Profi-Golfer, die auf dem Platz geschummelt haben


Profi Golfer die auf dem Platz geschummelt haben athletes

Pro­fi-Gol­fer, die auf dem Platz geschum­melt haben… Will­kom­men zurück im Golf District. Auf die­sem Kanal stel­len wir Ihnen jetzt die schlimms­ten Betrü­ger der Golf­ge­schich­te vor. Es kommt eher sel­ten vor, dass pro­fes­sio­nel­le Gol­fer offen betrü­gen. Aber wenn die­se pro­fes­sio­nel­len Gol­fer dies tun, kön­nen Sie dar­auf wet­ten, dass es umstrit­ten sein wird. Sagen wir ein­fach, Patrick Reed ist einer die­ser umstrit­te­nen pro­fes­sio­nel­len Gol­fer. Sein Gesicht täuscht irgend­wie. Er hat das Gesicht eines Babys, das so unschul­dig ist und nie­mals auf einem Golf­platz schum­meln wür­de. Nun, wie sie sagen, beur­tei­len Sie das Buch nicht nach sei­nem Ein­band. Sehen Sie sich jetzt die­ses Video an, in dem wir die schlimms­ten Betrü­ger der Golf­ge­schich­te ins Ram­pen­licht rücken. #Golf #Patrick­Reed­Chea­ting #Worst­Golf­Chea­ters Die betrü­ge­rischs­ten Momen­te des pro­fes­sio­nel­len Golf­sports–2G127vas Die schlimms­ten Arten, wie Men­schen beim Golf betrü­gen, und wie man sie erkennt! https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​j​l​h​B​w​-​m​8​_Zc Patrick Reed betrügt bei Hero World Chal­len­ge https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​n​C​u​T​y​D​5​V​hsM

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191 thought on “Profi-Golfer, die auf dem Platz geschummelt haben”

  1. Brea­king the rules isn’t chea­ting, you just get pena­li­zed. Using the rules in your favor isn’t chea­ting, that’s just smart. Giving yourself a score that’s lower than you deser­ve, that’s cheating.

    1. Yeah, it’s chea­ting. That’s what the penal­ty is for. So your dis­ad­van­ta­ged for doing so. Or they would all do it all the time and the end result would­n’t resem­ble the game of golf.

    1. I like Mickel­son, I don’t think he deser­ves all the bad press over the Sau­di league. I don’t see that as an issue, the pga see is as an issue. Money. Howe­ver, he defi­ni­te­ly chea­ted. He bro­ke the rules and was given a penal­ty. He then admit­ted it was inten­ded as in that sce­n­a­rio it was worth the penalty.

  2. A video about the worst cheats in golf, with hard­ly any chea­ting shown. Using the rules isn’t chea­ting, it may be against the spi­rit of the game, but defi­ni­te­ly not cheating.

    1. If you pur­po­se­ly break rules with the inten­ti­on of gain, it’s chea­ting. I have not­hing against Mickelson.

    2. @Venerated Mor­tal What did Phil gain the­re? If you actual­ly think about it had he not hit the moving ball he may have saved 2 shots, and almost defi­ni­te­ly 1 shot.

    3. @LRN_News The gain is that he hit a much shor­ter putt than if he had wai­ted. The penal­ty is to stop him gai­ning from that. If ever­yo­ne was allo­wed to hit a moving putt you end up with hockey.

    1. gre­at com­ment, serious­ly. It’s almost like you’­re say­ing becau­se he did­n’t use the words you deemed appro­pria­te that he is wrong. Would­n’t that be a cra­zy thing to see on the inter­net, ya know?

  3. sorry.…what Phil did was not even clo­se con­si­de­red cheating.…..smh
    it is not like after he took a 10 he tur­ned to his scorer (other play­er) and said it was a 6.…lol…(like in Cad­dy Shack)

  4. US and all of what they stand for is so pathe­tic, now sud­den­ly Phil is a cheat, a trai­tor and ever­ything that is bad. They the coun­ty with the worst cri­mes against huma­ni­ty and will do anything when chal­len­ged and not in control.

  5. You can’t stop your ball from rol­ling off the green after striking it with putter..I’ve always felt some­thing was off about Phil for yrs..I just could­n’t put my fin­ger on it,but now it’s final­ly sur­fa­ced he’s not as sque­aky clean as ever­yo­ne thinks he is. He & eld­ric are jokes.

    1. that was an inten­tio­nal big FU to the usga for unplay­a­ble con­di­ti­ons at the US open. he was tel­ling the world this is BS of a cour­se setup.

  6. Can we find someo­ne who knows some­thing about golf to do the announ­cing here? When you are under par it’s “minus two” not “nega­ti­ve two.” And it’s a long a in Amen Cor­ner. Pro­noun­ce it any way you want when you are pray­ing, but it’s A‑men not Ah-men at Augus­ta. Geez, next you’ll say someo­ne “hit” a hole in one.

  7. If the boul­der can be phy­si­cal­ly moved and it doesn’t move the ball after it is….

    🤷🏻‍♂️ Seems fair to me. It’s still a shot strai­ght off the dirt. 😂

  8. Alex Cej­ka must hold some sort of record for dis­qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons. He seems inca­pa­ble of fol­lowing the rules and has been caught out many times.

  9. Get­ting a do-over in golf is always chea­ting. Cal­ling it Mul­ligans or Rule adjus­t­ments is non­sen­se if the who­le field doesn’t get to do the exact same thing on any given hole.

  10. I’d rather watch Phil than a bunch of nan­ny SJW dwee­bs who can­cel out their fel­low gol­fers and wear slave labor Nike appa­rel like Rory.

    1. @Paul Bills sor­ry I was agre­eing with you. My com­ment was meant to add to yours to high­light the absur­di­ty of cal­ling that a “rou­ti­ne putt” lol

      Tbh, my guess was about 12–14 ft when I wat­ched it, but I suck at rea­ding greens and jud­ging put­ting distance 🤣

    2. @Collin K 😂😂 i was cer­tain for a second thats why I’m so bad at put­ting lol. I was think you knew some­thing I didn’t 🧐😤😅

  11. To me, none of the infrac­tions men­tio­ned rises to a level that i con­si­der real chea­ting. The inci­dents men­tio­ned are against PGA rules but, i don’t think it would have made a dif­fe­rence in the final score. I have 30 years expe­ri­ence play­ing golf…i have never seen a play­er impro­ve his score becau­se he brushed the sand on his back swing, or moving his ball an inch on the put­ting green. I think the rules need to chan­ge, peri­od. Some of them are ridi­cu­lous. The worst one for me is when my ball lands in a fair­way divot and i have to play it from the­re. I don’t care if someo­ne does any of the infrac­tions you mentioned.…i’m ok with it.

    1. I belie­ve even Jack sug­gested that divots should be con­si­de­red ground under repair, after all the play­er hits the fair­way as he is sup­po­sed to but gets pena­li­zed for fin­ding an undue con­di­ti­on due to ano­t­her player’s action? If gol­fers can get reli­ef from undue con­di­ti­ons off the fair­ways, play­ers should be affor­ded the same reli­ef for hit­ting the fairways!

    2. we made our own rules free drop when
      very clo­se to tree root, no going inside
      forest to retrie­ve ball (too many snakes)…
      drop clo­sest to ent­ry plus one stroke.

    3. The rea­son we can’t take reli­ef from a divot is that the fair­way is liter­al­ly cove­r­ed with divots. Who’s to say how old a divot has to be to be con­si­de­red a “divot.” Play­ers would be arguing the sligh­test bad lie in the fair­way is an old divot, so, no relief.

    4. So Patrick Reed, in the sand was­n’t chea­ting? He liter­al­ly took an inch of sand out of the­re. He should have just used a sand shovel. 😆

  12. Mickel­sons put­ting “inci­dent” wasnt chea­ting, chea­ting in golf is when someo­ne sur­rep­ti­tious­ly breaks the rules hoping that no one will catch them in the act, in order to bene­fit them­sel­ves. Mickel­son used the rules to his advan­ta­ge, the­res a HUGE dif­fe­rence. Dont get me wrong, I dont agree with what he did, but hat he did wasnt “chea­ting”.

    The Reed inci­dent in the was­te area is a good examp­le of what chea­ting is. He knew what he was doing and that it was against the rules and he tried to hide it.

    The Tiger “inci­dent” is not chea­ting eit­her, no rules were bro­ken and ANY play­er out the­re would do exact­ly the same thing if they could.

    The Pal­mer “inci­dent” was also NOT chea­ting. When one does­n’t agree with a ruling or if one is unsu­re about what to do and a rules per­son isnt around, one can play a second ball from the same spot as if the drop was given so as to sort it our later without need­less­ly delay­ing play, which is clear­ly what hap­pen­ed. To call that chea­ting is to clear­ly demons­tra­te ones own ignorance.

    1. @nicholas schroe­der

      I asked you to cite the spe­ci­fic rule that you think he knowin­gly bro­ke and all you gave is you opi­ni­on of what hap­pen­ed, well, your opi­ni­on is noted, but ent­i­re­ly irrele­vant to the rules of golf.

      If it tru­ly offends you so much that the­re is no rule to pre­vent this sort of thing from hap­pe­ning, then I sug­gest you email the R&A and ask them to review the rules.
      Oh and FYI, the­re was no favou­ritism shown for Tiger or any other play­er I’ve seen it hap­pen to, you’re sim­ply wrong that it’s against the rules.

    2. @Aussie Natu­ra­list It can’t be a loo­se impe­di­ment, and it isn’t a mova­ble object–by defi­ni­ti­on. I doubt any rule covers this. I think they let things like this sli­de for the pros. It’s not that important though. Tiger chea­ted in far more serious ways.

    3. @nicholas schroe­der
      Cool opi­ni­on mate, but utter­ly irrele­vant to the rules of golf.

      Can you cite the inci­dents whe­re Tiger knowin­gly bro­ke the rules of golf to bene­fit himself?
      Remem­ber, for it to be “chea­ting”, the­re must be mali­cious intent on Tigers behalf to break the rules, a simp­le fuck up or an acci­dent is not cheating.

    4. @Elias Neto
      I hope you under­stand and agree that intent is important in dis­tin­guis­hing bet­ween someo­ne who is chea­ting (Reed) in order to sur­rep­ti­tious­ly impro­ve their lie, score, etc.. and someo­ne who open­ly and deli­ber­ate­ly incur­red a penal­ty (Phill) beca­sue they’­ve had enough and ran out of fcuks to give.

      The­re is a big dif­fe­rence bet­ween incur­ring a penal­ty due to rule infrin­ge­ment, and cheating.
      If you dont under­stand that then you dont under­stand golf and the rules very well, cer­tain­ly not a hig­her level, anyway.

  13. All you com­menters sub­jec­tively con­tem­pla­ting what is or isn’t chea­ting are defi­ni­te­ly chea­ters. In Alas­ka, your han­di­cap is just hig­her than in Vegas. The line must be drawn objec­tively for all to follow.
    Can’t dis­turb sand on the back­swing; no mul­ligans allo­wed. Lose ball, take a penal­ty stro­ke. Re-tees are lay­ing 3, so just drop and take your third. Par with an astrick is not par…sorry.

    Rules are rules.

  14. Check this out:


    Loo­ks like “The Gol­den Moment” is at the 9 second mark! LOL Am I wrong? Play­er was known for chea­ting – Nick­laus, Pal­mer, Wat­son all bera­ted him about his anti­cs. He would have a lie in the rough – would put a fair­way wood in behind the ball, push the grass down, then hit an iron. That’s just one I read about… They kept tel­ling him to cut it out. hahahaha

  15. Alt­hough it’s a giant boul­der, if enough peop­le can move it, it is a loo­se impe­di­ment. Com­ple­te­ly legal to move out of the line of shot

    1. Exact­ly, don’t get me wrong yes I like Tiger. He’s defi­ni­te­ly not my favo­ri­te play­er, that man is defi­ni­te­ly in con­ten­ti­on for the best gol­fer to be known but idk not my favo­ri­te at all. Rory, JT, and Jor­dan Speith are my top 3

  16. What click bait from a person/group that obvious­ly does­n’t know golf. A rou­ti­ne 7 foo­ter? No a 15 foo­ter on one of the sli­ckest greens in US Open histo­ry. He was more pis­sed at the con­di­ti­ons – not cheating.

  17. “And while it’s not tech­ni­cal­ly cheating”.….“It was defi­ni­te­ly cheating”
    This video is trash! Mul­ti­ple examp­les are not chea­ting. Bad pro­nun­cia­ti­on throughout video. Also you don’t say Nega­ti­ve, it’s over par. What a rough watch.

  18. Basi­cal­ly, imo.. this shows that in a game of hones­ty and inte­gri­ty; the human flaw, can show at any time.
    To use a phrase;
    “It’s what we do.” some­ti­mes. From Adam & Eve, till the end of time.

  19. Patrick Cheat was the only real case of chea­ting here imo. Having a histo­ry of ques­tion­ab­le situa­tions does not help his career

    1. @Ethan Wei­mer-Kopf i don’t agree. It is ben­ding the rules in his advan­ta­ge for sure, but he did not try to hide it or take advan­ta­ge in a sne­aky way.

    2. @Machine chea­ting is chea­ting. It does­n’t have to be done snea­ki­ly to be chea­ting. If you do some­thing against the rules, it is chea­ting. No mat­ter what.

    3. @Ethan Wei­mer-Kopf so is remo­ving a twig which is in the swing path con­si­de­red chea­ting? No it isn’t, the boul­der can theo­re­ti­cal­ly be cal­led a loo­se impe­di­ment if enough peop­le are the­re lmao

    4. @Ling Ling exactly 😉
      Other­wi­se the audi­ence tram­pling the rough could be con­si­de­red as impro­ving the lie. In my eyes they are in the same cate­go­rie. Advan­ta­ge by out­side agency

  20. Why not talk about Tigers ped use I don’t get it. Vijay using deer ant­ler spray but not­hing on the gol­den goo­se use of peds?

  21. Tiger is the grea­test to ever do it… But he should not have been allo­wed to move that boul­der. You can’t move trees, right? Then why can you move a boulder? 🤔🤨

  22. They for­got the big­gest one of all ..Gary play­er at the Bri­tish open …put­ting back­wards …and moving dirt in his prac­ti­ce putt

  23. CLICKBAIT on the thumb­nail showing a secret golf ball in a blue plastic ball­hol­der atta­ched to a golfer’s sock. It always ama­zes me when vide­os about chea­ting and not being honest use dubio­us methods like CLICKBAITING. This che­a­pens an other­wi­se good video. We all deser­ve better.

  24. Ever­yo­ne needs to hear this!
    If you find a bas­ket out in the woods, would you think someo­ne made it? Or did it come from no one or nothing?
    If you think it was made by someo­ne you are cor­rect. Bas­kets do not just make them­sel­ves, It would be very men­ta­ly unsta­ble for someo­ne to beli­ve that.
    But if you look at the trees, dogs, birds and rocks all around you, do you think it was made by someone?of cour­se it is. That is the way with all things, when you see a house or a book or a pic­tu­re, you do not doubt someo­ne made it. When you see the­re is a crea­ti­on the­re must be a creator. If it is that simp­le why would not ever­yo­ne beli­ve it?
    Mabye it is becau­se peop­le do not want to beli­ve in the creator, our God. The rea­son for this is becau­se he requi­res moral. We can know this becau­se of our con­sci­ence and through the reve­la­ti­on in his word which is The Holy Bible. We deny god becau­se we love what is wrong.
    God, who is the judge of the uni­ver­se has a list of com­man­dments, that are cal­led the moral law, which is the 10 commandments.
    If we go through them one by one
    We can see what we are gui­ly of.
    Have you ever lied? That makes you a?
    Have you ever stolen?
    Have you ever loo­ked at a per­son with lust?
    Jesus said that this makes you an adul­te­rer at heart.
    Have you ever had sex out­side of marrage?
    Have you ever hated somone?
    In god eyes that makes you a mur­de­rer becau­se his stan­dard is som much hig­her than ours.
    If you said yes to any of the­se you are guil­ty and deser­ve punishment.
    The bible tells us that this is the rea­son we die. The wages of sin is death. God is paying us in death becau­se of our sins, which is dis obedience to the moral law. So death will one day drag us to the judge of the uni­ver­se, a holy god. And what shall we do when scrip­tu­re says all liers the their part in the lake of fire?
    This is whe­re the good news of the gos­pel come in. So the bible has two parts the old tes­ta­ment whe­re god said he would defeat death, and the new tes­ta­ment whe­re he show­ed us how he did it.
    The way he did it was by sacri­fi­cing his only son, Jesus on the cross 2000 years ago. He lived without sin and tok the punish­ment that was on us all. That way God can lega­ly let us go free from the jud­ge­ment becau­se somo­ne else has alrea­dy paid what we owed. We can be jud­ged not guil­ty becau­se the law has alrea­dy been satis­fied through Jesus.
    Just like if you were in a court of law and had a stack of spee­ding fines and a stran­ger paid tho­se fines, the judge can legal­ly let you go without you having to pay anything.
    So what you have to do to be saved is repent from sin and beli­ve and trust in Jesus alo­ne. For so god loved the world that he gave his only begot­ten son, so ever­yo­ne who belives in him shall not perish, but have ever­las­ting life. We do not auto­ma­ti­cal­ly beco­me saved even though Jesus has died on the cross.
    We have a choice to accept the sacri­fice of Jesus through faith in him or not beli­ve in him and get jud­ge­ment by God.
    Jesus said I am the truth the life and the way, no one comes to the father exept through me.
    Jesus is the only way cau­se he is the only one who can for­gi­ve our sins.
    All other reli­gi­ons have what is cal­led works righ­te­ous­ness, whe­re you can earn ever­las­ting life. But the bible tells us that we can not do anything to earn sal­va­ti­on. They also miss the for­giv­ness of sins.
    The­re­for we can know that the god of the bible is the true god.
    It says in scrip­tu­re: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not from your­sel­ves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.

    If you are rea­ding this I plead with you today to accept Jesus as your lord and saviour. Do it now while you can, you may not have tomorrow.
    To you rea­ding this, plea­se think through what you have read.
    And God bless you!

  25. A “rou­ti­ne 7 foot” putt down­hill that if you don’t hit it dead cen­ter will roll 10 feet past..

    And that’s more like 13 feet!

  26. I’m a pro gol­fer and what Phil and Tiger did isn’t clo­se to chea­ting on top of ever­ything Phil didn’t even have a chan­ce to win he was mocking the usga. You may as well say Bry­son cheats bc he hits it farthest

    1. Exact­ly, Phil bro­ke the rules, wich are 2 dif­fe­rent things, a lot of peop­le mix them tog­e­ther. Chea­ting is BREAKING the rules with the goal and inten­ti­on of get­ting an advan­ta­ge, he did not do the last, he only bro­ke the rules.

    2. Phil had the offi­cials in his pocket. He got away with more free drops than anyo­ne I ever seen. Lol. Also, Patrick Reed, in the sand. He might as well took a kids sand sho­vel and clea­red it out. That’s like when he picked up the ball befo­re the offi­cial got to his ball. When he said he was in an exis­ting divot. That ball clear­ly boun­ced on that one. He just did­n’t want to hit it out of the thick grass. Reed is bad.

  27. Click bait i thought it was 8 minu­tes exp­lai­ning why the­re is a hid­den ball on mickel­sons ankle. Total bull­shit your the cheater.

  28. Your video stinks. Palmer’s ball was embed­ded and he was enti­t­led to get a free drop. Ven­tu­ri was a cry­ba­by. Pal­mer bro­ke no rules and the first offi­cial was an idi­ot. Good thing that that offi­cial got over ruled. Every gol­fer is allo­wed to use the rules to their advan­ta­ge. It has always been that way and still is. Howe­ver, Reed is a defi­ni­te cheater.

    1. Ken Ven­tu­ri asked Pal­mer if he would you have play­ed a 2nd ball if the first one went in the hole ? Pal­mer should have announ­ced he was going to play 2 balls befo­re hit­ting the first ball ins­tead play­ed a 2nd ball becau­se he did­n’t like the result from the first ball. Chea­ting, plan and simple.

  29. I play in a seni­or men’s club, most of the­se guys cheat and are the big­gest sand­bag­gers I’ve met. I shoot a 74 with a 6 hdcp and come in 3rd place on low net. wow I’m play­ing against pro’s.

  30. Both of Woods mgrs. were nai­led for sel­ling Ste­ro­ids. Woods has­n’t won a big match sin­ce they star­ted drug tes­ting. Nichol­son either.

  31. This video was incredi­b­ly annoy­ing. Why could­n’t the nar­ra­tor say Brooks Koepka’s last name cor­rect­ly, why did he quo­te golf scores as “minus four” (as oppo­sed to “four under” )…and for God’s sake why did he keep say­ing “stay tun­ed” for things that immedia­te­ly fol­lo­wed the state­ment! Garrgh! I hate that I wat­ched the who­le thing.! This video is why the­re is a dis­li­ke button.

  32. This is a golf You­Tube chan­nel and this guy says the­se things in a mat­ter of 8 minutes…
    1. “Rou­ti­ne 7 footer”
    2. “Books Kwepka”
    3. “110 tour wins”
    4. Legal­ly moving a boul­der is cheating
    5. “Ah men corner”
    6. “Nega­ti­ve 2” ins­tead of “2 under” or “minus 2”

  33. ive seen a lot chea­ting in sports. and if this is what golf goes through, thats just a litt­le sad bc this who­le vid was bare­ly even scratching the sur­face of chea­ting. more like tedious rules that real­ly only ser­ve to hin­der the play­er rather than uphold the sta­tus of pro golf. idk. chil­dish it seems to me.

  34. Hit­ting a ball that’s moving isn’t chea­ting. It’s per­fect­ly wit­hin the rules of the game which is why there’s a penal­ty for it. If you have a situa­ti­on like Phil, whe­re it will take you ano­t­her 3 or 4 shots to get back to whe­re you are, you can do exact­ly what Phil did and stop the ball from rol­ling off the green by hit­ting it while it’s still moving. Your other choice is to decla­re it “unplay­a­ble” and under penal­ty of one stro­ke and replay the shot. Eit­her way it’s not chea­ting! It’s play­ing smart.

    1. Agreed. Is it kind of dir­ty to use the penal­ty to save yourself strokes? Sure, may­be a litt­le bit. Lol. I love golf, but I think it got blown way out of pro­por­ti­on becau­se of who did it and not what was done.

    2. @Brandon Ref­fitt I agree. Phil knows the rules well and he used them to his advan­ta­ge in that situa­ti­on. It’s not a penal­ty of dis­qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on, it’s just a penal­ty. That’s not chea­ting. Phil took his medi­ci­ne and did­n’t com­p­lain, but ever­yo­ne else did.

  35. You have a pret­ty con­vo­lu­t­ed idea of what con­sti­tu­tes chea­ting. Most of the­se were pena­li­zed which is part of the game. Chea­ting is when you know your brea­king the rules regard­less you still try and get away with them. Using the rules for your bene­fit is smart golf. The unplay­a­ble lie is a per­fect examp­le. You can at your dis­cre­ti­on deci­de if you can make a shot, if not take the drop. That’s not chea­ting but it’s not play­ing the ball it lies eit­her. It hel­ps to know the rules.

  36. LIV golf. What less could you pos­si­b­ly expect? 

    Surely you’­ve noti­ced that the no-lon­ger, so-cal­led ‘via­ble’ win­ners are defec­ting to the quick-money-making-tour?

  37. LOL! The Phil putt was a “rou­ti­ne 7 foo­ter.” That was at least 15 feet and downhill…not rou­ti­ne by any stretch…

  38. Ahh, yes. Reed, the sand cast­le buil­der. Lol. He liter­al­ly dug the sand out from it. I can’t stand Reed any­way. Lol

  39. Anyo­ne remem­ber when Patrick Reed picked up his ball befo­re the offi­cial got the­re, to give the ruling. He said he was in a divot. I know the grass whe­re the ball lan­ded was thick as crap. But, when he bent down to check his ball. He pushed it down in the ground I think. Then he tried say­ing it was in that ball mark. He’s such a dou­che. He should not have picked up the ball, until the offi­cial got the­re. Reed is a chea­ter. Lol.

  40. Except that the solar panels will con­tri­bu­te to glo­bal war­ming, becau­se of the way they reflect the suns rays and the heat that’s gene­ra­ted under the panels.

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