Reaktion auf die Sperrung ALLER Spieler der PGA Tour, die am LIV-Turnier teilnehmen | Erste Klappe

Reaktion auf die Sperrung ALLER Spieler der PGA Tour die am LIV Turnier teilnehmen Erste Klappe 2022 pga tour

Reak­ti­on auf die Sper­rung ALLER Spie­ler der PGA Tour, die am LIV-Tur­nier teil­neh­men | First Take Ste­phen A. Smith und Jay Wil­liams reagie­ren auf die PGA Tour und sus­pen­die­ren alle Spie­ler, die am Tur­nier der LIV Golf Seri­es teil­neh­men. #First­Take #Golf ✔️Abon­nie­ren Sie ESPN+ http://​espn​plus​.com/​y​o​u​t​ube ✔️ Holen Sie sich die ESPN-App: http://​www​.espn​.com/​e​s​p​n​/​a​p​p​s​/​e​spn ✔️Abon­nie­ren Sie ESPN auf You­Tube: http://es .pn/SUBSCRIBEtoYOUTUBE ✔️ NBA auf ESPN auf You­Tube abon­nie­ren: http://​bit​.ly/​S​U​B​S​C​R​I​B​E​t​o​N​B​A​o​n​E​SPN ✔️ ESPN auf You­Tube TV anse­hen: http://​es​.pn/​Y​o​u​T​u​b​eTV

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159 thought on “Reaktion auf die Sperrung ALLER Spieler der PGA Tour, die am LIV-Turnier teilnehmen | Erste Klappe”

    1. They don’t have to lose peop­le. It’s a dif­fe­rent for­mat ent­i­re­ly. Ima­gi­ne if the WNBA told play­ers they couldn’t play over­seas for more money. They wouldn’t have a league.

    1. Well we don’t know how many of the big names will join LIV yet I pre­dict may­be a few more but PGA tour made it less attrac­ti­ve by sus­pen­ding play­ers becau­se I’m sure some of the­se play­ers want to con­ti­nue ran­king up OWGR points and don’t want to be bar­red from play­ing in the ryder cup, and the PGA in general

    1. @breadstickzzzzzzz No it does­n’t. One side is a cor­po­ra­ti­on and the other side is the pro­duct. The pro­duct has a fini­te shelf-life, the cor­po­ra­ti­on doesn’t.

  1. I’m torn.

    Play­ers can play the Euro Tour… IN EUROPE. No biggie. 

    BUUUUUUT… Can you ima­gi­ne what the NFL would do if Bra­dy signed up to play in the XFL on Satur­day nights, or during the Bucs bye week..!?
    They’d sus­pend him.

    Just say­ing.

    1. @breadstickzzzzzzz Dude, I AM a smart guy.

      Wear and tear is irrele­vant. This is an issue of com­pe­ti­ti­ve AVAILABILITY.

    2. @Antonio King Sum­mer leagues, yes. Tho­se don’t com­pe­te direct­ly with the NBA, and even *then* inju­ry clau­ses & per­mis­si­ons are required.

    3. @AndGuo Once you earn your card, it’s a mul­ti-year deal; you only lose it if you don’t play well enough. Play­ers that are good for a long time get “life­time” exemp­ti­ons, which means they can show up pret­ty much any Thurs­day to a PGA tour­na­ment and at least get in the field… But it also means that they need wai­vers to play on other tour events if a PGA event is hap­pe­ning at the same time.

    4. @LRN_News They can play on mul­ti­ple tours… That do not com­pe­te direct­ly with each other. Hence my Euro Tour examp­le. Play in a Euro event when there’s a PGA event in Akron? Fine. Play a LIV event in Bos­ton when there’s an event in Jer­sey? A problem.

    1. Yes play­ers play in Aus­tra­lia, Euro­pe, Japan, Korea all the time in big events on dif­fe­rent tours. Tiger play­ed mul­ti­ple times at the Aus­tra­li­an Open and Aus­tra­li­an mas­ters, and won the­se events. He’s also play­ed in a few big­ger Japan tour events.
      He play­ed on the Euro­pean tour qui­te fre­quent­ly as well, inclu­ding an event in Sau­di Ara­bia, that time he got fined for spit­ting on a green.

      DT tour has signi­fi­cant Sau­di backing lol inclu­ding Chi­ne­se backing.

    2. @LRN_News The PGA has part­ners­hips with other leagues inclu­ding the Euro­pean Tour. LIV is not a part­ners­hip but an attempt at a direct competition.

  2. Ok for the left to assas­si­na­te a supre­me court jus­ti­ce but if someo­ne tre­pas­ses in the capi­tal the sky is falling!

  3. If the­re isn’t a Con­tract bet­ween the PGA and the Play­ers, I think it’s clear as to what the Play­ers should do. Get their Money, period.

  4. The LIV is only eight events, may­be 10–12 next year, to ban gol­fers you are in essence say­ing the PGA owns golf and gol­fers, therefore
    the PGA is a mono­po­ly and Con­gress needs to break it up.
    I’m loving the struc­tu­re of the LIV tour, shot­gun starts, very wat­cha­ble and fun, unli­ke the dai­ly grind of watching 8 hours, fur­ther­mo­re this struc­tu­re does­n’t give the lea­ders an edge by star­ting last the next day
    Con­cer­ning the Cour­se of the first LIV event, I am total­ly impres­sed with this Club, it is an Open qua­li­ty Cour­se, nar­row fair­ways, steep embank­ments on the rough, ins­a­nely tall grass, deep bun­kers and severely undu­la­ting greens, it’s Old School Golf. The play­er batt­les the cour­se and each other. PGA event cour­ses have beco­me so tame with such wide fair­ways, low cut rough, shal­low bun­kers and flat greens it’s laug­ha­ble, no chal­len­ge, that’s why they score 4,5 or 6 under per round, whe­re­as on the LIV it’s far more chal­len­ging golf at Open Cham­pions­hip or US Open qua­li­ty event

    1. @Michael Fong

      I under­stand the perks of play­ing a cer­tain num­ber of PGA events per year, isn’t it a mini­mum of 15–18 and the other tours; but why go apes­hit over an eight event League, ban­ning play­ers from PGA is like ban­ning them from the sport becau­se PGA con­trols all glo­bal tours. This means the­se play­ers can’t play in Euro­pe, Asia or Latin Ame­ri­ca and the­re­fo­re the PGA is say­ing we own com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf, which is in essence say­ing we are a monopoly.
      It’s arro­gan­ce on the part of the all white male lea­ders­hip, they don’t like not being in total con­trol of the sport
      This will back­fire, Tiger, Var­ner, Tho­mas will join and if a cou­p­le of rising ear­ly 20 some­things join boy oh boy I can see lawsuits fly­ing on the PGA’s part. I’m sure the LIV play­ers are alrea­dy lining up lawsuits themselves

    2. @Tysolo Blaec Tiger is not joi­ning. The PGA sys­tem makes the­se guys famous. No one knows them as col­le­ge play­ers. It is pret­ty sel­fi­sh to turn your back on the sys­tem that made you famous and will gua­ran­tee you money into your six­ties. As oppo­sed to Phil Tiger is loved by the youn­ger gol­fers. He tre­ats them as equals. Phil tre­ats them like dirt. Tiger will be like Jack. Both know that the PGA has been good to them and vice ver­sa. I think JT is the same way. He is my favo­ri­te young golfer.

    3. @Michael Fong

      Tiger joi­ning LIV will for­ce the PGA to coexist with LIV perhaps an agree­ment that LIV only expands to no more than ten events total. I don’t see any thre­at when 38 PGA events are not in com­pe­ti­ti­on. The LIV only requi­res a play­er to par­ti­ci­pa­te in four events to be eli­gi­ble for the team cham­pions­hip the last event. The­re­fo­re tech­ni­cal­ly that’s only four events a gol­fer might play in LIV then the mini­mum of 15–18 in PGA and still get five mon­ths off per year if they choose

    4. @Michael Fong

      I guess Tiger’s a good loy­al ser­vant to his White PGA mas­ters; he’s a not wan­ting to make his mas­ters angry, he’s a gon­na be a good boy after all they push’ta’me to come back fast so they can­na make money ofta me; but even though I’m not phy­si­cal­ly rea­dy and now it’s gon­na take me lon­ger to reco­ver; if I mak­em angry they­sa whip me good by taking my spon­sors away

    1. Abso­lu­te facts. We have a bunch of guys in the com­ment sec­tion as well, that have never seen anyo­ne tee off that did­n’t invol­ve Tiger Woods com­men­ting on a sport they could care less about.

    2. Sor­ry to tell you, Tiger Woods has been the main rea­son why golf has evol­ved from a snob­bish game for the pri­vi­le­ged nerds to a mul­ti-mil­li­on indus­try. The fact that the Sau­dis is employ­ing it as a tool to impro­ve their image is tel­ling. They would have lik­ed to have Tiger, but they only got Phil.

  5. Like the FedEx Cup, give it time to matu­re. Espe­cial­ly when their ‘Lega­cy’ will be a bet­ter life­style, finan­cial secu­ri­ty & an inno­va­ti­ve environment.

  6. Why just sus­pend play­ers? Why not manu­fac­tu­rers? What will hap­pen if the PGA sus­pends Cal­la­way, Ping or Tit­leist? PGA had a mono­po­ly until yesterday.

    1. @Paulafan5 But they have and still are taking money from Sau­di fromm spon­sor­s­hips. Golf Sau­di. LPGA Aram­co world seri­es, KPMG etc many more.

  7. I think this is a bad move, the­se play­ers would have con­ti­nued play­ing on the PGA tour if only to retain and impro­ve their posi­ti­ons in the OWGR in order to con­ti­nue qua­li­fy­ing for majors. LIV only has 8 events so far. This is har­ming the PGA tour rather than hel­ping it. 

    The­se play­ers could have play­ed a cou­p­le LIV events for a big­ger paycheck and con­ti­nue to play mul­ti­ple PGA tour events throughout the sea­son for OWGR points. Losing the­se play­ers rather than allowing them to con­ti­nue play­ing is not good for the PGA tour, we are tal­king pret­ty big names who attract crowds here. Bry­son, DJ, Phil, Oost­hui­zen (fre­quent con­t­en­der in majors), Gar­cia etc…

    1. Tiger woods used to play Euro­pean Tour Events, so did John Daly, and the PGA Tour didnt care, becau­se they knew the money was less, and it actual­ly made their brand big­ger. Pool play­ers play on every tour thats avail­ab­le. The PGA tour CANNOT MONOPOLIZE pro­fes­sio­nal golf.

    2. @Jim Carl­son Jim, the play­ers on the PGA Tour are not Employees, and they are paid not­hing. They are allo­wed or invi­ted to play in tour­na­ments, and they only make money of they make the cut and place high in the tour­na­ment. The PGA Tour, doesnt even pay their tra­vel expen­ses. The Cad­dies get paid a % of what their play­er wins, and alot of time Cad­dies are flat bro­ke and go home with not­hing. This new TOUR actual­ly pays play­ers a lar­ge sala­ry. Gua­ran­te­ed Money is in Base­ball, Foot­ball, Soc­cer, so why not Golf?

  8. The PGA Tour is making the play­ers look bet­ter for lea­ving. Basi­cal­ly vali­da­ting ever­ything they com­p­lai­ned about.

  9. Ste­phen A. said on Redick Pod­cast that he is proud of hims­elf for not being a sell­out… yet he com­mends the LIV Gol­fers shru­de abi­li­ty to be sellouts. 

    Not to men­ti­on they are get­ting money from the peop­le invol­ved with 9/11, geno­ci­de, war cri­mes, and beheadings/crucifications of peop­le for their beliefs.

    1. They went for more money, most peop­le in their posi­ti­on would do the same. Gua­ran­te­ed money, big­ger pur­se, less events etc etc very dif­fi­cult to pass on a deal like that espe­cial­ly if they give you huge amounts just to join.

    2. This is even more under­stand­a­ble for older play­ers who are reaching the end of their gol­fing prime like Oost­hui­zen, Charl Schwart­zel, Lee West­wood, Ser­gio Gar­cia etc etc Dus­tin John­son still had may­be 5 years in him of com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf.

  10. Here comes the cas­ca­ding comments from dudes who turn the chan­nel every time Golf comes on inclu­ding the­se two bozos. The simp­le-min­ded will just say “they don’t have a con­tract, they are inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors, they should be able to do what they want”. A man who values accoun­ta­bi­li­ty and loyal­ty will say, “the­re are rules to play in the PGA Tour, and if you don’t abi­de by said rules, while pos­ses­sing a Tour card, hand in your card, and play in the other Tour. YOU CANNOT HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.

    1. @Tom San­ger Like I said befo­re, the vast majo­ri­ty of peop­le (simp­le-min­ded) will look at the situa­ti­on and take the sel­fi­sh approach. For them, the­re is no such thing as hono­ring con­tracts, or your word mea­ning some­thing. They only care about money. They only care about them­sel­ves. Dis­loy­al, dis­ho­nest, and untrust­worthy. It’s unfortunate.

    2. @DanielSong39 That’s the kind of details that need to be brought out. Exact­ly what do the con­tracts sta­te and is LIV dif­fe­rent than other situa­tions that tru­ly does war­rant sus­pen­si­on? Has the PGA been in simi­lar situa­tions whe­re ano­t­her tour vio­la­ted PGA con­tracts but it did­n’t pose a real thre­at so they let it sli­de? If that’s the case they have not­hing to stand on. Is the LIV situa­ti­on dif­fe­rent legal­ly than others That’s all that real­ly mat­ters not whe­ther peop­le like LIV or not. It will all come out in court.

  11. the­se “ana­lysts” know not­hing about golf. No men­ti­on of the fact that the PGA announ­ced sus­pen­si­ons of gol­fers who aren’t even mem­bers and have alrea­dy resi­gned. You can’t fire someo­ne who resi­gned weeks ear­lier. what a bunch of clowns.

    1. They even sus­pen­ded Lou­is Oost­hui­zen from play­ing in the Pre­si­dents Cup as a mem­ber of the Inter­na­tio­nal Team when the qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on stan­dards are not based on PGA Tour performance

  12. Hope PGA goes under. Their hor­ri­fic mistre­at­ment of COMPETITION is abhor­rent. Can’t hand­le com­pe­ti­ti­on so remo­ve them from your regis­tra­ti­on? Fine, BYE FELICIA/

    1. They can hand­le com­pe­ti­ti­on and they just did. They fired the gol­fers in the PGA who went against the con­tracts they agreed with when they signed up. The PGA isn’t doing anything to the LIV Tour. They are let­ting them do what they want and let­ting play­ers do what they want but why would the PGA allow play­ers to break con­tract and play for them as well as com­pe­ti­tors? In busi­ness you get fired if you work for a competitor.

    2. @Tom San­ger Hope the PGA goes bankrupt. PGA play­ers should be able to play wha­te­ver cour­se they want, it’s not like the play­ers were lea­ving the tour they wan­ted to play out­side of a PGA sanc­tion­ed tour­na­ment. One tour­na­ment. Bre­ach of con­tract? BYE, go bankrupt. Hope the Sau­di league takes over.

    1. The PGA did­n’t just hand him that $. He ear­ned it thru win­ning an incredi­ble # of tour­na­ments, 2nd only to Tiger & gai­ning spon­sors. Not­hing was guaranteed.

  13. The­re is a fun­da­men­tal dif­fe­rence in how the money has arri­ved that makes this extre­me­ly dan­ge­rous for the sport in gene­ral if you care about sports. LIV is fun­ded like a rich kid who runs a fai­ling busi­ness with daddy’s money. They do not have to crea­te reve­nue, they have a blank check and the pro­duct they want out of this is sports­wa­shing not reve­nue genera­ting enter­tain­ment. Ima­gi­ne a coop restau­rant with no backing, with the best chefs in the world try­ing to run their coop, now ima­gi­ne Jeff Bezos starts a com­pe­ting com­pa­ny offe­ring the oldest chefs 100x their cur­rent co-op sala­ry to come make gril­led cheese and give it free to the public so that peop­le think bezos isn’t so bad. 

    It’s obvious­ly a bet­ter deal for the play­ers, but it’s not bet­ter for the qua­li­ty of the sport becau­se IT DOES NOT REQUIRE QUALITY SPORT TO FUNCTION. It is not ope­ra­ted like a sup­ply and demand busi­ness. It’s a blank check pet pro­ject that’s only result it cares about is making peop­le think “sau­di isn’t that bad they like sports right”

    As far as the mono­po­ly and capi­ta­lism point. This shows ano­t­her fun­da­men­tal misun­derstan­ding of what the pga is. It’s a 501c non­pro­fit that liter­al­ly IS the play­ers. It’s ent­i­re job is to be a reve­nue sink that brings money in and then dis­tri­bu­tes it to players. 

    The pga did a poor job of stay­ing modern and try­ing to take every chan­ce and idea and try it to impro­ve, but you’re not paying atten­ti­on if you haven’t noti­ced that pur­ses are HUGE com­pa­red to a deca­de or two ago, and they con­ti­nue to incre­a­se. I think no lay­ing up has about 15 pod­casts on this that go into detail and while they are anti sau­di roy­al money, they are not anti impro­ve­ment and competition.

    Just ima­gi­ne for one second if lebron had one tit­le and then deci­ded to go play in Midd­le East for a roy­al fami­ly in a hor­se league for a bil­li­on dol­lars ins­tead of cha­sing true lega­cy and try­ing to beat MJ. Ima­gi­ne how they would talk about that.

    1. well mama’s wrong Againnnnn.… this is gree­dy­ass cor­po­ra­te Ame­ri­ca get­ting beat at their own game! I love every bit of this!!! 🤣

  14. Lmfaoooo can’t belie­ve this loud mouth Enward diver­si­ty hire is com­men­ta­ting on a sport he can’t afford to play lmfaoooo!!!! 🤣😆😂😆🤣🤣

  15. The LIV wants it to be OK for LIV play­ers to moon­light from their tour on open weeks to play PGA events, but by con­tract they are pro­hi­bi­ted from deci­ding to skip LIV events and play­ing in com­pe­ting PGA events. How convenient.

  16. For all you morons who com­p­lain about the PGA doing not­hing for the gol­fer here is a bit of histo­ry. The PGA sets up the gol­fer from the time he beco­mes a pro through his six­ties. No other orga­niz­a­ti­on does that.
    The set up the deve­lo­p­ment of the young play­ers to ascend to the tour. When they get old they set up the Cham­pions tour so the­se peop­le can earn money into their six­ties. They set up the LPGA. They go out and get the spon­sors, venues, Tele­vi­si­on con­tracts the pen­si­on plan. They intro­du­ce the­se peop­le to the top exe­cu­ti­ves in the coun­try. Does anyo­ne think that that mental­ly chal­len­ged moron we know as DJ would ever meet a CEO. May­be as a janitor.

    No other sport takes care of their aging stars. Do you think LIV is going to do that? Four of the top 15 grea­test ear­ners of reve­nue from sports are golfers.
    The PGA isn’t per­fect but it is also not terrible.

  17. The Sau­di makes most of the­re wealth from oil and who buys it the U.S. and Euro­pe. So that’s who’s paying tho­se play­ers. I wish all the best for the liv tour

  18. This is always smthg I’ve thought about sin­ce I also like Euro­pean foot­ball and basi­cal­ly I see the two dif­fe­rent sys­tems like this 🤣

    Ame­ri­can government= capitalism
    Ame­ri­can sports= socialism 

    Euro­pean government= socialism
    Euro­pean sports= capitalism

  19. Fools… You said it Ste­phen A.. You know not­hing about the PGA.. Go work for Fox this wee­kend and see if ESPN is cool with that. Would they be? Just ans­wer that one fellas..

  20. B S. For­get the winey as _ PGA. Ano­t­her woke orga­niz­a­ti­on. I applaud the few bra­ve pro­fes­sio­nals who made the chan­ge. The PGA won’t be get­ting any more of my money, inclu­ding the $18 beers. Fans, wake up.

  21. PGA just going by the book lol. They aren’t reac­ting to the LIV, they’­re just rein­sta­ting their rule­book. I don’t have an opi­ni­on if the rule is good or bad but it’s pro­bab­ly good for them to stick to their standards.

  22. Pga­tour doesn’t have gua­ran­te­ed money, but they do have the PIP pro­gram to give money to the most influ­en­ti­al play­ers and the tours repu­ta­ble brand allows play­ers to get spon­sor­s­hips they other­wi­se wouldn’t. Phil mickel­son makes more money off the field than any foot­ball play­er out­side of Tom Bra­dy. A lar­ge part of that is due to the PGATOUR’s influ­ence. And don’t get it twis­ted, ever­ything Phil is asking for is not a bene­fit to the average pro gol­fer, only to hims­elf and the other top dogs.

  23. Could not agree more. PGA tour has no leg to stand on. They have not­hing to do with the majors, and if they want their cake and eat it too, they need to start paying ALL play­ers a base appearan­ce fee, IN ADDITION to the play­ers who make the cut, who get pri­ze money accordingly.

    Not to men­ti­on … bonus appearan­ce fee for top ran­ked or top care­er money-list play­ers. Becau­se they dri­ve ticket sales, and need to be ack­now­led­ged for it.

    1. No play­er who has ear­ned their PGA tour card should be loo­sing money by showing up and grin­ding for the tour. If they are not good enough … fine they loo­se their card … but they should be paid for the grind while they have their card.

  24. The only thing I’d say to coun­ter their points is that from my under­stan­ding nba, nfl etc. wouldn’t allow a rival league to pop up in North Ame­ri­ca to com­pe­te direct­ly against tho­se leagues. Howe­ver that is based on my limi­ted know­ledge of the mat­ter. Any one with more info on the mat­ter is more than wel­co­me to cor­rect me if I’m wrong.

  25. Final­ly me and Ste­phen A agree on something.PGA showing it’s TRUE colors and I hope it for­ces them to chan­ge they’­re ways.

  26. Ins­tead of hand­ling it in a smart adult way, PGA is star­ting to look like a big rich baby who never had to share. It’s 100% PGA just want a mono­po­ly on golf. They won’t admit it but we all see it

  27. Rich peop­le cry­ing about making more money. Who cares? Peop­le for­get, the PGA is a busi­ness and has rules. You fol­low them or get kicked out or leave.

  28. What do peop­le serious­ly expect the PGA to do, hap­pi­ly let their guys go and embrace the LIV tour, never going to hap­pen when that tour is backed by peop­le who exe­cu­te peop­le. That’s why there’s such an upro­ar, if this new tour was backed by an Eng­lish, Ame­ri­can, Aus­tra­li­an busi­ness­man for examp­le, I doubt it would crea­te as much of a storm like this.

  29. “I’ve been a caddy”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Breath😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Perhaps a mini­mal amount of rese­arch on the requi­re­ments of the play­ers that vol­un­ta­ri­ly join the PGA is in order. Other­wi­se you just have a baseless opinion.

  31. Hey Lef­ty get a clue. The PGA makes you earn what you get for money. That’s the way life should be. Nobo­dy should get money just for showing up and play­ing. Com­ple­te­ly Ridiculous !!

  32. LIV all day baby! they give 15 min high­light vide­os vs 3 min from the PGA lol who cares about dir­ty money, the US is one of the words lar­gest ter­ro­rist groups and have dir­ty money all over them. The PGA is in fear and its awesome!!

  33. “So what did they do?”
    …they also jacked up the pur­ses 👜 this year in respon­se to LIV. Espe­cial­ly the Majors. 🤑💰💸

  34. The US government does busi­ness with the Sau­di government why not a individual…Jared did busi­ness he’s not char­ged with anything!!! If it’s about capi­ta­lism then why sus­pend them it’s foo­lish PGA can’t match the offer so they slimy

  35. Just shows you what a cor­rupt mono­po­ly the PGA tour is when the Sua­di-backed blood money LIV tour can come out smel­ling better.

  36. PGA makes money from China..Like the NBA, the NFL, MLB.… 🤔 The worst human rights record on the pla­net… 😂 Now they care… 🤣🤣

  37. The­se two idi­ots know not­hing about golf or the PGA Tour, so stop try­ing to make this about slaves and mas­ters. Come on. Phil, DJ, Ser­gio, etc did­n’t com­p­lain about the PGA’s non-com­pe­te rule when they were in their prime. They knew about that rule and hap­pi­ly agreed to it when they signed onto the PGA Tour at the begin­ning of their care­ers, when they could actual­ly com­pe­te. But now, in the twi­light of their care­ers, they’d like to play in dis­gr­unt­led Greg’s Sau­di Ara­bia Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on Tro­phy Reti­re­ment Tour whe­re a nobo­dy like Andy Olgle­tree can shoot 20+ over par and head home with $100,000 in his pocket. Fine for them. God bless them. Let them do what they want to do. I’ve got no pro­blem with that. But play­ing for the Sau­dis comes with a pri­ce they knew they would have to pay – that of giving up their PGA Tour mem­bers­hip. Stop with the Woke spin here and deal with the rea­li­ty of LIV Golf – it’s a place for guys who want to work less, get paid more, and are hap­py to flush their golf lega­cy and self-respect down the toilet.

  38. Money rules ever­ything. Who cares about human rights when money is bound to be made. Arms, sports­men etc…business con­ti­nues as usu­al . Not­hing will change .

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