PITCHING vs. CHIPPING und der EINE Schlüssel, den Sie kennen müssen

PITCHING vs. CHIPPING und der EINE Schluessel den Sie kennen muessen analysis

Es gibt eine Sache, die Sie wis­sen müs­sen, bevor Sie ent­we­der den Chip-Shot oder den Pitch-Shot spie­len. Nicht jeder soll­te bei­de Schlä­ge spie­len. Lob Wedge vs. Sand Wedge Video hier ▶ https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​f​k​Z​F​3​2​z​T​d​r​M​&​t​=​10s Best Pri­va­te Clubs – Club­corp ▶ https://​pxlme​.me/​e​o​v​d​f​MIR Abon­nie­ren Sie hier unse­ren News­let­ter ▶ https:// bit​.ly/​3​3​a​b​as3 Free Prac­ti­ce Plan Hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​R​P​c​VWt My Mem­bers­hip Site ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​x​w​tj5 The PRGR Launch Moni­tor Schau­en Sie es sich hier an ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​v​g​I​LUM Swing Cad­dy SC300 Rabatt­link ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​H​G​G​d8w Swing Cad­dy SC200 Plus Rabatt­link ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​4​w​o​6Lu LagShot Golf Link hier ▶ https://lagshotgolf.com?ref:matt–fisher V 1 Golf App hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​k​T​p​jly V 1 Game App hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​8​H​o​mb7 Rabatt­link für G1 GPS Watch ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​4​s​j​LJ4 BLAST Moti­on hier ▶ htt­ps ://bit.ly/36TXwLH Super Speed Golf ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​S​1​5​xJ7 Flight­Scope MEVO+ ▶ https://​mevo​.golf/​2​Z​T​j​IGd Flight­Scope Mevo ▶ https://​mevo​.golf/​3​7​M​B​WYa Code: MrShort­Ga­me Atha­lonz Schu­he Hier ▶ https://​www​.atha​lonz​.com/​d​i​s​c​o​u​n​t​/​M​r​S​h​o​r​t​G​ame Benut­ze Code: mrshort­ga­me für Rabatt! Cart Tek Remo­te Golf Cart ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​9​5​y​Ijz Ver­wen­den Sie den Code: MrShort­Ga­me DivotAc­tion Mat ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​Y​A​y​0YS Mr. Short Game Align­ment Stick Cover ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​N​L​B​ip8 Mr. Short Game Hat ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​N​L​B​ip8 PowerStick hier ▶ https://​the​powerstick​.com/​d​e​a​l​/​?​r​e​f=3 Mehr Aus­rüs­tung hier! ▶ https://​www​.ama​zon​.com/​s​h​o​p​/​m​r​s​h​o​r​t​g​ame Bit­te abon­nie­ren ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​F​a​D​vFG Home Cour­se – White Colum­ns Coun­try Club ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​W​h​i​t​e​C​o​l​u​mns FOLLOW ME: Pod­cast ▶ htt­ps: //bit.ly/2krE0T0 Insta­gram ▶ https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​m​r​s​h​o​r​t​g​a​me/ Twit­ter ▶ https://​twit​ter​.com/​M​r​S​h​o​r​t​G​ame Web­site ▶ http://​www​.mrshort​ga​me​.com/ Mei­ne Aus­rüs­tungs­lis­te 60 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 8 Degree M Grind 54 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 12 Degree D Grind 50 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 8 Degree F Grind 46 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 10 Degree F Grind Tit­leist t200 4 – 9 Eisen – LAGP AXS Schäf­te Tit­leist TSi 3 LAGP Tro­no Schaft – Dri­ver 9.0 Tit­leist TS 3 – 3 Metal – LAGP Tro­no Schaft Scot­ty Came­ron 2018 New­port 2 – Put­ter 34″ Ball – Tit­leist ProV1x ⚠️ Haf­tungs­aus­schluss: Eini­ge der Links in die­ser Beschrei­bung sind Affi­lia­te-Links. Wenn Sie über die­se Links einen Kauf täti­gen, wer­den Sie Hel­fen Sie mit, den Kanal ohne zusätz­li­che Kos­ten für Sie zu unter­stüt­zen. Gewinnen/Gewinn! Danke!

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197 thought on “PITCHING vs. CHIPPING und der EINE Schlüssel, den Sie kennen müssen”

  1. Why is it that every time I watch a MSG video I get a Fix Your Swing Com­mer­cial??? Are they watching my Golf Game??? LMAO!!! 😮😮😮😮😮

  2. Love this and gre­at explana­ti­on! I’m defi­ni­te­ly a chip­per and the club selec­tion and shot exe­cu­ti­on on this video help immen­se­ly. Thanks for this

  3. Gre­at video. My phi­lo­so­phy is if you are a natu­ral dra­wer, then when on the ran­ge prac­ti­ce hit­ting fades – and if you are a natu­ral chip­per, then prac­ti­ce your pit­ching tech­ni­que – but while play­ing a round of golf, always play your goto shot – for­cing yourself to prac­ti­ce the oppo­si­te shot, basi­cal­ly makes you bet­ter at hit­ting your goto shot becau­se you will under­stand far bet­ter WHY it works for you

  4. Very good advice. I’m com­for­ta­ble with both shots, but I pre­fer to fly the ball with a litt­le bit of roll out. I think for a lot of begin­ners, lear­ning the bump and run is a good way to lower scores fas­ter and get the ball around the hole👍🏼

  5. Yup my go to is a Texas wedge. A bad putt is usual­ly a good chip. Honest­ly 50 yards and in is my worst. I have zero feel and no con­fi­dence and that’s a bad mix­tu­re lol

  6. This is exact­ly the hurd­le that is hol­ding me back from my first ever 80 round or lower. I bought a Squa­re Strike Wedge recent­ly, and it cer­tain­ly has sim­pli­fied things. I’ve remo­ved the trip­le bogey’s from my game – but a dou­ble bogey still slip­ping in to most rounds, and it’s usual­ly becau­se of trou­ble wit­hin 30 yards of the green. This is the har­dest part of the game pre­cise­ly BECAUSE it’s not a sin­gle shot you can work on. From about 50 yards in, you can use about 4–5 dif­fe­rent clubs EACH in about 3–4 dif­fe­rent ways. No ama­teur I know of has the time or faci­li­ties to prac­ti­ce all of tho­se shots enough to be any good at them all. Thanks for this tip sim­pli­fy­ing the game around the green. That’s my goal.

    1. That’s why I think for most of us hackers picking one or two clubs from 50 in and lear­ning dif­fe­rent shots with just tho­se clubs is the ans­wer. I use my 60 degree from the frin­ge all the time becau­se my distance con­trol is bet­ter with that than try­ing to chip a 9

    2. @Chase Corri­gan and for me it’s the oppo­si­te. I like to bump and run with an 8 iron occa­sio­nal­ly – becau­se it’s more like a put­ter with a litt­le short flight befo­re the roll. The pro­blem creeps in when you have 25 yards, but you have to fly the ball 18 of tho­se yards becau­se of a bun­ker… and you’­re on a down­hill lie that is hard as a rock. Tho­se kinds of varia­ti­ons are things the pros work on – becau­se they have the time and faci­li­ties. We don’t as amateurs.

  7. Went for a chip­ping les­son last week

    Pro has got me to slow my back swing down to a crawl 

    Pro­bab­ly the har­dest thing I have had to do in golf to curb the speed of my back swing down so dramatically

  8. Why does an average gol­fer expe­ri­en­ces more pro­blem to make solid con­ta­ct with a chip/pitch shot than with a com­ple­te 90 mph swing ?Is it mental,poor technique,poor set-up or,all of the above?
    I have been having some suc­cess imple­men­ting your drills on the short game prac­ti­ce area but,taking it to the course,is ano­t­her issue!
    Real­ly enjoy your vids up here in Montréal 👍

  9. I know who I am and I hope for the best out­co­me chip or pitch 🙂 I’ve had more that run over the green unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly. Good to see you’­re enjoy­ing your Mizu­no golf bag! stay safe, keep the vide­os rolling

  10. Gre­at advice. I always pre­fer to chip, but in that 20+ yrd ran­ge I try the pitch, dont com­mit & hit the chich. Thanks again brother.

  11. I lik­ed the explana­ti­on of the natu­ral pit­cher vs the natu­ral chip­per. Thus, the­re is no need to attempt to mas­ter both tech­ni­ques, but to just play to my strength. Thanks

  12. I think you will have many ques­tio­ning if they are a chip­per or pit­cher. The tech­ni­ques used for eit­her are good in this video, but I think it crea­tes more ques­ti­ons and second gues­sing than answers.

  13. Bag givea­way is a crock! Unsub­scri­bed – can’t belie­ve you basi­cal­ly eli­mi­na­ted 99% of your fol­lo­wers who don’t live there!

    1. Yeah I thought that too until he said he was­n’t doing them all like that. We shall see if tho­se of us who live liter­al­ly any­whe­re else have a chan­ce next time I guess 😂

  14. This was gre­at, was always bet­ter at “chip­ping” and have “chip­ped” from 90 yards out, but figu­red I was chea­ting. I can relax now and chip away.

  15. I’m a chip­per. Howe­ver, I have never used a eight iron to chip with I do use the various wed­ges that I have. I’ll have to give it a go Matt. Love ya brother.

  16. I’m 43 and was pai­red with three 23 year olds and when they saw me bump and run from the frin­ge it was like they saw a ali­en from outer space.

    1. Both take prac­ti­ce and my a 75 ‑25 chip­per – pit­ching , howe­ver I desper­ate­ly need help get­ting into bir­die / up and down range

    2. I just came back from AZ play­ed the TPC Cham­pion cour­se (92).…..didn’t have the chip-bump-run going. 5–3 putts. Came home prac­ti­ced for 2‑weeks. Just shot a 87. (Ore­gon greens still san­ded and divited)

  17. Matt, when i chip, I feel my left arm com­ing off my chest- almost like hit­ting a left-han­ded back­hand shot in ten­nis. Is that a feel that you have? Or do you have more of a right hand feel?

  18. I have a 54/08 and a 58/10. Wit­hin 100 yards would­n’t my Pitch or 50 (club set) be more for­gi­ving? In terms of not having a fat shot?

  19. This is super hel­pful. I’m defi­ni­te­ly a natu­ral pit­cher. I’d rather be 20–30y away than 5y – free­zes me every time becau­se I need to ‘chip’.

    1. Chips get easier if you use your put­ter mind­set and your put­ter swing (no hand action), just the club you want to chip with. All of us put a lot so using that mind­set can help.

    2. Update – I think this has chan­ged my life! Went to prac­ti­ce yes­ter­day with the shift in mind­set (pitch it) and, with the sug­gested focus on con­stant grip strength hit some of the best 5y ‘chips/pitches’ in my life. Thank you Mr. ShortGame!

  20. I love using my 7 or 8 around the green, but I’ve never thought of using it from out­side of like 10–15 feet. A 50 yard 8 iron shot? May­be I got­ta prac­ti­ce that!

  21. IDK…if you are liter­al­ly around the edges of the green with no obsta­cle and can’t putt it becau­se of rough or mes­sed up turf, then just use your 7,8,9 or PW and putt it. It will loft it over the litt­le mes­sed up are­as and roll out just like a putt.
    Gre­at video though Matt, and I think you are abso­lute­ly spot on con­cer­ning the chipping/pitching phi­lo­so­phy. Most peop­le would rather do a mini swing bump and run it or just putt it, but when there’s a rai­sed green or bun­kers in the way, most of us are bet­ter off by swin­ging a less lof­ted club with the face laid open.

  22. Im good to go.…This is very libe­ra­ting. Im a pit­cher and will stick with that except for put­ting off the green. Pit­ching to me makes sen­se becau­se it is most like the nor­mal swing just a litt­le less and im never sure how much a lower loft will run out

  23. I am going to try this, whenever I try to hit a chip and run the ball comes out too hot and runs across the green or lands too soft and comes up way short. I am pret­ty good at pit­ching, so might as well try using it around the green as well.

  24. I guess I´m a chip­per, I use my 48 degree PW for almost ever­ything from 100m in, and only vary the club if I need more or less roll out, some­ti­mes going to 55 degree SW for a short roll out, or up to 7 iron from may­be 10–20m off the green for a lon­ger roll. But from 100–30m, I still play a pitch shot, just vary the length of swing and width of stance.

  25. Gre­at video Matt. Thanks a mill as always. I’ve been struggling with the 30 to 50 yard pitch. I’ll try the 7/8 iron. If I have a go to method, I’d be sor­ted. I have so many methods going through my mind 🤪🤪. Keep up the super work. Peter

  26. So what about in the rough and having to hit over a bun­ker. I had this recent­ly and skul­led over the bun­ker and over the green.

  27. I iden­ti­fy as a pit­cher, howe­ver in rea­li­ty most peop­le would reco­gni­se me as what I natu­ral­ly am. A rank hacker..

  28. Golf rule #1 – if you can putt, PUTT. if you can­not putt due to ter­rain issue, CHIP. ONLY, if you can­not putt or chip Or hit a 3/4 or full wedge do you pitch. 46 yards, hit a half or 3/4 sand or lob wedge!

  29. I feel like I just wat­ched my holy grail!!! I’m defi­ni­te­ly a pit­cher and chip­ping has abso­lute­ly des­troy­ed my round for several mon­ths. This could be life changing

  30. Hey man, been watching the chan­nel for a mon­th or so now. I’m a 17 year old, 14 han­di­cap­per, but struggling to get down to sin­gle figu­res. Any tips on how to impro­ve over the sum­mer, as I will be play­ing almost every day!

    1. Hey dude I’m a scratch gol­fer ‚and my advice is prac­ti­ce with a pur­po­se, and working on your swing tempo(I use 1and 2 and). Go through your pre-shot rou­ti­ne (if you don’t have one crea­te one) while you prac­ti­ce, don’t just smack balls around try to put yourself in a zone like mind­set. You only need to lose two to three shots per nine, so focus alot on making insi­de 10–15 foot putts and mas­te­ring your chip­ping and pit­ching game. Turn a cou­p­le bogeys into pars and a few pars to birds and you got it.

    2. @Patrim Cauthon Nice one! I’ve always been okay at all kinds of shots, no real big weak­ness, I’m self taught too and want to keep it that way, so this advice is exact­ly what I’m loo­king for👍

  31. Dis­agree Matt, the chip shot is dead hand body rota­ti­on, the pitch is acti­ve wrist hin­ge with the body rota­ti­on… and yes the pitch is a lon­ger swing arc for fur­ther ball flight typi­cal­ly. With a pitch the ball comes in soft and litt­le roll out, with the chip you could have as litt­le as a yard or two flight and rol­ling out five yards or more… or lon­ger flight / roll out. Just my opinion. 🙂

  32. Inte­res­ting but if I tried to use a 50 degree wedge ope­ned up like that to get up and over a green­si­de bun­ker I am 100% cer­tain I would thin it strai­ght through the club­house window

  33. Hey Mr Short Game, this ses­si­on was sooo hel­pful to me becau­se I was try­ing to be both, good chip­per and pit­cher. I’m so much bet­ter pit­cher and today went to nice 18 hole par 3 here in so cal and com­mit­ted to 8 iron pitch/chip on EVERY hole 100 yards in. I always pit­ched and only thing I chan­ged when in clo­se was sof­ten hands. 

    It was such a gre­at day. I was a bit uncom­for­ta­ble not using my usu­al clubs for my chips(60 degree) and stay­ed with 8. Total­ly thril­led with results! Most important, I felt com­mit­ted to each shot, even if some were stray! 

    Thank you Mr. Short Game.

  34. Get rid of the 60* in your bag, and just pick up a chip­per if you strugg­le using your 7i. Cleve­land makes one. Wil­son makes one. Squa­re­strike has one. It is worth the $100.

  35. One thing that has trans­for­med my short game is deve­lo­ping short chip shots that I only take back to 8 or 9 o’clock with every iron from 5 iron through to my lob wedge. I have every distance cove­r­ed in ~5 yard incre­ments from 50 yards to 150 yards. It’s a very simp­le, and more import­ant­ly, reli­able, repeat­a­ble and con­sis­tent swing that gives me very good results. The­se chip­py, knock down shots are a gre­at wea­pon. Now if I don’t have a clear path to green and have to car­ry a bun­ker I’ll play a full shot but other­wi­se I’m using that short chip­py swing. My GIR stats have gone through the roof.

  36. I feel like a chip is more of a descen­ding blow get­ting the ball on the ground quick and run­ning. A pitch flys lon­ger and stops quicker. Con­ta­ct is simi­lar to a full shot.

  37. The begin­ning of this video had me dying. Baha­ha­ha­ha­ha. It was like tho­se stu­pid info­mercials whe­re they’re pur­po­se­ly struggling extra hard. Thanks for the tips and the laugh!!

  38. This is a HUGE strugg­le for me, no doubt. I need to choo­se one and stick to it, I guess. I just don’t know which one to do. I’ll get it somehow.…

  39. Help me! When I go to pitch 40m with a 52deg, some­ti­mes the ball shoots off 45 degrees to the right, and I can’t figu­re out how? Is it shoo­ting off the ver­ti­cal end edge of the face of the club?

  40. I am a natu­ral bla­der, my 54° ran­ge on a full shot is any­whe­re bet­ween natu­ral distance and 8 iron distan­ces. My short game shot no mat­ter the club or shot is a ball that is sup­po­sed to go in the air but ins­tead goes fly­ing across the ground and off the back of the green and then repeat.

  41. Makes per­fect sen­se. Had a round a week ago whe­re I was hit­ting irons ter­ri­b­ly so I was doing all pitch shots. Hit them almost all real­ly well ope­ning up a lob wedge. Felt gre­at. Then Satur­day I was clo­ser to greens that I mis­sed and was hit­ting some bad chips the­re. Dif­fe­rence bet­ween a 83 and a 92 right the­re. Well that and the put­ter lol. From now on I’m pit­ching almost ever­ything! Thanks, Matt. Ano­t­her win­ner of a tuto­ri­al here.

  42. Im a 5 han­di­cap­per who was real­ly struggling with my short game. Dis­co­ve­r­ed Matt’s vide­os over the win­ter and they are dyna­mi­te. I love using the boun­ce and ope­ning the face. Having con­fi­dence and trus­ting a method is golf chan­ging (if not life chan­ging 🙂 ) Ive even dit­ched my 60 and went with 52 and 56. Cheers Matt, bril­li­ant vide­os, real­ly enjoya­ble and informative.

  43. Matt, can you do a video around Paul Runyan’s rule of 11 for deter­mi­ning chip club selec­tion? What is it? How do we use it? What are the dis­ad­van­ta­ges & advan­ta­ges? I have one coach who has taught it to me and later ano­t­her who wants me to use my 60 for ever­ything (using put­ting stroke).

  44. Mr. Short game…this is gre­at when greens are rela­tively level. Sin­ce Flo­ri­da is rela­tively flat, the greens here are most­ly ele­va­ted so plea­se help on a chip or pitch on an angled uphill lie. Thanks!

  45. Gene­ral­ly spea­king a chip shot is 25 per­cent car­ry and 75 per­cent roll. A pitch shot is 50 per­cent car­ry and 50 per­cent roll. A flop shot is 75 per­cent car­ry and 25 per­cent roll. But the exe­cu­ti­on part and choo­sing what to use is the tri­cky part. Some­ti­mes you can’t deci­de what to use or you try to blend one with ano­t­her in some kind of hybrid shot.

  46. My recur­ring pro­blem when I try to chip with a lof­ted club (or open the face to crea­te more loft), is I rou­ti­nely hit the boun­ce on the ground befo­re the ball with dis­astrous effect. I chunk it by dri­ving the boun­ce into the ground ins­tead of the lea­ding edge into the ground? 🤔

  47. Bue­no! As a pro chip­per anti pit­cher, I appre­cia­te the con­tent of this video. 

    Now do this video from the rough as many of us don’t always hit it strai­ght down the fair­way. 🤦‍♂️

  48. Excel­lent inst­ruc­tion video. This will help peop­le lower scores dra­ma­ti­cal­ly once they figu­re out which is a more con­sis­tent play for them. Get­ting clo­ser to the hole will help peop­le drop more putts. Get­ting rid of 2 and 3 putts is what the sin­gle digit gol­fers do best. Good cour­se management

  49. Matt…I skul­led my last 2 60-yd pit­ches w SW from 9:00–3:00 w hands neu­tral. Should I place ball back a bit for grea­ter mar­gin for suc­cess or just put more weight on left side?

  50. Excel­lent tip, I wish I met you years ago. I’m a very uni­que natu­ral pit­cher, I wan­ted back­spin, well you know the rest

  51. Would you ever come down to the space coast of Flo­ri­da and play? Would love to shoot 18 with you and get a read on your cour­se mentality!!

  52. This is a game chan­ger for my game 100 yards and in. This is the most use­ful and best tip I’ve ever wat­ched. Thanks for this. I’m a natu­ral chip­per never had a pro­blem with it I feel very com­for­ta­ble with it but pit­ching I get all out of whack lea­ving the club face to open hit­ting shank shots. I’m gon­na do as you say and chip every thing now! 🙏

  53. Real­ly like your chan­nel Mr. SG !
    Fun and with lots of gre­at point !!
    I feel 35 yards in the rough is so tough… to get the ball in the air, or over a water or bunker…

  54. I have always been a guy that trys to land on the green and try to spin it from 40 out, I tried the 8 iron bump and run and got three out of three on the green and none of the lob shots on at all. Loo­ks like my game is changing

  55. Gre­at video but my opi­ni­on if you’­re a natu­ral pic­tu­re learn how to chip and if you’­re a natu­ral chip­per learn how to pitch The only thing I some­ti­mes am not sure of when to pitch or when to chip but I do like doing both

  56. Awe­so­meness bro you make it look so easy…thanks for the tips.….
    Always open the face on any iron…my short game sucks…foreeeeee.

  57. I will often do both, this makes me think more about which is most effec­ti­ve … I will try this out on my local par 3 course 👍

  58. Your my favo­ri­te golf tuto­ri­al. But this video cra­cked me up. You cal­led pitch what I cal­led chip and vice ver­sa. To me a pitch is the bum­per run And a chip is the flop And run. But the long putt method for the bump run is my favo­ri­te. May­be you could inclu­de a rule of 12 por­ti­on to the video

  59. I’m a pit­cher and hor­ri­ble at chip­ping. I try chip­ping and it’s a gua­ran­te­ed duff. I’m bet­ter with a SW or LW from any­whe­re around the green.

  60. Gre­at les­son! I’ve tried to be both a pit­cher and a chip­per with limi­ted suc­cess. So now I have to deci­de which one I want to be. Oh well, back to the dri­ving range.

  61. I don’t know exact­ly who I am. I seem to be bet­ter at flop­ping the ball up into the green with a high arc every time I try to pitch or chip it seems to scream across the green and off. I play bet­ter of the lob.

  62. awe­so­me vid. I know it appears i’m late, but it just ran­dom­ly show­ed up in my feed. I real­ly think you’­ve hit the nail on the head tel­ling folks to “deter­mi­ne who they are” – i know i’ve had the same pro­blem, and i final­ly bit the bul­let and i just keep things low to the ground nowa­days. It cer­tain­ly impro­ved my score going in just one direction.

  63. man i wish i found this video mon­ths ago, used to have a bril­li­ant chip­ping game/bump and run, last few mon­ths I’ve been get­ting cute with the 56 & 60 try­ing to pitch ever­ything high and it’s not me.

  64. I always loo­ked at it as a “half ass shot” half ass swing, half ass stance, half ass effort. This is the gre­at method though.. If your shanking hard, your takea­way is off or you’­re too clo­se to the ball.

  65. The big­gest pro­blem I had was try­ing to copy the pros as a rec gol­fer. Now I try to do things like this and sim­pli­fy my game and play bogey golf. I enjoy it much more. Thanks for the video.

  66. Gary Play­er, the legend hims­elf, not my words…
    “Hit it high and cry, or hit it low for the dough…”
    (eng­lish slang for money)
    7 iron, bump and run as much as pos­si­ble, you can chip in so many of the­se, cho­ke down the grip and just putt it with the 7 !!

  67. I strugg­le a lot with short game, and this is the 1st vid I’ve seen addres­sing knowing our iden­ti­ty as a chip­per vs pit­cher. Love it. Keep it comin

  68. Why is ope­ning 50 degree bet­ter than just hit­ting a 56 or 60? I dont under­stand the dis­mis­si­ve atti­tu­de toward a 60 degree. If it’s such a sil­ly opti­on that clo­se in, why do they even make them?

  69. I use a hybrid John Daly 8 ever­y­whe­re from 100 yds in. Same club ever­y­ti­me, my favo­ri­te unless I’m in nas­ty rough, then it’s my grass and sand wedge and then we going up and over.

  70. What about when you are in a collec­tion area or swa­le may­be 6 feet below the green sur­face? 20–25 yards from the pin. Tho­se shots kill me. Good video.

  71. try­ing to impro­ve my short game and the­re is a lot of con­flic­ting advi­se. One pie­ce of advice i read that just made sen­se to me is to make the ball car­ry to the green. Wha­te­ver club you need to use to get it to land on the green sur­face is what you use. If the pin pla­ce­ment does­n’t give you a lot of green to work with, use a hig­her lof­ted club to car­ry to the green with short roll. If you have a lot of green to work with, use seven and roll it out far­t­her. The rea­so­ning is that the boun­ce on the green sur­face is more pre­dic­ta­ble. Rea­son i bring this up is that the last few vide­os use are car­ry­ing it short of the green and run­ning it through the high grass. I don’t know. After watching your vide­os, the first advice i read still sounds bet­ter to me. What do you think?

  72. Bump and run vs a chip. You say pota­to I say pota­to. You say toma­to I say tomatoes . The lie and depth of rough dic­ta­tes. Just com­ment to the shot and never for­get to exce­lee­rat through the shot.

  73. Gre­at stuff but again, Much like a base­ball swing, too much info. Peop­le will be thin­king during their shot and not con­cen­tra­ting on making solid con­ta­ct, just like the base­ball swing. Thin­king too much is Not a Good thing

  74. I think of a chip as more of a “run­ner” shot, and a pitch as more of a “get some decent air shot and stick the lan­ding” shot. It’s easier for me to get the run­ner with a shor­ter swing and pivo­ting the shoul­ders with no wrist hin­ge. To get the height it’s a lon­ger swing which brings in more lower body action & the wrists have some hin­ge. The­re are some set­up tweaks as well. This is just what my mind feels in various situa­tions, depen­ding on whe­ther I see a ‘run’ shot or a ‘plop it in the­re’ shot.

  75. Thank you for this! I’m a natu­ral pit­cher and use my 60 degree more than anything. I’ve had so many peop­le try and get me to chip, only for the ball to always go past the hole. It just doesn’t fit how I see the shot

  76. Abso­lute­ly agree! I have sim­pli­fied and my swing types and it has made my game easier and shaved strokes off my game. Gre­at video!

  77. My pro­blem is chip­ping is 1 hin­ge moti­on like a put­ting sto­ke, aka all shoul­ders no wrists. But a pitch is a two hin­ge moti­on, just like a a regu­lar full swing, whe­re the wrists hin­ge as well, but the swing is more like a 50–75% power. And the hard part with that pitch shot is it’s com­mon to decel when you aren’t swin­ging full and that leads to botched/fat pitches.

    So I’m not a big fan of this advice becau­se pit­ching isn’t just a long stro­ke chip. Or atleast it isn’t for me. An examp­le would be is to try taking a long chip moti­on to get out of the sand. Pro­bab­ly not gun­na work. You need a two hin­ge full swing style motion.

  78. Good God almighty.…thank you! I’m what you refer to as a natu­ral pit­cher. I have EXACTLY the pro­blems with chip­ping that you descri­be here- eit­her dig­ging into the ground or thin­ning the ball across the green. On one of your other vide­os, I actual­ly said I would rather be 100 yards out than 10…this is exact­ly why. I’m far more con­fi­dent when I can take a decent swing. Thank you for the tips. I will try them out on the course.

  79. 85% of the time I chip, but you cant chip your way out of 100% of lies. You dont chip out of sand and rough. The­re­fo­re you have to learn both. I love hit­ting lobs, but only as a last resort. Get­ting back into golf again, the first thing I am estab­li­shing is the chip, then the pitch. The lob para­do­xi­cal­ly was pret­ty easy to hit again.

  80. I’ve been try­ing to use more pitch shots late­ly. It’s more ver­sa­ti­le sin­ce a pitch can go out to 100 yards or so. Chip­ping is good in cer­tain situa­tions whe­re the lie is awkward.

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