Pyramid Putter Bewertung. Bringt dieser Putter wirklich Fehlschläge ins Loch?

Pyramid Putter Bewertung. Bringt dieser Putter wirklich Fehlschlaege ins Loch gear effect putter

Hier ist mei­ne Bewer­tung des neu­en Pyra­mid Put­ter. Pyra­mid behaup­tet, dass die paten­tier­ten Ril­len in ihrer Put­ter­flä­che einen Zahn­rad­ef­fekt bei Fer­sen- und Zehen­schlä­gen erzeu­gen, der dem durch­schnitt­li­chen Ama­teur 7–9 Schlä­ge pro Run­de erspart! Macht es? Oder ist das nur ein wei­te­rer Wer­be­rum­mel, um Ihnen ein Pro­dukt zu ver­kau­fen? Ich habe 2 Run­den mit dem Pyra­mid Put­ter gespielt und dann ihre Ansprü­che getes­tet. Hier ist mei­ne Bewer­tung. Genie­ßen. Kau­fen Sie einen Pyra­mid Put­ter bei Ama­zon: https://​amzn​.to/​3​l​z​m​4AQ Und natür­lich, liken Sie, abon­nie­ren Sie uns, sagen Sie uns, wel­che ande­ren Put­ter oder Putt­hil­fen Sie ger­ne von uns über­prüft sehen möch­ten. Geschäft­li­che E‑Mail: Die­ses Video ist eine Rezen­si­on und erwähnt auch eine ande­re Put­ter­mar­ke. Es gibt kei­ne ver­gü­te­te Pro­dukt­plat­zie­rung oder Wer­bung. Ein­fach eine ehr­li­che Über­prü­fung der Pro­dukt­an­sprü­che. Trotz­dem glau­be ich, dass der zu 100 % von Hand­werks­meis­tern in Maui, HI, USA, hand­ge­fer­tig­te Honu Put­ter der bes­te Put­ter ist, der je her­ge­stellt wur­de. Hier ist ein Link zu mei­ner Bewer­tung die­ses Put­ters und der Honu-Web­site. Wenn Sie einen kau­fen, ver­wen­den Sie den Rabatt­code JohnE20, um 20 $ zu spa­ren. www​.honu​go​lf​.com https://​you​tu​.be/​o​O​m​X​A​J​Z​O​bv4

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23 thought on “Pyramid Putter Bewertung. Bringt dieser Putter wirklich Fehlschläge ins Loch?”

  1. A litt­le mixed here as I lik­ed he put­ter but think the mar­ke­ting claims are over hyped and the put­ter is over­pri­ced sin­ce it is cast and not mil­led and it is made in China.

  2. gre­at review , the pyra­mid put­ter does­n’t seem to be direct­ly avail­ab­le here in the U.K. so its not pos­si­ble to test it “live”, without buy­ing one and paying ship­ping char­ges etc, and then poten­ti­al­ly retur­ning it, so this was real­ly use­ful. The align­ment sys­tem seems very use­ful , do you know of any other put­ters that have simi­lar sys­tems ? thanks for your “hard” work and I hope your came­ra girls all­er­gies are a bit bet­ter now. 🙂

    1. Thank you…I think the CURE brand put­ters do as well on off cen­ter hits and then the Direc­ted For­ce Put­ters by LAB golf. I’ll be doing a review on the LAB put­ter in a few weeks…they are some­what expen­si­ve however.

    1. Id say more hit­ting the same spot is key… tiger and a few others are known for hit­ting just off the toe but every part of their stro­ke is so con­sis­tent they get results

  3. When I read about this put­ter I thought the “gear” would take effect if you struck the ball with the put­ter face off-line, i.e. tur­ned a litt­le so it’s not per­pen­di­cu­lar to the desi­red line of roll at the point of impact.I think that’s the most com­mon rea­son my putts go off line. The tests you did all had the face per­pen­di­cu­lar to the line. Can you try hit­ting some with a bit of “twist” to see if the ball does come back on line?

    1. Hi David. I can cer­tain­ly try to hit some with a bit of twist alt­hough as I under­stand their gear effect claim, they are say­ing that when you hit the ball off the toe or heel slight­ly ins­tead of the cen­ter of the club face, that cau­ses the put­ter face to twist off line and their gear effect pulls it back to the line. I wat­ched a video yes­ter­day whe­re Blair One was pro­mo­ting this put­ter and she was clear­ly hit­ting the ball on line but using the heal and the toe. It might be inte­res­ting to see what hap­pens if I inten­tio­nal­ly “twist” the put­ter face at impact even though that is some­thing I want to avoid gene­ral­ly speaking…wrist break put­ting is bad… I suspect, If I hit it off line right with a litt­le twist left it would work out well and vice versa.

    1. Yes the one at appro­xi­mate­ly the 1;50 ark would have lip­ped out had that cup not been rai­sed. Actual­ly in sum­mer 2019 I play­ed 3 full rounds with nor­mal cups with friends using the sprink­ler head put­ter and aver­aged 29.2 putts per round. Fact is the num­ber of putts is a nice stat to keep, but isn’t necessa­ri­ly a good indi­ca­tor of whe­ther or not you are a good put­ter. For instance, in tho­se rounds I was mis­sing lots of greens in regu­la­ti­on so the­re were lots of pit­ches and chips which result in much shor­ter putts than approach shots normally…so fewer putts would be expec­ted.. This par­ti­cu­lar cour­se only had rai­sed cups on the prac­ti­ce green…on cour­se they were modi­fied with foam pull nood­les insi­de the hole. I’m cur­r­ent­ly aver­aging 27.91 putts per round if that mat­ters. I have a video com­ing in the next mon­th on “strokes gai­ned putting”…what it means and how to cal­cu­la­te it etc. That is a much bet­ter way to track your progress.

  4. The so-cal­led gear effect did not work for me at all. So I retur­ned the put­ter. But pyra­mid shaved me $34 for the worth­less oppor­tu­ni­ty to try out their non-per­forming pro­duct. They said they’­re ‘100% money back gua­ran­tee’ does not app­ly to shipping!

    1. I agree the put­ter does not gear effect the ball into the hole…laws of phy­sics and moti­on and the fact that the ball is actual­ly only in con­ta­ct with the put­ter face 1/4000 of a second make gear effect impos­si­ble. Sad to hear about the loss of $34 on the shipping…that stinks.

    1. That’s a good deal…I actual­ly like the put­ter, but think their adver­ti­sing claims that it gear affects the ball are false…actually have pro­ven tho­se claims fal­se, but at $109 its a good put­ter for the money.

    2. @Mister One Putt Thanks. I wat­ched your video, but though you pro­ved the claims fal­se (btw, put­ting two balls in at the same time is WAY cool), I also could tell you like it, so I figu­red I’d buy it at that very redu­ced pri­ce. Makes me feel even bet­ter that you agreed.

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