Trolling 2 Angry Griefers mit dem neuen Omnis e‑GT auf GTA Online

Trolling 2 Angry Griefers mit dem neuen Omnis e GT auf GTA Online Funny Moments

Es gibt ein neu­es Anti-Rake­ten-Trol­ling-Fahr­zeug in gta online! Ler­nen Sie den Omnis E‑GT ken­nen, er hat Ima­ni-Tech­no­lo­gie, ist schnell und groß­ar­tig gegen hart­nä­cki­ge Grie­fer. Ich habe alle Tei­le dar­auf aus­ge­reizt, damit es im frei­en Modus viel Scha­den aus­hal­ten kann. 🌐 PUTTHER’S VPN (3 KOSTENLOSE MONATE +50% RABATT) Außer­dem gebe ich dir eine Freund­schafts­an­fra­ge oder fol­ge auch! https://​www​.expressvpn​.com/​p​u​t​t​her 👕 PUTTHER’S STORE (Limi­ted Merch) https://​put​ther​.com GESCHÄFTSANFRAGEN ❗ FOLGE MIR Tik­Tok: https://​www​.tik​tok​.com/​@​p​u​t​t​h​err Insta­gram : https://​www​.insta​gram​.com/​P​u​t​t​h​e​r​TV/ Twit­ter: https://​twit​ter​.com/​P​u​t​t​h​e​rTV Dis­cord: https://​www​.dis​cord​.gg/​P​u​t​t​her Face­book: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​P​u​t​t​h​e​rTV / Patre­on: https://​www​.patre​on​.com/​p​u​t​t​her Twitch: https://​twitch​.tv/​P​u​t​t​h​e​rTV ▂ Nur damit du es weißt, in die­sem You­Tube-Video und mei­nem Kanal spre­che ich nicht nur über GTA Online, son­dern mache auch Vide­os zu: • GTA 5 Online • GTA 5 RP • Leit­fä­den zum Geld­ver­die­nen • GTA 5‑Rollenspiel • Grand Theft Auto Geld­ver­die­nen • Top 10 GTA-Momen­te • Grund­le­gen­de GTA-Finanz­be­ra­tung • GTA Pas­si­ves Ein­kom­men ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ #gta #online #put­ther ▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂

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961 thought on “Trolling 2 Angry Griefers mit dem neuen Omnis e‑GT auf GTA Online”

  1. I used to watch you a long time ago but GTA chan­ged a lot and is not as enter­tai­ning but I’m still a fan I just miss your old vide­os GTA have chan­ged a lot

  2. Your 1v1 vids and your tdm matches man I even tried to get into TNAO or TNWO but you never respon­ded 😔 but I’m a Mari­ne now so I don’t game any­mo­re but man god bless

  3. I can’t even buy a 240k car without run­ning out of money and he’s trol­ling with things that cost a mil­li­on and a half per video… bye I’m going to cry in that corner.

  4. Idea: try using the mus­ket to kill opp­res­sor grie­fers, appar­ent­ly it’s extre­me­ly gre­at and there’s glitchs to rel­oad it instantly

    1. @Putther per­so­nal­ly I have fun trol­ling grie­fers with the stun gun, would recom­mend you try it 👍👍

  5. Idk if u used the half track but it’s front win­dows are com­ple­te­ly bul­let pro­of and bar­ley anyo­ne knows. so it can catch a lot if peop­le off guard.

    1. This just hap­pen with this last update? Becau­se ive had it for like 2 years and they do break after 20ish bul­lets. I usual­ly just back up to peop­le and chuck sti­ckys with it tho.

  6. Yo put­ther. Can u troll try­hards with tore­a­dor or scram­jet next time. Tore­a­dor. While insi­de can hand­le 6 rockets and can go under­wa­ter. Scram­jet is good sin­ce it can dodge the mis­si­le from mk2 espe­cial­ly after the patch. If u con­si­der this ty

  7. Idea: use a ran­dom npc vehi­cle and place a c4 in it. Then, place the vehi­cle at the cor­ner of a street and try bai­t­ing a grie­fer near it and blow it all up

  8. When broom­stick does­n’t work any­mo­re, they go for jets which they’­re basi­cal­ly dogshit pilot that always cras­hed due to over­de­pen­dence on ther­mal helmet.

    P/S: Shall I recom­mend best the­ra­pist near­by for him? I know some of them 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Idea: if you want to do the thing whe­re you bait grie­fers with car­go, then try this: place c4s around it ( far away enough so the explo­si­on doesnt dama­ge it) and blow it up when a grie­fer gets near

  10. Idea: just put a c4 insi­de your vehi­cle car­go and let it lie some­whe­re. Then wait for someo­ne to STEAL it an blow it up the moment the rob­ber is going to put it in his garage.

  11. Put­ther, you mus­t’­ve seen my com­ment of making your vide­os atleast 15 minu­tes long about a mon­th ago, thanks bro, vide­os be too 🔥🔥🔥 to end so soon!!! 💪😎🥊💯

  12. i feel like grie­fers that go after K/D (that should be remo­ved in fre­e­roam), car­go grie­fers (which hap­pens less) and grie­fers who just grief for no rea­son are no-lifers.

    to grie­fers who grief for enjoy­ment, it’s evil, but it will be more fun if you just PvP or hunt griefers.

  13. I put the remo­te con­trol unit on my E‑GT, main­ly becau­se it’s quiet, but I was disap­poin­ted when I could­n’t put machi­ne guns on it, or the new Greenwood…

  14. bes­i­des the ran­dom chro­me hood from your secon­da­ry color solid ride man give it a 8 ish lol keep it up man EDIT: no bul­let pro­of tires lmao so 7.5 🤣🤣

  15. PUHTER! The­res a new update that makes so you dont have to pay when you des­troy an ARMORED vehi­cle! No more lising money!!!

  16. I don’t no way gta5 say gta v is off­line sor­ry social club is
    cur­r­ent­ly expe­ri­en­cing tech­ni­cal diffic.
    Way pls some one tell me

  17. Use imani’s out of sight at the air­port and explo­si­ve rounds so u can dama­ge play­ers pla­nes and vehi­cles but nvr be seen as long as u dnt hurt the player.

  18. dude, you’­re by far my main inspi­ra­ti­on for crea­ting con­tent, near­ly on my 100th video! 

    some­thing I love to do to troll play­ers who use exploits or if im outn­um­be­red and just want to piss them off… 

    find the RC ban­dit time tri­al for that week, you can sca­re try­hards into Ewo­ing becau­se all they see if an RC but becau­se its a time tri­al, you­re essen­ti­al­ly pas­si­ve, so its just a fun way to freak them out while being essen­ti­al­ly immor­tal with the down­si­de of not being able to kill them, the reac­tions ive got­ten are GOLD check out my channel

  19. This vehi­cle is gre­at. I’ve been doing Agen­cy mis­si­ons in Public Lob­bies and are pret­ty much immu­ne to player’s while dri­ving it. It’s so ins­a­nely fast, and it’s agi­le, and it can not be locked onto, and it can take mul­ti­ple hits from explo­si­ves. It’s front/rear win­dows are bul­let resistant I’m pret­ty sure as well so they should take about a dozen bul­lets befo­re they start shat­te­ring. So you can out run almost any play­er, and absorb impacts from ran­dom bul­lets, and mis­si­les. Every time an opp­res­sor shows up I troll it with C‑4 and it’s so fun watching it strugg­le to hit you. Best part is, this vehi­cle does­n’t show up as a spe­cial vehi­cle on the radar so a Grie­fer will come after you and unless they get real­ly clo­se and see the armor rein­for­ce­ment, the­re is no way they can tell that it’s a spe­cial vehicle.

  20. Id rate the car a hard 7. It has nice com­bo Gold and Per­sel­ent, The pro­blem is Wheels they look like they belongs to a track­tor and also a fri­dge on a roof, just why?

  21. Yo put­ter there’s an opti­on to remo­ve the blur effect when your scoped in with a sni­per. It hel­ps out alot more to see ur surroundings

  22. best in a while, No shame I’m 33 and wacth your video becau­se I can’t be glued to a game for hrs so this con­tent is gre­at. keep it up!

  23. @putther Start doing rese­arch mis­si­ons for explo­si­ve rounds and all the other ammo u can unlock. They are so much fun and OP! Would make for gre­at con­tent! I can 1–2 shot almost anything with the hea­vy sni­per with explo­si­ve rounds 🤣 full metal jacket and armor pier­cing are real­ly good too. Not to men­ti­on all the other opti­ons unlocks u get along the way for all kinds of other vehicle.

  24. Its always a good Day when Put­ther upload.
    I was won­de­ring if you can troll grie­fers with the Vigi­lan­te when they are on ground. Been a while sin­ce i’ve plai­ed Gta V

    1. @mark rowe oh i see. Thanks for the info. I have been away from gta V for só long now i for­got how to even run.
      I had fun with my ex’s vigi­lan­te though, fly­ing all over town xD and des­troy­ing the car at the same time xD

  25. Yo! Put­ter. Have you thought bout try to do some­thing like “defen­se the cast­le?” You know like… cam­ping on a roof or a par­king gara­ge and hold it w/ traps and such. 🔥🤔

  26. Use Fag­gio is got a huge buff it now can fly, has rui­ned 2000 mis­si­les and never runs out also it can take 69 tril­li­on missiles

  27. Yo put­ter.… Real­talk thank you for the enter­tai­ning vids bro i some­ti­mes real­ly need a good laugh .. again bro thank you ❤️

  28. I’ve had so many peop­le on PC call me a hacker for not blowing up and them not being able to lock on to me, honest­ly baff­les me how some peop­le who are over lvl 100 or even 200 still don’t know about this

  29. Bro dru­ski is pop­ping rn on gta rp if you go on griz­zy world with one of your cha­rac­ters and col­lab you can get tons of exposure.

  30. Try using the rui­ner 2000 (ful­ly loa­ded mis­si­on) if you have it, it takes 27ish hom­ing miss­les to explo­de and gives you infi­ni­te miss­les. It’s gre­at for taking out opp­res­sors and armo­red vehi­cles, only down­si­de is there’s no bul­let pro­of win­dows and isn’t waterproof

  31. I love the amount of work he puts in his vide­os, with hop­ping lobby’s to find the­se pathe­tic try­hards lol, and the amount of edi­t­ing he puts in to it. I appre­cia­te it putther


  33. You pro­bab­ly know alrea­dy but grie­ving ppl in the remo­te con­trol car opti­on is hil­arious! They can’t see you on the map so you can reck it and hide out and repeat. I only use it for a‑holes…works 👍🏻

  34. May­be you can use the tore­a­dor, it can take 2 hom­ing mis­si­les. If you hit a ramp and boost up you can may­be shoot jets out of the sky

  35. The omnis is the new fre­e­mo­de beast.
    Sure! I’m glad you final­ly took it for a video. It’s like tho­se try­hards are stuck on ear­ly 2022: still using off the radar, broom­sticks and jets to farm kills. They never learn! Nice video, Put­ther. Hap­py to know i’m not the only one using that roof­top “acces­so­ry” on my e‑GT! 😆😆😆

    1. @Callum Slo­com­be that’s why I’m kin­da mad about the opp nerf. I got pret­ty good at drop­ping jets with it. Good jet pilots the worse though lol. If I miss with a cou­p­le clips of explo­si­ve sni­per rounds I’m hiding out in RC tank til u go TF away lol

  36. If an opp­res­sor is com­ing strai­ght towards you and you’re in the Bat­mo­bi­le. You can speed boost past under them while shoo­ting mis­si­les and the opp­res­sor will miss by hit­ting the ground but you’re bat­mo­bi­le mis­si­les are almost gua­ran­te­ed to hit

  37. Put­ter if you ever go back to the spar­row you can tilt all the way up and then tilt all the way down to shoot strai­ght down so you can troll grie­fers on the ground

  38. Idea: go around with the Stir­ling gt (it’s in legen­da­ry motor­sport btw) becau­se rock­star did a oops and made the win­dows com­ple­te­ly bul­let pro­of and sin­ce you can put hsw upgrade on its the second fas­test car in the game

  39. The hea­vy revol­ver has a real­ly fun glitch that makes its lats shot a mini­gun it’s real­ly good for mk2s and cqb just look up revol­ver mini­gun GTA it’s dum­my easy and a huge source of dama­ge but you need the mk2 heavy

  40. Idea: the new bra­va­do Green­wood has ima­ni and I feel like you could pass it off as a civi­li­an vehi­cle if you use the remo­te con­trol upgrade

  41. Hey put­ther im glad u lis­tened to the vehi­cle idea but may­be you should try using a half track next for fun and try hun­ting down a mk2 user becau­se half track is like a super turt­le of the Gta online i think you should give a try

  42. Try using the ful­ly loa­ded rui­ner 2000 it has:
    Lock on jammer
    Unli­mi­ted hom­ing mis­si­les with delu­xo tracking
    27 rockets explo­si­ve resistance
    A parachute
    And it can jump

  43. Hey put­ther! A litt­le tip, you can “mark” peop­le by going on your pho­ne then con­ta­cts and mark the per­son you want so you know whe­re they are anytime

    1. he says he knows about first per­son but he likes third cau­se he’s a og gta play­er and likes third per­son, he only uses it on beach/sand are­as cau­se he runs slower in third.

  44. sup put­ther you can use half track its have the same armor as a nights­hark and you cant be kil­led from front and from back only way kill you its shoot in doors

  45. maby some new update tora­dor trol­ling? opp­res­sors have no chan­ce now I mean a good tora­dor play­er can most­ly beat a opp­res­sor ever­ti­me but now… it’s just slaughter…you know maby that’s too easy… maby it’s a bad idea for a video

  46. Not gon­na lie, did not rea­li­ze this was an Ima­ni Tech car. Bought mine from the dea­ler­s­hip and it did not say a thing.

  47. Hey put­ther when your in a spar­row or any heli­co­p­ter go to set­ting and put on first per­son vehi­cle hood so you have a bet­ter chan­ce at shoo­ting missiles

  48. Start up a cayo per­i­co scope out mis­si­on and mess with deppres­sor grie­fers. They cant lock on to the vel­um (i think), and if they mana­ge to hit, it wont even mat­ter cus it takes mul­ti­ple missiles

  49. I like your video’s. It makes me rea­li­ze peop­le should­n’t take gta v online serious­ly like angry ger­man kid, it would be a nice game when a lob­by isn’t fil­led with grie­fers, try­hards etc. The poten­ti­al of this game is the­re, but kids nowa­days are rui­ning it.

  50. trol­ling with rui­ner 2000. under secu­ro­serv ceo u go to vip work and then go ful­ly loa­ded. this rui­ner is basi­cal­ly undestroyable

    1. Its too boring play­ing in your own lob­by. I was just doing coke biker mis­si­ons for 3 hours in public in ima­ni tech cars and the aku­la. Only thing i go to solo lob­bys for is sell missions.

  51. Congra­tu­la­ti­ons Put­ther on reaching 1 mil­li­on Sub­scri­bers 🙂👍 I’ve been watching you sin­ce 2014 keep up the good work. I’m liking your role play­ing vide­os too espe­cial­ly the NPC ones 😄

  52. They were going out bad. Ima­gi­ne try­ing to jump someo­ne and still get­ting clap­ped. My mans Put­ther let them share a moment 😂😂😂😂.

  53. Put­ther I just wan­na say today is my bir­th­day and I was just grie­fed a ful­ly stock sell of one of my mc busi­ness but any­ways I just wan­na say that I appre­cia­te you a ton you make me belie­ve the­re are still good peop­le in the gta community

  54. “Oh shit balls!” Best line Ive heard in a while and becau­se I watch so much of your vide­os that has beco­me apart of my vocabulary

  55. Haha found out I play on your RP ser­ver. If only my micro­pho­ne did start robo­ting when i launch it id be hap­pier. Some­thing I got­ta fix. A bud­dy was like yeah a dude cal­led Put­ther runs this one. Not sure if you know who that is. Fun­ny Ive been watching you for almost 3 years now lol what a twist

  56. Brooooo i star­ted play­ing gta 5 rp after watching ur vide­os now your bare­ly on but one day of the week. Gta online aint even that good com­pa­red to donda­da cat.

  57. You can spam shoot RPGs. Shoot one, quick­ly bring the wea­pon wheel, swap and reselect the rpg again. It’s so fast and effi­ci­ent. You won’t be rel­oading your rpg this way

  58. MaN! Cheers! You’­re a LEGEND! Becau­se of my K/D in game I’m picked on CONSTANTLY. I stop­ped play­ing for almost 3 years due to not having a bun­ker and not being able to grind in any ser­ver. I’m not bad, some peop­le just love to keep following/ensuring you don’t get a grind going! I appre­cia­te your con­tent! It was hard to belie­ve you read EVERY com­ment! #Respect ! Loo­king for­ward to this and any future con­tent! (Pshh I’m still watching old con­tent from befo­re I found you!) 🤘

  59. Idea: annoy ppl with the RCV unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly takes 1 hom­ing but if u go off radar u could do sum with it, if they des­troy it use rui­ner 20000

  60. Idea: you will need a friend to act as a helms­man. Use sub­ma­ri­ne crui­se mis­si­les to mess with grie­fers and try hards without detec­tion and dest­ruc­tion. What you do is have your helms­man keep your sub­ma­ri­ne moving and only sur­face brief­ly to launch mis­si­les. Sur­face, launch, dive and move, strike, chan­ge sta­ti­on, sur­face, launch, dive and move, strike and rin­se and repeat, without an orb, you and a good helms­man should make your sub­ma­ri­ne extre­me­ly dif­fi­cult to coun­ter. May­be have a second friend on the sub’s air defence just in case.

  61. Hey I’m not sure if you’re awa­re or not but Met­Pro is loo­king for you in gta online to 1v1 you. Said he wants to spank them toes. He’s been using his vpn to get on US ser­vers. That’s a video I’d like to see. Both of you going at it

  62. YES. This is my new favo­ri­te get away car. I have a clip of me blowing up 4 dif­fe­rent opres­sors. And i made them all fight each other. Like kil­ler flys figh­t­ing over shit. But im the shit lol

  63. You should try using the Ultra­light more. It’s been secret­ly buf­fed at some point and is kin­da fun­ny to mess around with

    As for your car, 7/10. Does­n’t look too riced at least

  64. Gre­at video as always, put­ther the goat 🐐. Silen­ced shot­gun, explo­si­ve rounds is a gre­at vehi­cle kil­ler on ground. Pro­bab­ly my favorite

  65. Rock­star screwed me 140k dol­lars paypho­ne hits has tech­ni­ca­li­ties if an enemy dies under­ne­ath your bike after impact from the hit Rock­star says that does­n’t count run­ning them over also if the enemy is sit­ting in the car does­n’t count being in the car while being on fire

  66. “my agen­cy is star­ting to fill up.” Yeah that’s mine too. I have all my non PvP vehi­cles in the­re. All my PvP vehi­cles are in my apart­ment garage