Golfs­ha­ke-Aus­rüs­tungs­ex­per­te und PGA-Pro­fi Ryan Rastall nutz­te die Gele­gen­heit, um den NEUEN TAYLORMADE SPIDER X PUTTER zu tes­ten. Der neue Tay­lorma­de Spi­der X ver­fügt über ein optisch ent­wi­ckel­tes Sicht­sys­tem, das für einen ver­bes­ser­ten Weg, eine kla­re­re Sicht und eine ver­bes­ser­te visu­el­le Wahr­neh­mung durch Farb­emp­find­lich­keit ent­wi­ckelt wur­de, sowie einen neu­en, dicke­ren 5 mm wei­ßen Sur­lyn-Ein­satz in Pure Roll für ver­bes­ser­ten Klang, Gefühl und Roll­ei­gen­schaf­ten. Kom­men­tie­ren Sie unten und las­sen Sie uns wis­sen, was Sie von ihnen hal­ten. ► Wer­den Sie jetzt KOSTENLOSER ABONNEMENT von Golfs­ha­ke – https://​goo​.gl/​B​P​Z​U6v ► Besu­chen Sie unse­re Web­site hier für die neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten, Rezen­sio­nen und Fea­tures – http://​www​.golfs​ha​ke​.com/​n​e​ws/ ► Fol­gen Sie uns online über: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​g​o​l​f​s​h​ake https://​twit​ter​.com/​g​o​l​f​s​h​ake https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​g​o​l​f​s​h​ake ► Tei­len Sie uns Ihre Mei­nung mit, kom­men­tie­ren Sie ein­fach unten. ► Drü­cken Sie den LIKE-But­ton, wenn Ihnen die­ses Video gefal­len hat 🙂 ► Fol­gen Sie Ryan Rastall online über: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​R​y​a​n​R​a​s​t​a​l​l​G​olf https://​twit​ter​.com/​R​R​a​s​t​all http://​ryan​rastall​golf​.co​.uk/

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    1. Golfs​ha​ke​.com fair enough, I’m not an expert. But I find it to ima­gi­ne how shaft makes a big dif­fe­rence, shaft length yes, shaft mate­ri­al? Are they run­ning out of things to finesse?

  1. Scottie’s are worth the extra. My Tay­lorMa­de Spi­der Mini was trea­ted like a baby with head­co­ver always used but the paint just fell off. Be wary of Spi­der Putters!

    1. lol. I have had my Pla­ti­num Tour Spi­der Put­ter for a few years now. The only thing I need to be con­cer­ned about is many birds and pars. Works gre­at for me and dura­ble too.

    2. Joseph Dubiel Well take a look on TV at some of the Pro’s Spi­ders. They are bad­ly chip­ped too I guess yours is just special.

  2. On You­Tube i pre­fer­red the look of the cop­per head, but once I got in the golf shop and prac­ti­ced with both, I now pre­fer the blue over the gold, main­ly becau­se of what Ryan said regar­ding the con­trast. The blue put­ter head makes the white gui­de­li­ne stand out much more than does the gold put­ter head. One con­cern I have is that Tay­lorma­de (colo­red) put­ters have a ten­den­cy of the paint chip­ping off, even with the most extre­me care of the club. Does anyo­ne know if Tay­lorma­de has addres­sed this with the new Spi­der X?

    1. @Wes Boot­he Haha! I sold the put­ter mon­ths ago, but to ans­wer your ques­ti­on, the paint held up fine, as long as you keep the put­ter cover on it when it’s in your bag.

    2. Jim Sadd­ler didn’t like it I assu­me, may I ask why it didn’t work well for you? What other put­ter did you end up going with?

    3. @Wes Boot­he I loved the feel it gave off the put­ter, nice and smooth/soft. But after using a bla­de put­ter for 40 years, I had to go back to my old Cal­la­way bla­de put­ter. I have more feel of the ball com­ing off the put­ter head and that I have more con­trol of the put­ter that way.

  3. Orde­red exa­cly that one (cop­per model with short slant neck) this week. Will get it end of next week. Real­ly lik­ed the feel and sound at impact.

    1. @Golfshake.com Just one. Sold the Spi­der X and bought a Stro­ke Lab Dou­ble Wide. But I can­ce­led our rela­ti­ons­hip pret­ty fast (5 rounds) and Swap­ped it for the Spi­der S with ano­t­her golfer.

  4. Just tried the spi­der x and s and im super exci­ted to say I got the spi­der x com­ing in a few days in the navy color! Head shape and feel just felt bet­ter to me over the s.

  5. Had the last gen Spi­der and lik­ed it. Orde­red a cus­tom Spi­der X, all black with white sight line and grey weights. Also orde­red a set of the hea­vy weights to test out. Can’t wait to roll it.

  6. I had the older Spi­der Mon­za withe the sharp wings, lost the head cover and it put a hole in my lea­ther seat in my Jag. Ouch!! Also found that the sweet spot was some­ti­mes too hot. So just got the X in cop­per with the true align­ment and and like Rory McIl­roy says its a huge help. Feels extre­me­ly balan­ced and has gre­at feed­back, more con­sis­tent. gre­at sta­bi­li­ty. Love it. And my lea­ther seats are safe. LOL

  7. Hel­lo, I just recei­ved a cus­tom Spi­der X and it doesn’t feel as soft as I expec­ted at impact. My 6 year old put­ter feels much sof­ter. Do you think it’s a pro­blem in the build or is it just how the put­ter feels?

    1. the spi­der x put­ter has a medi­um soft feel, its the same insert they have been using for 5 years now, also what is your 6 year olds putter?

  8. I’ve just bought a spi­der x mys­elf pal. Do they all come with a super stro­ke grip is that stan­dard or will I have to buy it mys­elf to fit?

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