Scottie Scheffler’s INSANE footwork | Tracers and analysis

Scottie Schefflers INSANE footwork Tracers and analysis analysis

3‑time PGA TOUR win­ner Scot­tie Scheff­ler has one of the most uni­que swings on the PGA TOUR. Check out the­se fasci­na­ting swing tracers of Scheffler’s swing while Paul Azin­ger and other ana­lysts exp­lain how Scheff­ler is able to main­tain con­trol and accu­ra­cy des­pi­te his unor­tho­dox footwork.

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48 thought on “Scottie Scheffler’s INSANE footwork | Tracers and analysis”

  1. Watching Scot­tie golf should give every average gol­fer hope. Such an ama­zing talent with a lot of non-typi­cal move­ments. Love it

    1. @Skumtomten1 I could say the same for Asi­an play­ers actual­ly. Whe­re I’m from here in the Phil­ip­pi­nes, most pros often teach tra­di­tio­nal Hogan fun­da­men­tals. Not that that’s wrong, but it goes to show how infre­quent I see “home­bre­wed” or “modern” swings.

    2. “Watching Scot­tie golf should give every average gol­fer hope.”

      …real­ly, dude? And just how do you ratio­na­li­ze that? 

      belie­ve me, I’m not har­s­hing on you, I used to say the same about watching Adam Sand­ler and Bill Mur­ray golf.

    3. @touristguy87 Scot­tie is 6’3 with gre­at fle­xi­bi­li­ty, strength, and coördination…just becau­se his swing isn’t ‘con­ven­tio­nal’ does­n’t mean an average play­er can ever dream of com­ing up with anything clo­se to his swing

  2. even back in high school he did this and would shoot mid 60’s con­sist­ent­ly. He was a seni­or my fresh­man year and he was the group in front of me…he’s been gifted for awhile now.

    1. my guess, and it’s just a guess I admit but still…

      my guess is that anyo­ne brea­king par in high-school is “gifted”
      pro­bab­ly the same for anyo­ne brea­king par, period

    1. May­be, except Rory (as much as I admi­re his swing) is a litt­le guy, win­ding his body up to the max on EVERY shot, Scot­tie loo­ks like he is taking a prac­ti­ce swing by com­pa­ri­son… Guess which play­er is gon­na beco­me inju­ry plagued as time goes on… Hey Tiger, take the mic for a second will ‘ya.

  3. Not see­ing what’s uni­que here at all, most play­ers jump out of their stance when they try to hit the ball hard.
    He’s just lucky that the grass was dry.

  4. I won­der if somehow this can rela­te to base­ball becau­se Fer­nan­do tatis jr does a very simi­lar move with his back leg which hel­ps pro­du­ce him a lot of power very interesting.

  5. Very deep right shoul­der at the top. A “shoul­de­ry” loo­king swing. Like he’s most­ly using his shoul­ders. The oppo­si­te of “hand­sy.”

  6. He has alrea­dy used the ground. He is liter­al­ly hit­ting the ball on the out­side of his left heel and then he is floa­ting. He is clo­sest to hit­ting in the air as any gol­fer. What’s more ama­zing is he can repeat this with accu­ra­cy and obvious­ly.…. he can chip and putt like a demon!

    1. He’s not rol­ling his arms or wrists to get the­re so it’s not real­ly a fault. Seem to be a result of how he’s rota­ted the club when he grips it imho. He could be play­ing a fade or that’s just how he has to hold it to get back to squa­re. He does­n’t have a held off release. He’s just rip­ping through the ball, so he pro­bab­ly deve­lo­ped an anti-hook strategy.

  7. I would like to ask Scot­tie if he had a shanking or incon­sis­tent heel strike issue befo­re he star­ted doing that foot move. It’s defi­ni­te­ly a hosel pro­of move.

  8. I feel like he’s gon­na have some serious left knee pro­blems later in life. I used to do this as a juni­or and it put so much pres­su­re on my left knee

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