Tom Brady und Aaron Rodgers zeigen ihr Alter in einem lustigen Interview mit Mahomes und Josh Allen

Tom Brady und Aaron Rodgers zeigen ihr Alter in einem lustigen Interview mit Mahomes und Josh Allen aaron rodgers

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219 thought on “Tom Brady und Aaron Rodgers zeigen ihr Alter in einem lustigen Interview mit Mahomes und Josh Allen”

    1. @Chinmay The Math Guy lol why do you care so much that you com­men­ted it a bunch of times. they are a cra­zy chris­ti­an fami­ly, most peop­le dont like that energy

  1. That was fun­ny.. Aaron said Tupac’s grea­test hits and 90’s was the best era of music.. Bra­dy was like Coun­try Grammar let’s go.. 😝 lol

    1. @Tony Gaert­ner “My music is about the oppres­sed rising up against the opp­res­sor. The only peop­le that’s sca­red are the opp­res­sors. The only peop­le having any harm com­ing to them are tho­se who opp­ress.” ‑Tupac Shakur

    1. @BET that oNe Gaming no. Defi­ni­te­ly Bra­dy. Bra­dy is his favo­ri­te play­er dude, it’s known, docu­men­ted and admit­ted by Josh himself..

    1. Yeah alt­hough if you real­ly think about it home video games were inven­ted when the­se guys were in their for­ma­ti­ve years. The Ata­ri, the Nin­ten­do enter­tain­ment sys­tem, no micro­tran­sac­tions… In a lot of ways it was bet­ter. Obvious­ly the gra­phics were not good but you bought a game once and that was all the money it ever had to spend.

    2. Becau­se it isn’t even true. I’m a few years older than Tom Bra­dy and we got our first video game sys­tems in the late 70’s when my bro­ther and I were kids. We had an Ata­ri 2600 and Intellivision.

  2. Bra­dy naming Coun­try Grammar as the #1 song in the coun­try when he was draf­ted made me rea­li­ze not only Bra­dy is old, but he’s old old. He’s from a dif­fe­rent era and still put­ting up HOF QB play

    1. @Kyle Con­nor Lmao there’s always one. They call it sports-enter­tain­ment so that every but­thurt fan cant drag then through the courts whenever their team loses.

    2. Lets give a shout out to Nel­lys coun­try grammar one time becau­se that was his best album and he’s had a long care­er but not­hing ever came clo­se to coun­try grammar. Then he went pop 😂

    1. I’ve seen other play­ers say he’s always been like this. Peop­le just did­n’t like him becau­se of the fact that he was bea­ting everyone.

    2. @sazaraki it’s no secret that Beli­chick tri­es to avoid as much media expo­sure as pos­si­ble with the team so I think Bra­dy respec­ted that and focu­sed on his per­for­mance ins­tead of buil­ding a brand like he’s doing now. I tru­ly don’t under­stand how you could con­si­der him arro­gant when he play­ed for the Patri­ots. You just sound like a sore loser.

    1. @bigg cin­cy no I am just smar­ter than you. And you are a bia­sed Cin­cy fan. Allen is without a doubt bet­ter than Bur­row. Allen can do things bur­row can’t dream of.

    2. @Reggie Pierre every time the NFL world talk about the old Qbs and the young Qbs that will be lea­ding the NFL in the future it’s always Maho­mes (he ear­ned that) and Josh Allen and Allen hasn’t ear­ned that spot bur­row is a win­ner and has the most talen­ted and young core play­ers sur­roun­ding him locked in and he’s fresh off a super bowl appearan­ce and he’s not in the­se con­ver­sa­ti­ons it’s disrespectful

  3. “Grea­test hits of Tupac, Garth Brooks, Coun­ting Crows” eit­her he has one eclec­tic ass musi­cal pala­te, or he threw Tupac in their for appearan­ces lmao

    1. Back then Mtv would liter­al­ly show a Tupac/Garth Brooks/Counting Crows video back to back to back. I had alot­ta friends who had see­min­gly every album from every genre.

  4. I remem­ber we moved to Ger­ma­ny from Alas­ka when I was in 3rd gra­de 1999/2000. I knew my mom was fee­ling super guil­ty so I asked her for the unedi­ted “paren­tal advi­so­ry” ver­si­on of Nelly’s coun­try grammar album. Abso­lute­ly loved it. Less than a year later she tells me we’re moving to St. Lou­is! I was so hyped I didn’t even ques­ti­on it till we got to the­re and it was actual­ly the midd­le of nowhe­re bum­fuck Mas­cou­tah, Illi­nois. I still love you any­way mom but damn😅💯

  5. My man said “Pat I’m sure is a big Tik­To­ker. Runs in the fami­ly”. SsssOuch 💀💀💀 😂😂😂

    And damn, you real­ly are old Tom… But you’­re still the best

    1. And now he’s got to also deal with Juju. As a browns fan who has dealt with the TikTok’s of juju I wish him the best of luck

  6. Ever­yo­ne just igno­ring why Josh picked Fav­re 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that shit is fuck­ing pure gold “trick ques­ti­on” his respon­se had be dying

  7. lol Rod­gers roas­ting Twitter 🤣🤣

    Don’t worry man, Elon’s gon­na save the com­pa­ny like he’s done every time before!

  8. Bra­dy said coun­try grammar with such con­fi­dence only to be told that the right ans­wer was an actu­al coun­try song

    1. @Jim Loe­sel No the­re are pic­tures of him in a Bra­dy jer­sey. Not to men­ti­on during his Roo­kie sea­son pats fans were cal­ling him the Bra­dy fanboy.

  9. Josh Allen with the ans­wer “That’s a trick ques­ti­on, I can’t say it” to the ques­ti­on of “what NFL jer­sey did you save all your allo­wan­ce for”? he then went with Brett Farve…if you know Josh Allen, you know he wan­ted to say Tom Bra­dy as he was a huge Bra­dy fan gro­wing up…but like he said…couldn’t say it! 😂😂

    1. @imadepooh what do you mean lol Rod­gers is an all time gre­at. I just thought it made sen­se becau­se he addres­sed a for­mer packers QB it would be logi­cal to think his favo­ri­te play­er would have been AR.

    2. No it’s Bra­dy, the­re was this run­ning joke from pats fans during his roo­kie sea­son that he loved losing against Tom. 😂

    3. @Sebastian Sao­na lol I want to dis­agree about Rodger’s all time sta­tus but, nah, your ori­gi­nal com­ment and explana­ti­on are both total­ly fair. I think I was in a sas­sy mood when I replied. My bad. 😂

    1. @TheLirJEt86 pat­ty maho­mes lil bro does tik­toks and has a lot of fol­lo­wers i think. But he did a tik­tok while stan­ding over sean tay­lors num­ber 21 on the field and he got gut­te­red for it. Peop­le say­ing p maho­mes shouldnt let him attend games. Its ridi­cu­lous how much of a topic it was last season

    1. Not even much of a secret. The­re are pic­tures floa­ting around of him wea­ring a Bra­dy Jer­sey when he was young.

  10. Cave men don’t play video games off in the distance😂😂😂 then Rod­gers with the tik toker play 😂😂😂 this is gold and remin­ded me how much I can’t wait for the szn to get rollin 🤟

  11. This makes me miss MTV when they actual­ly show­ed music vide­os and you sat around and ate pop corn and crap and wat­ched them

  12. Remem­ber God loves you♥️😊!
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begot­ten son that who­soever belie­ve­th in him should not perish but have ever­las­ting life.
    Plea­se repent, chan­ge your life around and live for Him🙏..
    He is com­ing back soon🥳🎊.….….…..

  13. I def think Josh’s jer­sey ans­wer was Tom Bra­dy coz he was a patri­ots fan gro­wing up but he didnt want to say that 🤣😭

  14. Who was the sound guy on this and why weren’t they pro­per­ly mic’d up?? Is this bothe­ring any­bo­dy else? Just me?

  15. josh allen can’t say it cuz he grew up a pats fan. his jer­sey was a bra­dy jer­sey😂😂 this match is gon­na be so much fun. they’re all super likable

    1. He was a 49ers fan gro­wing up but his favo­ri­te play­er was Bra­dy. It defi­ni­te­ly was a Bra­dy jer­sey, being a QB and respec­ting him. He has tal­ked about it in a lot of interviews.

  16. I hope Allen ask Bra­dy did he like the sou­ve­nirs the bills mafia use to throw at him.…only bills fans know wat I’m tal­king about lol

  17. Pret­ty sure Tom Bra­dy was 23 years old in year 2000. Did any­bo­dy else catch him say 2000 when they asked him. It would have been 93 or 94 when he was dri­ving… Whit­ney Hous­ton I Will always Love You was the num­ber one song in 93.

  18. There’s pic­tures of young Josh Allen with a Tom Bra­dy jer­sey. “That’s a trick ques­ti­on, I can’t say it” lol

  19. Pre­dic­tion: in 2030 the NFL will insta­te the “Wheel­chair rule” sta­ting the defen­se can’t touch the quar­ter­back if he’s sit­ting in a wheel­chair in order to pro­tect Bra­dy & Rogers.


  21. I love how Rod­gers is loved by tons of peop­le becau­se of his per­so­na­li­ty but sports media will trash him at any chan­ce they get. Espe­cial­ly skip and Shan­non which is why I stop­ped watching them

  22. It’s cra­zy how Aaron Rod­gers and Tom Bra­dy will drop anything to play for the 49ers but the Niners still haven’t brought them in

  23. ✝️
    For I deli­ve­r­ed to you first of all that which I also recei­ved: that Christ died for our sins accord­ing to the Scrip­tures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day accord­ing to the Scriptures,
    I Corin­thi­ans 15:3‭-‬4

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