Schießen für den Streckenrekord auf dem Heimplatz von Nate Sexton | Big Sexy Disc Golf DiscDice-Herausforderung

Schiessen fuer den Streckenrekord auf dem Heimplatz von Nate Sexton Big Sexy Disc Golf DiscDice Herausforderung disc golf

Nate „Sexy“ Sext­on und Jere­my „Big Jerm“ Koling bka BigSexy Com­men­ta­ry spie­len eine Disc­Di­ce-Her­aus­for­de­rungs­run­de. Holen Sie sich noch heu­te Ihre Wür­fel unter https://​www​.disc​di​ce​.us Kurs: Wood­land Creek Com­mu­ni­ty Park Disc Golf Cour­se | Lacey, WA Spie­ler: Nate „Sexy“ Sext­on & Jere­my „Big Jerm“ Koling Beson­de­rer Dank: John Brown Tv & Crew für die Zusam­men­ar­beit mit uns 🔥 Grei­fen Sie auf EXKLUSIVE Inhal­te und Wer­be­ge­schen­ke zu, indem Sie unse­rer https://​jomez​pro​.com/​p​a​t​r​e​o​n​-​C​o​m​m​u​n​ity bei­tre­ten! ⛓️ KAUFEN Sie offi­zi­el­le Jomez­Pro-Discs, Mer­chan­di­se, Musik unter https://​www​.jomez​pro​.com/​s​hop 🔔 ABONNIEREN für mehr Disc Golf-Vide­os! http://​watch​jo​mez​pro​.com 📱 Mehr Jomez­Pro fin­den Sie hier: 💙 https://​face​book​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro 💜 https://​insta​gram​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro 💙 https://​twit​ter​.com/​j​o​m​e​z​pro 🖤 https://jomezpro .com/Copyright ©2012–2021. Alle Rech­te vor­be­hal­ten. Jomez­Pro™, Fol­low­F­light™, Slo­Mez™, NoMez™, BigSexy Com­men­ta­ry™ sind alle geschütz­te Waren­zei­chen von Jomez Pro­duc­tions, LLC #jomez­pro #disc­golf War­um lesen Sie das immer noch? Gehen Sie raus und spie­len Sie etwas Discgolf!

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339 thought on “Schießen für den Streckenrekord auf dem Heimplatz von Nate Sexton | Big Sexy Disc Golf DiscDice-Herausforderung”

    1. @thatoneguyseven Are you real­ly the inven­tor? Regu­lar New­ton vs. Leib­niz situa­ti­on up in here. Check out Skate Or Dice You­Tube vide­os on The Ber­rics chan­nel, it’s exact­ly the same.

    2. @Xander’s Game Except for the part whe­re there’s discs, and no skateboards…yes? The con­cept of put­ting ran­dom things on dice for a given acti­vi­ty isn’t real­ly “new”.

    3. @Xander’s Game Yes, I am the creator. I loo­ked it up and it loo­ks like an inte­res­ting game! I ska­ted a litt­le bit in midd­le school, but never got the hang of it!

  1. Thanks for that slow-mo on hole 1. See­ing Jerm thro­wing that thing fan grip lets me know it’s not my grip that’s the pro­blem on distance shots. 😀

  2. Gre­at ban­ter and super fun to watch but all the clip­ping audio is qui­te irri­ta­ting. Lea­ve yourself enough headroom – boos­ting quiet parts is always an option!

    1. The­se mics are a fixed gain. They are also not good qua­li­ty. But, we have new mics for this sea­son 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Edi­t­ing this abso­lute­ly kil­led me as an audio guy, I feel your pain.

    1. Hey Kendall, thank you so much for the sup­port. Are you signed up for the Foun­ders Club? Tho­se sup­por­ters are the ones you see in the list!

  3. OMG this is nut­ty, I am wit­hin a 10 min walk of this cour­se! EDIT: and of cour­se they have me scratching my head like, “may­be I should try a fore­hand rol­ler on this hole…”

  4. This cour­se is much nicer than the cour­se I pay 6 dol­lars to play at. Wood­land val­ley disc golf in lime­rick Mai­ne is a good cour­se but the owners sure are greedy.

  5. I sent Nate a set of the­se a few mon­ths back, hap­py to see he enjoy­ed them enough for you guys to make this awe­so­me video!

  6. As a dad watching this: Nate is a hero for brin­ging his daugh­ter along. Not becau­se kids are an incon­ve­ni­en­ce, but for dis­pel­ling the ste­reo­ty­pe that they are.

    1. @David Bead­le When brin­ging your kids who can’t even play the sport actively makes it worse for others you’­ve cros­sed over from being a fun parent to igno­rant of ever­yo­ne else’s concerns.

  7. Hi Jomez…We love you guys! Always loo­king for­ward to the next big vid from you. You are among the front line workers, kee­ping our spi­rits high. Keep it up. BTW I need one of Big Jerm’s disc bags. Whe­re can I get one with tho­se colors??? I’ve been loo­king sin­ce I wat­ched this vid.
    Thanks again.

  8. “He’s laug­hing becau­se my fris­bee went right into the woods even though it was way bet­ter than his fris­bee throw” OMG I’m dying 🤣

  9. Todd­ler on cour­se cringe
    Par­ents seem addic­ted to the­re child
    Pre­fer trai­ned dogs on the cour­se not kids
    But I guess it’s a free country

  10. Jerm, thanks for cal­ling out the fun­ny root. My daugh­ter inten­tio­nal­ly tri­es to throw her disc through the­re every time we go!

  11. When I saw Nate Sexton’s home cour­se I thought it was Adair in cor­val­lis. I belie­ve the video said it was Jerm’s home cour­se (dif­fe­rent from the tit­le) but still pum­ped to watch this!

    1. In Cor­val­lis, Nate’s home cour­se was Wil­la­met­te, liter­al­ly wit­hin a few minu­tes walk of his home, alt­hough obvious­ly Adair was pret­ty clo­se, too. He now lives in WA, so this is his nea­rest course.

    2. @Emma Han­ley Oh cool, yea I used to go to osu and he taught the­re and I got to take a class from him. we did go to wil­la­met­te usual­ly I must have thought of adair cau­se he’s done some events at Adair.

    3. @Bloodnafski when I first star­ted play­ing events he and Dion Arlyn had just taken over run­ning the Wil­la­met­te Open, which uti­li­zes both cour­ses. It was my favo­ri­te tour­na­ment, I’m still sad it’s no lon­ger hap­pe­ning. I never got to take clas­ses from him but I did get to play the Worlds Mixed Dubs with him in 2014. That fore­hand rol­ler was fun to see live!

    4. @Bloodnafski I was very lucky 🍀 as an up and comer in the sport in Ore­gon that Nate was still play­ing very local­ly. He’s a lovely human, along with his wife Bri­an­na, and tru­ly his ent­i­re fami­ly. I defi­ni­te­ly tre­a­su­re my expe­ri­en­ces with all of them.

  12. Part of me wants to type “wow, Nate needs a hair­cut” but the other, more power­ful part of me wants to type “I will get this hair­cut and wear it for the rest of my life”

    1. 100% agree. They should also have to use actual­ly underst­a­ble discs, whe­re Turn + Fade = ‑1 or less. A Dart is not underst­a­ble. A Mako3 is not underst­a­ble. “My most underst­a­ble Wraith” is sil­ly. We want Sonics and Stin­grays and Side­win­ders and Daedaluses!

  13. If you watch the video, like the video!!! It hel­ps the guys out so so much and it is liter­al­ly the easiest thing ever. 20 thousand peop­le have wat­ched it and less than 2 thousand peop­le have lik­ed it. If you’­re watching, you pro­bab­ly love disc golf. So show some love to the­se guys, they have made such a mas­si­ve impact on the sport!

  14. You need Uli here. With an odd num­ber of peop­le, you could have a tie break on dice vio­la­ti­on votes. Plus, ya know, Uli and more golf.

  15. It’s nice to see ano­t­her dude out the­re play­ing disc golf with a kid in a strol­ler bes­i­des me. This is a disc golf dad’s life LOL

  16. Cora­li­ne is abso­lute­ly ado­rable, Nate!! Having a daugh­ter was the best thing that hap­pen­ed to me. My litt­le bird, Abi­ga­el is gon­na be 4 this year. She loves going to our local cour­se. Can’t wait for her to start lear­ning the sport!

  17. Nate must be the only per­son in North Ame­ri­ca who loo­ks older without facial hair. The strol­ler does­n’t real­ly help. Just kid­ding. Gre­at to see you out the­re all three of you.

  18. Need­les to say I love the con­tent. But the gra­phics are so damn good. Pro­ving you guys are tru­ly top of the game. And I real­ly admi­re the respect you show around COVID com­pa­red to other media creators.

  19. Huge fan of Nate and Jerm for the com­men­ting stuff, but I’m not a fan of the­se sil­ly dice games. I’m sure some peop­le like them, but just for me, I think they’­re a bit on the point­less side.

  20. Cora­li­ne is way to cute! You need to take her for more rounds of cour­se that’s if she wants to. I’d like to see her throw when she gets big­ger, that would be awesome.

  21. I’ll have to hit up Wood­land Creek next time I’m through. I went to Lydia Hawk ele­men­ta­ry, which is pret­ty clo­se (I’m gues­sing). I was just out the­rea­bouts during win­ter break (from Den­ver) and play­ed 10 dif­fe­rent cour­ses. My favo­ri­te was Shel­ton, then the one on the golf cour­se, then Stei­ly. Some of the best cour­ses on the pla­net, *don’t tell*.

  22. Oh look it’s the “watch two aging pro­fes­sio­nal disc gol­fers throw bad shots and bla­me the dice for half an hour” show! That’s my favo­ri­te show!!

  23. I love see­ing Nate out with his daugh­ter, some of my favo­ri­te dad­dy daugh­ter times are on the cour­se with my litt­le 3 year old girl!

  24. I’ve only made it to the intro, but I will never under­stand how Nate Sext­on with a beard and Nate Sext­on without a beard are the same person. 😅
    Loving the­se rounds…really hope it beco­mes a con­sis­tent series!

  25. The next best thing to han­ging out with Jerm and Nate in a real round are the­se. Loved it! My favo­ri­te disc golf rounds have always been laid back prac­ti­ce rounds with friends.

  26. Real­ly sur­pri­sed to hear that the cour­se record here is ‑1. Just dou­ble che­cked my UDisc score­card and I shot ‑1 the­re this sum­mer. I’m not qui­te delu­sio­nal enough to think I’m a bet­ter disc gol­fer than the­se guys, I just didn’t find the cour­se that challenging.

  27. This was gre­at! Thanks for the con­tent. I’m not sure if this is the 2021 style the­me music for intro and bet­ween holes. If so, I hate to say it but I miss the 2020 mar­ching band style the­me song. It always makes you smi­le and gets you pum­ped to watch.

  28. Nice video thanks! BigSexy che­mi­stry is still the­re 👌 I’ve been more into padel late­ly but it was sweet to see some disc­golf too.

  29. I love how you led into the tiny disc dice ad after hole 4 with the slo­mo of Nate mis­sing a long one. That was great…instead of a made shot. Love you all at JOMEZ!!

  30. Bring Uli­bar­ri back! You guys are so dry and care about your image too much. Uli says what ever is on his mind and gives us gold like the gazel­le clip.

  31. How is the cour­se record only ‑1?

    I’m not say­ing I could shoot any bet­ter, but the­re are bet­ter schmucks out the­re than me.

  32. This video see­med awk­ward and sad to me. I felt like I was watching the slow death of Nate’s disc golf announ­cing care­er. One last round with Jerm.

    1. How is the cour­se record only ‑1? I’m not say­ing I could shoot any bet­ter, but the­re are bet­ter schmucks out the­re than me.

  33. It’s been a tough time of late, jomez pals, but having the boys out on the cour­se with their char­ming easy going cha­ris­ma is a soot­hing tonic for the soul.

  34. I just need to say, I’m an Olym­pia nati­ve and I play Wood­land Creek all the time. Gre­at Cour­se, cool to see it on the big sta­ge. How about Shel­ton springs next

  35. Big Jerm was on point about “the love and joy the first sea­son he play­ed disc golf” I cer­tain­ly enjoys last sea­son, my first, play­ing disc golf!!

  36. Ran into Nate and Cora­li­ne at Ever­green Sta­te Col­le­ge cour­se yes­ter­day! She was so flip­pin ado­rable! Big Papa Nate FTW

  37. What a cool way to watch a sport. Two nerds and a todd­ler, 3 came­ra­men just taking a walk in the woods. And i fuck­in love it lol. You guys are fan­tastic. Like the­se guys are at the top of the game and super rela­t­a­ble and we still get awe­so­me miked up coverage.

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