Tourplan Shakeup + Wyndham Championship PGA-Tipps, Vorhersagen, beste Wetten + Golf One & fertig

Tourplan Shakeup Wyndham Championship PGA Tipps Vorhersagen beste Wetten Golf One amp fertig hochladen

Rick Geh­man wird von Kyle Por­ter und Jona­than Coach­man beglei­tet, um eine Vor­schau auf die Wynd­ham Cham­pions­hip zu geben und die größ­ten Schlag­zei­len im Golf die­ser Woche zu dis­ku­tie­ren. 0:00 – Neu­er Zeit­plan für die PGA Tour 36:30 – Bes­te Wet­ten & Exper­ten­tipps 52:00 – One & Done Erhal­ten Sie 20 % Rabatt auf First Cut Merch im CBS Sports Store: https://​store​.cbs​sports​.com/​c​o​l​l​e​c​t​i​o​n​s​/​f​i​rst ‑cut?utm_source=podcast-apple-com&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=buy-our-merch&utm_content=first-cut-collection — #Rick­RunGood #Draft­Kings #PGADFS #PGAF­an­ta­sy #Golf #FedEx­Cup #Fan­Duel #Rick­RunGood #Golf #PGAF­an­ta­sy #Draft­King­s­Stra­te­gy # Golf­Gamb­ling #PGA­Tour­Pod­cast #Dai­l­y­Fan­ta­sy #Gol­fing #Golf­Bet­ting #Mas­ters #PGA­Ch­am­pions­hip #USOpen #Bri­ti­shOpen #PGA­Tour #Fan­ta­sy­Golf #Sports­Bet­ting #Golf #FedEx­Cup #Draft­Kings #Fan­Duel #Golf #Draft­King­s­Stra­te­gy #Golf­Gamb­ling #PGA­Tour­Pod­cast #Dai­l­y­Fan­ta­sy #Gol­fing — ABONNIEREN SIE DIESEN KANAL : https://​you​tube​.com/​F​i​r​s​t​C​u​t​P​o​d​c​ast AUDIO „First Cut“ ist auf Apple Pod­casts, Spo­ti­fy, Stit­cher, Goog­le Pod­casts und über­all dort ver­füg­bar, wo Sie Pod­casts hören. Sie kön­nen First Cut auf Ihren intel­li­gen­ten Laut­spre­chern hören! Sagen Sie ein­fach „Ale­xa, spie­len Sie die neu­es­te Fol­ge des Pod­casts The First Cut Golf“ oder „Hey Goog­le, spie­len Sie die neu­es­te Fol­ge des Pod­casts The First Cut Golf“. – HÖREN Sie sich First Cut auf Ihrer bevor­zug­ten Pod­cast-Platt­form an: https://​plnk​.to/​T​h​e​F​i​r​s​t​Cut – HINTERLASSEN Sie eine 5‑S­ter­ne-Rezen­si­on auf Apple Pod­casts: https://​apple​.co/​2​V​O​e​KVW – STREAMEN Sie auf Spo­ti­fy: https://sptfy .com/firstcut – FOLGEN Sie auf Stit­cher: https://​bit​.ly/​3​4​b​0​73I – ABONNIEREN Sie auf Goog­le Pod­casts: https://​bit​.ly/​3​o​O​v​DfD – ABONNIEREN Sie die Viel­zahl ande­rer Pod­casts von CBS Sports: https://​cbs​sports​.com /podcast VIDEO ‑CBS Sports HQ ANSEHEN: https://​cbs​sports​.com/​l​ive ‑CBS Sports HQ auf You­Tube ABONNIEREN: https://​you​tube​.com/​c​/​C​B​S​S​p​o​r​t​s​HQ/ WEBSITE ‑Erst­klas­si­ge Golf­in­hal­te von CBS Sports LESEN : https://​cbs​sports​.com/​g​o​lf/ SOCIAL MEDIA ‑FOLGEN Sie First Cut auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​F​i​r​s​t​C​u​t​Pod ‑FOLGEN Sie First Cut auf Insta­gram: https://​insta​gram​.com/​f​i​r​s​t​c​u​t​p​od/ ‑FOLGEN Sie CBS Golf auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​G​o​l​f​o​n​CBS – FOLGEN Sie CBS Sports auf Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​C​B​S​S​p​o​rts – FOLGEN Sie CBS Sports auf Insta­gram: https://​insta​gram​.com/​c​b​s​s​p​o​r​ts/ ÜBER DIE SHOW: The First Cut bringt Ihnen alles, was Sie in der Welt wis­sen müs­sen des Pro­fi­golfs. Fast jeden Tag lie­fern Rick Geh­man, Kyle Por­ter, Mark Immel­man, Greg DuCharme, Sia Nejad und Jona­than Coach­man die bes­ten Ana­ly­sen im Spiel. Von DFS bis hin zu Wett­vor­schau­en, Inter­views und Zusam­men­fas­sun­gen … alles, was Golf zu bie­ten hat, wenn Sie The First Cut hören.

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16 thought on “Tourplan Shakeup + Wyndham Championship PGA-Tipps, Vorhersagen, beste Wetten + Golf One & fertig”

  1. The Super­stars like Rory basi­cal­ly used LIV Golf to admit without admit­ting it that they are inti­ma­ted by the Korn Fer­ry Grads that come out of the gate HOT in the fall por­ti­on. They dont like the fall por­ti­on yet star­ting in 2023 the­re will be 3 fall events for the top 50. They only care about March-August cau­se tho­se are whe­re the majors are and the most $$ is. One thing they for­got to men­ti­on was that next sea­son CBS will get for the first time I belie­ve the Fed Ex Cup play­offs. If you look at Tony Fin­au for examp­le he was 157th after Play­offs and now he is 7th. One thing I like about the chan­ges to the sche­lu­de cer­tain spots like Rocket Mor­tga­ge and Wynd­ham will have STRONGER fiel­ds cau­se tho­se that didnt play them befo­re will have to play it now con­si­de­ring only 70 make the play­offs. Wynd­ham will be fun. I won­der what the dif­fe­rence will be bet­ween 125 and 126 for the playoffs.

    1. I think what Kyle is sug­ges­ting is a good way to get me to fun­da­ment­al­ly dis­li­ke studs like Rory McIl­roy and Jus­tin Tho­mas. If everything’s cate­red to them, at the expen­se of pro­mi­sing young play­ers who are a lot more inte­res­ting, and frank­ly, play­ing bet­ter a lot of the time, I’m not going to be roo­ting for tho­se stars, I’m going to be roo­ting for tho­se stars to get des­troy­ed at every turn; if I watch at all. A while back, some fool on Twit­ter (and he was a big tout) was say­ing the events at LIV were pos­si­b­ly rig­ged. All this talk just con­firms that if they could, the PGA and CBS would rig every event for Rory McIl­roy, Jus­tin Tho­mas, and a cou­p­le other studs. It’s also going to make tho­se events unbett­able. Are you real­ly rea­dy to bet Rory 2/1, and JT 5/1, along with the hand­ful of others who make it in? Smal­ler fiel­ds means shit odds, and sports bet­ting is a big rea­son why a lot of youn­ger view­ers tune in to golf now.

    2. @PyramidHead316 You are 100% right. Tho­se fall events will make it crap­py for the sports books for sure. We will be in case after round 1 whe­re some­bo­dy like Rory or JT will be ‑200 to win. LIV events arent rig­ged. I just dont care. That league is what I thought it would be. Tho­se in their 40s who cant com­pe­te on the PGA tour but are too young to join the cham­pions tour. What is hil­arious­ly is they have to play 25 events next sea­son but they hated play­ing 25 on the PGA tour. Stars like Rory and JT will have to play cer­tain events if they have an off sea­son cau­se only 70 make the play­offs. I won­der what stars from the Korn Fer­ry class of 2022 will sca­re the super­stars next season

    3. @Joseph Boza They do not have to play 25 events a year at LIV Golf. That is fal­se. The Inter­na­tio­nal seri­es events are Asi­an Tour events and the­re is no obli­ga­ti­on to play on them. Some play­ers are choo­sing to for OWGR points. That is it.

  2. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusam­men die Num­mern 10 und 1. Eine ver​wohn​.online Brü­net­te und eine ande­ren Blon­di­ne. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wäh­len würde

  3. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusam­men die Num­mern 10 und 1. Eine empru​.ONLINE Brü­net­te und eine ande­rei Blon­di­ne. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wäh­len würde

  4. I’m con­fu­sed, hasn’t Coach been ban­ging on about loo­king after your stars for mon­ths? Now it’s ‘you have to be fair’!! The­re hasn’t been a lot of fair­ness for No’s 71–125, they’ve been thrown under the bus! I wouldn’t be sur­pri­sed if redu­cing the num­ber of tour cards to 70 was a par­ti­al fac­tor along with the money in CH III going to LIV recent­ly. He has secu­red his card suc­cess­ful­ly for two deca­des, I have not loo­ked but how many of the last five years has he finis­hed bet­ween 71 and 125 on the stan­dings? Chan­ging the sub­ject slight­ly the talk of gua­ran­te­ed money has been rife in recent mon­ths. Do you think the com­mis­sio­ner would con­si­der a tour card bonus pay­ment of $500k a year for all 70 who earns a tour card. You could have $250k for 71–125, $100k for 126–150 etc, that would at least cover basic cos­ts for your tour­na­ment play for the year and he has the money, incre­a­sed pur­ses are pro­of of that. My final point is the big­gest issue with Mona­g­han is if he always had access to the money he’s pum­ped into the game in recent mon­ths and his play­ers were unhap­py with the pri­ze funds why did it take the emer­gence of LIV for him to release the cash? It seems he took his job and the play­ers for gran­ted until a load of decent and a few top class play­ers weren’t the­re any more. Loo­ks like he was asleep at the wheel for two years pri­or to LIV’s launch. Any thoughts on all my ramb­lings would be appre­cia­ted. Chris in the UK

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