Phil Mickelson und andere Stargolfer reagieren auf die Suspendierung der PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson und andere Stargolfer reagieren auf die Suspendierung der PGA Tour cbs news

Phil Mickel­son und ande­re Pro­fi­gol­fer, die an der von Sau­di-Ara­bi­en finan­zier­ten Golf­li­ga teil­neh­men, reagier­ten am Don­ners­tag auf die Sus­pen­die­rung der PGA Tour. #News #PGA #Phil­Mi­ckel­son CBS News Strea­ming Net­work ist der füh­ren­de 24/7 ver­an­ker­te Strea­ming-Nach­rich­ten­dienst von CBS News and Sta­ti­ons, kos­ten­los ver­füg­bar für alle mit Zugang zum Inter­net. Das CBS News Strea­ming Net­work ist Ihr Ziel für aktu­el­le Nach­rich­ten, Live-Events und Ori­gi­nal­be­richt­erstat­tung lokal, natio­nal und rund um den Glo­bus. Das im Novem­ber 2014 als CBSN gestar­te­te CBS News Strea­ming Net­work ist live in 91 Län­dern und auf 30 digi­ta­len Platt­for­men und Apps sowie auf CBS​News​.com und Para­mount+ ver­füg­bar. Abon­nie­ren Sie den You­Tube-Kanal von CBS News: https://​you​tube​.com/​c​b​s​n​ews Sehen Sie sich CBS News an: https://​cbsn​.ws/​1​P​l​L​p​Z7c Laden Sie die CBS News-App her­un­ter: https://​cbsn​.ws/​1​X​b​1​WC8 Fol­gen Sie CBS News auf Insta­gram : https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​c​b​s​n​e​ws/ Liken Sie CBS News auf Face­book: https://​face​book​.com/​c​b​s​n​ews Fol­gen Sie CBS News auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​c​b​s​n​ews Abon­nie­ren Sie unse­re News­let­ter: htt­ps: // Pro­bie­ren Sie Para­mount+ kos­ten­los aus: https://​bit​.ly/​2​O​i​W​1kZ Wen­den Sie sich für Anfra­gen zur Video­li­zen­zie­rung an:

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75 thought on “Phil Mickelson und andere Stargolfer reagieren auf die Suspendierung der PGA Tour”

    1. Ever­yo­ne who has for­got­ten its just a game play­ed by over­paid people.
      Just like foot­ball, base­ball, bas­ket­ball, ten­nis etc etc etc. Not sure why ever­yo­ne is get­ting their pan­ties in a bunch.…

  1. So you sus­pend them for doing what they want with their care­er?? Ame­ri­ca does busi­ness with Sau­di Ara­bia 🤣🤣 What world are the­se peop­le living in??

  2. Well done guys!

    Free mar­ket at its finest. 

    Shame the pga are acting like a fascist régime. They think and expect to own all of the play­ers indi­vi­du­al rights inclu­ding al their media too. 

    Very very disap­poin­ting indeed..

  3. Can’t golf in Sau­di Ara­bia, but can play in Olym­pics in Rus­sia and Chi­na? NBA and Chi­na is worse than gol­fing in SA.

  4. Oh well, time to get ano­t­her job. McDonald’s and Walm­art seem to be always hiring . Some­ti­mes local Ama­zon wareh­ouses are too. Golf is the most boring sport to watch the­re is. Not much bet­ter than watching the lawn­mo­wers main­tain the cour­ses. Dun­no why orga­ni­zers pay pros more than min wage to play it.

    1. Ama­zon has over a hund­red per­cent tur­no­ver. Working con­di­ti­ons are so mise­ra­ble that they lose more than all of their employees every year.

      Even if you were despe­ra­te enough to try to go work the­re, you would pro­bab­ly last less than a year at that rate.

      And to some extent, you would be bur­ning your long-term per­so­nal health to even do that.

    2. @Mac Mcleod /shrug beggars can’t be choo­sers and health does­n’t mean much sin­ce you’­re going to die soo­ner or later any­way. I worked at a wareh­ouse simi­lar to Amazon’s from 2000–2006 befo­re going on wel­fa­re sin­ce then, simp­le solu­ti­on (well, not real­ly, but doable for tho­se deter­mi­ned enough).

  5. Any tour needs the com­mit­ment of its mem­bers to pull in important spon­sors and sup­por­ters. This BS about play­ing whe­re you want is ridi­cu­lous, wan­ting your cake and eating it springs to mind. The­re has to be some mini­mal com­mit­ment and that’s what they had. The­se big names don’t play every event today, nor do they play every week, but it’s rea­son­ab­le to expect a mini­mum com­mit­ment and find it dif­fi­cult why the­se play­ers feel they are abo­ve that.

    1. Are you sure it is not the other way around though. Without the talents on the cour­se, none of this exists, the con­tra­ry is just not true not mat­ter what they want you to believe

    2. We just saw the­se strea­mers throw a tan­trum about not get­ting their air­line tickets paid for and hotels paid for but you think its ok for the PGA to NEVER have payed for anything? Like at all they DIDNT PAY FOR A SINGLE THING WHEN “HOSTING” EVENTS

  6. Loyal­ty is a phra­se a Mas­ter uses on their ser­vants, or some mani­pu­la­ting bul­ly­ing owner uses on an employee who­se con­si­de­ring lea­ving becau­se that employee is good for the busi­ness, but the boss/master does­n’t want to pay them. The PGA is a mono­po­ly becau­se they ban­ned the­se gol­fers from play­ing but the PGA Tours con­trol every glo­bal regi­on, this is a mono­po­ly, no com­pe­ti­ti­on to take away play­ers, they had to play the PGA until now

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  8. Boo hoo hoo. PGA.… i hope u fail. Inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors do not work for you but for them­sel­ves. Go Liv n free­dom to play whe­re you choo­se. PGA … u are a big bad bul­ly n I hope u lose in court BIGLY.

  9. I won­der if the Sau­di king gave Mickel­son his money in the same brand of duf­fle bag that Khash­og­gi left the Sau­di con­su­la­te in.


  11. Stu­pid Sau­di Ara­bia is cor­rupt dis­ho­nest and the­se gol­fers are wimps. A place that beheads and tor­tures women, who if raped are bla­med for it. And who­se coun­try men cau­sed 911.

  12. Jamal Khash­og­gi­Ja­mal Khash­og­gi­Ja­mal Khash­og­gi­Ja­mal Khash­og­gi­Ja­mal Khash­og­gi­Ja­mal Khashoggi

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