Tigerwald | Jeder Schuss, der von seinem 82. PGA TOUR-Titel übertragen wurde | ZOZO-MEISTERSCHAFT 2019

Tigerwald Jeder Schuss der von seinem 82. PGA TOUR Titel uebertragen wurde ZOZO MEISTERSCHAFT 2019 2019

Tiger Woods fei­ert sei­nen 82. PGA TOUR-Sieg. Sehen Sie sich jeden Schuss an, der in der Über­tra­gung auf­ge­nom­men wird, wäh­rend Woods Sam Sneads Rekord für die meis­ten Sie­ge in der TOUR-Geschich­te ein­stellt. ABONNIEREN Sie jetzt die PGA TOUR: http://​pgat​.us/​v​B​x​c​ZSh Tiger Woods gibt sein Sai­son­de­büt, wenn die PGA TOUR ihr ers­tes offi­zi­el­les Event in Japan bei der ers­ten ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP aus­trägt. Woods ist nach einer Knie­ope­ra­ti­on wie­der im Ein­satz, nur weni­ge Wochen bevor er das US-Team beim Pre­si­dents Cup in Aus­tra­li­en anführt. Der amtie­ren­de FedEx­Cup-Cham­pion Rory McIl­roy tritt zusam­men mit den ehe­ma­li­gen FedEx­Cup-Cham­pions Jus­tin Tho­mas und Jor­dan Spieth sowie dem Lokal­ma­ta­dor Hide­ki Mats­u­ya­ma dem Feld im Accor­dia Golf Nara­shi­no Coun­try Club bei. Dies ist McIl­roys ers­ter PGA TOUR-Start seit sei­nem Sieg bei der TOUR-Meis­ter­schaft im August, wo er den FedEx­Cup gewann und zum Spie­ler des Jah­res ernannt wur­de. Kann er in Japan einen erfolg­rei­chen Start hin­le­gen? Will­kom­men auf dem offi­zi­el­len You­Tube-Kanal der PGA TOUR. Hier fin­den Sie alles, was Sie brau­chen, um über die welt­weit füh­ren­de Golf­tour auf dem Lau­fen­den zu blei­ben. Sehen Sie sich High­lights von jedem Tur­nier sowie Spie­ler­in­ter­views, Spie­ler­pro­fi­le, Tur­nier­vor­schau­en, Schwung­ana­ly­sen und die bes­ten Auf­nah­men und erstaun­li­chen Momen­te an. Teryn Schae­fer prä­sen­tiert die bes­ten Social-Media-Bei­trä­ge aus der gan­zen Welt des Golf­sports in „Gut, schlecht und unge­wöhn­lich“ und bringt Ihnen nach jedem Spiel­tag die größ­ten Gesprächs­the­men in „The Takea­way“. Besu­chen Sie https://​www​.pga​tour​.com für eine voll­stän­di­ge Bericht­erstat­tung zusam­men mit den neu­es­ten Nach­rich­ten, Wer­tun­gen und Sta­tis­ti­ken! Fol­gen Sie PGA TOUR online: Insta­gram: https://​insta​gram​.com/​p​g​a​t​o​ur/ Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​P​G​A​T​our Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​P​G​A​T​OUR Sound­Cloud: https://​sound​cloud​.com /pgatour Mel­den Sie sich für exklu­si­ve Bericht­erstat­tung an – http://​www​.pga​tour​li​ve​.com PGA TOUR Supers­to­re – http://​www​.pga​tour​su​pers​to​re​.com/

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564 thought on “Tigerwald | Jeder Schuss, der von seinem 82. PGA TOUR-Titel übertragen wurde | ZOZO-MEISTERSCHAFT 2019”

  1. The­re we go! This is what we deser­ve every week! Plea­se do this for every win­ner at each tour­na­ment and we would be very hap­py. 👏 A gre­at way to stu­dy ways to win a tour event!

    1. Yeah cuz the average gol­fer could real­ly use tips to win pro events which con­sti­tu­te rough­ly 0.0001% of the ent­i­re gol­fing population

  2. But serious­ly as someo­ne who makes vide­os this is real­ly a gre­at gift from the chan­nel, this defi­ni­te­ly took several hours to put tog­e­ther and they did it amidst the cri­ti­cism they’­ve been get­ting late­ly. Hope­ful­ly, this is just the start of brin­ging the chan­nel back to great­ness. It isn’t the edi­tors’ fault; it’s no coin­ci­dence the high­lights were brought down to 2–3 minu­tes once they star­ted rol­ling out the full round high­lights on pga tour live. Glad to see at least some of the restric­tions are being lifted.

    1. It’s flat out embarr­as­sing for them to put this tog­e­ther, which is inde­ed is a lot of hard work, but they for­get about every sin­gle win­ner not named Tiger. I can’t give them a pass until they do it con­sist­ent­ly. ET puts up a win­ners round two or three hours after the event, regard­less of their name.

    2. @ib0o0 It’s a step in the right direc­tion though. And don’t expect this type of video every week (49 minu­tes) becau­se it takes the edi­tor many hours to go through all the broad­cast foo­ta­ge and get this tog­e­ther. But I agree, if we could start get­ting full high­lights again for the win­ners and any other low rounds that got signi­fi­cant coverage, I think the chan­nel would start get­ting more viewers.

    3. Eh? I mean, the video is long, but the edi­t­ing is extre­me­ly basic. Which is fine, as I don’t think you need to add effects and a bunch of cra­zy tran­si­ti­ons. But the edi­t­ing its­elf is very basic. They have the live broad­cast video. All they need to do is record every Tiger shot then place it in the medium.

    1. Dani­el Val­dez acour­se this is why wouldn’t it be , you thought this might be a video game ins­tead of real life, come on Dani­el , PGA Tour wouldn’t put fake golf on the tube

  3. Dear Japa­ne­se audi­ence, I abso­lute­ly ado­re the fact that you’­re bare­ly arti­cu­la­ting “get in the hole,” but are per­fect­ly mimi­cking the cadence, tone, and feel of that sen­tence. As much as I dis­li­ke it during Ame­ri­can tour­na­ments, that much I love it when hea­ring you.

  4. This is defi­ni­te­ly a dif­fe­rent swing. He loo­ks more fle­xi­ble and at his finish his hands are much lower. We’ll see how it works out!

  5. Dear PGA. Every shot from every tour­na­ment Tiger plays from now on needs to be on video. We all need to be able to watch the tour­na­ment he beats Sam Sneads record in ent­i­re­ty. Thanks, Jay.

    1. Dear PGA. Every shot from every tour­na­ment Tiger plays from now on needs to be on video. We all need to be able to watch the tour­na­ment he beats Sam Sneads record in ent­i­re­ty. Thank, Jay.

    1. Tiger sin­gle han­ded­ly took golf to a new stra­to­s­phe­re. The young gol­fers after him just weren’t appe­aling to the mill­en­ni­als & GenZ. Tur­ned an EZ alley­oop into a turnover

  6. YES, the con­tent we have all wan­ted! I think I am spea­king for the golf fana­tics like me in the sen­se that we tru­ly enjoy watching a full round unfold! We are pati­ent enough to watch it! No need for short snip­pets like other sports…

    1. Ankle Pick Dude cri­tics have been say­ing that for years and yet he just made the big­gest come­back in sports histo­ry and won 3 times wit­hin a year lol. I think he’s doing just fine

  7. Yeah it appears that the “PGA Tour page” took the time to tho­rough­ly read the comments and real­ly respon­ded this time! Excel­lent coverage, Well done!

  8. 17:58 Squir­rel hun­ting.… lea­ve tho­se poor squir­rels alo­ne.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 he needs to chan­ge dri­vers tay­lorma­de and Tiger dont mix regard­less of shaft…

  9. Look how every per­son in that crowd is hap­py to be the­re to see peop­le play golf, in Ame­ri­ca, we fight at spor­ting events, we need to learn from the­se spec­ta­tors who don’t see the­se play­ers play ever­y­day like we do

  10. Wow, he puts it in the water on the first shot, then bogeys the first 3, and still goes on to win. Guess it just took him a minu­te to get in the zone.

  11. ZoZo, was­n’t that Led Zep­pe­lin? Once Tiger gave his put­ter a stern tal­king to, ever­ything see­med fine! You know tho­se greens are nas­ty if their giving Tiger fits.

  12. Tiger sin­gle han­ded­ly took golf to a new stra­to­s­phe­re. The young gol­fers after him just weren’t appe­aling to the mill­en­ni­als & GenZ. Tur­ned an EZ alley­oop into a turnover

    1. Not real­ly sure what you mean. It’s not like peop­le are yelling while play­ers putt. Plus Ame­ri­cans are obvious­ly into it more and it’s more inten­se. I think the majo­ri­ty of pga play­ers would pre­fer the more exci­ta­ble crowds. I mean as long as peop­le aren’t making noi­se while play­ers swing it should­n’t affect the play­ers. What do you been by cour­te­ous and respectful?

  13. Look at the feed­back this get from us fans com­pa­red to the 2–3 min high­light showing 90% putts! Isn’t it worth it having hap­py fans🤟🏻😄

  14. Thank you edi­tors for taking the time to give us such a qua­li­ty video. With the time dif­fe­rence, it was dif­fi­cult for many of us to stay up and watch live. We are appreciative 🙏🏾

  15. The announ­cer was awe­so­me, did­n’t talk bad about Tiger Woods just said how good he is and how awe­so­me he was doing appre­cia­te it

  16. Gary play­er and Sam Snead each have 165 vic­to­ries world wide for their carers. Tiger will never reach that!! Best Gol­fer ever Jack Nick­laus!!! Not even close!!

  17. *In PGA digi­tal meeting*

    “Nobo­dy wat­ches 45 minu­te vide­os! They want the 2–4 minu­tes! Short atten­ti­on spans and stuff!”

    *Intern speaks up*

  18. Just need to pay a bit more atten­ti­on to the audio throughout next time, R3 and 4 had had com­men­ta­ry audio and this one shows the T shot at the 5gh in R4 twice.

  19. Whe­re are Jack nick­laus and his fol­lo­wers now? all tho­se that were do against the Gre­at Tiger, do you have any comments no I your mouths are shut let it stay that way; 4 ever GREAT WORK TIGER MAN

    1. Now there’s alrea­dy some peop­le who are say­ing that Tiger wont ever play com­pe­ti­tively lol des­pi­te win­ning ZOZO and mas­ters last year.

  20. @13:07 That’s cra­zy how the red dot on the back of his put­ter is com­ple­te­ly worn out, paint from the let­ters are mis­sing, and there’s dents all over the top. Per­fect examp­le when club works for you, you keep it.

  21. Oh and while we are enjoy­ing this… mute it too. Real­ly hel­ps focus on what TW might be thin­king and fee­ling which is rare­ly what the announ­cers are tal­king about I have the feeling.

  22. Shout out to the tour get­ting a tour­na­ment in such a beau­ti­ful and cul­tu­ral­ly rich coun­try as Japan. We need tour events in Argen­ti­na, New Zea­land, Switz­er­land, and South Afri­ca just to name a few.

    1. Tho­se pla­ces are too far to tra­vel for the GOAT except may­be Argen­ti­na. I think he goes to Asia becau­se of his mother.

    2. @Marie Tay­lor He just tra­vel­led to Japan which is fur­ther than Argen­ti­na so I dont under­stand your point. He went to Asia becau­se the­re was a new pres­ti­gious event the­re and that’s the who­le point of crea­ting more of tho­se in gre­at loca­ti­ons whe­re the fer­vor sup­por­ting the­se tour­na­ments would be immense. Espe­cial­ly now sin­ce we have a wrap around schedule.

  23. You guys should make more of the­se “Every shot broad­casts…” with Tiger, from every time he tees it up. He won’t be play­ing for 10 more years, we might get 3–5 years if we are lucky. We need to gather as much foo­ta­ge as pos­si­ble, even from when he’s not playng great!

    Thank you!

  24. FOR SALE… I have a vin­ta­ge electric gol­fer for sale. It’s a moto­ri­zed wire figu­ri­ne of a gol­fer hol­ding a club that con­ti­nu­al­ly swings at the ball. The golf ball is tethe­red so if the gol­fer makes good con­ta­ct, the ball spins and returns back to its magne­tic base as he winds up for ano­t­her swing- (not all his swings lead to a good hit).This ani­ma­ted figu­ri­ne is VERY COOL and is per­fect for a Pro golf shop or a golf enthu­si­asts home. It is ama­zing and sti­mu­la­ting to watch and can be left on all day, even though I’ve never done that. This gol­fer is not being sold on FeeeBay due to thi­er ridi­cu­lous­ly high cost, but you can check my feed­back. It’s 100% per­fect sin­ce 1998. If you buy it, you’ll get it. Here’s a video…


    Sor­ry for any intrusion

    1. He put­ted well all that week he made like 20 putts out­side 20 feet or some­thing like that, but other then that he was stuf­fing his irons clo­se which is nee­ded at a place cal­led Augus­ta National

  25. Ama­zing. Tiger starts his 82nd PGA Tour win with a hook into the water and three strai­ght bogeys. Just goes to show how Per­fec­tion and “Con­sis­ten­cy” in Golf is a com­ple­te myth and no need to over­re­act or get down over some mista­kes. Awe­so­me video con­tent here!

  26. I couldn’t belie­ve this was a 49 min video! Time just see­med to have quick­ly pas­sed whilst watching this. Well play­ed sir/s👏👏👏

  27. Gre­at video. I am noti­cing more and more how peop­le move after a put is struck and walk around the green, both in front of the came­ras watching the ball rol­ling and into the put­ters line of sight. Is it just me, or does this strike as too casu­al for a TV cove­r­ed tour­na­ment. It’s fine for a prac­ti­ce round, but with TV they are the rea­son you are the­re, not your own con­ve­ni­en­ce, let the came­ras fol­low the ball roll in peace and wait for the per­son to mark befo­re moving into the cen­ter of the green.

  28. they all came to see Tiger and they got Tiger, if it was anci­ent Japan , tiger would have been their god. He pro­bab­ly is. lol
    i agree more vide­os like this and no just on the win­ner, either.

  29. What the heck is up with, like, the ent­i­re­ty of the third and fourth round having the gal­le­ry and Tiger being heard in the left ear, and the com­men­ta­ry in the right?

  30. Trig­ger is gre­at gifted, in golf I want to be like in may god help me and God we con­ti­nue see trig­ger through and strength him in Jesus name Amen

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  38. When Tiger is at his best, he makes the game seem effort­less. Abso­lute­ly unbe­liev­a­ble. He defi­ni­te­ly has his lows, but the highs are like none other.

  39. Wow, thanks a lot for this. I did­n’t even know he won ano­t­her tour­na­ment after the Mas­ters. Well, ano­t­her tour­na­ment, ano­t­her few mil­li­on dol­lars for Tiger.

  40. it took me lon­ger than i want to admit to rea­li­ze that this was a tour­na­ment in japan. i made a num­ber of obser­va­tions about the amount of asi­an peop­le in the crowd until the first wide shot of them all and only then did i look at the descrip­ti­on lol

  41. 45 y/o, knee and back all mes­sed up. 10:50 he hits an effort­less 8‑iron 194 yards out of the rough to wit­hin a few feet. Ama­zing. GOAT.

  42. golf spec­ta­tors are idi­ots. Every putt as soon as con­ta­ct “get in the hole.…get in the hole…” people.…the ball can­not and does not hear you or anything for that matter.

  43. I was the­re and fol­lo­wed him as much as I could.
    That was the grea­test memo­ry on my life.
    His shots, putts, ever­ything aroud him was awe­so­me and beautiful.
    Thank you, Tiger.
    BTW some of “IN THE HOOOLE” were mine with Japa­ne­se accent.

    1. @Jamie Stubbs He can’t come to Japan this year ZOZO, and last year ZOZO might be last one in Japan becau­se of Covid19.
      So I never for­get what I could see in there.

    2. Wow im envious and id pro­bab­ly would be the guy eit­her yelling get in the hole or MASHED POTATOES even though i hate hea­ring it on the tv cau­se why not? its fun

  44. أسطورة رياضة الكولف عبر التاريخ بلا منازع، حول ريضاة أرستقراطية إلى رياضة لها جماهيرية، بسبب مهارته ودقته الخيالية

  45. First thing I noti­ced about the Japa­ne­se is that they actual­ly live in the moment and pay atten­ti­on ins­tead of being on their pho­nes the who­le damn time.

  46. Gre­at chan­nel, good video, thank you and keep shoo­ting in the same spi­rit, I real­ly lik­ed Your con­tent, I will recom­mend You to my friends and rela­ti­ves!!! Good luck friend

  47. The exul­tant pan­ca­ke struc­tu­ral­ly attract becau­se sup­ply mober­ly extend around a super­fi­cial shelf. zea­l­ous, glib crowd

  48. 골프는
    연습량 만큼 자신감으로 샷,
    연습량 보다 골프습관이 우선,
    ㅡ골프습관ㅡ 이란, 뭘까 ?
    골프입문후ㆍ꼭 지켜야 할것.
    ㅡ 골프습관 은 ㅡ
    준비운동 = 골프체조 = 3세트
    왜 ?,
    골퍼는 준비운동에 집중하고
    정성 드려야 할까 ?
    모든 샷의 순간은
    내몸의 반응에서 좋은 샷이 나오는데, 그순간의 동작들은
    내몸이 먼저 반응하게 되는데,
    골퍼가 알고 있는 뇌 보다,
    내몸의 반응으로 샷을 하게 됨.
    평소 어떤 골프습관으로 운동해야
    내몸의 반응이 좋은 샷을 만들까
    라는 질문을 하게 된다.
    그답이 준비운동 입니다.
    그럼, 준비운동은 어찌 합니까 ?
    라는 질문이 곧장 나올것이다.
    글프샷은 내몸의 균형,
    즉, 스윙의 중심을 잡아주는 균형
    으로 동작을 해야만,
    꾸준히 일관된 샷을 할수있고,
    내몸은 샷에서 균형을 잡기위한
    동작을 하게 된다.
    즉, 준비운동을 하지않고
    웨지들고 수구리샷으로 몸풀기는
    6,70년대 할배들 공치기 였다.
    스포츠 골프로 거듭 나면서..
    스포츠 답게 골프를 해야 하고
    스포츠 골프는 준비운동 부터
    배워야 하고ㆍ체크해야 된다.
    2020년에도 연습장에서 레슨받는
    골퍼들은 준비운동 보다 그립부터
    가르치고 배우니ㆍㆍ애럽다 ㅋ
    준비운동 않고 클럭을 잡으면,
    그립부터 변질 된다는 사실을
    골퍼는 스스로 알고 반성한다.
    누구도 그런 사실을 인정하지않고
    내탓으로 잠춘다 ㅋㅋ
    그건 오락 골퍼로서 기쁨조 다.
    필드에서 ㅡ 기쁨조 ㅎㅎㅎ
    그럼 ,
    어떻게 한달한번 필드 나가서
    ㆍ8개월째 ㅡ 79타, 마우나cc
    ㆍ1주년때 ㅡ 이븐파, 감해가야p
    ㆍ베스트 2언더파,
    ㆍ18홀 버디 7개,
    2010년도 1년간의 1주년에
    13장의 스코어 카드에서
    전반,전월보다 항시 기록이
    좋았던 ㅡ 그이유를, 준비를,
    골프 경험담을 타이거 우즈에게
    보내는 편지 글로ㆍ­Daum 골프방
    에 자세히 올린 2011년도ᆢᆢ
    약2만여명 검색됨.
    2021년1월ㆍ12년차 생체인,
    어떤 이유에서던,
    전국대회 우승자와 샷대결에서도
    계절마다 필드 나가서,
    한겨울 통통 튀는 그린에서도,
    내 샷은 결코 흔들리지 않고
    승리 했습니다.
    그동안 항시 샷대결에서
    저는 위와 같은 사실을 말하고
    큰판내기던ㆍ언더파 골퍼도ㆍ
    스크린 사장님이 거짓말인지,
    사실인지 확인 동반자 까지 붙여
    라운드 했던„ 그런날도 있었고,
    애써 내기판을 만들어,
    홀라당 지갑 털린 ㆍㆍ자칭,
    오리자날 싱글골퍼 님들도 여럿
    있었습니다 ^^~~~
    레슨한달후ㆍ준비운동을 몰라
    레슨졸업하고 골프책3으로,
    준비운동을 연구후, 본격적으로
    연습장 저녁운동은 공치기 유혹
    보다 ㅡ 몸만들기 준비운동부터,
    연습장에서 골프박사로 통한다는
    그분이 약6개월쯤에서ㆍㆍ
    우연히 휴게실에서 만나 질문하니
    그때서야ㆍㆍ그동안 쭈우욱ㆍㆍ
    지켜 보았다고,
    참 충실히 운동하고 있었다고,
    이곳 연습장에서 스윙이 제일좋다
    그렇게 골프정보를 하나씩 알아
    가는 기회가 왔다.
    용어도 제대로 모르는 8개월째,
    79타ㆍ(전4,후3) 기록..
    수박 큰걸로 한통 돌렸슴다.

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  84. Using an 8 iron to hit the ball 190 yards onto the green from the rough is under­ra­ted. An average 8 iron for Tiger goes 158, but he is able to push the ball 30 yards fur­ther from the rough of all places

  85. Hola, la pági­na esta muy buena. Y Wood fue y será el mara­dona del golf. Pero la ver­dad can­san ustedes, solo ponen de tiger Woods. Hay otros gran­des jug­ado­res, para poner videos

  86. I know tiger makes a lot of money but he puts his own per­so­nal­ly com­for­ta­bi­li­ty at risk when he goes so hard I kin­da hope he reti­res after brea­king his leg I don’t want to see him win­cing or only hit­ting cuts

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