PGA Tour UNTERBROCHEN Aktuelle und zukünftige LIV-Spieler | CBS Sportzentrale

PGA Tour UNTERBROCHEN Aktuelle und zukuenftige LIV Spieler CBS Sportzentrale cbs

Kyle Por­ter tritt CBS Sports HQ bei, um die Nach­richt zu ver­brei­ten, dass die PGA Tour aktu­el­le und zukünf­ti­ge LIV-Spie­ler sus­pen­die­ren wird. ABONNIEREN SIE UNSEREN KANAL: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​u​s​e​r​/​C​B​S​S​p​o​r​t​sHQ SEHEN SIE CBS Sports HQ: https://​www​.cbs​sports​.com/​l​i​ve/ Para­mount Plus: https://​www​.para​mount​plus​.com FOLGEN SIE UNS AUF : Face­book – https://​www​.face​book​.com/​C​B​S​S​p​o​r​ts/ Insta­gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​c​b​s​s​p​o​r​t​s​hq/ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​C​B​S​S​p​o​r​t​sHQ #PGA #Golf #Golf­News

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336 thought on “PGA Tour UNTERBROCHEN Aktuelle und zukünftige LIV-Spieler | CBS Sportzentrale”

  1. I think what would nip it in the butt would be if enough play­ers would sup­port the play­ers that made the 1st move and join with the­re fel­low play­ers and this would for­ce the PGA to rethink it or fold !

    1. not at all – they exer­cis­ed their choice. At the same time, the tour has a right to do what it plea­ses too. Let the courts decide.

  2. Who gives a rats ass? When sports beco­me poli­ti­cal, they are no lon­ger sports, they are lob­bies. I say, I will never watch ano­t­her PGA event until they lift the­se sus­pen­si­ons. F the PGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huma­ni­ty is silly.

    1. @Alan Mor­ri­son why it’s just golf. PGA is so big that they shouldn’t let this get to them. If they was smart they would’ve done what the Japa­ne­se base­ball league does with their play­ers to mlb. U want them pay me to let you talk to my play­er or the pga should’ve done what soc­cer does I’ll rent you my play­ers. Simp­le as that. Ever­yo­ne mad cau­se the­se play­ers are jum­ping ship to play for gua­ran­te­ed money. Pga don’t even pay play­ers for appe­ar at an event. They have to place at least top 10 to get some money.

    1. LIV is spen­ding a lot of money to get the best play­ers but the ques­ti­on is how long they are going to do that without making enough money to cover the cost! If they are wil­ling to never make any money then they will des­troy the PGA!

    2. @Michael Dun­son .… well the venue sold out, the for­mat is inte­res­ting, and if they can sur­vi­ve a few yrs, it can turn to black from the red startup. 

      How, .…
      Even­tual­ly a tv deal.
      N more com­mer­cial sponsorship. 

      Liv is inte­res­ting in the mat­ter its has a under­ly­ing for­mu­la 1 concept.
      4 guys on a team, hoping for the team vic­to­ry, but each guy is going for the indi­vi­du­al win. 

      Mark it, if they get this right, can you ima­gi­ne, 4 pro­fes­sio­nal guys get tog­e­ther and join up to make a run for the title. 

      Now I’m see­ing some­thing that could even tor­pe­do liv golf, .… set­ting up.a cir­cuit, whe­re it’s a team buy in, like for­mu­la 1.

  3. I don’t have a pro­blem with the PGA sus­pen­ding play­ers. I do howe­ver think tel­ling spon­sors who can/cannot play in their tour­na­ment is a slip­pe­ry slope.

    1. This never would have been done without con­sul­ta­ti­on with all the spon­sors. This has been in pre­pa­ra­ti­on of today for months

    2. @Ash Lopez A) it’s golf, the world will sur­vi­ve. B) 17 play­ers are now sus­pen­ded from the PGA. 4 of them would be con­si­de­red top 30–40 talent. Most of them rea­li­ze they aren’t win­ning any­mo­re so they took the gua­ran­te­ed money and left. The tour will be fine without Na, Gooch, Poul­ter, West­wood, Lou­is, etc. They aren’t frontrunners

  4. Have we all for­got what the PGA Tour did to the Euro­pean PGA Tour resul­ting in crea­ti­on of DP Inter­na­tio­nal ??? Defi­ni­te­ly this will rede­fi­ne “Inde­pen­dent Contractor “.

  5. Smh , pga needs to tread light­ly, but they not, ok sus­pend the guys, but dont go making state­ments with vili­fi­ca­ti­on. Now you com­ing off like a jaded bull, and well , that can make the under­dog liv golf, find a warm spot in folks psy­che to land on.

    1. Not in mine. Give tho­se creeps a life­time ban. Ima­gi­ne working for the Sau­dis! Sup­pres­si­on of women rights is enough for me to barf but add on kil­ling a jour­na­list by chop­ping him up. Ima­gi­ne working for them. Being an ambassa­dor. Ima­gi­ne. Shame­ful. All for money. Sickening.

  6. Wha­te­ver is moti­vat­ing PGA to sus­pend the­se moral­ly bankrupt play­ers play­ing in the Sau­di finan­ced golf league, I applaud this decisi­on. I don’t care to ever watch the­se play­ers. I would be even hap­pier if they all packed and moved to Sau­di Ara­bia ruled by mur­de­rous thugs.

    1. What about buy­ing for coun­tries that have star­ted fal­se flag régime chan­ge wars that have kil­led mil­li­ons of inno­cent men women and child­ren. Is it okay for them to play for tho­se countries?

    2. I guess you need to ask your local gas sta­ti­on whe­re they buy their fuel and ask whe­re the refi­ne­ry is get­ting the oil from. Always quick to judge others choices but don’t rea­li­ze your own hypo­cri­sy. And if you give me the I have electric car crap than you are get­ting ener­gy from other sources many are against like coal, natu­ral gas, and was­te from nuclear.

  7. What would hap­pen IF all the top 20 play­ers resi­gned from the PGA Tour??

    TIGER will dominate.
    Set Major Record.

  8. So, Tra­velers wants to give an exemp­ti­on to Dus­tin John­son or Kevin Na, but isn’t allo­wed to by the PGA. Sup­po­se the spon­sor (Tra­velers) ain’t real hap­py about that. Then sup­po­se that other tour­na­ment spon­sors ain’t hap­py about this restric­tion. Then sup­po­se the­se spon­sors deci­de they don’t want to be spon­sors anymore.

    1. Bet­ter examp­le – the “Shell Hous­ton Open” – that will be situa­ti­on whe­re the line is real­ly drawn in the Sand!

    1. Nope. But the­re is only one Tiger Woods. He is on a dif­fe­rent level. The guys that left, aren’t any­whe­re near him and that inclu­des Phil.

    2. @PaulsGospel Gaming lol Phil is in the same cate­go­ry of hall of fame gol­fer as tiger. Lol. The fact you don’t think so shows how much of a not fan you are

    3. @kuzmania I am a Phil Mickel­son fan, or at least I was. He was my favo­ri­te play­er. Even more so than Tiger Woods. Nevertheless I am not igno­rant to the impact Tiger Woods has had on Golf, from a finan­cial stand­point, which is expo­nen­ti­al­ly hig­her than any other Gol­fer inclu­ding Phil Mickel­son, and you know this.

    4. @PaulsGospel Gaming that’s why I agreed with you. Tiger is the casu­al fans mes­siah. Peop­le who bare­ly can break 100 love him. Peop­le who watch every tour event, want too see someo­ne com­pe­te. I think were on the dame page but dif­fe­rent ways of exp­lai­ning. Hope you have a good day pal

  9. More will lea­ve its as simp­le as that. If you get offe­red 10x what you nor­mal­ly get its a no brai­ner. This is the fault of the PGA being gree­dy over the years has final­ly hit them hard.

    1. @Patrick McAl­lis­ter yeah they also crea­ted a mono­po­ly whe­re the tour pockets most of the money and allow the play­ers play for pen­nies in com­pa­ri­son. If you are not a top name in the sport how much money are you real­ly making? Con­si­de­ring they are con­stant­ly tra­ve­ling and they’re never home with their families.

  10. This is inte­res­ting i like this becau­se now its com­pe­ti­ti­on atleast a few more tours . Pgaand pga­tour has done gre­at work over the years but con­trol­ling who can play who cant play who should do what is not their domain. Inter­s­t­ing part is split of in the spon­sors . Will nike , adi­das , puma , under­ar­mour izod , etc and mas­ter­card visa .…. so many spon­sors , tay­lorma­de , cal­la­way, and now lets see whe­ther the­re will be con­flict of inte­rests … this is serious­ly interesting…money talks … it depends how long will it take to liv tour to make a mark and how much qua­li­ty they can get. Can they poach more play­ers. One thing is clear its not about nati­ons etc its plain money honey . 🤣

    1. @Michael Fong tough ques­ti­on i come from a coun­try even though one play­ed for deca­de couldnt find a spon­sor. If that is affi­lia­ted to pga then ? Lets under­stand that its an ame­ri­can and euro­pean doni­na­ted gane and the money isnt lying the­re . Most­ly they say its a play­er run orga­ni­sa­ti­on but tru­ly it is not . And most of them who have moved to the liv tour are eit­her their gol­fing care­er is in twi­light or made a deci­on to make enough and live peace­ful­ly . Its a clear thing even in the rule book you cant be a pro if you dont have spon­sor so if pga got them a spon­sor its bcos pga had to get one for them .

  11. If the play­ers wan­ted a choice, they got it. They want their cake and to eat it too. Why would the PGA be agree­ab­le to having dama­ge done to their brand?

    1. Becau­se the PGA makes hund­reds of mil­li­ons off play­ers, and then gives them pea­nuts. Lol no shit the pro­duct is gun­na rea­li­ze their worth and move on for more money.

    2. @kuzmania If a play­er can make a mil­li­on dol­lars a year for com­ing in last every week, I can’t sym­pa­thi­ze or feel their pain.

  12. I think this is fair­ly simp­le. If a pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fer deci­de money over ethics, then suf­fer the con­se­quen­ces. I would NEVER work for a boss who kills jour­na­lists, kills gays, sup­pres­ses women rights and in gene­ral are utter­ly vile and des­pi­ca­ble. Yes ban any play­er who gives up his morals for money.

    1. I total­ly agree. Poli­tics and sports are fore­ver. Hit­ler ope­ned that Pandora’s Box with the 1936 Olym­pics and there’s no tur­ning back. I don’t it’s a good idea to play in a tour fun­ded by a group that has tho­se kinds of issu­es. It’s so hypo­cri­ti­cal. It’s like coun­tries buy­ing Rus­si­an oil while hel­ping Ukrai­ne. It’s about time this coun­try starts stan­ding for something.

  13. Not a legal expert, but can’t the PGA Tour be sued over this basedd on anti-trust legal issu­es ? Seems like the sus­pen­ded play­ers have a case as the PGA Tour is essen­ti­al­ly a mono­po­ly that is ROBBING the play­ers blind.

    1. Exact­ly this, but they and fan boys cover this w their mem­bers­hip bull­shit. The PGA tour makes hund­reds of mil­li­ons off Phil, but give him 8 mil­li­on? Out of 400 mil­li­on the PGA got off Phil. To give him 8 is hor­se shir

    2. @Michael Fong lol if you’­re a cau­sal fan, yeah tiger dri­ves the need­le. If you wan­na watch someo­ne com­pe­te and try snd win. Phil is a bet­ter watch, rn.

    3. @kuzmania I have wat­ched sin­ce Jack was in his prime in 1968. So much for that idio­tic com­ment. Even Phil says Tiger is respon­si­ble for the purses.

  14. Some of their stan­ces make me want to root for the Sau­dis. Com­pe­ti­ti­on is a good thing, but it is even bet­ter when the pga acts so aggressively

    1. How is that aggres­si­ve? The PGA doesn’t sup­port the sau­dis stance on human rights and it’s a pri­va­te orga­niz­a­ti­on. For examp­le, it’s like tel­ling a fami­ly mem­ber if you hang out with a known kil­ler they’re no lon­ger invi­ted to your house.

    2. @Pete Big­ner if that’s your way of ratio­na­li­zing that’s fine. Is the­re any instance that would not be okay with you?

  15. Are they going to sus­pend all of the play­ers that play in the Euro­pean tour also?
    I guess the PGA, unli­ke any other busi­ness that’s ever exis­ted, never expec­ted com­pe­ti­ti­on. What’s with that? Sounds a bit gree­dy and sel­fi­sh to me. Thin­king the­re tour would be a who­le lot bet­ter off kee­ping all tho­se play­ers and let­ting them play whe­re­ver they want to play sin­ce they’­re inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors. I belie­ve the LIV play­ers have a legal stance and can win it. They worked hard to earn their PGA card. The PGA would be not­hing without its play­ers. It should keep them.

    1. I think you are abso­lute­ly right. I’d fur­ther add that LIV Golf is very dif­fe­rent than any break away sports league that has come along. And it’s dif­fe­rent becau­se the peop­le behind it have the money to lure away the most reco­gniz­ab­le play­ers in the game and they have the money to stay the cour­se. Here’s an ana­lo­gy: Let’s take other sports leagues that have come along and why they fai­led, the USFL, the Assoc of Ame­ri­can foot­ball. The­se leagues las­ted about a year and fold­ed. They did­n’t have the money to gain trac­tion. They weren’t luring away Tom Bra­dy, Pay­ton Man­ning and Chris­ti­an McCaf­frey to play for 200K. But LIV Golf does have the cash. That’s the dif­fe­rence and that’s why the PGA Tour is in real trouble.

    2. @Dgott001 _ The PGA Euro­pean Tour is an orga­niz­a­ti­on which ope­ra­tes the three lea­ding men’s pro­fes­sio­nal golf tours in Euro­pe: the éli­te Euro­pean Tour, which is the princi­pal golf tour in Euro­pe; the Euro­pean Seni­or Tour, for play­ers aged fif­ty or older; and the deve­lo­p­men­tal Chal­len­ge Tour. It is NOT the PGA Tour.

    3. @DP Dut­cher I don’t care who mana­ges it. I never cal­led the PGA Euro­pean Tour the PGA Tour. They obvious­ly have a part­ners­hip, which kills the argu­ment the op made

  16. Wow! Is this more about jea­l­ou­sy, if so, why? Is it becau­se they’re Sau­di Ara­bi­an? Con­trol? The PGA loo­ks real­ly bad and now I’m inte­res­ted che­cking out a lil Liv!

  17. Who cares? They can play the­se 8 events and make more than they would in their ent­i­re PGA care­ers and then still go play the 4 majors that they actual­ly care about. This is about the PGA tour losing view­ers­hip on the non-major events and try­ing to keep their wee­kly pro­duct as full of big names as possible.

    1. Only the older play­ers with exemp­ti­ons can play the 4 majors. No OWGR points for the rest of the play­ers. No three round tour­na­ments will ever be recognized.

  18. It’s so des­pi­ca­ble to see how the lust for money can so easi­ly make other­wi­se decent peop­le moral­ly bankrupt. PM is so pathe­tic as he embarr­as­sin­gly stumb­les over the obvious issue of Jamal Khashoggi’s mur­der by the Sau­di prince’s goons. This is pure, unadul­te­ra­ted aiding/abetting the hein­ous régime. But, the US con­ti­nu­al­ly fel­la­tes the Sau­dis over oil, so it’s clear that oil and money are far more important than stan­ding up to tyrants. USA! USA!

    1. Lol wont hap­pen, sor­ry bud. Each major deci­des on their own who is invi­ted to their events…not the PGA. Some have alrea­dy said that they­re fine with LIV gol­fers play­ing in their tournaments.

  19. Then, to hell with the PGA. The same thing hap­pen­ed to Dis­ney, Walt must be tur­ning in his gra­ve after see­ing the poli­ti­ci­zing going on with his company.

  20. I love this! The LIV tour is going to just grow so fast now. This is going to be awe­so­me! PGA tour is a joke now, due to this drastic action.

  21. The PGA Tour choo­ses the cri­mi­nals it allows to spon­sor its tour­neys. Wells-Far­go bank is may­be the most cor­rupt, cri­mi­nal finan­cial insti­tu­ti­on in the coun­try. It rou­ti­nely des­troys people’s lives through finan­cial deceit and mal­fea­sance, yet it spon­sors a huge tour­ney that the PGA is proud to pro­mo­te. When the PGA gets mil­li­ons, it’s okay to asso­cia­te with criminals.

  22. Phil has a life­time exemp­ti­on on the PGA tour. This will get ugly now and the­re will be con­tract lawy­ers thanking the PGA for this mis step.

    1. Let’s look at it from the PGA per­spec­ti­ve. Phil knew what was in the mem­bers­hip rules when he signed his “con­tract”. The PGA pro­vi­ded a plat­form for him to get rich. They get the tour­na­ments, spon­sors, venue. and TV con­tracts. They did not chan­ge the rules at any­ti­me and they gave him an $8,000,000 bonus this year for doing not­hing. Phil “lever­aged” the Sau­di League to rewri­te his con­tract. Phil asked for the video rights of his per­for­man­ces. No Ath­le­te whe­ther it is MJ, Bra­dy or LeBron has the video rights to their per­for­man­ces. No league allows that.
      Phil is threa­tening to des­troy the PGA. He say that the PGA is “obnoxious­ly gree­dy” in a moment of hypo­cri­sy he signed a $200,000,000 “con­tract” with the Liv league.

      It is Phil who fired the first shot and threa­tens to des­troy the PGA. The PGA should sus­pend Phil for his actions.

    2. @Michael Fong he kind of pro­ved his point w that 200 mil­li­on. They offer and give him 8 mil­li­on, but he’s making them hund­reds of mil­li­ons? That Is sel­fi­sh of the PGA. Of cour­se he wants to earn some of the money he’s making for other peop­le. You sound delusional

    3. @kuzmania Did the PGA chan­ge their con­tract? Does Phil have the rights to his vide­os while per­forming? Name ano­t­her ath­le­te who has their video rights.

    4. @Michael Fong lol, just becau­se they have a mono­po­ly on video rights does­n’t make it right. Lol, if someo­ne took a pic­tu­re of you. Then tried and sell it to you, would­n’t you be angry. It’s a pic­tu­re of you, they made mil­li­ons on, and you get 0. Lol If that makes sen­se to you, your delusional


  24. If you were a pro and you had your choice of tour­na­ments to play without the thre­at of being sus­pen­ded, which one would you play? The one that pays out $4 mil­li­on for first place and gua­ran­tees a mini­mum of $120,000 or $1.5 mil­li­on. The PGA is going to learn the les­son of com­pe­ti­ti­on the hard way. If they’­ve been ste­aling all of the play­ers media rights reve­nue as Mickel­son con­t­ends then may­be Mickel­son was right. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly the other two is spon­so­red by the Sau­dis. The Sau­dis should have used a dif­fe­rent front to con­ce­al their involvement.

    1. Who cares who backs LIV? The Sau­dis are one of our grea­test allies (Ame­ri­can here) and while their government may not behave in the most desi­ra­ble way, neit­her does ours. Not sup­por­ting LIV becau­se of who wri­tes the checks seems like grasping at straws to me. Good for LIV. Good for the gol­fers who took a risk by jum­ping ship. Good for golf. Shame on the pga for attemp­t­ing to mono­po­li­ze the grea­test game ever played.

  25. Well that’s one way to kill the PGA tour, LIV will pro­bab­ly offer more money to the guys that don’t make mil­li­ons of dol­lars alrea­dy. Should be inte­res­ting to see this play out.

    1. yeah would be inte­res­ting if the get more of the top play­ers with estab­lis­hed names. if the spon­sors dont have their top pro­duct being adver­ti­sed on the pga tour as a result they could for­ce them to allow exemp­ti­ons into tour­na­ments or just stop spon­so­ring them.

  26. PGA Tour “We won’t let the play­er who left play the John Dee­re Classic”

    The Tour has only one play to get the majors to ban the­se players.

    1. @Jake Snow1 lol, bc liv play­ers can play the Asi­an tour and still qua­li­fy for the mas­ters. Lol Liv is try­ing to replace the PGA, not the mas­ters. The mas­ters is whe­re all gol­fers still wan­na win at. So if they go join Liv and get ban­ned from the mas­ters, liv won’t be along for long in that scenario

    2. @Jake Snow1 the PGA is wil­ling to do wha­te­ver it takes to make sure their bil­li­on dol­lar empi­re does­n’t dete­rio­ra­te. This who­le thing about money any­ways, alrea­dy. Now it’s all power plays by cor­po­ra­te entities

    3. @Slim Pickens .….….…..The PGA of Ame­ri­ca runs the PGA Cham­pions­hip and is a sepa­ra­te orga­niz­a­ti­on than the PGA Tour

  27. If 50 per­cent of the tour play­ers cros­sed over! Clear­ly the pga tour could be just han­ging on to old a$$ value’s in which no one cares about any­mo­re! Someo­ne needs to take a deepest look into tue PGA TOUR the­se play­ers would not be cros­sing over without merit!!!

    1. @Patrick McAl­lis­ter bet­ter then PGA tour who enrich­ment them­sel­ves, when the play­er bar­ley get any bene­fits in return. Mean­while Sau­di backed Liv tour is giving play­ers more money for their suc­cess then PGA would

    2. @None Yabusi­ness If I alrea­dy was in the top 1% of peop­le finan­cial­ly who alrea­dy never had to want for anything again or ever worry about money again, then yes I would con­si­der other fac­tors ‘haha’.

  28. I’d love to see what hap­pens down the road if this thing does­n’t go well for the Saudi’s and they deci­de to aban­don the who­le thing. Are tho­se play­ers going to crawl back to the PGA cry­ing the blues? LoL…we’ll see!

  29. Once the NBA renoun­ces Chi­na and their money, I will worry about Sau­di Ara­bia. Until then keep your hypo­cri­sy to yourselves. 👍

    1. Once the major sports orga­niz­a­ti­ons renoun­ce Ame­ri­ca for its poor han rights abu­se that con­ti­nues to this day then I’ll pay attention.

  30. As you can see from the com­ment sec­tion, the fans of Golf and the PGA think qui­te dif­fer­ent­ly than the casu­als and tho­se that only sup­port their favo­ri­te Gol­fers. You can also see how many of tho­se that will sell their souls for an extra dol­lar. It is qui­te sicke­n­ing actually.

    1. Lol, here’s the thing. The PGA makes hund­reds of mil­li­ons off Phil .… they gave him 8 mil­li­on of that. You’­re tal­king about morals for the play­ers, but the PGA does­n’t need tho­se same morals? Lmao obvious­ly the PGA isn’t what’s nee­ded, it’s the play­ers. And play­ers rea­li­zed they have more power then the PGA, and are acting on it. And you’­re try­ing to be moral about this? Sounds like you’­re clo­sed minded

    2. @kuzmania Business/Corporations/Companies don’t have morals and you know this. They are cold and they are heart­less. That is how they get to be as big as they are. Why are you taking offen­se to my ori­gi­nal post? Eit­her you will sell yourself for the extra dol­lar, or you won’t. If you will, what is the dif­fe­rence whe­ther it is expo­sed or not. Take accoun­ta­bi­li­ty for your moti­va­tions in life and move on.

    3. @kuzmania Phil Mickel­son is not the play­er or man that he is, if it were not for the PGA. It is a give and take. They were here befo­re him and they will be here after him. Remo­ve 20 play­ers, and the­re will be 20 more rea­dy to take their place. Of cour­se it is about morals, becau­se if it weren’t, EVERY PLAYER ASKED ABOUT WHY HE WENT TO THE LIV TOUR WOULD SAY “I WENT BECAUSE I WAS PAID EXPONENTIALLY MORE THERE, THAN AT THE PGA TOUR.” Not one play­er has sta­ted this. Of cour­se the mora­li­ty matters.

    4. @PaulsGospel Gaming lol yhe pro­blem is, in this com­ment you agreed w me, cor­po­ra­ti­ons are evil. And your taking their side on your ori­gi­nal post, does­n’t seem back­wards to you? Bc it does ti ever­yo­ne else

    5. @kuzmania I expect cor­po­ra­ti­ons to be cor­rupt. It is their job to do so. I expect indi­vi­du­al men to stand on their squa­re when the time comes. The PGA Tour is a cor­po­ra­ti­on, and the LIV Tour is a cor­po­ra­ti­on as well. See­min­gly, men in their right mind are lea­ving one Tour, for ano­t­her Tour, almost sole­ly for money. I don’t wor­s­hip money. As such, I don’t respect that decision.

  31. The PGA Tour has not cea­sed from giving play­ers an oppor­tu­ni­ty to play; the oppor­tu­ni­ty is still the­re. The play­ers choo­se which oppor­tu­ni­ty they wish to take. $$$-The New Religion.

    1. @Music You Keep Loving Not­hing worse than the­se PGA Tour fans that talk about the PGA Tours gre­at heri­ta­ge, sto­ried histo­ry and tra­di­ti­on. Wake up. Tho­se days are long gone. The PC woke creeps have taken over. Are you gon­na boy­cott RBC and UPS? They both do busi­ness in Sau­di Ara­bia. Are you going to boy­cott Jack Nick­laus next? He is buil­ding a cour­se in Sau­di Ara­bia. That’s why the Sau­dis came to him first befo­re Norman.

    2. Anti trust, or some­thing simi­lar. Fact is, if/when the PGA rules come under legal scrutiny.…its going to be a tough batt­le for both sides. The­re is a lot of law on this type of issue, and a LOT depends not just on the law but the facts. Bound to happen…and it will be intel­lec­tual­ly enjoyable.

  32. PGA tour you are pathe­tic …gol­fers can’t play golf unless you say so ‚let’s hope this is the end of the tour as we know it 🤡

  33. Can’t wait until the “Shell Hous­ton Open” comes around again and the PGA tri­es to tell Shell Oil who and who they can & can­not invi­te to their tour­na­ment. Talk about a com­pa­ny that has nepo­tism with the Saudis.….that’s a sto­ry I can’t wait to see play out!

  34. Media peop­le: How many play­ers are the­re on the PGA Tour? How many play­ers have jum­ped ship to the LIV golf seri­es? Is this an “enor­mous” issue, or is this big media fodder?

    By the way, Rory is right. When you do things only for money and no other rea­son, things don’t always work out so well. How exci­ting LIV will be when gol­fers play­ing medi­o­c­re golf will earn mil­li­ons and mil­li­ons of dol­lars and be satis­fied with them­sel­ves. Wow, what a credit to the sport! When they are pla­ced against peop­le who have to actual­ly earn their suc­cess. who do you think will do the win­ning? Think about that one. Peop­le can get real­ly con­fu­sed about the­se things.

    1. Rory, J.T, and Scheff­ler are not “repre­sen­ta­ti­ve” of the ent­i­re field. Rory’s state­ments were “if money’s the ONLY rea­son”, and as Phil, Lou­is and Justin’s respec­ti­ve ratio­na­les are mea­ning­ful, life balan­ce is not a “money only” issue.
      I think you have to respect their choices, and let the PGA do as they decide.
      Per­so­nal­ly, I think the PGA is shoo­ting them­sel­ves in the foot with this move.

    2. @Jeff Cut­ler Fut­ball (soccer)and Base­ball have the hig­hest sala­ries and Ame­ri­cans don’t watch eit­her, unless it’s the MLB play­offs. But they have enough peop­le to sup­port it.

  35. Will cri­te­ria like “never play­ed a Liv golf seri­es befo­re” be one of the requi­re­ments for app­ly­ing the PGA tour card? Just wondering.

  36. I think it’s hil­arious that this com­mis­sio­ner says that the sus­pen­ded play­ers made their decisi­on based on money. The PGA Tour wants to retain its mono­po­ly for money rea­sons. Give me a break. Why can’t ano­t­her tour try? If your mis­si­on is to grow golf then you shouldn’t care. But make no mista­ke about it; it’s ALL about money.

    1. @Hunter I call out the US government all the time as well. You don’t know me. But that does­n’t exempt ever­yo­ne from anyo­ne taking a moral stance against anything. IT does­n’t fol­low that becau­se the US has done bad things than I cant accu­se any other coun­try of anything.

    2. 1. The com­mis­sio­ner sounds like the Cleve­land Cava­liers owner when LeBron left.
      2. Did­n’t the play­ers from the form­er­ly Euro­pean Tour now DP World Tour lea­ve to join the PGA becau­se of, wait for it, big $$$ opportunities?

    3. @Brad D. Don’t be naï­ve. We have a coun­ty and government whe­re that is pret­ty darn nor­mal. So when you point fin­gers, we need to look in the collec­ti­ve mir­ror. Don’t act like this coun­try is any­whe­re near being inno­cent. We have cor­po­ra­ti­ons in this coun­try whe­re the main source of inco­me is the US government (and sin­ce we pay the bills, tax­payers), and their prime con­cern is death and dis­mem­ber­ment. Stop with the chil­dish arguments.

  37. Well I’ll never watch the pga dic­ta­tor­s­hip events again or go to ano­t­her pga event I know I’m only one but it’ll hurt some eata­dik pga

  38. Hear me out… 2 top golf leagues, top ran­ked play­ers of both leagues = a cham­pions league at the end of the sea­son. Would be ama­zing I think.

    1. I agree.
      Top 2 from PGA tour
      Top 2 from Euro­pe tour
      Who ever finis­hes top 2 end sea­son play each other. 75m money put away for end of sea­son Bonan­za pri­ze for top 75 play­ers on the­re tour 1m each

  39. You got a big pro­blem brewing Jay. Money and sche­du­ling are two big rea­sons the­se guys are lea­ving. You need to recon­si­der how the PGA Tour ope­ra­tes or you will con­ti­nue to lose the top play­ers in the game. The Saudi’s saw an ope­ning and wal­ked right through.

  40. Play­ers knew what the rules were when they joi­ned. If they don’t like it, then chal­len­ge in court ins­tead of joi­ning an orga­niz­a­ti­on run by a bunch of mur­de­rous thugs. May­be all the wives of the­se play­ers should wear Berkas!

  41. In the PGA you have to score to win money ins­tead of it just being given as an appearan­ce fee. The­se gol­fers are disgusting.

  42. Why would the play­ers who have gone to the LIV tour care too much about play­ing PGA events, the top play­ers on a down­ward care­er tra­jec­to­ry are sud­den­ly rele­vent again in terms of the pri­ze funds. The likes of West­wood, Poul­ter etc, its a no brai­ner to play the LIV tour.

    1. That’s the names you know. What about tho­se bet­ween 25 and 35 who are joi­ning. This can be a cata­lyst for player’s glo­bal­ly who want a chan­ce to play but might not have the oppor­tu­ni­ty doing it by the PGA way.

  43. PGA Tour (my opi­ni­on) … alie­na­ting the viewer/weekend play­er for their spon­sors. A tough posi­ti­on and they prob have to … but! Without us … the­re is no tour! Per­so­nal­ly … I just want to watch golf! And almost feel the PGA Tour is say­ing ‘NO! You will only watch the golf WE provide!’.

    1. I want to watch PGA Tour Golf. If you wan­na watch some dog and pony show built on sport­wa­shing of blood oil and geno­ci­de go for it.

  44. What is the dif­fe­rence bet­ween the PGA TOUR and the DP WORLD TOUR? …. PGA has more money, the­re­fo­re bet­ter events, big­ger prices
    Ima­gi­ne the DP WORLD TOUR ban­ning play­ers if they play one or two events in the PGA Tour. What then?
    Why they dońt allow play­ers to play whe­re­ver they want?

  45. We need Arnie to come back.…. and I hear he is! Off the tee at LIV golf, all play­ers are requi­red to shout
    SHOW ME THE MONEY, ins­tead of FORE! It’s a total mess. Pass the bone saw!

  46. How many of you shit­ting on the pga are repu­bli­cans? I would guess almost all! You shit kickers can’t help yourselves!

  47. Tho­se lea­ving will be bro­ke in a cou­p­le yrs other than the few big names. This Sau­di league can not sur­vi­ve without spon­sors and tv coverage. I alrea­dy blo­cked LIV on my utube chan­nel. WHY WOULD ANYONE SUPPORT SAUDI ARABIA? THEY ARE THE MAIN FINANCIAL INSTITUTION FOR TERRORISM AROUND THE WORLD.….….……common sen­se people.…common sense

  48. Per some play­ers.… the PGA has money n has been sche­ming it for them­sel­ves. Just with the thre­at of Liv some PGA pur­ses have incre­a­sed n they also had a sil­ly PIP pro­gram which Tiger Woods won while not play­ing a sin­gle tour­na­ment last year. Then the­re are the play­ers rights or some­thing like that the PGA owns etc. The PGA to me is a big bad bul­ly who will end up losing becau­se they don’t want to play fair n want no com­pe­ti­ti­on. I hope it back fires on them n liv is a huge suc­cess. Stop tal­king about human rights. The USA isn’t that per­fect n neit­her is Chi­na. Iraq. N many other coun­tries. So stop with all this Hypo­cri­sy. Most play­ers on the PGA don’t make much money n have to toll to try n keep their tour cards.

    1. Whe­re exact­ly is this money The PGA Tour has been sche­ming for themselves.….….……there is a Tour Play­ers Advi­so­ry board that ok’s how the Tour is run. They are a non pro­fit orga­niz­a­ti­on that con­tri­bu­tes hund­reds of mil­li­ons to cha­ri­ties every years.

  49. All the­se comments about the money, legal rami­fi­ca­ti­ons, etc. Yet, not many men­ti­ons about the hor­ren­dous human rights vio­la­ti­ons and out­right mur­der com­mit­ted dai­ly by the Sau­dis! If it was­n’t so ridi­cu­lous, Mickelson’s ramb­ling and stumb­ling through the hard ques­ti­ons at a press con­fe­rence would be fun­ny. In the end, they’­re just a bunch of ‘jocks’ who are eit­her igno­rant or will­ful­ly stupid.

  50. That’s sad! They can play on the Euro­pean, Korn Fer­ry, Asi­an tour but not a new one. As far as I’m con­cer­ned, you take care of your fami­ly first, peri­od! And if peop­le want to talk about the Sau­dis, look in our own backy­ard and see what our government has done over­seas and to its vete­rans and homeless.

  51. I’ll be boy­cot­ting pga tour , nbc ‚cbs and golf chan­nel until Jay Mona­han rever­ses cour­se ‚he is so out of touch and bad for the game of golf !

  52. You can’t play in the CFL while under con­tract from the NFL.…the peop­le try­ing to make this about the PGA tour being unre­a­son­ab­le are being ridiculous.

  53. I don’t love repor­ting that????? That’s the pro­blem with jour­na­lism now.….just say the truth and get over it and urselves

  54. Don’t see Mona­han kee­ping his job much lon­ger. How can you not take action when you’­ve seen this train wreck hea­ding your way for well over a year? Fecking laughable!

  55. Hop­ful­ly more play­ers will lea­ve the PGA Tour and then sue them over this. Pet­ty actions by the PGA Tour and it is ter­ri­ble they are reac­ting this way and they are the ones hur­ting the game of golf.

  56. Someo­ne exp­lain to me how this is dif­fe­rent from any other major sport. If an NFL play­er wan­ted to play in the CFL, or the USFL many years ago, it would have been blo­cked. It would be the same with any com­pe­ti­ti­ve league going up against the NHL or NBA. So when they say they want to be a “free agent” I think they aren’t under­stan­ding the term or twis­ting it to fit into their nar­ra­ti­ve. Sure you’­re free to play whe­re­ver you want, but that does­n’t mean the tour (or league) you are lea­ving has any obli­ga­ti­on to let you play for, or con­ti­nue play­ing for THEM. The “free agent” argu­ment is stupid.

    1. Big dif­fe­rence is that all the other leagues you men­ti­on the play­ers are employees of the teams. PGA is very dif­fe­rent in that all the play­ers are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors not employees. Thus they should be free to play whe­re they want/when they want sin­ce no employ­ment rela­ti­ons­hip exists. PGA is acting capri­cious­ly and likely in a discri­mi­na­to­ry man­ner in restric­ting play­ers rights to earn a living sim­ply becau­se they are play­ing in other tour­na­ments. Don’t like the PGAs chan­ces if this all goes to court—-which it pro­bab­ly will.

    2. @Terry Wel­ler I under­stand, but would­n’t that also be inclu­ded in the lan­guage of the NFL or NBA’s CBA? The NFL/ NBA/NHL/MLB can level fines, sus­pend play­ers, make rules about tra­des, etc. I do agree though that the PGA tour (or any tour) play­ers’ employ­ment situa­ti­on is uni­que from team sports leagues on several levels

    3. @PJ Bla­ke The­re is no employ­ment rela­ti­ons­hip with the PGA. That’s why the­re is no collec­ti­ve bar­gai­ning agree­ment like with base­ball, foot­ball with their uni­ons, employ­ment bene­fits, rules, restric­tions, etc. Play­ers on the PGA tour are inde­pen­dent contractors—-not free agents as in other pro­fes­sio­nal sports whe­re employee/employer rela­ti­ons­hip exists. PGA is way over their ski­is in try­ing to restrict whe­re play­ers can play becau­se they fear the com­pe­ti­on that LIV might bring. And yes the money is insa­ne and the Sau­dis are try­ing to buy their way into pro­fes­sio­nal golf ranks. But that does­n’t mean that play­ers still don’t have their right to play whe­re they want irre­spec­ti­ve of how the PGA Tour feels about the who­le thing.

  57. Jay is the Jeff bezos of golf it’s just like let them play whe­re­ver the f$&@ they want don’t punish them’s a busi­ness ..need to fire this dou­che on pga and the mlb guy

  58. if the pga tour is about to pro­vi­de the best oppor­tu­ni­ty for their play­ers, then they should let the play­ers choo­se what is best for them­sel­ves. if the play­ers find their best inte­rest are in the LIV golf, then so be it. let them play the­re n wish them the best. but no doing the other­wi­se by sus­pen­ding them from play­ing any games whatsoever. the sus­pen­si­on of play­ers opt to play in the LIV just let the world see how sar­castic the pga tour real­ly is. big thumbs down from me to the pga.

    1. The PGA has been war­ned by it’s mem­bers for a long time, even under Tim Fin­chem. The tour con­ti­nued to expand play­ing dates and for­ced the play­ers to play cer­tain events. No they can’t for­ce them to play but the way they put the sche­du­le together,especially towards the sea­son fina­le, does.

  59. So does this effect play­ers who play on the various PGA tours around the world (i.e. Euro­pean, Japan, Kore­an, Aus­tral­asia, India Tours)? 

    What the­se play­ers want is their cake and eat it too. The LIV tour does­n’t have as many tour­na­ments throughout the year, like the PGA tour does. So they are going to have limi­ted time to make the money they think. I could be wrong, becau­se my under­stan­ding is that the­re is not going to be a cut in any of their tour­na­ments, so even if you finish dead last, you will still get paid a hef­ty amount. May­be they are satis­fied with that. If that is not the case, then they want to be able to play the PGA tour­na­ments to sub­si­di­ze for what they are not making on the LIV tour. It’s the fear factor. 

    Also, I won­der if they are able to come back to the PGA Tour, do they lose all of their pri­or exemp­ti­ons and have to go through Q‑school?

  60. Loo­ks bad on the PGA to make the announ­ce­ment during the LIV Tour­na­ment. Just try­ing to eyes back on the PGA. I watch Majors only now PGA events have beco­me boring. I love Golf and just want to see some gre­at golf.

  61. Pga gol­fer money is real bad. You miss the cut you lose money on con­si­derable expen­ses. You make the cut you could bare­ly break even after expen­ses. And the PGA for pro­fit is fine with that. Cha­ri­ty begins at hone, pay the­se play­ers then do that cha­ri­ty thing.

  62. Every post on here seems to be of the mind that money is ever­ything & loyal­ty is nothing.

    May­be find a sport other than the gentleman’s game of golf to follow.

  63. 15 col­le­ge foot­ball coa­ches made more last year then john rahm who was the 2021 money win­ner on tour at 7.5 mil­li­on. Coa­ches!!! Yeah sign me up LIV

  64. The PGA is clear­ly the BULLY in the room and cur­rent play­ers know they are prisoners…..if they took a sof­ter approach their repu­ta­ti­on would remain positive…..the more thre­ats and fear tac­tics will ensu­re more play­ers lea­ve the PGA…..the PGA only wants golf their way and fear competition….have always loved the Shark and he is per­fect for the batt­le ahead

  65. The old guard needs to wake up​.Love to see the­se play­ers play in world venue’s.Hope, Tiger joins liv.The PGA giving ulti­ma­tums is garbage.

  66. Say what you want but the money on this tour is other­world­ly. To think that some schmo from Thai­land is going to try to beat Mickel­son, John­son, DeCh­am­beau and collect $4,000,000 for win­ning a 54 hole tour­na­ment in a 48 play­er field is fu#$ing awesome.

  67. Whe­re is the USGA Exe­cu­ti­ve Com­mit­tee on this issue? PGA will now batt­le in Federal Court with LIV Wall Street attor­neys who will for­ce the PGA to nego­tia­te. No one can be so dumb as to get into a Lawsu­it with Sau­di bil­lion­aires. Did­n’t their attor­neys advi­se them about Anti­trust exposure.😅😅

  68. Let’s have Jay dic­ta­te to all gol­fers all over the world what they can do and not do. He has no job without them. He can be repla­ced easier than the gol­fers. He needs to sit down with LIV and work some­thing out fast.

  69. Guess no one’s bea­ting Sam Sneed’s record then bes­i­des Tiger. LIV Tour 2k22? Still wai­tong for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2k22

  70. The majors are going to remain as-is. The PGA Tour was for­ced to make its sort-of major with the FedEx Cup seri­es. The four majors are run by other orga­niz­a­ti­ons that are not affec­ted by LIV Golf.

    Lega­cy is extre­me­ly important. This ana­lyst is sug­ges­ting that young peop­le don’t care about lega­cy. I beg to dif­fer. When Oh Sada­ha­ru set the world record for most hits in pro­fes­sio­nal base­ball, no one hears about it becau­se it was­n’t done in Major League Base­ball. Foot­ball records set in the USFL will never be remem­be­red becau­se they did­n’t hap­pen in the NFL. And so on down the line. The fact is that the top-tier pro­fes­sio­nal orga­niz­a­ti­ons own the lega­ci­es of the sport, as well as the records that come with them. And I belie­ve young ath­le­tes com­ing into pro­fes­sio­nal sports reco­gni­ze this. They may still side with LIV Golf, but they still rea­li­ze that wha­te­ver sta­tis­tics they set on the tour, it’ll be shado­wed by the PGA Tour.

    What’s hap­pe­ning in golf right now is not­hing new. The other sports have com­pe­ting leagues. Look at mixed-mar­ti­al arts figh­t­ing. Look at soc­cer. What makes golf stick out is becau­se it is an indi­vi­du­al sport, and it expo­ses the greed of the gol­fers becau­se at the end of the day, gol­fers are all whi­ners! I’ve always belie­ved that gol­fers are a spe­cial breed of ath­le­te whe­re their fee­lings and their egos are much more vola­ti­le than ath­le­tes in other indi­vi­du­al sports.

  71. This is going to back­fire big time on the PGA when their lowest and mid tier play­ers jump ship to LIV and you’ll have a PGA tour­ney made up of rich hold­outs, all 10 of them play­ing against each other and the rest made up of ‘qua­li­fiers’ signed from the ama­teur ranks to round out the ‘field’.

    1. That is an inte­res­ting point and a good one. The ones who have alrea­dy made their mil­li­ons can sit on their high hor­se and judge the others. I have said this befo­re that if they real­ly play­ed for pri­de and lega­cy should­n’t they have remai­ned amateurs?

    1. No its cal­led con­flict of inte­rest. We hire con­trac­tors to work for us all of the time. It is on a 3 year deal and they can’t work for our com­pe­ti­ti­on at the same time they are working for us. They get to choo­se its that simple.

  72. No ryder cup for the­se guys… I belie­ve at least 2 out of 4 majors (mas­ters, pga champ) will block this tour from qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on. I think the other 2 will make Liv gol­fers go through qua­li­fy­ing like any other par­ti­ci­pant that is not in a reco­gni­zed tour.

  73. Sus­pen­si­on is a warning to all PGA thin­king about LIV, all pro­fes­sio­nal sports endu­re a rival league. PGA sound­ing like a ‘jea­l­ous lover’.

  74. I wat­ched the ent­i­re day 1 coverage of the LIV Tour. Qui­te enjoya­ble, quick paced and a chal­len­ging golf cour­se. Com­pe­ti­ti­on is sup­po­sed to be a good thing, in busi­ness and life. Loo­ks like the PGA is is deep trou­ble. I urge anyo­ne to watch on You­Tube tomor­row and Satur­day. Make up your own mind. Don’t be sway­ed by the Golf Chan­nels minions!!

    1. @Alan Mor­ri­son What they do in Sau­di Ara­bia is their busi­ness. It does­n’t affect me or you. Did you cry foul when Tiger Woods, Rory McEl­roy and many others, took appearan­ce monies to play in nume­rous Sau­di events. You’­ve been watching way too much Golf Chan­nel. (Bran­del Chamblee)

  75. I’m annoy­ed they are allo­wed to play the U.S Open. Boo the­se sell outs at every hole. Sauds are cur­r­ent­ly hol­ding us all to ran­som less we forget.

  76. PGA Tour pur­ses are good but not great..Other sports are get­ting much more money.PGA tour should dou­ble the money to each event..

  77. Nobo­dy will con­ti­nue to fund some­thing with bil­li­ons of dol­lars and don’t turn a gre­at pro­fit. Ask Donald Trump with the World Foot­ball League. Bus­ted. I think they are still in business/ NOT. LIV only have 2/3 tru­ly, tru­ly credi­ble play­ers that signed. The rest are on their way out of the game, done. I hope they get some of this money befo­re they lea­ve the game befo­re the ” cat fish ” well some kind of a fish gets most of it. Good luck guys.

  78. What a shame and an embarr­ass­ment to the fami­ly and ever­yo­ne else who wat­ched what Sau­di Ara­bia did to that poor man! (Ever­yo­ne except Phil)! He’s a loss alrea­dy!! The rich want more money and are sel­ling their souls to get it. Are you going to be homeless!? Fami­ly having finan­cial issu­es!? May­be an ope­ra­ti­on you can’t afford?? No?! To make a move like that, which hurts others is what we expect from our Rich role models!! Even poor peop­le with NO money and a good moral com­pass, wouldn’t make that decisi­on. It’s why no one likes rich peop­le. So you need the extra money? The power strugg­le that must go on when you have a few mil­li­on less than the next guy!! 🤮 (mil­lion­aires have to keep up with the Bil­lion­aires, etc). What a was­te of human life!! And you say, “I don’t know why we were kicked off the PGA!?” I know why? Your SCUM bags!! I hope you all get the Kar­ma you deserve!! 🙏

  79. Wat­son & Mickel­son made 10 mil­li­on last year, now they get 200 mil­li­on, 100 women sexu­al pre­d­a­tor Wat­son gets the media pass and Mr Inte­gri­ty Mickel­son is the media Spawn of Satan

  80. Real­ly, the ONLY thing the PGA has is the Play­ers. If the top 10 go to LIV than the­re is no PGA. I guess the PGA has the rights to the Majors, but LIV can do their own Majors with a dif­fe­rent name.

  81. They can’t keep play­ers from play­ing in the majors that have pre­vious­ly qua­li­fied for said major, per their rules or they will be sued big time!

  82. LIV league and play­ers signed thus far are sim­ply ones who will never play at the top or play­ers who would never again reach the top, mea­ning they’­re try­ing to aug­ment their pen­si­on time of life. Big deal. LIV has gai­ned zip. JUst look at the names. Mona­han is right.

  83. I belie­ve the pga tour, has just made a huge mista­ke. Ins­tead of brin­ging, golf tog­e­ther. He has crea­ted a lar­ge divi­si­on. Jay may need to move on. We need to bring golf tog­e­ther, it is a world­wi­de game. Things chan­ge, some­time, quicker than some like.

  84. Como afi­cio­na­do me gus­ta que haya mas alter­na­ti­vas la pga no es la due­ña de los afi­cio­na­dos ni de los pro­fe­sio­na­les. La escla­vitud hace años que fue abolida

  85. what about the play­ers that did­n’t resign an have future exemp­ti­ons in events like phil having life­time exemp­ti­ons? legal action. gon­na take a chunk out of the charities.

  86. A five minu­tes Goog­le search pro­du­ces a small sam­ple that shows that Sau­di money is ever­y­whe­re. An ins­a­nely-rich Sau­di-Ara­bi­an prince made a $300 mil­li­on invest­ment in Twit­ter in 2011. The public sov­er­eign fund, hea­ded by Moha­med bin Sal­man, invests bil­li­ons of dol­lars in com­pa­nies such as Boe­ing, Face­book, Dis­ney, Mar­riott and Star­bucks also Citigroup and Bank of Ame­ri­ca and three lar­ge oil giants – BP, Total S.A. and Roy­al Dut­ch Shell. Sau­di Ara­bia now owns 5.01% of Nin­ten­do as well as $3.5 bil­li­on in Uber in 2016, and its mana­ging direc­tor Yasir Al Rumay­y­an sits on the Uber’s board.

    Accord­ing to CEO Elon Musk the Sau­di fund has built up a sta­ke of rough­ly 5% in Tes­la. The Sau­dis announ­ced they would invest $1 bil­li­on in Tes­la rival Lucid Motors as well as a $2.25 bil­li­on invest­ment into GM’s (GM) dri­v­er­less car sub­si­dia­ry, GM Crui­se Holdings.

  87. Remem­ber 9/11 tho­se 17 Sau­dis that flew tho­se pla­nes into the towers and the Pen­ta­gon and tho­se bra­ve souls that cras­hed the last pla­ne in PA and you want to sup­port their tour Shame on all of you

  88. what fans, this is new fans will come. i hope LIV suc­ceeds. it keeps accep­t­ing top 100 play­ers off the pga usa, the­re will have to be a rever­sal by pga or they will be sunk! LIV has the $$ to for­ce their hand. as long as they don’t sign wea­sel rory, he is the pga’s street cryer.

  89. PGA mono­po­ly is lashing back. What a hor­ri­ble thing to do to the play­ers. My way or the high­way. So long PGA have fun play­ing with your­sel­ves I’ll be watching and sup­por­ting the under­dog LIV.

  90. PGA loo­ks bad here. Asi­de from loo­king pet­ty, it is pet­ty. It’s the play­ers that make the tour, not the tour. All “pro­fes­sio­nal” play­ers play for money. So to say that this is pure­ly a money grab, well, yeah. So is the PGA tour. They’re just not the big­gest money grab out the­re any­mo­re. But for the time being, the PGA has the bet­ter pro­duct. He should say that, and give Tiger all the ste­ro­ids, human growth hor­mo­ne and any other per­for­mance enhan­cing drug out the­re becau­se they draf­ted off that wind for so long, he’s the only sure thing that can topp­le any ratings.

  91. My belie­ve is that the gol­fers who should have all the free­dom to play in whiche­ver tour­na­ments they want, snot limi­ted to just one league! PGA is going against the world of golf. For young gol­fers who has the WILL and work hard to try to get into a world class orga­niz­a­ti­on, they now have ano­t­her chan­nel. This is s good thing to the gol­fing world! 👏👏to LIV golf. Wis­hing all the ones from PGA to have gre­at suc­cess play­ing the­re. Shame on PGA for ban­ning tho­se world class play­ers from play­ing the PGA events. PGA is too shal­low to react like this. They need to replace the cur­rent head for this pet­ty moves.

  92. What would Bob­by Jones think of today’s golf? He play­ed his ent­i­re care­er as an ama­teur. When men were virtuous.

  93. PLEASE JOIN ME! Boy­cott the­se rich spoi­led brats; PGA, LIV, and all pro gol­fers who can’t seem to play fair with each other. Just a bunch of rich a**holes who sim­ply are never satis­fied and can’t figu­re out how to share the wealth amongst each other. Was alrea­dy get­ting tough watching the­se rich pre­ten­tious peop­le walk around on grass and hit a ball every once in a while. Awe­so­me sport, I love to play golf, but the­se pros (and the tours) have com­ple­te­ly lost touch with reality.

  94. I’m pret­ty sure every play­ers con­tract whe­ther with PGA or Euro­pean tours or other„ each play­er must noti­fy in wri­ting their main tour if they play­ing on ano­t­her “reco­gnis­ed” tour. Hence the South Afri­cans and others resigning from the PGA to exer­cise their right to be “true” free con­trac­tors. Ima­gi­ne if you had huge local public expec­ta­ti­ons at this Cana­di­an Open and the Cana­di­an play­ers left to play the LIV game this week becau­se of the money offe­rings. Not to men­ti­on alot of cha­ri­ty money is rai­sed over deca­des on the PGA tour, some­thing LIV does not com­mit to. My two cents worth, LIV should have worked with all the tours to pro­tect the play­ers and not throw them under the bus to face the music for LIV.….…

  95. Not so far in future i think Jay Mona­han be loo­king for new job, he buck too many peop­le who be effec­ted by fini­cal loss,powerful peop­le who tra­de with Sau­di com­pa­nies, like SHELL,and USA goverment

  96. All should lea­ve the pga. The pga is sca­red and it shows. We are free peop­le. Just as pga has the right to sus­pends tho­se who play liv but it is wrong to do so. It’s get­ting rea­dy to hap­pen in motocross/supercross also. If the play­er are not allo­wed to enter tour­na­ments that means that the win­ner does not beat all the best play­ers. The­re should be an aste­risk by the win­ners names.

  97. Ever­y­bo­dy claims com­pe­ti­ti­on is good. But when your a made mul­ti­mil­lion­aire as soon as you swing a club, you only have a bunch of easy money jerks.

  98. From base­ball, bas­ket­ball, NFL (slow­ly gua­ran­te­ed money) and now GOLF! Busi­ness com­pe­ti­ti­on at its best and play­ers will start to take con­trol of their path in that sport. It’s actual­ly chil­dish for the PGA say things like that. Chan­ges are in the air and the times are com­ing. PGA has to chan­ge if not their future and brand will take a hit. Remem­ber, you can’t fight if it’s money cau­se the PGA doesn’t have deep pockets. The brand has to chan­ge for the bet­ter not go oppo­si­te. All sports is about money. Peop­le pay for the entertainment!

  99. Aren’t Nike and Tay­lorma­de equip­ment made in ‘CHINA’. Chi­na has an equal­ly atro­cious if not MORE than SA when it comes to human atro­ci­ties ~ in fact Chi­na has modern day ’slavery’ in their coun­try right NOW! Also, many AMERICAN com­pa­nies are doing busi­ness with SA and in SA ~ Coca-cola just ope­ned an 800 mil­li­on dol­lar plant the­re and Fedex has a strong foot­hold as well. The­re are MANY US com­pa­nies doing busi­ness in SA and peop­le are com­p­lai­ning about some golfers??

  100. The PGA is com­pa­ra­ble to the first class pas­sen­gers on the Tita­nic. The play­ers are in steerage. It’s doubt­ful most of the PGAs manage­ment can’t break 90.The play­ers are who the fans come to see. Golf on TV can be like watching ice melt, so if the PGA can’t get top tier play­ers to make it inte­res­ting, the TV money might dry up. Mono­po­lies are not very popu­lar the­se days.

  101. Been kee­ping up with LIV golf last few days, must say, a nice chan­ge in pace. They had a shot gun start and team play, adds a new dyna­mic to golf. Defi­ni­te­ly a game chan­ger for pro­fes­sio­nal golf. I like it. 😎👍

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