Prüfung der Putter-Ausrichtung

Pruefung der Putter Ausrichtung canadian golf

Krei­se, Qua­dra­te, Lini­en, Punk­te und Far­ben – war­um kön­nen wir uns nicht dar­auf eini­gen, wel­che Aus­rich­tungs­hil­fe an einem Put­ter am bes­ten ist.

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10 thought on “Prüfung der Putter-Ausrichtung”

  1. Lis­ten, Golf is a sta­te of mind, what makes a good putter.…practice, prac­ti­ce , prac­ti­ce, no mat­ter how fan­cy, how cut­ting edge or how much you pay for it, it’s still down to you, my put­ting régime was two T pegs ten feet away and about the width of the Hole using three balls, once I’d go all three through, oh, did I say I prac­ti­ced on a Woo­den Floor (fast enough for ya !) to simu­la­te a fast put­ting sur­face, then after put­ting the three balls through I nar­ro­wed the pegs every time I got three through, the aim was to get them through a ball width.

  2. Adam Scott is no examp­le for mine at all. Cant putt never was much at put­ting i would not be using him as a test pilot.Sneds Jim Brooks many others, if were tal­kin bout golf swings then Adams your man .

  3. Striking the ball off the toe or heal will not cau­se side spin if your still squa­re at impact. You might loo­se distance depen­ding on design but not cau­se side spin unless your ang­le is off.

  4. I am a ter­ri­ble putter.…period. In frus­tra­ti­on, I got a “Put­ting Stick” put­ting aid. It seems to be a gre­at tool and has iden­ti­fied some things that clear­ly make my put­ting poor. Most appa­rent is when I line up to make putt using the Put­ting Stick, my put­ter line (visu­al align­ment aid) seems to appe­ar to be poin­ting slight­ly left of the hole. If I make the putt using the stick and igno­re the align­ment line on the put­ter,.… strai­ght in the hole. clear­ly I do not have a put­ter that fits my line of site. If I could natu­ral­ly line up the put­ter visual­ly, I think I would impro­ve about 10x. I am now try­ing to deter­mi­ne which type of put­ter will both hit the ball down the align­ment stick and also align with the hole visual­ly. The hunt begins.….

  5. Just won­der­ful, I been tryin to find out about “golf swing prac­ti­ce” for a while now, and I think this has hel­ped. Ever heard of – Gray­son­yon Put­ter Pro­li­fic – (do a search on goog­le ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my col­league got excel­lent suc­cess with it.

  6. It will be a pro­blem if you worry too much about align­ment. Simp­le is the best. What is simp­le? varies from per­son to per­son. Is that why various align­ments are made?

  7. the best put­ters dont mat­ter what line on a put­ter always pick a spot out up in front of the ball like that the who­le an putt rather the­re a line on put­ter an ball or not

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