Rich Eisen über Charles Barkleys LIV Tour Flirt & die Zukunft der kontroversen Golf League

Rich Eisen ueber Charles Barkleys LIV Tour Flirt amp die Zukunft der kontroversen Golf League baseball

Rich Eisen reagiert dar­auf, dass Charles Bark­ley sei­nen Flirt been­det, indem er dem Sen­de­team der LIV Tour bei­tritt, und über­legt, ob die umstrit­te­ne, von Sau­di-Ara­bi­en unter­stütz­te Golf­li­ga jemals ihr Image ändern kann, ins­be­son­de­re mit ihrer gemel­de­ten hart­nä­cki­gen Tak­tik im Umgang mit Kri­tik. Sehen Sie sich die Rich Eisen Show an, eine Emmy-nomi­nier­te Sport-Talk­show, die live auf NBCs Peacock, Auda­cy und Siri­usXM Ch. 85 Mon­tag bis Frei­tag, Mit­tag bis 15:00 Uhr ET. Die Rich Eisen Show zeigt die unheim­li­che Fähig­keit von Rich Eisen, auf­schluss­rei­ches Sport­wis­sen mit einer unkon­ven­tio­nel­len Mischung aus Humor und Pop­kul­tur zu ver­bin­den, und zieht die bekann­tes­ten Namen aus Sport und Unter­hal­tung an. Abon­nie­ren Sie die­sen Kanal, um mit den bes­ten Sport- und Pop­kul­tur­kom­men­ta­ren, Inter­views und vie­lem mehr im Inter­net auf dem Lau­fen­den zu blei­ben! —— HIER ABONNIEREN: https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​j​W​SBC FOLGE UNS HIER: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​s​h​ow/ https://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://www .face​book​.com/​R​i​c​h​E​i​s​e​n​S​how https://​www​.auda​cy​.com/​r​i​c​h​e​i​s​e​n​/​l​i​s​ten Vie­len Dank an unse­re Freun­de bei Gra­byo für die Unter­stüt­zung unse­rer Live-Pro­duk­ti­on und Bear­bei­tung. Wirk­lich ein Wen­de­punkt für das, was wir hier bei der Rich Eisen Show zu errei­chen ver­su­chen. Sie kön­nen sich Gra­byo und sei­ne Ange­bots­pa­let­te hier anse­hen: https://​bit​.ly/​3​a​a​c​366 #Rich­Ei­sen­Show #Charles­Bark­ley #LIV­Golf

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113 thought on “Rich Eisen über Charles Barkleys LIV Tour Flirt & die Zukunft der kontroversen Golf League”

    1. That is the Ame­ri­can way, the US has an embas­sy in Sau­di and Biden just visi­ted the Sau­di King­dom asking for more oil.

  1. Charles gave them what they wan­ted for free.…he sang the Sau­dis prai­ses why pay him they got exact­ly what they wan­ted with his public remarks.

  2. Most PGA Tour events are just “exhi­bi­ti­on golf” also. The­re is no “tra­di­ti­on” for the Rocket Mortgage3MJohn Dee­re­Safe­wa­yAme­ri­can Express­Val­spar Clas­si­cO­pen­In­vi­ta­tio­nal tour­na­ments eit­her. They just play one more round with 100 more nobo­dy gol­fers that don’t mat­ter. If 54 holes with no cut is good enough for the PGA Tour Cham­pions, why isn’t it good enough for LIV?
    Also, the PGA Tour throws fans out of their tour­na­ments for heck­ling too. “Get in the water!” will get you kicked out.

    1. Vast majo­ri­ty of the PGA Tour events are 72 holes. It is com­pe­ti­ti­ve golf. It is not just the Jon Dee­re or the Val­spar Clas­sic. The Byron Nel­son Clas­sic, the Arnold Pal­mer Invi­ta­tio­nal, the RBC Cana­di­an Open, are serious­ly important events. The Play­ers Cham­pions­hip is the “fifth major.” LIV Tour is exhi­bi­ti­on Golf, peri­od. The­re is no wrigg­le room for them. Go watch that.

    1. @keenfrizzle good line for Rich, I say. Obvious­ly he’s not a fan of golf, sin­ce he does­n’t know what he’s tal­king about.

  3. Every dol­lar the NBA gets is tain­ted by Chi­na… so chew me if I don’t belie­ve the rhe­to­ric that the Saudi’s are worse.

    1. Ask Jackie Robin­son, Muham­med Ali, Texas Wes­tern- Ken­tu­cky bas­ket­ball game and Tiger Woods if race and poli­tics don’t intert­wi­ne in sports. Sports and poli­tics have always been intertwined.

    2. @Michael Fong if you can’t see the dif­fe­rence bet­ween tho­se I feel sor­ry for you.. that is about race, this is about money🤦..

  4. Why are you so con­vin­ced that your per­so­nal idea is right? Liv golf is the most exi­t­ing thing what hap­pen­ed to golf

  5. Thank good­ness. Our Thurs­day nights are safe. Charles Bark­ley goes over the­re and we may have never seen him again. The LIV Tour is home to the has-beens and the money grab­bers that never lik­ed to play com­pe­ti­tively any­way. Let it stay that way.

  6. Im Tuning in for the sto­ry – the new lega­cy- the exci­te­ment and the chan­ge – but if you want to stick to the old – my good old boy – let’s be always the same -

  7. I want to go back in the archi­ves and find the epi­so­de whe­re Rich cal­led out the NBA for not let­ting fans wear shirts pro­tes­ting China

    1. @keenfrizzle I guess it’s more or less about peop­le incon­sist­ent­ly app­ly­ing their values. It’s a per­fect­ly accep­ta­ble posi­ti­on to cri­ti­ci­ze LIV play­ers, but be con­sis­tent and demand bet­ter from ever­yo­ne unapologetically…NBA, Nike, Apple, Hol­ly­wood etc. When pon­ti­fi­ca­tors selec­tively express outra­ge it’s kind of hard to take them serious­ly. It’s eit­her always wrong to deal with human rights vio­la­tors or it’s ok. So far, in this world it loo­ks like socie­ty has alrea­dy said it’s ok

  8. Play­ers are well wit­hin their right to take the money, but then you got­ta deal with the fall­out. “When you pray for rain you got­ta deal with the mud too.”

  9. Hey Rich, thanks for going back to the long slee­ve shirt. Now sli­de back to the but­ton down oxford and car­di­gan. Your arms are week. Vaca­ti­on is over.

  10. 9/11 is one sto­ry, but after trump led insur­rec­tion, for LIV to hold events the­re, its dis­gus­ting. To add to it, I see there’s going to be ano­t­her LIV event in trump’s Doral later.

  11. Sor­ry Rich.. you have zero clue what your tal­king about. They get a few more of the PGA tour play­ers and you may wake up. The NBA bends over for for Chi­na … hey Rich, they are our big­gest threat.

  12. Let’s be real. 99% of peop­le do not care about golf. And tho­se who do only care about the 4 majors. No one is watching the Rocket Mor­tga­ge tournament 😂

    1. Exact­ly. Nobo­dy remem­bers who won the FedEx Cup in 2019, or the Memo­ri­al Tour­na­ment in 2014. The only stat sheet that a play­er reti­res with is how many Majors they won?

    2. @Chris Oli­vo You are cor­rect cau­se I know Golf and I don’t know who won the stu­pid FedEx cup in 2019, my guess is Rory becau­se Jus­tin Rose won the year befo­re and the only rea­son I know that is cau­se Tiger won the event. 2014 Memo­ri­al I have no idea. I used to like the LA Open but they chan­ged the name so many times I don’t even know the name of the tournament.

    3. It isn’t about that, it’s about the $$$ rai­sed for local com­mu­nities who hold tour­na­ments and the TV rights…which attract a lot of view­ers as con­fir­med by the new (mar­ked­ly lar­ger TV deal).
      If LIV was a real busi­ness like the PGA Tour then Nor­man could­n’t get any “name” play­ers becau­se he could­n’t afford to buy them, that’s why he has never been able to get his tour going until he found a $$$$ dad­dy who does­n’t care about thro­wing away $1, $2 bil­li­on that’s just a week of oil profits.….lol.

  13. The 9/11 outra­ge is hypo­cri­sy at it’s finest. Sau­di Ara­bia was behind the attacks and yet our own government has never done a sin­gle thing to punish them for it. Ins­tead we’ve con­ti­nued to be best bud­dies, sell them wea­pons, and buy their oil. So shouldn’t the pro­tes­tors be out­side the White House? No, ins­tead they are outra­ged at a bunch of gol­fers. The brain­wa­shing is wild and it’s no sur­pri­se Rich can’t see through it

  14. If the oil and auto Industry’s hadn’t fought government regu­la­ti­ons and rese­arch into alter­na­ti­ve fuels and tech­no­lo­gy 50 years ago the Arab oil nati­ons would still most­ly be in tents.

  15. Soo 9/11 fami­lies pro­tests against golf, but when Ame­ri­can government sells wea­pons for bili­ons, what they do then? Dou­ble stan­dards and hypocrisy

    1. @keenfrizzle Do they pro­test around white house for deals with Sau­dis? Do they do anything to show how they feel towards the deals their own government do with Sau­dis. Ofc not. But when play­er want to get money and earn for hims­elf and fami­ly they are up in arms and can do ever­ything. Always dou­ble stan­dards with Americans.

  16. Also very hypo­cri­ti­cal to NOT allow com­pe­ti­ti­on and when you have mono­po­lies , the mono­po­ly sets the pri­ce and the­re needs to be more money to be had by ever­yo­ne !! Doesnt mat­ter whe­re the money comes from RICH !! Lol dont hear you guys tal­king bout WNBA girls play­ing in Rus­sia, making that COMMY MONEY, from ‚most likely the Rus­si­an mob !! Stop being a hypo­cri­te bud !! Still luv the show , but you need to wake up to reality.

  17. Rich how do u feel about Biden visi­t­ing the Sua­di King­dom and asking for more oil?? How do feel about the US Embas­sy is still in Saudi ?

  18. As a spec­ta­tor, the PGA is a bet­ter tour. But if I was a play­er, of cour­se I would play in the LIV tour­na­ment, at the end of the day, they have fami­lies to maintain…

    1. By all accounts, des­pi­te the fun­ding source, the LIV tour is likely to die in a few years once peop­le rea­li­ze that it’s not worth what they’­re paying play­ers to get out of PGA.

  19. So the ath­le­tes are sup­po­sed to fore­go the money while almost every major cor­po­ra­ti­on takes Sau­di money? Hypocrites.

    1. There’s so many more fac­tors to com­pe­ti­ti­on bes­i­des money. You are jea­l­ous that they’­re get­ting bought, but you have no idea what it means to sell out.

  20. Here’s the truth…They never wan­ted Charles Bark­ley. They used him for publi­ci­ty. We’­ve all been tal­king about Chuck joi­ning LIV for how long? They used him, and that sucks!

  21. The LIV event this week (in Bed­mins­ter N.J.) is at a D. Trump owned golf cour­se (with the ex-Pre­si­dent in atten­dance). Golf isn’t poli­tics, but is part of the land­s­cape that needs to be navigated.

    1. Any left lea­ning per­son will more than likely never go just as I will never go to a Pri­de event or allow my child­ren near Draq queen sto­ry hour.

  22. US a demo­cra­cy?? Ask the bana­na repu­blics the US dis­pla­ced their elec­ted lea­ders year after year just so they could pay their citi­zens a dol­lar more a day
    REAL Demo­cra­ci­es are NOT bought by spe­cial interests.
    GB has laws against that. The US does not.

    How many peop­le were kil­led in Iraq???????
    You remem­ber the coun­try the US went to war against to save Bushy’s daddy’s legacy

    So the Saudi’s got caught with their pants down by kil­ling one jour­na­list – true its bad– but do you real­ly want to go the­re with the US record??? 

    So plea­se save us the ooooh their not a demo­cra­cy – you look stu­pid Rich

  23. I’ve heard nowhe­re near the outra­ge direc­ted at Nike and Chi­na that is direc­ted at Sau­di Ara­bia. Rich couldn’t even say “Chi­na”.

  24. Give me a break with the grand­stan­ding about all of this Rich and Co. I have no idea why gol­fers are meant to be the beacons of mora­li­ty in Ame­ri­ca when every big cor­po­ra­ti­on has Sau­di money being pou­red into it. Just ridi­cu­lous and laug­ha­ble how much Rich and his syco­phants have brow bea­ten about this topic. Give it a rest

  25. Ever­yo­ne taking such a strong stance against LIV Tour is gong to look back and rea­li­ze how foo­lish and chil­dish they were acting. Grow up the world is bur­ning. I golf a cou­p­le times a week and I care about golf about 6 weeks out of the year. Does anyo­ne mark The Cana­di­an open or any other tour­na­ment other than the majors.

  26. If you don’t like the new for­mat which is the Liv Tour, then don’t watch it. Most of us only watch the Majors and the Ryder Cup. I have enjoy­ed the three Liv events with their dif­fe­rent for­mat than a tra­di­tio­nal PGA Tour event. Why is that a pro­blem with so many of you in sports media.

  27. LIV golf is fuck­ing awe­so­me!!! Way bet­ter than the shit­ty PGA tour­na­ment that was play­ed at the same time!

    I’ll never watch a PGA event again. Just the majors & LIV golf.

  28. Not sure how many times this has to be said for peop­le to under­stand it: the crow­ned prince MBS, the King­dom, Sau­di Ara­bia had an Ame­ri­can jour­na­list mur­de­red. A wri­ter for the Washing­ton Post, an Ame­ri­can citi­zen, tor­tu­red and dis­mem­be­red at the order of MBS direct­ly. We know this as FACT. It’s not up for ques­ti­on. We have video. Direct evi­dence. And our pre­si­dent, Bark­ley and basi­cal­ly all of Ame­ri­can socie­ty refu­ses to reco­gni­ze that. Can’t com­pre­hend it. And you want to know why? Money. They won’t address it bc they need and want money.

  29. Rich, enjoy your show. You yell anything nega­ti­ve at a gol­fer at the Mas­ters, out you go. No second chan­ces. So let’s not pre­tend that this is some new rule.

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