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70 thought on “The Hat Films OnlyFans (Golf mit deinen Freunden)”

  1. I’d obvious­ly spi­tro­ast Pad­mé with Ana­kin! Alt­hough… ban­ging one of tho­se giraf­fe-necked freaks from Kami­no sounds kin­da nice, too. And let’s not for­get Aso­ka and Bar­ris. Tougher choice than I thought! 🤔

  2. The ending dis­cus­sion was so good, haha­ha, I love that Smith always ups the sta­kes every time

    Also, woah, not only did Ross win but Trott lost??? Are we in an alter­na­te uni­ver­se or some­thing, what is hap­pe­ning!? lol

  3. you mis­sed a key thing about the cash me out­side girl or w/e that eejit said at the time. she ope­ned an only fans as soon as she tur­ned 18, and made a mil­li­on dol­lars on that day, sin­ce then she’s made $50m. like, you work what you got, sure. but the fact that she got a mil­li­on the day she tur­ned 18… THAT’s the cree­py aspect.

  4. i would 100% start an only fans for even like 50k a year. Like, thats easy money, if peop­le wan­na pay me to see my hai­ry butt cheeks or wha­te­ver cool

  5. Man is it just me or is Ross always ‘one sum away from being a male porn­star’ hahaa, i swe­ar its a run­ning joke by now

  6. It’s incredi­b­ly sad how we put the dum­best peop­le on pedes­tals the­se days. The­re are such a lar­ge amount of peop­le get­ting so much atten­ti­on while all they do is deti­re­o­ra­te youth…

  7. Star Wars three­so­me would have to be cris­py half dead Ana­kin insi­de the Sar­laac, which tech­ni­cal­ly counts as three

  8. I can get my poo­ter super rebuilt with extra bells and whist­les Robocop style for a frac­tion of that 50 mil. Cash me out­side pret­ty please.

  9. Three­so­me? Obi-Wan and may­be ana­kin? I don’t real­ly care about who the 3rd per­son is as long as Obi-Wan is involved

  10. Time it took the hat bois to say some­thing gross: 43 seconds.
    The average time cur­r­ent­ly is: 51 seconds.
    I will do this on every video as long as my smooth brain does­n’t forget.

    1. On the star wars thing I’m not sure if there’s anyo­ne I can real­ly go with becau­se a good 90% of the cha­rac­ters are eit­her 10+ years older than I am, or are minors. Honest­ly, I can’t name a sin­gle fema­le star wars cha­rac­ter who’s bet­ween 18 and 26, as far as the main films and shows go.

    2. @The_Milkman_Returns honest­ly thought she was a good bit older than that, pro­bab­ly due to the actress and such. But hey, Rey and Epi­so­de 5 Leia are both wit­hin a year of me, so I’ll go with that. I’d per­so­nal­ly pre­fer asho­ka over Leia, but when you get ali­en spe­ci­es invol­ved the who­le legal age issue gets mudd­led to hell and back.

  11. It’s not that OW2 is the same game with dif­fe­rent cha­rac­ters, it’s that it’s the same game with the same characters.

  12. Ross i know who u r tal­king about her name is Dani­elle Bre­go­li but she a rap­per and goes by the name Bhad Bha­bie she alrea­dy rich cuse of her rap­ping care­er and ross she only 19 too

  13. For the Star Wars 3‑some I would pick Car­rie Fisher and Gina Cara­no… Becau­se I’m a necro­phi­liac and I love having the shit beat out of me! EZ!

  14. Serious­ly 50mil £/$ for a short while of doing “uncom­for­ta­ble crap”… Fair­ly sure most peop­le would do that IF they ever got offe­red it. Sure you did porn and some peop­le will judge you for that – howe­ver you can do wha­te­ver you want for the rest of your life basi­cal­ly. I mean – you could pro­bab­ly get your Star Wars 3‑some if you had that much – and still have enough left buy your own damn island! LOL

  15. When did it beco­me about “extre­me anal” Smit­hy? Going that fast from “sprea­ding each others asscheeks” to “extre­me anal”… Do you have some­thing you want to tell us Smit­hy? It’s ok I’m not kinks­ha­ming you – but you just seem very eager to “go the­re”. It’s ok m8 – this is a safe envi­ron­ment – no one here in the YT comments sec­tion will judge you!

  16. Trott said that ger­mans are kin­ky. thats pro­bab­ly true. but i bet its only becau­se of a hold­o­ver from the 1930’s and 40’s whe­re the men took what they wan­ted from sub­ju­ga­ted peo­p­les and got used to it to the point that when the war was over it was the only thing that got them off, but then they had to tone it down due to not wan­ting to gank anyo­ne back home and such.

  17. I know twitch is your big money ear­ner now, but shit I’d love to see ano­t­her utube mine­craft seri­es again. They were hil­arious and so well edi­ted. Polis­hed is what they were and shit I’ve rerun your old stuff so much I’m sur­pri­sed I’m not band for stalking

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