Sonic, aber DU bist ein Golfball?! – Lustiger Sonic 2 Rom-Hack

Sonic aber DU bist ein Golfball Lustiger Sonic 2 Rom Hack blue television games

Sonic, aber DU bist ein Golf­ball?! – Fun­ny Sonic 2 Rom Hack 🎮 SNOLF: Tour­na­ment Edi­ti­on Über­nimm die Kon­trol­le über SNOLF, den „cools­ten Golf­ball“. Die­ser lus­ti­ge Rom-Hack für Sonic the Hedge­hog 2 ver­wan­delt Sonic in einen Golf­ball mit Golf­ball-Steue­rung. Sor­ry Sonic, kein Lau­fen und Sprin­gen mehr für SIE! Holen Sie sich den Rom-Hack von Sonic 2 hier: https://​shc​.zone/​e​n​t​r​i​e​s​/​c​o​n​t​e​s​t​2​0​2​1​/​383 Snolf Tour­na­ment Edi­ti­on von: DrMe­lon Sonic mit Club-Spri­te im Thumb­nail von: Devy Spri­tes­heet: https://​www​.spriters​-resour​ce​.com/ custom_edited/sonicthehedgehogcustoms/sheet/162643/ Golf­ball Sonic in Minia­tur­an­sicht von: Dar­by BTG ✪ Abon­nie­ren Sie wei­te­re Inhal­te: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​/​B​l​u​e​T​e​l​e​v​i​s​i​o​n​G​a​mes ✪ Wer­den Sie BTG-Mit­glied: https://​www​.you​tube. com/channel/UCw5YkWj0TfjZrQEgG8u9JjQ/join ✪ Dis­cord: http://​dis​cord​.gg/​b​l​u​e​t​e​l​e​v​i​s​i​o​n​g​a​mes ✪ Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​b​l​u​e​t​v​g​a​mes ✪ Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​b​l​u​e​t​e​l​e​v​i​s​i​o​n​g​a​m​es/ ✪ Tik­Tok: htt­ps :// ✪ BTG Merch Store: https://​tee​spring​.com/​s​t​o​r​e​s​/​b​l​u​e​-​t​e​l​e​v​i​s​i​o​n​-​g​a​m​e​s​-​s​t​ore ✪ Fan­post hier sen­den: Dar­by BTG PO Box 415 Kir­kers­vil­le, OH 43033 #sonic #sonic­the­hedge­hog #lus­tig

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297 thought on “Sonic, aber DU bist ein Golfball?! – Lustiger Sonic 2 Rom-Hack”

  1. Your always my best you­tuber of sonic its ama­zing vide­os and sonic and mario and anything its so nice you can get­mo­re sub­scri­be of 100m im real­ly wan­ted you get 100m subscribe

    1. @Blue Tele­vi­si­on Games ended up ‑5 haha. Sonic can be hit in mid-air as well…that’s how you “chea­ted” on the second level you play­ed (times­tamp 5:23)

  2. You’­re right on paper this sounds good, but the level design is pro­ble­ma­tic. With some spe­cia­li­sed levels for Snolf this can be a real blast.

  3. This loo­ks so much fun, and lis­tening to you make it per­fect, Dar­by. You’re always fun to lis­ten and watch. 🤛🏻🙏🏻

  4. Hey Btg so sonic of a golf what about to make sonic and the turn into a golf into a meme ever­yo­ne going to do that

    1. @Blue Tele­vi­si­on Games But… WHERE? xD When i search for Sonic rom hacks all i most­ly get is “OMG Sonic 2 but its Sonic 1!!!!!”

  5. You said ‘put­ter’ at 0:47 which made me think of the Simp­sons epi­so­de whe­re Homer tells Bart to name his golf club and he calls it Mr Put­ter. Then seconds later you say ‘max power’ which made me think of the Simp­sons epi­so­de whe­re Homer chan­ged his own name to Max Power. I don’t know much about golf but I know a lot of old Simp­sons episodes. 😛

  6. If only this was in Mario and Sonic 2020 Tokyo Olym­pic Games.

    Serious­ly though, I real­ly wish future Sonic games would do this. It’s cool.

  7. Oh man I just wat­ched a speed run a few weeks ago of someo­ne oh you know, casual­ly spee­drun­ning Sonic 1, but it was Snolf. It was insa­ne. Super pum­ped when I saw you put up a video play­ing this too.

  8. Dude I’m glad you’­re play­ing this and having fun! Kin­da curious who’d win in a head-to-head Snolf game: you or Lair? LOL

  9. I’m gon­na say PAR! GO DARBY !!
    Edit : Noiiice, 5 under PAR, GG Dar­by 😉 Still gon­na say PAR for Zone 2.
    Edit 2 : OK kind of for­got the boss was in Zone 2 and was actual­ly, for all intents and pur­po­ses part of the hack, I would have said no other­wi­se as I’d have pre­dic­ted the extre­me­ly frus­tra­ting expe­ri­ence it must be to try to PAR vs the boss 😝 Gre­at job none­theless! Gon­na say PAR on Che­mi­cal 1. 35 seems high but hey! More doable than a boss I guess 🙂
    Edit 3 : I almost want to say not PAR on Che­mi­cal 2 but 60 is real­ly high and by that point expe­ri­ence starts to set in. But sin­ce all traps actual­ly deal dama­ge and there’s this under­wa­ter part in one of che­mi­cal zones (not sure which though) that is pro­bab­ly still timed I’m gon­na say not PAR !

  10. I can defi­ni­te­ly see this as Sega offi­cial game than Rom­hack, I mean we alrea­dy have Sonic Pin­ball and make Sonic play like in sport as the ball should be more obvious choice.

  11. Sonic seems to be having a “ball” of fun (though che­mi­cal plant seems to be the best golf hole sin­ce have to putt it in some holes xD)

  12. Hel­lo Blue tele­vi­si­on games I wan­ted to say if you could may­be do a favor for me if you’­re able to com­mu­ni­ca­te with the creators of Super Mario Maker World engi­ne to say if they could add Peach as a play­a­ble cha­rac­ter she would be able to fly for a small-time becau­se I can find the way to com­mu­ni­ca­te with damn

  13. The games good but sonic is not a golf ball he is just rol­ling. But its been a wile sin­ce you did sonic 2 ROM hack. But… Lol!

  14. I defi­ni­te­ly want to see more Snolf. It’s ama­zing. Also, if you like cra­zy golf games, you should check out What the Golf?. I think it would be a good fit for this channel.

  15. Wauw, i get why but even egg­man was alrea­dy very weak in che­mi­cal plant (in nor­mal sonic 2) he still got nerfed when he final­ly had a fair-ish chance

    1. @Blue Tele­vi­si­on Games i know but still, its fun­ny that when sonic not nerfed so much that egg­man would have a chan­ce that he gets nerfed to this much too😂

  16. This was fun. I’ve seen it all now Sonic golf. This was so fun to watch and always a plea­su­re to lis­ten to you enjoy it. Keep up the awe­so­me work, Never fail to make me smi­le esp in the­se cra­zy days and the anxie­ty and worry mind i am get­ting , Your awe­so­meness help . Thank you.

  17. This is what sonic the hedge­hog 2 would look like if it’s a golf game, per­fect for any­bo­dy who’s a fan of both tho­se things👍🏼

  18. Lol I’m sure this game took some pati­ence to beat, loving the com­men­ta­ry and crea­ti­vi­ty of this Rom Hack! Nice video dude!

  19. in actu­al golf, the first club you’­re sup­po­se to use is the dri­ver to get it as far as you can and on the green, then you use the 9‑Iron to con­ti­nue down to the hole, then use the put­ter to sink the ball in.

  20. #sonic Very cool and crea­ti­ve game (with gre­at fun, game­play, pair shots and #fun­ny moments too), Dar­by. I am very enjoy­ed (with wai­t­ing for more con­ti­nued epi­so­des and simi­lar rom hacks too), our #friend­ly dude ever.

  21. I think it let you becau­se it’s impos­si­ble to do without moving left or right (in terms of d‑pad move­ment) chal­len­ges in Sonic 2 due to the springs in che­mi­cal plant locking you in, and this is almost the same rule­set whe­re you can only move on the ground, so this is a gre­at way not to get soft­lo­cked in the level.

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