Sprechende Brüste & BHs für Golf // Meine am häufigsten gestellten Fragen

Sprechende Brueste amp BHs fuer Golf Meine am haeufigsten gestellten Fragen golf

Mir wer­den SO vie­le Fra­gen über eine gro­ße Brust und das Golf­spie­len gestellt, dass ich dach­te, es sei an der Zeit, die­se Fra­gen ein für alle Mal zu beant­wor­ten! Ein­schließ­lich einer mei­ner am häu­figs­ten gestell­ten Fra­gen – sind sie echt? Hof­fent­lich kann ich damit auf­hö­ren, so oft gefragt zu wer­den, aber auch ein paar Rat­schlä­ge für alle mei­ne Spie­le­rin­nen da drau­ßen geben, die wis­sen wol­len, wie man um die Brust schwingt und wel­che BHs ich tra­ge! Insta­gram Swin­ging with Boobs Tuto­ri­al: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​p​/​B​u​r​3​o​s​i​H​k​Dq/ Lulu­le­mon Ener­gy Bra: https://​shop​.lulu​le​mon​.com/​p​/​w​o​m​e​n​-​s​p​o​r​t​s​-​b​r​a​s​/​E​n​e​r​g​y​-​B​r​a​-​3​2​9​2​5​/_/ prod9360058?color=30230 VS Voll­stän­dig bede­cken­der T‑S­hirt-BH: https://​www​.vic​to​ri​as​se​cret​.com/​v​s​/​b​r​a​s​-​c​a​t​a​l​o​g​/​t​h​e​-​t​-​s​h​i​r​t​-​l​i​g​h​t​l​y​-​l​i​n​e​d​-​f​u​l​l​-​c​o​v​e​r​a​g​e​-​b​r​a​-​5​0​0​0​0​0​6​691?brand=vs&choice =65H8&collectionId=69c7e870-5be2-4325-b5c0-701b21a9134b&filter=subclass%3AFull+Coverage&genericId=11116355&limit=180&productId=3ec00af7-f9d1-4744–9b20-f9183569b2c9&size1=&size2=&stackId=4d2f8979-c368-4e30-9ce2-35634c865fad VS Stra­p­less Bra: https://www.victoriassecret.com/vs/bras-catalog/very-sexy-strapless-bra-5000000046?brand=vs&collectionId=5a42988c-f784-4882–8d61-f19de6e054ca&limit=180&productId=e33f6d3a-0fc8-4a11-aefe- caed9985e67e&stackId=7a513e46-0500–4158-a5d8-ded77c6dc4e3 ➡️ Abon­nie­re mei­nen Kanal: https://​goo​.gl/​z​X​Y​k3W Ver­giss nicht, auf die Glo­cke zu kli­cken, um Post-Benach­rich­ti­gun­gen zu akti­vie­ren! ➡️ Fol­gen Sie mir auf der 18Bir­dies-App für mehr mei­ner Golf­bil­der, Vide­os, Ergeb­nis­se und mehr: http://​bit​.ly/​2​n​n​y​2Tw VERBINDEN SIE SICH MIT MIR *Insta­gram: http://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​_​p​a​i​g​e​.​r​e​n​ee/ *Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​P​a​i​g​e​S​p​i​r​a​nac *Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​p​a​i​g​e​r​e​n​e​e​s​p​i​r​a​nac *Web­site: http://​www​.pai​ge​spira​nac​.com VERBINDEN SIE SICH MIT 18BIRDIES *Insta­gram: https://www. insta​gram​.com/​1​8​b​i​r​d​i​e​s​a​pp/ *Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​1​8​b​i​r​d​i​e​s​app *Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​1​8​b​i​r​d​i​es/ *You­Tube: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​9​q​S​9​N​s​W​0​B​u​u​k​z​N​N​I​H​o​Q​UnQ Intro /Ou­tro-Musik von Joa­kim Karud – http://​you​tube​.com/​j​o​a​k​i​m​k​a​rud

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717 thought on “Sprechende Brüste & BHs für Golf // Meine am häufigsten gestellten Fragen”

  1. Pai­ge, bre­ast wis­hes for you in 2020!!! May your 20 be bet­ter than your 19. Not­hing but fair­ways and greens. I also like your new blon­de hair color. Your golf swing is fan­tastic and I am jea­l­ous of it.

  2. When you work real­ly hard at your craft and your body , you have every right to show it to the point you feel com­for­ta­ble ! The­re is a dif­fe­rence bet­ween flaun­ting and class and you are pure class …

  3. You can­dor is so refres­hing. I’ve loved all the con­tent this year and have lear­ned so much from you! Can’t wait to see what you’ll teach me next year.

    PS Your extra lite hair loo­ks AMAZING with that shirt. It gives a natu­ral glow and kil­ler framing to your face. Makes your smi­le pop all the more. Ok, I’m done.

  4. As you can see I’m showing skin on my pic­tu­re pro­fi­le but I won’t get offen­ded by anything someo­ne says. I guess what I’m asking is how far is too far??

  5. My wife has sta­ted they are the grea­test advan­ta­ge and dis­ad­van­ta­ge a woman has. She embarr­as­sed her tea­ching pro one time when he told her how to fol­low through and keep her arms tog­e­ther. She said, “I know, you want me to sweep my boobs.” She said he got real­ly red faced and had trou­ble con­cen­tra­ting the rest of the les­son. She said it does make it easier to keep her arms tog­e­ther if she con­cen­tra­tes on whe­re the club is in rela­ti­on to her chest. She has a fair­ly nice pair, not as big as yours Pai­ge but decent. I don’t have that advan­ta­ge. Sigh.

    1. I appre­cia­te your hones­ty and sin­ce­ri­ty. I am enjoy­ing watching your vide­os as I am try­ing to learn how to play golf in my old age. Thank you for being so good at exp­lai­ning the basics. I’m quick­ly beco­m­ing a fan.

  6. Here’s a ner­dy golf rule thought. I was against the ancho­ring rule that main­ly per­tains to put­ting. Main­ly becau­se I don’t think the USGA gets to tell me how to swing a club. But do you think that you are actual­ly ancho­ring your arms during a full swing?

  7. You are the BEST! And you legit read my mind. I’m get­ting an aug­men­ta­ti­on in April and I’ve been won­de­ring on how/if it will affect my swing. Thanks for the tips!!

  8. Pai­ge, Hap­py Holiday’s to you and yours. Thank you for all the hard work you’­ve put in on your video’s, love them, very hel­pful, keep it up. Can’t wait ‘til next year. Thanks again.

  9. Wow, what an awe­so­me atti­tu­de! So hap­py to see and hear your pri­de in who you are. I have to admit, your phy­si­cal beau­ty, inclu­ding your boobs of cour­se, got me hoo­ked on your vide­os. After watching a few of them, your per­so­na­li­ty and intel­li­gence stood out as well, and all of the­se com­bi­ned have kept me as a huge fan. Stay proud of yourself! You’re an ama­zing woman.

  10. Paige..You are a beau­ti­ful sexy woman and never apo­lo­gi­ze for that.. I real­ly enjoy your vide­os and hope you have an awe­so­me year!

  11. Oh my, all I’m going to say is that I think you have an abso­lute­ly fan­tastic chan­nel Pai­ge. Your con­tent is always enligh­tening, whe­ther it’s about golf, or anxie­ty issu­es, or eating healt­hi­er, or anything else you choo­se to talk about. I’m always impres­sed with your work, and you defi­ni­te­ly deser­ve every bit of prai­se that you get for your efforts.

  12. Pai­ge, My wife is very shape­ly like you. When I star­ted play­ing golf ever­ything I hit was a big bana­na sli­ce. I wat­ched my wife swing and lear­ned to hit a draw. Becau­se of her bust she had a natu­ral­ly roun­der swing from insi­de out. God made you beau­ti­ful and shape­ly. Not­hing to be asha­med of. You go girl.

  13. Well I’m a litt­le hurt by this video.… my moobs are get­ting a litt­le big­ger with my aging but I don’t think I’m in need of a bra! Appre­cia­te the vid anyways 🙂

  14. Pai­ge, you are a gre­at lady and I have been watching and lis­tening for a while for that rea­son. It’s been long enough that I feel like I know you and it isn’t uncom­mon for me to sen­se your dis­com­fort at times, but you are so sweet and hand­le it with gre­at class. And yes, you are fun to watch, we all know it, thanks for that. It is natu­ral and as you have repeated­ly sta­ted, the­re is no shame in it. You ope­ned with the state­ment that it’s been a tough year, and while I don’t know why, it seems to me like it’s been pret­ty gre­at. I wish Hap­py Holi­days and only the best in the com­ing years!

  15. I love your per­so­na­li­ty, and your out­look on things. You’­re incredi­b­ly smart, attrac­ti­ve and talen­ted. Never chan­ge who you are

  16. Keep doing you Pai­ge not­hing wrong with being con­fi­dent. Keep the girls showing lol the FB sto­ries are the best! Keep up the good videos 😍

  17. Gre­at video, Pai­ge. God luv ya, for taking on such a dar­ing topic. You always look fabu­lous, so keep on doing what you’­re doing. Love your channel.

  18. I mean I get why, I do. but its cer­tain­ly does­n’t defi­ne you or why I fol­low you. I WANT YOUR DAMN GOLFS WING! Darn it lol love the videos

  19. Clas­sy way to tack­le this issue. Btw, you’­re gor­ge­ous the way you are. For me you have a per­fect body. Hope you have a Mer­ry Christ­mas and a Won­der­ful 2020 full of peace and abo­ve all, health. Love you.

  20. There’s not­hing wrong with showing off what you have!!!! Not only are you gor­ge­ous, you’re not weak and coward­ly, that’s the kind of woman I mar­ried. I like strong women , you rock!

  21. As tough as 2019 has clear­ly been for you, you’­ve got­ten a _lot_ more com­for­ta­ble and rela­xed on came­ra etc, at least in this view­ers opi­ni­on. :). Have a gre­at holi­day sea­son and here’s hoping 2020 ushers in a year of less stress and more joy. 🙂

  22. I know that you know this, but let’s face it, most of the girls who give you a hard time are just jea­l­ous. As far as the guys who give you a hard time, they’­ve got one foot in the gra­ve, so who cares about their opinion?

  23. Man!! You weren’t lying, that was full trans­pa­ren­cy! Well good to just get it all out the­re and be done wit it! Hap­py Holi­days to you and can’t wait for next year! #letskillitin2020

  24. Well we know you did not have to do this. But we appre­cia­te you and keep doing what you want, it is your life , your body and your time. Wis­hing you the best in 2020!

  25. I pay atten­ti­on 2 a lot of golf swings I’ve wat­ched your set­up with the Dri­ver and thought your arms a litt­le out on the set­up thanks good 2 know 👍🏻

  26. I can’t say I watch your vide­os to see what you’re wea­ring Pai­ge, but the­re is defi­ni­te­ly not­hing wrong with any of the out­fits I have seen you in, bes­i­des, if you’re going to make gre­at vide­os you might as well look ama­zing while you’re making them, have a gre­at Christ­mas and an even grea­ter New Year 🌹🌹🌹🏌️‍♀️⛳️🎄✨😀

  27. Hap­py Holi­days and a very hap­py New Year’s to you and your fami­ly and friends.

  28. Hap­py Holi­days Pai­ge. Its a plea­su­re to see your vide­os and yeah I agree lets you and I finish this year with a bang. All the best.

  29. WTF this is total­ly awe­so­me, thanks for being a sane per­son and spea­king honest­ly about boobs. I have gre­at pecks and have to tweek my golf swing as well.

  30. Season’s Gree­tings Pai­ge. You hand­led that just like the pro you are. Enjoy time off with loved ones during the holi­days and we’ll see YOU in the New Year. All the Best!!!

  31. Bra­vo Pai­ge, as I’ve come to expect from your chan­nel, a beau­ti­ful, intel­li­gent and infor­ma­ti­ve respon­se regard­less of the issu­es rai­sed, or in ques­ti­on! Des­pi­te being awa­re of your God given phy­si­cal attri­bu­tes, I am by far much more impres­sed by your tri­umphs achie­ved over the chal­len­ges you’ve faced (and your open­ness in sharing them), and your obvious and hard fought-for talents as a golfer!

  32. Love the con­fi­dence in put­ting this out, it takes a lot to talk about sen­si­ti­ve sub­jects and this is very well done. When someo­ne sticks their head abo­ve the rest and does some­thing out of the norm, it makes peop­le uncom­for­ta­ble and they will try and being that per­son back down. This shows that the opi­ni­ons of others no lon­ger have a gre­at effect you and in the end, they real­ly don’t mat­ter. Keep pushing toward your goals in 2020 and I’m sure it will be a bet­ter year for you. Have a gre­at holiday!

  33. Ok i’m an avid gol­fer guy and it sounds like I need to get some huge DD bre­ast implants – to feel more con­nec­ted in my swing and to have an upper body coun­ter balan­ce to bet­ter stay in pos­tu­re, plus they will be super fun to play with, thank you Pai­ge for the awe­so­me advice!!

  34. Whoever is com­p­lai­ning about her chest or any other part of her body, plea­se con­ta­ct your eye doc­tor and get tes­ted. If you need eye sur­ge­ry, plea­se have it done even if you have to pay out of pocket cau­se you don’t know what you’­re mis­sing. And one more thing.…..“Paige, keep it up”

  35. Hap­py Christ­mas Pai­ge. Good luck for 2020 with hope­ful­ly less idio­tic comments from peop­le. Can see your hard work every week, your such a beau­ti­ful per­son insi­de and out. 🎄🎄🎄🎄

  36. Mer­ry Christ­mas, Pai­ge. I’ve been a regu­lar for near­ly 6 mon­ths. It’s been a joy watching you grow in your role. Admit­ted­ly your phy­si­cal beau­ty initia­ted my watching, but I have been tho­rough­ly impres­sed by your play­ing skill and total open­ness in com­mu­ni­ca­ting your fee­lings and know­ledge. I love that you have fun in all that you do. One of my daugh­ters is in Glenda­le, AZ, working on her mas­ters in nur­sing. She, like you is a knock­out bles­sed with natu­ral 36 DD girls. I’ve encou­ra­ged her to watch your vide­os to beco­me a bet­ter gol­fer and will encou­ra­ge her to watch this one for obvious rea­sons. So glad you are going back to wee­kly. Have a joy­ful 2020 wel­co­me and thanks for all you do in brin­ging joy to us who watch you regularly.

    1. Pai­ge, just thin­king, if you ever want to do a post with using a start-up ama­teur girl, equal­ly beau­ti­ful, char­ming, and with a gre­at per­so­na­li­ty, my daugh­ter would be a gre­at per­so­na­li­ty to use for tea­ching pur­po­ses. She is in per­fect shape, com­pe­tes and pla­ces in swim­we­ar body-buil­ding in Phoe­nix, and would be local to you for invol­ve­ment. If that sounds like some­thing you all might want to con­si­der, reach out to me and I’ll put you in touch to see if it is a good fit.

  37. This is as clo­se to per­fec­tion as pos­si­ble, intel­li­gent, fun­ny, hard working, good loo­king and she’s an awe­so­me golfer 😍😍😍😍

  38. Love your vide­os, your open­ness , your honesty…hope you enjoy your holi­day sea­son and your year starts off well…see you in2020💞💞💞💞💞

  39. Always enjoy your hones­ty Pai­ge, and, regard­less of what con­tent you’­re dis­cus­sing, I always gain some know­ledge… Thx for pos­ting Ms.!! Hap­py Holidays!!

  40. Gre­at vid Pai­ge! Must have taken a lot of cou­ra­ge to do… hope you have an awe­so­me Christ­mas and a hap­py new year all the way from Mel­bourne Australia! 😁

  41. Sad you even had to make this video, but I get why. Wish peop­le would just focus on you sharing your sto­ry and brin­ging to life some of the expe­ri­en­ces you have. I have noti­ced a bit you didn’t seem yourself this year, so I real­ly hope things start loo­king up for you and we see you hap­py again. Mer­ry Christ­mas Pai­ge, hope it’s fil­led with love and hap­pi­ness for you and your family,

  42. Hats off for com­ing so honest­ly at body com­pli­ments. I love beau­ti­ful women and yes body is part of being beau­ti­ful. And you have it all. Stay blessed

  43. Never expec­ted a vlog like this when I began folowing/ sub­scri­bed. Good on ya (it’s an Aus­sie expres­si­on mea­ning real­ly well done.). Open honest and forth­right. You being you, and being com­for­ta­ble with your femi­nin­i­ty and your body. It’s clear you have worked hard on diet exer­cise. Your work ethic is awe­so­me and I respect your busi­ness acu­men. P.S. Rocking the plaid. The hair colour and plaid com­bo look super elegant.

  44. Pai­ge I’d like to say that their are a lot of Hot Women in this world but a hot body is only a small par­ty of being Tru­ly Sexy. You my friend are Sexy. Look in Websters Dic­tion­a­ry and find Sexy and your pic­tu­re should be next to it. I real­ly enjoy watching your vide­os and hea­ring your out­look on things. I love to get to see some of the most beau­ti­ful golf cour­ses on the earth and (YES!) get to do all that and see the most Smo­king Hot Woman in golf!!!!

  45. Pai­ge, you are a very beau­ti­ful young woman and you are clas­sy. Plus you paly golf! Per­fect!. Going to Myrt­le in Febur­a­ry. Can’t wait!

  46. Love your vide­os Pai­ge, this one espe­cial­ly. You’­re so very real and can­did with your video con­tent, it makes it a plea­su­re to watch your esca­pa­des, whe­ther it be gol­fing, exer­cis­ing, tra­ve­ling or tal­king about your boobs! You should be very proud of what mother natu­re and hund­reds of hours in the gym has done for you, you’­re an extra­or­di­na­ri­ly beau­ti­ful, con­fi­dent woman and it shows in all that you do. Hope you have a won­der­ful holi­day and a hap­py, healt­hy and adven­tur­ous New Year! Loo­king for­ward to your vide­os in 2020!!

  47. Gre­at video Pai­ge. Loved your hones­ty and clear explana­ti­ons of the sub­ject mat­ter. I think being honest and smart is sexy. Keep your vide­os com­ing. Thanks

  48. Now that was inte­res­ting, not some­thing I would need to know about golf. You are ama­zing, won­der­ful & I like lis­tening to you talk about golf & life. Wis­hing you the best Mer­ry Christ­mas & a very Hap­py New Year ! We are in CA with our daugh­ter & grand­kids & we all will have a bles­sed 2020!

  49. Oh Page <3 I loved this honest and open talk about this sub­ject. I admi­re you con­fi­dence and I hap­pen to have mys­elf a big boobs as well (G cup 75 cm under bre­ast) and I have prac­ti­sed my swing with your gre­at advice. Many golf pros are men and they don’t real­ly under­stand how to help my swing ‘cau­se they don’t have that beau­ti­ful extra-stuff on their chest 😀 My HCP is 18 but I still like to drop it more. With your advice I will surely suc­ceed, even though we have so much water hazars in our cour­se (4th har­dest ran­ked in Finland)

    I wish you so mer­ry mer­ry christ­mas from Fin­land. We have white christ­mas here up north 😀 

    I also wel­co­me you to visit our uni­que golf cour­se which is situa­ted in two coun­tries Swe­den and Fin­land (half of holes are in Swe­den and other half in Fin­land. You can make a vir­tu­al tour with your com­pu­ter from the http-adress below. I won’t work well pho­ne, but wit lap­top it works well 🙂 Vir­tu­al tour was shoot on beau­ti­ful autumn day with rich colours.


  50. Huge thumbs up, Pai­ge! Thank you for stan­ding up and bra­vely addres­sing anxie­ty and depres­si­on issu­es. It means a lot to tho­se who have suf­fe­red and now have you as a posi­ti­ve role model to look up to.

  51. I’ve had so much fun watching your vide­os Pai­ge, I hope you have a bet­ter year com­ing, your such a star and a pro­per warrior.….and a beau­ti­ful princess all in one xx

  52. you got it kid, you are always in good tas­te and im cer­tain you spend your time in the gym and the nut­ri­ti­on are­na. you go girl your game is good

  53. Most­ly male fol­lowing… makes sin­ce… moving the game for­ward? May­be… Star­ting a con­ver­sa­ti­on that allows an update to ward­ro­be in golf for women definitely.

  54. thanks Pai­ge I will show this video to my wife who star­ted (final­ly) play­ing golf with me. She is also same size like you and loves to flaunt it a litt­le. I sup­port it ! thanks again

  55. Don’t be asha­med about anything Paige..you are one of the most beau­ti­ful women on social media of any sort! Any nega­ti­ve comments are bor­ne out of pure jea­l­ou­sy! You have got ever­ything going for you girl…including hones­ty, inte­gri­ty and intelligence…a fan­tastic ambassa­dor for the sport of golf! Christ­mas gree­tings from Ireland..the home of good golf!! 😉

  56. Lik­ed the video, it’s good that you can be so open and not get offen­ded. You are very beau­ti­ful, but I also real­ly enjoy your golf tips. I strugg­le with A VERY bad sli­ce, pos­si­b­ly the worst every in golf histo­ry lol.

  57. To think when I’m going to play golf, I pull out the first pair of shorts in the cup­board and then try find a matching shirt. Don’t think about “spil­la­ge”, “see through”, “cold” or “time of the mon­th”. You ladies have it way tougher than we do. And being in South Afri­ca with sun almost 365 days a year, it’s even easier. I have worn long trou­sers twice in the last year and I play at least once every sin­gle week of the year.

  58. I think you’re real­ly cool, and unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly we’re not in the same friends cir­cle. Have a Mer­ry Christ­mas 🎄 and have a hap­py 2020! 🎉

  59. You are smart, sexy, fun, and a gre­at for­king Gol­fer!! I was hoping you would be tou­ring repre­sen­ting Ame­ri­ca Gol­fers!! Now that your bad year is over we all can look for­ward to see­ing you on the LPGA😁🤓🤗🥰

  60. Hi Pai­ge, 3 of my gol­fing bud­dies and I are plan­ning our annu­al Phoe­nix trip. We’­re play­ing Febru­a­ry 24–28. No cour­ses boo­ked yet and would real­ly like to play Troon North again but haven’t been able to find any deals. Figu­red why not take a shot and ask you if you have any dis­count pas­ses for some poor old free­zing Mid­west­er­ners? You’d be our new best friend 🙂 Mer­ry Christ­mas and Hap­py New Year! bharrison5261@gmail.com

  61. Pai­ge, you’­re ama­zing 😊 thank you for tal­king to us about this. Thank you for being a proud, strong, and con­fi­dent young woman. I appre­cia­te your hones­ty on the mat­ter and fee­ling com­for­ta­ble enough to talk about yourself. Rai­sing a daugh­ter, I want her to feel a con­fi­dent as you when she’s old enough to understand.
    Hap­py New Years! Keep Swinging!

  62. Thank you Pai­ge. My Mum was very lar­ge and always had dif­fi­cul­ty with sports espe­cial­ly golf. My sis­ter is also very lar­ge (38D on average) and has also had a lot of dif­fi­cul­ty with cer­tain sports. I will for­ward this video on to her and hope it hel­ps. By the way, I memo­ri­zed all my wife’s sizes very ear­ly on inclu­ding bra sizes and I can still go into a store without her and buy her dres­ses, jeans, pret­ty well anything and it will fit. It hel­ps having a lot of fema­le friends. Cheers

  63. You have my total respect Pai­ge, defi­ni­te­ly not an easy topics to talk about but you put yourself out the­re and it shows your strength and con­fi­dence. Your defi­ni­te­ly more than clea­va­ge and pret­ty face, keep up the good work you strong, con­fi­dent, dri­ven women, a keep impro­ving that Pai­ge brand!

  64. Clas­sy video Pai­ge! You are a natu­ral (no pun inten­ded) with your hones­ty on this sub­ject. Enjoy the Holi­day Sea­son and good luck for the upco­m­ing year.

  65. Not a thing wrong with being sexy, beau­ti­ful, and showing clea­va­ge. The human body is a won­de­rous thing to behold. You work hard to have a figu­re like yours so yes, you should proud­ly and tas­te­ful­ly dress it and show it. Mes­sa­ge to men.…stay respect­ful and just enjoy her chan­nel. You can learn how to impro­ve your golf game.

  66. I think that Golfer’s Digest (?) arti­cle got to her and she has no pre­ten­se any­mo­re to keep up thr cha­ra­de of wan­ting to be known more for her golf abi­li­ty, so she has embraced the THOT life­style unasha­med­le­ly. That’s my gut feeling. 

    And good for her, and good for us too.

  67. Thanks for the open con­ver­sa­ti­on Pai­ge. Root for you when you are on the cour­se and I know you are bril­li­ant AND talen­ted. The hot and sexi­ness is all icing on the cake for me. 😉 Keep up the good work and kick butt in wha­te­ver you deci­de to do in 2020!!!

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  70. Final­ly a girl who Rea­li­zes that if you show clea­va­ge it gives off the signal that it’s ok to look at it! Girls who show clea­va­ge and don’t want peop­le loo­king is stu­pid as hell!!!! You seem to have a fan­tastic atti­tu­de about life in gene­ral!!! You’re so sexy and abso­lute­ly a genui­ne woman with so much con­fi­dence and that’s even sexier than the clea­va­ge!!! Thanks for making this video and let­ting girls know it’s ok to look sexy and for guys to look at what you’re showing off as long as they aren’t cros­sing the line and say­ing nas­ty things about what they would do to you ins­tead of just being nice and say­ing you look gre­at or sexy today in that out­fit!! 👍🏼👍🏼💯❤️😘😃

  71. I appre­cia­te your honesty.…you are beau­ti­ful and sexy as hell, so mis­si­on accom­plis­hed. Keep being you Pai­ge- Hap­py New Years! Loo­king for­ward to see what you have in 2020

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  73. Dear Pai­ge, You are a very uni­que woman. I love your hones­ty and frank­ness. You have a beau­ti­ful body. I never heard a woman talk so natu­ral­ly about her boobs, which is refres­hing to hear. I think you are beau­ti­ful, sexy, intel­li­gent, ath­le­tic and talen­ted. I love your vide­os. Best Wis­hes and God Bless.

  74. Its gre­at to be self con­fi­dent in your pur­po­se and accep­t­ing the way that you are. We were desi­gned spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for our purpose.
    We all are bles­sed with beau­ty in one way or the other. Having gifts like being good at golf for examp­le, actual­ly being able to under­stand the game, so you could see the more fun and chal­len­ging aspect of the game. Its a para­ble of chess or any other sport. Magnus Carl­son is a Grand mas­ter at chess by fin­ding peace with the game and under­stan­ding the pur­po­se going into the match with the win in mind every time.
    ( Unless your just deci­ded to hit the links and let your oppo­nent win.) Its the­se stra­te­gies that we find that works for us. The best thing you can do it to play more. This is why i like what Pai­ge is doing with her chan­nel. She gets con­tent up every week and has inspi­red me to do some­thing simi­lar in my home town. The­res many v/logs out the­re sharing the­re sto­ry. Loo­king for­ward to year 2020 and more rounds play­ed. So thanks You­tube and Mer­ry Christ­mas and have a hap­py NEW YEAR!

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  82. You are a Clas­sy, Sexy Woman And I LOVE your hones­ty I just sub­scri­bed to your chan­nel becau­se I saw a pic­tu­re of you in my Insta­gram sug­ges­ti­ons and I sear­ched you. MAY THE NEW YEAR BE A GOOD ONE FOR YOU!!!!!

  83. Gre­at video, Pai­ge. Of cour­se the tag line is the atten­ti­on get­ter lol. Just want to extend my sup­port into being smart, and beau­ti­ful, and having a good sen­se of humor and hel­ping others.

  84. I could­n’t ima­gi­ne having to address some­thing like this. Some gym bro be like ‘Bro. Again with the span­dex? We get it! You have a big ****. Why you got­ta flaunt it!’ I go make a utube video about it 🤣 “I’m proud of how it loo­ks!” Zoned out 👍👍Just rui­ning my work­out at burgerking.

  85. No guy is going to be offen­ded to see clea­va­ge .So who’s offen­ded?🤔😆. But serious ques­ti­on. Are the­re any dress codes to the golf cour­ses you’ve play­ed? Have you had any issu­es with that?

  86. Pai­ge, I abso­lute­ly love you! You are ama­zin­gly beau­ti­ful insi­de and out!! You are a per­fect per­son. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons and a huge thank you for ever­ything you do and for being you!

  87. It appears to this casu­al fol­lower that you’­ve taken being unde­re­sti­ma­ted to a new level. Can you say, “I laug­hed all the way to the bank.”? This post was equal­ly bra­ve, enter­tai­ning and infor­ma­ti­ve. I plan on sharing it with my well-endo­wed fami­ly mem­bers. Thanks.

  88. You should do one on your skin care pro­ducts (face and the sun­block you use for golf). Your skin on your face always loo­ks so pris­ti­ne and radi­ant for someo­ne you spends so much time out­doors as you do.

  89. It took a lot of guts to pro­du­ce this video and just being honest I did­n’t watch it all becau­se as a guy it real­ly did­n’t app­ly to me or is some­thing I’m con­cer­ned about. Good for you for taking that risk and again being yourself. You’­re fun and aren’t afraid to make fun of yourself which makes you seem like the girl next door or the girl you went to HS with etc…

  90. No it’s not­hing wrong as you are a model also.… it’s your per­so­nal mat­ter how are dress yourself… I guess the­se peop­le are jea­l­ous of you.…you are the most beau­ti­ful women i ever seen.…no need to defend yourself

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    1. Bet­ween Pai­ge & Lexi Thomp­son that have sym­metri­cal-mam­ma­ries that I think that it may affect her swing that is why she has­n’t been on win­ning too much on the LPGA.

  93. i watch your vide­os becau­se i love golf and want to impro­ve my game. i like your open and honest style whe­ther it is about golf or per­so­nal issu­es such as anxie­ty. like many others i have the­se issu­es also, so it makes it easy to rela­te with you, who you are and how you approach the game. thanks for sharing. i will con­ti­nue to watch.

  94. i dont think you ever need to jus­ti­fy what you do with your fashion or body.…if men on the site keeps asking you about it.…that is their issue…not yours.…

  95. Such a genui­ne per­son. Keep it up! Love the video’s. Gre­at tem­po with your swing, some­thing most of us guys can learn from.

  96. Don’t ever worry about what other peop­le think… You’re gor­ge­ous and more import­ant­ly you have a beau­ti­ful soul… That’s why I fol­low you, I love your boo­ty, but more import­ant­ly I love your fun and hum­ble per­so­na­li­ty. You’re such a breath of fresh air, so don’t ever chan­ge or alter your con­tent to plea­se other peop­le. And if you ever need a friend to boost your con­fi­dence or just lis­ten, hit me up girl! Hap­py New Year!

  97. Thank you for this public ser­vice announ­ce­ment. I am a fire­arms inst­ruc­tor and have come across this very issue. I appre­cia­te that you made this video!!

  98. My wife wears the same Victoria’s Secret bra. Not­hing fit her well until she found that par­ti­cu­lar type of bra. She does­n’t fluc­tua­te much at all in size becau­se her bre­asts are qui­te den­se, that is she has a lot more milk pro­du­cing fle­sh than average. She is about the same size as you. She finds the­re are a lot of acti­vi­ties that are uncom­for­ta­ble and can’t do ever­ything women with smal­ler ches­ts can do. 

    She gets comments that she does­n’t try to hide them enough, but she rare­ly shows any clea­va­ge or any clot­hing that empha­si­zes them. Some­ti­mes the mate­ri­al and color of clot­hing makes them look lar­ger or smal­ler so she tends to choo­se colors that make them look smal­ler. I’ve wat­ched her take a lot of crap becau­se she is a blond too. 

    Neit­her of us play golf, alt­hough I did for about a year after gra­dua­ting from high school. I took les­sons and an aunt of mine lived in a com­mu­ni­ty that inclu­ded a 9 hole, 27 par cour­se. I shot a 28 and near­ly bro­ke all my clubs becau­se I was so angry. I was about 19 at the time. When I got over it I deci­ded that if I could not have fun play­ing golf, which I obvious­ly had­n’t that day, I would not play again. Now I’m 71 years old and haven’t play­ed sin­ce that day!

  99. Actual­ly, I would not com­ment about boobs, but about your beau­ti­ful swing! I real­ly love to see your swing! That you are beau­ti­ful to look at, too, is – of cour­se – not nega­ti­ve! I love that you dress like you do, becau­se you help to loo­sen up the dress code stiff­ness on the golf cour­se! All tog­e­ther, I like your vide­os becau­se you are beau­ti­ful – and have a beau­ti­ful swing! Thanks!

  100. Now do a vid on how to date you, type of guys you are into, and then we can all just focus on hot­ness secon­da­ry to skills. As most guys think they have a shot but are actual­ly way over­esti­ma­ting what is in their league 😉 cor­rec­ting them will surely set a hig­her focus on skills to learn.

  101. hi
    pai­ge 🙂 I think you are beau­ti­ful and you are smart. Your golf advice vide­os are great.

    You said a lot of argu­ments why you are like to show yourself this way and I´m very awa­re of this. But, that argu­ments I wan­na hold against you as well:

    I think in pri­vat life I love to look and see self con­fi­dence women with a nice clea­va­ge – but – in busi­ness life – I am a man and it dis­tracts me.
    I can­not con­cen­tra­te when a Mrs is dres­sed to sexy at work and I know that most of men can´t!
    I own a few com­pa­nies and when an employee is dres­sed to sexy I talk to them. Equal arms and no dis­trac­tion are very important to me in busi­ness. I know women have this sexi­ness and they try to use it, with pur­po­se or without – I don´t care! I don´t wan­na see any clea­va­ge at work. So, I don’t do busi­ness with women who dress too sexy. I think they focus on the wrong argu­ments. I want to be able to rate all of my employees equally:

    1.) All fema­le mana­gers in my com­pa­ny have to wear clo­sed hair and are
    not allo­wed to use exces­si­ve make-up, clot­hing must be cho­sen with
    cau­ti­on, the com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on methods have to be neu­tral and that means:
    NO charm, No flirt and NO sexy body lan­guage at all!
    The con­tent and the spe­cia­list know­ledge has to con­vin­ce at work -
    than all employees work on a equal level.

    A lot of women can­not do that, women are often not rai­sed that way.
    That´s the rea­son why I often reject fema­le aspi­rants for management

  102. Just shows your smarts that you don’t get offen­ded on tho­se comments. I try to avoid wri­ting them (becau­se some women don’t feel that com­for­ta­ble about them), but the way the­se social media things work is that it might take a while to get a pic­tu­re on someo­nes cha­rac­ter, but the loo­ks is visi­ble right away. And some peop­le like to com­ment on that, so you real­ly can’t avoid recei­ving them. Of cour­se there’s a line on both posi­ti­ve and nega­ti­ve comments that nobo­dy should cross, but unfortunately.
    And you should like your body, espe­cial­ly given how much work you put on it. And be proud of yourself for taking care of yourself too 👍

  103. I love this video. I am a 36D and none of my inst­ruc­tors (all men, that’s just the demo­gra­phic) ever tal­ked about whe­re to put the girls during setup.

  104. Well done Pai­ge! Abso­lute­ly not­hing wrong with loo­king sexy on the cour­se! I think you look ama­zing but also your play a very good play­er so it’s not like you’re just the­re hit­ting balls all over the cour­se with ever­ything han­ging out! Loo­king for­ward to more cour­se vide­os too! 👍🏻

    1. @321atm Lol… Well it would be a Gre­at 6 mon­ths , but honest­ly it’s her Lovely Heart and Her Intel­lect , she’s lovely !

  105. FYI –

    There’s not­hing wrong with a woman expres­sing her sexuality.
    I don’t think you flaunt your good looks. 

    They just hap­pen to show up when you appe­ar on your videos.
    And you have some­thing that can’t be taught and that’s class

    So as they say just go with it – you won’t hear any com­p­laints from pea­nut gallery

    PS – you are a beau­ti­ful young woman and if you take care of yourself I pro­mi­se that when you turn 40 you’ll go from being beau­ti­ful to reaching a sta­te of beauty

  106. You’re obvious­ly gor­ge­ous and seem very intel­li­gent and groun­ded. Love your vide­os and wish you the best! I’ll keep watching if you keep making them.🙃

  107. So well done Pai­ge! I watch your vide­os for your gol­fing con­tent, but I always appre­cia­te your beau­ty! You have every right to feel good about how you look and your body that you work so hard on! You pre­sen­ted this in an intel­li­gent and thought­ful way! Good for you!!!

  108. I hope my 9 year old daugh­ter turns out like you. Not­hing wrong with show­ca­sing all aspects of yourself. A pox on all the feminist !

  109. You’­re the who­le packa­ge! Bul­lies are just stu­pid peop­le who are jea­l­ous or just not hap­py with them­sel­ves. Keep doing what you’­re doing!

  110. It’s a shame that someo­ne as attrac­ti­ve as you felt she had to lose 15 pounds for the Sports Illus­tra­ted pho­to shoot. You look gre­at as you are, and get­ting unna­tu­ral­ly skin­ny sends a bad mes­sa­ge and crea­tes unrea­listic body image goals. I was disap­poin­ted with the pho­to shoot. I think you look way bet­ter now.

  111. I…Love…You! Pai­ge is the real deal, so refres­hing to hear a woman com­ing to terms with rea­li­ty, as we all know. My only reg­ret in life is that I’m not you. grin

  112. Some lucky bas­tard gets to play with tho­se every day. Good for you at least your’e honest about your assets. If you got it flaunt it.

  113. 0:55 and start the next year with a virus (which was alrea­dy here during Thanks­gi­ving, and we did­n’t know it, we are all infec­ted, are in deni­al of it, bury­ing our heads in the sand, and think not­hing is wrong, with all the empty streets, sta­di­ums, malls, stores, restau­rants, parks, beaches, sta­ti­ons, air­ports, but take con­so­la­ti­on and com­fort that at least the hos­pi­tals are well run machi­nes, fil­led to the roof­top, with con­fi­dence that they have all that they need to tend to the need of a shut­te­red and shel­te­red in socie­ty at large).

  114. 2:14. “It’s not a bad thing, I don’t get offen­ded by it when peop­le ask me the­se ques­ti­ons”… And how about asking in per­son though?????

  115. Pai­ge, I just want to say, don’t ever let anyo­ne Sl#t shame you. Your body is yours and no one else has a say in what you do with it, how you dis­play it, or if you explo­it it. The choices you make about your own per­son does­n’t give anyo­ne else per­mis­si­on to judge, cri­tique, or dis­pa­ra­ge you in any way.
    Be fier­ce, be sexy, be yourself!
    More power to you. 

    (And I apo­lo­gi­se for men [in gene­ral] who fail to reco­gni­ze and per­pe­tua­te the objec­ti­fi­ca­ti­on most women suffer)

  116. Pai­ge, if you’ve got it flaunt it and I’m sure the man in your life is more than hap­py to have such a beau­ti­ful sexy woman on his arm.

  117. You are real­ly pret­ty and sexy, you should con­fi­dent with what you have and don’t mind tho­se peop­le that cri­ti­ci­ze. They don’t under­stand it. Just keep go forward.

    1. Not real­ly, I always fol­low dress code! If you see me without a col­lar or a shor­ter skirt, I’m pro­bab­ly at a more rela­xed public course.

    2. Pai­ge Spira­nac didn’t mean to imply that you were ever out of pocket or dress code. I was just won­de­ring if you ever had to deal with some­thing like this while even fol­lowing a clubs rules. For real though didn’t know what to expect and strai­ght up cli­cked cuz you tick­le my fan­cy lol but this is the first video I’ve seen and you did awe­so­me being strai­ght up, con­fi­dent and prof exp­lai­ning things. Keep grin­din momma!👍

    3. The­re have defi­ni­te­ly been times whe­re I’ve been asked to cover up even when fol­lowing dress code! I had a few espe­cial­ly bad expe­ri­en­ces as a juni­or that were way out of line.

  118. 0:48 : “Next year is gon­na be bet­ter” -> Iran ten­si­ons, Sau­di oil tanks bom­bed, Aus­tra­lia Wild­fires, Trump impeach­ment, Covid-19

  119. Any girl who is very good at what she does and hap­pens to look gor­ge­ous, deser­ves the atten­ti­on she gets. We are what we are…sexual bein­gs and one who per­forms well in any skill should not be har­sh­ly jud­ged by anyo­ne for being for­tu­n­a­te to be born high­ly attrac­ti­ve. Tho­se who feel com­pel­led to com­p­lain are typi­cal­ly jea­l­ous and cer­tain­ly sad unhap­py peop­le insi­de. Their comments should not be digni­fied with mention…they should be ignored.

  120. You are an inspi­ra­ti­on, Pai­ge. I have only found your chan­nel recent­ly – and I have to say that you are such an exqui­si­te breath of fresh air. I have fol­lo­wed your golf tips and you have impro­ved my game out of sight. Thank you!!

  121. Not­hing bad about what you’­re doing at all. You’­re a very beau­ti­ful woman and that is won­der­ful. It’s gre­at that you can enjoy being you ful­ly and without embarrassment.

  122. Hey, I was just won­de­ring, if Donald Trump asked you for a round of golf, knowing exact­ly what he’s like, would you go?

  123. Pai­ge , never chan­ge the way you are , your doing not­hing wrong , your smart , a gre­at gol­fer and I love that you are femi­ni­ne, as a women should be , I just wish the­re were more like you 😘. And yes I have a crush on you as I’m sure many men do

  124. Thank you Paige !
    That real­ly was just about ever­ything I’ve always wan­ted to know about ladie’s braz­ziers & bosoms but was afraid to ask!
    Yes, tru­ly I had noti­ced your cup size varies & did won­der if they were natu­ral or “store bought “! Màny lady friends I know have been “enhan­ced” from when I worked in Top­less & Nude clubs . It loo­ks cos­me­ti­cal­ly appe­aling of cour­se but I always dis­cou­ra­ged nume­rous love inte­rests to NOT get enhan­ce­ment sur­ge­ry but to no avail usually.
    I appre­cia­te your can­dor & sin­ce­re pre­sen­ta­ti­on! I learn a lot from you ‚you have put my curious mind to rest about such things!
    I’m a begin­ner to golf that appre­cia­tes your golf inst­ruc­tor acu­men & also what you’­re wea­ring (lol) as golf is fun & gol­fers wear cool clothes, but hey You would look fabu­lous wea­ring over­alls Pai­ge! You are as char­ming as you are pret­ty & you swing a good club!
    Plea­se keep up the good work!

  125. I do admit the first video I saw you in I won­de­red if you were a tease by showing them off or actual­ly knew what you were tal­king about. And I don’t mean that to be insul­ting. I am glad you love your body and it loo­ks fan­tastic but at the same time dis­trac­ting when you demons­tra­te grips clo­se up. Over­all no com­p­laints here. Keep up the good work.

  126. I admi­re your cou­ra­ge in dealing with this issue upfront. Becau­se you spend a lot of time in PR etc. I under­stand that you have to be awa­re of audience’s reac­tions, but still your a human being with fee­lings and I would hope that peop­le remem­ber that.

  127. I don’t com­ment on women’s loo­ks that I fol­low, but I will admit that is part of the rea­son I cho­se to fol­low your account in addi­ti­on to the golf tips and spec­ta­cu­lar loca­ti­ons you film from.

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