Runde 1 | LIV Golf Invitational London 2022

Runde 1 LIV Golf Invitational London 2022 hochladen

Sehen Sie sich den Eröff­nungs­tag des ers­ten LIV Golf Invi­ta­tio­nal im Cen­tu­r­i­on Club nörd­lich von Lon­don in der eng­li­schen Land­schaft an. Dus­tin John­son führt ein inter­na­tio­na­les Feld an, das das inno­va­ti­ve neue For­mat mit einem Schrot­flin­ten­start und einem Preis­geld von 25 Mil­lio­nen US-Dol­lar anneh­men wird. Erfah­ren Sie mehr über LIV Golf: https://​www​.liv​golf​.com/ Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​L​I​V​G​o​l​f​I​nv/ Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​L​I​V​G​o​l​f​Inv

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120 thought on “Runde 1 | LIV Golf Invitational London 2022”

  1. The PGA Tour needs to adapt and work with LIV or die, it’s that simp­le. The only ques­ti­on if they don’t is how long their demi­se will take.

  2. Fair play, they have the right approach to reaching an audi­ence through You­Tube! Good high­lights, and a full round upload. Nice. Will be inte­res­ting to see if this con­ti­nues should TV deals be made, but for now, it’s nice to have pro­per You­Tube con­tent and well edi­ted vide­os (unli­ke the PGA Tour’s stuff). Hope­ful­ly this gives the PGA Tour a kick up the rear to upload bet­ter vide­os… then every golf fan wins.

    1. Only on YT becau­se no net­works wan­ted it. This would be behind a pay­wall other­wi­se. Hope­ful­ly a posi­ti­ve of this is that it impro­ves the lega­cy pro­vi­ders, redu­ces ads, bet­ter end user experience.

    2. @Neil Bar­ton that’s fal­se lol. They will get a net­work deal down the road but with strea­ming it isn’t necessa­ry right now. They coud­lent be off to a bet­ter start hence why more and more are com­ing for the next trny. Gre­at for golf

  3. Isn’t life all about money real­ly or we would all be homeless eating dirt hah just say­ing I mean 3 day work week vs 4..25 mil shor­ter fiel­ds no cuts …I mean why stay on pga

    1. Agree , they are play­ing for money 💰 after all, . Lot more are going to jump ship I think. PGA needs to pull their head out of they asses.

  4. I have pro­bab­ly wat­ched a total of 1 hour in PGA golf. This LIV tour­ney is the most time I’ve ever spent watching and I through­ly enjoy­ed every minu­te of it

    1. @Johnson the coverage is so much bet­ter in LIV. defi­ni­te­ly bet­ter for the fans. I been watching pga tour for 20 years the pro­duc­tion and coverage is so much bet­ter here. gre­at to see. more big names signed up for the next event. about time a new league came exci­ting times for golf fans

    2. Yeah, I think tho­se two for­mats can co-exist next to each other tar­ge­ting dif­fe­rent view­ers: On one side the tra­di­tio­na­list who likes the slower pace which allows him to doze off on the couch, on the other the more caff­ein­a­ted pre­sen­ta­ti­on, whe­re it’s shot after shot for the youn­ger and newer golf fans.
      Let’s see how this all plays out.

    3. @Benny Frank the 3rd I was very impres­sed with the pro­duc­tion and pre­sen­ta­ti­on. Event 2 loo­ks like a much stron­ger field defi­ni­te­ly will be fun to watch

  5. Thanks so much for uploading the com­ple­te round. It is much appre­cia­ted, espe­cial­ly from view­ers who don’t use cable TV and the­re­fo­re can’t access sports events on TV.

    1. @Jim Che­se­bo­rough ofo­cur­se they woul­dent. they also would of shown half the shots Liv did. I love tiger woods but we did­n’t need to spend half the tele­s­cast watching him walk down a hill and pick up a tee. Liv is rapid fire coverage with up clo­se access to the play­ers. defi­ni­te­ly was awesome

  6. Its just a small thing but lets hope this “fresh” app­raoch by LIV allows for more modern dress codes for the play­ers. Col­larless shirts, shorts in war­mer cli­mes than the UK etc.

    1. Why is the cur­rent dress code not “modern”? Nobo­dy wants to see the­se guys pas­ty legs (like when the White Sox tried wea­ring shorts), plus col­larless shirts are allo­wed, Tiger has been wea­ring col­larless mock turt­len­ecks on and off sin­ce 2005.

  7. Wake up PGA Tour. This is how you deve­lop a broa­der fan base. Tho­se useless high­lights are boring. I hope LIV Tour con­ti­nues to show broad­casts on You­Tube. PGA Tour needs to shake things up – Some new for­mats, more match­play tour­na­ments etc. This team for­mat loo­ks fun – At least it’s some­thing different…

    1. @Nik Fledge no bot. He preaching facts as a view­er this was much bet­ter then the pga tour as far as pace and watching experience.

  8. Thank you Liv Golf for making it hass­le free to watch Live Golf on You­tube and free of char­ge. Real­ly enjoy­ed the way it is pre­sen­ted. Very enter­tai­ning with the team names, updating team results, play­er and cad­dy dis­cus­sion is the high­light for me. Would be gre­at if you could also show events and hap­pe­nings on the Stands.

  9. Sports natu­ral­ly evol­ve. Play­ers have a right to fol­low the best path for them. I don’t necessa­ri­ly think PGA needs to work with LIV play­ers or LIV Golf in gene­ral to keep swim­ming, but they will defi­ni­te­ly need to chan­ge for­mat or style in order to. At some point play­ers are just going to fol­low the money and LIV has it. Blood money, but they have it.

    1. PGA is boring as f**K in the sum­mer mon­ths. Nobo­dy cares about Cana­da, John Dee­re, Tra­velers, etc. I am impres­sed with LIV so far.

    2. @Wyld Stallion3292 🤷 I per­so­nal­ly enjoy watching the minor PGA tour­na­ments. I don’t know, I wat­ched round 1 yes­ter­day and will pro­bab­ly watch round 2 today. But it’s golf, I did­n’t see much that par­ti­cu­lar­ly fasci­na­ted me.

    1. best golf coverage I’ve seen and it was their first time. they actual­ly show­ed golf and not gar­ba­ge. ofcour­se impro­ve­ments will knew made but the pro­duc­tion and coverage was top notch

  10. This is gre­at! Thanks LIV. I’ve loved golf ever sin­ce I was a kid, and now I final­ly watch it and enjoy the broad­cast! ⛳️

  11. The lea­der­board on the side is a badass idea!!! And no dumb fil­lers or com­mer­cials and junk? Pure Golf at its finest!! I look for­ward to more videos!!!

    1. Tiger’s records are all set in the PGA Tour record books, why would he want to under­mi­ne his lega­cy by sup­por­ting a rival tour that could poten­ti­al­ly make his records irrele­vant? He has been very clear on this, Nor­man even admit­ted he tur­ned down 9‑figures. That’s one of the main rea­sons why Tiger, Jack and other legends don’t sup­port this

    2. @TheLocalLt ya tiger is pret­ty tra­di­tio­nal don’t see him going. That being said I love the new league so far coverage is so much fas­ter paced and 54 holes the pal­lets and fans like bet­ter. This league won’t be going any­whe­re. 5 solid names set to join the us trny at end of the mon­th so the field only going to get better

  12. I’ll always respect the PGA howe­ver it’s sad they are see­ing this as a thre­at to the game ins­tead of working tog­e­ther. On the flip… The midd­le east bet­ter get the­re shit tog­e­ther or this is gon­na be a flop.


  13. The look of shock in the hosts face @8:51 when Nor­man says he went to his 1st Ryder Cup in 2021 is hil­arious. Pure shock & disgust

  14. Need to fix the lea­der­board gra­phics and lose the sound effects which are incredi­b­ly annoy­ing. But good broad­cast otherwise.

  15. I must say. I like that it’s easi­ly acces­si­ble to watch during and after the event. It’s near impos­si­ble to get PGA events and I’m wil­ling to pay… well, I was.. may­be not anymore.

  16. For the ones who reads this just know this is only the begin­ning keep pushing, grin­ding, and figh­t­ing. Wha­te­ver it is in life you want to do to go after it life is to short. Life is a mara­thon not a sprint so go out the­re and live it up I hope all is well and goes well for you peace and one love!

  17. Anyo­ne know how you are eli­gi­ble for draf­ting? Can anyo­ne be draf­ted or are they part of an org or how does that work?

    1. It’s invi­ta­ti­on only. In the future though the­re is a qua­li­fy­ing seri­es plan­ned on the Asi­an Tour as the AT is owned/supported by the Sau­di group.
      The goal for them is obvious­ly to get the most exci­ting 48 play­ers to compete.

    2. @Benny Frank the 3rd aw cool, thanks. I was won­de­ring if it was up to the cap­tains or what… i won­der if we will see cele­bri­ties or influ­en­cers like Good­good com­pe­te in LIV

  18. This who­le thing reeks. Takes the gol­fing public and spor­ting world for fools. I think the top play­ers will quick­ly reg­ret the hol­low empty fee­ling this brings them. They are now rank out­si­ders. Golf as a sport is big­ger than any indi­vi­du­al. Proud of the other big names taking a moral stance and say­ing no to outra­ge­ous mone­ta­ry offers. I hope the­se guys fall into obscu­ri­ty. They have bad­ly tar­nis­hed their lega­ci­es. Gro­tes­que money from a gro­tes­que coun­try. Golf does need chan­ges, and no doubt this is hel­ping to move the need­le. We need fewer ads to start with @skysports. The gre­ats of this game would be very upset with some of the­se guys. Golf tra­di­tio­nal­ly espou­sed gre­at values and they are com­ple­te­ly absent here.

  19. I think what intri­gues me the most about LIV golf is that they will play cour­ses and visit pla­ces not on the PGA tour’s boring rota­ti­on. The PGA sets its majors on the same 10–15 cour­ses over and over, years in advan­ce. The­re are so many more cour­ses for the pros and golf audi­en­ces to expe­ri­ence and show­ca­se. I’ll tune in.

  20. Thank you for brin­ging this to You­Tube. Gre­at golf with excel­lent pro­duc­tion values for view­ers. Came­ra work was superior.

  21. Don’t care what league it is just like watching good golf!!! Only dis­li­ke is the score board during the live broad­cast…. I have no idea who is doing what until they show the full name lol other­wi­se I don’t mind it at all I think the pga is acting rather childish!!

  22. Love the idea of this tour. Will give it a chan­ce. Abso­lute­ly hate the scoreboard ticker. Put the full last name. The­re was ple­nty of space. The con­stant shuf­fling of the scoreboard was distracting.

    1. @PIP2323 Yeah, I got used to the moving but the full last names are important. We are try­ing to learn some gol­fers we might not be used to seeing.

  23. Gre­at start to the new for­mat. I would like to see a round robin match be intro­du­ced to rank the teams for the final tour­na­ment. I feel that would make this even bet­ter. Ins­tead of just taking the best scores of the indi­vi­du­als real­ly get the teams invol­ved. Or even have the the teams play the final round on the same hole for more com­ra­de­rie #ide­as #makei­te­ven­bet­ter #LIVGOLF

  24. Sub­cri­bed to You Tube TV for the LIV access and a chan­ge from ano­t­her ser­vice pro­vi­der. Like what I see so far.

  25. Ama­zing action and for­mat. Thanks Greg and Liv golf… Cant wait to see 16 events next sea­son and more play­ers join😀👍. The team for­mat along with indi­vi­du­al is very com­pel­ling and will con­ti­nue to grow as we beco­me more fami­li­ar with the team brands. I think the team side of the game real­ly hel­ps bring out bet­ter golf from the bot­tom of the field… Ama­zing shots all day from the ent­i­re field and beau­ti­ful venue.

  26. I like the new for­mat the only thing I would like is some sort of ser­vice that would allow me to keep the regu­lar broad­cast on one screen and on ano­t­her screen a play­er view whe­re I can fol­low one or mul­ti­ple play­ers in sepa­ra­te win­dows. Like cock­pit cams in auto racing.

  27. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Address the main issu­es; the ball, slow play and go back to the old rules and you’ll have me and the rest of the world at ‘hel­lo’.

  28. It’s like try­ing to chan­ge the game of ten­nis. Why not have both play­ers ser­ve and see who can get the most aces, qui­ckest one the set point wins…just stupid…golf is over 4 days, cut after 2. Lowest score wins end of discussion.

  29. Just star­ted watching the replay; and I’m blown away with the coverage. A lot of ener­gy and very exci­ting. I’m a natu­ral rebel so I can real­ly rela­te to the new team for­ma­te and the boat­loads of money being tos­sed around!!!

  30. His­to­ric broad­cast! Love it. I think this could be a good addi­ti­on to the tra­di­tio­nal form of play and broad­cast. I loved the high pace, the good com­men­ta­ry, no com­mer­cial breaks, many golf shots. I would do away with the team names. Just do Team DJ, Team GMac etc., and bet­ter reada­bi­li­ty on the play­er names on the side bar.
    Some­ti­mes it was hard to know how are peop­le doing and how are the teams doing. A litt­le bit more info on the golf holes, how to play them and what to avoid.
    Over­all good start. This exciting!

  31. Inte­res­ting. I would be all in on this tour. If not for the sponsor.
    But I can’t belie­ve DJ is playing.
    And resi­gned from the Tour. He was rock solid at Oakmont.
    And made the record at the Masters.
    Now he’ll never play a major again. Then I heard he’s get­ting 125 million.
    And Phil is get­ting 200 million.
    But if I were the­se guys, I would­n’t be so sure. Cham­blee says you only have to goog­le Sau­di Ara­bia and money and they might be on a tour whe­re DJ has to cad­die for Phil to make some money.
    If they don’t get paid they’ll have no recour­se and no one they can com­p­lain to.
    Spea­king of which, this tour is spon­so­red by Sau­di Ara­bia which is known only for 9–11.
    So all the play­ers should have a logo of a per­son fal­ling to their death from a building.

  32. If i was an Ame­ri­can gol­fer, I would say so my government can sell guns to Sau­dis but I can’t accept this money? This is why PGA will not win this batt­le. LIV GOLF is amazing.

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