Rich Eisen reagiert auf die Kartellklage von Phil Mickelson gegen die PGA Tour | Die Rich-Eisen-Show

Rich Eisen reagiert auf die Kartellklage von Phil Mickelson gegen die PGA Tour Die Rich Eisen Show baseball

Rich Eisen reagiert auf Phil Mickel­son und ande­re Gol­fer der LIV Tour, die eine Kar­tell­kla­ge gegen die PGA Tour ein­rei­chen. Sehen Sie sich die Rich Eisen Show an, eine Emmy-nomi­nier­te Sport-Talk­show, die live auf NBCs Peacock, Auda­cy und Siri­usXM Ch. 85 Mon­tag bis Frei­tag, Mit­tag bis 15:00 Uhr ET. Die Rich Eisen Show zeigt die unheim­li­che Fähig­keit von Rich Eisen, auf­schluss­rei­ches Sport­wis­sen mit einer unkon­ven­tio­nel­len Mischung aus Humor und Pop­kul­tur zu ver­bin­den, und zieht die bekann­tes­ten Namen aus Sport und Unter­hal­tung an. Abon­nie­ren Sie die­sen Kanal, um mit den bes­ten Sport- und Pop­kul­tur­kom­men­ta­ren, Inter­views und vie­lem mehr im Inter­net auf dem Lau­fen­den zu blei­ben! —— HIER ABONNIEREN: https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​j​W​SBC FOLGE UNS HIER: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​s​h​ow/ https://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://www .face​book​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://​www​.auda​cy​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​/​l​i​s​ten Vie­len Dank an unse­re Freun­de bei Gra­byo für die Unter­stüt­zung unse­rer Live-Pro­duk­ti­on und Bear­bei­tung. Wirk­lich ein Wen­de­punkt für das, was wir hier bei der Rich Eisen Show zu errei­chen ver­su­chen. Sie kön­nen sich Gra­byo und sei­ne Ange­bots­pa­let­te hier anse­hen: https://​bit​.ly/​3​a​a​c​366 #Rich­Ei­sen­Show #LIV­Golf #Phil­Mi­ckel­son

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74 thought on “Rich Eisen reagiert auf die Kartellklage von Phil Mickelson gegen die PGA Tour | Die Rich-Eisen-Show”

  1. by that logic every bench rider and star­ter in the NFL or NBA don’t care about the out­co­me of games? just becau­se a play­er who is a pro­fes­sio­nal gets gua­ran­te­ed money to play the sport they play does­n’t mean they lose com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness. i do think a play­off sys­tem would be gre­at for LIV though

    1. @Jeff Joy­ce his pio­int is that gua­ran­te­ed LIV money does­n’t take away competitiveness.….NBA and NFL play­ers get paid even when they lose, but still compete

    2. @Jeff Joy­ce Plea­se don’t bring up IC’s. Cau­se it is only IC’s when it suit the PGAT, and you’­re a mem­ber who needs to obey rules when it does­n’t suit them.

  2. The lawsu­it pro­ves the for­mer PGA tour play­ers who joi­ned the Bin Laden Exhi­bi­ti­on Cir­cuit are tone-deaf narcissists.

    1. NBA and Chi­na, NHL and Rus­sia asso­cia­ti­on, MLB and Vene­zue­la play­ers .……prac­ti­cal­ly all sports have blood money… we still using Sau­di oil?

  3. Losing more and more respect for rich with every pga vs LIV seg­ment he does. He is such a PGA shill and belie­ves they aren’t a mono­po­ly and are worry­ing about the good of golf and not their bot­tom line…….sad

  4. I’d have more respect for the Sau­dis gol­fers if they just said they’­re doing it for the money. And Phil went from zero to a joke in under 10 secs.

    1. Only in the minds of hypo­cri­tes! To me Phil is a man with a fami­ly. He has ear­ned what he has, INCLUDING an offer from LIV which I noti­ced you did NOT get! It’s good to know that if the Sau­dis offe­red you 10x your cur­rent inco­me you would just tell them to take a hike. Yeah, right!

    2. It’s obvious that money is the dri­ver here. Sug­ges­ting anything else is fol­lowing a fal­se nar­ra­ti­ve lead by media.

    1. No one under­stands anti trust laws. We basi­cal­ly all only have one inter­net pro­vi­der, gas or electric. Their is no com­pe­ti­ti­on for tho­se com­pa­nies but good luck suing, it would be struck down immediately

  5. Here is my ques­ti­on; if more (and high-pro­fi­le) play­ers join the LIV tour and the field stays at 54 play­ers, what hap­pens to the ones that are ‘bum­ped’? If they have play­ed in the first few LIV events, and now are ban­ned from the PGA Tour, whe­re do they play? The DP World Tour? Asia?

  6. Nor­man and Phil are the worst of all eli­tists. They want all the money for them­sel­ves, and then be able to come back and cher­ry pick the best tour­na­ments for them to play. Brooks, Bry­son and the others dont care about golf, its just about the money. They were alrea­dy making 20–30 mil a year. com­ple­te wankers

  7. RE’s PGA vs LIV takes is qui­te liter­al­ly the one take I don’t get. He’s such a PGA believer…he can’t see the other side.…oh well.

  8. PGA well wit­hin its rights to estab­lish terms of mem­bers­hip & play­ers agree upon tho­se terms when they accept mem­bers­hip. Pret­ty cut & dried. LIV play­ers don’t have real anti trust suit. They could if they left the LIV tour & the tour wouldn’t allow them to requa­li­fy through nor­mal chan­nels. Like Nike tour & Q school.

  9. Why they suing the PGA?? They cho­se the tour LIV tour and their money…deal with it and move. I per­so­nal­ly would­n’t care if we never heard from the play­ers again. It’s not just not com­pe­ti­ti­ve becau­se they get gua­ran­te­ed money, none of the guys that are joi­ning LIV have won in years out­side of Phils PGA…these guys are just names now.

  10. I don’t see how the PGA Tour is vio­la­ting anti­trust laws by inde­fi­ni­te­ly sus­pen­ding play­ers. It cer­tain­ly does­n’t have the power to pre­vent LIV Golf from ent­e­ring the mar­ket­place which is gene­ral­ly what hap­pens with enti­ties with mono­po­listic powers. Moreo­ver, as Mona­han noted in his let­ter to mem­bers­hip, ALL PGA Tour mem­bers were clear­ly infor­med a full year befo­re LIV Golf’s inau­gu­ral event (so back in 2021) that any play­er who joi­ned a rival orga­niz­a­ti­on and com­pe­ted in its events without per­mis­si­on would be sus­pen­ded. Does­n’t seem like there’s anything ille­gal about that.

  11. No com­pe­ti­ti­on? I guess may­be win­ning 4 mil­li­on isn’t a com­pe­ti­ti­ve situa­ti­on. Of cour­se the­se guys left for the money but the hypo­cri­sy of the­se guys about the Saudi’s is ama­zing. Tiger play­ed the Sau­di Inter­na­tio­nal how many times? And then the­re is the Sau­di backed Lady’s Tour plus other Sau­di backed sports groups. Whe­re have the­se hypo­cri­tes been until now? Do I like what they did at LIV? No but the­se are Croc tears.

  12. Rich is full of BS here. And the PGA Tour has events whe­re ever­yo­ne makes a check. Are you now say­ing that is not com­pe­ti­ti­on? As a mat­ter of fact, that is the top 64 play­ers. Sound fami­li­ar? What hap­pen to the Sau­di Pro­blem? It was exp­lai­ned by Greg Nor­man very well and that is pro­blem for the PGA. Com­pe­ti­ti­on is eit­her going to make the PGA tour stop hoar­ding the money, or more play­er will con­ti­nue to lose.

    1. @boldtaa No, I am tal­king about the world cup events, like in Mexi­co. Top 1–64 play and are paid, without a cut. Is that com­pe­ti­ti­on or not? Tiger will say what he needs to at this point. He can­not afford to ruf­fle the media or the PGA. If it fails, then fine. Why do we care? Why am I sup­po­sed to be upset about this? The fans are showing up and the ratings are good. If it sur­vi­ves or not will be inte­res­ting to watch. But plea­se, let’s stop try­ing to have the moral high ground. Watch Greg Norman’s inter­view about the PGA and Sau­di backing. The LPGA big­gest spon­sor is Sau­di. You fell for con­fes­si­on thru projection.

    2. @Louis DeSie­na Minis­tries Tho­se are still clear­ly the excep­ti­on not the rule, like match play events. As for Tiger, he’s worried? Dude is worth a bil­li­on and tur­ned down near­ly that much from LIV. He’s not worried about anything but his knee and sharp turns. Idk if you saw the tour­na­ment this wee­kend but it was a ghost town. They were sel­ling ticket for $1 for only a few thousand to show up. I’m only curious how much money the Saudi’s are wil­ling to burn. 

      I don’t know anything about the LPGA’s fun­ding but if that’s true I’ll agree there’s hypo­cri­sy the­re and play­ers shouldn’t be going to tour­na­ments the­re eit­her. Sad to say but we also don’t care as much about women’s sports v men. The sca­le of a tour­na­ment to a com­pe­ting league is dif­fe­rent. I wouldn’t go, and would hope Ame­ri­cans wouldn’t eit­her. Hen­rik Sten­son can do wha­te­ver he wants. I did watch clips of the inter­view and I was not sway­ed by his BS or Phil’s. I hope LIV cras­hes and burns and they’re all play­ing in Japan for a frac­tion of the PGA purses.

  13. PGA now has more gua­ran­tee money, more no cut events and no more wraparound sea­son. I wish the­re was one pga tour play­er had the jewels to say “thanks LIV” for get­ting what “Jon boy” said he couldn’t do.

    1. If this same thing was done to the NFL, MLB, or NBA(lets say the play­ers get­ting 5 times their cur­rent pay to play 1/2 the amount of games) would you say tho­se play­ers had been mistrea­ted and under­paid all the­se years?
      That’s what you are say­ing, becau­se a tril­lion­aire show­ed up with limit­less $$$ to buy play­ers with abso­lute­ly no con­cern to run a sus­tainab­le busi­ness – as the PGA must do – just an end­less sup­ply of monopoly $$$$$.

    2. @Carl Frye if run­ning a sus­tainab­le busi­ness was what the tour was doing, why not stick to your guns and not give in to the gua­ran­tees and ending the wrap around sea­son? And don’t for­get the 50+ mil­li­on that Jon magi­cal­ly­pul­led out of nowhere.

    3. @Daniel De La Mora money talks. You real­ly think LIV will have “trash” play­ers in a year. And most ppl watch majors any­way so if they can play in them….yes I’ll watch👍🏿

  14. “We want to play less golf for more $$$$, now we want to sue so we can play more golf for less $$$”.
    “No, we aren’t mental­ly unsta­ble at all and we know exact­ly what we want”.

  15. Is the LIV money gua­ran­te­ed or is it paid out per event. With abys­mal atten­dance and no major media out­let, is the real rea­son for the lawsu­it is to be able to get back into the PGA when LIV col­lap­ses and goes away?

  16. The PGA should remo­ve the sus­pen­si­ons and just revo­ke their PGA Mem­bers­hip alltogether.
    They bro­ke PGA Mem­bers­hip rules, which they signed up for, so revo­king mem­bers­hip is a slam dunk.
    Remo­ve the sus­pen­si­ons, and revo­ke their mem­bers­hip 1 hour befo­re the play­offs tour­na­ment starts.….lofl!!!
    Phil, worth $400 mil­li­on and a fat PGA pen­si­on, sueing the orga­niz­a­ti­on which made him rich and famous…what a gre­at guy, 1st class POS.
    When will his wife lea­ve him? Would­n’t that be great.……to lose 1/2 his f’ing $$$$ in a divorce!!!!!

  17. Are you the only one who should ever get paid, Rich? So you think cuz the last guy gets a mini­mum $150,000 they aren’t all going to com­pe­te for $1,500,000? Every pro ath­le­te that has ever exis­ted com­pe­tes for money! They all them pro­fes­sio­nal bcuz they get paid. When you don’t get paid that is cal­led a vol­un­teer or an ame­tu­re, which is what you sound like right now! Every per­son in the world com­pe­tes for money! WHAT THE F**K are you tal­king about? Oh yeah, I got it, you are tal­king about abso­lute­ly not­hing and you are spea­king it from your butt! Ridi­cu­lous Rich! 100% ridiculous!

  18. Friend­ly remin­der that the Depart­ment of Jus­ti­ce alrea­dy laun­ched an anti-trust inves­ti­ga­ti­on into the PGA weeks ago. It’s been known the­se lawsuits would be com­ing for a while.

  19. I’m not much of a PGA fan. They beca­me too woke with their BLM friends and took Pre­si­dent Trump’s tour­na­ment away. Frank­ly, F the PGA.

  20. Hey Rich, now do “Tiger took mas­si­ve appearan­ce fees, mul­ti­ple times $4m in Chi­na, befo­re even teeing off” . Go!

  21. Anti­trust laws are regu­la­ti­ons that encou­ra­ge com­pe­ti­ti­on by limi­t­ing the mar­ket power of any par­ti­cu­lar firm.
    This often invol­ves ensu­ring that mer­gers and acqui­si­ti­ons don’t over­ly con­cen­tra­te mar­ket power, or form mono­po­lies, as well as brea­king up firms that have have alrea­dy beco­me monopolies.
    Has the PGA Tour been effec­tively ope­ra­ting as a monopoly?
    Is the PGA Tour real­ly a cha­ri­ta­ble orga­niz­a­ti­on, but real­ly ope­ra­ting as a monopoly?
    The­se are essen­ti­al ques­ti­ons a judge will have to ask and exami­ne very carefully.
    It should also be noted that the PGA Tour man­da­tes its mem­bers to par­ti­ci­pa­te in at least 15 events per year to main­tain their tour card, unless they have a life­time exemption.
    And what about the OWGR points?
    The­re are undoub­ted­ly rough waters ahead for the world of pro­fes­sio­nal golf.
    But in the end, I suspect that wha­te­ver evol­ves or even­tual­ly gets deci­ded, will be bet­ter than the sta­tus quo cur­r­ent­ly in place now.
    At mini­mum, the PGA Tour should no lon­ger be allo­wed to iden­ti­fy its­elf as a cha­ri­ta­ble organization.
    It’s a pro­fes­sio­nal sports league and busi­ness, pure and simple.
    Once that new para­digm gets legal­ly and offi­cial­ly estab­lis­hed, what comes next in terms of evo­lu­tio­na­ry tra­jec­to­ry will beco­me much easier to visualize.
    But what we can alrea­dy rea­son­ab­ly pre­dict for cer­tain, is that the PGA Tour’s pre­fer­red sta­tus quo in its cur­rent form will likely no lon­ger be allo­wed to con­ti­nue sta­tus quo in its cur­rent form.
    That much is vir­tual­ly a guarantee.
    Watch for it.

  22. Rich Eisen: PGA Tour shill and NPC. Ever­y­bo­dy sells out the­se days. It’s nau­sea indu­cing. Not a real sports jour­na­list left ali­ve. Not­hing but Glo­ba­list cor­po­ra­te pro­pa­gan­da from Rich. Sad…🤣

  23. No com­pe­ti­ti­on becau­se they all get paid?? How is that dif­fe­rent to basi­cal­ly every other pro­fes­sio­nal sport except the PGA tour. The only rea­son they don’t pay play­ers to play is becau­se they would lose their ’not for pro­fit’ status.

    1. Basi­cal­ly, any other pro­fes­sio­nal sport, like bas­ket­ball, the losers still get paid adver­ti­se­ment, ticket sales etc…PLUS the fran­chise its­elf goes up in value even when they have a losing sea­son. LIV is all sup­por­ted by my $5.50 per gal­lon fill-up.

  24. Why can’t LIV golf make a full sche­du­le here in the US? Get TV con­tracts, and start paying their play­ers less, intro­du­ce cuts, and take out their music? Could it be that it’s a fake tour?

  25. Real­ly low move from the­se lot. They want to lea­ve, fine lea­ve, then they want to come back, sor­ry no. They made their bed now sleep in it.

  26. Lol… Rich liter­al­ly said if ever­yo­ne gets paid, then the­re is no com­pe­ti­ti­on. Does ever­yo­ne not get paid in the NFL?

  27. I said and belie­ved this all along. Not­hing but a bunch of LIV, Liers In Vain. They want to play less, lie, Not the money, lie, want more time with fami­ly, lie. All liers. They all are wal­king with a devil, the gre­at wa-cat fish, wha­te­ver. I hope the court do the right thing, they made their decisi­ons, make them live with it. Lots of money 🤑 over legacy.

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