Rory McIlroy: US Open-Pressekonferenz 2022

Rory McIlroy US Open Pressekonferenz 2022 2022 U.S. Open

Rory McIl­roy, der US Open-Cham­pion von 2011, spricht am Diens­tag der US Open-Woche im The Coun­try Club in Brook­li­ne, Mass., zu den Medi­en. Die voll­stän­di­ge Bericht­erstat­tung über die US Open Cham­pions­hip 2022 fin­den Sie unter http://​www​.usopen​.com. Holen Sie sich die KOSTENLOSE USGA OnDe­mand-App für Ihr Con­nec­ted TV oder Mobil­ge­rät, um die voll­stän­di­ge Biblio­thek mit Fern­seh­sen­dun­gen und Fil­men aus den Kult­mo­men­ten des Golf­sports zu erhal­ten. Ver­füg­bar auf Apple TV, Roku, Ama­zon Fire TV, Android TV, iOS, Android und XBox. Sehen Sie es sich hier an: https://​www​.usgaon​de​mand​.com. Die USGA ist eine gemein­nüt­zi­ge Orga­ni­sa­ti­on, die das Golf­spiel fei­ert, unter­stützt und för­dert. Wir wur­den 1894 gegrün­det und ver­an­stal­ten vie­le der füh­ren­den Pro­fi- und Ama­teur­meis­ter­schaf­ten im Golf­sport, dar­un­ter die US Open und die US Women’s Open. Mit The R&A regeln wir den Sport über ein glo­ba­les Regel­werk für Spiel, Aus­rüs­tung, Han­di­cap und Ama­teur­sta­tus. Der USGA-Cam­pus in Liber­ty Cor­ner, New Jer­sey, beher­bergt das For­schungs- und Test­zen­trum der Asso­cia­ti­on, wo Wis­sen­schaft und Inno­va­ti­on ein gesun­des und nach­hal­ti­ges Spiel für die Zukunft vor­an­trei­ben. Auf dem Cam­pus befin­det sich auch das USGA Golf Muse­um, in dem wir das Spiel ehren, indem wir das welt­weit umfas­sends­te Archiv von Golf­ar­te­fak­ten kura­tie­ren. Um mehr zu erfah­ren, besu­chen Sie https://​www​.usga​.org. Besit­zen Sie Ihr Stück Golf­ge­schich­te mit US Open- und USGA-Meis­ter­schafts­ar­ti­keln: http://​www​.usga​shop​.com

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126 thought on “Rory McIlroy: US Open-Pressekonferenz 2022”

  1. Some public figu­res seem to for­get they came from being litt­le kids, to ear­ly life, to dis­co­vering they had a spe­cial talent/gift, to being a public figu­re. This man seems like a regu­lar per­son, but with an immense talent. Refres­hing. Oh, also, Jus­tin Thomas.

  2. Hope jt and Rory are batt­ling it out on Sunday again, ama­zing to watch them when they’re on form, bom­bing dri­ves and sti­cking wedges

  3. The play­ers having to stand during inter­views is ano­t­her examp­le of the Mas­ters and Bri­tish Open being more prestigious.

    1. After lis­tening to the jour­na­lists ques­ti­ons in this ongo­ing saga one has to ask them­sel­ves why not a dif­fe­rent style of Golf,

    1. You know he’s won the U.S. Open, PGA and the Open? I would­n’t day he’s lame, but why don’t you play a round with him?

    1. @DarkEyes86 In what uni­ver­se is he imma­tu­re? Give spe­ci­fic examp­les or go away. Say­ing he’s imma­tu­re without evi­dence has ever­ything to do with poli­tics. Sounds like you’­re the one who’s immature..

    2. @Jon Bur­rows serious­ly ? He has a histo­ry of club thro­wing and blowing off inter­views when he plays bad for star­ters. Brea­king up with Woz­nia­cki through text. I can go on and on. Phil has more class than Rory ever dreams of.

  4. Rory is one of the most arti­cu­la­te gol­fers, is a plea­su­re lis­tening to his well con­si­de­red ans­wers. He always seems to give real thought to what he is going to say, and how he is going to say it.

    1. @EP I won’t, i will stay true to mys­elf, main­tai­ning my mora­les, i will not bend into shape, and fol­low the rest of the lost flock.

    2. @Foy Lad my guy poli­tics have been in sports sin­ce the 30’s. Thats at the ear­liest. Im sure it goes much far­t­her back. Poli­tics and sports go hand in hand. Don’t com­p­lain now becau­se ath­le­tes are taking a nar­ra­ti­ve that doesn’t align with your own. If you hate it that much, stop watching sports. Simp­le as that🤷🏼

  5. Ah our litt­le Leprechaun Rory.. may­be he’ll be able to win one this deca­de with the talent jum­ping ship haha. This is the same lame that liter­al­ly just flew into MA in a $30 Mil­li­on dol­lar Bom­bar­dier Chal­len­ger 605 Pri­va­te Jet… lec­tu­ring the rest of us about Cli­Ma­tE ChaN­ge lmao

  6. Rory says who am I how to tell Phil what to do but yet here is voi­cing his dis­plea­su­re with ano­t­her per­son for making a choice that has not­hing to do with Rory. Idk how peop­le have any respect left for this guy the way he just talks in cir­cles. Jud­ge­men­tal prick

  7. Gai­ned so much respect for Rory in the past few mon­ths. He is tru­ly a lover of the game and a gen­tle­man true to his word. Very inspi­ring for the young genera­ti­on to emu­la­te. Rory is the face of the PGA tour and he is doing a ter­ri­fic job. One of the few play­ers you can still say that is doing it for the love of the game. Unli­ke others who are doing it for the love of money. Sad and shame­ful. Thank you Rory for kee­ping true to the game. Hope you win this week.

    1. Love of the game? A new league puts on 7 big world­wi­de events, mas­si­ve cash infu­si­on, more spec­ta­tors, more world­wi­de reach and sim­ply wants to coexist with the PGA Tour. But Rory can­not hand­le it. He can’t sup­port a huge expan­si­on of the game of golf? Total­ly sel­fi­sh, total­ly self centered.

    2. What encou­ra­ges young kids to be loy­al to a cor­po­ra­ti­on that makes bil­li­ons of dol­lars of their name when they have the talent to make even more? This is their job you real­ly think the­se guy goes out the­re and play just for you to watch? get real this is the best of capitalism.

    1. He has duel citi­zenship, so he is both Nort­hern Irish and Ame­ri­can. He choo­ses to repre­sent Nort­hern Ire­land becau­se that is his ori­gi­nal nationality.

    1. bruh what? PGA stand for Pro­fes­sio­nal Golf Asso­cia­ti­on … what does that have to do with Ame­ri­ca? Ever­yo­ne from ever­y­whe­re plays on the tour

    2. The stu­pi­di­ty of comments on You­Tube never cea­ses to ama­ze me. Like, peop­le actual­ly go about life thin­king this way. Mind boggling.

  8. Rory was bashing the play­ers that left the PGA tour for the LIV tour, sad they are wrong for lea­ving. Say­ing they only did it for the money. Well isn’t that why he left the Euro­pean league for the PGA, more money?? Then to com­p­lain about the Saudi’s Human right vio­la­ti­ons, all while wea­ring all that Nike gear, made in sweat shops in a coun­try that vio­la­tes human rights. What a hypocrite.

    1. No, did­n’t you lis­ten to him.
      He came to play against the best play­ers in the world.
      And he did­n’t recei­ve any money to do it.

    2. Exact­ly Rory’s just mad he pro­bab­ly did­n’t get a 100+ Mil­li­on dol­lar offer you can dis­agree with the league all you want but don’t bash the play­ers who are sim­ply going to make more money in an uncer­tain care­er. 9/10 It was some Chi­ne­se child who made that shirt he wore for 15 Cents an hour.

  9. Of all the play­ers out the­re right now, Rory is the one I would love to have a cou­p­le beers with and just shoot the sh*t. He is so well spo­ken on so many topics.

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  11. He try­ing to appease the jea­l­ous libe­ral media, he has now lost mil­li­ons of fans for wiping out and caving to the vin­dic­ti­ve media.

  12. Rory needs to step back , he does what he wants to do , so ever­yo­ne else is enti­t­led to do what they want to do. What gives him the right to take the moral ground, he went to Nike for one rea­son only.……money.

    1. @killip88 How many LIV employees have hacked people’s heads off? Gtfo both cor­po­ra­ti­ons take advan­ta­ge of human rights.

    2. @Jeff S. you’re tal­king about peop­le from the pga being pam­pe­red, when the only rea­son gol­fers are going to liv is becau­se of the money

    3. @Jeff S. and you say you have no respect for peop­le who don’t want more golf when peop­le like Rory are play­ing throughout the year and most liv play­ers are play­ing less, Dus­tin John­son for example.

  13. This guy is the clas­sic examp­le of a two-faced liar, he’s wil­ling to take Sau­di money in a tour­na­ment but feels he is abo­ve reproach the­re­fo­re he stabs Phil in the back! He will never attain the love of US fans that Phil has. He will never draw atten­dance like Phil did you Wonkier!

  14. To fur­ther your care­er ii..wins, legacy.…and MONEY.…. You play Pro­fes­sio­nal golf, you are allo­wed to play on the PGA tour as an ama­teur. Can we assu­me you are going to give up your Pro sta­tus? Hypocrite

  15. This past wee­kend at the RBC Cana­di­an Open we tru­ly saw this man’s gol­fing spi­rit! It reminds me of when Tom Wat­son won all tho­se Open Cham­pions­hips and beca­me beloved by the peop­le. Rory has endu­red hims­elf to the peop­le of Cana­da, and you can’t put a pri­ce on that! Your lega­cy is secu­re in the Gre­at White North.

  16. Good to see him win, if he could put four rounds tog­e­ther he’d win every week!…he’s so much bet­ter than the rest.🏌️

  17. Repor­ters need to focus on asking ques­ti­ons on the US Open. Hope all this talk on LIV doesn’t affect Rory’s men­ta­li­ty this week.

  18. It may be sen­si­ble for Rory to stay well away from jud­ging fel­low pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers, they are not jud­ging him. Other seni­or play­ers and offi­cials have intel­li­gent­ly remai­ned impar­ti­al as you never know what the future holds. I can’t belie­ve that he seems to be jud­ging Phil Mickel­son per­so­nal­ly!! This does seem to be inap­pro­pria­te and may not sit well with many people.

    1. It sits poor­ly with me but worse is Rory not sup­por­ting the expan­si­on of golf. You eit­her sup­port more golf or have sel­fi­sh rea­sons not to. Rory is thought­ful but shal­low and dim.

    2. @Jeff S. I agree, not sure he has the life expe­ri­ence to under­stand the wider con­si­de­ra­ti­ons. U.S. goods and ser­vices tra­de with Sau­di Ara­bia tota­led an esti­ma­ted $38.7 bil­li­on in 2019. Exports were $23.9 bil­li­on; imports were $14.9 bil­li­on. The U.S. goods and ser­vices tra­de sur­plus with Sau­di Ara­bia was $9.0 bil­li­on in 2019. I see Liv Golf as an acce­le­ra­tor in terms of pro­gres­sing golf as a sport, espe­cial­ly con­si­de­ring the invest­ment oppor­tu­ni­ty. The majors will remain impar­ti­al as they are glo­bal­ly aligned.

    3. @G. Wills You can see tho­se threa­tened by the expan­si­on of golf/new com­pe­ti­ti­on vs. tho­se who embrace tho­se things. You eit­her want growth in the game or not. Jay M. does not. Jay M., Rory et al are threa­tened becau­se it upsets their litt­le world. Very pet­ty to not sup­port MORE golf worldwide.

  19. I would like to see just one repor­ter with some cojo­nes ask Rory the fol­lowing. Are you com­for­ta­ble with being spon­so­red by Nike when you know that the majo­ri­ty of their pro­ducts are pro­du­ced in one of the top ten human rights vio­la­ting coun­tries in the world? Also, what is your com­ment on accep­t­ing mil­li­ons of dol­lars in appearan­ce fees to play in the Dubai Desert Clas­sic and the Qatar Clas­sic which are both held in well known human rights vio­la­ting countries ?

  20. This has the fee­ling of a per­son like me who had to pay for col­le­ge, com­p­lai­ning about the US government offe­ring free col­le­ge to everyone.

  21. Rory jum­ped ships from Euro­pe to USA for what????? Money, isn’t it? USA is impor­ting a crap load of oil from the Sau­dis. That makes us giving them so cal­led blood money.

  22. Rory is such a hypo­cri­te. He left Tit­leist for Nike for money. Do I bla­me him? Abso­lute­ly not. Phil can do wha­te­ver he wants. He’s a legend in the game and Rory should show him more respect. He’s a punk.

  23. Rory does­n’t sup­port an expan­si­on of the game of golf and that shows how sel­fi­sh and pam­pe­red he is. It is one thing to not par­ti­ci­pa­te in LIV but ano­t­her to actively want to stop more tour­neys, more money and more spec­ta­tors for the game. Rory is shal­low and a bit dim at his best.

    1. @Rob Kiser Right, and the PGA Tour did­n’t expand in the last 50 years eit­her becau­se golf was alrea­dy in every sta­te. The stu­pi­di­ty of y’all is some­thing to behold. 7 new big events, mas­si­ve infu­si­on of money, more spec­ta­tors, more jour­na­lists. Expan­si­on. As in big­ger. As in more.

  24. McIl­roy is an idi­ot. Went from my favo­ri­te play­er to be one of most hated. As a gol­fer hims­elf he should know how hard it is to make money. He thinks ever­yo­ne is making the kind of money he is.

  25. remin­der ever­yo­ne in the US, Ame­ri­ca is the num­ber 1 sup­plier of wea­pons of mass dest­ruc­tion as well as war pla­nes to Sau­di Ara­bia which have used to pum­mel inno­cent peop­le in Yemen, thoughts?

    1. He’s just mad he did­n’t get that LIV deal. He’ll cry hims­elf to sleep with that Nike deal and Shirts made by Chi­ne­se Child­ren in sweatshops.

  26. How Iro­nic com­ing from the guy who’s wea­ring a Nike shirt and hat that was pro­bab­ly made by a Chi­ne­se child for a cou­p­le cents an hour.

  27. Rory clad from head to toe in Chi­na made Nike is the per­fect figu­rehead to head the PGA’s morals and ethics committee.

  28. Cana­da. Euro­pean Tour. Plays in Dubai…? What’s the dif­fe­rence? He came to My coun­try to earn a living. Then, is prai­sed for not being on of tho­se guys? Laug­ha­ble. Enjoy my coun­try IRA ALL THE WAY right Rory? Lea­ders­hip? Opi­ni­on? You are here for our money. Laughable.

  29. Every one for­got we are a Super Power and Rule the world as a coun­try. Phil is ours. The­se mutts who earn a living here need to keep their opi­ni­ons to them­sel­ves. Your lucky we allow you here.

  30. Rory needs to get some trai­ning on say­ing “you know” so many times.
    Huge mista­ke to bring Har­ry Dia­mond back on the bag, he’s not a cad­die, just a big buddy!

  31. The­se ques­ti­ons are so poor. Drag­ging every play­er into their click­bait competition….turning guys on each other. Pathetic.

  32. This is the left’s reven­ge to take retri­bu­ti­on on the PGA for not going woke, like MLS, MLB, NFL, NHL & NBA. 

    Espe­cial­ly during the move of the All Star Game from Atlan­ta to Den­ver becau­se of Georgia’s new voter laws. The DNC wan­ted the PGA Tour to move the Tour Cham­pions­hip & the Mas­ters from East Lake & Augus­ta Natio­nal, Geor­gia to some other sta­te. This was not prac­ti­cal, so the PGA could­n’t do it. 

    It’s a good time to imple­ment Lee Trevino’s pro­po­sal of redu­cing the # of cards from 125 to 60 and open up PGA events to the top youn­ger talent in all the other tours (eg Korn Fer­ry, etc) in order to keep them.

    I alrea­dy bur­ned all my Greg Nor­man Shark gear & regu­lar­ly drop by the 2 local PGA Tour Supers­to­res and tell cus­to­mers not to buy his stuff and WHY NOT. Once peop­le know why, then it is easier to sup­port. To date, the PGA tour & all of its spon­sors have con­tri­bu­t­ed twice the amount of money to cha­ri­ty than the sum of MLS, MLB, NFL, NHL & NBA. Brea­king up the PGA Tour will cripp­le tho­se charities.

    I have to won­der about the of LIV start­up, why now ?

    We have to remem­ber, that it was Sau­di Jiha­dists that flew tho­se air­liners into the WTC buil­dings & Pen­ta­gon on 9–11-01.

    Iro­nic how all the­se CONSPIRACY THEORIES (a CIA term meant to mar­gi­na­li­ze dis­sen­ters) near­ly always are pro­ven true at a later date.

  33. Who­le thing is comedy.

    Repor­ter: Word around town is your joi­ning the LIV tour. So my ques­ti­on is why did you blow up the twin tours?

    Pro­fes­sio­nal Gol­fer who gets paid money to golf: ……

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