Texas Home & EPIC Ranch des PGA Tour-Veteranen Jimmy Walker | Home Course mit PGA Memes

Texas Home amp EPIC Ranch des PGA Tour Veteranen Jimmy Walker Home Course mit PGA Memes bourbon

Stolz prä­sen­tiert von Coro­na Pre­mier, das außer­ge­wöhn­li­che Leicht­bier mit nur 90 Kalo­rien und 2,6 Koh­len­hy­dra­ten. Bestel­len Sie auf Order​Co​ro​n​a​Pre​mier​.com. Home Cour­se ist eine von PGA Memes pro­du­zier­te Ori­gi­nal­se­rie, die Sie in die Häu­ser der bes­ten PGA Tour-Spie­ler ent­führt. In die­ser Fol­ge von Home Cour­se rei­sen wir nach San Anto­nio Texas und besu­chen den 6X PGA Tour Gewin­ner und Major Cham­pion; Jim­my Wal­ker. Jim­my gibt uns einen umfas­sen­den Ein­blick in ihr umge­bau­tes Haus, sei­ne Bour­bon-Samm­lung und nimmt uns mit auf sei­ne Ranch, um ein paar Waf­fen zu schie­ßen! Prä­sen­tiert wird die­se Serie von Coro­na Pre­mier, the Excep­tio­nal Light Beer. Bit­te abon­nie­ren Sie den PGA Memes-Kanal und fol­gen Sie uns auf Insta­gram für wei­te­re Inhal­te www​.insta​gram​.com/​p​g​a​m​e​mes

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66 thought on “Texas Home & EPIC Ranch des PGA Tour-Veteranen Jimmy Walker | Home Course mit PGA Memes”

  1. Ese atu­en­do me vue­l­ve loco Young​stars​.Quest loco con­ti­go y tienes ese cuer­po cur­vilí­neo, hicis­te un buen tra­ba­jo modelán­do­lo tam­bién. Tam­bién me gus­ta el últi­mo atu­en­do. Me encan­taw cómo los cin­tur­o­nes de liga se.

  2. Ești un idol Kim​my​-jka​.Mons​ter mereu în ini­ma mea 💋 fru­mos, dra­gos­te, ale­ge­re, cul­tu­ral. Sunt unul din­tree cele mai bune concerte.…

  3. Gau­ran­tee if you invi­te Daly and Kid Rock when they are com­ing through texas they would be play­ing gui­tar on the deck or around the fire. The modu­lar home is the bomb. Oufr new Titan recie­ver can show you how to hunt and kill a hog with a cou­p­le of dogs and a kni­fe… total bad ass.…

  4. Love the Ac on the jeep, too fun­ny, during the sum­mer it can go from 103 in August to 101 in the jeep.…. love tho­se, working on get­ting my 94 dis­co to look the same.….

  5. Wow, I did­n’t rea­li­ze Jim­my was such a fun guy, real­ly cool to see the off cour­se side of him. Tra­vis, I was hoping he was going to open the Pap­py for you!! Ha, may­be next time. Now I’m going to have to put in some LED under­lights in my bar. His house was gre­at, but man, I’d never lea­ve the ranch. Way to rock it

  6. Just beca­me a big­ger Jim­my Wal­ker fan! Your real­ly show how down to earth and nor­mal the­se pros are! Keep it rolling

    1. Fol­low him and his wife on Insta­gram. They’re super cool peop­le and enjoy the stuff all the rest of us do. They’re down to earth people!

  7. Wow. Talk about a good time while shoo­ting the best con­tent on the inter­net. Fan­tastic epi­so­de Tra­vis and crew!

  8. After fol­lowing Jim­my on IG, this was cool to see. Such a cool guy.

    Won­de­ring about Tra­vis’ hair­cut here? That was bothe­ring me. I cut my son’s hair once and said I’d never do it again and it still loo­ked bet­ter than Tra­vis’ here. 🤷‍♂️🤷🤷‍♂️🤷

  9. Dude likes pre­cisi­on rif­les and hun­ting but is also an abso­lu­te OG at golf and in life… so much respect. Loving the seri­es guys! I’ve been shoo­ting bolt guns for 14 years and the way he descri­bed bal­listics and figu­ring it all out to see the end result was so in tune with how any­bo­dy with pas­si­on for the craft could descri­be it. The look on his face said it all, he should get into PRS matches if he has­n’t already

  10. Ano­t­her gre­at video Tra­vis! Appre­cia­te the con­tent and it’s awe­so­me to see y’all in my home­town with Jimmy

  11. Is this a Jim­my Wal­ker inter­view or the Wife’s inter­view. Wow she has to get her work into this inter­view. lol

    1. I appre­cia­te having an ama­zing part­ner that values me and what I have to say. We are 100% equals – I HAVE been around sin­ce basi­cal­ly the begin­ning. Pret­ty damn cool. I think the Memes guys would agree. (Plus they con­ta­c­ted me to set the ent­i­re inter­view up so I guess they lik­ed what I had to say. 🤷🏼‍♀️)

    2. @Erin Wal­ker yess­s­ss! You go! Not only did you ser­ve up this joker but you did it with class and hono­red you’re hub­by at the same time. Love it. Best wis­hes to you two; thanks for let­ting us into your home.

  12. Is the­re a more lovely cou­p­le on the PGA? What awe­so­me peop­le. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons for all their suc­cess. Bea­ting a ter­ri­ble dise­a­se is way more than any Tour Cham­pions­hip (IMO).

  13. @PGA Memes got­ta love a PGA Tour PRO, AND a hun­ter and shoo­ter = PRO 2nd Amend­ment. Jim­my Wal­ker you just ear­ned ano­t­her fan!

  14. I never much cared for him … until now. May­be it was just his on cour­se deme­a­nor, which is not fair for me to assess I admit. But this video shows he’s just a down to earth, friend­ly, fun, kind per­son. That’s what makes the­se vide­os so enjoyable. 

    They keep me in check from being too judg­men­tal and they huma­ni­ze pro­fes­sio­nal ath­le­tes. Thanks to the play­ers for ope­ning their homes and lives. And thanks to ever­yo­ne who is invol­ved in the pro­duc­tion of the­se vids.

  15. Yet Ano­t­her win­ner Tra­vis. A huge Thank You to Jim­my and his wife for ope­ning up their homes to us for a look insi­de. Very lovely home and ranch. Fun pla­ces indeed.

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