Stabilität des Putterschafts im Test

Stabilitaet des Putterschafts im Test arc stroke

Wer­de Teil unse­rer neu­en Com­mu­ni­ty auf Patre­on! https://​www​.patre​on​.com/​t​o​u​r​e​x​p​e​r​i​e​n​c​e​g​olf http://​txg​.ca – Put­ter­kopf und sogar Griff­tech­no­lo­gie sind zu einem sehr ver­brei­te­ten Bestand­teil der Taschen der meis­ten Spie­ler gewor­den, aber was ist mit dem Schaft in Ihrem Put­ter? Wir haben den Sta­bi­li­täts-Put­ter­schaft von Bre­akthrough Golf Tech­no­lo­gies getes­tet, um zu sehen, ob sein Design mit nied­ri­gem Dreh­mo­ment die auf Quin­tic gemes­se­ne Put­tleis­tung ver­bes­sert. Gefilmt in: Tour Expe­ri­ence Golf Cus­tom Golf Club Fit­ting Stu­dio – Toron­to, Kana­da Mit­wir­ken­de: Ian Fra­ser & Matt Blois http://​insta​gram​.com/​t​h​e​o​f​f​i​c​i​a​l​txg

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173 thought on “Stabilität des Putterschafts im Test”

    1. Tour play­ers: “I have 40,000 hours of prac­ti­ce, hef­ty endor­se­ments, full-time swing coach and sports psychologist”
      Matt: “I have Ian”.
      The ulti­ma­te one-upper.

  1. The per­fect review IMO. I have been fit­ted on Quin­tic when I bought a new Scot­ty, and what a dif­fe­rence that made, but now a shaft? Come on boys, you are cos­ting me a for­tu­ne with all the impro­ve­ments I can make 😂😂 Joking asi­de, I loved every minu­te of it, just slight­ly sad I am on the other side of the world. Onwards and upwards to you both 🍻

  2. Sen­ding two guys your way that I met on the ran­ge. God help them. I told them both to start with gap­ping ses­si­ons as they aren’t hap­py with the top of their bags. Hybrids to fol­low for both most likely. I did­n’t tell them about the put­ters nee­ding two shafts – did­n’t want to spoil the fun. Shaftoids may need to hide the credit card for 24hrs after watching.

  3. Retro­fit­ted my Nike 003 mil­led bla­de with a Sta­bi­li­ty shaft last week (thanks Mike 😉). Loving the shaft’s feel and consistency…A++ gents!!

  4. Very infor­ma­ti­ve. Had been play­ing a tra­di­tio­nal style Scot­ty 2.6 and just swit­ched to an evnroll becau­se I was con­vin­ced of the “tech­no­lo­gy” argu­ment for put­ting. This is defi­ni­te­ly an exten­si­on of that. Now I just need to figu­re out how to get up north for a fit­ting! Keep it up guys.

    1. I added this to my evnroll er 1.2 and it is awe­so­me . holds the line dead on. But if you mis­hit with impro­per put­ter release it will defi­ni­te­ly show

  5. I just came across your chan­nel a week ago and I’m con­ti­nu­al­ly impres­sed with the qua­li­ty know­ledge and dis­cus­sion you both have. Thank you!

    1. Bruce Roberts, I gua­ran­tee it will be the best Put­ter grip you have ever held, your hands feel as though they are in the per­fect posi­ti­on. I picked one up when I was moo­ching about during a fit at TXG and instant­ly well in love!!!!!!

    2. To be honest Bruce, I held off buy­ing my new Put­ter whilst I wai­ted for the launch of the Sta­bi­li­ty shaft (Ian men­tio­ned them when I was the­re in July). The Grip I tried at TXG was the Mid­si­ze grip, but I will pro­bab­ly end up with a Jum­bo size grip (Big hands with Arthri­tis). Your choice would depend upon your hand size, put­ter stro­ke and per­so­nal pre­fe­rence. But as they are rela­tively inex­pen­si­ve it might be worth get­ting both and expe­ri­men­ting? Plea­se let me know how you get on, you will defo be impressed!

  6. Gre­at video guys. How would someo­ne that has a slight for­ward press on their putts bene­fit from this sta­bi­li­ty shaft con­si­de­ring they are delof­ting the put­ter at impact?

  7. Final­ly the review a ton of us have been wai­t­ing for. I need to get this shaft in my bag this year. Could you do a test of this shaft vs the CTa­per 130X in the put­ter? I’m sure a lot of guys who want this kind of tech in the put­ter but can’t afford the pri­ce tag would love to see how a hea­vier and ultra stiff shaft can help their putting.

  8. Does it also keep ballspeed/spin up on mishits?
    I have mes­sed around with my put­ter shaft, but only with steel. I’ve tried a bunch of styles: Step­ped, flu­t­ed, ste­p­less, dyna­mic gold S300 9 iron, black gold X flex 4 iron. Rea­listi­cal­ly the­re has­n’t been any signi­fi­cant dif­fe­rence, but it’s fun to tin­ker! This shaft does seem real­ly good however.

    1. It seems to help keep distance con­trol con­sis­tent on mis­hits – not some­thing we’ve quan­ti­fied in tes­ting yet but cer­tain­ly our opinion

  9. Damn you Guys, I was just sett­ling down for my after­noon nap when I spot­ted this latest Vid and now I have SO many ques­ti­ons rus­hing about in my old brain I’m not even sure I will sleep tonight! First ques­ti­on would it still be pos­si­ble to insert a coun­ter balan­ce weight into the sta­bi­li­ty shaft/Forward grip com­bo? Does Ian think a coun­ter balan­ce weight would still be necessa­ry with the sta­bi­li­ty shaft, For­ward Grip and Evnroll ER3 Put­ter Head?? Last ques­ti­on, is the­re any­whe­re in the UK that I can get this com­bo with the cor­rect Put­ter Head/Shaft/Grip fit, or do I have to per­sua­de MrsB that we just have to come back to Toronto????????

    1. That’s an awful lot of tech­no­lo­gy in one put­ter!!!! 😆😆 Not sure about whe­re to get it in the UK, put­ter grip can defi­ni­te­ly be orde­red and ship­ped to you and I would ima­gi­ne Ian can ship the sta­bi­li­ty shaft.

  10. Sounds like gre­at tech. Will be inte­res­ting to see how demand effects pri­cing. Hope­ful­ly it goes down some. $200 US for a put­ter shaft is a bit pricey. 

    Can you list the name of the put­ter head and grip. I always like to explo­re the brands TXG brings to light

    1. Con­si­de­ring the fact that putts account for about 45% of of your score AND the fact that dri­ver shafts are twice that cost and some folks don’t even blink at that pri­ce when you can max hit dri­ver 14 times, it’s a no brai­ner. I’m game to try one in my next put­ter fitting.

  11. It sounds ama­zing would love this the pro­blem is who has 200 dol­lars for just a shaft and then if it doesn’t help your out 200 don’t get me wrong I’m sure it’s amazing

  12. I have had a look online and can’t find any UK sto­ckists, is this US only? Bgt site is loo­king for you to ship your put­ter to them to have it fitted.

  13. Is the­re a che­a­per way to do some­thing like this so you can try befo­re drop­ping that kind of money unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly whe­re I live we have no technology

  14. Tons of gre­at put­ter info I had not rea­li­zed befo­re. Thanks! Would the Sta­bi­li­ty shaft add simi­lar gains on a cen­ter weigh­ted head? I use a Scot­ty Came­ron Futu­ra and am won­de­ring if a stif­fer shaft would be of bene­fit. Cheers!

  15. Worry­ing about hit­ting the put­ter face in an ide­al posi­ti­on will just lead to ten­si­on and twis­ting. If on the other hand I know I have a sub­stan­ti­al mar­gin for error, I am freed up and odds are, the strike will be dean on. Try­ing to mani­pu­la­te the put­ter is the pre­cur­sor to yips. This may be the tech­no­lo­gy that frees the brain and slays the demon,

  16. I cur­r­ent­ly used a FST 125 tip­ped till the­re was only 1/4″ of the .370 por­ti­on left and put into my plumber’s neck. Have been put­ting way bet­ter sin­ce I did that. Last put­ter shaft was way too fle­xy. Sad part was I had to put a shaft exten­der on it to get the length back after tip­ping so much.

  17. Mat­ty hit the nail on the head with my put­ter issue! I have used a PXG Bran­don the last 3 yrs and it was a love hate. I didn’t like how the shaft felt(wippy) So I tried a Accra shaft and wow!! This is the best impro­ve­ment ever!

  18. Loo­ks like a gre­at shaft, thanks for the review. Do you ever look at the smash fac­tor on a put­ter? I sup­po­se the­re might be a dif­fe­rence with inserts etc from one model to ano­t­her and some play­er might bene­fit from lower one?

    1. Yes Quin­tic mea­su­res a num­ber simi­lar to smash fac­tor in the soft­ware, basi­cal­ly indi­ca­ting how fast the ball came off rela­ti­ve to the stroke

  19. Gearo­ho­lics love new gear … and it beco­mes a pro­blem when you have top gear in the bag … what else to buy?

    It is qui­te fun­ny that you can by a new dri­ver off the shelf but you find it expen­si­ve with a new put­ter shaft… and you are using the put­ter at least 18 times a round, every round at every cour­se you play.
    10 rounds a year is 180 strokes so math is easy – money spent ain’t bad.

    45 USD for a box PRO-V1 and one ball in the woods and one ball in the water… no big deal…

    Haha­ha …

  20. thanks, that was real­ly inte­res­ting. you guys make some of the best vide­os. they’­re well-made, very infor­ma­ti­ve with inte­res­ting topics. my only ques­ti­on is, don’t you guys sleep!! 🙂 you put out so much con­tent, it seems like you would­n’t have time for anything else. any­way, lucky for us, right? keep up the gre­at work!!

  21. Would you guys ever make ano­t­her align­ment mark on the put­ter to show the cor­rect cen­ter of mass? Just curious as you said the cen­ter is more clo­ser to the heel.

  22. Hey guys, fan­tastic as always! Gre­at to see ano­t­her put­ting video! I have a odys­sey V7 tank put­ter, I have gre­at distance con­trol but strugg­le with direc­tio­n­al accu­ra­cy. Think this might help with that.

  23. Need your to review Even­roll put­ters (i see few of them back the­re), i like to see how the shaft and the face tech­no­lo­gy would help off-cen­ter hits…

  24. Would be inte­res­ting to see a com­pa­ri­son bet­ween this shaft and the UST-Mami­ya Fre­quen­cy Fil­te­red Put­ter Golf Shaft. Huge pri­ce dif­fe­rence but it also loo­ks like the­re is a weight dif­fe­rence as well maybe.

  25. WOW! I never knew put­ter shaft even has any major tech­no­lo­gy in it. Very inte­res­ting and wan­ted try it.
    I real­ly wish Matt has the time to prac­ti­ce for tour. With Ian around, Matt has a bet­ter chan­ce at it than many other.

  26. Hi guys, does the fact that the shaft is part steel , part gra­phi­te still not make the shaft sus­cep­ti­ble to to tor­que flex in the steel portion.

    1. I suspect becau­se the steel por­ti­on of the shaft is only about 7–8 inches long and is inser­ted into the sta­bi­li­ty shaft with its tech­no­lo­gy, the com­bi­na­ti­on of the two redu­ces the total shaft build tor­que rating to 1.0

  27. Yea never enough put­ter vide­os imo. It’s the one club that if you don’t use it right can real­ly screw up your scores and never gets enough atten­ti­on imo. Just /2cents love you guys make the­se vids!

  28. Gre­at video. I have been wai­t­ing for the put­ter vids to begin. Nice start! I recent­ly had a put­ter fit­ting and was told I was basi­cal­ly using the worst put­ter I could be for my stro­ke. Swit­ched to an Ard­mo­re 2 and now I think ever­ything is going in. It real­ly has made a huge dif­fe­rence. I tell ever­yo­ne who will lis­ten they should get a put­ter fitting.

  29. Awe­so­me video guys, Ian you men­tio­ned that you play­ed a X7 in your put­ter befo­re. Did you make any other alte­ra­ti­ons to accom­mo­da­te that type of shaft. And how would the X7 com­pa­re to say the Cta­per 130x, I would assu­me the cta­per might feel smoot­her and may­be absorb a bit more on impact.
    Thanks again guys

  30. Ian, you just ans­wer a ques­ti­on about whe­re the sweet spot is on my put­ter after I took it to my local golf shop for a small adjus­t­ment. Not com­ple­te­ly satis­fied with the adjus­t­ment pro­cess, but I’ve seen some impro­ve­ment. I have some prac­ti­ce to do tomor­row. Thanks again guys !

  31. guys ive got a ques­ti­on i putt in very slow greens i mean very slow„,i went 5 degrees becau­se of that„„and i went to a quan­tic and i was giving too much backspin„,i see is not easy to find lop­ti­mum launch and for­ward­spin in grai­my greens, ive heard you say 2.5 to 3…al around peop­le talk about 4.….how we mana­ge this

    1. Best thing to do would be to test your put­ter at around 2.5–3º loft against your cur­rent 5º and see which per­forms bet­ter for you on the greens you typi­cal­ly play.

  32. I got cus­tom fit­ted for my put­ter at club cham­pion. we did stro­ke arc, mal­let vs. bla­de, toe hang, shaft bend, length, weight, grip, loft, and lie. I had a fan­tastic expe­ri­ence but the­re was not a sin­gle men­ti­on of shaft and honest­ly I did­n’t even think to ask. I heard Ian men­ti­on try­ing a X7 shaft in the put­ter. is a put­ter shaft real­ly the same as a stan­dard iron shaft?! I went back and loo­ked at my spec sheet they gave me and shaft isn’t even on it.

    1. we haven’t done a ton of tes­ting with this yet, but it seems that for a lot of play­ers that try­ing a lower tor­que shaft in the put­ter might be bene­fi­cial, not to say it’s 100% necessary

    2. I took a look at the web­site and I think the only trou­ble they might have is they ask you to ship them your put­ter to re shaft it. For­tu­n­a­te­ly i live in DFW so I can just dri­ve by and drop mine off but I can see that put­ting someo­ne off to have to ship say a Scot­ty out to have this done. Isn’t this con­cept also simi­lar to what Cham­beau belie­ves in? Peop­le have made fun of that guy but he and Bar­net Adams are pro­ving to be cut­ting edge. #tight­lies

  33. It’s inte­res­ting you talk about loft of put­ters for fast and slow greens and you men­tio­ned a maxi­mum loft of 2 degrees, why do you think put­ter manu­fac­tu­rers are still sel­ling put­ters with 3 – 4 degrees of loft ?

    1. Pro­bab­ly based on average greens world­wi­de, a smal­ler per­cen­ta­ge of play­ers play regu­lar­ly on high end public cour­ses or pri­va­te clubs with fast greens.

    2. Also high­lights the impor­t­ance of not using an off the rack put­ter befo­re see­ing if that 3–4º of loft will work well for you.

  34. Could you guys go over the steel fiber shafts that can be fit­ted in irons and uti­li­ty style clubs. This video just remin­ded me of the blen­ded con­struc­tion of cer­tain shafts. Thanks

  35. This was an incredi­b­ly edu­ca­tio­nal video for me! As an engi­neer I always love hea­ring about the tech­no­lo­gies that are pro­du­cing signi­fi­cant­ly impro­ved results. It sounds like the vast majo­ri­ty of peop­le today, inclu­ding mys­elf, are play­ing with stock shafts in their put­ters which allow for signi­fi­cant­ly more face deflec­tion at impact resul­ting in lar­ger disper­si­ons and mis­sed putts. This shaft will make the gol­fer a lot more respon­si­ble their mis­sed putts. I am going to be loo­king into get­ting one of the­se sta­bi­li­ty shafts as soon as possible!

  36. A gre­at video yet again it’s mind blowing what you can do with a put­ter shaft but $200 for a shaft to save pos­si­b­ly 3 to 4 shots a round is qui­te expensive!!

    1. Howard Bar­ker 4 shots is huge, most would pay thousands for that

      They pay $500 for a dri­ver the save as the sea­son before

  37. An inte­res­ting video, howe­ver, I am going to have to dis­agree that this type of shaft would make a put­ter a hig­her MOI putter.
    The way I see is that it would only be so if you can hold the put­ter so tight­ly and rigid­ly that the only way the put­ter will twist is due to the shaft being twisted.
    Let’s sup­po­se you made the shaft tor­que so low that it is impos­si­ble for shaft to twist, then an off cent­re putt would make the put­ter ‘twist’ in your hand, grip its­elf (they are only made of a type of foam or rub­ber) or your wrist would twist instead.
    From an engi­neer point of view, con­si­de­ring tor­que pro­per­ties of ordi­na­ry steel put­ter shafts, how I am hol­ding the put­ter (soft as we are advi­sed to do so) etc, I think tor­que pro­per­ty of put­ter shaft is not so important.
    Actual­ly on the con­tra­ry, hig­her tor­que (soft) shaft would actual­ly ‘dam­pen’ the effect of off cent­re put­ter twis­ting the put­ter in your hand or grip.

  38. I went to break through golf’s stu­dio today in Dallas/Richardson. What a gre­at group of peop­le and holy moly that shop is AMAZING! and they have quin­tic! I took some pics that i may upload but I ulti­mate­ly got the shaft. Thanks for the gre­at video and information!

  39. Hi Guys, I won­de­red what you thought of the P2 grips com­pa­red with the For­ward grip both seem to be try­ing to get the hand in a bet­ter position

  40. Guys, I think this video is a big miss. You never go to the same put­ter head with a dif­fe­rent shaft to show the com­pa­ri­son. Gre­at job tal­king about it, but in no way did you show an out­co­me and pro­ve improvement.

  41. just bought one of the­se and alrea­dy blown away by the feel and con­sis­ten­cy. can’t wait to get some rounds in. thanks for this review! loo­king for­ward to being with you guys at the orlan­do sessions.

  42. The big­gest ques­ti­on I have is why not cut the steel por­ti­on of the shaft as short as pos­si­ble? This would put to use more of the expen­si­ve high modu­lus mate­ri­als and get rid of as much of the soft, cheap steel. If stiff­ness is one of the big­gest goals here it seems coun­ter intui­ti­ve to lea­ve any por­ti­on of steel.

  43. Actual­ly a low tor­que shaft is not new. Goog­le the HOG put­ter. Made by Dog leg right. They made a zero tor­que shaft years ago.

  44. It’s incredi­b­ly bad put­ter design to mark a sweets­pot that isn’t in the same loca­ti­on as the actu­al align­ment line or dot.

  45. Hel­lo Iam & Matt
    Do you have any plans of com­pa­ring this put­ter shaft against the other gra­phi­te shafts like UST MAMIYA, Matrix and ACCRA?

  46. Gre­at con­tent! I always learn so much from the­se vide­os. Get­ting fit for a new dri­ver today, can’t wait to see what I fit into

  47. Could you review the Direc­ted For­ce (lie balan­ced) put­ter? I think that the tech­no­lo­gy in it, should make it the most con­sis­tent put­ter on the market.

  48. Stop me if i mis­sed this in the video – but am I cor­rect in fee­ling that the “tech­no­lo­gy” of this shaft is basi­cal­ly a wide dia­me­ter that does­n’t allow twis­ting? With the club using what is essen­ti­al­ly the sof­test part of the ori­gi­nal put­ter shaft in the bot­tom 8.25″, it’s remo­ving the stif­fer upper sec­tion and basi­cal­ly just repla­cing it with a stif­fer por­ti­on that’s more resistant to flex and twis­ting? I was hoping to read or view that it was doing more, but it basi­cal­ly is rota­tio­nal stiff­ness brought about by the lar­ger diameter/circumfrence?

  49. Ano­t­her gre­at post. Makes com­ple­te sen­se. I’m loving Matty’s put­ter fit­ting ses­si­ons, just wish I had his put­ting stroke

  50. Did you ever test the Accra put­ter shaft? I had been put­ting with a Tay­lorma­de DLL with a AL2 arm­lock grip but sold that to upgrade to an odys­sey arm lock. Could a sta­bi­li­ty shaft be fit­ted to that.

  51. I won­der if cen­ter shaft put­ters sol­ve some of the tor­que issu­es Ian tal­ked about, I have heard that cen­ter shaft is less for­gi­ving, but not in my experience…

  52. i won­der if this type shaft is real­ly hel­ping. rea­son i ask, is that the put­ting stro­ke does not gene­ra­te signi­fi­cant tor­que loading to load the shaft in a twis­ting moment. also why not have the who­le shaft in the com­po­si­te ins­tead of buil­ding two dif­fe­rent mate­ri­als. lis­ten to what he said real­ly good face con­trol. wouldnt that be the key?

  53. Be inte­res­ted to see this shaft in the LAB put­ter. Will it make any dif­fe­rence? They are offe­ring it as an extra for $235!! If the head is alrea­dy doing the work, is the­re any point in the shaft?

  54. A year ago I instal­led a Bre­akthrough Golf Tech­no­lo­gies Sta­bi­li­ty Tour shaft in my Odys­sey O‑works 7 black put­ter and the results have been great!

    Recent­ly my golf bag fell off of the golf cart and lan­ded on the con­cre­te as I was lea­ving the club­house. The Sta­bi­li­ty Tour put­ter shaft snap­ped right abo­ve the alu­mi­num insert. It was devastating!

    My respon­se was to order two more Sta­bi­li­ty Tour shafts to rebuild my ori­gi­nal put­ter and build a back-up. I bought a used O‑works 7 black put­ter off of Ebay to crea­te an iden­ti­cal back-up. Both put­ters have matching Super­Stro­ke Traxi­on 3.0 grips with a 75 gram Coun­ter­core coun­ter balan­ce installed. 

    Why would I do this? Becau­se my put­ting sta­tis­tics have mea­sur­a­b­ly impro­ved based on Arc­cos data collec­ted over the past year.

    My play­ing part­ners give me grief over my non-oscil­la­ting put­ter shaft. 

    Doesn’t pha­se me, becau­se my han­di­cap has drop­ped from an 8 to a 5, get­ting as low as 3.9 last fall. They don’t rea­li­ze it, but they have paid for my put­ter shafts with the money I’ve been win­ning off of them sin­ce making the switch.

    The recent intro­duc­tion of the KBS One Step put­ter shaft is ano­t­her indi­ca­ti­on that this con­cept is for real as imi­ta­ti­on is the best form of flattery.

    Thanks for the gre­at reviews and con­tent. Best wis­hes to you for con­ti­nued success.

  55. That loo­ks a lot like the UST shaft I have in my Scot­ty. But the gra­phi­te por­ti­on only goes about half­way down with the UST.

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