‚Äôs also about histo¬≠ry and lega¬≠cy and being decent citi¬≠zens of the world.

  57. All things said this is good for the play¬≠ers and pos¬≠si¬≠b¬≠ly if they can play Ryder cup for the game as well else Ryder cup will also be raplced in 5 years

  58. The hypo¬≠cri¬≠sy of the PGA tour is asto¬≠un¬≠ding as well as the play¬≠ers who are pon¬≠ti¬≠fi¬≠ca¬≠ting against the play¬≠ers who left.
    The¬≠se are inde¬≠pen¬≠dent con¬≠trac¬≠tors without a uni¬≠on and the PGA tour will hope¬≠ful¬≠ly lose their non pro¬≠fit sta¬≠tus which is and has been one of the big¬≠gest lies in history.
    I‚Äôm sure they could care less but I will not watch a PGA tour event again.

  59. I appre¬≠cia¬≠te you and your con¬≠tent Tech¬≠ni¬≠cal Ana¬≠ly¬≠sis is good but I find It tru¬≠ly baff¬≠ling that major cryp¬≠to you¬≠tubers just look most¬≠ly at pure T.A and com¬≠ple¬≠te¬≠ly igno¬≠re the big¬≠ger nar¬≠ra¬≠ti¬≠ve of why BTC is pumps/pumped and why the future out¬≠look will be even rosier than it seems. It‚Äôs kin¬≠da irre¬≠spon¬≠si¬≠ble to igno¬≠re the fact that each ETF launch so far has cau¬≠sed a major dump at the peaks of BTC. We were alrea¬≠dy on shaky foo¬≠ting with his¬≠to¬≠ri¬≠cal¬≠ly low volu¬≠me and almost pure wha¬≠le pumps, nar¬≠row¬≠ly avoiding a long-term bear mar¬≠ket. More empha¬≠sis should be put into day tra¬≠ding as it is less affec¬≠ted by the unpre¬≠dic¬≠ta¬≠ble natu¬≠re of the mar¬≠ket. I have made over 14 btc from day tra¬≠ding with McCord Kobe insights and charts.His been one step ahead of other analysis‚Ķ 

    1. Real¬≠ly! That‚Äôs good, Plea¬≠se I‚Äôm very much inte¬≠res¬≠ted. How can I get in touch with this McCord Kobe? I real¬≠ly need to give him a try.

    2. I agree with you, Not­hing bet­ter than backing-up your assets, day tra­ding with signals from McCord , He real­ly boos­ted my portfolio.

    3. I have a simi¬≠lar tes¬≠ti¬≠mo¬≠ny, with 2.5Btc, I alrea¬≠dy have 9.15Btc wit¬≠hin 1 mon¬≠ths sin¬≠ce of con¬≠ta¬≠c¬≠ting him.

    4. McCord Kobe always have a way of mil¬≠king this mar¬≠ket and I am hap¬≠py to be his fol¬≠lower. My port¬≠fo¬≠lio has grown from $220k to $579k. This wouldn‚Äôt have been pos¬≠si¬≠ble without McCord accu¬≠ra¬≠te signals.

    5. Using a good Coach like Mr McCord Kobe to buy and day tra¬≠de takes away the com¬≠ple¬≠xi¬≠ty and makes you incredi¬≠b¬≠ly successful

  60. Jay Mona¬≠g¬≠han is a joke. Resign now or the PGA Tour is done. It‚Äôs always about money and they don‚Äôt have Sau¬≠di money. US tour is in trou¬≠ble. Pay them or they will fol¬≠low the money. Just like every other human being on the planet.

  61. I seem to remem¬≠ber sky box office broad¬≠cas¬≠ting Joshua ruiz 2 but I don‚Äôt remem¬≠ber them refer¬≠ring to that as a money grab

  62. Capi¬≠ta¬≠lism at its finest next the PGA will want to pay them with PGA tokens to be spent at the PGA store they are inde¬≠pen¬≠dent con¬≠trac¬≠tors not inden¬≠tu¬≠red ser¬≠vants embrace capi¬≠ta¬≠lism the soul of Ame¬≠ri¬≠ca I‚Äôm behind the players .

  63. As more play¬≠ers migra¬≠te over to the LIV golf league and sub¬≠se¬≠quent¬≠ly are sus¬≠pen¬≠ded or ban¬≠ned from the PGA I don‚Äôt belie¬≠ve that is a wise move becau¬≠se even¬≠tual¬≠ly the¬≠re‚Äôll be nobo¬≠dy left but lower tier play¬≠ers com¬≠pe¬≠ting in the PGA.. if tiger woods was to join the LIV golf League it would be a death blow to the PGA

  64. Not sur­pri­sing!
    Efforts to divi¬≠de the world into 2 dif¬≠fe¬≠rent fac¬≠tions continue‚Ķ
    STOP Can¬≠cel Cul¬≠tu¬≠re!!! Hypo¬≠cri¬≠sy at its best.
    PGA is acting as a THUG! How about the player‚Äôs rights and choice here? Stop mixing your poli¬≠ti¬≠cal agen¬≠da with sports! Stop the ‚ÄúPick & Choo¬≠se‚ÄĚ men¬≠ta¬≠li¬≠ty! Stop making golf a sport for a cer¬≠tain group of peop¬≠le! What hap¬≠pen¬≠ed to play¬≠ers who are not sup¬≠po¬≠sed to be invol¬≠ved in making a poli¬≠ti¬≠cal state¬≠ment? The¬≠se days, each of the ath¬≠le¬≠tes from a varie¬≠ty of sports comes up with poli¬≠ti¬≠cal and social state¬≠ments, and if the organiser/body, sup¬≠ports the athlete‚Äôs state¬≠ments due to its own belief, they are fine and have the right to speak up! Howe¬≠ver, if it is against the organiser/association‚Äôs beliefs, they are repri¬≠man¬≠ded! Pure rub¬≠bish. STOP drag¬≠ging the gol¬≠fers through your own mud! If you real¬≠ly, want to clean up, start with New¬≠cast¬≠le United, the foot¬≠ball club. If the PGA tour worries about com¬≠pe¬≠ti¬≠ti¬≠on, just say so!

  65. I am an arm¬≠chair wat¬≠cher, I want shot after shot not con¬≠stant inter¬≠rup¬≠ti¬≠ons until I chan¬≠ge chan¬≠nels like with PGA, Liv is shot after shot and keeps my interest ūüôā

  66. SKy pushing the hate of LIV many grab HAHAHAHA‚Ķ sounds like gover¬≠ment con¬≠trol, FIFA too‚Äě, same thing‚Äě, i guess golf is also dead now? wtf are the¬≠se pga quants cry¬≠ing about, con¬≠trol¬≠ling peop¬≠le is a drug hey

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