Sondergast Josh Talge, VP of Marketing Titleist Golf Clubs | NPG 107

Sondergast Josh Talge VP of Marketing Titleist Golf Clubs Golf driver

Tony und Chris set­zen sich mit Josh Tal­ge von Tit­leist zusam­men, um über die neu­en TSr-Metall­höl­zer, die bes­ten Früh­stücks­flo­cken und dar­über zu spre­chen, was Tit­leist kann, was belieb­te Bou­tique-Schlä­ger­aus­rüs­ter nicht können!

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32 thought on “Sondergast Josh Talge, VP of Marketing Titleist Golf Clubs | NPG 107”

  1. Love this Pod­cast.. as I’m lis­tening. Here in the UK I’m not so much a Tit­leist Club rejec­tor.. but somehow don’t feel worthy of play­ing the pro­duct… I play Tay­lor Made / Ping right now… hence it’s gre­at to lis­ten to this con­ver­sa­ti­on with Josh.. As a high sin­gle figu­re han­di­cap­per inte­res­ting to her his views on fol­low the golfer…

  2. How about making the wed­ges last lon­ger ie 75 rounds – 1 round a week one and half years to fol­low their 2 year chan­ge model – sur­pri­se sur­pri­se 🤔🤫😄
    Mizu­no have added boron etc for las­ting cha­rac­te­ris­tics!!! It will be inte­res­ting to see who lasts the lon­gest in reports next year onwards💪💪💪👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂

  3. This was real­ly inte­res­ting. I’m having a dri­ver fit­ting tomor­row and the Tit­leist is a front run­ner, but I’m now won­de­ring if I should hold off and wait until the TSR line drops and try tho­se.
    It means wai­t­ing until Octo­ber or Novem­ber though!

  4. Its a call back to the grea­test dri­ver Tit­leist ever made…the 905R. The­re was the T, S, And R models of the 905, (owned a few of each, the R with a Pro­launch Red was epic) what did tho­se let­ters stand for?

  5. My bag is slow­ly beco­m­ing all Tit­leist. Ever­ything about this con­ver­sa­ti­on leads me to belie­ve that they ‘get it’ and they seem to be on the right path on ever­ything. To me the dif­fe­ren­tia­tor from them and the rest are the qua­li­ty. Other OEMs clubs show wear a lot quicker, they just use infe­ri­or paint, glue, com­pon­ents and cut cor­ners on the build. I never feel bad about paying full retail for a Tit­leist club.

  6. Fun­ny tal­king about Tit­leist build tole­ran­ces, cus­tom orde­red a set of T300’s from them last sum­mer. Took 12 weeks to come in and when I got them the 8 iron had a dif­fe­rent flex shaft then the rest of the set. Good thing they have such high qua­li­ty assurance.

  7. Been wai­t­ing on my T100 S for over 4 mon­ths from when I got fit­ted at my club by a tit­leist fitter.Titleist fit­ted me for the Tensei white 90 stiff, appar­ent­ly they can’t get the shafts from Mitsubishi.

  8. I’ve never got on with Tit­leist woods in the past and tes­ted a TSi 2 com­pa­red to my F9 and my F9 was bet­ter for me. Tit­leist makes qua­li­ty equip­ment and the woods look simp­le but clas­sy. May­be I might fit into one some­day. The last group of irons to be released defi­ni­te­ly tur­ned my head. I think their equip­ment is desi­gned for may­be a litt­le bet­ter play­er, which is not me. I like how they release clubs every other year as oppo­sed to most the OEMS.

  9. Fel­las ano­t­her gre­at pod­cast this one I had to real­ly pay atten­ti­on to it got nice and tech­ni­cal. Keep em com­ing. Also I heard a com­mer­cial for fit­tings on the radio from a major com­pa­ny. Made me think you guys need to figu­re out a way to get fit­ted by dif­fe­rent peop­le across the coun­try and give us a base­li­ne on what and whe­re to go and what to look for . You guys get fit­ted at titelist by the best of the best which us 20 han­di­cap­pers don’t have access to. Thanks again guys !

  10. Ori­gi­nal for­mu­la Gol­den Gra­hams. Weg­mans store brand Honey Gra­ham Squa­res are even bet­ter. I agree with the Reese’s Pea­nut But­ter Crunch or Puff cere­al also.

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