TOP 10 GOLF COURSES GERMANY 2018 | Ranking Of The Ten Most Beautiful Golf Clubs

TOP 10 GOLF COURSES GERMANY 2018 Ranking Of The Ten Most Beautiful Golf Clubs 2018

Ran­king of the ten best golf cour­ses in Ger­ma­ny 2018 accord­ing to cus­to­mer ratings on EXPERT GOLF.

Accord­ing to the Ger­man Golf Fede­ra­ti­on (DGV) the­re are 731 cour­ses in the coun­try. Ger­ma­ny undoub­ted­ly boasts some of the finest cour­ses in Euro­pe. In this video we take you on a vir­tu­al tour of the most popu­lar golf clubs in Ger­ma­ny. The inde­pen­dent ran­king is based ent­i­re­ly on cus­to­mer ratings by the users of the “Golf Gui­de & Log­book” app by EXPERT GOLF. With clo­se to 200,000 inde­pen­dent ratings it is one of the lar­gest golf cour­se rating plat­forms in the world.

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8 thought on “TOP 10 GOLF COURSES GERMANY 2018 | Ranking Of The Ten Most Beautiful Golf Clubs”

  1. Gre­at over­view but too focu­sed on the North. Ama­zing cour­ses in per­fect con­di­ti­ons in Bava­ria clo­se to the Alpes with stun­ning surroundings .

  2. Fun­ny 😉 Ham­burg is loca­ted whe­re HANNOVER must be, and Stutt­gart is the new KARLSRUHE, Frank­furt moved a litt­le bit clo­ser to the WIESBADEN/RHEIN AREA :-))) Yee­aahhh, good to know that peop­le judge over golf cour­ses which such geo­gra­phic experience ;-)))

  3. 2:42 1. Föhr
    2:23 2. Winston
    2:03 3. Falkenstein
    1:44 4. Heidelberg-Lobenfeld
    1:26 5. Budersand
    1:12 6. Hittfeld
    0:58 7. Schloss Liebenstein
    0:40 8. Altenhof
    0:23 9. Hardenberg
    0:04 10. Gut Lärchendhof

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