Sexy Golf Lessons

Sexy Golf Lessons cute

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Fun­ny hid­den came­ra video with a golf inst­ruc­tor tea­ching a lesson


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15 thought on “Sexy Golf Lessons”

    1. @M Adams yes, the ori­gi­nal video was split into two sce­nes. In the video uploa­ded to you­tube only the first part of the first sce­ne is repre­sen­ted, but in rea­li­ty in the full video the sce­ne is very strong. The video con­ti­nues with the pro­fes­sor try­ing to teach the right posi­ti­on to the girl in the white shirt, but as the pro­fes­sor walks behind her, she bends too much and the joke con­ti­nues. In the full video you can also hear the voices of the actors making fun of each other in fact in the full video when the girl bends over she says “okay so pro­fes­sor?” and the pro­fes­sor says “you’­re alrea­dy lear­ning well, now let’s see if you can hit the ball”. The two of them move to ano­t­her area of​the field and the girl seems to pro­vo­ke the actor even more, even though they were acting. When they move away the first part ends and in the second part the girl seems to no lon­ger care about the joke they are play­ing on the cour­se par­ti­ci­pants, but it seems that by now the girl just wants to put the pro­fes­sor behind her in trouble.
      If you want, I’ll also tell you the second part

    2. @M Adams yes this is a can­did came­ra whe­re as you can see also in the you­tube video, the actors pre­ten­ded to assu­me stran­ge posi­ti­ons to make others uncom­for­ta­ble, but in the ori­gi­nal video the girl with the white shirt exa­g­ge­ra­tes and the pro­fes­sor, who is also him actor, he gets into trou­ble becau­se he can no lon­ger resist, in fact the tea­cher try­ing to stop the girl starts teasing her.
      Sor­ry, I did­n’t under­stand, do you want to know the second part too ?

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