So finden Sie den richtigen Putter

So finden Sie den richtigen Putter Better Putting

In die­ser Fol­ge von Fried Eggs bespre­chen wir eini­ge Put­ter-Fit­ting-Kon­zep­te, die Ihnen dabei hel­fen, einen Put­ter zu fin­den, der Ihre Mecha­nik und Tech­nik ergänzt. Bruce Rea­rick Link – http://​bar​gol​finst​ruc​tion​.blog​spot​.com Lachen, abon­nie­ren, spie­len … Hol dir ein Shirt – frie​deggsgolf​.com Hol dir das Album iTu­nes – http://​itu​nes​.apple​.com/​a​l​b​u​m​/​i​d​1​3​7​3​4​0​7​2​4​1​?​l​s​=​1​&​app =itu­nes Goog­le­Play – https://​play​.goog​le​.com/​s​t​o​r​e​/​m​u​s​i​c​/​a​l​b​u​m​/​R​_​R​a​b​b​i​t​_​F​r​i​e​d​_​E​g​g​s​?​i​d​=​B​j​2​m​p​7​b​2​q​z​s​f​4​k​l​c​7​g​g​g​t​d​l​r​5oa Ama­zon Music – https://​music​.ama​zon​.com/​a​l​b​u​m​s​/​B​0​7​C​8​7​5​J​B​J​?​r​e​f​=​d​m​_​s​h​_​4​f​d​3​-​c​0​1​e​-​d​m​cp- b6ae-ae27d&musicTerritory=US&marketplaceId=ATVPDKIKX0DER Spo­ti­fy – https://​open​.spo​ti​fy​.com/​a​l​b​u​m​/​1​Q​D​m​S​e​M​Q​i​4​S​m​3​Z​q​5​l​O​M​Qud Apple Music – http://​itu​nes​.apple​.com/​a​l​b​u​m​/​i​d​/​1​3​7​3​4​0​7​241 Auch auf Pan­do­ra erhält­lich. Fin­den Sie uns auf… Insta­gram – https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​f​r​i​e​d​e​g​g​s​g​o​lf/ Twit­ter – https://​twit​ter​.com/​F​r​i​e​d​E​g​g​s​G​olf Face­book – https://​www​.face​book​.com/​f​r​i​e​d​e​g​g​s​g​o​lf/ E‑Mail – friedeggsgolfyt@gmail .com

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114 thought on “So finden Sie den richtigen Putter”

  1. nice video, its inte­res­ting cuz from what your say­ing im defi­net­ley using the wrong style put­ter for my sto­ke. I have a half moon put­ter with no off­set and my stro­ke is from in to slight­ly out. The thing is I kind of mani­pu­la­te the face and make it work. So I would pro­bab­ly bene­fit and putt more natu­ral­ly with a full shaft off­set put­ter, I have always lik­ed the odys­sey 2 ball putters.

    1. +chris cham­bers put­ting is so per­so­nal and revol­ves so much around con­fi­dence… when I fit peop­le into put­ters the first ques­ti­on I alway ask when I hand them one is “how does it look” becau­se if they don’t feel con­fi­dent at address then chan­ces are it’s not going to work out for them… defi­ni­te­ly give this a shot, the goal is to use your “mus­cle memo­ry” and not try and con­struct a put­ting stro­ke around a put­ter. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Very inte­res­ting video. Could pro­bab­ly fit mys­elf now ins­tead of paying to have it done. Ques­ti­on regar­ding the ang­le from the hole to your shoul­ders and what put­ter fits best depen­ding on that angle…couldn’t I take my cur­rent put­ter and adjust the lie ang­le to com­pen­sa­te for that shaft ang­le? Or is the­re a dif­fe­rence bet­ween the lie ang­le and whe­re the shaft inter­sects the head?

    1. +Tre­vor King Yes, the lie ang­le will help the put­ter lie flush to the put­ting sur­face whe­re the point in which the shaft inter­sects the head will deter­mi­ne the swing arc amount and “toe droop” of the head.

  3. I just got a Scot­ty Came­ron golo 5 and I love it! Feels super solid and I’m put­ting gre­at. Real­ly recom­mend it!

    1. Super con­tent! btw: you may­be can reach more view­ers if you call it “how to find the right put­ter for your put­ting stro­ke” becau­se peop­le search for “how to” more often than the words you use 😉

  4. GREAT VIDEO! – I put with an old school Pro­be 20/20 and I lear­ned to use it qui­te nice­ly I cut it to 34″ and put a Super Stro­ke Slim 3.0 on it and it’s awesome 🙂

    1. Jona­tan Medi­na hey bro when are we play­ing? Give me a call I’ll PM you my num­ber if you don’t have it yet! BTW check out my Face­book. I’m going to put pic­tures of my Scot­ty Came­ron collec­tions on

  5. Awe­so­me video as always! Keep up the good work. I espe­cial­ly enjoy­ed the one you did on the fake Scot­ty Cameron’s. I recent­ly begun collec­ting them and it’s real­ly hel­ped out find some fake stuff out the­re in eBay land

  6. Bruce is gre­at. Read all the arti­cles defi­ni­te­ly some gems in the­re. Espe­cial­ly when he talks about ball position/ fin­ding your natu­ral stroke.

  7. How. UHC do you guys char­ge for fit­ting? Best video ever. Edel put­ter fit­ting cos­ts $$$ befo­re the cost of the put­ter. And you do a bet­ter job

  8. Every club that I felt fit me had the right heft and the right length shaft. To me, the­se are the two most important fac­tors for fit­ting any club to my game. I think for put­ters, the right weight and length of shaft are even more important becau­se of the pre­cisi­on requi­red in making a putt.

  9. 1. Which hand is sup­po­sed to be mea­su­red to deter­mi­ne the cor­rect shaft length for a put­ter? The nar­ra­tor appears to be right-han­ded yet points to his left hand as the hand to be mea­su­red. Well, lots of play­ers putt cross-han­ded (nota­b­ly Jor­dan Speith), so which hand is the mea­su­ring stan­dard; the low hand on the grip, or the high hand? 2. Sta­tis­ti­cal­ly, 70% of ama­teur gol­fers left-pull their putt mis­ses regard­less of whe­ther their put­ting arc is insi­de-out, out­side-in, or back-and-thru, which sug­gests that deli­ber­ate­ly buil­ding dif­fe­rent off-sets into put­ters is just OEM myth-mar­ke­ting. 3. So long as the OEM’s build put­ters with the cen­ter-of-gra­vi­ty insi­de or out­side, or below or abo­ve the shaft-line inter­sec­ting the cen­ter-strike of the put­ter face, they will be able to sell ’new’ models every year which do not actual­ly per­form bet­ter than young Lee Tre­vi­no hust­ling rich coun­try club Tex­ans using a Coke bot­t­le tied to the end of a broom stick. 4. The­re is no cen­ter-balan­ced (lie-ang­le) put­ter ever dis­cus­sed in this video, yet they are famous for having zero tor­que-twist com­pa­red to all other toe- and face-balan­ced put­ters in this video. All toe-balan­ced and face-balan­ced put­ters that the OEM’s sell to us every new year wob­b­le like a drun­ken sailor as they fight against gra­vi­ty going into impact. 5. The­re are mil­li­ons of gol­fers with mil­li­ons of pos­si­ble put­ting methods, but what seems to be mis­sing is the one-time-purcha­se put­ter which ser­ves ever­yo­ne best for an ent­i­re life­time: cen­ter-shaf­ted (ent­i­re­ly legal), cen­ter-balan­ced (again, legal), 80 degree lie (it’s legal, 81 or more is not), 3 degree loft, and 400+ grams in head-weight. Oh, and becau­se four inch long put­ters is un-necessa­ry extra cost, a three inch put­ter (again, com­ple­te­ly legal; the ball is only 1.62 inches wide) would lower the cost to the play­er and still offer a cen­ter-strike sur­face that is 15 to 20 times lar­ger than what is nee­ded. The OEMs don’t offer such a life­time put­ter becau­se they need the reve­nues from sel­ling the next year’s ’new’ off-set model…and the next year’s ’new’ heel shaft…and the next year’s ’new’ insert.…

  10. Hi, I real­ly lik­ed this video. Espe­cial­ly the part about selec­ting a put­ter based on whe­re the shaft is ali­gned with the bla­de. Would you say that is more important than the com­mon phi­lo­so­phy that the toe hang is pro­por­tio­nal to the arc of the stro­ke? I ask becau­se the ang­le from my shoul­ders to the tar­get line is grea­ter than 13 degrees, and your recom­men­da­ti­on that would be sui­ted for a heel shaf­ted put­ter. I tried it and it see­med to make sen­se. But I have a fair­ly strai­ght back, left hand domi­nant stro­ke and a heel shaf­ted put­ter would have a huge toe hang. So con­ven­tio­nal advice would be to not use it. Thanks!!!

  11. Gre­at video…how much weight do you put on the put­ter fit­ting rule of having more toe weigh­t­ing for the more arc your stro­ke has? I watch PGA play­ers all the time, and I don’t see have seve­re arc moti­ons, which would by con­ven­tio­nal wis­dom eli­mi­na­te the use of toe hang put­ters. I have a fair­ly strai­ght stro­ke, almost out­side-in, and used a heel shaf­ted put­ter which is obvious­ly toe hang, based on your video, and it felt like the best fit.

  12. +Fried Eggs Golf what was the ang­le put­ting tool app you’­re spea­king of in the video? I’m not having luck fin­ding one?

  13. WEIGHT ??? – You or Bruce did­n’t men­ti­on weight, i.e. “Over­all Weight”, “Head Weight” and “Swing­weight”. What are Bruce’s thoughts regar­ding the­se para­me­ters? – Thx, RYR

  14. I know this video is old but wan­ted to thank you for the time you took to make it . After a long fight with put­ting I final­ly found this post and purcha­sed the “right” kind of put­ter . It has hel­ped a lot . Thanks again !!!

  15. What about weight and type of sight lines? Are tho­se more of a per­so­nal pre­fe­rence? Also, what about face-balan­ced ver­sus hang as far as type of stroke?

  16. Ive chan­ged put­ters the other day from cent­re shaft face balan­ce to toe balan­ce full ofs­et. and i had to chan­ge my put­ting stro­ke becau­se of that.

  17. Hey I know this is kind of old but do u know when he pos­ted the blogs about knowing the right put­ter for yourself. So u can basi­cal­ly get yourself fit­ted. Thanks for the gre­at video.

  18. I thought this was going to be a gre­at video but felt like you left some parts out. You talk about what hand was domi­nant but not what that hel­ps you deter­mi­ne. Also, you talk about the hang if it’s face balan­ced slight toe hang etc but only tal­ked about strokes and whe­re the off­set was? May­be that goes hand in hand just want some cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on thanks!

  19. Nobo­dy ever talks about left han­der lack of avai­la­bi­li­ty in put­ters & golf clubs in gene­ral. I have wan­ted to buy a Scot­ty Came­ron ‘Squareb­ack’ but I under­stand that it is not made for left hand­lers. In fact they only make 2 left han­ded models out of about a dozen right han­ded models. This is typi­cal of all manu­fac­tu­rers. I under­stand that the the­re has been a finan­cial rea­son in the past but with the with today’s manu­fac­tu­ring pro­cess, I would think it would be easier & che­a­per to do. Then they can may­be start to earn an addi­tio­nal cou­p­le of per­cent pro­fit to!!!!!!
    Frus­tra­ted Lefty

    1. This seems like some­thing you could be able to sue for in todays cra­zy times. #Left­hand­ers­mat­ter
      For real, though, that would dri­ve me cra­zy, I take for gran­ted being a righ­ty. good luck

  20. Gre­at Video, thanks. You men­ti­on the various degrees of balan­ce in the face, howe­ver it does­n’t make sug­ges­ti­ons as to why someo­ne would choo­se dif­fe­rent face balances?

  21. Gre­at video. I am just get­ting back into the game after many years off. I was just actual­ly loo­king at my stro­ke today. I am loo­king for a new put­ter so per­fect time to find this video. Keep up the gre­at work.

  22. Don’t fool for the name. Try a put­ter in shop.any model any shape. It’s all about feel. A 9 han­di­cap­per won our socie­ty. He uses a cra­zy golf put­ter to pro­ve the point. Good luck eit­her way. 👍

  23. Accord­ing to the video I need a put­ter that’s slight­ly insi­de shaft with a 0 shaft off­set (left hand domi­nant) and 33 inches which model should I be loo­king at to try? Any help is very much appre­cia­ted! Thanks!

  24. Ste­pha­ne, your pro­bab­ly in dire need of a put­ting les­son mate..New put­ter will just cost you money and won’t make you putt better.

  25. Will making a put­ter head smal­ler bre­ach any rules? If I cut part of the put­ter TOE off? Thus shor­tening the length bet­ween heel and toe by 20mm

  26. On the mar­ket for a Scot­ty. First time having some­thing so expen­si­ve. I was at golf­town and was drai­ning them like cra­zy. I noti­ced then the holes all fell toward the midd­le of the cup. So they sell put­ters obvious­ly. This was an extre­me­ly hel­pful video.

  27. I have an align­ment pro­blem with my Evnroll ER7. I align the put­ter direct­ly at the hole. Then, I have someo­ne turn on a laser level that reve­als the line on the put­ter is actual­ly aiming slight­ly left of the hole. I also see this when using a “Put­ting Stick” aid. I know the ball hit cor­rect­ly rolls strai­ght in the hole down the Put­ting stick. The put­ter loo­ks like I am aiming slight­ly left of the hole even when my eyes are veri­fied over or slight­ly insi­de the ball. I have no idea what would fix this.….toe hang, off­set… no idea.

  28. thanks for the explana­ti­ons. If my put­ter length would be too long for me, is it pos­si­ble to make it short? and if it’s pos­si­ble how should I do it?

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