Rory McIlroy Gewinner Presser 2022 RBC Canadian Open PGA Tour

Rory McIlroy Gewinner Presser 2022 RBC Canadian Open PGA Tour hochladen

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255 thought on “Rory McIlroy Gewinner Presser 2022 RBC Canadian Open PGA Tour”

  1. que vor​.mons​ter encan­tan tus vide­os. Ben­di­cio­nes her­mo­sa Celi­na que Dios te cui­de don­de quie­ra los mor­ta­lesq abi­an apre­cia­do tan her­mo­sa mujer

  2. Rory’s swing loo­ks so smooth. Idk what he did but it’s per­fect. Not as much move­ment with his shoul­ders. Just keep it tight and simp­le. He’s got his mecha­nics back guys look out at the us open!

    1. Rory’s swing is never the issue, his tee to green game is among the best in the game, his pro­blem is that he’s pret­ty much average or below average in put­ting on tour. I’ve noti­ced that his wedge play impro­ved though which is gre­at, gon­na be key at the US open, I just hope his put­ter stays hot.

    2. @LRN_News His put­ting is much the same as ever­yo­ne else’s. The thing is, he can com­pe­te when he isn’t put­ting well, and most others can’t. So he is on TV even when he isn’t put­ting well, and it seems he isn’t a gre­at put­ter. Good put­ters are far from the play­ers who win most (put­ting is actual­ly beco­m­ing less important as a fac­tor in win­ning). But win­ners are the good tee-to-green play­ers who also putt well that weekend.

    3. @Renata B Yes he can com­pe­te even when his put­ting isn’t on becau­se his tee to green is phe­no­me­nal, he just mis­ses nume­rous oppor­tu­nities to score even lower. But I agree, his put­ting is pret­ty average on tour, and that does­n’t mean it’s bad, it’s just that when he has his put­ter going he can win anything.

    1. @capitanmarcos capi­tan­mar­cos big deal. Money doesn’t make the man. Scroo­ge McDuck can count his coins and stew on his chokes.

    1. Nope. Remin­ding him that he cho­ked away a 6 shot lead at the Mas­ters, a win that would still lea­ve them tied, …on THE PGA TOUR.

  3. I can­not belie­ve he men­ti­ons Nor­man, and some sen­se of reven­ge, or something.…I mean, what does Nor­man have to do with anything; other than he had a nice care­er on the pga tour, is Nor­man the ‘hea­vy’ or the ant­ago­nist in the gol­fing world…? Geesch…I guess its the XFL, or something…nice job, Roys­ter, you are on top of your game, so lets see if you can find a major to go with your lack of majors. Clear­ly, Rory is the most talen­ted links­ter out the­re, but mis­sing 3 foo­ters might not help you reach any lof­ty win totals.

    1. @CoreyShotThat Nor­man has been a rebel for a long time; and has no alle­gi­an­ce to the pga tour, he was a mem­ber of the tour for deca­des, but the­ses gol­fers are sole con­trac­tors of their play­ing golf acu­men, and can go as they plea­se to any com­pe­ti­tor; and rea­li­zing the­re may­be adver­se con­se­quen­ces as a result. Every play­er has a com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent histo­ry and rela­ti­ons­hip with the pga tour, but are under no con­trac­tu­al restraint of play clauses.

    2. @babiejo59 Never said Rory was not stea­ming with talent, and talent is going to mean ‘wins’ regard­less how much you cho­ke. Royster’s last major was almost a deca­de ago, so the guy has been on hia­tus. Now, he is back to his ‘A’ game, so a US Open next week; then the Open cham­pions­hip, its a must win for the Roys­ter, he has to grab ONE of them, and I would not say this about any­bo­dy else at this point in time, but Rory ain’t win­ning, he will cho­ke it up. Now, if by some rare and incon­ceiva­ble moment, and the Roys­ter finds ano­t­her major, I will sing his prai­ses for not being a mas­si­ve cho­ke. Rory had a nice final round today; should have been a 59, but Rory mis­ses insi­de 5 feet on a regu­lar basis. And, he fans his dri­ver at the odd moment when things are on the line, so lets pray for Rory to find away to avoid a 74. Go gett’m…baby…!!

    1. Not going to hap­pen. The­re is a real dif­fe­rence of phi­lo­so­phy – One respects the tra­di­ti­ons of golf, it’s heri­ta­ge, the guys that built the sport and the other is shab­by enter­tain­ment with a bunch of has beens and never weres

    1. @Stu Mars­ton Not on the PGA tour he does­n’t. The­re he has 20. First: Learn the dif­fe­rence bet­ween a tour win and a pro­fes­sio­nal win. Then learn the dif­fe­rence bet­ween a U.S. PGA tour win and a mere Aus­tral­asi­an tour win, geni­us. Rory also has many more majors. Nor­man can’t now and never will be able to hold Rory’s jock.

  4. Rory 🌏world#8 🏆pri­ze money 1.5M
    Schwart­zel 🌏world#126 💰pri­ze money 4M

    No won­der many are defec­ting to the other side 🙃

    1. LOL. The rea­son the LIV has any talent is becau­se they won on the PGA Tour. When you dimi­nish the PGA don’t you dis­credit your own play­ers and tour?

    2. Schwart­zel can only win against bot­tom of the bar­rel tour pros. That is why he and many others are on LIV. So what if he made a lot of money. It’s not yours…lol. He’s an afterthought when it comes to being rele­vant in golf.

  5. Why he’s tal­king about a for­mer play­er in his 60’s or 70’s after he won a tour­na­ment is bey­ond me…wether he doesn’t like him per­so­nal­ly or he’s PGA’s lap­dog and was told to speak bad about LIV players….lame af

    1. @marcusdolby1 are you coun­ting the mickey mou­se Aus­tra­li­an tour events ? How about this stat. 

      Rory 4 major wins in 53 attempts
      Nor­man 2 major wins in 91 attempts.

    1. Dis­agree cau­se the peop­le who r moving to liv are peop­le who aren’t com­pe­ting with the PGA tour play­ers any­mo­re. Look who moved to LIv Ser­gio, DJ, Phil, Reed etc haven’t been com­pe­ti­ti­ve o n OF A except a spot here or there.

  6. “One more than Nor­man” is a cheap shot not what I have ever expec­ted from a guy like Rory – Not the roll model I would want my child­ren to fol­low. Clear­ly the LIV golf is ratt­ling the PGA players.

    1. Yes – very disap­poin­ting (and that was such a one liner flop) to see how this kid’s true colors are com­ing out now. Extre­me­ly low class.

  7. i wat­ched the LIV tour­na­ment and thought it was an ama­teu­rish pro­duc­tion. the lea­der­board was boring, the gal­le­ries were tiny, the big names did­n’t play gre­at. . this win by Rory, going up against two gre­at gol­fers with name reco­gni­ti­on, and shoo­ting 8 under with that pres­su­re, shows how far the LIV has to go befo­re they can com­pe­te with the PGA tour.

    1. PGA tour events aren’t all this inte­res­ting though lol but this was a good one. 

      LIV was their first event and who’s to say how many others will join and perhaps the next event with Bry­son and others will be qui­te inte­res­ting, espe­cial­ly if Phil and DJ get them­sel­ves in the mix.

    2. @V.Lind That liter­al­ly means not­hing, Rory mis­ses cuts some­ti­mes, hell Scheff­ler mis­sed the cut at the PGA, does­n’t mean shit most of the time if a unknown out­plays a big name, becau­se the dif­fe­rence in skill level bet­ween pros is so clo­se, it’s only a mat­ter of being a tiny bit more consistent

    3. @V.Lind I keep an eye on the Japan tour as I’m a fan of Ryo Ishi­ka­wa and roo­ting for him to impro­ve his ran­king to that he qua­li­fies for majors again

    4. Liv first tour­na­ment was a true test of golf, I am Irish and glad that Rory won but serious­ly 19 under was the win­ning score and loo­king down through the average scores for the day and it was 5 under , won’t be like that next week, I agree top play­ers are play­ing in the PGA or the Euro­pean tour but with mcil­roy recei­ving 1.5 mil­li­on and Charles Schwart­zel recei­ving 4.5 mil­li­on other will fol­low espe­cial­ly when play­ers are play­ing bad­ly then the opti­on to earn more be part of a team and also play less golf, it will tru­ly come very attrac­ti­ve. Am I fan of this new league , well my ans­wer is simp­le , yes and no .

    1. The way he carry’s hims­elf is very refres­hing! Class but yet awa­re of what’s obvious­ly going on in the world of golf and the world in general

    2. @All Sports Report Nor­man is a big mouth pie­ce and back­er of the new Sau­di backed LIV league. So Rory dis­sed him.

  8. Rory is a gre­at cham­pion and a gre­at ambassa­dor for the game. The PGA is in good shape with ano­t­her gre­at Cana­di­an Open with all the gre­at rounds of golf by the top gol­fers in the world.

  9. I love how PGA vs LIV actual­ly makes golf way more inte­res­ting, Cana­di­an Open Sunday was WAy more enter­tai­ning then LIV first event but I defi­net­ly enjoy­ed both. That sunday was Epic AF

    1. Easy pins pla­ce­ments are why ever­yo­ne shot a 65 or bet­ter in the 4th round for rory and the other kids…majors won’t do that.

      Let’s see a true golf test this week and not a PGA tour set up like last weekend.

  10. Sno­ry is so sour over the LIV Golf Tour, it won’t be too long and he will be joi­ning Greg Nor­man as we all know that Sno­ry Cra­pil­roy is a money grab­ber for SURE! Spoilt lidd­le Brat! Pre­dic­tion that Sno­ry will not have a top 10 finish in the US Open next week! He has made a lot of enemies with his ter­ri­ble comments about LIV Golf and Greg Nor­man! Sno­ry has spent 106 weeks at world num­ber 1 and Greg has spent 331 weeks so Greg lea­ding by a mas­si­ve margin!

  11. I under­stand that medi­cal­ly, Greg Nor­man always has to tra­vel with a doc­tor that knows the Hel­mick Maneu­ver. This is due to his com­pul­si­ve choking.

    1. @Rory Mckee it’s still weak eit­her way. The­re should be more pre­mier events. The­re are only 5 good events every year.

  12. Rory, Matt Wolff, Rickie Fow­ler, DJ all play­ed in the Covid cha­ri­ty event in May 2020. Three of them have left for LIV,

  13. That bout Rory. What a kick ass way to start your pres­ser. I was never a big fan of Rory, but hell yeah. I am a mas­si­ve fan of him now.

    1. I chan­ged my atti­tu­de on him when he won the Cana­di­an Open in Hamil­ton in 2019. Look how much Cana­da embraced him here in Toron­to three years later. I am an Irish/Canadian and the­re are 2 mil­li­on alo­ne in Onta­rio and he got the Irish love this week. Like you, I am a big fan now becau­se he is a real lika­ble dude.

  14. LIV is dif­fe­rent and fun, pga tour bet­ter not unde­re­sti­ma­te the play less for more $ isn’t that why the Euro­peans play in the US?

  15. Ama­zing con­trol, cour­se manage­ment and effec­ti­ve wedge play. 👏👏👏
    I also think the key was the 2 under he play­ed on Fri­day becau­se he was off a bit and yet mana­ged to not to be too far behind.
    Congrats mon ami ! 😊👍😁🥂❤️🇨🇦

  16. Accord­ing to Sports­brief, Rory has ear­ning more than $33 mil­li­on from golf; this exclu­des off-cour­se ear­nings. When you sit on the top rung of the lad­der, you can afford to be insen­si­ti­ve to the oppor­tu­ni­ty the LIV offer tho­se below you.

    1. @Stephen Coo­per And i serious­ly doubt they will con­si­de­ring the amount of tra­de they do in Saudi.Will be hap­py to sit on the side­li­nes and let the PGA and LIV slug it out.

    2. @Allan Roberts the spon­sors will pro­bab­ly sit back on this . You would­n’t know tho how the PGA will react. They could put pres­su­re on them. It will be inte­res­ting to see. Defi­ni­te­ly some serious mee­tings being held. No one has star­ted tal­king about the spon­sors yet.they pro­bab­ly pre­fer to be left out of it 😉

    3. @Stephen Coo­per Think they will be try­ing to put as much pres­su­re as pos­si­ble on the Orga­nisers of the Majors.Thats what will hurt the LIV play­ers the most and the PGA know it.For sure most of the PGA spon­sors and the big equip­ment manu­fac­tu­rers will want to stay well away from the who­le “Blood Money,Sportswashing” argument.

    4. @Allan Roberts Augus­ta will ban exempt play­ers I think. By next year could be out of all of them think you’­re spot on the­re . The golf equip­ment guys don’t want to touch this
      . PGA might drag them into it tho. Nike can’t real­ly say the­re clean with their record . So they would bow to PGA . Once they get one or two big names the rest could have decisi­ons to make. We’ll see what hap­pens next 😉🤔

  17. He’s impres­si­ve, we have a real natu­ral Golf Cham­pion in Rory! 
    The old Guys and Gals would be very proud of his integrity..

    1. Me too! Used to like the kid a lot – not just for his golf, but for his gene­ral deme­a­nor and cha­rac­ter. Very sur­pri­sed how low he can sink with how he has been beha­ving in the last few weeks.

  18. Class act, as always.
    As for having more majors than Nor­man, that ship sai­led years ago. Nor­man is a sel­fi­sh, gree­dy over­com­pen­sa­tin­g­ly macho a$$ and always has been.

  19. You know you’­re lis­tening to a well-spo­ken and intel­li­gent per­son when he can poli­te­ly navi­ga­te away from sil­ly ques­ti­ons. “Do you con­si­der yourself an hono­ra­ry citi­zen? If not, what would it take?” I have no idea what would moti­va­te someo­ne to ask such a sil­ly ques­ti­on, but he hand­led it with ease.

  20. Yep show some respect to Greg Nor­man. Boas­ting your 21 pga wins. I think you have won 9 other times around the world, Nor­man has over 100 wins

    1. Nor­man 89 vic­to­ries (inclu­ding 33 on the very much wea­ker Aus­tral­asi­an tour); Rory 33 in total with ple­nty of time left in his care­er. Rory twice as many majors!! (4 vs 2).

  21. Rory’s com­ment about having one more vic­to­ry than Greg Nor­man was so gangs­ter, Respect from East Long Beach 💯

    1. @Steve Langsdorf Ha ha ha. PGA play­ers have play­ed in the­se countries.
      USA, Rus­sia, Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Chi­na etc are hard­ly bas­ti­ons of human rights are they?
      World Cup is in Qatar and F1 and Boxing go to dod­gy pla­ces so LIV is no worse than many other sports.

  22. Soon enough, even Rory will want to go for the money. What if he was only able to play on the Euro­pean, not in the US. Let the boys play whe­re they want. Moy­ni­han, it’s time to go…

  23. Today, I felt that I was chan­ging to a swing that empha­si­zes con­trol, unli­ke yes­ter­day. Spe­ci­fi­cal­ly, the shots taken out from the twist dif­fe­rence that is far from human bein­gs as usu­al are about one or two shots in the tee shot, and other than that, it loo­ked like a swing like JT that cat­ches the ball in front of the body.
    congra­tu­la­ti­ons for win­ning Rory

    1. It was their first event, not all of the big names pre­sent, next one will have Bry­son, may­be Rickie Fow­ler. Depends on what hap­pens but if more join, and the big­ger names play well, then it’ll cer­tain­ly be interesting

    2. @LRN_News More play­ers are going to join, it’s ine­vi­ta­ble! LIV have an abundance of money and will be thro­wing $500 mil to the big play­ers soon enough!

  24. The ” one more then nor­man” was good spu­ke I Norman’s ribs! Norman’s an insult to the PGA, sports in gene­ral and a sell out to a coun­try that has a human rights record that is dis­gus­ting! Kas­hoo­gi dis­mem­ber­ment? Hel­lo!! Woman’s rights? Kil­lings of guys? Nor­man cares about one thing, MONEY! NOT HUMAN BEINGS. NEITHER DO THE LOSERS FROM PGA WHO PLAYED IN IT. YES BIG MONEY, BUT WHERES YOUR MORALS YOU TELL YOUR KIDS NOTHING MATTERS EXCEPT 💰? F-$ KING LOSERS. NEVER LET THEM BACK ON PGA, BAN THEIR WINS ETC.. THEY CARE ONLY ABOUT THEMSELVES NOT THOSE WHO PAY THE PRICE OF LIVING IN A BACKWARDS COUNTRY!

  25. Wow!! Greg Nor­man won 20 PGA tour events, that’s IMPRESSIVE!! Thanks Rory I did not know that. Greg was a bril­li­ant gol­fer that’s for sure, thanks for remin­ding us all of how gre­at he was Rory.

    1. @Rob Kiser yes, but he’s unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly known more for his fail­u­res than his suc­ces­ses. LIV will be ano­t­her MAJOR fail­u­re, IMO.

  26. Rory is a legend and easy to root for. I genui­nely belie­ve him that the tour is a no brai­ner for him becau­se he wants to go up against the best, it’s that kid in him whe­re it was his dream to play against the best and beat the best.

  27. What a per­fect respon­se to a dark pre­sence. Nobi­li­ty not crass hypo­cri­sy if you get my mea­ning. The real Rory again.

  28. Rory or Schwartzel—no con­test. The LIV guys are was­h­ups that could­n’t com­pe­te with the best any­mo­re and took a gol­den parachu­te. I hope the Sau­dis get bored with it pull the plug on the who­le thing.

    1. No chan­ce the Sau­dis will get bored with it.They have a mas­si­ve invest­ment ongo­ing in deve­lo­ping golf cour­ses and gro­wing the game in Sau­di and crea­ting a Golf Tou­rist mec­ca and even Jack Nick­laus is designing one of the cour­ses for them at Qiddiya.

    2. @Allan Roberts I guess after his Valen­ti­ne to Trump I should­n’t be sur­pri­sed. Fun­ny how it’s the bus­ted-back bad boy Woods showing some spi­ne now. Boy, what gems are golfers🙄

  29. Rory is a joke. Super smug. Histo­ry will show he was on the wrong side of LIV golf and what being an inde­pen­dent con­trac­tor means. This tour­na­ment had the lowest view­er ship of any event all year becau­se final­ly the PGA has some competition.

  30. He’s my most favou­rite player!
    I total­ly admi­red his off cour­se per­so­na­li­ty as well. His arti­cu­la­ti­on and his thought­ful comments.
    Howe­ver I’m not sure why he nee­ded to do this – make a per­so­nal point about ano­t­her gre­at champion.
    Rory has had his say – rather mora­listic one – about the LIV Golf issue. Why did he need to do this?!

    1. Nor­man has been bad mout­hing not only the PGA but also inti­ma­ting that the tour offers litt­le to the play­ers and is too strict with tour rules. If you read bet­ween the lines, Nor­man seems to think it is O.K. for play­ers to mani­pu­la­te the rules to their advantage, .

  31. Big fan of Rory but just thought it was slight­ly pet­ty star­ting his pres­ser with the Nor­man comment.He can take the moral high ground as he has con­sist­ent­ly refu­sed to play in Sau­di Ara­bia even on the PGA sanc­tion­ed event held over there.The qua­li­ty of this event and the play­ers per­for­mance speaks for its­elf and they dont need to get in a spit­ball fight with LIV

  32. Love watching Rory, love the PGA, and liking the idea of LIV golf, IMO best not to com­ment on eit­her Rory, you alrea­dy came and said LIV was dead in the water. Let the old men fight their own batt­les in the busi­ness world of golf.

  33. After Tiger. Rory is my favou­rite gol­fer I hope he wins the US Open or the Open. Unless the 4 majors ban LIV gol­fers . The rival tour will go from strength to strength. I hope they pair all the LIV gol­fers with 2 pga tour mem­bers in the US Open. Or LIV gol­fers with two unknowns.

    1. The best pro­test would for the fans to turn around and show their backs when they are intro­du­ced or when they approach the green.

  34. That “I’m one more than Nor­man” is a comedian’s worst night­ma­re. Talk about a bel­ly flop. 

    Guy’s a huge talen­ted gol­fer – but man, he sure tur­ned out to be such a turd the­se last few weeks.

  35. “Por­trush, Co. Down” said the Ques­tio­ner! Rors did­n’t disap­point! Who would­n’t want to claim Por­trush for their own county!

  36. I real­ly lik­ed that the final group, all the groups, were three play­ers, too. Added some­thing extra, sin­ce all in the final group see­med to play well. Well deser­ved, Rory.

  37. Fan­tastic for Rory to give a shout out to CANADIAN golf fans . We love our golf ! And some gre­at Canucks on the tour . Keep it com­ing 👍🏌🏻‍♂️

  38. Rory won $1.5M and Charles Schwart­zel won the pri­ze money equi­va­lent of three con­se­cu­ti­ve RBC Cana­di­an Opens in a span of 54 holes. This isn’t lost on tho­se PGA mem­bers who rou­ti­nely finish out of the Top Ten. McIlroy’s “Dead in the water” com­ment made in Febru­a­ry has aged like a micro­wa­ved banana.

  39. Cheap shot, “one more than Normam” If he had balls he would stop tal­king rub­bish, all this talk of how ama­zing the wee­kend was, he would bail out to the new tour if he hadnt been so con­de­ming. 4 mil dol­lars for 3 days work on that tour,

  40. One more than nor­man,… rory u won this pga tour­ney, good for u. U are in your prime. But why the cheap shot to an old gol­fer who is way past his twi­light years. Way befo­re u were born, golf has been evol­ving and keep chan­ging and now with LIV. U show­ed matu­ri­ty during the inter­views befo­re. wat a twat,!

  41. I think it’s pret­ty clear at this point the type of play­ers that have and will con­ti­nue to go to LIV. DJ went becau­se he does­n’t want to work any­mo­re and got paid. Phil left becau­se he’s com­ple­te­ly ali­enated hims­elf from ever­yo­ne on the PGA tour. DeCh­am­beau and Reed left becau­se they have no friends on the tour any­way. Perez left becau­se he’s pro­bab­ly in debt to several loan sharks (and I think his wife is spen­ding him into the poor house) and all the others left becau­se they can no lon­ger com­pe­te (regu­lar­ly) on tour or did­n’t want strugg­le on the mini-tours to get sta­tus, so why not go get paid to play. I think as long as Rory, JT, Mori­ka­wa, Scheff­ler etc stay strong this may be the extent of the exo­dus. Now does the PGA tour have some things to impro­ve? Abso­lute­ly, but the names in this first batch of play­ers lea­ving total­ly makes sen­se to me.

  42. LGBTQ said Greg Nor­man was per­ver­ting the very insti­tue of golf.….….
    Putin said LIV Golf was wan­ting to des­troy the game.….
    Pelo­si and Schu­mer said PGA was try­ing to kill LIV in its infancy.……
    FBI is inves­ti­ga­ting rumor of Greg Nor­man peeing in bus­hes on 9th green of the Mas­ters tour­na­ment (Twen­ty years ago).……
    Ber­nie San­ders and AOC are say­ing the PGA is supres­sing the rights of somebody.…somewhere…
    And last­ly BLM and Whop­pi Gold­berg says the who­le damn thing is a white pro­blem and recom­mends both to be disbanded.….…

  43. Best play­er of his era. Should have more wins and majors. Defi­ni­te­ly under­achie­ving. Just so much bet­ter than the rest technically.
    Let’s see when he T’s it up in LIV.

  44. I was a big fan of Rory howe­ver I wish he would­n’t dis­re­spect the gre­ats from yes­te­rye­ar (greg nor­man) abso­lute­ly no need to dis­re­spect him like he did.
    I wish Rory would con­cen­tra­te on play­ing golf and lea­ve the poli­tics of golf to tho­se that administrate.
    Why is ever­ything so politicised.…keep poli­tics out of sport.

  45. I was very impres­sed with the Cana­di­an fans you should be very proud of your­sel­ves it was one of the best tour­na­ments I’ve seen for a long time. Gre­at cour­se gre­at fans gre­at golf. Well done Rory. 👍

  46. Glad rors won again but thought the Nor­man com­ment was unne­cessa­ry tbh think he should just let his golf talk for him and con­cen­tra­te on get­ting more major’s it’s been a while sin­ce he real­ly was in the­re with a chance

  47. Rory and other PGA play­ers tal­king crap about other gol­fers taking LIV money, hel­lo Rory your taking money from Nike, think how they make their money( Child labor, sweat shops workers making $1.25 a day )

  48. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons Rory, u r my most favo­ri­te gol­fer, so solid and nice. Wish You good luck and vic­to­ry in upcom­ming USOPEN.

  49. Why does it bother Mcil­roy so much that some play­ers have joi­ned Greg Nor­man and his super league? He talks about loyal­ty and all this rub­bish but if I remem­ber right­ly, he dum­ped his bri­de to be a week befo­re their wed­ding. He’s a pure hypocrite.

  50. Gro­wing the game in your home­land like Greg did in Aus­tra­lia is bet­ter than PGA tour wins. Greg was world num­ber one for 331weeks, this twat has106weeks under his belt. I’m embarr­as­sed for her.

  51. Win­ning is going to get a lot easier now that so many have defec­ted to LIV Golf. 

    I hope he pas­sed many of the records of the greats. 👍

  52. Rory impres­ses both equal­ly with his golf and deme­a­nor. He is well spo­ken and hum­ble for all that he is accom­plis­hed. That I think is more admi­ra­ble than the golf he plays. Which is off the charts impressive.

  53. Re your 21 wins smar­ty pants. Nor­man play­ed against ballesteros,Nicholas,Watson & many other super play­ers on cour­ses that weren’t made for pitch and put. They also play­ed with clubs & balls that are no com­pa­ri­son to the equip­ment today. Let’s see how many wins you can get on our fabu­lous sand belt course’s here in Aus­tra­lia. Also lost 7 tour­na­ments in play­offs in USA

  54. Tiger Woods
    683 weeks
    Greg Norman
    331 weeks
    Dus­tin Johnson
    139 weeks
    Rory McIlroy
    106 weeks – Num­ber 1 ran­king total weeks held – enough said.

  55. Rory did­n’t have to make pet­ty and imma­tu­re comments about Nor­man. It ser­ved no pur­po­se. All it did was to make Nor­man and the Sau­dis even more deter­mi­ned. And they have mucho, mucho dine­ro to pour into LIV. Rory should have taken the high road, and just stay­ed away from tal­king about LIV. And was­n’t it Rory who dit­ched Tit­leist to sell his soul to Nike for mil­li­ons of dol­lars? It sure was. And Nike is not the purest, clea­nest com­pa­ny on Earth.

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