Short Pitch Shots mit dem Bounce

Short Pitch Shots mit dem Bounce angle of approach

PGA Golf Pro­fes­sio­nal und Voll­zeit-Coach bei The Bel­fry, Chris Ryan, beschreibt, wie Sie Ihre kur­zen Pitch-Schlä­ge am bes­ten rund um das Grün spie­len und wie der Auf­prall und die Vor­der­kan­te unter­schied­lich mit dem Boden interagieren.

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34 thought on “Short Pitch Shots mit dem Bounce”

    1. Cheers Chris, for what its worth your method works well off hard pan! I do wish someo­ne would do some les­sons off hard pan though becau­se the bot­tom line is you can get away with tech­ni­que that is not per­fect off good lies but you cant get away with poor tech­ni­que off tight lies, just a thought…

    2. Agreed! Works off hard­pan for me too – admit to a lot of prac­ti­ce befo­re get­ting it con­sis­tent. It real­ly is an ama­zin­gly use­ful technique.For me, the tigh­ter the lie, the bet­ter. Requi­res (a litt­le) more pre­cisi­on and the ball lands with “teeth”.

    1. This is an excel­lent ques­ti­on. The boun­ce of the club is sup­po­sed to inter­act with the ground. But whe­re, exact­ly, in rela­ti­on to the ball?

  1. does anyo­ne on you­tube who gives golf inst­ruc­tions speak fuck­ing ame­ri­can. why r all of u peop­le bri­tish. your lan­guage sucks, if u don’t mind my say­ing so. it is more annoy­ing that chi­ne­se or mexi­can. isn’t it gre­at to have free­dom of speech.

  2. I’m con­vin­ced that many gol­fers are actual­ly making good swings, but they are play­ing on crap­py grass thin­king it’s normal…then they bla­de it.

  3. I have two stan­dard issue Tay­lorma­de Bur­ner 2.0 wed­ges in my bag – PW (45°) & SW (55°). And I added a Mizu­no LW 60° to the­se. Pro­blem is, I am too sca­red to hit the LW, which perhaps is the right club for this distance. If I use PW, it is more a chip and run, for this distance. SW lobs go lon­ger distance. With LW, my fear is if I go below it just pops up and down. And if I hit pure, it rockets across the green!! This is a serious issue!!
    Also, I see a huge wrist hin­ge here. That will screw up my shot even further!
    To hin­ge, or not to hinge?

  4. Hel­lo Chris, I have a ques­ti­on that I don’t think I have ever heard anyo­ne address. I agree with nee­ding to use the boun­ce with the wed­ges, my ques­ti­on is being that sin­ce every iron in the bag has some degree of boun­ce, should the boun­ce be enga­ged with the short and midd­le irons as well?
    Thanks in advance.

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