Phil Mickelson: US Open-Pressekonferenz 2022

Phil Mickelson US Open Pressekonferenz 2022 2022 U.S. Open

Der sechs­ma­li­ge Zweit­plat­zier­te der US Open, Phil Mickel­son, spricht am Mon­tag der Meis­ter­schafts­wo­che im The Coun­try Club in Brook­li­ne, Mass., zu den Medi­en. Die voll­stän­di­ge Bericht­erstat­tung über die US Open Cham­pions­hip fin­den Sie unter http://​www​.usopen​.com. Holen Sie sich die KOSTENLOSE USGA OnDe­mand-App für Ihr Con­nec­ted TV oder Mobil­ge­rät, um die voll­stän­di­ge Biblio­thek mit Fern­seh­sen­dun­gen und Fil­men aus den Kult­mo­men­ten des Golf­sports zu erhal­ten. Ver­füg­bar auf Apple TV, Roku, Ama­zon Fire TV, Android TV, iOS, Android und XBox. Sehen Sie es sich hier an: https://​www​.usgaon​de​mand​.com. Die USGA ist eine gemein­nüt­zi­ge Orga­ni­sa­ti­on, die das Golf­spiel fei­ert, unter­stützt und för­dert. Wir wur­den 1894 gegrün­det und ver­an­stal­ten vie­le der füh­ren­den Pro­fi- und Ama­teur­meis­ter­schaf­ten im Golf­sport, dar­un­ter die US Open und die US Women’s Open. Mit The R&A regeln wir den Sport über ein glo­ba­les Regel­werk für Spiel, Aus­rüs­tung, Han­di­cap und Ama­teur­sta­tus. Der USGA-Cam­pus in Liber­ty Cor­ner, New Jer­sey, beher­bergt das For­schungs- und Test­zen­trum der Asso­cia­ti­on, wo Wis­sen­schaft und Inno­va­ti­on ein gesun­des und nach­hal­ti­ges Spiel für die Zukunft vor­an­trei­ben. Auf dem Cam­pus befin­det sich auch das USGA Golf Muse­um, in dem wir das Spiel ehren, indem wir das welt­weit umfas­sends­te Archiv von Golf­ar­te­fak­ten kura­tie­ren. Um mehr zu erfah­ren, besu­chen Sie https://​www​.usga​.org. Besit­zen Sie Ihr Stück Golf­ge­schich­te mit US Open- und USGA-Meis­ter­schafts­ar­ti­keln: http://​www​.usga​shop​.com

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1.125 thought on “Phil Mickelson: US Open-Pressekonferenz 2022”

  1. I hope ever­yo­ne that sent a let­ter to Phil asking him how he could do busi­ness with the Sau­dis are sen­ding them to the white House too becau­se biden is cur­r­ent­ly in talks with them for oil🤔🤔… I lost respect for the PGA trea­ting play­ers like this becau­se they left a com­pa­ny who labels them­sel­ves as a non-pro­fit so they don’t have to pay their play­ers an annu­al sala­ry and don’t have to pay taxes… They make 1 bil­li­on a year but don’t pay taxes on it, now they’­re mad becau­se they have competition

  2. I sup­port you Phil and can’t belie­ve the rhe­to­ric com­ing from the Golf Chan­nel. Don’t lis­ten to them, we your fans sup­port you !!

  3. So let me get this strai­ght. Phil owes the fami­lies of 911 an explana­ti­on as to why he golfs for a Sau­di based golf tour? What has our elec­ted offi­cials offe­red the­se fami­lies? We do tril­li­ons of dol­lars of busi­ness with that coun­try. Phil’s a gol­fer. Gtfooh.

    1. @Carl Mess­alle What does the US Gv’t have to do with pri­va­te US citi­zens? Half the US right now does­n’t agree with our officials.….…lol

    2. So if I’m not mista­ken I remem­ber someo­ne got a huge $100,000,000.00 spon­sor­s­hip con­tract with NIKE, and as we know NIKE has been invol­ved with several human rights vio­la­ti­ons. But I don’t remem­ber that per­son ever having to face the press and ans­wer ques­ti­ons regar­ding his ethics on taking money from NIKE. Am I remem­be­ring that cor­rect­ly? Actual­ly I belie­ve the­re was more than one who got big money from NIKE.

  4. Who gives a f’k what they think. USA still trains Saudi’s on our mili­ta­ry bases yet they don’t cry about that. Tell the hypo­cri­tes to go F off.

  5. The 9/11 ang­le is ridi­cu­lous and a very low blow. Sau­di Ara­bia is an ally of the US. If we are going to start bla­ming governments for the beha­vi­or of each and every one of their citi­zens, we are sli­ding down a very slip­pe­ry slo­pe. Sor­ry to say but the US has some of the most hypo­cri­ti­cal and igno­rant popu­la­ti­ons on the pla­net and to tie in peop­le play­ing in a golf tour­na­ment to 9/11 is an examp­le of that.

  6. The fans sup­port PHIL and the all the other gre­at play­ers that the jea­l­ous media are try­ing to demo­ni­ze. You will see that when the tour­na­ment starts.
    The­re are golf tours all around the world, pga tour is try­ing to impo­se their will on other peop­le who give them com­pe­ti­ti­on and have ear­ned their rights to com­pe­te in other tour­na­ments that they have not­hing to do with.

  7. It seems that Ame­ri­cans need a quick but tho­rough les­son on the rela­ti­ons­hip they have with Sau­di Ara­bia, befo­re they start chas­ti­sing Phil Mickelson.

    1. That’s Ame­ri­ca for you. We view ever­ything through our own lens and rare­ly stop and eva­lua­te our own hypocrisy. 

      I would like to know what LIV Golf’s end game is. Perhaps it is a Super League and the PGA Tour are the pro­ving grounds. Perhaps it is gro­wing the game but what does that real­ly look like? Tough for me to ima­gi­ne what that loo­ks like bey­ond the cur­rent gover­ning bodies and PGA/DP World Tour set up. Eit­her way, I wat­ched all 3 rounds of the LIV inau­gu­ral tour­na­ment. It was pret­ty boring, but in all hones­ty, so was the Memo­ri­al Tour­na­ment two weeks ago. RBC was 🔥though…

    1. Also he owns several 5 guys ham­bur­ger joints in sou­thern Cali­for­nia, he’s got ple­nty of doe… that is unless he blew in Vegas!!

  8. Cher­ry-picking hypocrits. 

    The United Sta­tes government has com­mit­ted atro­cious human rights abu­ses world­wi­de but none more dis­gus­ting than its con­ti­nued insti­tu­tio­nal racism wit­hin its own bor­ders. I won­der why no repor­ter bothers to ask play­ers how they feel about being finan­cial­ly sup­por­ted by a régime like that, or by com­pa­nies that com­mit finan­cial fraud at will that harms the pocket­books of ALL its citi­zens and yet suf­fer no con­se­quen­ces for tho­se actions.

  9. I have to figu­re out a way to tune out the­se golf tour­na­ment any­ti­me they put any of tho­se liv trai­tors play­ing golf on tv. I don’t want to see any of the­se sell out trai­tors on tv mys­elf per­so­nal­ly. Star­ting by Phil who lives in San Die­go whe­re many naval bases are loca­ted. I say 🤮🖕🏻Them liv trai­tors along­side old Greg Norman.

  10. Gol­fers like Phil are being hung out to dry in the­se pres­sers. Any gol­fer who has moved over to sup­port LIV Golf have obvious­ly done it for finan­cial rea­sons and to be fair its their decisi­on ulti­mate­ly. If they are ban­ned to play on the USPGA Tour or Dubai Ports Euro­pean Tour then so be it. The­re is a who­le big­ger bunch of issu­es going on in the world, like Rus­sia inva­ding Ukrai­ne etc, but yet the­se gol­fers are made to feel like criminals.Give them a break. My final com­ment is that the USPGA and DP World Tour will accept the­se gol­fers back at some point down the line, if they don’t they run the risk of losing a lot of big names to LIV in the future. Just my opinion.

    1. @John Solly583 If someo­ne is sil­ly enough to pay tho­se num­bers then some one would be sil­ly not to take them up on it. But all this 9–11 talk has not­hing to do with Golf or tho­se play­ing in LIV events. The world does busi­ness with Sau­di Ara­bia and other coun­tries with poor human rights records and no one bats an eyelid. UK whe­re I am from had the worse human rights record when it ruled the seven seas back in the day and all that was just brushed under the car­pet and con­dem­ned to the histo­ry books.

    2. @Rory Woods Phil knew about the con­se­quen­ces befo­re he took the money, if the worst he has to do is sit up the­re an ans­wer tough ques­ti­ons then he can con­ti­nue to cry about it

    3. @John Solly583 I agree with you John, but I just think the LIV golf is domi­na­ting or as the kids say tren­ding. As JT said in his pres­ser, this should not be the case we should be tal­king about the US Open and all this stuff is just a dis­trac­tion, if anything its just giving more glo­bal publi­ci­ty to the Sau­di backed league.And lets be honest Greg Nor­man has been try­ing to get this off the ground for at least 30 years and on each occa­si­on the world tours have not lik­ed it one bit. So irre­spec­ti­ve of who is fun­ding it and their human rights record they the tours would oppo­se it any­ways. This is just all inter­nal wrang­lings by tho­se who domi­na­te the pro game any­way and the main rea­son is money and spon­sors. The USPGA and DP World Tours are just sca­red that someo­ne is taking a bit of their cake off the table. Its just that nobo­dy in aut­ho­ri­ty will actual­ly come out and say it.


  12. Glad the repor­ters weren’t easy on Phil. The lega­cy ques­ti­on was spot on, what a ter­ri­ble way to end his PGA care­er. From tri­umph to revul­si­on in a mat­ter of mon­ths, it is tru­ly ama­zing how quick­ly someo­ne can fall from grace.

    1. @Andy W Uh, don’t think so bud­dy. OWGR points they will not get and Tiger tur­ned down 900 Mill. Tiger alo­ne could crush them. No TV Coverage. 8 events. No OWGR sta­tus. 1 star gol­fer only a mat­ter of time. They’­re weak and run­ning on fumes.

    2. @Andy W Woods will never play on the LIV golf tour. He is only going to play majors from now on and would do it for free at the chan­ce of win­ning some more of them.

  13. If peop­le would like to call out the­se gol­fers then they should start by get­ting the US Government to ban oil inputs from the Saudi’s and other midd­le-east coun­tries that crea­te human atro­ci­ties on a dai­ly basis, sto­ning women, kil­ling gays, reli­gious atro­ci­ties and get on the NBA, Dis­ney and others about Chi­na while you are at it

  14. It is going to be a real­ly hard week for any of the LIV play­ers. They have been vili­fied, and some right­ful­ly so, for swit­ching to a les­ser but more lucra­ti­ve tour. Bos­ton will eat them up.

  15. Just a mat­ter of time befo­re Woods and all the big names play on the LIV tour, PGA tour is panic mood you could see it on the commissioner’s face yesterday.

    1. Becau­se he’s an abso­lu­te legend, he’s got a legi­ti­ma­te rea­son play­ing their, he should have defen­ded his pga tit­le, I hope he can still win ano­t­her major, he needs a us open to top his lega­cy in the game, the only peop­le dama­ging the pga are the pga, gol­fers should be able to play whe­re they want when they want

    2. @Simon Huss He won’t even make the cut this week. His major care­er is over. He’s lucky it las­ted as long as it did and that he caught light­ning in a bot­t­le last year.

  16. I think it’s a real shame. The PGA platform/organisation made that man man what he is today. And then to sell out. I’d like to have seen more ques­ti­ons about the money. He said ear­ly on in the inter­view that he was dri­ven more by inter­nal things, than exter­nal. I’m thin­king $200 mil was a con­tri­bu­ting exter­nal thing! It’s cal­led sel­ling your soul to the hig­hest bidder.

  17. Cat on a hot tin roof. Never lik­ed the guy, but the­re does seem to be a healt­hy hel­ping of hypo­cri­sy and poli­tics in this situation

  18. Jay Mona­han tal­ked yes­ter­day during Cana­di­an open and he refu­sed to ans­wer any ques­ti­on about why they deci­ded to ban LIV golf play­er. He said whe­re the money is com­ing from is not an issue to him. He was focu­sed on ‘why the­re is LIV golf’. Jay , this is a free world and play­ers can choo­se whe­re to play. You can’t assu­me mono­po­ly of the game and cer­a­te fic­tious resis­tance to your com­pe­ti­ti­on and hide behind Saudi’s money.

    1. Well, the PGA Tour is some­thing that was built over many deca­des. It has rules that lay out how play­ers qua­li­fy to play on the tour, stay on the tour and remain eli­gi­ble to play on the tour. The play­ers signed a con­tract with the Tour. Play­ers who don’t ful­fill the con­di­ti­ons of the con­tract are abso­lute­ly free to go play any­whe­re they want.
      Any orga­niz­a­ti­on, com­pa­ny, club has it’s rules…if you don’t abi­de by them you can’t real­ly expect to bree­ze in and out when it plea­ses you.
      I think the PGA Tour will be fine…if anything a who­le bunch of young play­ers now have a bet­ter chan­ce of get­ting in this year.…the LIV Tour will be ano­t­her Seni­or Tour if it lasts a few years…and that’s a big if.

    2. @Wash Reds­kin so let them go and stop bashing them. Stop acting like a spoi­led child and com­pe­te; let your pro­duct (PGA Tour) stand up to com­pe­ti­ti­on and stand on its own to feet.

  19. Get off Phil’s ass , Phil is a human and he’s made a choice live with it peop­le , he didn’t screw around on his wife with count­less women he didn’t get drunk and have wrecks and then hide evi­dence from said wrecks

    1. Spot on, fun­ny how tiger does some­thing that shows he’s a poor human being, phil plays golf stands by his wife through thick and thin and gets all this abu­se, it real­ly sums up the world we’­re living in, the only bombs phils drop­ping is with his callaway

    2. Mdba­by no they didn’t ask the hard ques­ti­ons and becau­se he was asked ques­ti­ons now he’s ok a stand up guy 🤔look into the morning of his last fias­co how he trea­ted staff that morning at the resort , then he wrecks screws his on life up yet again and then blocks release of the fin­dings of the inves­ti­ga­ti­on , good olé Tiger gets a pass for ever­ything , and Phil’s worst pro­blem , gamb­ling with his own money , now sen­se Phil and others went to play LIV , now PGA fin­ding a litt­le more money to pay the guys now , so hey PHIl’s tide rose all boats

    3. Simon Huss exact­ly !!!!! Get sick of how ever­yo­ne gives Tiger a pass , poor Tiger how can he play hurt look at that guy go 🤔hey dum­bas­ses he did it to hims­elf , peop­le are ridi­cu­lous now days

  20. Phil’s a sell out. He took a HUGE PAYOUT from a cor­rupt régime who has end­less cash. LIV golf is exhi­bi­ti­on golf, and watching the­se play­ers like Phil act as though LIV is even legi­ti­ma­te is laug­ha­ble. The ONLY REASON Phil’s having anything to do with LIV is b/c he was more or less bri­bed or bought for obs­ce­ne amounts of cash. Sickening

  21. Man, so disap­poin­ting to see what he’s tur­ned into. At least he had a spi­ne befo­re and spo­ke his mind. Now he’s too afraid to speak becau­se he has a new boss, but that’s the pri­ce he paid I guess. Wish him the best and hope we see him grow to beco­me more com­for­ta­ble moving forward.

    1. If you think he is being care­ful with his words becau­se of Liv Golf exe­cu­ti­ves you are serious­ly struggling to under­stand dialogue

  22. Phil clear­ly does­n’t care for his fans. I’m not watching LIV golf becau­se it like watching Cana­di­an foot­ball. I pre­fer the lat­ter. Phil is more worried about pis­sing off the USGA than anything else.

  23. The media are abso­lute­ly dis­grace­ful for gril­ling Phil on Sau­di and 911.
    Remind me again how much the Sau­di Govt give the USA for wea­pons con­tracts? Hypo­cri­sy is asto­un­ding and pathetic.
    Good Luck to you Mr Mickleson

  24. This has been a des­pi­ca­ble sme­ar cam­pai­gn, by the PGA, and it is against com­pe­ti­ti­on with ano­t­her league. Phil is made examp­le of by a com­pa­ny that sends half of it’s own play­ers home, every week, for no pay at all. It is so sad to see how well it worked. Poor Phil will likely have to pull out of the US open becau­se of the angry gal­le­ry that has bought into this garbage.
    I hope he wins, just to piss you guys off

    1. more like he sees right through the arro­gan­ce of the repor­ters asking tho­se ques­ti­ons. Ques­tio­ning Phil on 9/11?? come on now!

  25. all that hate kap got for taking a knee i guess the mista­ke kaeper­nick made was he did­n’t get the sau­dis to pay him to take a knee. i’m sure all the­se liv sup­por­ters would be on kaps side. go get that money kap.

  26. The sau­dis are one of the US’ clo­sest allies and tra­ding part­ners. Such an unre­a­son­ab­le attack on the gol­fers. Sca­pe­goa­ting at its finest.

    1. @Matt Laman­tia Not yet but why even have seriou­se dis­cus­sion around it if they are sup­po­sed to be a clo­se ally? Also I under­stand we have bases the­re but does­n’t chan­ge how Sau­dis cripp­ling us and hel­ping Rus­si­ans with oil pri­ce mani­pu­la­ti­on. That is an act of an enemy not ally.

  27. Its bet­ter for play­ers to choo­se whe­re they want to play.…. not for bias com­mis­sio­ners to deci­de for them, that only care about and want to pro­mo­te their busi­ness model

  28. I think Jay mona­g­han is worried becau­se he can see what the pga tour did to the euro­pean tour back in the late 90s and ear­ly 2000’s the pga tour pret­ty much des­troy­ed it offe­ring such pri­ze pots after tiger came on the sce­ne, some of the Euro­pean gol­fers are very hypo­cri­ti­cal when they say its not about money, in that case why do they hard­ly ever play on their nati­ve tour, and ins­tead all play on the pga and only play in the big money Euro­pean events, pot kett­le black, phil is a true gen­tle­man, a fan­tastic ambassa­dor, and one hell of a cham­pion golfer

    1. Well there’s lots of rea­son for Mona­g­han to be worried. The PGA Tour signed a big TV con­tract at exact­ly the right time – just befo­re the Covid lock­downs , and right befo­re the Mas­ters with Tiger as defen­ding champ. That con­tract alo­ne pro­vi­des by my math about $1.5 mil­li­on to the pur­ses each week, and Tiger was necessa­ry to attract sponsors.

      Now, no Tiger, poor ratings (Tiger is the only one who signi­fi­cant­ly moves the need­le). And we are incre­a­sing see­ing com­mer­cial TV as a dino­saur as a broad­cas­ting plat­form (only die­hards will sit down and watch golf with all the com­mer­cials), and the PGA Tour is tied to it. Undoub­ted­ly, TV net­works and spon­sors are giving him grief.

  29. The yanks are quick to for­get the atro­ci­ties they com­mit­ted in Viet­nam not to men­ti­on the fact of sup­ply­ing both Iran and Iraq with wea­pons also the Saudi,s the tor­tu­re com­mit­ted in guan­ta­na­mo Bay in the name of natio­nal secu­ri­ty EVERY coun­try in the world has at one point or ano­t­her com­mit­ted cri­mes for the sta­te so stop going on about it,its golf ffs

  30. I see none of this from any media out­let when the NBA takes that Chi­na $$$$$. US Media are hypo­cri­tes and spi­n­eless. Mean­while our own pre­si­dent is gra­ve­ling to the Sau­dis right now while they make skits of him being a fool and nee­ding the advice of Kamala.

    Now let’s go a step further.….the Euro­pean tour has many tour­na­ments in Sau­di Ara­bia. Why aren’t they being pres­su­red into drop­ping tho­se events. Rory plays in tho­se events, but he has so much to say.

  31. To ever­yo­ne say­ing “but the government does busi­ness with Sau­di Ara­bia”, yeah, and that’s wrong too. Both are wrong. Will indi­vi­du­al people’s voices chan­ge a long ent­ren­ched dubio­us government rela­ti­ons­hip, pro­bab­ly not. Fans voices can make a chan­ge on some­thing like sport though. He wants to clear his mas­si­ve gamb­ling debt with Sau­di blood money, that’s his choice to make. Doesn’t mean he gets to be free of the con­se­quen­ces of that.

    1. “Blood money” The­re isn’t a sin­gle government in the world that does­n’t qua­li­fy if we fol­low your view on this, even the USA’s. This is not poli­ti­cal at all.

  32. LIV is stu­pid and not good for the over­all game of golf but the 9/11 stuff is to much. The media is acting like Phil was fly­ing one of the planes.

    1. @Jimmy Stan­be­ry Facing the con­se­quen­ces does­n’t only app­ly to having done some­thing ille­gal, lol. What kind of fan­ta­sy play­land do some of you live in?

    2. @Owen Niel­sen I think if you’re going to make comments like this, you should also know who the part­ners of the PGA are and you should also call them out for pro­fi­t­ing off of orga­niz­a­ti­ons and coun­tries that have been invol­ved in many human rights vio­la­ti­ons and con­ti­nue to do so. And every sin­gle play­er on the PGA tour knows of the­se things and none of them are having to be accoun­ta­ble for their choice of play­ing on the PGA tour. Some­thing about “he who is without sin shall cast the first stone”.

  33. I wish Phil would just say ‘after 30 years I fan­cy some­thing new’ what on earth is wrong with that!? He recei­ved a good offer and took it – right­ly! I am sick of the flack his blo­ke is get­ting. God bless you Mr Mickel­son from 🇬🇧

    1. @Dan Robert­son just like the bone saw hood orna­ment you have on your car from con­suming all that Sau­di oil…..

      Oh, you have an electric vehi­cle you say so you don’t con­su­me their oil? Oh yeah, all tho­se plastics and petro­le­um based pro­ducts you con­su­me all have Sau­di oil…..including the plastics in the electric vehi­cles. All that money you have inves­ted in S&P 500 com­pa­nies is right along­side bil­li­ons of Sau­di money. You buy and pro­ducts from com­pa­nies par­ti­al­ly owned by Sau­di money. Your tax­payer dol­lars are pou­ring into Sau­di accounts to keep them from cut­ting us off. I can keep going if you want but it’s pret­ty clear…..Your selec­ti­ve outra­ge and hypo­cri­ti­cal stance is equal­ly as disgusting.

  34. Phil does­n’t care about the PGA tour. What hes say­ing is he would­n’t care if all the guys left and crum­bled the PGA tour and histo­ry. Gree­dy bastard!

  35. Sau­dis are the only coun­try to ever shed blood for power and money , ano­t­her fine dou­ble stan­dard in the good olé US poli­ti­cal world ~

  36. The other LIV guys need to send some of that new found money to Mickel­son for taking the hits on their behalf. It’s a cash grab, sure, but he’s taking more heat than the others.

    1. He was the rin­g­lea­der. He had his lawy­ers wri­te up the agree­ments and he deman­ded the video tights to his video. No ath­le­te gets the rights or their vide­os. Not MJ, LeBron or Brady.

    2. Fong – why do you care? You are worried about his video rights? So what.
      The point is, he is taking all the heat who­le others are making 100s of mil­li­ons too.
      You’re argu­ment is video rights? Okay Peter Pan

  37. Was once a Fan… Now I feels he Rede­fi­nes PATHETIC!!!!!
    “Its given me a time to Spend Time with Amy” Im assuming his Wife???? of Decades.…..?????
    MANY MANY Over Deca­des said this Dude is a FRAUD… I was Foo­led.…. FRAUD X 1000.….….…..!!!!!!
    Poor AMY!!!!!!! X 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    2025.…. Pre Tour­na­ment… ” Your here in what was once Eas­tern Ukrai­ne.… in The Inau­gu­ral VLADIMIR PUTIN
    OPEN…do you care about this DESPICABLE HUMAN’S(?) Record on anything rela­ted to Human Decency?”
    Rape of Woman/ Girls on this land we are on at this moment???? Recent­ly no less!!!!
    “” Acco­mo­da­tio­nas are Gre­at, All I care about is the con­sis­ten­cy of The Greens… and does The Cour­se fit my
    Game.…. Russia(VP) bom­bed two Ele­men­ta­ry Schools here just 19 mon­ths ago.… resul­ting in 5 tea­chers, and
    24 Child­ren being MURDERED»» EXECUTED.… (Phil­lip).… Im super Impres­sed by… The Con­di­ti­on of
    The Cour­se, and the din­ner Vlad had us over for last night…OH, and my $10,000,000 Appearan­ce Fee.….
    Thank God the­res No Cut Line.”

    1. I have no pro­blem with what Phil did. His two mista­kes were (1) ope­ning his big fat mouth and say­ing stu­pid shit over the past few mon­ths and (2) just come out and say this is 99% a pure busi­ness decisi­on. Stop dan­cing around the root of this. Period.

  38. More than not­hing but money!!!! I’m so sick and tired of hea­ring excu­ses. Enjoy your last majors becau­se very soon you won’t have world ran­king points any­mo­re. It’s not fair to the guys that stay­ed with PGA tour for them to go back n forth. Naaa that won’t happen

    1. @Eric Dear­den oh I don’t?? Majors are dic­ta­ted by world ran­king. Yes you can qua­li­fy to the us open but if you don’t have a world ran­king you don’t just auto­ma­ti­cal­ly get in. Does­n’t work like that. You don’t know what you are tal­king about so look it up and get back to me!

    2. How can they main­tain a world ran­king when they are play­ing a com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent style of sport? They aren’t play­ing against the best in the world. So how can you jus­ti­fy them get­ting world ran­king points when they are play­ing against themselves.

    3. Simi­lar to the fai­led Flo­ren­ti­no Perez wet dream Super League fias­co. Thank­ful­ly the­re was a lot of grass roots level fans that back las­hed against it.

  39. Ame­ri­cans have been buy­ing Sau­di oil for deca­des. No one can point fin­gers at Phil unless of cour­se you’ve been riding a hor­se for the last 100 year?

    1. how much of our oil do you think we import. How about 5% What Sau­di pro­duc­tion does is influ­ence the pri­ce of oil world­wi­de. I bet you did­n’t know we only import 5%.

    2. @Michael Fong I didn’t know that. But not real­ly my point. The US has kept that Sau­di fami­ly in power for deca­des, sup­plied wea­pons etc etc. Peop­le com­ing down hard on Phil is pathe­tic. The value of busi­ness bet­ween Sau­di and USA is like $40bn pa. Sort that out and then peop­le can crap on the golfers?

  40. wow, he’s a golfer.….U.S. does 40 bil­li­on dol­lars of tra­de with the­se guys…lol.….wow ‚they don’t give Biden gril­ling ques­ti­ons like these…lol.…

  41. For Monahan/PGA to use the issue of human rights and the vic­tims of 9/11 in order to main­tain their monopoly/control of play­ers is des­pi­ca­ble con­si­de­ring they sanc­tion the Sau­di Invi­ta­tio­nal and WGC Events in Chi­na while tur­ning a blind eye to the Uyghur Genocide.

  42. Nice to see so many peop­le sup­por­ting free­dom of choice. And fur­ther more not jud­ging all peop­le by a few. To think all peop­le from a coun­try are the same when most all peop­le on this pla­net are good is unfor­tu­n­a­te, short min­ded and wrong! Golf is one of the best games to teach gre­at qua­li­ties in all peop­le! And should be spread free­ly thru the world.

  43. All of the­se ques­ti­ons are so stu­pid. You think Phil is tru­ly gon­na care if he loses fans? He has a ton and it’s not like he per­so­nal­ly knows any of the fans. Also, regar­ding young fans, it shouldn’t mat­ter whe­ther or not he joins LIV or not, the young fans will stay the same.

  44. Golf media sounds pathe­tic and unre­a­son­ab­le. I’m sure they all fil­led up with Sau­di oil & gas on their way to shame Phil at Brookline

  45. Phil reminds me of Hulk Hogan, minus the mus­cles of cour­se. When Hogan was the popu­lar good guy in the WWE he sud­den­ly jum­ped ship to the new rival of WWE known as WCW Nitro. He chan­ged his image as the ulti­ma­te bad guy and even had a beard, as does Phil has now. Hogan beca­me Hol­ly­wood Hogan and star­ted recrui­t­ing wrest­lers from the WWE such as with Phil and other PGA mem­bers slow­ly jum­ping to the LIV tour. Gon­na be fun to watch and see who else lea­ves the PGA and joins Hol­ly­wood Phil in the LIV golf world!!

  46. It takes gre­at humi­li­ty and cou­ra­ge to ans­wer tho­se ques­ti­ons. As a fan of the game I still respect the man.

    1. @Jon Bur­rows I guess you need to rewatch…many of us inclu­ding mys­elf have been bru­tal­ly open but over time you evol­ve and matu­re into having more dif­fe­rent approach to mat­ters in how to word things and express…people chan­ge you do know that right? Inte­res­ting how you coun­ted the num­ber times he used the word “respect”. I hope you get the point why he said that word as many times as he did. He lear­ned to have that in his approach and hope­ful­ly at some point you do the same. #Respect

    2. Yeah….humility and cou­ra­ge to get a payoff for your gamb­ling addic­tion and being annoy­ed about being remin­ded about an
      Ame­ri­can tra­ge­dy that his new friends hel­ped take part in, but all we care about is that PHIL is OK right? And like anyo­ne with half a brain can deci­pher, he didn’t real­ly ans­wer anything unless you think he’s run­ning for office and will now be a politician.

    1. Selec­ti­ve outra­ge is the per­fect descrip­ti­on. I can respect someo­ne who takes a stand on a topic and puts their money whe­re their mouth is but the hypo­cri­sy is sickening.

    1. @Wash Reds­kin The ABA brought the 3‑point shot to the NBA. Both the WHL and USFL pro­vi­ded talent to the NHL and NFL. Not sure if they pro­vi­ded some­thing like the 3‑point shot to the NBA. I also for­got to men­ti­on the NFL also had the AFL. All of the­se orga­niz­a­ti­ons gai­ned from the competition.

  47. I think Phil is being a litt­le too apo­lo­ge­tic with this who­le thing. The­re is a long list of peop­le loo­king the other way when it comes to taking money from the Sau­dis. May­be all the peop­le com­p­lai­ning about his lack of mora­li­ty with this decisi­on should stop dri­ving their cars becau­se they are “doing busi­ness” with and sup­por­ting the Saudis. 

    Tes­la dri­vers, who live in all electric homes and don’t fly com­mer­cial­ly, you’re allo­wed to keep com­p­lai­ning. The rest of you shut the he** up!

  48. Stop apo­lo­gi­zing and exp­lai­ning yourself to ever­yo­ne Phil – they need to respect you and your life!!!! You do not owe any­bo­dy any ans­wers.….….. you do what you need to do.….…… play well!!!!!!

  49. Phil is the man. The PGA and the media should shut their mouths. Espe­cial­ly the PGA sin­ce they love to take that Chi­na money. Not to men­ti­on the PGA bent the knee to the des­pi­ca­ble Black Lives Mat­ter Inc. LIV golf is cool

  50. All of the­se ques­ti­ons are one sided . Its just a bunch of pos libe­rals in the media. Phil play golf and have fun piss on any­bo­dy that does not like whe­re you play.

  51. Actual­ly he did not know what to say on Q’s asked. He had cou­ra­ge to come in front of media, but he loo­ked pret­ty lost.

    1. @Jordan Kemp well, by tel­ling honest­ly his true motifs to lea­ve PGA. He did not hand­le any way the issue of ( signing) money, for examp­le. The Sau­dis have payed him a nice pile of cash signing in to LIV. No men­ti­on of this motif, which play­ed a role for all play­ers, who most are in the zone of reti­re­ment in this sport. The last ‘cash in’ oppor­tu­ni­ty offe­red to them by peop­le, who have zero respect of any rights of their own ppl. When the money is the key motif to con­ti­nue play­ing, the­re is not much left of inte­gri­ty or respect on you as play­er. Alt­hough he made gre­at over 30 yrs care­er in PGA, which he men­tio­ned in this inter­view over 10 times. He reve­a­led zero of his real thoughts or motifs, which he has all rights to do, but then why bother to go in front of media, just try­ing to sur­vi­ve, or lie.

  52. The media is the big­gest hypo­cri­tes. Ever­y­ti­me a US citi­zen puts gas in the­re vehi­cle they sup­port the Saudi’s. So a gol­fer choo­sing to play LIV Tour over PGA is not some­thing to be can­ce­led for as a sports star.

    1. Ever­yo­ne uses the stu­pid pie­ce on gas. We only import 5% of our oil from the Saudi’s. We are not in char­ge of our ener­gy poli­cy. the redu­ced pro­duc­tion affects the cost of oil world­wi­de. This is a stu­pid argument.

    2. @A K Can’t speak for Micha­el, but I belie­ve he said it for the pur­po­se of let­ting peop­le know it’s a poor argument.

    3. So it’s right to bla­me pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers for an affi­lia­ti­on with Sau­di for human rights when the US has a long time affi­lia­ti­on and that is ok?

    4. I think the inter­pre­ta­ti­on of my com­ment was taken out of con­text. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly as citi­zens we have no con­trol of gas in this coun­try. It is dis­gus­ting to see all the media bashing the­se play­ers becau­se they cho­se to take more money becau­se of the league affi­lia­ti­on with Saudi.

  53. Gee, so now all Arabs are blood-guil­ty for 9/11? Lol the most libe­ral of media mem­bers will turn into rabid xeno­pho­bes if cir­cum­s­tan­ces demand it.

  54. Phil is a class act. Jour­na­lists gril­ling him about LIV and Saudi’s are abso­lute­ly ridi­cu­lous and hand­ling it with the pati­ence and grace that he has here is phenomonal.

  55. What do the PGA play­ers who­se taxes fun­ded the US government say to the 1M humans in Iraq and Afgha­ni­stan kil­led by the US military?

  56. “out­side of the golf you play­ed, what did you do to grow the game last week in Lon­don?” oh my, what a stu­pid ass ques­ti­on. I have a lot of respect for anyo­ne that has to stand the­re and endu­re this crap while kee­ping them­sel­ves com­po­sed. Phil has alrea­dy said ever­ything he’s gon­na say and he does­n’t need to jus­ti­fy hims­elf to anyo­ne anymore.

    1. @Rob Kiser it grows com­pe­ti­ti­on against the. Mono­po­ly that is the PGA tour. COMPETITION is good for lega­cy golf bodies. Dis­rup­ti­on should always be encou­ra­ged. It is pain­ful for the big fat incumbents but it might make them bet­ter. A bet­ter PGA tour is bet­ter for its play­ers and ever­yo­ne invol­ved in golf.

  57. Just stop with the spend more time at home excu­se. They make it sound like they were working 80hrs a week on the PGA tour. Just admit it’s all about the money.

    1. @Johnny San­chez you don’t get sar­casm at all. Went way over your head what @tryingtobefair and objec­ti­ve was say­ing lol

    2. @Trying to be fair and objec­ti­ve haha­ha­ha that was gre­at. I agree. He will MTC. He needs Liv for his payday now becau­se he isn’t that good anymore

    1. @Jett Par­cher That would be clas­sic. As they are intro­du­ced ever­yo­ne stands up and turns their back at them. same for the greens

  58. This press con­fe­rence was a joke. The­se were repor­ters that were expres­sing their opi­ni­ons in some vague form of a ques­ti­on. Just becau­se they dis­agree with the choice he made, they want to cru­ci­fy him. It is his life and his choice, not theirs.

  59. If peop­le are going to com­p­lain about a Sau­di fun­ded seri­es, then every spon­sor of PGA events should be scru­ti­ni­s­ed for their busi­ness prac­ti­ses, why stop at a government level ? It’s hypo­cri­ti­cal at the hig­hest level.

    1. You mean apart from when he says “That’s 3 ques­ti­ons” when it’s only one… Then ans­wers a total­ly dif­fe­rent question.

    2. @nomoreluke he can’t say ever­ything he wants it’s got him in trou­ble b4 and will now. He did­n’t have to do the pres­ser. I don’t agree with all things Phil but he show­ed up.

  60. All hypo­cri­tes. Media and PGA still suck­ing off of the teat of Chi­na. Chi­na by far has more Human Rights vio­la­ti­ons than Sau­di. Fun­ny how they bring up 911 and yet we inva­ded Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Go Phil. I sup­port your decisi­on to make some $$$$ and spend more time with your fami­ly. Screw the the PGA.

  61. A rival league pops up and the PGA Tour acts like a nuke was drop­ped. A bunch of play­ers deci­ded they like more pay for less work and bet­ter con­di­ti­ons. It shows how incredi­b­ly pam­pe­red the­se pros are. Good luck to Mickel­son and LIV golf. They are only hel­ping the game of golf and pro­bab­ly even the PGA players.

    1. @Michael Fong Yet play­ers are lea­ving. A rival league hel­ps golf. A huge cash infu­si­on hel­ps golf. Yet Jay M. acts like a tyrant, a baby, ins­tead of embra­cing the competition.

  62. If the­re are any Ame­ri­cans cal­ling out the­se gol­fers about 911 and then go to the gas sta­ti­on to put Sau­di oil in their car can go f themselves.

    1. @Brett Alan he is easi­ly top 10 all time… 8th in pga tour wins, 12th in majors won, 2nd in care­er run­ner ups in majors, 3 legs of the care­er grand­s­lam with 6 2nd’s in the one he never won.

    2. @Brett Alan also play­ed in the most Ryder Cups/President Cups among Ame­ri­cans… He is the last guy to win a PGA tour event as an ama­teur and is the oldest major cham­pion in the histo­ry of the game.

      His lon­ge­vi­ty is unmat­ched in the histo­ry of the game.

    3. @Rob Cham­pa­gne Jack Nick­laus went 24 years bet­ween his first major win and his last, Phil only 17. That’s still the bench­mark for longevity.

  63. It’s such bull­shit what Phil is going through, peop­le act like he’s the fuck­ing Pre­si­dent and is dealing with geo­po­li­ti­cal issu­es. Biden is going to Sau­di Ara­bia to beg for more oil and he’s get­ting less shit that Phil. If Ame­ri­cans are so worried about Sau­di Ara­bia hold you government to account not gol­fers. We love you Phil!

  64. It has been noted that Greg Nor­man has to tra­vel with a doc­tor. He has to have someo­ne with him all the time who knows the Hel­mick Maneu­ver becau­se of his his­to­ri­cal “cho­king”.

  65. The­se repor­ters are ridi­cu­lous. If this was Tiger they would not talk to him this way. You can ask ques­ti­ons in a respect­ful way

  66. Always loved watching Phil play. So exci­ting as he can win or lose in equal­ly spec­ta­cu­lar fashion. He’s at the twi­light of his care­er and wants to earn more money. Would the­re be the same outra­ge if the money was com­ing from Israel?

    1. @andrew bal­four it appears Phil Mickleson’s value is ~$200M gua­ran­te­ed over three years plus some oppor­tu­nities for signi­fi­cant pri­ze money for tour­na­ment suc­cess that is over dou­ble cur­rent PGA pri­ze money. LIV play­ers will (sup­po­sed­ly) own rights to their con­tent they crea­te while play­ing (cur­r­ent­ly the PGA tour owns all the his­to­ri­cal con­tent of tour events crea­ted by their play­ers gold per­for­man­ces) Other play­ers are raking in much more money than they are cur­r­ent­ly recei­ving on the PGA tour.

    2. @andrew bal­four $200M in the bank has been depo­si­ted in Phil’s account. Done deal. Thank you for your cri­ti­cism from the cheap seats. It sounds a bit like jea­l­ou­sy mixed with hypo­cri­sy. Yawn…..

    3. @Carl Mess­alle Haha. Hope­ful­ly tha­t’ll help keep a roof over his head for the next few years and it’ll keep you in job ..
      Let’s not for­get 2018 PGA ..Whe­re Phil through Golf eti­quet­te out the window ..

  67. The best of the best will stay with the most pro­fes­sio­nal golf orga­niz­a­ti­on on the pla­net. The old heads who can’t com­pe­te any­mo­re… they will go. One would think that the Sau­dis would build and impro­ve on golf cour­ses in thi­er own coun­tries. The US has the best gol­fers and the best golf cour­ses. No comparison.

  68. Pathe­tic jour­na­lists… the who­le 9/11 thing… do they not rea­li­se that many peop­le from dif­fe­rent coun­tries have bom­bed things in lon­don, ame­ri­ca and we are told not to ste­reo­ty­pe… and to con­ti­nue to be friends with peop­le of ori­gin from the­se coun­tries… not all Sau­dis are bad I’m sure

  69. I am a litt­le supri­sed that peop­le r allo­wed to be so jud­ging about the Sau­dis. The­se har­sh opi­ni­ons could easi­ly con­fu­sed for bigotry.

    1. Yep! Peop­le try too hard to bring poli­tics into Golf to crea­te reac­tions and head­lines. It’s golf, it’s a game, lea­ve it at that.

  70. The man play­ed for 30 years on the pga tour . Did ever­ything you could ever want someo­ne to do . He tur­ned 50 so his time on the pga is almost over but the­re would still be a few more times . So he goes to play some­whe­re else one time and eveything does not mat­ter and now he is a pos to the pga tour and its play­ers. Well if they tre­at him that way it just shows they are the pos and he should look them in the face and tell them right to their face FU.

  71. Wish Phll would just sta­te that he’s paid his dues, given blood sweat and tears to the PGA, and now he wants some­thing that allows him to con­ti­nue to pro­vi­de for his fami­ly while play­ing golf, at the same time giving him more time with his fami­ly. And I don’t get into Natio­nal Poli­tics in my golf game.

  72. You don’t need to apo­lo­gi­ze Phil. You did not­hing wrong. Anyo­ne should be allo­wed to make the best decisi­on for thems­elf and their fami­ly. You don’t owe PGA anything!!!

  73. So becau­se some of the 9/11 hija­ckers were Sau­di citi­zens, its now OK to shame someo­ne for doing busi­ness with Sau­dis? Peop­le today just want to hate and shame peop­le to make them­sel­ves feel bet­ter. The drun­ken fans at Bos­ton will be more than hap­py to play along. Its going to get ugly. Ano­t­her sign of the socie­tal decay des­troy­ing us.

  74. Good on you Phil for com­ing forth through this inter­view. You abso­lute­ly should have a choice in how your care­er should con­ti­nue. Respect is key and even dif­fe­ring opi­ni­ons war­rant respect.
    Good luck to you Phill,

    1. well, he’s “expe­ri­en­ced” at it…Remember when he com­p­lai­ned that the taxes in Cali­for­nia were too high and threa­tened to lea­ve the sta­te some years back??? He did a lot of “wal­king back” after that one.
      May­be he should lis­ten to the advice that tal­king heads on Fox give to sports figu­res all the time: “Just shut up and play”! ;);)
      The PGA Tour, just like ten­nis, has inter­view requi­re­ments play­ers must meet. I don’t think the USGA has…

    2. @Francois Lepi­ne , it’s true. But at least he did­n’t fly off the hand­le and blurt out cra­zy talk like he did befo­re he took his “break” for 4 mon­ths. Defi­ni­te­ly still seems like he’s dealing with some­thing major behind the scenes.

    3. @Tyler Pal­mer I’m thin­king of two “buckets”.….
      One has Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant in it.…
      The other has Den­nis Rod­man and Mike Tyson in it.…
      Phil will pro­bab­ly end up in the first bucket

  75. PGA Tour and the media should take note. It is approa­ches like this and the natu­re of this press con­fe­rence that makes me root even more for LIV golf. And I say that as someo­ne who had no real opi­ni­on befo­re this all came about.

    1. Agree. LIV might bury the PGA tour and I’m almost roo­ting for it. Not becau­se I have anything against the PGA tour, but becau­se of how they hand­led this situa­ti­on. They could just co exist with LIV but refu­se too. It will be the­re downfall.

    2. @Grassy Agree. I love the PGA tour but the bashing and “spoi­led child” reac­tion to a via­ble com­pe­ti­tor is almost making me root for LIV

  76. Peop­le, come on! I am not a fan of the Sau­dis or of Trump, but for petes sake The US have done atro­cious things in their cour­se of doing “busi­ness” so does the world now boy­cott ever­ything the US does? Phil can play on wha­te­ver tour he deci­des and wha­te­ver tour­na­ments he deci­des. Give the guy a break, this is a golf tour­na­ment and he deser­ves to play in it as much as any­bo­dy else. As far as play­ing on Trump cour­ses? Are you kid­ding? When Trump was pre­si­dent it was man­da­to­ry that the secret ser­vice stay­ed in his pro­per­ties if they were wit­hin 200 miles of them , and nobo­dy gave a fk. Now we are con­cer­ned that golf tour­na­ments are being play­ed at pro­per­ties with his name on it? This sh*t has to stop.

  77. total­ly has ever­ything to do with golf, gre­at ques­ti­on – phil basi­cal­ly pilo­ted the pla­nes fly­ing into the buil­dings now bc he plays golf. he should be ashamed 🤣🤣😂😂

  78. Phil should just hold up his midd­le fin­ger to the pos jour­na­list and the pga. They are all worth­less and need to be fired.

    1. For all you peop­le who com­p­lain about the PGA doing not­hing for the gol­fer here is a bit of histo­ry. The PGA sets up the gol­fer from the time he beco­mes a pro through his six­ties. No other orga­niz­a­ti­on does that.
      The set up the deve­lo­p­ment of the young play­ers to ascend to the tour. When they get old they set up the Cham­pions tour so the­se peop­le can earn money into their six­ties. They set up the LPGA. They go out and get the spon­sors, venues, Tele­vi­si­on con­tracts the pen­si­on plan. They intro­du­ce the­se peop­le to the top exe­cu­ti­ves in the coun­try. Does anyo­ne think that that mental­ly chal­len­ged moron we know as DJ would ever meet a CEO. May­be as a janitor.

      No other sport takes care of their aging stars. Do you think LIV is going to do that? Four of the top 15 grea­test ear­ners of reve­nue from sports are golfers.
      The PGA isn’t per­fect but it is also not terrible.

    2. @Trevor San­so This is the child-like, sup­port of all workers argu­ment. Again, the PGA Tour pro­vi­ded the infra­st­ruc­tu­re for the­se guys to suc­ceed and did it for over 50 years. The­re was no one else doing it. They bared all the respon­si­bi­li­ty. So easy to say, some other orga­niz­a­ti­on could do it, but no one did, becau­se it’s a huge under­ta­king. If the PGA did­n’t exist, Phil would­n’t be the 11th hig­hest com­pen­sa­ted ath­le­te of all-time. How could have he made that much money play­ing on his own? Barn­stor­ming, lol? Stop trea­ting pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes like they’­re oppres­sed coal mine workers.

    3. Jon Bur­rows – wake up litt­le fella.
      Mickel­son gene­ra­ted bil­li­ons for the Tour. The tour exis­ted (exists) becau­se of peop­le like Phil.
      Lose the agen­da Peter Pan

  79. I love Phil and only watch tour­na­ments that he plays in. I’m sure tv ratings are down in tour­na­ments he doesn’t play in. He dri­ves ratings.

  80. His respon­se about the Trump stuff is the only thing I’ll hold against him in this inter­view. Glad the PGA moved away from any Trump venue.

    1. @Mdbaby I’m not Ame­ri­can eit­her. Look up “Jan 6th Insur­rec­tion.” The PGA should not be part­ne­ring with anything rela­ted to that man

    1. Would you have respec­ted him if he deci­ded to not do any inter­views this week? I thought that was a pos­si­bi­li­ty, didn’t you?

    2. @Jim Che­se­bo­rough I just don’t respect him in gene­ral. He under­achie­ved most of his care­er and basi­cal­ly led a pri­vi­le­ged arro­gant life. Zero respect.

    3. @YouGotHouses WeGot­Ma­ho­mes 6 majors, 45 PGA tour vic­to­ries. Could he have won more majors, abso­lute­ly but I don’t under­stand why you think he underachieved

  81. All the­se folks that swe­ar they would never sup­port Sau­di are the same ones who glad­ly fill their cars up with their gas and oil. This poli­ti­cal cir­cus is get­ting old. Talk about the US Open and not everyone’s opi­ni­on on Liv golf. I’m a Mickel­son fan and will con­ti­nue to be. Good luck Phil.

    1. Can we stop with this child-like examp­le once and for all? The US only imports 5% of our oil from the Saudi’s. Citi­zens are not in char­ge of our ener­gy policy.

  82. Here’s how it is with the PGA. A kid who loves golf, plays real­ly good, has tons of talent, grows up wan­ting to beco­me a tou­ring pro, final­ly rea­li­zes his dream and goals, then finds out in the fine print 30 years later, that the PGA owns you just like a slave! FO PGA! #MASSA

  83. He’s a dif­fe­rent man now. It’s a gre­at shame. He clear­ly been school in the art of avo­id­ance and whata­bou­te­ry by the Sau­di mur­de­rers. Can’t give a pro­per ans­wer to a ques­ti­on. Such a shame as he was such a nice guy. He deser­ves to be boo­ed on every hole. $10,000 he doesn’t make the cut

  84. Chris­ti­ne Brenn­an is such a dbag. She says peop­le have cri­ti­ci­zed him and she’s at the top of the list. Just say you did and not say others did. She’s worth­less repor­ter who should­n’t be covering sports – she just slams ever­yo­ne and anyo­ne without con­si­de­ra­ti­on. And sin­ce when did Sau­di Ara­bia send the ter­ro­rists on 9/11. It was Bin Laden. Sau­di sup­por­ted us 100% during Gulf Wars, etc. They have hor­ri­ble human rights issu­es, but 9/11 is a stretch.

  85. Could some one give me some his­to­ri­cal back­ground on the PGA and the Euro­pean tour. Was the­re some of the same dis­cus­sions back when they star­ted. Did the USGA and the RNA come first? It seems to me that peop­le in the US were upset when the PGA split off.

  86. He loo­ks very uncom­for­ta­ble and, to me, not at ease with his decisi­ons. Taking tour­na­ments around the world…..that’s what the DP/European tour has done for the past 30+ years, it’s not new or ground­brea­king. Sold out and loo­ks like he has. So disappointing.

  87. Watching today’s press con­fe­rence reaf­firms my fee­lings towards Phil. The Chris­ti­ne Brenn­an ques­ti­on was ludi­crous and he hand­led it with class. Phil could have ducked and dod­ged the golf media’s reck­less ques­tio­ning, but he stood tall like a man. I wat­ched LIV last wee­kend and enjoy­ed the com­pe­ti­ti­on, will do so going for­ward. USGA, do not fol­low the PGA Tour’s lead and ban the­se play­ers. It will ruin your lega­cy, not theirs.

    1. What was ludi­crous about it. The jour­na­list was doing her job. Its the ele­phant in the room. If she didnt ask the hard ques­ti­ons she night as well give up.

    2. @Paul Kel­le­her Jour­na­lists can cer­tain­ly ask any ques­ti­on they feel is rele­vant and nee­ded. Phil can ans­wer the ques­ti­ons any­way he feels is best. If you can cri­ti­ci­ze Phil, we can also cri­ti­ci­ze the media.

  88. This felt like an ambush of a press con­fe­rence. I think Phil hand­led it the best he pos­si­b­ly could. Still, it was very disap­poin­ting to see the press crea­te a sin­gu­lar nar­ra­ti­ve of Phil being some sort of demon who has been excom­mu­ni­ca­ted in some way. The man is human and is not a ter­ri­ble per­son for making a decisi­on to play golf out­side of the PGA.

    1. Ambush? The dude had like 4 mon­ths sin­ce he last tal­ked to the media. He knew this was com­ing, in no way was this an ambush lol. If anything he was get­ting frus­tra­ted for being asked good jour­na­listic ques­ti­ons. I thought he hand­led hims­elf well, but he was not ambus­hed, and lets not throw the media under the bus for asking tough ques­ti­ons that all of us are thinking.

    2. @Mark Her­nan­dez appre­cia­te your per­spec­ti­ve, but the repe­ti­ti­ve natu­re of the ques­ti­ons was pet­ty and they were not asking ques­ti­ons I was thin­king. I’d actual­ly like to know more of his thoughts around this week and his chan­ces etc. He was on tri­al at this PC and he’s not deser­ving of it IMO. You are right in that he see­med pre­pa­red to ans­wer most of the­se ques­ti­ons, but the­re were mul­ti­ple attempts to get a reac­tion from Phil which is what I am refer­ring to when I say ambush. The media has an agen­da and they are just after the sound bite or viral clip opportunity.

  89. The Sau­dis didn’t send the terrorists..they were Sau­di Natio­nals Yes..but Ame­ri­ca has been buy­ing Sau­di oil, sel­ling arms to Sau­di dealing with the government and eco­no­my on every level…The Tour has play­ed Chi­na, The UFC and Boxing goes there..Formula 1 goes there..European foot­ball teams are owned by Saudis..The Sau­dis own bil­li­ons of dol­lars of real esta­te and busi­nes­ses throughout the world and the US..what is the point that peop­le are making?
    The Tour don’t like the is dealing with the situa­ti­on poorly..the Tour did the same to the PGA when the Tour was born..The Heri­ta­ge of golf is in the majors..the rest is all about money..Get over it..players are free to do what they want. The Tour has no Moral High ground..Ridiculous ques­ti­on re legacy

  90. The guy is can­cer. Poor mul­ti-mul­ti-mul­ti-mil­lion­aire who has bene­fit­ted more than near­ly ANYONE from the PGA starts whi­ning about how much money they allow him to earn. He, more than almost any gol­fer, rode the “Tiger” boom in ear­nings. Utter­ly pathe­tic and, by all accounts, someo­ne that almost the ent­i­re tour (inclu­ding his Ryder Cup team­ma­tes) can’t stand to be around.

    1. Oh… And “I have the utmost sym­pa­thy and empa­thy for them”… May as well add “But that comes a VERY distant 2nd to me being able to make more money to sup­port my debi­li­ta­ting gamb­ling habit”.

  91. So he rai­led hard against the PGA for deca­des but now that he’s play­ing for the Saudi’s he’s sud­den­ly going to silent? – He is smart to zip it, or, ya know, kni­ves out.

  92. All tho­se who haven’t left one employ­er for ano­t­her one for bet­ter pay, bene­fits, oppor­tu­ni­ty, etc, plea­se chi­me in.

    1. @Sixcylinders All tho­se who have went back to an employ­er after lea­ving for a bet­ter­ment of yourself, plea­se chi­me in. Phil can do what the “F” he wants to . Owes no apology.

    2. @Sixcylinders I’m just not under­stan­ding why peop­le are soo mad at the­ses play­ers. They act like they have a per­so­nal invest­ment with them. Tho­se who left the pga for liv has not one thing to do with any­bo­dy who’s mad at them . The pga will sur­vi­ve. I wish ever­yo­ne would move on. It’s not that serious. They did what they think is right for them(even if it’s just money). It’s no one’s business(imo).

  93. Peop­le have no idea of the­se gol­fers sche­du­les, if the LIV Golf frees up their time and com­pen­sa­tes them well then why not do what’s best for them and their fami­lies, keep bal­lin Phil

    1. Becau­se LIV golf and Phil have threa­tened to chal­len­ge and take­over PGA tour. Also its not like they are not ear­ning enough money on the PGA tour. Phil and play­ers like Dus­tin John­son were fly­ing around on pri­va­te Jets and had ple­nty of choice about fami­ly time and their sche­du­les. It’s the play­ers who are down the list that have to grind every week that have pro­blem with sche­du­ling and fami­ly time. Why did­n’t they get an invi­te from LIV. Let’s be real, They did­n’t do it for the sche­du­le or fami­ly time. And defi­ni­te­ly did­n’t do it to grow or moder­ni­ze golf becau­se that First LIV golf event was tackier than a pack of blue tac.

    2. @Jimmy Stan­be­ry You rea­li­ze most of the tour regu­lars would have someo­ne else making all the arran­ge­ments for them, right? They aren’t on the pho­ne Sunday night making arran­ge­ments for Motel 6 for the fol­lowing week.

    3. @Johnny Pen­so I didn’t say anything about who’s making reser­va­tions. The PGA uses all play­ers, espe­cial­ly tho­se with the names, to crea­te a draw to the tour­na­ments, pro-ams, appearan­ces, auto­graph signings, sup­pers, inter­views and the list goes on and on. Only the top 125 keep their cards. Num­ber 125 this year has made about $700k They are taxed to high hea­ven! Their expen­ses are astro­no­mi­c­al. Some of the guys around that ran­king are big names and the PGA uses them. Others around that ran­king I’ve never heard of. Tho­se guys are grin­ding and most of them have unbe­liev­a­ble debt just try­ing to get the­re. The PGA needs to start paying ever­y­bo­dy that makes them go every week!


  95. Stop giving this gamb­ling dege­ne­ra­te a hard time. We all know he couldn’t win enough money in the pga to pay off his debts so he had to take the free money.
    Is anyo­ne going actual­ly going to watch this was­hed up group of play­ers liv has to offer??

  96. Sto­ped respec­ting him a long time ago. This just pro­ves I was right, he can only make can­ned respon­ses to real issu­es, hiding behind “its all about the golf” bull­shit, its’ all about 200 mil­li­on dol­lars, UN Ame­ri­can SELLOUT

  97. Go get them Phil,you can’t move for­ward keep dwel­ling on ter­ri­ble and hor­ri­fic situa­tions that hap­pen in life,you after do what’s best for you and your lovely family.

  98. I must admit I respect the hones­ty when asked what LIV offers that the PGA does­n’t. Para­phra­sing he said butt load of cash for doing much less of the same job. We all want this and most of us would jump on it in a heartbeat.

  99. SHITE ques­ti­ons! He has just joi­ned ano­t­her tour for more money. F1 Foot­ball and boxing to name a few sports go the­re. He usnt a cri­mi­nal so stop trea­ting him like one!

  100. Still a Phil fan. 22 major cham­pions defec­ted from the PGA Tour. Some­thing very toxic wit­hin the PGA is hap­pe­ning that is not being dis­cus­sed openly.

    1. Don’t be ignorant…22 major Cham­pions did­n’t defect from the PGA Tour…bet you $10,000 you can’t name 10 of them.🤣😂🤣🤡

    2. No not 22 Major cham­pions, I think now 22 play­ers from the PGA tour. The Major Cham­pions that have left are Phil, DJ, Ser­gio, Bry­son, Lou­ie, Kay­mer, Reed, So 7 of the 22 I think are Major Cham­pion win­ners. Phil, DJ, Ser­gio and Reed are all Mas­ters Win­ners, so they are exempt their as long as they want to play and are rea­son­ab­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve (in pri­va­te the Club will tell a guy might be time to hang it up). Lou­ie and Kay­mer are no lon­ger exempt at all majors. Lou­ie is at the Open and Kay­mer was exempt to the US open this year ‚but is inju­red and with­drew. He tried to chan­ge his swing in late 2013 so in his mind to help him with the Mas­ters and has not won sin­ce. Bry­son won the US Open in 2020 so he is exempt in all the majors for the next 5 years.

    3. @Palermo Tra­pa­ni the only major that is run by the PGA tour is the PGA cham­pions­hip, the mas­ters is run by Augusta
      Natio­nal, the US Open by the USGA, the Bri­tish Open by the R&A.

  101. Man all the­se self righ­te­ous repor­ters asking the­se dudes why they took hund­reds of mil­li­ons when Boris was the­re last mon­th and Biden going later this month…
    I would legit put ten mil­li­on cash in brief cases in front of the­se clowns if say there’s 30 of them have ten stacks of 33.3k and ask them you can take this 333k and go home for the day.. give you a minu­te to decide…if you stay for one ques­ti­on you lose 33k each…stay for ano­t­her lose ano­t­her 33k…let’s see how many how many stick around till the end…
    I would legit be like it’s too bad we will never know what your pri­ce is cau­se even if Liv is wate­red down com­pe­ti­ti­on you’­re still not talen­ted enough to make it…
    we’­ve seen many Ame­ri­cans sell their ‘morals and huma­ni­ty’ over rolls of toi­let paper and crap­py tele­vi­si­ons every years, let’s see what the­se repor­ters pri­ce is…

  102. Screw all the demo­cra­tic idi­ots try­ing to gas­light you Phil, Trump, Kid Rock, Sam­my Hagar, Ted Nugent and other fine upstan­ding citi­zens will con­ti­nue to fol­low you.

  103. The USA has armed the Sau­di to the teeth but Phil is the bad guy for play­ing golf on their tour. Seems like the repor­ters were disap­poin­ted that tomatoes weren’t pro­vi­ded to throw at phil

  104. Wish someo­ne had the balls to say, “Look, humans are ani­mals. You cri­tics sit the­re and ask me your sni­de litt­le ques­ti­ons about the Sau­dis so you can get clicks and views. At the exact same time you speak your words about human rights, Ame­ri­ca is invol­ved in dir­ty nas­ty unspeaka­ble things all over the world. Let’s not kid our­sel­ves here. If I want to take Sau­di money to set up my kids and their kids and their kids after that, who are you to sit the­re and judge me?”

  105. What an abso­lu­te joke, the only rea­son peop­le are tal­king “betra­yal” or wha­te­ver is becau­se LIV Golf now offers big­ger pur­ses than the TOUR, all of this is just the PGA Tour thro­wing a tem­per tan­trum bc they are no lon­ger the big d *ck in the room

  106. love how ever­ything asked has not­hing to do with the golf itself
    and ever­ything to do with des­troy­ing the play­ers. YOU GUYS MAKE ME SICK

  107. Sor­ry, Phil, you didn’t sell it. Would you have gone to the LIV for $5 mil­li­on to grow the game?? I think not. The ONLY growth will be to your bank account. You’re foo­ling nobo­dy… It’s ALL about the money!!

    1. It’s my main fee­ling aswell. This is such a pola­ri­sing mut­li face­ted argu­ment. I won­der how the press haven’t taken him to the clea­ners re his gamb­ling like that did Tiger when he had his affairs

    2. @Mdbaby He’d just as well keep his mouth shut. He can’t offer any argu­ment to jus­ti­fy what he’s done. As far as the media gril­ling him over his gamb­ling… I think he would’ve sort of implo­ded, then wal­ked out.

  108. The­se jour­na­lists are fuck­ing sna­kes. They want to ruin this sport.…they ask ques­ti­ons not for ans­wers, but to eli­cit a “reaction”.….they are abject pathe­tic peop­le (most of them).

    This is a “can­cel cul­tu­re ambush”.…but what I think the­se idi­ot jour­na­lists do not under­stand is that peop­le do not trust them any­mo­re. They know that jour­na­lism is not­hing more than a pathe­tic indus­try of pathe­tic people.

  109. They have a tour­na­ment in Dubai fun­ded bySau­di Ara­bia towards the end of the year I think in Novem­ber. Why no out­cry when the pga pros play there.

    1. @Jon Bur­rows If it’s a pga tour event they cry. But if it’s on a pga tour event they stay silent. Makes so much sen­se now

  110. I am sho­cked to see so many peop­le in the comments that think this was a good press con­fe­rence. Diver­ting, dod­ging ques­ti­ons, and giving non-ans­wers left and right. This is not a class act, this is just an act.

  111. As a lifel­ong fan and play­er of the game we all love I’m very exci­ted about the LIV tour and tho­rough­ly enjoy­ed the coverage I wat­ched this past wee­kend. It was very exci­ting. It just see­med all the way around to be fres­her. The who­le 9–11 rhe­to­ric is way out of line. So many busi­nes­ses and indi­vi­du­als across our coun­try main­tain busi­ness dealings and finan­cial endea­vors of every kind with regimes around the world from Com­mu­nist regimes to Monarchy’s and Dic­ta­tor­s­hips. We don’t seem to focus on them and cri­ti­ci­ze their decisi­ons. Pret­ty unfair cri­ti­cisms actually.

    1. @knudar You didn’t read his post….you can’t pick and choo­se when to bash Sau­di Ara­bia. If you have a pro­blem with them that cau­ses you to speak out then, in order to not be a hypo­cri­te, you can’t use their oil, you can’t use their oil pro­ducts, you can’t patron the other busi­nes­ses that are part­ners with them, etc etc. You are a hypo­cri­te and your cri­ti­cism is empty.

    2. @knudar Very easi­ly actual­ly. Allow me to exp­lain my rea­so­ning. Do you buy pro­ducts from Chi­na? How about the abundance of pro­ducts made in 3rd world coun­tries for a few dol­lars a day whe­re workers living in tin shacks out­side the faci­li­ties and are in many cases sub­jec­ted to hor­ren­dous working con­di­ti­ons. How about tho­se who employ child labor in their manu­fac­tu­ring ope­ra­ti­ons. You don’t mind the pri­ce on tho­se pro­ducts do you? You most likely don’t boy­cott every pro­duct rela­ted to the­se pla­ces or prac­ti­ces do you? Of cour­se you don’t. In fact the average per­son does­n’t even reflect upon that even for a second when purcha­sing an item at their local Sam’s Club or any huge box store when shop­ping for a good deal cor­rect? We all buy pro­ducts and ulti­mate­ly sup­port busi­nes­ses that are eit­her in pla­ces with wret­ched govt’s and hor­ri­ble human rights records. So the who­le hol­lier than thou expres­si­ons of cri­ti­cism from many out the­re to inclu­de yourself are rather disin­ge­nuous at best. If they want to burn up that oil money on ath­le­tes what’s the dif­fe­rence with it? I think the play­ers should take advan­ta­ge of it for all it’s worth should they feel com­for­ta­ble with the arran­ge­ment without being vili­fied by a rather hypo­cri­ti­cal press and fanbase.

    3. @Rob Kiser Let me re-phra­se that thought just for you. More exci­ting than the stick in the mud junk we’­ve had to watch on tour for a very long time.. The seg­ways, ticker and com­men­ta­ting was just fres­her. To each his own. I hap­pen­ed to find it more engaging.

  112. So stu­pid how peop­le are bashing phil. I was never a big phil fan, only recent­ly star­ted to like him. I mean if the US GOVT works w/ them, what is the BIG DEAL if an INDEPENDENT con­trac­tor does. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SOMEONE SO MAD??? why are peop­le so butt hurt about phil doing what he wants for his life. Such a joke. I would say “I’ll do what I want and need to do for my fami­ly” he should­n’t have to care what anyo­ne else thinks. Ppl are so fuck­ing soft now a days.

    1. @Mdbaby But why are the­re any con­se­quen­ces any­ways? Who cares.… What did he pos­si­b­ly do that is a con­se­quence? Fine if PGA wants to give them a hard time, but fans? come on… Tour should let peop­le com­pe­te in both any­ways. It’s just a poli­ti­cal way to mono­po­li­ze them. Com­pe­ti­ti­on is good. Who cares what he said or did­n’t say. It’s just can­cel cul­tu­re and gives the media a sto­ry to get their paycheck.

  113. Lol ain’t nobo­dy send no damn let­ters. So stu­pid. So dis­gus­ting how they stand behind the­se ques­ti­ons, abso­lute­ly dis­gus­ting how this women would never say anything bad about Sau­di Ara­bia. She’s so hap­py to sit the­re shameless

  114. Phil play­ed it well. He got whoever coa­ched tiger woods in press con­fe­ren­ces on his team. He’s gon­na be basic Phil fore­ver now.

  115. May­be the press could give Phil some of the respect Tiger has got­ten as he has strug­gled in recent years. I hate what he’s doing but I respecT his golf and what he’s done for the sport. Gre­at laser focu­sed per­for­mance here by the way. Super impres­sed. I could never have the cou­ra­ge to keep my com­po­sure in a set­ting like this.

    1. He deser­ves the ques­ti­ons. He made a big move and peop­le want to know the ans­wers but he does­n’t have to ans­wer any of them that he does­n’t want to. It won’t be just Phil, it will be all of the play­er who have made the switch.

  116. I think some of the­se repor­ters are very respect­ful. And some just have a ven­ge­an­ce out towards Phil which doesn’t do anyo­ne any good. Even if you hate Phil or dis­agree. It doesn’t help the situa­ti­on. Plus it’s not like Phil is going to ans­wer the­se tough ques­ti­ons any more tho­rough­ly than he has already.

  117. If you’­ve ever used a petro­le­um based pro­duct (and the­re are hund­reds of them) you’­ve sup­por­ted Sau­di Ara­bia and it’s oil sheik­dom. Howe­ver, you don’t have a plat­form to do gre­at phil­an­thro­pic work like Phil. Hell he’ll pro­bab­ly give over half this money away to cha­ri­ta­ble cau­ses. And yet ever­yo­ne in the media thinks he’s some kind of Judas. Sigh.

  118. Chris­ti­ne Brenn­an has always been a hack “jour­na­list”… but that ques­ti­on / state­ment was gross and should result in her creden­ti­als being revoked.

  119. For tho­se say­ing that the USA is in bed with the Sau­dis, you’re mis­sing the point. Phil never worked with the USA government. He has betray­ed the PGA tour which is a play­er run orga­ni­sa­ti­on. He is sel­ling his image to a government that is using sport to try to dis­tract from the fact that they cut up jour­na­lists among a lita­ny of other human rights abuses.

  120. Hey bran­dell , the us gives the Sau­dis bil­li­ons for oil every year for oil we alrea­dy have and don’t need theirs .
    And we’­re all inc­redu­lous about a few stin­king golf bucks.….get real

  121. If you want to see a good take on the situa­ti­on look at the video of Bran­don Cham­blee on the Dan Patrick show.He puts the who­le thing in real good per­spec­ti­ve. And I agree with his perspective.

    1. @Michael Fong you should’ve seen this reply I got about my com­ment. Insul­ting, nas­ty, mean, just the oppo­si­te of your post. Thank you for using this medi­um the way it was inten­ded. Peop­le can dis­agree without being mean and nas­ty. I’m glad to read your post to me I agree with it and think you knew­The sub­ject very well befo­re pos­ting. Thanks again for being kind.

    2. @Michael Fong of cour­se the PGA TOUR is not ter­ri­ble. It’s a gre­at orga­niz­a­ti­on with a long histo­ry of good. Sure they can get better.
      My pro­blem is that they have ope­ra­ted for 50+ years in a vacu­um without any real com­pe­ti­ti­on to keep them on point. ( and No, the DP / Euro­pean Tour and others are not competition)
      I love dis­rup­ti­on. I love com­pe­ti­ti­on. It’s unfor­tu­n­a­te that the dis­rup­ti­on is com­ing from the Sau­dis but it is what it is.
      IMHO, the only two mista­kes the PGA Tour can make are (1) not loo­king in the mir­ror and making impro­ve­ments and (2) give the impres­si­on they are acting like “spoi­led brats” and turn off some fans.
      All of this public bashing and under­han­ded jibes / comments could actual­ly back fire and cau­se peop­le to root for the LIV.
      IMHO the PGA tour needs to main­tain a posi­ti­ve mes­sa­ge that is not seen as argu­men­ta­ti­ve or squa­shing open com­pe­ti­ti­on. Come out and keep say­ing out pro­duct is supe­ri­or and we are going to use this com­pe­ti­ti­on to beco­me bet­ter and main­tain our domi­nan­ce. Stay abo­ve the pet­ty comments (Rory) and stay abo­ve the whi­ning and complaining.
      Histo­ry has shown unli­mi­ted money is a for­mi­da­ble oppo­nent. Howe­ver, I’m not sure how long the Sau­dis want to con­ti­nue to pour money into this thing without making a return on their invest­ment. I find it hard to ima­gi­ne it would last but if they want to pour their money into this fore­ver, it could be a real pro­blem for the PGA tour.

    3. Greg wan­ted a world tour like ten­nis years ago and the Ame­ri­cans spat the dummy .
      This is not­hing to do with Sau­dis and money

    1. @spooge33 I would also add that he’d have US Open exemp­ti­on for the next 5 years, at least, it might be more, but I don’t com­ple­te­ly remem­ber. I do know that the Mas­ters champ has a life­time exemption.