THE SECRET TO STOP BLADING and STOP CHUNKING your chip shots back swing

in today’s golf les­son dave the pga pro shows
you how you can stop bla­ding / thin­ning and chun­king / fat­ting your chip shots around the green. ★ POLO SHIRTS & PULLOVERS AVAILABLE NOW ★

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Hel­lo! I’m Liam the Peo­p­les Gol­fer. I star­ted this You­Tube chan­nel to impro­ve your golf game and to bring gol­fers tog­e­ther in a community. 

My main focus is to crea­te rela­t­a­ble and fun­ny golf con­tent while hel­ping to impro­ve the golf game of the average gol­fer! I also like to explo­re the Best Golf Cour­ses around the world and Golf Cour­ses Near Me! 

I want to help Lower Your Han­di­cap by sharing Golf Tips that help to Fix Your Sli­ce, Fix your Hook and hit Lon­ger Golf Shots! My chan­nel fea­tures PGA Pro Les­sons on how to Strike Your Irons Bet­ter, How to hit Long Distance Irons, Approach Shots and how to Draw or Fade your Golf Shot to get it Clo­ser To The Hole. The Gol­fing Legend OMP shares Expert Golf Advice on Cour­se Manage­ment, Chip­ping Per­fect­ly and get­ting More Spin without thin­ning or duf­fing the shot. Top Golf tips on Golf Club choice and Golf Shot type. I also share les­sons on How to Putt Bet­ter and how to Impro­ve Put­ting Accuracy.

I like to keep my con­tent Fun, Friend­ly and Infor­ma­ti­ve. I will test Golf Clubs and Golf Trai­ning Aids that peop­le are inte­res­ted in and pro­vi­de a real, honest and accu­ra­te review of their per­for­mance. For enter­tain­ment pur­po­ses I try out Golf Access­ories and Golf Pro­ducts and see if they can impro­ve my per­for­mance or if they are in fact just a ‘Fad’.

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121 thought on “THE SECRET TO STOP BLADING and STOP CHUNKING your chip shots”

  1. hey from New Zea­land not very often that we get to say hel­lo in a simi­lar time line. We start day light saving tonight going into sum­mer for us more roll now. Call out to all golf mates go Bol­ton Na Can­ter­bu­ry Rugby.

  2. My Achil­les heal. Will be try­ing this next week on the prac­ti­ce area. So far you easy not com­pli­ca­ted tips are paying off for me. will let you know the results. Keep the tips comming.

  3. Gre­at tip Dave using all your tips so far and a bit of good luck I shot an 89 yes­ter­day brea­king 90 for the first time ever play­ing of a 24 han­di­cap so you can see my delight keep it going gon­na use this tip in the morning ” I’m the guy who thins it” keep your tips going Golf­ma­tes is a gre­at site with ama­zing con­tent and ordi­na­ry guys adding content…well done again⛳⛳⛳⛳

    1. Should have in the Irish Open yes­ter­day could do not­hing wrong anyo­ne ever had one of them days on a golf cour­se pre­su­me they only hap­pen once in a life­time eh…unless your Liam Harrison 😂⛳😂

    2. @john rock I’m in the same boat as you. Dave has hel­ped me to drop into the 80s regu­lar. It makes the game so much more enjoya­ble. Even the bad rounds I have with high scores dont bother me becau­se I’m con­fi­dent that I will do bet­ter next time.

  4. Hi Dave from Mans­field Notts … Only wish I lived clo­ser so I could avail of your excel­lent tea­ching … Gre­at Vids with simp­le but gre­at content …

  5. Awe­so­me video Dave the Pro. I will take this to my warm up befo­re my golf game today. Dave thank you very much this will help lower my score for sure. Thank you Dave👍👍🏌️⛳️🇨🇦

  6. Love the advice dave i have bene­fit­ted from the dri­ver advice you have given in tge past. Howe­ver a ques­ti­on for you is, what about in win­ter golf when the fair­ways are wet­ter and the boun­ce isnt as effec­ti­ve? I real­ly strugg­le with pit­ching in the winter.

  7. Gre­at tip Dave. The­re has been deba­te bet­ween OMP and Liam about using a 7/8 iron chip and run if the­re is no obsta­cle in the the way. Do you use a sand wedge for all shots of 50 yds in?

  8. Dave I love your tips. Will try this one my fair­way woods and hybrid shots have impro­ved 100%. Using your set up on fair­way woods thank you so much 👍👍👍👍. Keep up the good work

  9. Once again an excel­lent video on pit­ching. I will prac­ti­ce the­se shots using the hold tech­ni­que at the top of my back­swing and then lis­ten for the noi­se at the bot­tom. The­se are sco­ring shots and if you want to get your han­di­cap down like I do you will prac­ti­ce the­se shots until they beco­me first natu­re. Have a good weekend.

  10. Excel­lent advice, Dave. Don’t you agree the­re is far too much talk of “for­ward shaft lean” and hit­ting “down on your iron shots”. Many gre­at gol­fers never took divots.

  11. Gre­at stuff Dave, enjoy­ed ever­yo­ne of the­se vids.
    Golfs a simp­le game made hard by some, but you keep it simp­le. That’s got­ta help a lot of peop­le inclu­ding mys­elf. There’s not­hing worse than a thin over the green for me, well may­be the odd shank lol.

  12. Bril­li­ant seri­es of vide­os Dave,took cer­tain tips into my game,and came away from Brook­da­le GC yes­ter­day with my best round 89 👍

  13. Dave – your fairway/hybrid tips per­fect so can’t wait to try this one! I had a gre­at round going on a tough cour­se and to bor­row a phra­se from Liam “thin­ned the tits” off 2 just like this on the back 9 to turn birdie/par into 7s!! Gre­at inst­ruc­tion and U make it simp­le! Brian

  14. Very good, the­se inst­ruc­tio­n­al are com­ing at a per­fect time, as I can pass them along to my daugh­ter who is just lear­ning how to play golf. Of cour­se, I think anyo­ne can pro­fit from the­se gre­at vids. Thanks!

  15. This real­ly works gre­at on the fair­way whe­re the grass is short. Would appre­cia­te some tips on what to do in wet thick rough whe­re the ball is nest­led down and you can’t do a brush-like swing.

  16. I am very appre­cia­ti­ve of the­se les­sons and poin­ters by Dave. He sim­pli­fies the game of golf to help both low and high han­di­cap­pers. Thanks Dave

  17. More gre­at tips, thanks Dave. IMHO so many peop­le get the set­up wrong on the tee, the fair­way approach shots and the chip­ping area, mys­elf inclu­ded when I get too cocky. What I see is peop­le try the tips, they work, then wit­hin a day or two they’­re back doing the same old thing and the cir­cle of life continues.….…I hope Liam is rea­ding this, becau­se he is one of the worst cul­prits lol. Cheers boys keep the nug­gets of know­ledge com­ing and thanks Liam and Co for all you do each week.

  18. I have not seen a bad lie on your cour­se. I live in the desert south west USA. we have a lot of spots that devoid of grass { hard pan} can you show how to hit that shot? love this seri­es of tips

  19. Gre­at work from Dave as usu­al. You see so many tips vide­os whe­re they make things com­pli­ca­ted. Never get that from Dave. Keeps it simp­le. Brilliant.

  20. Dave is that not pit­ching as oppo­sed to chip­ping? seems to be a big distance for a chip shot and i strugg­le with both as i have been play­ing a chip style shot from to big a distance

  21. No pro­blem, I can do ti’s thud noi­se for 10 or even 20 prac­ti­ce strokes. But when I take this minia­tu­re step into the ball, all my prac­ti­ce strokes is com­ple­te­ly forgotten.
    Have no pro­blem hit­ting one foot in front of the ball. Not even a pro­blem thin­ned it out of bounds.
    And i am qui­te cer­tain that i’am not alo­ne to have this brain damage😜

  22. The tit­le of the les­son refers to CHIP shots, but you are play­ing PITCH shots ! I was always told the two are total­ly dif­fe­rent. A chip goes a short distance in the air fol­lo­wed by the majo­ri­ty of its distance along the ground.
    A pitch is the oppo­si­te whe­re the ball is in the air for the majo­ri­ty of its jour​ney​.Am I wrong ?

  23. Ano­t­her gre­at tip, thank you Dave. If I com­bi­ne your tech­ni­que tips and OMP’s stra­te­gy I should be shoo­ting 85 in a cou­p­le of mon­ths. I love the ‘keep it simp­le’ approach. Thanks again 👍🏻

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