Trent veranstaltet eine Ball Striking Clinic – Breaking 90 Episode 2

Trent veranstaltet eine Ball Striking Clinic Breaking 90 Episode 2 Alright Frankie

Nach einer erfolg­rei­chen Rei­se in den Süden, um eine Lek­ti­on von sei­nem Swing-Trai­ner John Til­le­ry zu bekom­men, ver­sucht Trent im The Sea­wa­ne Club zum ers­ten Mal, die 90 zu bre­chen. Gehen Sie zu WHOOP​.com und geben Sie den Code BREAKING ein, um 15 % Rabatt an der Kas­se zu spa­ren Schau­en Sie sich unse­re Merch hier an: https://​store​.bars​tool​sports​.com/​c​o​l​l​e​c​t​i​o​n​s​/​f​o​r​e​-​p​lay Fol­gen Sie Fore Play Pod­cast hier: Pod­cast: https:// itu​nes​.apple​.com/​u​s​/​p​o​d​c​a​s​t​/​f​o​r​e​-​p​l​a​y​/​i​d​1​2​0​0​3​4​3​2​6​4​?​m​t=2 Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​F​o​r​e​P​l​a​y​Pod Insta­gram: https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​f​o​r​e​p​l​a​y​p​od/ Wei­te­re Infor­ma­tio­nen fin­den Sie unter Bars­tool Sports : http://​www​.bars​tool​sports​.com Fol­gen Sie Bars­tool Sports hier: Face­book: https://​face​book​.com/​b​a​r​s​t​o​o​l​s​p​o​rts Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​b​a​r​s​t​o​o​l​s​p​o​rts Insta­gram: http://​insta​gram​.com/​b​a​r​s​t​o​o​l​s​p​o​rts

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370 thought on “Trent veranstaltet eine Ball Striking Clinic – Breaking 90 Episode 2”

  1. Ah cmon – the­re is no point in deny­ing the help of a cad­dy in this quest. Tour pros use a cad­dy – you can too – use every advan­ta­ge you can get!

    1. @Chris Canz­ane­se I figu­red as much but damn I was just hoping TM wouldn’t be dumb enough to give away free clubs. My sligh­test hope was that BS has the money to out­fit all the­se dudes with the TM bag. I love trent to be fair but none of them deser­ve free clubs. No shot

    2. @865354hayden How so? It’s a smart move by Tay­lorma­de in my opi­ni­on. Bars­tool clear­ly attracts a youn­ger demo­gra­phic sports fan and that is exact­ly what golf, golf com­pa­nies and the PGA Tour are loo­king for. Spon­sor the­se guys and their brand is shown to mil­li­ons of young peop­le. A ton of young peop­le get into golf nowa­days more becau­se of chan­nels like Fore­play, Good Good etc than watching the PGA Tour.

    1. As a big guy trust me. Some­ti­mes it’s kind of depres­sing to wear anything but a long slee­ve that’s a litt­le thi­c­ker than the average golf shirt.

    2. @Austin Jes­tis oh trust me I know. I’m a big guy too and my rolls are defi­ni­te­ly seen when I wear my golf shirts, but it’s just so damn hot I couldn’t ima­gi­ne. Plus I sweat a lot lol

  2. Needs to hit more greens in reg and stop lay­ing up on par 4 cuz he has a bet­ter chan­ce at bogey from around the green

  3. No-ass Trent needs to lose 20 Lbs and yoga or he will keep 3/4 swin­ging every club.

    I swe­ar if Trent turns ALL THE WAY through the ball he may die.

  4. Fran­ky should focus on brea­king his chip and tee shot yips.….… that seri­es will last lon­ger ..he’s good guy ans good for trent to be around but he is a 15 18 plus han­di­cap hims­elf …should be trent Fran­ky try break 80 and beco­me sin­gle digit han­di­cap gol­fers.… keep grid­ni­ng trent and Franky

    1. I find it impos­si­ble to be over­ly posi­ti­ve while play­ing golf. Not­hing makes me hap­pier than play­ing some damn golf and I love sprea­ding that feeling

    2. In some sen­se yeah. But I would be annoy­ed as fuck if someo­ne tells me about all the pro­blems on the cour­se and keep tel­ling med exact­ly whe­re I’m at scorewise

  5. Trent needs to check his aim…he starts it dead on whe­re he is aiming then usual­ly fades it. But he is always aimed too far right

  6. Trent your game is loo­king a lot bet­ter. Defi­ni­te­ly cam break 90 bro. When you putt though get over the ball more you’­re stan­ding too tall without your eyes over the ball. Makes it hard yo trust your line and hit a con­fi­dent stroke

  7. Put­ting prac­ti­ce basi­cal­ly gets you the­re. Do you line up your putts with the line on the ball? Game chan­ger for me.

  8. Take away the cad­die and he shoots 105, serious­ly though the average gol­fer picks up the ball insi­de 3 feet and he did OK.

  9. Trent….. you need to chan­ge out that 52 gap wedge for a 48 degree…. May­be a 50. Tho­se TM ste­alth irons have a strong PW and the gap is too much. Having a 48 will give you a 95–105 shot that is a regu­lar swing

  10. My wife just wal­ked in the room when Trent said “I’d stick that club up my ass”. She asked what the hell I was watching. 😂

  11. Defi­ni­te­ly going to break 90 this year. Easi­ly bro­ke 100 without having a put­ting game. Next time think about having enough pace on your putts so they would finish 3 inches past the hole. You got this!!!

    1. Per­so­nal­ly I like the 1 foot to 18 inches past the cup. But the real secret to brea­king 90 is adding 1 stro­ke to each hole on the score­card and just play.

  12. “I mean I’d stick that club up my ass” 😂😂😂😂 I’m fuck­ing dead. Trent abso­lute­ly is the life of foreplay

  13. Simi­lar to his old stance on prac­ti­ce swings just for the sake of prac­ti­ce swings, I feel his new pre-shot rou­ti­ne off the tee and on the green are just done to be done and aren’t ful­ly thought through. Like, if I just look ran­dom­ly down the fair­way, walk to the ball and set­up, look ran­dom­ly down the fair­way one last time and just hit, the shot will figu­re its­elf out… With that being said, love the­se series

  14. We appre­cia­te the effort. Your put­ter stance loo­ks uncom­for­ta­ble. The put­ting grip is more in the palms of your hands then the regu­lar golf grip.

  15. Can we get Trent a new put­ter? There’s got­ta be some­thing bet­ter out the­re for him than what he’s cur­r­ent­ly rocking…

  16. Good effort Trent. And kudos to Fran­kie for being such a good cheer­lea­der. And serious­ly, take away a cou­p­le three putts, the one you put in the water and one bad tee­shot and you have alrea­dy defea­ted the seri­es. Kudos

  17. gre­at effort but someo­nes got­ta chan­ge his way of thin­king when it comes to put­ting. He loo­ks like hes set­ting up to swing a dri­ver and is way too ten­se. Need to get trent rea­ding putts and let­ting the line do the work, cant will it in with the flat stick every time

  18. I’m on the same jour­ney as Trent this sum­mer with try­ing to break 90. My best score is 92 and my issue is pret­ty much the same as Trent. We are lost 50 yards and in 🤣. Too many 3 putts and bad chips are the num­ber one cau­se for not brea­king 90. That’s my main focus at the moment.

    1. 2 books that chan­ged things for me. “Your short game solu­ti­on” and “your put­ting solu­ti­on” by James Sieck­mann. Not an ad, it just worked for me

  19. Man bro­ke 100 on the first epi­so­de this sea­son and he may as well have left his put­ter at home that’s how well he play­ed. 90 is gon­na be EASY, let’s go Trent cmon man!!!

  20. Line of the seri­es from Fran­kie: “Just think your hit­ting the fuck­ing hybri­do right down the fuck­ing cocker spaniel”

  21. go play a par 3 cour­se like 3 times in a row with no tee to get your short game up to speed then you will have no pro­blem Trent dog lets go baby

  22. Trent has somehow adop­ted the Riggs super shal­low sawed off swing. Ughhh ter­ri­ble to see. Get stee­per, swing in to out, and fol­low through a lil.

  23. What tee’s is Trent dad­dy play­ing from? He doesn’t dri­ve the ball far, yet, so should he play from the whites ins­tead of the blues?

  24. So many posi­ti­ves to take away Trent. Swing loo­ks good, just got­ta prac­ti­ce the short game and put­ting and you’ll be the­re. Fran­kie, you’re a gre­at friend for roo­ting him on the way you do!!

  25. Get your putts to the hole!!! They can’t go in if they don’t get the­re!!! Rock your shoul­ders through your putt, will help you from wiping left to right across the ball. Good luck

  26. The guy that play­ed tee to green is shoo­ting in the 80s. JT gon­na have some comments about that put­ting, though. Still a strong ass first ep.

  27. If Trent’s gon­na strike it like that we should be on to <80 in no time. The guy befo­re the round say­ing the greens are fast when they clear­ly aren’t is the wooooooorst. You’d hope you adjust after a few holes, but oh well. Some work on star­ting it on line will make you way more con­fi­dent on the green and you’ll be ban­ging the back of the cup ins­tead of try­ing to drip in the 4–6 foo­ters and lea­ving them short. Could pro­bab­ly use a gap ses­si­on too so you know for sure how far the new ste­alth irons go and are con­fi­dent over the ball. I belie­ve they are 2 ‑3 degrees stron­ger than your old P790s. Not­hing worse on a shot that you hit well than going long into trou­ble like you did a cou­p­le times. Will also fix the no man’s land at Gap wedge for the 100 yard shot.

  28. Brea­king 90 is when you start get­ting rou­ti­ne pars. Dou­bles will still come so you need the insuran­ce. His feel with the put­ter and wed­ges around the green isn’t the­re yet. He’s clo­se but needs to prac­ti­ce around the greens. He’s capa­ble of mid 80s if his short game and put­ting cat­ches up with the rest of his game

  29. Most vide­os Fran­kie is the most annoy­ing. Han­ging with Good guy Trent makes him less annoy­ing. But even Trent can only do so much.

  30. Defi­ni­te­ly signs of impro­ve­ment when the strugg­le was to break 100, and now a sub­par round is brea­king 100. Keep it up!

  31. Trent I want to save your put­ting right now! When you line up your putts line your feet up too. That’s why you’re con­stant­ly pushing and pul­ling, becau­se your body knows you’re not aimed cor­rect­ly. Plea­se try that becau­se I gua­ran­tee you’ll see more putts fall!

  32. At Ban­don Trent didn’t break 100, go back and look at the putts they gave him that day. 6 foo­ters lol. But I’d say this was pro­bab­ly his best round ever. Clean up the putts and around the green and he can break 90

  33. Stop put­ting unnes­ca­ry pres­su­re on par putts it’s so annoy­ing see­ing trent mis­sing short becau­se he is so tight just loo­sen up not­hing else is wrong.

  34. Con­si­de­ring that you left at least 4 4ft putts short in the heart of the hole​.so that alo­ne would have put you just 4 strokes away from 90.I think you got this just when you do put I see you get a line and all befo­re but when you putt the ball it’s like you’re just hit­ting and praying.instead pick the line and com­mit ever­ything to just star­ting it out on that line with the pace necessa­ry to end a foot past the hole.

  35. Love the­se vide­os! One sug­ges­ti­on – could you plea­se put the yar­da­ge to the hole for the approach shots? Would give us some refe­rence, thanks!

  36. I think you’re gon­na do it if not next attempt the fol­lowing one will be 88.
    I’m cal­ling it now epi­so­de 4 Trent 88

  37. Can we see more of Trent’s pre-shot rou­ti­ne. His walk up and how he is try­ing to build his stance were big parts of his les­son with Til­le­ry. Mecha­ni­cal­ly he is what he is but the sub­t­le nuan­ces are what will take him from a guy who plays golf to a guy who is a gol­fer. Also, someo­ne get him a hat for cryin out loud.

    1. Litt­le John Daly and Char­lie Woods start a pro­fes­sio­nal teen golf league / rea­li­ty show com­pe­ti­ti­on after the PGA dis­sol­ves and reor­ga­ni­zes into a strea­ming cable service.

  38. I’m real­ly roo­ting for you Trent…but don’t break 90 too fast. I need the­se vide­os 😂😂😂. Jk can’t wait for the celebration!!!!

  39. Trent you got­ta read the greens on your chips it cost you a few today. Also put with con­fi­dence it’s not going to drop off it doesn’t get to the hole but over­all super solid you look like a gol­fer now!

  40. Trent did a gre­at job today! It was gre­at to see, but Trent defi­ni­te­ly owes some push ups for the put­ter at his waist at 25:54

  41. Poor Trent try­ing to enjoy the round with his bud­dy and Fran­kie is on his pho­ne the ent­i­re round… you’re bet­ter then that Frankie.

  42. Any­bo­dy know how far Trent dri­ves the ball on average…and what yar­da­ge he is play­ing from?? If he’s play­ing from the wrong tees, he’s shoo­ting hims­elf in the foot out the gate. If he dri­ves 225 yds, then 6000 yards would be appro­pria­te. Then he’s got this. Go get em Trent, we’­re all roo­ting for ya .…gre­at progress !

  43. For­got ever­ything your coach worked with you on. Grip rever­ted back to old ways. Get tho­se thumbs off the top of the shaft and release some of that ten­si­on in your fore­arms. Also some sway­ing and not rota­ting through to the left side. Also your put­ting stance loo­ks like you are try­ing to take a shit. Need to relax let the stro­ke flow ins­tead of try­ing to push it.

  44. Trent, loo­ks very uncom­for­ta­ble when he’s put­ting. He’s stiff and has an atro­cious stro­ke. Someo­ne needs to get him more com­for­ta­ble on the greens and it would help him tremendously

  45. Trent, you have a very good swing. Fun to watch. Tee to green is not your issue. You’­re solid the­re. Learn to chip is a good way for you to go at this point. In fact, once you break 90, it’s the abso­lu­te ONLY way you will get to 80. You still chip like you are hit­ting a dri­ver but soft. Good luck, Mate. Ano­t­her thought that shaved 5–6 shots for me…learn a con­trol­led half swing. I have a firm (left arm par­al­lel) half swing that gets me many bir­dies. My con­trol­led half swing with 9, P, Gap, Sand, 60 goes exact­ly 120, 100, 80, 60 and 40 yards. Always. I get 1 tap in bir­die a side from that half swing.

  46. Finish your swing!!!! All the way to a finish! Other­wi­se yer gon­na hit stab­by shit flop­py cock cuts. I thought you put­ted gre­at just have to swing through the ball more espe­cial­ly in the bun­kers I was pum­ped to watch ya play but also just relax and have fun man! Yer clo­se and Fran­ky is a solid wing­man with ya in the cart just let go and swing full and yer gon­na get it pal!

  47. have trent prac­ti­ce doing his back­swing as his downswing and his downswing as his back­swing. his back­swing pla­ne is per­fect for a cor­rect downswing. his downswing pla­ne is per­fect for his take­way. have him do prac­ti­ce swings nor­mal­ly have him feel whe­re he is on his back­swing and on his downswing and use them as the gui­des to rever­se his planes.
    he should feel whe­re his hands are on the back­swing and downswing and have him try to rever­se the feels. whe­re his hands feel at his downswing, his hands should feel that on the back­swing. whe­re his hands feel on the back­swing, he should feel that on the downswing.
    he will start hit­ting strai­gh­ter or deve­lop a baby draw. my .02 cents but thatll be how he starts losing strokes and more quickly.

  48. Did I miss whe­re they said how far they were play­ing from? See­med like a gre­at test of skill distance and shot accu­ra­cy wise, Trent should be hel­la proud…

  49. I think Trent was put­ting awe­so­me he went through his rou­ti­ne and most of his bad putts came from his bad shots or not get­ting out of the bun­kers. Ps love this seri­es let’s go

  50. Fran­kie at the 11:30 mark tal­king about houses and says “Nicer than mine”.….“Nicer than my par­ents” should have been the pro­per ter­mi­no­lo­gy. Can’t be a dwel­ler in Daddy’s base­ment and call it yours.🤣

  51. The com­bo of Fran­kie and Trent is what makes this such a good seri­es, would love to see an epi­so­de with bob does sports and cold cuts play­ing along

  52. I guess if we all got cus­tom fit with the newest Tay­lor Made clubs and got free les­sons from a renow­ned Swing Coach it would be a tre­at, the­se guys have chan­ged too much from the beginning…#IWANTFREETAYLORMADESTEALTHCLUBS…

  53. Work on the put­ting bro­ther ! I’d guess you lost several strokes from poor putts ? You’­re almost the­re Trent ! ❤️

  54. A litt­le for­ward press befo­re you putt Trent. If you’ll just spend a litt­le time lear­ning feel, this is a cake­walk. Let’s go!!

  55. Appre­cia­te the Ame­ri­can flag shot at 13:10 still disap­poin­ted the­re was no men­ti­on or any merch in honor of Memo­ri­al Day

  56. Watching Trent throw that put­ter into the bag without the head­co­ver is tough. Your woods will sit hig­her and should be fine if you lea­ve them off during a round, but the spi­ders in par­ti­cu­lar chip paint like not­hing else. That thing is just smacking against the wed­ges constantly.

  57. Dang, T Dad­dy struck it gre­at! But damn the put­ting. May­be try put­ting with a sled­ge­ham­mer or some­thing🤷🏼‍♂️ Can’t get any worse!

  58. Trent, you can do this! Go back and watch your shots and the tracer. The ball ends up exact­ly in front of your belt buck­le! You stop your swing and just don’t finish. Just finish tur­ning and the ball will strai­gh­ten out. Relax your shoul­ders and your grip. Finish your swing. Hit down at the ball more. It still has a loud click at impact. It needs to be a thud. That loud click means no back­spin. That’s why it kept run­ning through the green. You are clo­se. Just minor adjus­t­ments. Relax! Finish! Down at the ball with irons!

  59. Frank is a gre­at posi­ti­ve part­ner, Trent you are play­ing very well, you will be like the Cel­tics and you will get in epi­so­de 5 Celts&Trent in 5

  60. You got this. You have gre­at hand eye. Once you train yourself to feel com­for­ta­ble over all the shots. Then once you have less to think about your natu­ral body reac­tions start hit­ting how you see the shots.

  61. Trent breaks 90 when he wears a hat, cal­ling it now, may­be I’m late to the par­ty on him and hats, may­be he reck­ons he does­n’t have the right head shape for hats but tbh that’s what bucket hats are for, also less stress on sun­cream bby

  62. For­got some of the stuff from your les­son last video. (ex. Long thumbs with the grip, shoul­der tilt at address ) keep working! enter­tai­ning videos.

  63. As an pret­ty decent ama­teur gol­fer, I just REALLY feel like Trent needs to stop cut­ting his dri­ver swing short. Finish the swing com­ple­te­ly and let the club face turn over natu­ral­ly and the ball won’t sli­ce as much. Let it fly Trent Daddy!

  64. I look for­ward to every golf video from this group . I’ve seen every video every minu­te. Love the length and gerth of videos.

  65. When Trent didn’t even par on the front I knew he had zero chan­ce. As a mid 80’s to mid 90’s gol­fer mys­elf I know exact­ly how a round is going to play out. It takes put­ting mul­ti­ple good holes tog­e­ther ear­ly (few pars and may­be a bir­die or two thrown in) to help off­set the ine­vi­ta­ble blow up holes you’re going to have as a gol­fer of that cali­ber. You pro­bab­ly need 6 or 7 pars/birdies over­all and keep
    the other holes at pret­ty much bogey and
    that allows you to have 1 or 2 blowup holes. Good luck Trent.

    1. If you can avoid big big blowups (triples or worse, he had 2 but one was a dumb decisi­on and one was his lack of con­fi­dence from bun­kers) a round of 90 is 6 pars 6 bogeys 6 dou­bles. I don’t know if I can see Trent get­ting 6 pars in a round but his put­ting con­fi­dence was 0 so it’s hard to tell

  66. Just want to say Trent and Fran­kie are the ones that make this pod­cast. Riggs and Lurch are okay* lol. But for real you guys might be the best in biz. Keep rocking, bum­med I mis­sed you guys at sou­thern hills

  67. Trent Dad­dy you did NONE of the set­up things JT tal­ked about. Grip was back to Mr long thumbs, way too clo­se to the ball, sta­gnant befo­re the swing, upper body way in front of the ball. Got­ta get the foun­da­ti­on dia­led my man. Could save you 10 strokes and it isn’t even the swing! Still love you though 😘

  68. Why on earth did he hit iron and not hybrid on the 191 yard par 3??? Still love the­se seri­es, and love to sup­port the guy Trent

  69. Trent Ryan’s got this in the bag! Easi­ly could’ve had it. Clean it up around the green and in the green and you’re shoo­ting low 80’s

  70. Trent next time PLEASE get the ball to the hole with some con­fi­dence. liter­al­ly ever­ything else you slap­ped. roo­ting for you bro

  71. Got­ta go out the­re for a day trent and have a rule whe­re you aren’t allo­wed to lea­ve a sin­gle putt short. You are giving away strokes out of fear of going long. Same goes for your approa­ches, I know you are a soft hit­ter but then you need to club up. learn your distan­ces at the ran­ge, and get the ball pin high more.

  72. I genui­nely enjoy watching Trent and Fran­kie con­tent. They are authen­tic and likable. 

    It’s tor­tu­re watching riggs, he’s such a fake and scum­my per­son. Give the peop­le what they want and get rid of that guy.

  73. Trent – you’re petri­fied out the­re. Be the man when you step out the­re, prac­ti­ce 3–5 foo­ters and you’re gon­na do it. Belie­ve in yourself. Worse play­ers than you slap it around in the 80’s!

  74. I love Fran­kie but plz chill on say­ing “gre­at shot” even when he hits a hor­ri­ble shot. I know it’s just posi­ti­ve rein­for­ce­ment and some­time it’s nee­ded but every sin­gle shot is excessive

  75. See­med like on hole 16 the cad­dy was try­ing to con­vin­ce Trent on some­thing, then Fran­kie came yap­ping that the­re is no water bull­crap, cost Trent cou­p­le of shots the­re at least.

  76. the cad­die that said “don’t be short” is ter­ri­ble. thats the exact oppo­si­te of how you­re sup­ppo­sed to phra­se that sentence

  77. “all on his own, his own brain” fol­lo­wed by 30 minu­tes of yar­da­ges, tips, and reads from Fran­kie But­ter­kni­fe Borel­li lol love it boys, keep it up Trent!

  78. It loo­ks like you’­re dece­le­ra­ting the club on tho­se green­si­de bun­ker shots. Be con­fi­dent and swing through with speed, and you’ll get bet­ter results.

  79. Roo­ting for you Trent! Your put­ting does give me the hee bee gee bees. Hit your putts the high side and don’t lea­ve em short. You got this.

  80. This is the best seri­es on You­Tube of all time. You got this Trent. Once you get tho­se hips firing through and trus­ting it you’ll be hit­ting a litt­le draw in no time. I think you should try wal­king a round, I think that could shave 6 or 7 shots becau­se it will keep you loo­se. I’m thin­king when you break it you shoot 87.

  81. I want trent to get bet­ter becau­se that means i can get better.
    I’m so clo­se. I almost have a real swing and then i can final­ly play the game.

  82. Try a round with a dif­fe­rent putter.

    Mid mal­let or a blade

    I think that spi­der is so hea­vy that trent is afraid to hit it.

    Give him an old anser put­ter he can smack

  83. Let’s gooo! Lear­ning oppor­tu­ni­ty to be had here, TDAWGGY! Let’s get it next round! I’m here for the ride and I’m grin­ding brea­king 90 with you 🔥🔥

    1. My first signal sub­scrip­ti­on with him got me 5.6btc with just 0.5btc in a ran­ging pri­ce action which I’ve never tra­ded before..

    2. What impres­ses me most about Mike is well known. he exp­lains the basic con­cept of win­ning befo­re actual­ly let­ting you use his tra­de signals.

    3. Real­ly! That’s good, Plea­se I’m very much inte­res­ted. How can I get in touch with this Mike Howard? I real­ly need to give him a try.

  84. Would be inte­res­ting for Trent to use a shot gains/lossed record­ing device. Obvious­ly the put­ting isn’t gre­at but he’s not hit­ting many greens and approa­ches look to be from 170 plus. 

    A lot of the “putts” were actual­ly texas wedge chips from off the green as well…

  85. I am real­ly impres­sed with how much bet­ter Trent hits his dri­ves and long irons now com­pa­red to what he did even a year ago. Many a gol­fer would take his dri­ves and iron shots all day. I think I only coun­ted one or two duffs in that ent­i­re round. Just gre­at stuff. 

    The thing he obvious­ly needs to work on is his chip­ping and put­ting. Both use simi­lar stan­ces and ’swings’ and requi­re touch and ath­le­tic abi­li­ty. One…he should start chip­ping around the green more ins­tead of put­ting anything off the green. And two he real­ly needs to get ath­le­tic and ‘feel’ the touch that is necessa­ry to putt and chip well. Not sure what drills he could do to help that but even taking a more rela­xed stance imo would help a ton. Right now he kind of putts and chips with a stance that loo­ks like he has a 2 x 4 down his pants. Very stiff (that’s what she said). May­be just prac­ti­cing put­ting and chip­ping at home and car­ry­ing around a put­ter with him all the time would help. Just some­thing to get more ‘fee­ly’ and less robo­tic. Good luck Trent.

  86. How does someo­ne who plays as much as this dude does, has all the gears, has all the best sup­port around him and is still crap at golf. Ive only been play­ing for a year and im so much bet­ter than him. Omfg.

  87. He’s for­got­ten all of the grip chan­ges and t(e nice draw to hit round the­se trees he needs JT to go out with him to remind him

  88. Trent I golf twice a year and just get drunk out the­re. Your put­ting game loo­ks just like mine. Strai­gh­ten that out and you’­re shoo­ting 85. Easi­ly doable this year!

  89. Plea­se learn a litt­le 9 iron bump n run. I’ve found it soo much easier to get clo­ser to the hole from off the green than putting

  90. Well done Trent baby the game is so much bet­ter no blow ups got­ta think to putt for a bin lid around the who­le and tap in!

  91. Trent spend an hour or 2 prac­ti­cing on the green focu­sing on star­ting the ball on your line and you’re brea­king 90 easy! You gave up so many strokes to pushing or pul­ling them!

  92. They need to buy a per­fect put­ter mat for Trent. That put­ting stro­ke made me so mad watching this. If you could work on a strai­ght back strai­ght through stro­ke you would easi­ly break 90. Easi­ly. Wha­te­ver put­ting mat/cup you go for, prac­ti­se dai­ly. 10–15minutes and your con­fi­dence will rai­se tog­e­ther with your ability.

  93. Trent’s vibes are a 59 though… I am roo­ting for the break and many more too come the homie is hungry.. best of luck you got this big guy!!!

  94. Got to impro­ve the GIR. Think he hit 1 on the first 9, the par 5 9th. Get on GIR, 2 putt for par. Need to be aiming for around 5/6 pars a round and may­be 1/2 blow up holes for an 89.

  95. Trent gre­at job mate.….please go buy a grip trai­ner plea­se. Life changing…trust me. All that man and so litt­le power. Pad­dy Har­ring­ton has a gre­at video on the impor­t­ance of the golf grip. Also put a hat on.…its golf we wear hats.

  96. Hit the fecking ball!!!!!!! Trent as a mar­gi­nal­ly over­weight gol­fer try­ing to break 90 at my own cour­se. Your put­ting frus­tra­ted me. Cau­se I lea­ve it short ever­y­ti­me. Be bet­ter!!! For us all. Love ya x 90 is easy in your bag if ya stop put­ting like a P

  97. Put­ting back swing and fol­low through needs to strai­gh­ten up. It’s not sup­po­se to look like your iron swing lol. Come on baby next time!!!!

  98. Super upset i was out gol­fing when this video drop­ped. But super glad im watching it befo­re i pass out after my own first vic­to­ry of the year.

  99. Don’t know if anyo­ne picked up on this but sin­ce trent is in the mid 20 han­di­cap he pro­bab­ly should be play­ing a tee in front of fran­kie not the blue tees

  100. You’ve got this Trent! Love the seri­es. Think time needs spen­ding on the put­ting Green on the 3/4 foo­ters, but you’ve defi­ni­te­ly got this baby

  101. Your game has come a long way Trent!! brea­king 90 isn’t easy cos it’s basi­cal­ly bogey golf with no blow ups and that’s not easy but on the right day you’ll do it. Start by con­sist­ent­ly brea­king 100 and one day ever­ything will go right for you.

  102. I don’t know why, but that par putt on 15 had my hands on my head! Actu­al emo­ti­on and I’m sat here watching this on my own 😂 fuck I’m rou­ting for this guy! Go on Trent lad! 💪🏻

  103. Good luck Trent! I’m in the same boat try­ing to break 90. Your iron striking loo­ks good! You and Fran­kie are pure entertainment.

  104. I saw Trent puts on a ball striking cli­nic Break 90 seri­es and was very intrigued, then he dou­ble bogey­ed the first hole and was like “Noooo­ope, he ain’t doing it today lol” …like for Trent shoo­ting bogey golf would be good, but on a par 72 cour­se, tha­t’ll end you at a score of 92, so he’s got­ta pep­per a few pars in the­re, which is hard to see with that hor­ren­dous put­ting game lol

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