Top-Golf-Tipps, um die Pitch-Shots zu meistern

Top Golf Tipps um die Pitch Shots zu meistern analysis

Kämp­fen Sie mit Ihren Pitch-Schlä­gen auf dem Golf­platz? Mit die­sen grund­le­gen­den Tipps ler­nen Sie, wie Sie die­se Schlä­ge auf dem Golf­platz mit Leich­tig­keit zie­hen. #pitchshots #golf­tips #pit­ching Home Cour­se – White Colum­ns Coun­try Club ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​W​h​i​t​e​C​o​l​u​mns Best Pri­va­te Clubs – Club­corp ▶ https://​pxlme​.me/​e​o​v​d​f​MIR Abon­nie­ren Sie hier unse­ren News­let­ter ▶ https://bit. ly/33abas3 Free Prac­ti­ce Plan Hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​R​P​c​VWt My Mem­bers­hip Site ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​x​w​tj5 The PRGR Launch Moni­tor Schau­en Sie es sich hier an ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​v​g​I​LUM Swing Cad­dy SC300-Rabatt-Link ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​H​G​G​d8w Swing Cad­dy SC200 Plus-Rabatt-Link ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​4​w​o​6Lu BLAST Moti­on hier ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​6​T​X​wLH Super Speed Golf ▶ https:// bit​.ly/​2​S​1​5​xJ7 Code ver­wen­den: MrShortGameFEB21 Flight­Scope MEVO+ ▶ https://​mevo​.golf/​2​Z​T​j​IGd Flight­Scope Mevo ▶ https://​mevo​.golf/​3​7​M​B​WYa Code: MrShort­Ga­me Atha­lonz Schu­he hier ▶ https://​www​.atha​lonz​.com/ discount/MrShortGame Ver­wen­den Sie den Code: mrshort­ga­me für Rabatt! Cart Tek Remo­te Golf Cart ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​3​9​5​y​Ijz Ver­wen­den Sie den Code: MrShort­Ga­me DivotAc­tion Mat ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​Y​A​y​0YS Mr. Short Game Align­ment Stick Cover ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​N​L​B​ip8 Mr. Short Game Hat ▶ https://​amzn​.to/​2​N​L​B​ip8 PowerStick hier ▶ https://​the​powerstick​.com/​d​e​a​l​/​?​r​e​f=3 Mehr Aus­rüs­tung hier! ▶ https://​www​.ama​zon​.com/​s​h​o​p​/​m​r​s​h​o​r​t​g​ame Bit­te abon­nie­ren ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​F​a​D​vFG FOLLOW ME: Pod­cast ▶ https://​bit​.ly/​2​k​r​E​0T0 Insta­gram ▶ https://www.instagram. com/mrshortgame/ Twit­ter ▶ https://​twit​ter​.com/​M​r​S​h​o​r​t​G​ame Web­site ▶ http://​www​.mrshort​ga​me​.com/ Mei­ne Aus­rüs­tungs­lis­te 60 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 8 Degree M Grind 54 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 12 Degree D Grind 50 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 8 Degree F Grind 46 Wedge Vokey SM7 Boun­ce 10 Degree F Grind Tit­leist t200 4 – 9 Eisen – LAGP AXS Schaft Tit­leist TSi 3 LAGP Tro­no Schaft – Dri­ver 9.0 Tit­leist TS 3 – 3 Metall – LAGP Tro­no Schaft Scot­ty Came­ron 2018 New­port 2 – Put­ter 34″ Ball – Tit­leist ProV1x ⚠️ Haf­tungs­aus­schluss: Eini­ge der Links in die­ser Beschrei­bung sind Affi­lia­te-Links. Wenn Sie über die­se Links einen Kauf täti­gen, unter­stüt­zen Sie den Kanal ohne zusätz­li­che Kos­ten für Sie. Win/Win! Danke!

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148 thought on “Top-Golf-Tipps, um die Pitch-Shots zu meistern”

  1. Good vid as usu­al. I can’t seem to make my 60 degree work well on the­se shots. Usual­ly go with my 56 or 52. Strug­gled big time yes­ter­day though.

    1. It’s a prac­ti­ce round, the score doesn’t mat­ter. He’s play­ing to prac­ti­ce. That’s why he did it. Have good day! Good luck

  2. I died laug­hing when you said you were going to try and miss left. all I could think of was me try­ing this on the cour­se and mis-hit­ting the best shot of my life 😂! Gre­at video love the con­tent thx for all your hard work!

  3. I just dis­co­ve­r­ed that my ball posi­ti­on was too way back (more than one ball) and causing me to dig resul­ting the divot to fly fur­ther than the ball 

    Now I’m pla­cing the ball at the center
    Fool proof

  4. Gre­at con­tent Matt. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly I do not get to play often enough to “prac­ti­ce” during a round. For­tu­n­a­te­ly I miss short left and right all the time while try­ing to score LOL so I can still make good use of your tips!

  5. I love the “take it on cour­se” approach. The ran­ge is gre­at for basics, but usual­ly i get bored after 15–20 min of just hit­ting the same shots. So usual­ly i jam the short par‑3 cour­se at my home club. Some rounds i have to lea­ve 30–40 meters others just miss the green (but always in the place i pick, so every shot count). Now i am real­ly con­fi­dent in my short game (insi­de 100 m), and it takes the pres­su­re of the long game aswell.

  6. Mr. Short Game, love your vide­os and tips. They work and I do appre­cia­te it. Shot my lowest round ever yes­ter­day at my club, 34–34=68, 2 under. If you ever get to Den­ver, would like to play some golf with you. FYI, the guys in my group think I have the best short game in the world!!!!! Be safe and may you hit not­hing but fair­ways and greens.

  7. Thanks for the tips! One of the things I know I (and several others I play with) strugg­le with is just taking my hig­hest lof­ted club around the green no mat­ter the situa­ti­on… Got­ta be smar­ter! lol

  8. Gre­at Video Matt…hopefully i will remem­ber the­se tips next time i go play. How about some tips on buried bun­ker side lies?. I also strugg­le with against grain chip shots…just a cou­p­le of ideas…Keep up the gre­at work love the content.…

  9. Gre­at video, Matt, but how do you con­trol your distance? You said you weren’t a clock guy, so are you going pure­ly by feel? I’ve been try­ing to figu­re out how far each of my 4 wed­ges goes (W, G, 56, 60) for each of a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full swing. I like your approach of one pit­ching club, but am not sure how to con­trol distance under pressure.

  10. The BIGGEST advan­ta­ge of “pit­ching” with cor­rect tech­ni­que. A bit hea­vy lands a litt­le short but rolls out to the hole. A bit thin car­ri­es fur­ther but bites hard at the hole. You don’t get the mas­si­ve chunks and bla­des when you learn to feel and use the boun­ce of the club.

  11. Thanks for ano­t­her gre­at video. Short game is my weak­ness, but let me ask you this. When you chip or pitch, do you cho­ke down your club? If so, what kind of feel are you loo­king for? Thanks

  12. I like you and your vide­os becau­se you don’t hide the truth, and that is we all make bad shots in our game. Eli­mi­na­ti­on of tho­se mista­kes impro­ves our game. You keep a nice V with your arms which is cri­ti­cal in this swing. Ano­t­her nice vid Matt. Luv ya bro­ther, stay safe!

  13. Gre­at video, does your weight shift for­ward towards the hole or do you just rota­te your upper body towards the hole, also does your take away chan­ge in how far you go back or do you try to keep it the same using dif­fe­rent clubs to get the distance you want? Thanks ⛳🏌️‍♀️🏌️🏌️‍♂️

  14. “i´m not gon­na go at the flag, I´m gon­na go left, cos I want a pitch up”.. sticks it 8 feet from the pin 😀 I wish my mis­ses were like this. Gre­at video!

  15. Whenever I’m 30–40 yards away from the pin, I bla­de the ball. It’s such a demo­ra­li­zing shot and it ruins my round… 🙁

  16. Thanks, I need all the short game drills and prac­ti­ce I can get. My home cour­se has the worlds thi­c­kest deepest rough on the dang pla­net! Uuugghh.… kills my score every week

  17. You must of saw me on the cour­se today. Hit near­ly all my pit­ches per­fect­ly, just eit­her 10 yard too short or in one case 30 too far.

  18. Ah, yes, pit­ching vs bla­ding! Good tips, and total­ly agree, got­ta do it on the cour­se after prac­ti­se. Hope­ful­ly we will see you at Brook­stone if you’­re play­ing the ATL Club­Corp courses.

  19. Loving your vide­os and your vibe bud­dy. I just got back home to CA from UTAH with Zac Rad­ford and Expe­ri­or Golf. Zac show­ed me your video with the You­Tube bra­cket you did. So fun!! 😎👍 keep up the gre­at work!!

  20. Well ano­t­her grt video again matt you and GH are the best .…..oh just to let you know come thurs­day lock­down again in the uk 4 wks gre­at time to prac­ti­ce .…..#stay­safe guys

  21. Gre­at video tip as always. Love your style of tips. Can you tell me why ope­ning the face does­n’t make the ball go right of tar­get if your set up is par­al­lel to tar­get? Thanks.

  22. Very generous drop area off the tree, that was 40 yards to the left. For this to work on the cour­se you just need to bring me along, I haven’t hit a green in 3 years, 😂. All I do is chip on every hole.

  23. I have the same ques­ti­on that an ear­lier per­son had. How do you get the ball hea­ding at the tar­get if you open up the club ? Love your vide­os and advice. 


    1. Try this. That is a very good les­son. My Club Pro show­ed me exact­ly the same tech­ni­que cou­p­le of mon­ths ago, and it trans­for­med com­ple­te­ly my game 130 years in ( I also use it for PW and 9I shots). For me, it works tremendously.

  24. LOL, who has to try to miss short, long, right or left? Most of us get that “prac­ti­ce” every time we play. Gre­at video. Dave Peltz ain’t workin’ for me.

  25. Is the­re no cor­re­la­ti­on bet­ween how much you open your club face to how much you open your stance? It would seem that they go hand in hand or your club face will even­tual­ly be way too open and you will have to time your swing per­fect­ly to hit it towards the tar­get. Keep up the gre­at work and I hope you and the fami­ly are adjus­ting to your new life in GA. I’m sure moving cross coun­try can be tough, espe­cial­ly on teen­agers so I tru­ly hope it works out.

  26. I would love to see you do an annu­al golf outing with sub­scri­bers. As someo­ne that lives in a neigh­bo­ring sta­te, SC, it would be cool if we all play­ed tog­e­ther. We could pro­bab­ly do a group rate at a cour­se and get a pret­ty decent rate and even put an extra 10 bucks per per­son on it and have some givea­ways or hole pri­zes (clo­sest to pin, etc). What do you think?

  27. I know this may be a dumb ques­ti­on, but all the­se you tubers go to golf cour­ses and spend all this time doing vide­os and prac­ti­cing. I know the­re aren’t any cour­ses around me that would be ok with me cam­ping on hole 5 just hit­ting bun­ker shots or wha­te­ver. How does this hap­pen? I feel I need this kind of prac­ti­ce but the­re are just ran­ges around me not real­ly pla­ces to prac­ti­ce things like bump and run or bun­ker shots etc.

  28. Some­ti­mes when I open the club face I hit it off the hosel, is that becau­se I play an insi­de out swing, so go out­side in? I hit it solid 99% of the time, just tho­se few I shank, get in my head. Any suggestions?

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  30. Thanks for ano­t­her gre­at video! Nice to see you shoo­ting vide­os at White Colum­ns and Atl Ntl! Tho­se are my home cour­ses – hope to see you out there!

  31. WOW. just wan­na say TY. Play­ing with the sharks this morning, I was down 50 bucks through 13 holes; using your wedge set­up, I final­ly bir­di­ed 14 and hit the pin on 16 for bir­die . Up 65 bucks after 18. They’­re PISSED. LOL. That set­up is DEADLY. Keep up the good work!

  32. Some­ti­mes litt­le things make a huge dif­fe­rence, 40 yd. pitch i ope­ned my club face slight­ly to use the boun­ce more, hit it pure and accurate.….little things. Thanks. Best to you and your family.

  33. Anything goes when it comes to who­les but pit­ching ain’t easy NAW pit­ching ain’t easy 😁😂😂😂 a litt­le Kod­ak black pim­ping ain’t easy 😂😂 get it

  34. Gre­at drill Matt, I worked on the drills last week and today play­ed 9 holes and on 3 key holes pit­ched on to make bogey, 45 yds, par 60yds, par 50yds – gai­ned mas­si­ve con­fi­dence whe­re­as befo­re always short. Also, star­ted to adopt the pre-shot rou­ti­ne – good pro­gress – keep up the super vide­os – love to host to at our club in GA – tight, nar­row and very chal­len­ging. #pitchshots #golf­tips #pit­ching

  35. I am so glad that you are advi­sing mis­sing greens on pur­po­se espe­cial­ly for wee­kend gol­fers who have enough time for a litt­le bit of short­ga­me prac­ti­ce and also want to play. Its important for peop­le to under­stand that being result ori­en­ted in terms of tra­di­tio­nal golf and sco­ring can mess you up in the head. I like the idea of play­ing golf but without the nor­mal objec­ti­ve of flag hun­ting. Hit shots and put yourself in the are­as you have been prac­ti­cing! The­re is always ano­t­her day to play golf like you always do… so try play­ing a dif­fe­rent way once in awhile!

  36. Would also love­eeee for you to pro­du­ce more vide­os focu­sed on the­se 25–>45 yard pit­ches. Just not a lot out the­re, qua­li­ty ones atleast. This was refreshing.

  37. No one else in the You­Tube chan­nel on golf short game comes clo­ser to Mr Short Game on real golf cour­se inst­ruc­tions, in terms of prac­ti­ca­li­ty and relevance.

  38. I wat­ched this video this video a cou­p­le days ago. Some very inte­res­ting con­cepts made com­ple­te sen­se to me. Play­ed a round the next day after watching this video and deci­ded to put the­se con­cepts into play. I did hit some prac­ti­ce shots into a net in the base­ment and found right befo­re the round. I will say, the­se tips worked like a charm. Real­ly hit a lot of nice chips and pit­ches that put me in rela­tively good spots to make putts.

    Gre­at video! Thanks for hel­ping impro­ve my game!

  39. I love your vide­os, and the way you pre­sent the maté­ri­el to us. With that said, why would we not want to train our brain to take smooth, com­for­ta­ble shots to the greens of par 3’s, ver­sus smooth short shots that we have to chip up to the par 3 green? Pit­ching or chip­ping should be prac­ti­ced and tes­ted when we are pla­ced in that posi­ti­on, but we should­n’t put our­sel­ves in that posi­ti­on on pur­po­se. Espe­cial­ly if it cau­ses us to poten­ti­al­ly take ano­t­her shot.

  40. This video has serious­ly chan­ged my life… In pur­sing swing speed throughout bag my short game touch disap­peared (read yips). 118mph dri­ver speed means not­hing when chips are being bla­ded over the green. Matt, you are a short game geni­us. Thank you and I wouldn’t be mad if you kept the short game spe­ci­fic con­tent coming.

  41. It total­ly depends on the lie of your ball I know that’s a litt­le more advan­ced than what you were going over but when you ask any good gol­fer what kind of shot they’re gon­na play it all depends star­ting from their ally but love your vide­os I love your per­so­na­li­ty you’re just I could lis­ten to you all damn day long you may golf 🤩

  42. You top­ped the ball at whist­ling straits becau­se you have your hands behind the ball at set up. Your hands should be slight­ly in front of the ball. Tel­ling peop­le to have hands behind the ball is very dan­ge­rous advice. Guys if you’re watching this video keep sear­ching, the­re are ple­nty of other vide­os of actu­al golf pros that know what they’re tal­king about.

  43. thanks for this video. It is one area I do not have con­fi­dence in. More so when the­re is a bun­ker in front of the shot. I think this will help me get past that fear of dun­king it into the bunker.

  44. Mat I like com­ment about rhythm. I would like to see a video on using a metro­no­me for put­ting or even pit­ching. I have heard some of the pros use this but I wouldn’t know whe­re to start. Thanks keep up the gre­at work.

  45. Pit­ching, chips and put­ting are quick­ly beco­m­ing my strong game in golf. The­se tips will defi­ni­te­ly help me even more.

  46. I bet all your good friends have a gre­at golf game too, man I would have loved to have a friend to learn the game, ins­tead of figu­ring out what works best for me

  47. 9 times out of 10 I would chuck that pitch right into the water and then try to get up and down for my 7. I will be working on the foot work drill I saw in ano­t­her one of your videos.

  48. Do you line up your feet open left of tar­get when you open the club face to get more boun­ce? It seem like the lea­ding edge of club will be aimed right of tar­get if you don’t adjust stance.

  49. In the first case, the 40-yard shots. Why not use a 54 or 56 to have the loft you want vs. a Gap 50* wedge then ope­ning it to 56 (aprox.)? Of cour­se, use a 56 with more boun­ce, e.g. 12* boun­ce vs. ope­ning the face. I find ope­ning face is less accu­ra­te, try­ing to align the club to tar­get (left aim). Kee­ping it simp­le, squa­re and swing away. Unless ope­ning a very very tiny say max 5 degrees?

  50. I love this guy, he is a gol­fer on crack coc­cai­ne 247. Golf need more drug bra!!!!. I respect the hones­ty in the vide­os nice 👌 👏

  51. I do a simi­lar thing when play­ing mid­week fun games, i pick a club from 8 iron to gap wedge and play all my pitches/chips with that club for the day and am star­ting to see results

  52. I’m back after shoul­der sur­ge­ry so refres­hing my short game. I used this chip and sli­de method befo­re my shoul­der sur­ge­ry and it was real­ly hel­ping! Thank you so much – can’t wait to put it in action

  53. I boun­ced around on golf con­tent, how to’s, tips, etc, I kept com­ing back to MrShort­Ga­me. Just the flow, the insi­de look, his game is nails, I like it my guy.

  54. A nice prac­ti­ce game you can do is play the par 5’s as nor­mal. The par 3’s and 4’s hit your shot into the green. Judge honest­ly how well you hit it into the green. Take your ball and give yourself chips and/or pit­ches. The bet­ter the approach shot the easier the chip or pitch. The worse the approach the worse you give yourself for pit­ches and chips. Try to score as low as pos­si­ble. Puts pres­su­re on the 5’s as your only bir­die oppor­tu­nities. Works on your short game on the course

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