Rory McIlroy schießt 4‑unter 66 | Runde 1 | RBC Kanadisch | 2022

Rory McIlroy schiesst 4 unter 66 Runde 1 RBC Kanadisch 2022 2022

In der Eröff­nungs­run­de der RBC Cana­di­an Open 2022 kar­dier­te Rory McIl­roy eine 4-unter-66 und plat­zier­te sich damit drei Schlä­ge hin­ter der Füh­rung auf Frei­tag. ABONNIEREN Sie jetzt die PGA TOUR: http://​pgat​.us/​v​B​x​c​ZSh Rory McIl­roy wird die­ses Wochen­en­de ver­su­chen, sei­nen Titel zu ver­tei­di­gen, wenn die PGA TOUR für die RBC Cana­di­an Open in den St. George’s Golf and Coun­try Club zurück­kehrt. Der Platz war zuletzt 2010 Aus­tra­gungs­ort des Tur­niers, als Carl Pet­ters­son sieg­reich war. Vor drei Jah­ren schlug der Nord­ire McIl­roy den Stre­cken­re­kord und sicher­te sich den Sieg mit sie­ben Schlä­gen Vor­sprung auf den zwei­ten Platz. Scot­tie Scheff­ler, die Num­mer 1 der Welt, wird in die­sem Jahr auf einen fünf­ten Sieg hof­fen, nach­dem er letz­tes Wochen­en­de in einem ange­spann­ten Play­off mit Sam Burns bei der Charles Schwab Chal­len­ge einen wei­te­ren ers­ten Platz knapp ver­passt hat­te. Ande­re bemer­kens­wer­te Spie­ler, die am Tee teil­neh­men, sind der Gewin­ner der PGA Cham­pions­hip 2022, Jus­tin Tho­mas, der Gewin­ner der THE PLAYERS Cham­pions­hip, Came­ron Smith, sowie Tony Fin­au, Jus­tin Rose und Tyrell Hat­ton. Besu­chen Sie https://​www​.pga​tour​.com für eine voll­stän­di­ge Bericht­erstat­tung zusam­men mit den neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten, Wer­tun­gen und Sta­tis­ti­ken! Fol­gen Sie PGA TOUR online: Insta­gram: https://​insta​gram​.com/​p​g​a​t​o​ur/ Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​P​G​A​T​our Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​P​G​A​T​OUR Tik­Tok: https://​tik​tok​.com /@pgatour Sound­Cloud: https://​sound​cloud​.com/​p​g​a​t​our Mel­den Sie sich für exklu­si­ve Bericht­erstat­tung an – http://​www​.pga​tour​li​ve​.com PGA TOUR Supers­to­re – http://​www​.pga​tour​su​pers​to​re​.com/

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84 thought on “Rory McIlroy schießt 4‑unter 66 | Runde 1 | RBC Kanadisch | 2022”

  1. Big­gest hypo­cri­te on tour. Lea­ves Euro­pean tour to make more money on PGA then tras­hes peop­le that play on LIV. Grow up

    1. @Pleasant Vil­le …Are you sug­ges­ting the Sau­dis star­ted match fixing? Chi­na fixes the NBA, U.S fixes Ame­ri­can foot­ball and base­ball. The Eng­lish and euros fix football…

    2. He never tras­hed anyo­ne. He was accu­ra­te, they left for money pure­ly but said they can choo­se what they want. liv sucks!

    3. @Denis S. and why does it suck? Becau­se it’s new. Becau­se they’re being inclu­si­ve. Rather than shut­ting peop­le out like the pga

    4. @TourCaddie I’m not sug­ges­ting that it star­ted in Sau­di Ara­bia. All I’m say­ing is that they are cur­r­ent­ly world lea­ders in the art of spot fixing and cor­rup­ti­on in sport. How else could they pump so much money into a sport? Gamb­ling is not exclu­si­ve to Chi­na or any other nati­on. Trust me, it isn’t even hard to detect.

    5. @Pleasant Vil­le …so you’re tel­ling me they’re lying crooks? Tell me some­thing I don’t know. Have you che­cked the pri­ce of oil late­ly? Sports bet­ting $ isn’t even clo­se to being in the same league as oil $$$ Chump change

  2. Over­ra­ted, was­hed up, cry baby that can’t make a putt and col­lap­ses under pres­su­re. He’s cer­tain­ly no (tiger woods) nor ever will be.

    1. @Norman Smith The tit­le of ‘4 time major win­ner and 20 time PGA tour win­ner’ would say other­wi­se. Cry some more from your mama’s base­ment my friend 😂

  3. What a play­er. The PGA will always have that touch of class. LIV will be enter­tai­ning but when money is just pum­ped into some­thing by the Sau­dis nor­mal­ly it turns out tacky.

  4. Com­men­ta­ry is a joke, the­re just pat­ting ever­yo­ne who stay­ed on the pga like nuns. Rory is a hypo­cri­te, would­n’t be sur­pri­sed if he swit­ches up in a cou­p­le years

    1. @Owen Niel­sen immo­ral you say? whe­re is your pho­ne made? and most of the stuff you own – how much money did your dad & grandad send to the Sau­dis whenever they fil­led up their cars?

    2. @Owen Niel­sen do you dri­ve a car? Own a pho­ne? Did you bother to rese­arch whe­re your fuel and pho­ne company’s inves­tors come from?

  5. Even though he made some putts I think that mal­let put­ter is hol­ding him back. All his majors came while using a bla­de. It’s not his ball striking so must be the flat stick.

    1. I’ve been temp­ted by this thought. This and he swit­ched shafts after that time, which seems insa­ne to me. Spieth did this too, swit­ched shafts and never won ano­t­her major

    2. @Awesomeness5 first­ly I’m scratch and I’m not tel­ling him how to swing the put­ter just a club chan­ge which works all the time.…

    3. I feel he’s not get­ting his approa­ches clo­se enough, his long game is unbea­t­a­ble. His swing chan­ges star­ting around 2014 have given him extra length and con­sis­ten­cy in the long game but its been at the expen­se of feel espe­cial­ly 120 and in.

  6. gre­at to see the­se guys sti­cking to the PGA Tour. The LIV tour shold be good for young new pro­fes­sio­anls to build up some money to try an earn their card for the PGA Tour not for Dus­tin and Phil who all­rea­dy have mil­li­ons but ever­yo­ne is allo­wed to make their own decisi­ons. I hope the PGA Tour don’t let them back.

    1. You can’t make a new orga­niz­a­ti­on with 0 big names, it’s never worked in any sport. You have to shell out the big bucks for a few peop­le to get eyes.

  7. I pre­fer the LIV tour­na­ment for­mat over the PGA. Rory sucks and I will avoid him as much as pos­si­ble. PS – I think the LIV is gon­na hurt the PGA bad.

    1. i’m no robot and i total­ly agree with the com­ment abo­ve. the pga is too gree­dy and doesn’t give its play­ers the free­dom they deser­ve. i wouldn’t be sur­pri­sed if the LIV tour takes fif­ty of the top 100 gol­fers in the world soon

  8. Nice to see a real pro­fes­sio­nal play­ing in a legi­ti­ma­te tour­na­ment, not a bunch of clowns play­ing for blood money

  9. to all the LIV golf ‘its immo­ral Sau­di money’ hypo­cri­tes – 1) check whe­re your pho­ne & most of your stuff is made
    2) ask your Dad & Grandad how much they enri­ched the Sau­dis whenever they fil­led up their cars.

  10. Gre­at to see Rory ans­we­ring all the LIV Sau­di bots with his game. I tried to watch a bit of the LIV stream today to get a fla­vor of it and it was just a hor­ren­dous pro­duct from the lack of fans, the ter­ri­ble audio qua­li­ty, ter­ri­ble came­ra shots, hor­ri­ble com­men­ta­tors… but from rea­ding some of the comments from the bots, you would have thought pyro­tech­nics went off after every swing and the fair­ways were lined with fans scree­ching in exci­te­ment like they were lined up for a Back­street Boys con­cert in 1999.

  11. Rory will reg­ret thro­wing Play­ers under the bus with his comments on the effec­ti­ve ban against play­ers due to LIV invol­ve­ment, he’s com­ing off as just ano­t­her mini­on trot­ting out Tour lines like a trai­ned Seal.

  12. The LIV is for was­hed up play­ers. They can­not com­pe­te and win any­mo­re in the PGA so they take the money and com­pe­te against other losers like them. They are not nee­ded any­mo­re in the PGA with so many young play­ers com­pe­ting now.

  13. Haven’t even loo­ked into wha­te­ver “Liv” is. But eff that. Could care less. I want my PGA. To heyell with the non com­pe­ti­ti­ve sell outs.

  14. The peop­le going on tan­gents about LIV sound real­ly sal­ty… Both the PGA and LIV are gre­at for golf in gene­ral and if you think LIV is dir­ty with sau­di money you should know the PGA has Chi­na money as well. Just enjoy the golf and stop making ever­ything “us ver­ses them”

  15. Anyo­ne read this BS state­ment “The era of free agen­cy is begin­ning as we are proud to have a full field of play­ers joi­ning us in Lon­don, and bey­ond.” free????? Half a bil­li­on just to turn up 3 big names. Desert rats inde­ed!! To all tho­se that tur­ned their backs on this are legends of integrity.

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