Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen Live-Interview | Hot-Seat-Pressekonferenz

Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Patrick Mahomes Josh Allen Live Interview Hot Seat Pressekonferenz aaron rodgers

Capi­tal One’s The Match ist zurück und damit auch sei­ne mit Stars besetz­te Auf­stel­lung. Sehen Sie sich die voll­stän­di­ge Live-Pres­se­kon­fe­renz „Hot Seat“ mit Tom Bra­dy, Aaron Rod­gers, Patrick Maho­mes und Josh Allen im Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas vor dem dies­jäh­ri­gen Show­down an, den Sie nicht ver­pas­sen dür­fen. #Capi­ta­lO­nes­The­Match Abon­nie­ren Sie: https://www .you​tube​.com/​u​s​e​r​/​B​l​e​a​c​h​e​r​R​e​p​o​r​t​?​s​u​b​_​c​o​n​f​i​r​m​a​t​i​o​n=1 Fol­gen Sie uns auf IG: http://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​f​/​b​l​e​a​c​h​e​r​r​e​p​ort Fol­gen Sie uns auf Twit­ter: http://​www​.twit​ter​.com/​b​l​e​a​c​h​e​r​r​e​p​ort Liken Sie uns auf Face­book: http://​www​.face​book​.com/​b​l​e​a​c​h​e​r​r​e​p​ort

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209 thought on “Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen Live-Interview | Hot-Seat-Pressekonferenz”

    1. it’s obvious­ly an extre­me­ly loud envi­ron­ment, hard to focus, they were thro­wing play­ful jabs but they could­n’t real­ly hear each other. also, I don’t think they care whe­ther peop­le are amu­sed or not. they’­re ath­le­tes, not comedians.

    1. Yeah.. Her­bie got­ta make the play­offs and get a signa­tu­re win or two. Cant cho­ke off the play­offs trip to the Rai­ders and expect to be cele­bra­ted in the offseason.

    2. @CinemaFan777 he can’t play QB and defen­se at the same time yall argu­ments are pathe­tic name 4 Qbs not name Bra­dy Allen maho­mes Rod­gers that’s bet­ter than Herbert?

  1. tom like yea he in flo­ri­da i got u 😉 mr rod­gers like ok come in the cold 🥶 i don’t like the bills so allen sor­ry but im good n pat­ty got get me next to bro 😎

  2. Bra­dy what’s your con­fi­dence level 1–10 on get­ting that 7th ring and sur­pas­sing the goat Jor­dan. No slea­zy avo­id­ance ans­wers either.

  3. Bra­dy showing off that GOAT swag with the talk knowing he cir­cled around ARod and the youn­gins. Ed Reed and CWood get­ting legit hype as gre­at defen­si­ve play­ers. Hil­arious­ly awk­ward con­ver­sa­ti­on bet­ween JJ Watt vs the QBs knowing JJ can take all of them on like Thanos

  4. Ques­ti­on for Patrick! Have you and Britt­a­ny thought of any names for your baby? Congra­tu­la­ti­ons by the way! Love you guys! ♥️♥️♥️

  5. if you don’t under­stand the dol­phin line it’s cau­se male dol­phins for­ce them­sel­ves on women dol­phins to mate whe­ther they want to or not so basi­cal­ly aaron is imper­so­na­ting des­haun wat­son with the joke

    1. Lol I thought he was more tal­king about how hes had so many dif­fe­rent gfs & he and Shai­le­ne Wood­ley recent­ly bro­ke up.

      So i figu­red it was kind of a tongue in cheek jab to let her know he dgaf

  6. Hey Bra­dy the only rea­son you beat allen last year was the refs are on your weewee that was clear­ly pass Inter­fe­rence on diggs

  7. They had to get the hig­hest chairs ever so josh didnt tower over ever­y­bo­dy! Also i love how they never ask pat the ques­ti­on first. He just gets to ride off of jjs reac­tions. He gets spoon fed

  8. Bra­dy was going after Allen all week lol. I thought it was just a joke but he seems to be only making jokes about Allen so may­be it is a litt­le per­so­nal, I don’t know why it would be though I haven’t heard that they didn’t get along or anything.

    1. It’s trash talk. It’s not real­ly per­so­nal he’s only play­ed against Allen sin­ce 2017. He was a divi­si­on rival for 20 years against his team not the play­er and he’s always des­troy­ed his team

    2. You have to look past the sur­face. It’s like WWE. The­re all put­ting on a show- like a Come­dy Cen­tral Roast. Bra­dy just has more per­so­nal histo­ry (past beef) with the city of Buf­fa­lo, and Josh knows Buf­fa­lo HATED Bra­dy for 18 years so natu­ral­ly it made for a good sto­ry­line for Allen to tar­get Bra­dy & vice ver­sa. It’s all for enter­tain­ment & fun.

  9. I know of 2 play­ers that always threw up befo­re every game. They both ended up publicly announ­cing that they had men­tal health pro­blems and suf­fe­red from seve­re anxie­ty. Not joking here, but I hope that’s not the case for Josh Allen. I’m a big fan of his and would­n’t want to see him go through that. If that IS the case, I hope he addres­ses it.

    1. @mango slug haa did­n’t mean to make you lyao. It is real shit though. All pro guard bran­don brooks would do this. Lane John­son as well. I thought it was just ner­ves too but more about it came out years after it was publicly known that they would always throw up pre-game. Anxie­ty is part of your ner­ves too.

    2. @mango slug defi­ni­te­ly mana­ge­ab­le. It can suck to go through though but yes, eit­her way I’m sure he’ll be alright. Phy­si­cal­ly at least. Just knowing what’s going on is a big help. I’m sure having pro­fes­sio­nal help would qui­cken things up in extre­me cases.

  10. Maho­mes is just so damn wack, who actual­ly likes that man’s bes­i­des chiefs fans? , cuz I’m genui­nely tired of that man’s.

  11. Some­bo­dy PLEASE make a Com­pi­la­ti­on of every Fat Joke jab Tom Bra­dy gives to Josh Allen 😂 I swe­ar I’ll sub­scri­be to your chan­nel LOL there’s so many

  12. Josh should’ve said “pats big­gest fear is star­ting the game off strong but get­ting over­con­fi­dent and cho­king in the second half”

  13. Am I cra­zy or is the­re a litt­le ten­si­on bet­ween Tom and JJ, Pat, and Josh? I know they’re try­ing to trash talk, but the ban­ter felt awk­ward and cold lmao. Tom’s trash talk is good for when he’s on the field, but it’s not gre­at for TV laughs. Aaron was just in the midd­le of it haha

  14. This was bru­tal to sit through, espe­cial­ly Bra­dy. At least the youn­ger guys tried having some fun, Bra­dy just kept say­ing no com­ment and cal­ling Josh fat.

  15. Josh kin­da HAD to take a few shots on the chin as a rights of pas­sa­ge… The more tro­phies you earn, the shar­per the tounge. And Josh under­stand­a­b­ly knew his place. Him being here was a co-signing by Bra­dy & Rod­gers. That says alot about what they think of him so far. He was a good sport. 👍

  16. 48:40 Tom Bra­dy is the fun­niest mf when not even try­ing to be “I bet you don’t even get cra­zy. You seem like you get cra­zy but when it comes down to the moment you just don’t josh, you look like you go home at mid­ni­ght when you go out” 😂😂😂

  17. JJ- Which defen­der hit you the hardest?
    *Allen- “Mar­ci­les & Clow­ney got me pret­ty good”*

    Bra­dy- Get rid of the damn ball Josh
    Rod­gers- sliiide
    *Allen- “You said what?”*
    Bra­dy- THROW the ball Josh
    Rod­gers- sliiiiiiide!
    *Allen- “I was in the pocket! I did throw the ball!”*
    Bra­dy- Throw it! Throw it Josh! Oh no he’s run­ning… SLIDE… No.. Hurdle???!!! 

    Loved that litt­le tea­ching moment 🤣😂 You can tell they were genui­nely try­ing to give Josh some valu­able advice hid­den wit­hin their humor

  18. Real­ly??? Peop­le struggling to pay for a gal­lon of gas, and you knucklehead’s out “yuck­ing” it out on golf course.

    1. He’s ama­zing, I’m a Bills fan but I have a ton of respect for Maho­mes, one of my all-time favo­ri­te play­ers and he’s only 1/4 of the way into his career.

  19. Shit got hos­ti­le during the pre press. Aaron Rod­gers get­ting all rapey tal­king about dol­phins and their plea­su­res. Dol­phins have been known to hump and rape. F’n Aaron, get­ting all cree­py in his old age.

    …and watt is wea­ring Capri pants.

  20. Tom mis­sed a gol­den oppor­tu­ni­ty when JJ said guess his play­ing part­ners fear he should have said NFC cham­pions­hip games

  21. Well well well. Would you look at that. Josh Allen skips out on OTAs to have fun drink beer and play golf…and yet I don’t see 100 sto­ries from the media about it.

    Lamar Jack­son skips OTAs while trai­ning and working with a pri­va­te QB coach…and the media goes cra­zy about it. Go figure…

  22. The fact that Josh Allen doesnt eat on game days AND pukes befo­re every game is wild.

    Cant be good for his lon­ge­vi­ty but it doesnt seem to be hur­ting him on the field

  23. This needs to be done uncen­so­red. There’s stuff they wan­ted to say but weren’t able to becau­se of big net­work rules.

  24. Strai­ght come­dy Gold. I’ve wat­ched it 3 times alrea­dy & keep picking up on jokes that were tal­ked over 😂

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