So wählen Sie den perfekten Putter aus | TrottieGolf

So waehlen Sie den perfekten Putter aus TrottieGolf Chris Trott

Spi­der FCG, Spi­der X oder Truss? In die­sem Video erfah­ren Sie, wor­auf Sie bei der Aus­wahl des per­fek­ten Put­ters für Ihr Spiel ach­ten müs­sen. ABONNIEREN & FOLGEN: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​K​9​S​s​Z​N​s​a​k​b​7​h​b​6​h​I​N​E​Y​x​g​A​?​v​i​e​w​_​a​s​=​s​u​b​s​c​r​i​ber Ins­ta | You­tube | Twit­ter: @trottiegolf Mar­ke: @TaylorMade Golf

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34 thought on “So wählen Sie den perfekten Putter aus | TrottieGolf”

  1. Gre­at video as usu­al Trot­tie! I saw the spi­der x have some hea­vier weights that you can add; asi­de from may­be the feel, what else does having hea­vier weight do per­for­mance wise?

    1. @trottiegolf I belie­ve Rory went hea­vier weights at some point with his spi­der X copper…2x12’s 24grams total?
      yes trot­tie! I noti­ced you are correct.
      I went from DJ Spi­der Tour Blk 2x2 gram weights to 2 x14 gram weights for a total of 28 grams and it does help incre­a­se the moi for the sta­bi­li­ty of the head through the putter’s swing path…
      Thank you for confirming.
      Also noti­ced the same thing Rory noti­ced with my distance con­trol being better

  2. bought the Spi­der X Cop­per and shot my first 73 this past Saturday!..putted the best I’ve put­ted in years. 4 bir­dies on the back 9. awe­so­me fee­ling. its a keeper!

  3. Trot­tie with ano­t­her 🧅. I’m defi­ni­te­ly a Spi­derX guy. @TrottieGolf – do some the pro use dif­fe­rent styles of put­ters to train spe­ci­fic things in their stro­ke? Ex. Using a bla­de put­ter to feel more release then brin­ging that stro­ke fee­ling to their mal­let gamer. #TourT­ruck­Tu­es­day @iamdemeco_27

    1. yea to be honest it does hap­pen from time to time. TW has a trai­ning put­ter and a gamer & McIl­ory / DJ both go to the Bla­de from time to time to feel cer­tain things.… Dus­tin actual­ly does the same with his Spi­der Tour

  4. I’m real­ly curious on the eye domi­nan­ce. Being left eye domi­nant and right han­ded I real­ly have to be care­ful with cer­tain put­ters. Gre­at vids!!!

  5. As usu­al gre­at infor­ma­ti­on. My ques­ti­on as I am loo­king at the spi­der X is weigh­t­ing. I have both neck ver­si­ons and seem to smash the ball by the hole com­pa­red to other brands I have on the exact same putt. Is chan­ging the weights on the X going to help the speed of the roll?

    1. It’s going to direct­ly impact the swing weight and how the shaft feels / plays. So in sum­ma­ry I would say yes it will impact the speed as that’s a direct respon­se when you make tho­se changes

  6. Purchasd the spi­der x cop­per start of sea­son and just could­n’t get the ball rol­ling on line at all. Lost con­fi­dence with it and tried the spi­der s chalk and what a dif­fe­rence. The s had me holing putts from ever­y­whe­re and I put it down to the 3 sight­li­nes and the more sta­ble head. My search for my per­fect is over this will be in the bag for years

  7. Trot­tie i putt with the ball just left of cent­re under my left eye would you say face balan­ced or slight toe hang would gene­ral­ly fit bet­ter. Just curious as I’ve been fit­ted for face balan­ced in the past but can also use very slight toe hang ver­si­ons. I’m gaming your spi­der s and rocking that at the moment so is it down to what suits your eye and feel rather than put­ting stroke

    1. A “Face Balan­ced” moti­on Play­er will be able to adjust to a litt­le Toe Hang/Flow more easi­ly than an “Arc” moti­on Play­er can adjust to a “Face Balan­ced” desi­gned Putter.

  8. I did­n’t think it was worth chan­ging a put­ter. I was using a Tay­lorma­de Ros­sa put­ter that was 35″ face ball­an­ced. To a spi­der tour 34″ face ball­an­ced and the dif­fe­rence is night and day.
    Look for­ward to your vide­os, keep them up!

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