So erhalten Sie Backspin bei Chip-Schlägen

So erhalten Sie Backspin bei Chip Schlaegen backspin chip shot

Kli­cken Sie hier für ein kos­ten­lo­ses Video: https://​top​speed​golf​.com/​y​o​u​r​-​f​r​e​e​-​v​i​d​e​o​-​l​a​g​/​?​y​t​v​i​d​=​k​G​x​_​r​7​Y​6​xnc So erhal­ten Sie Back­spin bei Chip-Schlä­gen Shots-Video ist für Sie. Wir gehen dar­auf ein, was Back­spin erzeugt, wie bestimm­te Schlä­ger ihn beein­flus­sen und wie wir ihn in unse­rem Schlag ein­set­zen. Fan­gen Sie an, sich für ein­fa­che­re Putts immer näher an das Loch her­an­zu­schie­ben. Erstel­len Sie Back­spin und füh­ren Sie Ihren Ball zum Loch. Brin­gen Sie sich mit den rich­ti­gen Win­keln und dem rich­ti­gen Loft in Bir­die-Situa­tio­nen, um die bes­ten Back­spin-Chips zu erzie­len. Ich freue mich dar­auf, in Zukunft noch viel mehr mit Ihnen bei Top Speed Golf zusam­men­zu­ar­bei­ten. Viel Glück mit Ihrem Golf. Clay Ball­ard Kli­cken Sie hier, um den You­Tube-Kanal zu abon­nie­ren: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​_​i​d​d​Z​i​E​U​K​R​0​B​y​b​_​e​H​b​H​HAQ Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​T​o​p​S​p​e​e​d​G​olf

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242 thought on “So erhalten Sie Backspin bei Chip-Schlägen”

    1. Hi Clay. Thanks for the vide­os. I’ve had 4 golf pros over the cour­se of 40 years and I am sur­pri­sed to see so much hel­pful infor­ma­ti­on. I like hea­ring your explana­ti­ons and I am begin­ning to under­stand the pro­blems in my swing and hope­ful­ly how to rec­ti­fy them. Thanks again.

    1. +Gam­bit­Ch­ess Thanks. Yeah, its a pitch, but I found that most peop­le that are loo­king for this type of thing use the term chip. Figu­red I would make it easier to find. Hope your play­ing gre­at! ~Clay

    1. +Ter­ry T Hi Ter­ry, that is most­ly just from loo­king at this ang­le. Fro­me face on, you will see them releasing more. You will have a bit less roll than a full swing on your short shots. Play well! ~Clay

    2. +Top Speed Golf – Clay Ball­ard Are the­se type of shots con­si­de­red a 9–3 type swing? How long of an “approach” shot would you use your 60 degree on?

    3. Yeah, this would basi­cal­ly be a 9 to 3. It depends on the play­er. I usual­ly us 56 unless I want extra spin. I would say you could use a 60 from any­whe­re that you want a bit extra spin. Good luck!

  1. Gre­at vide­os, Clay. Any chan­ce of let­ting me know what video edi­t­ing soft­ware you use to draw the lines? I would like to do the same but not­hing to do with golf! Cheers, Mike

  2. do you have a paypal acct, would send you some­thing for this very good advice, that not many will give up.…
    I could just join but dont like or let recur­ring anything on my cards.… strength trai­ning is com­ing along very well…

    1. +Kurt Jus­tin Hi Kurt, I appre­cia­te that. Glad you lik­ed the video. I don’t do anything paypal for pay­ment. They have ter­ri­ble cus­to­mer ser­vice. We use stri­pe, which if you look around, you will see is very secu­re. As with any­ti­me you use a credit card any­whe­re, the­re is always risk. What you can do is sign up and then immedia­te­ly can­cel. You will still have access for howe­ver long you paid, but won’t be re-bil­led. Best of luck with your golf! ~Clay

  3. We can’t get any spin becau­se the USGA deci­ded that all the 30 han­di­cap­pers were get­ting too much spin in their wee­kend game shoo­ting 115+ and chan­ged the groo­ve rule to make it har­der for them.

    1. +Tec 9 Yeah, I don’t know what they just did­n’t chan­ge the rule for pro­fes­sio­nal gol­fers and keep the rest the same. Makes no sen­se to me.

    1. a ton you have to use a ball that is desi­gned to spin. ie prov , chro­me soft. the new max­f­li U6 ( i think) is about 28/dz and spins more than a prov with a wedge. we tes­ted it.

  4. Awe­so­me thank you so much! I“m a 3 han­di­cap play­er that has ple­nty of shots in the bag to score on the cour­se. One shot I’ve strug­gled to learn is the­se spin­ning chips to help stick it clo­se for impro­ved short game. lear­ning the sci­en­ti­fic rea­so­ning behind this shot was an awe­so­me way to under­stand how to play it. Thanks again! I enjoy the vide­os. Keep up the good work!

  5. This is good but not the who­le sto­ry. Big­ger fac­tors are the type of green, and type of ball. Play the­se shots at St Andrews and you won’t see hard­ly any check. Play them at Green­brier and they’ll check all day long.

  6. God I want to shot mys­elf. Just stop tal­king and show us how to do it.
    When I saw that he was giving me the tip, I knew it would be over analyzed.

  7. do not click “HERE”. It will send you to his site ask you for your email address and then they’ll tell you that the video you asked to see by lea­ving your email address is not avail­ab­le to you. Oh but “not to worry” they have more vide­os that you can see after you sign up to beco­me a mem­ber for $8 bucks. Let’s all dis­cou­ra­ge “bait & switch” tactics.

  8. CALL me old fashioned.but, why would you want BACKSPIN on a chip­shot?. I play off 2 at ROYAL TROON, SCOTLAND. IS IT A DIFFERENT GAME THEY PLAY IN U.S.A?

    1. John Clark not real­ly a chip shot more of a pitch shot ins­tead of rol­ling the ball out or the hole it’s easier to land by it and it stop

  9. All tho­se sup­po­sed top tea­chers who publish books and vide­os have not­hing on you. I have been play­ing sin­ce the late 1970’s and was always a natu­ral play­er with skills immedia­te­ly but could not move past that raw skill to being a good play­er. Watching you has hel­ped me immedia­te­ly beco­me a bet­ter play­er. I am now a sub­scri­ber and thank you for your work. 

    Best golf inst­ruc­tor alive!!!

    1. Your com­ment was 3 years ago so chan­ces my com­ment won’t mat­ter… But what chan­ged my game was when I bought a 50, 56 and 60 degree Vokey wedges…

  10. the squa­re root of the hypo­te­nu­se is only exte­nua­ted by the cosign of the tan­gent. Ghezzz man. no one can under­stand a alge­bra and trig les­so­on just hit the flip­pin ball

    1. Haha…that could work too. Thanks for com­men­ting Robert. I hope you’­re play­ing well. ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Chip never gets more than a foot or so off the ground and is typi­cal­ly wit­hin very clo­se pro­xi­mi­ty to the green. This shot he is demons­tra­ting is a pitch, which is gene­ral­ly anything short of a full wedge that isn’t a chip.

  11. I like all his vide­os becau­se he exp­lains the sci­ence behind what makes the­se things hap­pen. If I don’t under­stand why it hap­pens it’s hard for me to figu­re out how to hit the shot. Thanks for the vids!

  12. If you real­ly want that spin glue the back of a 100 dol­lar ping­pong racket to your club face then use a ping­pong ball and hit down on the ball then it will spin back

  13. I don’t think that is a chip shot, should be a pitch shot. The chip­ping shall be less wrist hin­ge with low finish. While the pit­ching shot you made in the video clip has lots of wrist hin­ge with high finish.
    Jack Chen

    1. Hi Tony, here is a video whe­re Clay descri­bes the dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween a pitch and a chip shot. Let us know how your game comes along, keep on grin­ding my friend ~ Andrew | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Big Slick, thanks for hel­ping out the others with let­ting them know when Clay starts hit­ting, keep it up and you might take my job ha ha ha. Keep on grin­ding my friend ~ Andrew | TSG Instructor

  14. If your video you said not to come down stee­ply. But in your demons­tra­ti­on it loo­ks like you are pret­ty steep. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Hi John T, I can see what you mean by the demons­tra­ti­on loo­king steep. A cou­p­le things to remem­ber, the shor­ter the club length the stee­per the swing is. So your wed­ges should swing stee­per than your dri­ver which is much shal­lower. One other aspect to con­si­der is the length of the swing is much shor­ter so the power to dri­ve the club through impact is slight­ly dif­fe­rent. I hope this was able to ans­wer your ques­ti­on, plea­se feel free to ask any ques­ti­ons. Your ques­ti­ons help us deci­de what vide­os we should make next. Keep on grin­ding my friend ~ Andrew | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Micha­el
      I’m sor­ry you felt like it was too much infor­ma­ti­on. We do try to be as detail­ed as pos­si­ble so we don’t con­fu­se anyo­ne. But we will defi­ni­te­ly take it into con­si­de­ra­ti­on for next time. Thank you and play well!

    2. im a firm belie­ver that the­se vide­os are not meant for peop­le like you Mike. You want a 1 step quick fix that allows you to get spin on your chips. Thats not how it works. Lis­ten to the video with your eyes clo­sed, and lis­ten to and visua­li­ze what hes exp­lai­ning. that might help. if you sim­ply dont have the pati­ence to try to under­stand what hes say­ing then you dont have the pati­ence to real­ly get bet­ter at golf.

    3. Many other golf inst­ruc­tion vide­os pass on short, to the point tips. Over-empha­sising only makes the simp­le appe­ar com­pli­ca­ted. The best one (imo), videojug.

    4. Micha­el Gal­lag­her is that the guy you lied in his video. If you watch it again he uses a tee and pau­sed the video at the end. LMFAO

  15. I like the way he says he’s not going to get into how to deli­ver the club into the ball for back­spin in this video, which of cour­se is the main aspect of how to get back­spin. Gene­ral­ly, you need to ensu­re that the bot­tom groo­ve of the club con­ta­cts the bot­tom of the ball and get a fee­ling that the club­head is slip­ping under the ball, which will make that ball run up the face and for­ce the groo­ves into the cover. That’s whe­re the spin is gene­ra­ted. Don’t make the mista­ke of hit­ting the back of the ball like a nor­mal shot – this will give you some back­spin if your dyna­mic loft is high enough, but not the back­spin that tour pros have. Get that bot­tom groo­ve into the bot­tom of the ball with con­trol­led speed, and you’ll get backspin. 🙂

    1. You are the type of per­son that does­n’t care to learn math but just look up the ans­wer in the back of the book, right?

  16. hi clay,

    i was won­de­ring whe­ther for a full swing sand wedge shot i would get more spin with a insi­de out swing path or a more square/ out­side in swing path


    1. Hi Alienblob21
      Thank you for your ques­ti­ons. Typi­cal­ly do get more spin with out to in (fade shot). Hope that hel­ps and keep up the good work!

  17. youll never get a lot bet­ter until you tru­ly come to appre­cia­te what he said. Shaft lean, ang­le of attack, etc. you dont need to be a math wiz to care about that stuff but it will allow you to self-teach and self-cor­rect your own game. Its ridi­cu­lous becau­se ever­yo­ne here just wants him “to show you the tip ins­tead of tal­king so much”. If you cared about golf and get­ting bet­ter you would rea­li­ze the­res more value in what he say­ing and exp­lai­ning, then in what he actual­ly does with the golf club. The club is moving to fast to even see what hes imple­men­ting. Its a lot bet­ter to lis­ten to his explanations.

    1. Sp33dyBeanz actual­ly in my opi­ni­on I think that yes the tal­king is a good idea, howe­ver it’s done in the wrong man­ner. Per­so­nal­ly I think all the explana­ti­on would work bet­ter when app­lied to the visu­al and this (In my opi­ni­on) would be best done if he show­ed the swing, then show­ed a slow moti­on clip of it and pau­sed it at key points to exp­lain why he did what he did at that point.

  18. a lot of talk befo­re you hit the shots then when you hit the shots the video sucks. no face on view or slow moti­on thru impact???
    do a second take and be less wordy.

    1. Hi Bill, thank you so much for the feed­back. May have ram­bled on too much the­re. Our inten­ti­on cer­tain­ly was­n’t to do that. We just wan­ted to give you as much infor­ma­ti­on as pos­si­ble. We have a wedge sys­tem on hour web­site that I think you’d real­ly like. I belie­ve the­re are some slow moti­on shots in the­re. Here is the link: https://​top​speed​golf​.com/​c​o​u​r​s​e​s​/​t​o​p​-​s​p​e​e​d​-​g​o​l​f​-​w​e​d​g​e​-​s​y​s​t​em/. Let me know if you have any ques­ti­ons. Play well ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Haha…sorry about that. The next video we’ll just have music play­ing in the back­ground 😉 Play well ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi, thanks for the ques­ti­on. It sounds like you are scoo­ping it which mean you are let­ting the club head go in front of the hands at impact. Make sure you have for­ward shaft lean that that your hands are lea­ding. You don’t want the club head to pass the hands until much after impact. Play well ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  19. hi clay I have a 60 degree wedge which is a Wil­son wedge and I have a 56-degree wedge which is my Nike wedge my 56-degree Nike which is spen­ding a lot more than my 60 degree Wil­son wedge I put the 60 degree wedge out of the bag and kept the 56-degree cuz it’s spin­ning more is that still fine ?

    1. Hi Sanan­da, yeah, that is com­ple­te­ly fine. Use what is working for you. The­re are several rea­sons why this might be the case but I would ima­gi­ne that you’­re get­ting good grab with the 56 whe­re the ball might be slip­ping up the face with the 60 becau­se of too much loft. I hope that hel­ps. Play well ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  20. clear­ly by the comments to much talk. it’s the big­gest pro­blem for inst­ruc­tors on you tube. show us. get dif­fe­rent angles. don’t shoot a quick video. make a gre­at video. break the norm

  21. Explana­ti­on tells hit­ting down, demons­tra­ti­on some­thing else. The­re are two for­ces that affect that spin and they are not measurable…

    1. Hi Tapio. thanks for the com­ment. The two big­gest things that give you spin are speed and spin loft. The har­der you hit a ball the more spin you can put on it. This is why it is dif­fi­cult to put a lot of spin on a 50 yard shot vs a 90 yard shot. Spin loft is the dif­fe­rence bet­ween your dyna­mic loft (loft pre­sen­ted to the ball at impact) and ang­le of attack (the up or down move­ment of the club head through impact). This is all assuming the face ang­le and club path are both zero. The lar­ger the dif­fe­rence bet­ween the dyna­mic loft and the ang­le of attack ‚the more spin you can put on the ball. I hope that hel­ps. Play well ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    2. Actual­ly that is what Track­man tells us, but unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly that theo­ry is wrong and mis­sing huge part of truth. You were pret­ty clo­se when tal­king about pres­su­re bet­ween the ball and fee­ling that ball stays long time on face. Think that a while via the­se questions

      Let me ask you two ques­ti­ons and we con­ti­nue after that (or you can send me an e‑mail to pro­tap­sa at kolum​bus​.fi)
       1.How you defi­ne AoA and can it be told by one number? 
      2. Can club head move down­wards even if the for­ce play­er pro­du­ces to club head is upwards

    1. Hi John, we use a Sony RX 10ii. It’s a gre­at came­ra. Thanks for watching. Play well ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Ken, yes, groo­ve wear can play a role in how much the ball spins. Main­ly you just need to make sure that your groo­ves are clean and absent of any dirt. Covering the ball refers to stay­ing in your pos­tu­re in the downswing. This is essen­ti­al for get­ting for­ward shaft lean. This is very important for for­ward shaft lean. I hope that hel­ps. Play well ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Eric, thanks for doing this. We defi­ni­te­ly could have cut to the cha­se fas­ter on this one. Stay tun­ed for more gre­at vide­os to come. Play well ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  22. No amount of spin will help on unre­cep­ti­ve greens, hard greens won’t spin, soft greens will spin. Some gras­ses are bet­ter for spin and some not.

    1. No pro­blem Mark, glad you lik­ed the video. Com­ing down stee­per can add some spin but it will typi­cal­ly come out lower. If you come in more shal­low then you have a more mar­gin for error and avoid more tops and chunks. Play well ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  23. The very first part of this should inclu­de that the ball that you use is just as important as any other part of this equa­ti­on. Without a soft ball, all the­se nice tips are most­ly wasted.

    1. Hi Dus­tin, I agree, the ball can make a dif­fe­rence for sure. Hope you’­re play­ing gre­at! ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Geor­ge, thanks for the com­ment. Sor­ry this video had too much tal­king. Hope you’­re play­ing gre­at! ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  24. Someo­ne takes the time to post infor­ma­ti­ve, detail­ed con­tent for free and a sea of clowns pour in to dis­pa­ra­ge him. Grow up you bums!

    1. It’s the mid ran­ge gol­fer who have tried ever­ything but too thick to learn anything. They just want someo­ne with a magic wand cure!

    2. This ^. Mid or high han­di­cap gol­fers who pro­bab­ly will be stuck the­re as well becau­se they real­ly don’t care, they just wan­na show off to their other mid-high han­di­cap friends.

    1. Hi Robert, I agree, this video isn’t for ever­yo­ne. Real­ly, to get back­spin, it has a lot to do with the lie. It also hel­ps to hit it lower on the face and get for­ward shaft lean. Hope you’­re play­ing gre­at! ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Haha…it seems like ever­yo­ne has that opi­ni­on of this video. Thank you for the feed­back. You’­re all pro­bab­ly right but thanks for watching. Hope you’­re paying gre­at! ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  25. Yeah nah, Phil Mick­le­son says the pla­ce­ment of the ball in this shot is at your front foot. And he adds that not pla­cing the ball at that posi­ti­on for hit­ting high approach pitch shots is a mista­ke peop­le make all the time. Check out Phil’s short game vide­os. He’s pet­ty ada­mant about it. Kind of hard to argue against one of golfs grea­test short game guys.

    1. Hi Dan­ny. Yeah, Phil is awe­so­me. He may be tal­king about the fines­se shot, which is a hig­her shot that has some spin and uses the boun­ce of the club.

  26. Abso­lute­ly NOT too much talking…on the con­tra­ry, many good, use­ful points to help peop­le learn the many facets of a key part of the short game. The­re is not­hing easy about golf, inclu­ding the all-important short game, hence, the need for detail­ed explana­ti­ons that cover each key point. When you think about each par­ti­cu­lar golf shot–each invol­ving liter­al­ly hund­reds of varia­ti­ons based on dif­fe­rent lies–you’d bet­ter be rea­dy to con­cen­tra­te in order to learn pro­per fun­da­men­tals. To clas­si­fy this video as “too much tal­king” is, unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, an admis­si­on by a play­er not necessa­ri­ly that inte­res­ted in lear­ning the game of golf. Clay is an out­stan­ding tea­cher on this video and elsewhere…we can all take advan­ta­ge of his exper­ti­se by lis­tening, lear­ning, and repea­ting what he tells us on the golf course.

    1. Thanks Pat! Glad you lik­ed the video. I’ll be sure to share your kind words with Clay. Hope you’­re play­ing gre­at! ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Robert, thanks for the com­ment. This vide­os was a lot of tal­king but the­re was a lot of infor­ma­ti­on to give. Hope you’­re play­ing gre­at! ~ Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  27. I hate Lec­tu­rers by coa­ches. Coa­ches need to put more drills in and be a more hands on coach who does­n’t do much talking.

  28. This guy is the worst how the the hell u know what degrees I don’t think he know what he’s tal­king about he’s mak­eing this to complicated

  29. If I don’t get any back­spin after all this, I’m taking him to court for was­ting my time, after all, it was shot in Ame­ri­ca. Lol

  30. Just a quick ques­ti­on: Would you sub­scri­be to my chan­nel if I could show you how to lower your scores by 3–5 shots? Honest­ly, I think I could make this video fair­ly easi­ly but I feel that most gol­fers are loo­king for a “quick fix” with hol­ly­wood ani­ma­ti­on. What I would show is how to sink putts without buy­ing a new put­ter or some god awful put­ter trai­ner that does­n’t work(or return your golf balls).

    FYI, spin­ning a ball will not lower your scores. I easi­ly mis­sed out on a few ama­teur tour­ney qua­li­fiers based on a wedge that spun too much. Let me know below. 


  31. Thanks for the explana­ti­on but 57 degree spin­loft is way to much. 45 to 48 degrees is the best spin­loft to crea­te spin. Anything abo­ve cau­ses less fric­tion becau­se the ball is slip­ping over the clubface.
    Do the ever­ything you said only with a 52 wedge and you will geht way more spin

  32. Your vide­os are the best, I’ve con­sist­ent­ly bro­ke 90 sin­ce I ‘ve been app­ly­ing the tips that you show. This one is the video that I need the most becau­se my short game can be so incon­sis­tent. Thank you so much.

  33. Anyo­ne who takesthe time to lis­ten, and under­stand this guy’s inst­ruc­tion will beco­me a bet­ter gol­fer. They will shoot lower scores.

  34. Thanks for making this video, I’m tired of see­ing peop­le delof­ting the wed­ges, put­ting the ball far back in the stance and then ask why their ball comes so low with no spin in a 20 yards shot! Spe­cial­ly in Ber­mu­da grass!! This guy here in the video knows what he’s tal­king about! Unless you want to bump and run the ball, stop put­ting the ball in front of your trail foot! Gre­at video sir! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    1. Yes, you are exact­ly right. Should have cal­led it a pitch video. Hope you’­re play­ing gre­at! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Alan, no, usual­ly the hig­hest lof­ted clubs gene­ra­te more spin like wed­ges. You can get too much loft and the ball won’t spin as much becau­se it slips on the face. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  35. Gre­at video I used to prac­ti­ce without clea­ning my groo­ves and I could never get that spin. After see­ing this I prac­ti­ce with my groo­ve clea­ner an the spin is so much more consistent

    1. Hi Jeff, sor­ry for all the talk. I agree, the­re is pro­bab­ly too much in this one. Sor­ry about that. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  36. Clay,thanks for ans­we­ring!! I strugg­le with over the top,arthritic hands,an lag! I need help bad!! I use to hit my dri­ver 225,now I’m good it it goes 195! I don’t know what hap­pen­ed! But thanks for your teachings!!

    1. HI Jeff, if you’­re loo­king for help then you may want to check out our Unli­mi­ted Swing Review pro­gram that is avail­ab­le to All Access Mem­bers. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  37. I can­not belie­ve peop­le come to a golf inst­ruc­tion video and their cri­ti­cism is “too much inst­ruc­tion”!! Keep up the gre­at work Clay. Your explana­ti­on of the shal­low ang­le of attack com­bi­ned with high loft was perfect!

    1. Hi, sor­ry for the abundance of infor­ma­ti­on. We may have some other vide­os that are more simp­le. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Ron­nie, thanks for the feed­back. This level of detail is defi­ni­te­ly not for ever­yo­ne. May­be you might enjoy some of our other wedge vide­os. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for the feed­back. Sor­ry you found the video con­fu­sing. Hope you’­re play­ing gre­at! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi, I 100% agree. I’m not even sure why we cal­led it that. You real­ly don’t want back­spin on your chips. Hope you’­re play­ing gre­at! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  38. By defi­ni­ti­on this is false
    Chip shot: a shot that whe­re the ball rolls (for­wards) fur­ther than it flies.
    What you MEAN TO SAY is “pitch shot”!

    1. Hi Nathan, you are exact­ly right. Thanks for the com­ment. Hope you’­re play­ing gre­at! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  39. I’ve been play­ing golf for 6 years now. I’m 49 and I am a 4 han­di­cap. Clay’s vide­os can seem to be long but I’ve lear­ned more from watching his vide­os than any other inst­ruc­tor. Hank Haney is a clo­se second. Gre­at instruction👍

  40. for you clowns that don’t under­stand or its “too much”, your just too much of an ama­teur. Golf takes YEARS to make some accom­plish­ments in to fine-tune your craft.period. gre­at video.

  41. I put so much spin on once I hit the green and the ball was just spin­ning in the same spot for about 4 minu­tes, all the while it was making the wheel spin sound that a car does.

    1. @Top Speed Golf – Clay Ball­ard I hate tel­ling peop­le this but I actual­ly shot 50 that day! Tiger woods cad­dy was the­re and said “hey bud­dy you got­ta let me cad­dy for you immedia­te­ly, you will win every major if you play like that, Wim­ble­don inclu­ded!!” I poli­te­ly decli­ned. I said “why would I want to play golf for a living when I make shit loads in IT”

    1. @Top Speed Golf – Clay Ball­ard dont chan­ge though i appre­cia­te the infor­ma­ti­on, i say give em ever­ything you know and let them sort out what they want to lis­ten to

    1. You’ll want to have your weight more for­ward to ensu­re a ball first strike. That’s the most important thing. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Car­los, tech­ni­cal­ly, this is a pitch shot but many peop­le cha­rac­te­ri­ze all the­se shots as chips. Play well! Quen­tin | TSG Instructor

  42. I gust speed up my hads to get back spin… I’m sure this guys tech­nic works… but flat­ning the face crea­tes shor­ter distance.… just my point of view

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CHIPPEN Paddys Golf Tip 1 auf deutsch Padraig Harrington Driving Range

CHIPPEN | Paddy’s Golf Tip #1 auf deutsch | Padraig HarringtonCHIPPEN | Paddy’s Golf Tip #1 auf deutsch | Padraig Harrington

Die Kunst des Chip­pens erfor­dert Geduld und Übung. Es gibt eine Rei­he von Grün­den, war­um Gol­fer beim Chip­pen Pro­ble­me haben, aber häu­fig ist es das Ergeb­nis einer fal­schen Kör­per­po­si­ti­on und dem fal­schem Ein­satz der Hän­de im Treff­mo­ment. In die­sem Video wer­de ich dich durch eini­ge ein­zig­ar­ti­ge Tipps füh­ren, um dein